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Kat Kerr’s Latest Update on USA Current Events (May 26)


I have a brand new update for you from Kat Kerr on the latest updates involving President Trump and the United States.

This video clip comes from ElijahClips, a new spinoff from ElijahStreams.

I love what they’re doing with these, such a great idea.

As best I can tell, a guy named Paul used to produce these on his own because he loved the interviews from ElijahStreams but he wanted to highlight certain topics in shorter clips.

Because not all of us have time to watch a new 1 hr 30 min interview every single day.

But we’d love to hear a 10 minute clip on the part we’re most interested in!

So Paul was doing this thinking he had written permission from ElijahStreams.

At some point wires got crossed and ElijahStreams sent him a letter telling him to stop.

It led to a public beef between the two.

Eventually Steve Schulz got personally involved to fix things with Paul and it looks like after that a deal was made to just bring Paul into the team and let him do his work officially on behalf of the ElijahStreams team!


It’s working out perfectly and everyone seems to be happy….most of all US because we can now watch these awesome short clips!

Great decision everyone!

So now without further adieu, please enjoy this latest clip from Kat Kerr….I think you’re gonna love it.

Spoiler alert: Kat is not backing down, not changing her story, and she says we are very near some amazing things happening.

Watch here:

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