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Mike Lindell Forced To Sell Off Assets To Pay For Dominion Lawsuit?


When all is finally written in the history books about this time in American’s story, a handful of people will go down as absolute heroes.

On par with the likes of Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, Franklin and all others from that era will be added those heroes from our era:

Trump, Flynn, Powell….and Lindell.

Never has a private citizen done so much to save this great country than Mike Lindell has, constantly sacrificing his personal health, safety, finances and well being to save this country.

The latest?

It looks like he’s now being forced to sell assets to defend himself in the Dominion lawsuit…take a look at this:

This guy posted my exact feelings:

Look at the disgustingly biased headline MSN uses for its story:

Here’s what The Independent posted (try to ignore the bias):

Pro-Trump election conspiracist Mike Lindell has sold his MyPillow private jet for $2.5m to fund his defence in a massive voter fraud lawsuit, a report says.

The businessman and other supporters of the one-term president and right-wing news outlets have been sued in a $1.3bn defamation lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems.

The company claims that Mr Lindell and others did serious damage to its reputation by spreading election fraud conspiracy theories related to their voting machines used during the 2020 presidential election.

Now Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) records show that Mr Lindell has sold an aircraft registered to MyPillow, according to

The FAA records state that a 1993 Dassault-Breguet Falcon 50 with tail number N497SP was transferred to Clyde Air LLC on 26 July for an undisclosed price.

Salon reports that a similar 1993 Falcon 50 private jet is currently on the market for $2.5m.

Last month Mr Lindell hosted a “Cyber symposium” in South Dakota at which he offered a $5m reward for anyone who could disprove his claims that China hacked the 2020 election.

Josh Merritt, a former member of Lindell’s “red team” at the August event, told Salon the plane had been sold to pay for Mr Lindell’s lawyers.

Mr Merritt told Salon that the sale was done “because he’s needing money” and added that, “he just started raising money for the lawsuit by Dominion”.

When asked by Salon if he had sold the plane, the outlet says that he called them “pond scum” and “slime”.

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Mike needs our help now more than ever….

Thank you to everyone who has supported him.

Please keep it up!

Come on, how can you not love this guy?

I can’t talk about Mike without also showing you this clip.

This is a flashback to when President Trump was (visibly) in office as President.

It’s such an awesome clip.

Mike Lindell is giving some remarks and then he turns to President Trump and says “I’m gonna go a little off script now.”

Trump’s face is hilarious.

But then Mike gives the most incredible comments.

You just have to watch for yourself.

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Watch here on Rumble:

We have to stick together right now….

Please give Mike your full support.



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