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Dr. Patricia: Donald Trump Has Wrestled With God Like Jacob and He Is Returning Soon!


A big thank you to Jan and Dale who sent me this link.

I have never heard of this lady before, Dr. Patricia, but they sent me this link and actually had time to watch it so I put it on and it immediately rang true to me.

Often times I watch these videos of people claiming to have dreams or claiming God told me something and I just feels “off” to me.

In fact, I get dozens of those a week, which I never share with you.

But not this one.

This one hit me as immediately being on solid ground.

That’s just my opinion, you will have to watch and judge for yourself.

The video is pretty short so I would encourage you to watch the whole thing yourself, but I will also give a quick summary here.

This lady says God gave her a dream and the interpretation for it.

In the dream were some pastors who were mocking Donald Trump and saying he did not win the election.

But then she saw President Trump walking back and reclaiming his trophy (the Presidency) and reclaiming his rightful place in the White House.

She said these pastors who are anti-Trump are going to be forced to confront the fact that Donald Trump did indeed win the election and that God himself is placing President Trump back in the White House.

Some pastors will not be able to handle it and they will be “removed”.

This rings so true for me….

My pastor who is otherwise great has made it very clear that he does not like or support Trump, and I can see him having a VERY hard time accepting his return.

The other part of the dream was President Trump walking with a limp.

Those of you who know your Bible will instantly recognize this as the story of Jacob wrestling with God.

Jacob wrestled with God and prevailed, but he was given a limp as a permanent reminder that he had wrestled with God.

I’ve heard this exact same message from several other prophets on Elijah Streams recently, who have all said President Trump has been wrestling with God during this time.

He will prevail, but he will have a limp (may not be literal) when he returns and he will have a new humility about him when he returns.

He will still be strong and a fighter, but he will also have a level of humility he did not have before.

Wow, won’t that be interesting!

I hope you enjoy this:

And here’s a backup.

Watch safely here on Rumble if (when?) YouTube deletes that video:


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