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Polls: More Americans Believe Loose Election Laws Are A Bigger Problem Than Voter’s Access


Let’s get this straight first; they said we had a safe and secure election.

We supposedly had foolproof existing election laws.

And amending those laws were supposedly racist, an act of suppression, and a “Jim crow relic” like Joe Biden the relic added.

So riddle us this: If the election laws were so foolproof, why are polls showing the exact opposite?

A plurality of U.S. adults says loose voting rules, which can result in illegal votes being cast, are a “bigger problem” than voter access.

That’s just stating the obvious anyways.

More of this story:

Shockingly the poll was conducted by fake news CNN, I expected the numbers to be skewed but I guess even fake news CNN couldn’t skew the facts this time.

Left-Leaning CNN with the exclusive:

Amid a flurry of changes to voting rules and regulations across the country, the American public is divided over whether the bigger problem with elections in America is that it is too hard to vote or that it is too easy to cheat, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS.

Partisans are on opposite sides of that question, and are divided over the effect several prominent rule changes would have on the fairness of elections in the United States.

And the debate over how elections should be carried out in this country is happening while about 3 in 10 Americans express doubts that President Joe Biden was elected legitimately, despite the lack of evidence of fraud or wrongdoing in last year’s presidential election.

The poll finds 46% of Americans feel the bigger problem in elections is that the rules are not strict enough to prevent illegal votes from being cast, while 45% say the bigger issue is that the rules make it too difficult for eligible citizens who want to vote to cast a ballot. That marks an increase in concern about it being too hard to vote compared with a CNN poll in March, when 39% felt that way.

In the interim, bills that would make the laws around voting more restrictive have advanced in closely contested states such as Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Michigan and Texas. At the same time, some less competitive states are making changes to ease access to voting, including in Delaware, Kentucky, Virginia and Washington.

This Twitter user puts it best:

I would say that I was shocked too.

The left in collaboration with virtue-signaling big businesses CEOs won’t give up in the fight to stop these loose election laws amendment.

Not because those laws are perfect, but because they can’t win without them.

Our friends at Breitbart had more to add:

The survey, conducted by SSRS from April 21-April 26 among 1,004 adults, asked respondents to gauge what they consider to be a “bigger problem” regarding elections in the United States. The choices were: 1) “That the rules around voting make it too difficult for eligible citizens who want to vote to cast a ballot” or 2) “That the rules around voting are not strict enough to prevent illegal votes from being cast.”

A plurality, 46 percent, chose the latter, identifying loose voting rules as a “bigger issue,” compared to 45 percent who chose the former. Four percent said that “neither is a problem in the United States,” and five percent expressed no opinion.

The results indicate a narrowing in opinion, as the same survey, taken March 3-8, showed 53 percent identifying loose voting rules as a bigger issue, compared to the 39 percent who chose voter access.

Notably, the survey found nearly one-third of respondents, or 30 percent, expressing the belief that President Biden “did not legitimately win enough votes to win the presidency.” Sixty-five percent indicated otherwise. Of the thirty percent who do not believe Biden won legitimately, 69 percent said there is “solid evidence” of that, compared to 29 percent who base their view on “suspicion only.”

The survey comes as state legislatures move to implement basic election integrity laws, which Democrats have routinely criticized as oppressive and in some cases racist. That happened again this week as the Florida legislature passed SB 90, an election integrity measure that enhances voter ID requirements, adds restrictions to ballot drop boxes, and cracks down on ballot harvesting.

We know, They know, and now everyone is beginning to see that the last election was marred by different irregularities made possible by weak election laws.


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