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Hank Kunneman: “I Will Give You Back Your White House!”


A lot of you have been asking me for an update on Hank Kunneman and I have one for you!

Sorry, I have been so busy recently I haven’t had time to cover him as much as I wanted.

Here’s your update: it’s April 25, 2021 and Pastor Hank hasn’t backed down one inch from what God told him back in November!

Trump wins!  Trump won!  And all will soon be made right.

That’s the short summary.

Of course, he had a LOT more to say than just that.

And as usual, I cannot do it justice to try and summarize Pastor Hank, you just need to listen for yourself.

He is always so amazing!

So here is his latest, from April 18.

Watch here on Rumble:

I do have a few thoughts….

He says many preachers have lost their boldness.

Well certainly not Pastor Hank!

But I’ll tell you what, he’s right!

Many preachers have lost their boldness!

They’re too worried about being “politically correct” or pandering to the BLM crowd or the LGBTQPTSPTGGB crowd.

So sad.

But Hank, here’s what I think….

When the boldness left the pulpit in many places, it flowed out to other spots.

Like here!

We are absolutely BOLD here at WeLoveTrump!

My mission since I started this website was to speak the truth, and not just what people wanted to hear.

Along the way I was completely banned from Facebook for speaking the truth, but I am not backing down.

No way.

So Pastor Hank, I wanted to ask you again to please come on my show!

It would be a real honor to interview you….and I know everyone reading this would love to hear what you have to say in a one-on-one interview!

It would be a real blast….let me know!

Call me!

I also thought it was very interesting how Pastor Hank says in here that part of the coming move of God will involve changes in our currency (US Dollar) and that “some will be immediately given wrath to finance the harvest!”

That immediately catches my attention because that’s the EXACT same thing Bo Polny told me when he came on my show a couple days ago.

You can watch that interview here if you missed it.

Big changes are coming and a historic wealth transfer is soon to occur.

So great to hear Pastor Hank confirm that.

Here is the YouTube backup if you need it:

And before we go, I have to play you my favorite Hank Kunneman worship clip of all time.

I just think this is so powerful.


Watch here on Rumble:

And here on YouTube.

If you need it:

Please share!

Good things are coming soon!

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