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Kat Kerr: How To Celebrate BEFORE The Coming Victory!


I have a special update for you from Kat Kerr.

I am loving these shorter clips from ElijahClips (shortened from the original ElijahStreams interviews), you too?

I thought this one was really good.

Yes, its current – from June 8, 2021.

Kat gives an update on current events in the USA and COMING current events in the near future!

Everyone continues to say July 4th is going to be special.

As Kat says, she’s not setting dates or saying that’s when something ends or begins, but she is saying it will mark a turning point in the spirit and in this battle and it will be noticeable.

I’m ready!


I also loved in this clip when Steve asks her how to celebrate BEFORE we see the victory.

Kat always says celebrate now!  Eat a slice of cake now to celebrate!

But that’s hard for some people.  I know, I read your emails.  I know some of you are burned out and tired from waiting.

So this message is for you!

Listen as Kat explains how to live in the “now” and the “not yet”….but to celebrate all the way along!

Watch here:

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