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Clif High: Yes, Here’s How Trump Is Reinstated and the Path To a 9-0 Supreme Court Ruling


I woke up today to find out two of my favorite people just released a new video.

I think Greg Hunter from USA Watchdog is one of the best interviewers out there and I love listening to the incomparable Clif High.

We’ve covered Clif here many times before and the man is simply unique and obviously someone who sees the world very uniquely.

He also comes from a computer science / big data background and that’s his secret weapon.

He runs proprietary computer programs that mine millions upon millions of gigabytes of data from the internet and then sort and search for patterns.

His programs have proven very accurate in the past, which is one reason why so many people tune in to listen when he has something to say.

I also know many of you like Clif as much as I do because a couple of you emailed me the link to his interview this morning as I was watching it myself!

Great minds think alike!

They cover everything in this interview from Bitcoin going over $100,000 (it’s currently about $32,000) this year to silver going to at least $600/oz and maybe over $1,000/oz (it’s currently about $27/oz) and then near the end they talk Trump.

The whole thing is fantastic and you really just need to watch for yourself.

Please enjoy it here on Rumble:

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