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Friendly Reminder, The Storm IS Still Coming! This Week?


I just came across this video and it was so moving I had to share it with you.

Equal parts inspiring and horrific.

But that’s the whole point….

President Trump has always been first and foremost about stopping the child sex trafficking and you had better believe he is going to finish the job.

Just watch this video and remember all of these moments.

Look at our President so calm and so firmly in control.

Do you really think he was blindsided by the voter fraud?

Totally caught unawares?

No way.

It’s all part of the plan and the storm is most definitely still coming.

In fact, my friend Bo Polny has been telling us for over a year that his key moment in time is April 23-26 for a “suddenly” moment to break through and our world to never look the same afterwards.

Is that when the storm hits?

Very likely.

Justice is coming….

Dark to light is coming….

Our PRESIDENT is most certainly coming back….

Fraud will be exposed on a level that even the MSM cannot deny it or cover it up….

Corruption and child sex trafficking will be exposed on a level that the MSM will be forced to cover….

Big names will be arrested….

Big names will suicide out…..

Military tribunals ARE coming….

My friends, please watch this video safely on Rumble and understand that the Storm is coming and none of these monsters will be safe when it hits:

By the way, anyone else find it interesting that Timothy Dixon keeps talking about 3 whirlwinds coming?

Sounds like a STORM to me, how about you?


Wow, I just found out RUMBLE deleted this video!

Censorship hits Rumble!

No worries, it should be safe here on Telegram….WATCH, it must be very important to the Cabal to delete this video, must be full of truth:


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