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House January 6th Committee Issues 6 New Subpoenas Including General Flynn


House Democrats on Monday continued their Soviet-style investigation into the events of January 6th by issuing six brand new subpoenas to several Trump allies including General Michael Flynn.

ABC reporting:

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot on Monday issued six new subpoenas to senior Trump campaign officials and advisers, including campaign manager Bill Stepien and spokesman Jason Miller.

The panel also subpoenaed conservative attorney John Eastman for records and documents. According to Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s recent book, he aggressively lobbied Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the election results from his ceremonial post in the House on Jan. 6 — when he presided over the counting of electoral votes.

The committee also subpoenaed former national security adviser Michael Flynn, one of the prominent voices around Trump after the election who publicly called on the president to take drastic actions to overturn the results.

The panel has asked all six individuals to turn over records by Nov. 23 and appear for depositions between Dec. 3 and Dec. 13.

Stepien “supervised the conversion of the Trump presidential campaign to an effort focused on ‘Stop the Steal’ messaging and related fundraising,” the committee wrote in a letter to the political operative, citing an interview of a witness with “personal knowledge” of his activities.

ABC reported last November that Stepien encouraged campaign surrogates to “stay at the ready” to protest in their states after the election.

Flynn, who suggested that Trump impose martial law to seize voting machines, reportedly attended a December 2020 meeting in the Oval Office on the election, where similar ideas were discussed with Trump’s outside advisers.

Eastman and Bernard Kerik — a former New York City police commissioner and Rudy Giuliani associate who Trump pardoned in 2020 for tax fraud and lying to the government — were also linked to a gathering of Trump supporters at the Willard Hotel on Jan. 5, ahead of the White House rally and Capitol riot, the committee wrote in letters to both men.

Angela McCallum, national executive assistant to former President Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign, who was also subpoenaed, reportedly called Michigan lawmakers asking them to appoint an alternate slate of electors who would vote for Trump even though Joe Biden won their state.

To date, the committee has issued at least 25 subpoenas for records and testimony, and lawmakers have said the panel has conducted roughly 150 interviews as part of its inquiry.

Another witch hunt. Another waste of taxpayer money. Another Democrat virtue signaling cringe fest.

Just take a look at this NPR article listing the members of the January 6th committee.

Every single one of them is a bona fide propagandist.

We’re supposed to believe Adam Schiff?!

The guy who said he had seen rock solid evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Russia (on several occasions)?

Any time I hear someone compare January 6th to Pearl Harbor or 9/11 or something stupid like that I nearly die from secondhand embarrassment for that person.

They actually expect people to believe this. What’s scarier is that some people do. Because emotional arguments are the only arguments that Cloward-Piven students have.

They’ve got to get your blood pressure going so their trauma-based control roots itself even deeper.

“Woke-ism” has become a religion; anyone who is not a convert is subjected to hateful treatment, violent intimidation, and social isolation.

Simply for questioning an asinine rhetoric.

This same agenda is forever intertwined between politicians and big corporations, who adopt the religious dogma, and incorporate it into their business models.

If you’re not a submissive acolyte for the Globalist clergy, those same businesses will intimidate you from ever stepping foot in their stores and will tell their customers to shame you for trying anyways.

Luckily, I know their playbook.

We call them “Communists” but in reality, these people are fascists.

It seems odd calling them “fascists”, particularly because they attach the moniker to anyone demonstrating even the slightest dissent to their ideas.

It’s the Nazi playbook.

What do you think January 6th was?

When Adolph Hitler needed to frame his communist (ironic, I know) adversaries in German parliament to escalate his monopoly on power as the new Chancellor of Germany, he used the Reichstag fire of 1933 to do so.

Hitler accused the Bolsheviks of taking Germany to the brink of a bloody revolution. The “plotters” were arrested and executed.

In wake of the fire, Josef Goebbels led the ministry of propaganda in a nationwide campaign to sell the horrific consequences of what a potential communist revolution would do to the German people.

In German, the word for what Hitler accused the Communists of trying to pull, is called a “Putsch”.

In English it translates to “coup” or “insurrection.”

Not only did a nationwide panic emerge thanks to the efficacy of Goebbels propaganda, it also afforded Hitler the opportunity to implement “emergency” decrees in the name of national security.

Civil liberties like freedom of expression, freedom of press, public assembly, and protection against illegal search and seizure were relinquished indefinitely. Habeas Corpus was suspended.

Communications like radio and the the postal service were taken over by the Nazi Party.

Decisions that were once made at the state level in Germany were now solely in the hands of Adolph Hitler.

Can you think of how any of those examples apply today?

Cernovich posted this four days before the Stop the Steal rally…

Tell me again who the fascists are.


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