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‘Black Lives Matter’ Receives Nobel Peace Prize Nomination for ‘Mostly Peaceful Protests’ – What a Joke


We’ve known for a while that the Nobel Peace Prize is a joke.

Recent winners have far from promoted peace.

Barack Obama is the easiest example of what a laughing stock that prize has become.

After receiving the prize early in his presidency, Obama went on to drop thousands of bombs on 7 countries.

Indeed, actions speak louder than flowery language.

The Nobel Peace Prize made a further laughing stock of itself by nominating ‘Black Lives Matter’ for the award.

Many on Twitter noted the hypocrisy of such a recognition for those ‘mostly peaceful protests’ that caused chaos across the globe in 2020.

Don’t forget, this was once a satirical article in Babylon Bee last summer at the height of BLM riots:

When up is down, left is right, and war is peace, I guess it makes sense recognizing these destructive riots as peaceful.

Just so nobody gets the message confused, black lives obviously DO MATTER.

But to ignore the motives and chaos caused by Black Lives Matter Inc. is refusing to grasp the bigger picture of what they wish to accomplish.

They don’t care about black lives, or any lives for that matter.

They’re self-avowed Marxists who feed on chaos, violence, and division to destabilize society.

And all for total control and destruction of the nuclear family.

If anybody needed this reminder:

Giving the Nobel Peace Prize to a Marxist organization is a total joke.

They don’t want peace.

They want division, violence, and chaos.


Zero Hedge gave further details on the hypocrisy:

That’s right, a group led by self-described “trained Marxists” who literally¬†spent time with Hugo Chavez¬†in Venezuela and then¬†triggered night after night of violent looting riots¬†at a cost of¬†at least 25 lives¬†and a record $2¬†billion in insured property claims,¬†(probably much more in uninsured property), and¬†grotesque Red Guard-style repudiation scenes such as forcing¬†restaurant diners to wave their fists in solidarity or face overturned tables and assault,¬†is somehow …¬†is worthy of the world’s top award for peace.

Back in 1964, when Martin Luther King, Jr. was¬†awarded the same prize for¬†calls to judge¬†people on the content of their character over¬†color, along with¬†non-violent resistance, there was a recognizable¬†standard for peace. Now, such approaches don’t¬†cut it anymore for this Norwegian bunch. And to place BLM in the same league as MLK, Jr., is kind of obscene.

The Norwegian pol who put the nomination out cited BLM’s¬†capacity to mobilize as his criteria.¬†But that seems¬†to be pretty shaky grounds, given that so many leftists out there really just wanted to Get Trump. BLM has since morphed into what appears to be a corporate shakedown racket and managed to get its Marxist identity politics party line into every corporate boardroom in America. But the capacity to use muscling community organizer tactics is no¬†evidence of morality, or more pointedly, peace. BLM is never going to be satisfied no matter how much kowtowing is done, each victory it wins brings a bigger demand to its marks, without ceasing, until its¬†will to absolute power is achieved.¬†Sound like peace? Only of the grave.

What it highlights is how low the Nobel peace prize¬†has fallen.¬†Sure, this Norwegian socialist clown doing the nominating likely has no idea what’s going on in the states, given that he lives in isolated Norway, takes in meetings with activists,¬†and only reads the leftist press. The idiocy of his proposal tops that of the Norwegians handing out a Nobel prize to Barack Obama just for getting elected president for being black without doing anything else.



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