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Mike Lindell Responds To Dominion Lawsuit: “Thank You”

The C.E.O. has reportedly thanked Dominion voting systems for bringing the upcoming defamation lawsuit against him.


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Thank YOU Mike!

Mike Lindell is standing strong against this new lawsuit from Dominion. Many people including Sidney Powell have said it before: discovery.

In a lawsuit there is something called discovery; discovery is the research phase where everything is heavily investigated and scrutinized.

This could EASILY screw Dominion over in a major way and backfire!

Perhaps the Italian connection will come to the forefront yet again……

Maybe the forensic report conducted by Allied Security Systems will be unearthed again……

Either way, this should be VERY interesting to keep up with.

Here are the latest reports:  

CNBC reported: 

Dominion Voting Systems sued MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell on Monday, accusing the staunch ally of former President Donald Trump of pushing false conspiracies about the 2020 election “because the lie sells pillows.”

The $1.3 billion defamation suit says Lindell knew his repeated claims about the election being “stolen” were not backed by evidence, but kept at it anyway to spur Trump’s supporters to buy MyPillow products.

The 115-page complaint filed in Washington, D.C., federal court cites numerous statements Lindell made about Dominion in television interviews and social media posts, as well as in a two-hour documentary-style film that aired on conservative media in February. 

The lawsuit accuses Lindell and MyPillow of defamation and deceptive trade practices.

In a phone interview with CNBC, Lindell said, “I’m very happy that they finally got that suit filed.”

“My message to Dominion is thank you for finally getting this done, because it’ll be back in the limelight now,” Lindell said.

NPR had more on the story: 

During the Dec. 12 rally in particular, the complaint stated, Lindell falsely claimed "the algorithms" of voting machines broke, even though vote tallies from Dominion machines were confirmed by an additional hand count in Georgia.

Lindell said in remarks that "we cannot ... let them use these machines" in last month's Georgia Senate runoff races, according to the complaint.

Lindell highlighted these claims in a two-hour-long video released earlier this month. Dominion said it offered to review the film to point out "red flags and other obvious errors," the lawsuit said.

"Lindell purposefully avoided giving Dominion an opportunity to
review [it] ... before broadcast, plainly because he knew it was fake," according to the court documents.

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