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Georgia RINOs In a Panic as 500 Republicans Demand a Forensic Audit


Governor Kemp of Georgia has been getting heat about the 2020 presidential elections. If you recall, Kemp seemed like a staunch Trump supporter. He was calling for an audit and recount just days after the November 3rd election.

Governor Kemp talked a good game and went through all the motions, but the recounts were not in good faith. They were deceptive.

The recounts and audits took place past the point many forensic election experts believe the fix/tampering took place. Essentially, the recounts were fruit from an already poisonous tree.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the audits were done in-house by the very people that could have been responsible for the tampering in the first place. I wonder if the threat of going to jail for fraud could have had something to do with their findings?

Other prominent Republicans came out and backed up the claim that the elections were all above board. Here’s Brad Raffensperger, then-Secretary of State, telling a very smug ABC anchor about how everything was accurate.

Well, it looks like RINO season is upon us because Republicans in Georgia are taking a stand and turning up the heat on RINO leadership to get to the bottom of what happened. 

According to reports, Kemp is under fire once more for his handling of the 2020 elections. Here’s more info from the Washington Examiner. 

More than 500 Republicans in Georgia are urging Gov. Brian Kemp to pursue a forensic audit of the 2020 presidential election.

The letter, obtained by the Washington Examiner on Wednesday, was signed by 531 Republicans ranging from grassroots activists, to precinct leaders, to delegates to the Georgia GOP convention, which is set to take place this weekend.

The media will make the public think that it’s conspiracy theorists and right-wing “nut jobs” that are requesting this forensic audit. In reality, these are influential, true Republicans on every level of Georgia society.

With the Georgia Republican convention taking place in a few days, Kemp isn’t going to be able to sweep this request under the rug. He’s going to have to answer a room full of conservatives why he’s covering for potential election tampering.

At the center of their letter is a request for an “independent forensic audit to take place through the convening of a Special Session.” The letter was sent to Kemp, who is also a Republican.

“We believe that anyone who has a problem with a statewide forensic audit in Georgia has something to hide,” the letter reads. “Our goals are simple: we want to discover the underlying problems that occurred last year and ensure that we never make those same mistakes again. “

The election was a mess. It robbed voters of the confidence that their votes counted.

The Republicans argue in their letter that “many in Georgia did not have” the “right to know that your vote counted” because “elected officials in both parties mishandled the 2020 presidential election, and as a result, the integrity of that election is in question.”

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This letter is not unfounded. Thanks to Arizona’s audits in Maricopa County, Republicans have grounds to request an independent audit.

The Georgia Republicans’ letter specifically cites a May 12 letter from Arizona Senate President Karen Fann to Maricopa Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Sellers in which she noted, “The audit team has encountered a significant number of instances in which there is a disparity between the actual number of ballots continued in a batch and the total on the pink report slip accompanying the batch.”

The governor’s office declined to comment on the letter. We can’t confirm, but it seems like there might be some significant damage control happening at the GA governor’s mansion.

The more conservatives turn up the heat, the more RINOs get exposed. With frustrated GA voters and a gubernatorial election happening next year, we might see a heard of Georgia RINO’s heading for the hills. The fight for America continues.




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