BREAKING NEWS: Jovan Pulitzer’s Team Shot At in Atlanta After Receiving the Go Ahead to Audit Fulton County Absentee Ballots


Last week, inventor Jovan Pulitzer turned heads at the Georgia State Senate hearing when he revealed how ripe for fraud the Georgia election was.

Proving just how vulnerable the Dominion voting machines really are.

Not only was his team able to access the voting machines with ease, he outlined a forensic auditing process that could analyze 500,000 ballots in about 2 hours.

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The shocking testimony led the Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee to file a motion to audit the absentee ballots in Atlanta-based Fulton County.

Pulitzer’s team members are now being violently attacked in Atlanta for trying to save America!

This patriot and his hard-working team were given a task by the Georgia Legislature, but some actors will stoop to new lows to push the fraudulent election results.

Why can’t the state of Georgia give every member of Pulitzer’s team 24/7 protection until they complete their audit?

It doesn’t seem like a difficult job, but the corruption in Georgia runs deep.

Exactly how deep? Who knows for sure?

But Pulitzer and his team need security to safely complete their forensic audit.

Gateway Pundit reported on the horrific developments:

Jovan Pulitzer and his team have the ability to determine the validity of millions of ballots in a day. He spoke last week in Georgia and offered to review the absentee ballots in Fulton county for free.  He said he could go through the 500,000 or so absentee ballots in the Atlanta based county in a couple hours and determine which ones are valid and which ones are frauds.

Pulitzer could save the union.  With his approach, he can audit millions of ballots in a short period of time and have all the swing state votes forensically reviewed in a matter of days.

We pointed out nearly a month ago that Pulitzer’s method for reviewing ballots is the answer to address the horrendous fraud in this year’s election.

Late last Wednesday, the Georgia Senate passed a motion to have Pulitzer and his team go through the ballots there.

Yesterday Pulitzer reported that his team is now being shot at:

Give this man and his team the ballots they are asked to audit, police protection and security while they do their jobs saving the USA.

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