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Kat Kerr on Elijah Streams: “What You Are All Hoping To See Is About To Happen!”


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This is BRAND NEW from Kat Kerr.

From her interview on Elijah Streams.

Spoiler alert, just like Pastor Hank Kunneman, she’s not backing down one inch.

Here’s a quick summary of just the first 5 minutes of the interview:

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My message about Trump is NEVER changing!

Whether you believe it or not, he is actually right now our President, he won!

I will just say this….you’re about to see a LOT of action!

I live in Florida near 4 military bases, and I have never seen this much activity.

What you are all hoping to see is about to happen!

There is nothing they can do to stop it.

The whole thing is fantastic.

Please enjoy:

And that was just Part 1.

The Q&A session was even better.

Watch that here:

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