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QUOTE: “Donald Trump Won By Over 1 Million Votes in Pennsylvania!”


We all know Trump won.

We all know he won BIG.

We all know that truth is about to come out en masse.

But I had no idea he won this big.

According to former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik who went on Steve Bannon’s War Room today, Kerik says that based on his analysis, Donald Trump won by 1 million votes in Pennsylvania and they squashed it.

He added that a  forensic audit there is going to be the most substantial of any in the country.

Folks….I have been saying it since November and I will say it again: this is not “voter fraud”.  It’s not even “election fraud”.  It’s not just some small issues here and there….

This was a systematic coup de tat of a sitting United States President, and they had to cheat so bad that it was ONE MILLION stolen votes in PA alone!




Want more details?

Watch it on Steve Bannon’s War Room, safely here on Rumble:

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