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More Proof that State Election Officials Betrayed Trump & Election


It’s clear that conservatives need to watch out for establishment Republicans as much as they do Democrats.

For anyone watching the presidential elections, it was clear that something was off about the elections from the jump. However, it was the actions of so-called Republicans that were raising the most eyebrows.

Remember when Fox News called Arizona for Biden, well before even far left news media outlets?


Or how about when a right leaning Supreme Court just decided flat out to reject appeals on the election results?

Like a scene ripped right out Julius Caeser, we watched in horror as one by one, prominent Republicans abidicated their responsbilities. They turned their back on the very man that had helped bring America back into dominance.

What made things worse is that anyone who raised questions about the way things went down were instantly lableled and conspiracy theorists and blacklisted.

Turns out we weren’t crazy. 2021 has been filled with reports vindicating conservatives and confirming what we knew. The election was deeply flawed.

The Daily Mail just reported on the corrupt behavior of election officials in key battle ground states.

What’s interesting is that the article quotes election officials practically gloating about how they made an absolute mess of the election in their regions.

Take Arizona for example.

During and after the election, officials practically blocked off communication and access to President Trump and his campaign. This prevented them from being able to verify election results.

President Donald Trump and key allies undertook a furious campaign to try to get to Republican county election officials in Arizona as part of their election overturn effort – with the White House dialing New Year’s Eve and Rudy Giuliani phoning repeatedly.

Maybe the reason President Trump’s campaign had to call repeatedly was because they weren’t getting responses. They were blocked access to communicate with key people involved in the election.

For example, Maricopa County election supervisor Clint Hickman flat out refused communication with the Trump campaign. This was despite the AZ GOP chair telling him to take the call.

‘Just a check in from the President of the United States … So I guess that means you could/should take the call,’ Ward pressed him.

“‘Hello, sir. This is the White House operator I was calling to let you know that the president’s available to take your call if you’re free,’ said a message an operator left on his voicemail. ‘If you could please give us a call back, sir, that’d be great. You have a good evening.’

He wouldn’t take either of two calls from a White House number. ‘I’m not going to tape a president, so I’m not going to talk to a president,’ he said. “

What happened in Arizona was blatantly corrupt. It wasn’t the will of the people that got Biden Arizona, it was the corruption of election officials like Clint Hickman that got him there.

Hickman’s behavior was so bad, that he even went against direct orders to correct the errors in his ballot counting procedure.

“Ward told supervisors to ‘stop the counting,’ and told Hickman: ‘A hand count before counts are complete is CRUCIAL.’ She wrote: ‘Make this happen!’

‘We need you to stop the counting,’ she told Hickman.”

Hickman defied direct orders and then refused to explain or justify his behavior even President Trump’s legal team.

What is becoming evident as more of these reports emerge is that while Dominion voting machines and Illuminati-type powers may have been at play, what caused the greatest damage were corrupt players on the state and county level. They are the ones that make it impossible for elections to be held fairly.

With 2022 elections right around the corner, we are in major trouble. Republicans are doing nothing to fix the state and county-level issues that messed us up in 2020.

Say what you want about Democrats, at least they are actively pushing their agenda. Apart from nice speeches and grand standing, establishment Republicans seem more than happy to sit around in their country club estates while the rest of America pays the price for their apathy and cowardice.

Politicians are touting 2022 as a time of reckoning for Democrats. If Republicans don’t repair the elections system, it seems like the opposite is more likely.

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