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Kat Kerr: The Trump Card Is Coming, Arrests Happening Right Now Behind The Scenes!


For years we’ve heard of sealed indictments.

Thousands of sealed indictments.

Arrests of cabal members.

And it looks like it may finally be playing out…..soon before our very eyes.

Kat Kerr went on Elijah Streams today and had a WILD interview where she said she is aware both from her prophetic gifting and from what people have now told her just this week that arrests are indeed happening right now as we speak and President Trump WILL return to office very soon.

Here’s a short summary of some notes I took:

He left everyone hanging for a reason….Trump card coming!

Arrests being made around the world right now!

People who conspired to overthrow the election.

Get as many arrested overseas before it comes here.

Indictments for treason, insurrection and treason to overthrow the presidency and the American government.

Largest arrest so far in Italy.

The landslide God promised IS coming…..the cascade is about to begin!

God has never changed his mind, and it will happen!

Coming VERY soon.

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You gotta watch this.

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And a backup from YouTube:

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