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Mike Lindell Joins Alex Jones In A Must See Interview


Host of Info Wars Alex Jones recently interviewed CEO of MyPillow Mike Lindell.

The interview started with Lindell talking about his latest appearance at a Washington Court where he defended himself against Dominion’s billion-dollar lawsuit.

Lindell expressed that there were so many mics from the press in front of him when he left the courtroom and instead of using the time to talk about his case he opted to use the time to tell the press about his upcoming Cyber-symposium that is coming up in August.

Jones then responded by telling Mike ‘being sued doesn’t mean you’re a bad guy’ what it means is the Globalists don’t like what you’re saying so they’re trying to silence you by lawsuits.

Mike then backtracked and talked about the reason why the case between him and Dominion is so important and state it’s important because the Judge has to decide on whether American citizens will be criminalized for free speech or not.

Here’s a clip of Lindell talking about his Cyber-symposium:

Lindell then talked to Jones about all the packet captures he has of the 2020 election and said it’s over.

A packet capture is a networking term for intercepting data that is crossing a specific point in a data network so what Lindell was saying is he has 100% non-subjunctive evidence.

All the evidence will be released during his Cyber-symposium around the first week of August.

The Cyber-symposium will be a big event that Lindell has planned out that will be the grand finale when it comes to exposing voter fraud during the 2020 election.

Lindell shared with Jones he will invite all of the white hat hackers that have investigated the election results and cyber experts also.

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Jones then chipped in and talked about how Democrats are starting to get scared due to the fact Arizona’s audit results are about to be released.

Due to Alex Jones being banned on practically every platform and the interview is yet to be uploaded to Rumble yet, you can watch the full interview here: Alex Jones interview Mike Lindell (Skip to the 54:00 mark to see Lindell).


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