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Gen. Flynn Says November 3rd Would’ve Been Different If He Never Left The White House


Gen. Flynn’s latest interview was very interesting, to say the least.

While on the Pete Santilli show, Flynn was praised by Host Pete Santilli as Trump’s greatest weapon.

Santilli then proceeded to ask Flynn the question “If you had not been messed with and you were with President Trump would November 3rd resulted in something completely different than it did?”.

Flynn’s immediately responded by saying “I believe it would have” then he went on to say that the Mueller investigation wouldn’t have ever happened either.

Flynn also talked about how his faith played an important role while he was constantly being attacked by the Deep State.

He went into great detail and explained how the presence of God was being made more real to him as he read Psalm 23:4 which reads “though I walk through the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me”.

Flynn didn’t hold back and declared that God’s Word strengthened him and kept him fighting every day during his darkest moments.

Here’s a transcript of his interview provided by the Gateway Pundit:

Pete Santilli:  You were one of his greatest weapons.  If you had not been messed with and you were with President Trump would November 3rd resulted in something completely different than it did?

General Flynn: I believe it would have.  I believe it would have…  One of the things that might have happened would I have remained in the White House.  The decision for me to step away from the White House is a variety of things and I won’t give all the details of that…  I will tell you the information was really, really, it just wasn’t there.  It was relatively new.  And there was a massive, massive effort to really get me away from that White House.  Because it would not have happened and I believe it with my heart and soul.  If I would have not stepped away from the White House there would have been no Mueller investigation…

Pete Santilli: Did you ever think in your life, in your military career that you’d ever see the corruption that we are seeing right now all the way up to the Supreme Court?

General Flynn: Yeah, I think what it is is people in our country they had faith over the years, over the past few decades and certainly we believe what our Constitution is about, what our country is about, is to have faith in those who are serving in our government that they would do the right thing for the people, for this country… And I think the faith in the fabric of what those institutions are supposed to stand for, particularly the judiciary. At the end of the day they are supposed to stand for the rule of law and for the Constitution of the United States of America. And I would tell you… people are losing faith.

Watch Flynn’s full interview on the Pete Santilli Show here:


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