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Three Detroit Women Charged With Voter Fraud in the 2020 Election

An election worker sorts vote-by-mail ballots for Washington state's presidential primary on March 10 in Renton, a suburb of Seattle.

After what we witnessed in the 2020 election, there’s no doubt that Arizona and Georgia are the only two states with widespread evidence of voter fraud. 

Over the past year, cases of voter fraud have popped up in Texas, Kentucky, and Mississippi.

Now we can formally add Michigan to the list.

Yesterday, Attorney General Dana Nessel charged three Detroit women with voter fraud relating to absentee ballots and ballots submitted for the 2020 election.

The three cases come from the Metro Detroit area: Macomb County, Oakland County, and Wayne County.

28-year-old Trenae Rainey from Macomb County was charged with three counts of forging signatures on absentee ballots and three counts of election law forgery.

Rainey reportedly filled out applications from an assisted living facility herself and forged each resident’s signature.

When the ballots were delivered and cross-checked,  the Centerline clerk noticed the signatures did not match.

The investigation found that the applications were from residents who had not told staff if they planned to vote.

58-year old Carless Clark from Wayne county received two felony charges, one for impersonating someone to vote and one for election law forgery.

The AG’s office found that the grandmother of Clark returned his absentee ballot by mail despite him voting in person.

The investigation showed that the returned absentee ballot signature did not match the registered voter’s signature on file. 

Clark then admitted to the fraud and signing her grandson’s absentee ballot.

Her reasoning? 

She didn’t think he would have enough time to vote on election day.

Nancy Juanita Williams, 55, is charged in Wayne and Oakland counties.

Williams’ numerous charges include counts of false statements on an absentee ballot application, forging a signature on an application, and election law forgery.

Williams allegedly submitted 26 false mail-in ballot applications signed with an “X.”

She did this through her role as guardian and planned to control absentee ballots to those legally in her care.

The AG’s office says the 26 different absentee ballot applications were sent to nine separate clerks to be mailed directly to Williams.

Williams also submitted voter registration applications for each person.

WXYZ Detroit has more on Williams’ laundry list of charges:

Williams is charged with the following in five courts:

  • 28th District Court (City of Southgate) – Wayne County 

    • one count of false statement in absentee ballot application, a 90-day misdemeanor;  
    • one count of forging signature on absentee ballot application, a five-year felony; and  
    • one count of election law forgery, a five-year felony.  
  • 17th District Court (Redford Township) – Wayne County 

    • two counts of false statement in absentee ballot application, 90-day misdemeanors;  
    • two counts of forging signature on absentee ballot, five-year felonies; and  
    • two counts of election law forgery, five-year felonies. 
  • 18th District Court (City of Westland) – Wayne County 

    • three counts of false statement in absentee ballot application, 90-day misdemeanors;  
    • three counts of forging signature on absentee ballot, five-year felonies; and  
    • three counts of election law forgery, five-year felonies.  
  • 29th District Court (City of Wayne) – Wayne County 

    • two counts of false statement in absentee ballot application, 90-day misdemeanors; 
    • two counts of forging signature on absentee ballot, five-year felonies; and 
    • two counts of election law forgery, five-year felonies. 
  •  46th District Court (City of Southfield) – Oakland County 

    • six counts of false statement in absentee ballot application, 90-day misdemeanors; 
    • six counts of forging signature on absentee ballot, five-year felonies; and 
    • six counts of election law forgery, five-year felonies. 

According to the Attorney General and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, the accounts above show the “strict scrutiny” applied to absentee voting, and violations are “rare.”

Does it look like they hope to pull a ‘case closed’ after bringing official charges to light?


Benson claims that the charges prove there isn’t widespread voter fraud.

Were these three women the sacrificial lambs?

Nessel and Benson also mention how President Trump and his allies keep making “baseless” claims about the election.

How is the fact that three individuals separately committed voter fraud NOT indicative of a widespread problem?

Here is more on the story from Forbes:

“Our election system is secure, and today’s charges demonstrate that in the rare circumstances when fraud occurs we catch it and hold the perpetrators accountable,” Benson said in a statement, adding the charges “send a clear message to those who promote deceitful claims about widespread fraud: the current protocols we have in place work to protect and ensure the integrity of our elections. It’s time to share that truth and stop spreading lies to the contrary.”


5.5 million. That’s how many people voted in the 2020 election in Michigan, according to the secretary of state’s office, meaning the instances of voter fraud that have been identified represent far less than even 1% of the total votes cast.


Trump and his allies alleged widespread fraud in Michigan after President Joe Biden won the battleground state, though there is no evidence to back up their assertions in Michigan or any other state. An investigation by Michigan’s Republican-led Senate Oversight Committee completed in June “found no evidence of widespread or systematic fraud” in the state’s election, and lawsuits in Michigan alleging fraud overwhelmingly failed. A federal judge recently sanctioned far-right attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood and their co-counsel for their unsuccessful litigation in the state claiming widespread fraud, ruling they had pushed claims that were “not backed by law” or “evidence” and were instead based on “speculation, conjecture, and unwarranted suspicion.” Evidence shows voter fraud has historically been exceedingly rare, and other battleground states have similarly found very few instances of provable fraud in the 2020 election.

Trump and his allies are still pushing their baseless claims of voter fraud in Michigan. 

Even with this breaking news today, some mainstream media outlets report Michigan’s voter fraud scandal as “fake.”

Fitting that today at Michigan’s Capitol, there was a rally for a forensic audit of the 2020 election!

If the Attorney General found three notable cases of voter fraud in Michigan, how many more incidents go unreported?

Instead of disproving “baseless” claims of voter fraud, these charges should justify a forensic audit of Michigan.

And why not a forensic audit of all 50 states in the 2020 election?


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