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May 1, Silver Short Squeeze! /r/ Wallstreetsilver


Longtime readers of WeLoveTrump know I like to talk about silver.

And I like to BUY and HOLD silver.

Or in crypto terms, I like to HODL.

You gotta love it.

But it’s actually very serious.

Gold and silver are “God’s money” and the only forms of money on the face of the Earth with real value.


Because God’s not making any more of it.

And because silver is useful in so many commercial applications, it has real demand.

But big bankers like JP Morgan Chase (ahhhhhhhlegedly….) have been manipulating the price of silver for 40 years.

They want to keep the price low, while they accumulate.  For decades.

That may soon be coming to an end.

Just like the Reddit traders fought back against the massive hedge funds to send Gamestop soaring to ridiculous numbers in one of the most epic short squeezes of all time, that same group and many others have now set their sights on doing the same thing to silver.

I love it!

Take a look at this massive billboard that just went up:

Damian Grasso had more details on the coming short squeeze on Medium:

Two months ago, the Wall St Silver subreddit surprised markets by trying to drain the COMEX of silver.

They might have fallen short, but not before lifting the silver price about 20% from January 29 to February 2, before it dropped down to previous levels. Many people (including myself) assumed it was over, believing the market was too big to create supply shortages.

Two months later, I visited the Wall St Silver subreddit to see what they were doing and found this:

Their next attempt is right around the corner.

Given it’s so close, here’s an explanation of how it might work and the 3 main tactics being used to cause the next squeeze.

How It Might Go Down
The way the silver squeeze would happen is largely based on low supply. Retail silver supply is largely determined by mining production and recycling. Since 2016, silver mining has consecutively decreased from 899.4 million ounces to 784.4 million in 2020, falling the sharpest in 2020 [4].

Although the demand for silver has been met by supply in those years, showing a light surplus of stock (see: Market Balance), a significant portion of the silver is held in exchange trade products such as ETFs and ETCs. With this included, there is a deficit of 250 million ounces in 2020, which is forecasted to be 126.7 million ounces in 2021 [4].

Before I explain how this impacts the COMEX, you need to understand how it works:

The COMEX is a marketplace for commodity futures and options such as gold, silver and crops. A future is a pre-order that allows buyers to buy at the current price instead of the price of delivery. They’re often used for price speculation as opposed to actually buying a commodity. Deliveries are stocked from storage vaults owned by members of the London Bullion Markets Association (LBMA).

Now you understand this, here’s why it matters:

CME Group recorded 31,898 tonnes of silver in their vaults as of February 5 [2]. A precious metals analyst named Ronan Manly claims 14 ETFs and ETCs are currently using these vaults, which are also used by the COMEX. The combined amount of silver held by the LBMA London Vaults is 28,700 tonnes of silver, which was recorded on the same day [3]. If correct, this means 89% of the vault’s storage is used by exchange traded products.

Twitter is on fire with the #SilverSqueeze:

It could quickly get out of control:

More: even covered the story:

The pressure is building in the silver market. The internet is awash with the latest attempt to squeeze physical silver to be carried out on May 1, 2021 – 10 years to the day since the monumental sell off/manipulation that occurred back at the highs of 2011.

The February effort of the silver short squeeze was an idea. What is being muted for the coming weekend feels like more of a programme. In February people were diving into the SLV which is fundamentally owned and run by JP Morgan who is the enemy of the short squeeze movement. Feb. 2 2021 has since become known as the greatest felony in the history of the silver markets – and there have been quite a lot to compare this to over the years. On the day the greatest inflow of buying took place, the price dropped astronomically. It was a clear and obvious fraud that was the smoking gun of decades of manipulation.

Since then, the internet movement has been buying up physical silver, realising that this is the best way to drain the system, and to create a short covering rally that should lead to a fair price, and put the well known eight big banks that have been shorting silver for years into trouble. This time around, rather than an uncoordinated attack on any futures silver trading instrument, this is an attack on the COMEX. The plan is to get 100,000 people to but 100 ounces of silver, and to all do it on the same day. A tall order indeed. However all it needs is one whale to swallow up a lot more and the move is in business.

The cute eyed among us all will have noticed the impeccable timing of some “officials” that have come out in the last week and proffered their knowledge that there is no such shortage at all in the Silver industry, and this planned event won’t make any difference. Well I wonder why they would be discouraging people to buy physical Silver?

According to reports at the start of February, London was a week away from being emptied of silver. It takes weeks for stocks to be transferred between London and New York exchanges. The COMEX is reporting the biggest outflows of gold and silver in recent years. People and organisations are standing for delivery at contract expiry and not rolling over. The big users in this industry from the mobile phone manufacturers, electric vehicle companies, battery producers to name but a few, must be getting worried that supply is dwindling and prices are going to go up. You would expect they would be panic bulk buying and storing. Perhaps these are the big outflows we are seeing standing for delivery from the COMEX.

The latest silver squeeze effort is far more co-ordinated and organised than the last. The following of this movement is also considerably greater than it was in February. Dealers will no doubt see this coming and raise the premiums even further, but if you consider the end goal price, paying a premium now will pale in significance in a few years’ time.

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