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Gold/Silver Swap Coming? Silver 10-to-1 Against Gold?


If you’re into silver, chances are you know Bix Weir.

Bix is famous for his analysis on precious metals, especially silver and silver price suppression.

Gold is 67-to-1 right now against silver, but Bix says it is going to 1-to-1 and that would be an EPIC move.

That would be in line with Bo Polny and Clif High who have both said a silver price of over $100 and maybe as much as $600/oz is likely in the future.

Can you imagine?

Are you protected?

Is your family protected?

Do you know what the purchasing power of the dollar will likely be doing if that happens? 📉

Actually, Bix doesn’t think it should just be 1-to-1, he thinks it should actually go to 10-to-1 in favor of silver!

I’ll let him explain it in his own words….

Watch here:

If you want to get some silver, a beautiful and easy way to it is through my friends over at DISME Coins.

Here’s the best part….their coins all feature and honor President Trump!

Isn’t that awesome?

The coins are all made by DISME Coins here in America at the Highland Mint.

I chose to work with DISME on this for very specific reasons:

Why I Work Exclusively With DISME Coins

Check out some of my favorites…The Best Is Yet To Come:

Another…The Donkey and RINO Hunter:

This one is a presale and so what you are seeing is the artistic rendering of it and not the actual coin itself yet because they are not yet minted.

I absolutely love this one and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites.

By the way, every single new design from DISME will be limited to 4,500 coins period.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

We’ve actually had several of the last presale coins be sold out before the minting is even done.

I have 5 of these on order myself so I guess there is only guaranteed to be 4,495 left! 😂

And then this one:  The Protector of the 2nd Amendment:

An absolute classic, and yes indeed our guns were 100% safe under President Trump!

Under Bidan?

Looks bad!

Ok, now I want to tell you the best part….

For the first time ever, the winner of this giveaway will get TWO coins!

First, they will get a free 1 oz. MAGA Lion Coin that looks like this:

This is my personal favorite coin made by DISME.

I bought a lot of them for my personal safe and also to use as giveaways.

And here’s the really cool thing….

The only way you can get one now is by winning my giveaway because they are SOLD OUT.

Take a look:

I told ya, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

So the winner will get that MAGA Lion silver coin and also for the first time ever a bonus MAGA Hat copper coin!

If the silver coins are a bit too pricey for your taste, you HAVE to check out the copper coins!

They are absolutely beautiful and also made of 99.9% investment grade pure copper!

Check out this beauty:

Oh, and one more thing…

All new DISME coins, including the three shown in the giveaway, all have 45 on the back.

Looks like this:

Aren’t they beautiful?

You know they’re real too because they are HEAVY!

They feel really nice sitting in your hand and they come in a nice protective hard plastic case.

Trust me, you’re gonna like these!

Check out this video I made unboxing my Silver Trump coins from DISME:

Watch here on Rumble:

And a backup here on YouTube:

Why I Work With DISME

We Love Trump
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