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Peter Schiff: “The Dollar is Going to Collapse”


I have another very serious warning for you about the coming collapse of the dollar.

Another term for the “collapse of the dollar” is hyperinflation.

When the dollar suddenly isn’t worth much, it’s because it’s been inflated like Venezuela.

Greg Hunter just put together a FANTASTIC interview with Peter Schiff warning of the coming danger and I had to share it with you.

From USA Watchdog:

Money manager and economist Peter Schiff says all the debt and money printing by the Fed will, ultimately, get down to one thing and that is the U.S. dollar. The Fed has been getting away with this turbocharged money creation policy since the last financial meltdown in 2008. In 2021, the consequences of “money for nothing” are finally kicking in. Schiff explains, “The inflation crisis and the dollar crisis . . . are a much bigger economic event that will have a much greater impact than the 2008 financial crisis. I have been warning about the consequences of all this money printing for years and years. Now, finally, you are really starting to see that. The government has been able to bury the amount of inflation they have been creating because of the CPI (Consumer Price Index). The CPI doesn’t really capture the degree that prices are going up. So, it creates a false sense of confidence that we haven’t had inflation, but now prices are rising so rapidly that even the government’s doctored CPI number can’t hide it. . . . We are getting these huge price increases across the board.”

How worried should people be about all the Fed money printing? Schiff warns, “The Fed says there’s nothing to worry about. Inflation is just going to magically come back down. We are still going to be at 2% inflation. So, we can keep the printing presses going with the pedal to the metal, and we are going to have these huge deficits. We are going to print all this money, and there is nothing to worry about. Well, you better worry! This crisis will be much worse than 2008, and unlike 2008, nobody’s getting a bailout. The reason the Fed could do the bailouts is the Fed could print the money to fund the bailout. The next crisis is the dollar that is going to be in crisis. The dollar is going to be crashing, and they can’t bail anybody out from a dollar crash because all they can do is print more dollars, which will just accelerate the collapse of the dollar.”

The warning is simple. Schiff says, “This is a completely dysfunctional economy that is going to collapse when the bottom drops out of the dollar. I think that crisis is close at hand.”

In closing, Schiff points out, “Gold and silver are very cheap. Everything is in a bubble except gold and silver because gold and silver are real money. . . . We are going to see all these bubbles deflate in terms of gold and silver. The price of stocks, real estate and crypto currencies are all going to come way down in terms of gold and silver. . . . Get your gold and silver, physical coins, buy that now while you can still get it. In the future, not only are the prices going to go way up for the metal, but the premium on the coin is going to go way up in addition to that.”

Watch the entire interview here on Rumble:

But this isn’t the only article I’ve posted recently warning of the coming danger.

Here is another one with John Williams where they discuss hyperinflation and what you can do to prepare yourself and your family….in a very limited time.

Watch it here on Rumble:

As I said, this is not the only article I’ve written today warning about the coming hyperinflation and how it is going to wipe a lot of people out.

The people who think they are doing the RIGHT thing.

The people who are savers…..

The people with money in a bank account….

A freight train is coming to wipe that out.

It’s not just my opinion and it’s not just John Williams.

Here is Rafi Farber who has a major track record on this kind of stuff.

Check out what he is saying:

From Wall Street Silver:

Rafi Farber joins us to discuss the coming hyperinflation and how to protect yourself. Rafi Farber is an investor, author (The End Game Investor), and proponent of the Austrian Business Cycle. His investing approach includes gold, silver and sound money.

Top comments:

Here’s more, a Storm Is Brewing….

My friend Bo Polny thinks even $600/oz silver is going to be on the low end of what’s coming.

Holy cow!

And this guy is also sounding the alarm.

He says a storm is coming and silver is the life raft.

Please watch, here on Rumble:

Top comments:

Backup here on YouTube:

And one more:

Here is a Former JP Morgan exec who is also sounding the alarm….

He says “buy silver now!”

Jump forward about 3 minutes in this video and watch right here:

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Not telling you what to do because I’m not a financial advisor, but as for me and my house, we are stacking silver.

Physical silver.

Coins and bars.

In my physical possession in my safe.

How about you?

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