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Kat Kerr Prophetic Update on Mike Pence and the “Finger of God” from Hank Kunneman


As she always does, Kat Kerr was on Elijah Streams this Wednesday and it was an awesome interview like usual!

There’s one clip in particular I want to show you, and Paul and the wonderful people over at Elijah Clips have already put it into a separate video for us.

It’s less than 10 minutes long and really powerful to watch, please don’t miss.

Kat Kerr discusses Mike Pence and whether he’s a White Hat or a Black Hat.

She also gives an update on current political events and where we are at in the timeline, including an incredible update on Hank Kunneman’s prophecy about the “finger of God” and 4th of July.

And just as with Timothy Dixon, there are about 1-2 trolls attacking Kat online in her videos and also in the comments to my articles.

How absolutely shameful that these people attack someone like Kat.

Can you help me please to show Kat that there are WAY more people that love hearing from her than these 1-2 trolls who dominate the comments section?

Please leave a comment below if you support Kat Kerr and let’s get hundreds of them to show her we appreciate everything she does!


Now watch the latest clip here:

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