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Andy Schectman: Buy Physical Silver NOW Before the April CHAOS!!


This is the first of two silver articles I’ll be bringing you today.

Also, both will feature my friend Bix Weir.

When I think of silver, no one is more engrained in the silver discussion for longer than Bix Weir in my mind.

So I love watching what he has to say, and recently he has had a LOT to say.

Bix is sounding the alarm just as I have been.

Something looks awfully fishy in the silver market and it’s only a matter of time before the rigging stops and the price explodes….

At least, that’s what Bix says and I tend to agree with him.

It’s also what his friend Andy Schectman says.

Andy is the CEO of Miles Franklin and has probably forgotten more about silver and precious metals over his entire life than you or I will ever know!

Andy came on the show with Bix today to say that April looks positively WILD for silver.

The funny thing is, that’s exactly what Bo Polny told me when he came on my show.

Everyone starting to sound the same alarm?

Watch this terrific interview:

I believe in silver so much that I’ve opened up THREE giveaways of a real, 1 oz silver Trump coin.

We just awarded the newest winner last night.

I’ve been doing the giveaways to give people a chance to win some silver if they maybe can’t afford to buy some.

So far, I’ve received dozens, if not hundreds, of emails thanking me for the fun giveaways.

I’m planning to open a new one up later tonight, so stay tuned!

The coins are produced by DISME Coins and made at the Highland Mint.

Why I Choose To Work With DISME

Our latest winner will receive one of my favorite designs, the America Is Open For Business coin:

I also did something extra fun this time that I’ve never done before.

DISME also makes copper coins and they are beautiful….and much cheaper.

This is my favorite design, the classic MAGA Hat:

If you can’t quite afford the silver yet but still want to get something beautiful (and heavy!) grab a copper Trump coin for $3.50!

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