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Sydney Powell Talks About Dominion Lawsuits And The 2020 Election At Health And Freedom Conference


The Health and Freedom conference had a stacked lineup of patriots.

Gen. Flynn, Mike Lindell, Jim Caviezel, Lin Wood, and Sydney Powell were all guest speakers at the event.

Powell wasn’t able to make it there in person but instead sent in a recorded speech.

In her speech, she addressed the fraud that took place in the 2020 election and called out the Biden administration for calling the 2020 election the most secure election ever but then put sanctions on Russia for election interference.

Makes no sense, right?

She then said we as American’s should continue to stand up for what we believe in and ask God for the same divine wisdom that our founding fathers had.

Here’s a clip from the event:

Jim Hoft who does a great job over at the Gateway Pundit had these details to share:

Attorney Sidney Powell recorded her speech at the Tulsa Health and Freedom Conference over the weekend.

Sidney Powell told the crowd, “There was massive fraud that infiltrated the system from every angle… Anybody who watched the returns election night saw the unprecedented event of multiple states stopping the counting of the vote at the same time just before Trump would have been declared the winner with more than 270 electoral votes knows there was fraud.”

Over 4,000 Christians and Conservatives attended the event!

If you would like to watch more of Powell’s speech you can watch it here:

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