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Ohio Judge Orders Hospital to Administer Ivermectin to COVID-19 Patient


The mainstream media tell us that 650,000+ Americans died of COVID-19.

But that’s a lie.

First off, the majority of COVID-19 patients have multiple comorbidities.

They passed away with COVID-19, not from COVID-19.

The more egregious part of this lie is medical malpractice caused by hospitals.

The denial of safe and effective treatments has caused the deaths of many COVID-19 patients.

Hard-working doctors with integrity developed COVID-19 treatment protocols in 2020.

However, hospitals often deny these treatments to patients.

Those who participated in the smear campaign of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin have blood on their hands.

Those who denied patients these treatments have blood on their hands.

Censorship and medical malpractice are the two primary drivers of this madness.

However, there’s hope to combat this smear campaign.

A Butler County, Ohio judge recently ordered a hospital administer Ivermectin to a COVID-19 patient struggling on a ventilator.

The hospital spent weeks giving the patient all the treatments that don’t prove effective.

The patient’s physician prescribed Ivermectin, but the hospital refused to administer the treatment.

Thankfully, the judge forced the hospital to cease from denying treatment.

KCCI Des Moines picked up the story:

A Butler County, Ohio, judge has ordered a hospital to treat a COVID-19 patient with the anti-parasite drug Ivermectin, a drug known to be used to treat or prevent parasites in animals, despite the CDC warning against it.

Judge Gregory Howard issued the order last week after a complaint was made by a woman named Julie Smith, on behalf of her 51-year-old husband, Jeffrey Smith, who has been in the ICU at West Chester Hospital battling COVID-19.

In the complaint, Smith stated that her husband had been on a ventilator for 19 days after attempts to use treatments like Remdesivir, plasma and steroids.

That’s when she stated she sought medical advice from their physician Dr. Fred Wagshul. In the complaint, it states Wagshul supported the use of Ivermectin and prescribed it to him. After the hospital refused to administer the treatment, Smith filed the complaint.

In the complaint, she states that she has signed a full release, relieving the hospital from any and all liability concerning the administration of the Ivermectin.

In the order, Howard stated that after reviewing the complaint filed by Julie Smith on behalf of her husband, he is ordering the hospital to administer the drug to Jeffrey Smith.

The judge said the drug will be administered in accordance with Dr. Wagshul’s, prescription, which is a 30-mg dose of Ivermectin daily for 21 days.

Ivermectin isn’t the first medicine that has garnered the hopes of curious or vaccine-hesitant people as a potential treatment for COVID-19, but it’s the one drawing potential patients to farm supply and pet stores across the country.

The FDA has been warning against the use of ivermectin for treatment of COVID-19 since March. The drug is used to treat parasitic infections, primarily in livestock, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently cautioned about an increase in reports to poison centers of severe illness caused by the drug.

Sounds like this news source is mad the hospital was forced to stop killing the patient with the ventilator.

Just like the FDA, they attempt to smear Ivermectin as nothing but a horse dewormer.

They ignore that one form is meant for humans.

And when prescribed by a doctor at the correct dosages, it has produced remarkable results.

Whenever you see a news source bashing Ivermectin as strictly livestock medicine, that’s an immediate red flag.

That’s a Big Pharma mouthpiece aiming to stuff the pockets of Pfizer and Moderna.

If the American public knew Ivermectin was an effective treatment against COVID-19, nobody would take their experimental injections.

But we’ve seen the biggest smear campaign in modern history.

The Epoch Times shared more details:

Julie had read about some lawsuits reported by Chicago Tribune and The Buffalo News where patients in severe condition from COVID-19 later recovered after being given Ivermectin.

These patients had won lawsuits forcing their hospitals to treat them with Ivermectin. The plaintiffs in these cases were all represented by attorney Ralph Lorigo, chairman of New York’s Erie County Conservative Party, who later became one of Julie’s attorneys.

According to court documents, Julie requested that the hospital treat her husband with Ivermectin, but the hospital refused to even though she offered to release them from “any and all” responsibility.

Julie then sought medical advice from Dr. Fred Wagshul, who later prescribed Ivermectin to her husband. But the hospital still refused to do so, prompting her to file a lawsuit against the hospital.

“With absolutely nothing to lose, with little to no risk, and with the defendant likely to begin palliative care, there is no basis for it to refuse Dr. Wagshul’s order and prescription to administer Ivermectin,” Julie said in the affidavit.

Wagshul is a founding member of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), a nonprofit organization that is working during the pandemic to develop effective treatment protocols to prevent COVID-19 infection as well as treat patients with COVID-19.

In October of 2020, FLCCC adopted Ivermectin as a core medication in its protocols for preventing and treating COVID-19. Its website references many recent studies reporting Ivermectin to be a safe, effective, and inexpensive drug against COVID-19, the disease caused by CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

“Ivermectin is so safe,” Wagshul told Dayton247Now. “It essentially has no drug interactions and no side effects.”

Could this ruling be a game changer in the smear campaign against Ivermectin?

As more Americans gain knowledge of Ivermectin, it’s likely more patients will demand its use.

But rest assure, the medical overlords are working overtime to protect their experimental jabs.


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