Caught Live: CBS And CNN Remove 32,400 Votes Away From Sen. Perdue During Live Broadcast


President Trump warned everyone!

The lamestream media has interfered with another election.

On live television, CBS and CNN’s vote tracker removed 32,400 votes from Senator David Perdue.

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At this point, they are blatantly stealing the election.

Take a look at the moment it happened:

Did you see that?

Senator Perdue had 774,723 and when the vote tracker updated it went down to 742,323.

This is way too familiar.

During the presidential election, the mainstream media did the same thing while counting President Trump’s votes.

Now take a look at CNN doing the same thing:

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Friends at this point it’s not even a coincidence, it’s a case of fraud!

I’m sure election officials and news networks will have a pretty good lie to cover this up.

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