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Pennsylvania Tries to Get Ahead of Forensic Audit with “Voting Machines Directive”


As we wait for Maricopa County’s audit results, other states are gearing up to undertake copycat audits.

Pennsylvania is one of them, and Democrats are panicking at the idea.

Recent revelations show a new “voting machines directive” in Pennsylvania, proving the panic in DC runs deep.

Quietly in the night, the Pennsylvania Department of State has issued a directive prohibiting county election boards from cooperating with the Senate’s election audit.

In the document we have below, the directive states a few things that undeniably look like Democrats are trying to derail the audit.

The directive states that election officials may not turn over election materials to third parties.

Also, any equipment turned over to a third party cannot be used again in an election.

Lastly, it says that the state will not reimburse counties for the cost of replacement equipment.

We have a link to the full document here.

Washington Examiner has more:


Pennsylvania’s Department of State warned counties against giving “third-party entities” access to voting machines shortly after a key Republican lawmaker requested “information and materials” from three counties for a “forensic investigation” of the 2020 election and 2021 primary.

Complying with such a demand would lead the department, led by acting Secretary of State Veronica Degraffenreid, to decertify the equipment as they would be “considered no longer secure or reliable to use in subsequent elections,” according to a directive dated Thursday.

“County Boards of Elections shall not provide physical, electronic, or internal access to third parties seeking to copy and/or conduct an examination of state-certified electronic voting systems, or any components of such systems, including but not limited to: election management software and systems, tabulators, scanners, counters, automatic tabulating equipment, voting devices, servers, ballot marking devices, paper ballot or ballot card printers, portable memory media devices (thumb drives, flash drives and the like), and any other hardware, software or devices being used as part of the election management system,” the directive said.

Pennsylvania “will not reimburse any cost of replacement voting equipment for which certification or use authority has been withdrawn pursuant to this directive,” the memo added.

The directive prohibiting third-party access to voting systems comes after state Rep. Doug Mastriano, in his capacity as the chairman of the Intergovernmental Operations Committee, sent letters to Philadelphia, York, and Tiago counties earlier this week as part of an Arizona-style inquiry looking for evidence of fraud.

He set a deadline of July 31, threatened to pursue subpoenas if they don’t comply, and said other counties could be added depending on what is found.

Pennsylvania and Arizona are two states won by President Joe Biden last year that post-election audits showed no widespread fraud. But after dozens of lawsuits with election fraud allegations and voting irregularities were rejected by courts nationwide, the partisan audit in Maricopa County became a beacon of hope for former President Donald Trump and his allies, who claim the contest was stolen.

Maricopa County officials announced last week their voting machines subpoenaed for the audit will be removed from service after Arizona’s Democratic secretary of state, Katie Hobbs, threatened to decertify the equipment, citing similar custody and control concerns expressed by the Pennsylvania Department of State.

The results of the Maricopa County audit, led by private firm Cyber Ninjas, are expected to be released later in the summer.

Should Mastriano, who toured the Maricopa County audit and sought legal advice for his own endeavor, choose to pursue subpoenas, he is certain to face resistance in court similar to the legal fight between Maricopa County and the GOP-led Arizona Senate earlier this year.

Elizabeth Rementer, a spokeswoman for Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, told the Washington Examiner in a statement the administration “will stand up to any attempt to disrupt our electoral process and undermine our elections.”

“This latest attempt echoes efforts in Arizona and Fulton County that compromised election machinery and provided access to third-party individuals without the proper qualifications or security measures,” she added. “This illogical, partisan effort to overturn the 2020 election will only lead to the decertification of voting machines that are compromised, additional expense for counties, and more partisanship that only seeks to undermine Pennsylvania’s elections.”

This comes as the Justice Department appears poised to crack down on the Maricopa County audit and any copycats.

The Justice Department is setting its focus on the GOP-backed voting laws being passed in states across the country in the wake of the 2020 election, Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a speech last month.

Why would the Justice Department be ready to “crackdown” on the Maricopa County audit and copycat audits?

Unless they are hiding the crime of the century!

Remember the SQL software found in voting machines?

We reported last month that the SQL software was found on Dominion Voting machines in Pennsylvania.

This unapproved software can allegedly be used as a hacking tool to steal elections.

Anyone with access to the software can change the votes in the direction they need to produce the desired results.

Could this be one of the reasons for the voting machines directive?

What else does the dirty deep state have to hide?

Fortunately for us, no amount of panic in DC can stop the freight train of audits.

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