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Mike Lindell: “I Can Now Be Very Aggressive With Dominion”


Is this all a part of his master plan?

I think a lot of us forget that Mike Lindell wanted to drag Dominion through the courts. He wanted them to bring a lawsuit right to his doorstep.

Their lawsuit against him could prove to be one of the greatest Trojan horses of all, but thats not all.

According to OAN, a judge recently ruled that MyPillow’s lawsuit against Dominion could proceed—that’s right, Mike Lindell is now suing Dominion.

Dominion may have just fallen into a trap that could be its undoing, but only time will tell.

Here are the latest reports on the ongoing lawsuits:

NTD News had this report on Dominion’s lawsuit against Mike Lindell and Sidney Powell:

Lindell’s and Powell’s attorneys have previously argued that Dominion—by filing the lawsuits—is trying to silence its critics, which goes against the First Amendment.

“This case is part of a coordinated crusade by [Dominion] to silence debate regarding a matter of the utmost public concern in a democratic society—the integrity of its elections,” Lindell’s lawyers wrote in court filings. “Plaintiffs are a private company hired by the government to perform the critical governmental function of helping to conduct free and fair elections. The freedom to speak openly in the public square about such subjects is a keystone foundational freedom of our democracy. It is under assault in this lawsuit.”

But Dominion’s attorneys have said that the three defendants post-Nov. 3 claims’ caused injury to the Toronto-based company. In lawsuits, the company said it suffered more than $600 million in lost profit and revenue, as well as other costs, while adding it spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on enhanced private security.

OAN was the only news outlet covering MyPillow’s lawsuit against Dominion, with this brief snippet:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and company attorney Andrew Parker caught up with One America’s Alicia Summers to discuss a Minnesota judge’s decision to allow the company’s case against Dominion to move forward and how this is a small win for free speech as well as the First Amendment.

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