Beware Mitch McConnell, This Is What America Thinks of You!


MEMO to Mitch McConnell….you might just find yourself on the wrong end of a rude awakening from 80 million Trump “Deplorables” who do not care much for what you are doing!

It was President Trump who single-handedly helped you fight back a challenge to your seat this past election.

And what do you do to thank him in return?

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Sell him out the first chance you get!

And the second chance, and the third chance, and pretty much every chance he gets.

It’s disgusting.

And so are his ties to the Chinese Community Party.

So it might just be that “Mandarin Mitch” gets recalled or voted out of office very soon!

Why do I say that?

Because I’ve read your comments…..and he has virtually no supporters.

And a lot of really angry people.

I don’t blame you!

Here’s what happened when I asked for your comments on Mitch:

CALLING ALL REPUBLICANS: Please tell Mitch McConnell what you think of him below (goal is ONE MILLION comments)….👇

You can read the responses here.

They are on fire!

And pro tip, if you’re reading on your phone and it’s hard to see everything, rotate your phone to landscape mode and it will be much easier to read.

Take a look:

tom Do your job… the people that voted for you have questions about your backbone… stand up or step down
Deanne Stand with OUR PRESIDENT, or choose between stepping down or being forced out.
Mary He needs to resign!  He is corrupt and part of the Deep State and should’ve tried for treason and hung like all the traitors of this gray country!
Debra Dear Senator Mc Connell,
Please allow me to quote…
Alexis De Tocqueville, “Democracy in America” pg. 16“Society is tranquil, but the reason for that is not that it knows it’s strength and it’s good fortune, but rather that it thinks itself weak and feeble; it fears that a single effort may cost its life; each man feels what is wrong, but none has the courage or energy needed to seek something better; men have desires, regrets, sorrows, and joys which produce no visible or durable result, like old men’s passions ending in impotence.”

Senator Mc Connell you know what is right… God will give you the courage to do it. Wisdom and strength is given to those who esteem Him rather than man and Americans which you took and oath to represent will be blessed for it.

Our liberty as Americans is in grave danger if you don’t. It will be a burden you will not be able to bear in good conscience before your Creator and Judge.

Most sincerely,
Debra Clayton

Ronnie I’ll tell you what I think. I’m a lifelong Kentuckian and republican, but I’ve never been more ashamed of a politician from anywhere than I am of you Mitch. You need to resign before we recall you since you don’t want to work for us who voted you in.While you and your cohorts are rolling in the money, many of us are sinking more each day.Believe me,I speak for many and you have shown your hand.We love Trump so that means you are finished!
Lori Mr. McConnell,  you must fight for our republic! You are not immune to what will come to all of us if you  turn your back on the President and all of us, 74 million voters that chose this man. You are well  aware of what went on during this election. Don’t be afraid. It’s time to do the right thing!
Carolyn Mr. McConnell. I’m from your neighboring state of Tennessee. We watched and prayed you would win your state race during the election in November. President Trump went way beyond the extra mile to help you get re-elected also, BUT YOU SEEM TO HAVE QUICKLY FORGOTTEN THAT!! You need to atop being a turncoat and STAND with him and WE, The People!! It is as obvious as the nose our your face that the Democrats cheated in this past election ALL FOR POWER AND CONTROL. As a taxpayer and citizen of this great country You and the Republican party need to stand with the President and us and demand this be rectified accordingly. As Speaker of the House you need to do more to keep pork out of bills and SUPPORT the people of this country!! You are allowing the Democrats to bankrupt this country and you seem to think it is okay to go along with the Dem’s to take care of foreigners and foreign countries over your own people. NO other President has done the things in the Best Interest of the People and his Country than President Trump and you, Sir, should be one of his biggest supporters!! How quickly you have forgotten!! It is shameful!!
Deborah Senator McConnell:  I want to believe you back the President  when it comes to not accepting the results of this past election, however, lately I have been skeptical that you are on board with the Patriots.  Sir, you need to back the American people who voted for President Trump. If you do not back us then you ate part of the Swamp and Deep State.  You, as well as the rest of us Patriots, KNOW this election was a fraud.  If President Trump does not become re-elected, The USA will never be the same and will fall into the hands of Communists (China).  Then you and the rest of RINOS will have a dark cloud over your heads for disrespecting the people that have fought and died for our Freedom for years and years.  DO THE RIGHT THING AND BACK THE PRESIDENT OR BETTER YET, BACK THE AMERICAN PATRIOTS.  Thank you.
Clifton Fool me once, Shame on me. Fool me twice, Shame on you
John It’s time for you and all the other career RINOS to retire!
Tina A traitor sell out! Guilty of Treason
JP Mitch “Turtle Face” McConnell, you sold out our Country and recruited many of our Republicans along the way. It is clear that you have NOTHING to do with Helping Americans in this time of need in which I truly believe you had part in the Wuhan virus against our Country. You knew all along but refused to help the only country that is the greatest in the world. You would rather see it fall just to line your pockets. You are a disgrace not only to the human race but to the Republican Party. I hope you die a horrible death and the sooner the better you fucking asshole
Tammy I’m from a Republican family. That said, I always voted for the person I believe best represents Americans. You see, I’m not partisan or racist. I’m a Christian. I actually voted for BHO because I believed in him then. I was wrong. Obama shamed the USA in so many ways.
Mr. McConnell, WE THE PEOPLE see what HAS happened in this election. We’re not blind or stupid.  Americans desperately need you to step up & do what is fair and right. We don’t give in just so we can avoid tantrums.  The other side didn’t lay down the entire 4 years of DJT’s presidency. Our country was set on fire and our police officers hunted like prey and Republicans (I don’t know why) tolerated it. But, as much as it should be, that’s not the point here.
Sir, I implore you to do what is just in God’s eyes and don’t be afraid to stand up for America. Americans were cheated, not just DJT. We are counting on you and so is our Lord. Please take another good, long look at the ways in which our country is being destroyed while we idly sit and watch. If you can honestly vote to officially finalize the election and name JB America’s Commander in Chief, then you’re clearly not the man I believed. Stand up for Christ and AmericanS, even if you don’t like DJT.
Melanie Mr. McConnell,
First, and foremost…every damned thing in this country is funded by the taxpayers, not you, not congress, by WE THE PEOPLE! We demand that you stop dicking around with OUR DAMNED MONEY and send desperately needed help to struggling Americans—Who the hell do you think you are? Did you PAY FOR ELECTION INSURANCE from Dominion?The people of the United States have spoken, and we overwhelmingly re-elected President Trump and rejected democratic socialism across the board. We did this from coast to coast and from sea to shining sea. Time will prove that Trump ultimately had a lot more than 75 million votes, but time is at a premium right now. Please remember that Trump voters are actual real living people who voted for him, not a bunch of fake paper ballots that showed up in the middle of the night. That is a veritable tsunami of angry flesh-and-blood Americans who are feeling cheated, betrayed, and who are not going away!  Just know one thing for certain…WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS FRAUD.

The 2020 election is not about Republicans vs. Democrats, it’s about Freedom vs. Tyranny, make no mistake about that. While WE THE PEOPLE are hopeful for a peaceful, legal, and constitutional remedy to this blatantly fraudulent election circus, we are ready for the flip side of the constitutional coin, as horrible as that will be.

Interestingly, in 1776 only 15% of the American colonists supported the revolution and far fewer than that actually fought in the war, but against all odds, they defeated the greatest standing Army and Navy on the planet. If only 15% of Trump voters come out in support of freedom and the rule of law, the number will be more than five times greater than that of all current active duty law enforcement and military personnel, including all branches of the services combined.

We are standing at the edge of a precipice in this great nation and We The People expect YOU, our elected leaders, to faithfully uphold your oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against ALL enemies, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC, and to honestly represent the will of the people. We demand that you halt the theft of Electoral Votes and stand with President Trump.  On January 6th we fully expect you to refuse to bow down to fraud, to reject socialism and tyranny, and to stand unequivocally for Freedom, Fairness, and Transparency in our elections and our voting process.

Please remember that America is not just “anywhere” and this is not just another election. We are freedom’s last stand on earth. If freedom falls here, it falls everywhere. Election fraud happened on such an obvious and massive scale in 2020 that we, as a country, have no choice other than to get to the bottom of it right now! Be assured that there will be no moving forward without addressing this.
Heroes are few, cowards such as you, Mitch McConnell, are many, both are remembered. The eyes of history and the entire world are upon you and your choice will live forever…choose wisely.

Jenette Trader
Betty Jean Mcconnell is either a coward or he’s on the scam and fraud. What do they have on you Mitch?
Patti Transparency
now! Do what’s right , stop the election fraud!
Garrie We the people want election transparency.We need to know that this election was not fraudulent. I don’t want our tax dollars going over seas until we take care of Americans here 1st. Please  do the right thing.
Jordan Rhino bitch!
Lorna I think you better step up for the American people, or you need to step down!!!
Michell You better fo the right thing and support Trump that is the only way you will not be voted out.  Have the courage to reflect the voice of the people.
Carol Traitor
William Grow a spine and fight back. Show some courage and stand up to the corruption of the Democrats and other swamp dwellers.
Lisa McConnell, you need to retire because you’re corrupt, self serving, & you could care less about We The People in our Country. You’re pathetic!
Traci Establishment hack whose time is up. More concerned with himself than the American people  he swore to represent. Complete tool.
Tim McConnell should be ashamed for ignoring obvious fraud! Trump won! He can’t tell our reps not to object because that is the will of the people they are supposed to be working for!
Greg Mitch, you have a chance to put your name in the history books as the greatest Senate Majority Leader of all time. Do the right thing for American in the twilight of your career.
Randy Mitch,
Don’t be on the wrong side of history. Be true to the USA and keep Trump in office!
Marlene Mr. McConnell, You sold the American people and the President of the United States to the highest bidder. We have been locked down for nine months over a plandemic created to crash our economy and undermine a President that has done so much for Americans. You are able to go to work and collect a salary that you do not deserve while hard working Americans are subjected to wearing stupid masks, made to stand outside in the cold to be allowed access to stores or eat outside in a tent in extreme heat or cold conditions while sitting on plastic chairs and breathing exhaust fumes. Our churches are closed, gyms, sporting events and everything that Americans use to enjoy.
People are suffering! Abuse is on the rise, children not allowed to go to school, no proms, graduations, weddings drive by funerals and not being allowed to visit loved ones on the hospital or nursing homes.
You and the left have done everything possible to undermine our President and devastate the American people and its economy. The latest is the stimulus to people in need. Do you really think we don’t understand where the funds are going to, or this is not a political game you and the Demonrats are playing? You are a corrupt individual that I wonder how you sleep at night?
Always remember that you reap what you sow. Your time and the other filth that Americans unknowingly elected, yes elected to do your job and serve the people can be taken away from you. You might want to reconsider your actions and do what you are hired for-protect and serve the American people.
I’m not too concerned, the election was stolen from President Trump but, he will be inaugurated and serve four more years. I can hardly wait for the swamp and sewer rats to be flushed out and disposed of. Maybe rethink your actions before it’s too late. You have a choice, be the rat that Americans think you are or stand with us and save face. Do the right thing.
Laurens Mitch you are not fighting for the truth and for free and trusted election. You have been a disappointment to the people of the US. We need people we can trust, be a leader not a caver.
Patty You are a traitor!  Trump won and if you don’t fix this your going down!  You work for us and you better prove it or your done!  I’m so sick and tired of your treasonous acts – you took an oath to follow the constitution- quit lying and do what is right – you lying traitor!
Justin Mitch, you sold out the Bluegrass state and your country.  Get in the game or get out of the way!!
Kevin 🖕🏼You traitor! You will be judged!!
Kenda Guilty of treason. Send to Gitmo and his wife back to China.
Steve So disappointed in this turn coat.  Thought he was a good guy.  RCN needs to cancel his texts asking for money.  I’ll never give him anything he asks for
[email protected] You are a traitor to your party and your country. You should be removed from your seat.
Marian You’re a traitor to our President Trump! Retire as Senate Leader!!
D You are obviously a compromised RINO and need to step down immediately- you are NOT representing the will of your constituents, who elected you as their representative, and who employ you.  You rode President Trump’s coattails to be re elected, otherwise would’ve been replaced.  You’ve been in politics far too long and have shown you are part of the SWAMP.
[email protected] Do your job. Fight for Trump. Investigate our election. I expect free and fair elections not corruption.
American Woman Patriot. Your Boss! Mitch, you are the reason GITMO was erected.  You were not born scum, you invited scum. Turn your back on evil and come clean. Do the right thing for the country!  Last chance……tick tock. God is watching.
Paula Please stand for the president! We the people! The election was fraudulent, stop the Still
Yvonne Mr. McConnell I am truly saddened with how you are behaving as our representative and who either you have become as a person or just maybe you were a bad person all along. Unfortunately you are a huge disappointment and not for “ WE THE PEOPLE”. Shame on you and your wife!
Tom You better do what is right for the country. You can fear man or you can fear God who can take your breath away and throw you in hell. Please repent and do what’s right for the USA.
Carol There’s nothing worse then a backstabber, Mitch!!  You still ask for donations pretending you’re on board…you sir are the worst kind of backstabber!,  president Trump trusted you…now you kiss pelosis ring!,  DISGUSTING!!   Are you happy with that China money traitor?
Sam He’s a guy who loves treason
susan It is time for our leaders to do the right thing.Stand up to this voting fraud. It is easy for a 5th grader to see the cheating. Trump won !If you do not stand and fight for this travesty of voter fraud and Biden gets the white house, our country will be doomed. God touch the hearts of these leaders and remind them the cost of lies and deceit.American are fed up !!!
Joseph Scumbag traitor  !!!
Susan You have failed the American people, America as well as the constitution. You sold us out to line your own pockets.
Laurie Forino Mr McConnell—you are a disgrace to the Republican Party!!  We the People will remember and fight every last one of you RINO’s!!  Don’t be a traitor to our country!!  DO THE RIGHT THING!!  We will REMEMBER!!!
Matt He’s just a fucking old dried up asshole who only knows one thing, keep money with money and power with power. FUCK EVERYONE ELSE.
Kerry Pull your ass out of your head and back Trump on January 6
Susan Mitch M is a traitor. An embarrassment to our country. I am ashamed he represents us. His only chance at redemption is to give up and testify to ALL the corruption he has been party to and ALL the corruption he has knowledge of.
Judith Greedy man Shame on him!
Jose You need to backed trump !!! We need a fair election !! Proves shows that trump won !! Please stand for freedom and for Americans !!!
Lee Mitch is owned by China and America is his sale point.
Michele Back Stabbing- no guts- weak- forget who he works for- traitor!!!!
Darrell Spineless R.I.N.O.
Russell McConnell it’s time for you to move along, we no longer want you in Congress. Americans want a strong patriot with a backbone and balls. You are a gutless turtle. And a traitor to Americans!
Kelly Traitor
Marcia We must stand up for the constitution and not let this election to be stolen.
Cynthia You are a disgrace to America!  Shame on you!
Joanne Hey Mitch, you were hired by the Republicans of this great country to represent us.  You are not during your job.  You are only looking out for yourself. You are in the swamp with all the other traitors.
Debbi God will win Mitch. Now please move to 🇨🇳.
Debra Now is the time for all good men to stand up for their party. That means you Mitch, stand up for President Trump and don’t let those Democrats get away with cheating.
Debbie Stand and support our President please! Don’t be the RINO they are saying you are.
Ronald Mitch Mcconell, I hate this ugly man, ugly ugly  COMMUNIST man. Digistuing HUMAN BEING.
Tina I just cannot imagine how y’all are putting us down For foreign aid I do not know how you are thinking that we are only worth $600 we are the people of the United States we are the ones you’re supposed to be supporting and protecting what is wrong with this picture you are doing nothing for us except trying to put us all in the hole that you have dugout
Patricia Mitch stand
Up or pack up. Its clear your not working for we the people. But for your own self interest along with Nancy
Vee You are a CCP operative that should be tried for Treason for siding with the fraudulent electoral votes cast for Biden.
Kent Mitch MccConnell works for Chinese communist party.
Lori Mitch McConnell,
You are in Washington DC to represent the people of this United States. Why in the HELL aren’t you doing your job and DEMANDING that ONLY the legal votes are counted? Biden lost by CHEATING!!! Trump needs to remain our president!! Do your job!!
Matthew Too many years at your position has led you to be a tunnel vision.
Please resign.
Thomas Mitch:  What a rotten turncoat you are.  You will get what you deserve….somehow….somewhere.  You are a rat fink!
Linda If you are truly telling members of Congress to accept Biden as the President -elect, you need to be removed from office! Look at what Judicial Watch has said about the fraud, if you won’t access any other source.
Henry Mitch McConnell,you are nothing but a snake because you have sold out the American people who voted for you and depended on you to hold the line against the  demented left(Democrats) who are trying to ruin our great country.You have done this by working with Nancy Pelosi to ruin Pres.Trump and all that he has accomplished by passing bills that did and/or do absolutely nothing to help the American public in one of our greatest hours of need.You should be tried and convicted of treason along with most Democrats and all RINOs,be removed from office and thrown in jail for the rest of your life.
Martha Boutwell I think he is a disgrace to theRepublican Party and the $600 is a slap in the face compared to all of the money in other countries, Americans are losing their homes, not being able to buy food,etc and we are giving money to a gender study.   Are you forgetting this is taxpayers money. How about money to food bank
Annette Mitch McConnell you are an embarrassment and traitor to the Republican Party and the people who elected you to represent them. Resign your post an Senate Leader NOW!! You have lost sight of all Americans and only care about your wife’s family’s shipping business to China!!  Where is the rest of the $2,000 due American families in need..children going hungry and cold because your pyramid is UPSIDE-DOWN, you are a hypocritical POS!!
Dan January 2, 2021

Dear Senator,

As an American citizen I am very concerned with what is happening in our country regarding the Electoral College Vote Challenge. I am especially disturbed by some of the Republican Senators’ resistance in supporting the Challenge. If all the Republicans do not unite in fighting for the honest, fair, and legal integrity of our voting process then America is done. The threats of Socialism, Marxism and ultimately Communism are very real, and I am afraid you either do not see it or do not believe it. My worst fear is that some of you may support it.

My greatest hope is not that President Trump would win re-election. My greatest hope is that America remains free and that my fellow citizens continue to have the God-given right of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” This includes the right to freely elect our governing authorities without illegal interference. If we lose this freedom then at best we are dominated by an oligarchy. At worst a dictator.

God has put you in authority to protect those who do good according to His ways. He has also appointed you to resist or punish those who do evil which is defined by His Word, not by culture. As magistrates you will be held accountable to Him for how you protect us. Please be blessed by Him and not cursed. Fight for fair elections and fight against those who are corrupting this wonderful system.

Please unite and stand strong in support of the Electoral College Vote Challenge. If you do not then you will have allowed a corrupted election to alter our country forever…and you will have this on your consciences forever. Our country needs you now more than ever. I pray you will have a clear conscience before God.

Lynn Wesley How can you possibly ignore what is going on around you? You owe it to your constituents and the andAmerican people to stand up and let all this evidence be heard.
Patriot at 71 Yes
Johan I am not even American and I am ashamed of you!
Charles Honestly I can’t believe we voted him in…hes a deep state piece of garbage who should be tried for treason..theres plenty of evidence that points to his knowledge of the massive fraud that occured.  He should be tried and when he’s found guilty we should publicly execute him as an example to future traitors on what awaits them in the land of the free. I supprt president Trump and so does everyone I know..i literally don’t have any relatives or friends who support CHINA JOE. I pray God has mercy on him for his sins against the American people..and who knows,maybe sleepy Joe will get a nice prison sentence too and maybe he’ll get assraped in the shower by a crazy racist BLM membet member…hey a person can still hope!!!
Maria laura I invite you to analyze the global situation, telling you that as a Spaniard and Argentina I am tired of emigrating, I look at the USA as the only place where our liberties and properties are safe today, but now they are under threat All kinds of socialism, communism and disguised ideologies  of goodness they have representatives who are unsuccessful, incompetent and with a very limited IQ.  they speak in the name of kind ideas to take away your private property and your freedom to increase their power and continue to abuse you.  Let’s look at the world of Latin America, European Union, Communist China, socialist blocks where the parasites live on our private property and they kill you with taxes and you cannot defend yourself.  they say pay and shut up.  Those lucky ones who can migrate to the USA and progress, those who cannot end up as slaves …. Do you really believe that the world migrates to the USA by chance, pleasure or sport?  the world emigrates to the USA because you are still free, you have great wealth, the greatest wealth is your own culture based on freedom and successful people.  The problem arises when these socialist failures destroyed in the world its freedoms and wealth and left us poor in all aspects, property, freedom and thought.  They are canivals that emigrate where there is wealth …. they have exhausted the world and only the last wealth, property, freedom and thought remain in the USA.  Now guess where are these canivals knocking on your doors disguised as good intentions?  There are few patriots like Trump, Giuliany and others with the guts to fight this battle. We must fight and give the best of ourselves to the USA to have a dignified present and a secure future.  Let’s vote for freedom, let’s vote for the constitution, let’s vote for Trump.
Annie Mitch!! What are you doing? You’re selling out America 🇺🇸 turning your back on God’s anointed President! How dare you turn our free country over to Socialism & take our freedom away?? Please do your job!!!
DeBorah Mitch you are a sell out and part of the swamp that needs drained… TRAITOR
Eunice Support President Trump!
American Piece of filth.  There’s a revolt coming, and RINO’s will not be looked at any differently than Democrats when the time comes.   People like this POS are convinced they’re untouchable.  Those days are over.
Karrn Dear Senator, the patriots expect you to stand up for the will of the American people. We overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump. The other side is trying to steal our election through treason and fraud. Are you going to become one of the traitors too? We don’t care about the challenges ahead when you vote against Biden. We will never give our nation up to communist and socialist. Do the right thing now!
Darryl Really! President Trump told you what to do, DO IT! America comes first, not other countries! MAD CONSERVATIVE! TRUMP SUPPORTER!
Herbert Our country is at stake, Do your job or get THE HELL OUT OF THE KITCHEN, and take your chinese wife with you.
Jesse Hey Mitch, everyone knows you are a Chinese agent working on behalf of China. We also know that you were voted out in the primary but because you pay dominion it turned out in your favor. Just like Andy Beshear. Neither one of you were elected by us Kentuckians. I hope you are happy knowing you are one of the biggest reasons why America is failing as a nation. You are a pompous windbag and I hope you poop yourself in your sleep. And thanks for screwing over americans out of a lousey $2000 each. Now we get $600. What the **** are we supposed to do with that?
Herbert ur country is at stake, If you refuse to do the job, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Travis Why would you turn you’re back on We the people . Here we suffer and you continue to be paid … That is not looking after we the American people . 600.00 what does that due for us that are loosing everything???? Why have you turned you’re back on you’re own people . Why would you turn you’re head to fraud ? I don’t get it and millions of Americans don’t as well . We entrusted you with the power we the people give you and you choose socialism ?????? I would ask you to stand with PRESIDENT TRUMP on the 6th of Jan. Show you love the constitution and the freedoms and liberty that good men have laid there lives down to protect . So we the people in America can live our lives in peace. Are you going to allow our freedoms to be taken or will you stand like our four fathers did . Think about what you are doing with the power we the people give you by electing and fighting for you as an elected official. There is alot going on why have you all condemn Patriots for just using our 1st amendment to protest when you guys cant even deal or say the real names of people damaging our citys and states . The ones you need to be naming is BLM/ ANTIFA these are the people attacking our officers and damaging small and large business . I hope you stand with the rest Biden is corrupt and is going to sell out America he should never have top secret info when he can be blackmailed at any time from ccp. Why is media keeping us silent with big tech why are they making us go silent ????? Please help the American people as you have promised and swore your oath to do so…
Mullie Traitor
Margaret Don’t be a back stabber!!!! Support Trump
Brett The penalty for treason is
Patrick It looks like you are on the side of the swamp. I hope that is not true. The truth of this election fraud is obvious to anyone willing to see it. Which side of history do you want to be on? I hope that you will do the right thing. Trump won this in a landslide!
Frank Lytle Develop a backbone, stand up for America, look at the fraud accusations and open the in the light of day. You are a major disappointment and will be replaced next election
PriklyPete Americans are not buying your bullshit Mitch and furthermore by giving in to the NWO/OWO you and your family have become nothing more than targets for Patriots. Have a nice 2021 you tyrannical bastard.
Kim Looks like you went to JE’s Island or you have been bought out by the Chinese! Which one is it? How many American jobs have been sent to China because of you and your unethical buddies, like Mitt Romney? You WILL meet your Maker one day. Come clean now and save our country..
Stephen Gallant Your actions prove that you are a RINO. You will not be serving another term. You do not represent the people who put you there. Stand by your President!
Lily Mitch McConnell, do you have no concern about this great nation, that you are willingly a traitor to the president and the citizens who voted for you? I suggest that you examine your conscience and face the facts that you are truly a man without any allegiance to your party or our president. You have sold out to the highest bidders who  are the evil democrats in their war to destroy our constitution and all that it represents. You are truly a mean hearted man, who has lost his soul. I feel so sorry for you. Yes, these are the times that try the souls of men and women. Do you not feel any shame? Well, you should! You have turned your back on this country, the voters, and our great president.
mamro43 I am believing him to be part of the swamp. How much influence does China have on him because of his wife’s family business having ships working for China.   China has it’s hands in our government way too far.  Time for fresh Conservatives to be voted in for Kentucky
Patricia Mitch we all knew you where a RINO for years. You just proved it to us. You are called to do what the President wants, not what you want. We Republicans are sick and tired of you. We are watching and we will become your worst nightmare. What ever the democrats have on you, you need to make a choice.
John Mitch, I was hoping that you were going to prove to me that you weren’t sold out to China, but I think you will have to prove it on January 6th. I won’t feel sorry for you if they haul you off to face the gallows for being a traitor to the United States! I know you think that has less likelihood of happening than China putting you under for betraying them. I know it will be a tough decision.
Homan Show just a little courage to save the integrity of our election system. This process is the foundation of our constitutional republic.
“All that is needed for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmond Burke
Keith Hey Mitch!! You can tell when someone has been in politics too long. They start having more fun “playing the game” than working to keep American’s safe and secure. Obviously you should have been thrown out on your worthless ASS years ago!!!
Tami Mitch mcconell i am distressed to see u sitting there with your thumb up ur ass after all we the American ppl have done to help u get where u r.  We voted u in to back up president Trump and the true Republicans in congress not the rinos to go up against Pelosi n the other socialist democrats who don’t give 2 shits about the American ppl and ur proving to be one of them.  I truly feel that now that ur elected back in u also couldn’t give a rats ass abt the ppl who voted u in or our president Trump so it makes u just as bad as Pelosi n her mob.  Ur no better then the scum sucking degenerate democrats that r also in congress like AOC, Omar n the rest of the squad as they like to b called. Just remember this for the next election we won’t forget.
Cynthia Mitch McConnell you are a servant of the people. We pay your salary.  You are over paid!  You are a sorry RINO who cares nothing for true freedom loving American.  We are on the verge of socialism!  Over the years you and folks like you who get rich in Congress!  So for once stop this fraud on Americans.  Do the right thing for a change. Stand with President Trump!  Be honorable for once!
Marianne An embarrassment.   Mitch McConnell you are not listening to we the people.   You are the epitome of a career politician!
James I believe that your ideas about money are convoluted at best Mr. McConnell. It’s amazing that you have a hard time approving $2,000 for us but have no issue receiving your paycheck which is much more. You are greedy and that is a sin and the LORD will not sit idly by while you play politics. You shall receive your comeuppance soon enough.
Leticia Senator McConnell…….we, the people, demand you do you duty by President Trump! You, sir, have a very small window of opportunity to do the right thing….which is exactly what your constituents expect, no demand!
Peggy Guess your REAL position re THE AMERICAN OEOPKE is out!   U TRAITOR!!!
Terry Senator McConnell,
It’s imperative for you and all republicans to stand up for America. Stop the excuses and go forward with supporting the electoral contesting that needs to happen. Don’t fail America and those who put you in office. DO YOUR JOB.
Jeanne I would appreciate showing courage and standing for truth by challenging the electoral vote
MaryAnn Do your job for American Democracy. That is what you were elected to do. Stsnd by the people and oir Democracy. It is time to take America back. Will you be there?
william he is not a rino he is a demoncrat……………………..
Ron You lied to the American people for your own interests and stabbed our patriotic president in the back instead of having it. I hope the money you make and take from us, the honest taxpayers, chokes you.
Misty Do the job you are paid to do.  We are watching.
Jane Time to STAND UP with our President or leave your post.
Gay Senator Mitch McConnell,
I am writing to tell you that Americans are discusted that you are willing to sell out the Republicans, president Trump and America! January 6 is close, do the right thing. Stop the Steal of the election. If no wrongs were done, then no one should be unwilling to have full transparency. If there was voter fraud, then the proof should be heard. Those perpetrating those injustices should be brought to trial. You are a servant of the American people. Do not sweep all this under the rug. The electoral college vote must not go through until transparency and proof that no wrong doing has been committed is shown.  Do the right thing!
Marianne It is time for you to stand up for Pres Trump  We all know this election was a sham.  Stop being a sissy baby and start standing up for WE, the American People.   If you are to weak to do that, than resign,
Patricia Compton RN Dear Mr. McConnell, I am furious and so disappointed in you. I always admired the way you stood up for President Trump and thus standing for the American people. However, my opinion of you is no longer admiration but one of disgust. Just because you’re married to a Chinese woman does not mean you have to become a Communist and help the other Rinos in selling out American to the CCP. I do not want to live in a Communist-controlled country and by you supporting Joe and Kamala you’re selling out your country and mine. The election was a total fraud and you should be standing firmly behind the other representatives and President Trump on 1/6/21. I’m sick to death of all the turncoats in the US government and I’m sick of how rich all of you become by ignoring the American people and selling our country to the highest bidder like China, Ukraine, and Russia. Stop pretending to be a patriotic conservative and come out as the Communist Demonrat that you’re. P.S.  you try living off of $600.
Marlene I cannot believe that you have turned your back on our President.  I assume that you are well educated unfortunately, you are apparently lacking in COMMON SENSE!  I believe that this may have something to do with China.  From what I have read your wife, who was given a very good position from the President, is from a very wealthy Chinese family. It seems that people are talking about this and believe that the reason you have turned your back on President Trump. It must really be bothering you that he is trying to help citizens of the United States…you know bring jobs back to the United States.  It is quite apparent that you only care about money and do not care about us.  I guess 30 million dollars is not enough for you or your wife.  AND, as far as not supporting an election which from all accounts was totally illegal tells me that I, a lifelong Democrat, will NEVER vote for a party that is so devious, which has made so many of us lose faith in those we have trusted for a lifetime.  Whether or not you like or dislike our President, HE IS FOR THE THE PEOPLE OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…which you and your friends are not!  From listening to all of my friends, family, etc. if you or anyone else does not support the President, and all of the honest people who are trying to make sure that our elections are fair, it will be the end of the Democratic party!  Just as the Catholic Church has been on the decline due to the priests molesting children for decades and decades. Wealthy and powerful people think they would never get caught therefore making fools of those who put their trust in them.  SHAME ON YOU!
Rachel Mitch McConnell.  I urge you to do your job and lead ALL of the republicans in the Senate NOT to certify the electors from the swing states in which there was obvious fraud and illegal votes.  We urge you to stand up for us, stand up for our Republic and stand up for President Trump.  We need you.  This can be your finest hour or your biggest failure.  I pray that you will have the moral courage to stand against this evil and Stop the Steal of this election.  It is your choice whether history will remember you as a courageous hero or if you will be forever known as a corrupt coward.
Carolyn If you are pro-American, you will not tolerate fraud in our elections.  You will contest this deceptive electoral vote, and stand up for truth.  There is too much evidence to ignore.
Horace Traitor to the American people and Trump as of lately.
Michael Mitch get your head out of your backside. Start doing something for true Americans. I can’t believe you are throwing your support behind Beijing Biden. What a disgrace. If the republicans keep control of the senate they need to replace your old swamp rat backside as soon as possible. You Rinos are nothing but backstabbing  anti American creeps. You are the reason we need term limits. Go get a real job and stop stealing our tax dollars. VOTER FRAUD everywhere Old Man. Do something about it or are you to old to see it.
Linda You need to stand up for freedom and justice in this country what with all the election fraud and communist take over.  We the people are counting on you to be a voice for the American way of life.  You will go down in history as a traitor if you do not do the right thing.
Mel i wish i could upload all the screenshots i took of news articles linking Mitch to Chinese communist party’s financial benefits! (that’s Mitch McConnall not Romney… ok, it’s both.)

Treasonous Congress and Justices are taking orders from Communist China, and spitting into the faces of our President Donald Trump, and over 82 million US citizens that re-elected him!  We’ve been watching all the videos on real news (fox=cnn) since the election and are very aware what’s going on here!…. China is the shadow govt running our govt!… What if ALL of us citizens stop paying taxes, and buying Chinese stuff in protest???!!!

Ron You need to Stand with Trump !! Stop the steal !!!
William Dear Senator McConnell
Please Join and Stand with Missouri Senator Josh Hawley In challenge certification of electoral votes especially the one from the Swing State. There is irrefutable proof, that the swing States cheated the American people with late night mail-in ballots, double voters, dead voters and the dominion machines that are calculator not tabulators.
If Speaker Pelosi against it you know it is the right thing to do.
I done my $$part$$ to help Georgia Elect two Republican Senators and will help you stand the Major Leader
So, I am asking YOU to help President Trump and America!
Please Stand with Us and Fight!
Thank You for your time
William Cunha SMSgt (Ret)
Del Rose Senator McConnell

I am dissatisfied with you in regard to what you have done to stop the American people from receiving a $2000 Stimulus check which they need desperately right now in this country. How much do you receive each month Sen. McConnell?? I’m sure it’s quite sufficient!!! I hope the people of Kentucky vote you out of office next time around! You and Pellosi live high on the hog while the people who put  you into office struggle to pay their bills! You are a traitor
To President Trump ( our President)!!!  You might reconsider your decision!!!

dru McConnel is a shame in this country, and has used his position for personal gain, and done nothing for the people of KY or the USA –He is criminal, in bed with his cronies, Schumer and Pelosi, cared nothing for the deceit and fraud he’s perpetuated on We the People.  Recall him, kick him out, throw him away, as he’s chosen to throw away our voices and our votes and our great President Trump
Frank Add usual RINO Mitch is putting Americans last while our tax dollars are sent all over the world to other countries. Time to close the flow. If taxpayer’s foot the bill then the monies needs to stay in America.
Zola I donated every time I could to help Mitch McConnell and all the Republicans to get reelected to their Senate seats. Now that I cant afford groceries or medical needs, Mitch McConnell sits in his office and because he gets paid anyway of 3300dollars  and objects to the American people getting help because of Covid19.  We didn’t ask for it and he had better not ask for another cent from me for anything! Does no good! Mitch McConnell needs to be impeached or retire. Just get out  we dont believe anything you say anymore.  My name is Zola Dianne Gray and I live in Hendersonville NC..
Gerry Mitch I voted for you because I thought you would stand with our president and the right but now I see your true colors. Won’t get my vote next time if you don’t change.
Bettina Stop selling out.  Support President Trump.
Sherry Mitch Mcconnell, a true RINO you have proven to be. You are an elected official who took OATH to serve by the very people you continue to turn your back on. Let me tell you this. YOUR “BUY-OUT” BY CCP AND OTHER CROOKED POLITICIAN’S. Are not our problems! 75M+Patriots DEMAND OUR LEGAL VOTES BE COUNTED / ILLEGAL VOTES DISCARDED. This ENTIRE ELECTION IS FRAUD. Do YOUR JOB AND “DO NOT CERTIFY” And PASS THE DAMN 2K for the struggling families. It’s their TAXES THAT ALLOW YOU TO LIVE SO COMFORTABLE!! POS
Gr McConnell, you are a despicable traitor. You have sold out our country to the CCP. Can’t wait to see you hauled off to Gitmo. I would gladly volunteer to be  part of the firing squad for your execution.
Frank Remember the continued existence of a Constitutional government is at stake.
Bridgette Mr. McConnell, you need to be fighting for Trump.  How could he have long coat tails, and no coat. FIGHT
Gale You are a disgrace to the real Republicans. From what I’ve read your investments with our enemies are treason. No wonder you won’t vote against China or Dominion, you turncoat. Don’t you feel real good about meeting your Savior knowing how you are lied, stole and surrendered your country to communists.
Linda You have not stood by our President, shame on you.  You are selling our country out for hour pieces of silver.  You could give everyone a decent stimulus check if you take all the scrap out.
Kimra Listen to God for His direction not your personal direction.  God chose President Trump for this time. Us your spiritual ears !!!
Sarai Mitch you weak sniveling traitor.. you will burn for this.
Diana Mitch McConnell is a disgrace to the Republican party. I hope he will do what’s right before it is too late.
Linda Better fight for Trump or the Republicans have lost.  A new Party will emerge from your ashes and you will be over, done and on the wrong side of History and a disgrace to America.
Dab Eat a bag of dicks mitch.
herb He is a lowlife sellout. I am from a large family, aunts,  cousins,  all over Lexington, Winchester, Irvine, Clay City.
For the first time in years, they are ALL pissed off at this sellout.
Laura How dare you put your political views before the people that you work for and pay you. You never had to worry where your next meal will come from because our taxes take care of you. How dare you and the rhinos let our tax dollars go to other countries, and let the very people that pay you go with out. Well Mitch if you think we the people will forget about this you are so wrong. M.A.G.A. !
Bob Senator McConnell.
You do understand why President Trump got elected don’t you??
It’s because dinosaurs like you have your own self interest to satisfy rather than doing the work of the people that sent you to Washington.
We are sick and tired of sending you spineless RINOs to represent us only because you Suck less then the Democrats.
One thing I dislike more than crooked Democrats. They pretty much tell us who they are and what they intended to do, but you institutional RINOs keep telling use what we want to hear and when you have the chance to actually do something for true conservative legislation you fold and sell us out.
You know damn well that President Trump was overwhelmingly re-elected, and rather than fight and do everything in your power to uphold the constitution and honest elections, your just going to roll over like good Republicans that know their place in DC.
And then there’s this embarrassing Covid relief legislation.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Do what’s right and stand up for the American people.
Trader … he needs to be gone!!! 🇺🇸 Trader
Peggy Mr. McConnell — Please don’t sell us out! You have this one opportunity to do the right thing and be a hero to us all. We all know the election was fraudulent and there will never again be another honest election if we don’t fix this now. Imagine yourself having a conversation with the Founders of this country. They would be horrified at what has happened. Do what you KNOW is right and help us to inaugurate the legitimately elected president, Donald J. Trump!
George Resign…you are a worthless grifter, selling out America for China money. We won’t let this stand!
Christie I think you’re a traitor if you certify this fraudulent election.
Thomas Senator McConnell, please know that I do not endorse rude and despicable comments that will be forwarded to you. What I think of you is not necessary.  However, what I do want to do is convey to you my absolute disappointment in you and numerous other Republican Senators and House Republicans that are not supporting President Trump and Vice President Pence. If anything, your lack of support has been rude and despicable.  Please just support every legal act and/or investigation with regards to the 2020 Federal Election. A total transparency of every false/fraudulent aspect of the Federal 2020 Election is needed.  Please, Senator McConnell “step up to the plate” and support the President and Vice President at every turn, every call for an investigation of election fraud, and every request of a total Federal 2020 Election transparency. Thank you for doing the RIGHT and HONORABLE thing in supporting President Trump.
Matt Traitor
Sondra I think Mitch Mcconnell is a big chicken! He knows there was voter fraud and corruption and he doesn’t have the backbone to stand up for the American people and say enough is enough, this has to stop NOW! I think he should resign and get out if the way so the politicians that want to get rid if corruption can do the job!
Shirley I think it is time you stood up for the American people instead of siding with your friends the Democrats. If you want to live in a China communist country then move to China.
George George
K Do your job!!!!!! You are a traitor!
Roger Roger rosd
Doug Mallette I feel that you are selling our republic out if you do not use EVERY conceivable means to overthrow this cheated election.  You have a responsibility to challenge any and ALL electors that are representing questionable voting methods.  DO YOUR JOB AS YOU WERE ELECTED TO DO AND DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION TO THE EXTREME LIMITS OF ALL THE LAWS. CHALLENGE THE ELECTORS YOU COWARD AND TRAITOR. ACT LIKE A MAN, NOT A RINO.
Louise We know all about you and your wife . . . You are both heading for a one way  to  GITMO . . .  THE “ ONLY ” PENALTY FOR  TREASON  IS “ D E A T H “ . . . Get your shit in order . . . RIP(not) 🔥🔥 IN HELL  TRAITORS 🇺🇸🇺🇸😡🖕🏾🖕🏼🖕🏿😡🇺🇸🇺🇸
Tiffany Stand by our President!
Lynn Why are you doing this
Peggy I have always been a proud American, and I have prided myself on being a reasonable Republican.  The voter fraud that is blatantly obvious, which you seem to be willing to ignore, sickens me.  Stand up, grow a spine and do what is right.  If you are in bed with the Chinese, I hope you are tried for treason.
Donna Senator McConnell, Even if you don’t lose the top Senate seat, it is still incumbent upon you for you to reject the electoral college! We are praying that you are not a RINO in sheep’s clothing!!! Please stick with Trump we cannot go back to the good ole’ boys and girls politics as usual! Stick with Trump and we won’t have to RECALL you!!! Please remember your constituency!!! Trumpian Elephant Republicans will not forget.
Anthony Johnson Thanks … After 50 YEARS of being a registered Republican you have sealed my decision to DUMP the Republican party! I will no longer support it!
I will change my party affiliation to NONE!Oh yeah please remove me from ANY call listings of mailings!
The SWAMP can go to hell!!
Richard I believe the swamp is deeper and worse than I ever believed.  Stop your bull before treason hangs you all from both sides  “Dems and GOP”
Bonnie I think Mitch is a traitor to this country and the American people.  If your not fighting for the people, you shouldn’t be in office.  By accepting this insane bill by radical left crazies, your saying you don’t care about this country and it’s people and care more for other countries.  Your should be removed from office. Remember, there was 75 million votes for Trump that were counted.  The rest of the Trump votes we’re switched or destroyed by traitors. If they were never tampered with, Trump would have gotten well over a million votes. That means that more, a lot more people voted for Trump.  That’s how many hate you right now for turning your back on Trump and, the American people.  We won’t forget!!  If Trump doesn’t stay in power, we’re going to lose this country to socialism, and eventually communism.   And now, you’ve helped that…hope your proud of yourself.  You are now on top of the most hated man in America list.  You will never be trusted or liked again.  Hope your payoff was worth it.
Charles Thaning Mitch, you remind me of a man who fell over a cliff and got caught up in a bush and when a crowd came to see if you survived you started straightening.  You have too much self interest, YOU NEED TO GO.
Rudy Halbart We the people are very concern about you and the GOP not standing with our President!
We do not TRUST the Dominion Voting Machines, and if our President Trump will not be re elected, it will be the end of our Freedom, Justice and elections.
Mary Fight for Trump.  He helped all of you get into office.
Linda I have not been able to be with my friends or family in months due to COVID and lockdowns.  I think if our government can send billions of dollars to countries who hate us than they can give the American citizens $2,000.  What in the hell are you thinking Mitch.  It’s bad enough the Dems stole the election now you are turning your back on Trump and his supports.  Time to go Mitch.
Sandy Mitch is a sell-out to America! You need to move to China and join the Communist party! Shame on you!
Frank Hey Mitch, you need to stand up for hard working americans and the Republican party or leave office.
ken Running wrong way down a one way street!
Patricia So very disappointed in seeing who you really are.  Of course you are compromised.  How much money do you expect to lose if our awesome REPUBLICAN president remains in office.  Did you really think we patriots wouldn’t object to you with your sister-in-law in bed with CCP??  You need to RESIGN IMMEDIATELY!!!
Rena Thank you for showing your true colors and selling out the America people.  I never fully trusted you and now you have confirmed what I feared.  You’re just another swamp-dwelling Washington operative.  Can you say “TERM LIMITS”?
Diane Last straw. Your days are numbered.
Leonard There is only 1 thing more disgusting than a Democrat and that is a RINO who took advantage of the voters in his district to get re-elected. Do you think we will forget? I won’t give another dime to anything you have an association with and we’ll see how long you hold your position of power.
Sharon You are so out of touch with the people that put you there.  Republicans will NEVER go in again since the Democrats are wiser than Republicans and can steal all future elections.    Republicans have no testicles.
Scott Nancy’s bitch Mitch – and you have the nerve to ask for a donation after you turn your back on Americans and support Biden.  You’re  a  TREASONOUS POS – OUR COUNTRY IS HANGING BY A  THREAD AND HAS WITNESSED THE MOST BLATENT ELECTION FRAUD EVER SEEN – AND YOU CHOOSE TO STAND WITH THE CRIMINALS!!??  ROT IN HELL – OR HOPEFULLY A PRISON CELL SOON – TRAITOR!
Aneka I am so very disappointed in McConnell. All he seems to care about is his power position, NOT the American people. He does not deserve any position in our government, at all. Another despicable display of a politician that needs to go! Farewell in my book!
Tim Senator,

Why are you STILL in the Senate?!  Is it because you have been bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist Party??  You tell republican senators not to support President Trump regarding the Electoral College, you SAY you want to support him on the stimulus bill, but I believe just the opposite.  Just how much money from chinese sources has been “donated” to your campaigns over the DECADES?!?!  We The People of the United States of America know whose side you are NOT on…..OURS!!!  I have a SUGGESTION for you senator!!!  Fight to Stop The Steal and get all that Trump wants, especially including the repeal of section 230, ANY and EVERY way you can, or get OUT!!  Up until the last few weeks, I was sure a civil war was on our doorstep, and probably still is.  But now, it is looking like there will be a revolution first!!!  And it will be all of the people just like YOU who ignite it!!!

Lorie You are a trader and a sell-out to the American people.
Barbara You MUST vote for the $2,000/person for those that have been put out of work, and have not had any relief for a very long time. You need to remember that you work for us, we do NOT work for you. Many of those small businesses have lost their business only because those in both political parties have not done what is right and fair.  Shame on your for being so stubborn about this very important situation. we will remember your decision, and if you don’t do this, you’ve lost all trust with us for good.
William Mitch McConnell do your job and stand with the President and back him, if you do not I hope you retire because you are part of the problem the GOP has! Pass funding as you’ve been ask and investagate the electon fraud and fix the system. Trump won the election face the facts! Or Go home!
Robert Mitch McConnell said we do not need to be giving 2000.00 to millionaires’ many of whom are working from home however he didn’t anything about restaurant workers or the thousands of workers whos jobs are gone forever due to businesses closing that will never open again. Oh I doubt  any of those workers are and never were millionaires’
James A democrat in a republican coat a traitor
Andrea Forgettable.
Sheila I am disgusted with your sell out RINO ways. We, the American people who you work for, are mad and DONE!! You are a treasonous corrupt politician!
Trinity Mitch McConnell is not worthy of any attention and should simply be removed and pay the consequence of all of his crimes! No need to see it in the media.
Marilyn Traitor. I want my money back to saving the senate!
John You swore to uphold the constitution. God is watching.
David Senator Mitch McConnell, you are continuing to sell out the Republicans and every American citizen that voted for you.
Millions of Americans have spoken up to let you know we the Republican Army are highly upset and furious with you.
Our President is doing everything he can for the American people and YOU (Senator Mitch McConnell) are giving up and sitting back and doing nothing!
Support our president and the American people that is what you get paid to do. Just do what the President says and do your job.
Vote yes on the bill for the American people to receive $2000.00 stimulus check.
James Don’t betray us now. Stand by President Trump, he won the election, Dems cheated and lied, like always.
J.W. Do right by President Trump and do right by the American people or perish with the party you’re destroying.
judy support the election of donald j. trump
Jim The working Man needs this $2,000 to pay his rent and feed his family.
scott Mitch WE THE PEOPLE are pissed off, follow the POTUS direction of objecting to the electoral certification
Edward Your obvious prejudice towards China ,makes you unfit to serve in any  leadership role as an American.
Diane Mitch, shame on you for blocking our money, so you crooks can get richer. I hope you lose in future elections.
Richard It really gets old with politicians like you selling out America. You have turned your back on President Trump, and the Americans who voted for him. I hope history will accurately reveal your treacherous behavior
David Senator – Do what the people want. Do what your, and our president want. Pass the $2000 part of the bill. We want some of OUR money back in these rough times.
Roy Mitch,, you are a true scumbag rat
Pat Fight for election integrity–do NOT certify electoral votes from the contested states!  Step up and be the leader that you have been in the past–get the Republican senators to protest the fraudulent states’ electoral votes. You MUST do this to save the country.
Teresa Mr. McConnell, you, sir, are a shame and a disgrace to our nation.  Patriots are watching you, and we WILL remember how you betrayed us and our amazing President.  You should be found guilty of treason.
Mary Mitch McConnell, You stabbed America straight in the heart when you certified Joe Biden knowing all these fraud cases are going on.  Who do you think you are?  You guys represent the American People, We believe this Election is getting stolen right in front of our eyes.  Please stand up for us.  We Believe in our President Donald Trump, Cast your vote accordingly.
Rick Way to go on blocking this bill on behalf of our great president. There is overwhelming evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election. Do not sell out to the Democrats. All Republicans need to lock our arms and support Donald Trump as our president. This includes you. Donald Trump won this election hands down. Stop the bullshit politics and the bullshit spending and stand up for our President. Joe Biden has done nothing for our country in 47 years and HE DOES NOT DESERVE AND IS NOT, NOR EVER WILL BE OUR PRESIDENT!
Glenwood Not looking good Mitch. You better get in line! Stop the Steal or deal with the consequences!
Barbara You need to do right for the America people.. first you need to approve the 2000.00 Covid19 money for Americans. Second stop sending our tax money to other countries. Your job is to help America!!
James Pathetic!  A RINO like John McCain and traitor to your country.
Doug Either HERO or ZERO…his choice.  BEWARE ALL ZEROS!!!!
Yvonne Support Trump!!
If you do not, we will know that you are a corrupt Communist China Traitor!
Kellie Your a turtle on a fence post, your greed for money and power over rode your alligence to the constitution and the FREEDOMS of the AMERICAN CITIZENS.. YOUR A TRAITOR TO YOUR PRESIDENT AND COUNTRY…
Carol Traitor
Mike You sellout POS time to go worthless go fuk yourself
Jim Mitch u are nothing but a traitor. U say are Republican but u are not for the American people 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
debbie I have always been disappointed in your performance and now I know why.  History has exposed  you as part of the swamp.  This is your last chance to stand up for what is right.  May GOD have mercy on your pathetic soul.
Casady Mitch is a traitor to Trump, the GOP, Americans and The Constitution!
Charles You are an embarrassment to the rule of law. Are you compromised by corruption and afraid of being exposed? You will go down!!!
KF You incredible traitor. Mountains of real evidence of voter fraud and corruption, and you ignore it. We will remember you and your CCP connections.
Lawrence Bower, El Paso Texas 79912 Mitch:   Other than being a 2 bit “Gutless AssHole” I guess you are an OK Guy.
Julie Mitch, please retire today!  In God’s Holy Name will you PLEASE retire already???!!!
TOM Election was STOLEN. You know it, everybody knows it! Don’t be a TRAITOR to your country. Do what is right. Challenge the ballots and install the the man that the PEOPLE have chosen to be our leader. Trump won, you know it now DO YOUR DUTY!!!
Leslie I always knew you were a Rino you traitor,  You have money for the foreign countries for your slush fund but not $2000 for the American people
Kris We The People are sick of your Rino ways. STAND UP FOR DONALD TRUMP, and reject this election FRAUD. He help get you re elected, DO WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT YOU TO DO, ENCOURAGE THE SENATORS ON THE 6th to reject the FRAUDULENT BIDEN ELECTORS. You are a traitor to the Republic if you don’t. Treason is your alternative.
Michael Mitch you are a despicable human excrement miscreant.
We The People know who you really are now. There is NO DOUBT NOW. Your time in office is at an end. You have been weighed & measured & found wanting.
If you value any part of who you Represent, then do the RIGHT THING to salvage what little you have left. STAND FIRM WITH OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP & THIS CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC..
WE THE PEOPLE are WATCHING & LISTENING to You…“Those Who Would Give Up Essential LIBERTY To Purchase A Little Temporary Safety Deserve Neither LIBERTY Nor Safety”
(Benjamin Franklin)
Jeanette Hey Mitch, really?? We the people of America pay your salary to back our President, not go against him. Shame on you!! Do your dam job or step down. Enough!
Stephanie Hes more worried about filling his rich buddies pockets than the AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!
lydia stick with our present PRESIDENT!!
Arline Pass the $2,000 for Americans that need help now. Line up with President Trump.
Michael Mitch, are you a True Patriot of this CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC or are you a Rhino with ties to the Deep State, One World Order, Cabal, communism, marxism?
I feel you are the latter by your actions & inactions.
Prove me wrong!!!
Your time in office is at an end. You have been weighed & measured & found wanting.
If you value this REPUBLIC, Do The Right Thing & Stand Firm With Our President Trump & This Great Republic.
“Those Who Would Give Up Essential LIBERTY To Purchase A Little Temporary Safety Deserve Neither LIBERTY Nor Safety”
(Benjamin Franklin)
Vicki I am so disgusted with RINO Mitch.  He needs to supported the people and party who put him in office.
Ronnie You shamless bastard. Join the democrat communists.
Kay I never trusted you Mitch  McConnell! Now that we know China owns you, it’s time to resign. America knows what you did. STEP DOWN NOW!
Jake Get on the Trump Train mitch. We need leadership with a spine.
Yvonne Mitch McConnell   Shame on you for not standing with our President and for your constituents.  We the people demand fair elections and you positively know this election was not fair.  So you appear to be part of the swamp.  We will remember!!!!!
Robert I support President Trump and free and fair elections
and recommend all Republicans do the same. We need confidence in our system
Richard Mitch, please support our president TRUMP against this election FRAUD.

Biden DID NOT get 80 million votes!!!!!!  Nobody in their right mind believes this!!!!!!!!!

I am gravely concerned for our country and the safeguarding of our election process.

I’m not happy with your comments in this matter sir!!!!

Trump won a landslide!!!  Please fight this fraud!!!

Sandra Have you no shame or loyalty !? President Trump drug you and many others over the finish line and you are deliberately screwing him and all of the Republicans that voted to save this country!! You have greatly enriched yourself and others like you that have sold us out to China and others! I pray you will redeem yourself for the good of this great Country! You are a traitor as you now stand! I hope you come to know God and pray to him for your redemption
Brandon I think you are an anti-American globalist sellout
Martin I think McConnell is a traitor to free America. He needs to go.
Teresa A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Which side  of are you on?
Annis Sen. McConnell…You are a disgrace…you seem to gleefully stab President Trump in his back and basically tell the American people OUR VOICE is irrelevant.  YOU and your fellow RINOs have limited time left in DC. WE will never accept China Joe as anything other than a decades old corrupt/do nothing for America politician. THE election fraud is beyond a reasonable doubt…why do you accept it?  Do the Chinese own you and your wife as well?  YOU and your ilk are destroying the GOP and giving rise to a new political movement… a movement that already has 74+ million followers. PRIMARIES in 2022 will be brutal as the purge of RINOs goes into full force.  Sen. Hawley appears to be the only Patriot listening to We the People….YOU are our servant…
Murhel I think Mitch M has his left foot on the left side most of the time!  He is not for Trump and should be replaced.  Part of the deep swamp! I Wonder what is baggage is and why he wants to be a Republican when his actions show different!  Vote him out or best yet just retire!
Joan Disgraceful that the Republicans are not willing to support Pres. Trump and vote against the certification and even more disgraceful that Mitch McConnell is leading the charge and, in essence, threatening Republican senators, not to vote against certification.  Hard to believe that the Republicans truly want to destroy America as we know it and are willing to go along with the fraudulent results of the election.
Jayne You’re a TRAITOR.
Kraig MR. Mitch McConnell as a republican you can get a lot done for us. You need to make a stand alone deal for the $2000 stimulus. and STAND up on the 6th and right the wrong that the Democrats are trying to do.
Bill You work for the citizens of the USA.  The wrath of 74 million patriots is looking down upon you.
Bryan Mitch, your time in office is over. You stabbed President Trump in the back, you turned your arrogant nose to the will of the people and aligned your greed with that of the Democrat party and a perverted man and morals. Pack up. Go home. We do not want people like you holding any office in our country. Move to China with your Biden buddies.
allen You are a traitor to the American people and a monumental piece of petrified crap!
Michael Mitch McConnell:  you need to stand up for our President and what is right and not approve the electors for Sleepy Joe!!
Jacqueline Pumphrey Traitor, 2 faced,  bottom line DEMONIC!!!! Read that face,
denis 🇺🇸 You let America down
Deborah Whose side are you on, you old bastard?  President Trump has done everything to help and protect the American people while you are as compromised as the drooling imbecile Biden.  Does you wife have anything to do with your anti-American bias?  Slither off into the sunset and stay there!!!
Ray Senator Mitch, you have scuttled our confidence in you.  As an obvious RINO, please step down.
Kerrie Mitch you are a traitor and have sold out us Americans!!!!
Janece Speaker of the House Mitch McConnell,  I am very disappointed with your leadership for we the people.  You should be standing with all of us demanding the clean up of the fraud in our Election.  If you do not care about getting this corrected, you do not belong in government.  You are to be protecting our laws and rights.  Find your back bone and do what you have been put in your position for all theses years.  I pray you have not sold your soul to the evil ones in government.  This must be cleaned up.  We cannot allow the democrats get by with the stealing of the election.  If you look the other way I will know who’s side you are on.  Now do the right thing, January 6th.  To God be the Glory.
Sara Senator, you are a traitor to the Republican Party and more so, a traitor to this country, to our values, to the Constitution, and the people who elected you. Your allegiance seems to be with lobbyists, democrats, and the Chinese! You are a disgrace!
Charles If this fraud of an election does not get over turned ,then I hope they hang you for treason along along with the rest of the trash!!!
Deborah WE THE PEOPLE expect you to do the JOB WE THE PEOPLE VOTED YOU INTO OFFICE.  ELECTIONS COME UP, You may be surprised next time they do come up.  WE THE PEOPLE are sick of RHINO’S that ride OUR PRESIDENT’S COAT TAILS then turn on HIM meaning TURNING ON WE THE PEOPLE.  We are taking names of all you rhinos for next election.  We don’t like what’s going on.  Y’all have made alot of money off the backs of WE THE PEOPLE.
Gaylord Hey Mitch thought you were one of good guys.  This will bring down your old do nothing system and give us the freedom we deserve.  I hope you are not shooting yourself in the foot.  Your good old boy practices are going the way of the do-do-bird. In my book I have lost all respect for you and your way of life. You have lost credibility with the patriots.
Tariogh Fu McConnell for being a rhino no balls to stand up for the Trump base of the Republican Party which is the majority.  U and other like minded traitors will b gone one day soon when you either retire or are voted out if you don’t vote for Trump electors on the 6th.  Bye bye
Michell I won’t  tell you what I think of you.  All I can say is that we know a lot more than we did.  Better do the right thing by Trump or we will find a way to get you out.  We, Patriots are livid.  Support Trump or else…
Sondra Who are you working for?  Communist China seems apparent. Do what the President wants you Benedict Arnold.
Tiffany Support President Trump, he is the only person to stop the Democratic Party!! He needs your support!! Support the Republic/Americans
Kristine Senator McConnell we implore you and expect you to serve the American people! As a republican conservative patriot, I am proud of President Trump and all he’s doing to put America first!  He won this election, the fraud & cheating was rampant and you know it! Do what is right for the people you serve! You should be encouraging senators to block the counting of the electoral votes because they are a sham! If Biden is allowed to become President, the patriots will not forget your treasonous act against this country. Do what is right, we demand it of you!
Bill Despicable traitor to our Republic, willing to concede the presidency to a fraudulent election. Cares nothing about the American people only about power and control. Evil Evil Evil. Should be tried for treason.
Kathleen Please do the JOB you were elected to do.  You are a TRUE ‘Turn Coat’.  Shame on you.
Karen Mitch what the heck? Yo are worthless to the American people. Do your job and support our President. President Trump! If you can’t do the job then step down.
Kelli Mitch McConnell,

You need to get a back bone and do the job theAmerican people picked you to do. You are a snake in the grass selling out American. Do the job the way the American people want the job done instead of being bribed and paid to do the job the way others see fit. You are a servant to the American people. We elected you and therefore the best for the American people should your only job. Not accepting bribes and carrying out your own agendas.

Tina Gitmo.
Leland Judas, traitor ….remove him or remove my name from RNC supporter list.
Crystal Mitch-


Theresa Use your common sense Make the election right!
Oliver You sir serve a different master,Its time for you to step down and not put the COUNTRY through another disaster,so do the right thing for us all.
Amberdawn Appalling, you had better do what the Patriots are calling for. Voter Fraud is obvious to everyone, so you better grow a set and put TRUMP back in the White House or be ready to explain your actions to the 80million voters that are silenced and PISSED.
Sally McConnell, you are one of the top reasons for Term Limits. Your shameful lack of support for President Trump, the Constitution and Bill of Rights will hand America to the socialist/democrats and destroy our country. This will be  your legacy and the death of our Republic.
Ed What right do you have to stop the very money that I need to buy food and pay my mortgage? I have been living on scraps you SOB. Pass that bill or I will never support the republican party again.
Ruby What is wrong with you,
Elizabeth TRAITOR to America and our ancestors..China bought
Casey You quit working for the good of the American people long ago. It’s all about your own wealth now.  Time for you to go!
Exavier You’re okay.
Toni I think you’re a rich communist. Give us our tax money you sell out!
Ileana Stand up for We the People and show us you not part of the swamp!!!
Mary God said for him to stop making deals with the rich so he is a rat needs to go it’s a shame after president Trump helped him get elected turncoat
Michelle Stand up for our country and do the right thing!!
Carol Traitor
Greg Senator McConnell, please fight for President Trump.  Do not allow this fraudulent election to stand!
Shirley I once had a very high regard for you, Senator McConnell.  You’ve since proven you’re enthralled in the establishment and concerned only for yourself, your position, and a spineless coward deep state supporter.  You’ve accepted and adored your republican supporters only to ignore your responsibility to them and to this nation.  Unless you change your double minded ways you will go down in history as one of the ‘corrupted’ elite that doesn’t care for us, One Nation Under God, your constituents, or even your own children or grandchildren’s future.  I’m sorry that I ever supported you and anyone like you.  If you ever want the respect of the people again, I urge you to stand against the obvious corruption within the US government, the election fraud, and stand up for the Constitution, and this nation.
Kathye Mitch you 2 face back stabber, stand up for the President, or kiss the Republican Party good-bye, Trump WON and you know this, join the others jan 6th and follow the Constitution, or you will be held accountable, their are 75million+ of us, remember that! Swamp Creature
Dana Mr. McConnell, I have always thought about that you are on the side of the people but with your recent statements and actions, it has become evident that you have not. Passing through the pork bill but not money for the American people. You should have stopped the pork bill. Telling the President and senate to let  the election go. What exactly are you hiding? You are not for America and what it stands for. Do the right thing for our country. Become a patriot hero. Let the evidence be heard and truth be told. We will not take your word for it any longer.
Tom Support President Trump in every way
PENNY You are a low life pos! You know there is voter fraud and yet you do nothing. You have the audacity to intimidate other senators not to uphold the constitution of the US.  How dare you ask for ppl to re-elect you and then you turn on them? YOU ARE A POS! GTFO!
Mary Elizabeth Mr McConnell, You have become one of the most hated persons in the US. You betray our country, our President, the Republican Party, and the American people. You should repent to God of the evil you have done, and get your life in order. You should repent to God of the evil you have done, and get your life in order.  One way or another, you will answer for what you have done.
Maria You are a jerk Mitch McConnell. Traitor
Darin Help the president or resign
Greg He is “disgusting” like the rest of congress.  Sold his sole to the devil a long time ago like the rest.  May God help us all who are the remaining patriots to fight raising our American flag again on our own soil against the communist party of America.
Claudia Traitor
Kenneth Mitch McConnell you have never been a coward before you Fought hard for this party now all the sudden you’re going to leave Trump behind you got 3 Supreme Court justices and you’re gonna leave Trump behind It will be the end of politics for you then you probably know that don’t you
Kimberly You need to fight for President Trump and the over 80 million Americans who voted for him!  You know he won . . . We know he won . . .do the right thing!  Stand with President Trump and our constitution and stand against election fraud and communist China!
Linda Why don’t you support our president instead of fighting against him.  You have been in your position far too long and should retire along with all the other RHINO republicans.  You are a disgrace to the true Republican/ Conservative’s. You and the other RHINO’s are one of the reasons OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP was not re -elected. The other reason is your friends the Democrats cheated and they and the other RHINO will be sorry when Biden/Harris start destroying this country.
James Mitch your not the one thats struggling to pay bills and buy food,wny dont you do what we pay you to do for the american people.we truley need help.
Terry Cropper Mitch I now belive you too are a child of the divel
Maurice Senator Mitch McConnell,
I write to express my disappointment, disdain, and disgust over the unpatriotic pathway you seem to be choosing in opposing our President’s courageous efforts to bring our government back under representative control of “we the people”. You are taking the country in the wrong direction!Let the honest legal 74million “plus” Trump votes see light. It is dishonest, disingenuous, and deceptive of you to try to block our Constitutionally proscribed effort to win back this corrupt and criminally undermined Democratic Party-subverted American election.

You are choosing to be the representative face of the worst of the DC Swamp establishment which is why Trump won in both 2016 and 2020. Now you join hands with the people’s enemies! Why Mitch?

At the very least let “Mr. Smith” Josh Hawley go to Washington and speak out for  “we the 74+ million Trump voters” without you attempting despicably to interfere with our God-given right to have our honestly tendered votes for courageous Donald Trump.

We will never forgive you  or forget if you withhold your support of our righteous effort to elect Donald Trump who without any doubt won this 2020 election fairly and overwhelmingly!

It is not your right to deny “we the people’s honest votes and Constitutional process. Do your duty to God, Country, and the American people?

Zach Roros Mitch, stop fighting against the President and the US Constitution. If you don’t get on board, we the people will remove you. You will lose everything.
Milt Don’t endorse crooked elections.  Disqualify all electors in disputed states.  Or we will have crooked elections from now to Kingdom come!
jane matti Mitch McConnell will forever go down in history as an American Traitor
Linda Please stand with President Trump.  Don’t forget that you are a Republican and President Trump has done more for the country in his 4 years that Obama did in the 8.  What has happened to the Republican party?  It seems that so many of them talk out of both sides of their faces.  Please, for the love of this country, back President Trump up!
todd WE all know the election was rigged.  You do too!
Donald Trump hasn’t been my favorite, He is the
closest thing to a real President of the people since Ronald Reagan. Please do not abandon “We the People”.
Nancy Mitch is a traitor and should be thrown out of office and in jail for life.
Tammy Mitch McConnell, your a greedy bastard that has sold out the American people who voted and trusted you. On your way out; you need a boot up your ass! You and Pelosi are the greatest examples for term limits!!!!!!
Annmarie Spyridon Disappointing traitor to The very Americans who voted him back in.
Angela Zartler Shame on you for choosing your own hide over the American people. No one is sure who won those swing states but what we know is there is fraud that must not be ignored to determine a winner. This is your job. Stop acting like a career politician, grow a pair and fight for the people who elected you.
Alice Mitch McConnell, you RINO bastard.  If you are so in love with how the Democrats do things, then join that party and get the hell out of the Republican party.  You traitor.  There is no way now for you to keep your office and I hope you get jail time for your betrayals of the GOP party, you stupid bastard.
Mike Mitch McConnell….you are a sorry treasonous traitor! You are not a republican! You need to listen to we the people not your Chinese communist in-laws! If you think the communist liberal scum will protect you….you couldn’t be more wrong! If you don’t do what is righteous….you and all of us will face a civil war and you too will be in danger as we all will be. Do the right thing and come clean cocaine Mitch!!!!
Melinda Traitor and needs to be taken out
Renee Mitch, we gave to your campaign and later were EXTREMELY SHOCKED AND DISGUSTED to see your true colors. YOU ARE NOT REPRESENTING THE Party of the People who supported you! So sick and tired of being LIED TO AND TREATED AS STUPID FROM FUCKING POLITICIANS!!! You should STEP DOWN IMMEDIATELY IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO STAND BEHIND PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!
Jane Traitor
Terry Mitch bring to the floor a bill for $2000.00 stimulus bill so
the American people can survive a little longer and please support the Constitution and defend the President’s election, after all President Trump won the Election hands down the Dumbass in his basement did not win we the real American people know this and there will be hell to pay if this is not corrected
td Mitch McConnell~You at this point are a disgrace and we can see you lie in the deep swamp. We will be draining this swamp and if you’d like to continue your life as a politician who represents the American people it is time for you to DO YOUR JOB! We will stop the corruption one way or the other…pick what side of history you want to be on…or we will decide for you! Step up and represent the American people! Remember we don’t need you…YOU need us!
Jodell Back my President Trump!
GaryFike First of all i would like to tell u that u work for the people. Second of all you are a disgrace   period. Trump is trying to help. The people and the rest of you moron are fighting  him all the way . You would be more will to give million to China  that the people that pays your wages. You are a disgrace  period
Charlee’s Mitch we are so disappointed in you not standing with the people who put you in office!! We stand with President Trump and you and the other RINO Republicans should stand with us
Steven You are a back stabbing democrat pretending to be a Trump supporter
Jane You do not care that money would help pay bills and buy food for the people that need it! You get your outrageous money for doing nothing but what is good for you! I am ashamed of you! As my mama would say you need a talking to out behind the shed!!! You are disgusting
Jean Turn from your perfidious ways and do what is right for this nation.  Stand for the people who voted for you.
Barbara Mitch McConnell is a traitor to the American people. I bet you paid more for the suit you are wearing than you gave the American people who have been suffering for months. You need to remember that you get you pay check from the American people. I think the American people should with hold YOUR check for months. People are starving.
Karen You no longer represent “we the people,” you’re political agenda is self-serving to line your pockets with American tax payers money.
Seleda Mitch you are going to cause the Republicans to lose the race in Georgia because you are not supporting Trump! I didn’t realize you were a Rhino! If we do not elect the two Republican senators it will be on your watch! Thank you very much for your loyalty to the Republican party! lol
Cheryl Mitch we the people want you to do what we are paying you to do.  Support President Trump completely and quit conforming to the deep state thinking.  The Patriots won’t forget what you are doing now and will not vote for you the next term!!!!
Zella Mitch you are a traitor and a fool.
Melissa If you don’t support our president, then you better retire next election because I promise the people of KY DON’T WANT YOU if you don’t do something about this sham of an election!  You work for us!  Start proving it!!!!
Jonnie Just who do you think you are? Certainly not the person the people voted for. You should stand with President Trump always. If you have a difference of opinion then sit down with the President and discuss it. There is way too much dissension within the Republican party to accomplish anything. You were elected to represent the people of the United States, not foreign countries. STOP giving our tax money to China, and others. Put that money back in the US and help Americans.
Sheila As far as I am concerned, the last few weeks you’ve shown your true colors. You, Sir, are the epitome of a Turncoat!  And from your latest actions, you have caused many long time Republicans to want to leave the Republican Party.  You have let us down. It’s obvious you & many of the other long time Senators have been bought & paid for & now you dance to their tune.  It is because of that that we say goodbye & don’t expect any of our votes in the future.
Troy Spinless
Jim It’s sad to see the GOP not standing for President Trump and not fighting the absurd amount of cheating that’s has taken place! So much for far and free elections!!
Nancy Sir, You have shown over and over that you pay no attention to what the people want.  Prove to us that our country DOES deserve fair elections. If not, she is be no more.  Do the right thin.
I don’t know if I can trust him. He seems very wishy washy. I don’t know if I can trust him. He is wishy washy.
Tiffany You are not doing what you should be doing for America and you need to step up and look at the fraud in the election. You have let Americans down.
Ted Beware the Hegelian Dialectic going on here.
Janet You may be a loser, McConnell, but our President is not! Do the right thing and #StopTheSteal!
Elias Sellout !!
Walter I feel you are only interested in helping yourself and China. Why have you left the american people out of your decisions? Shame on you that is not why you were elected.
dean Senator McConnell is smart enough to realize that RINOs are done and no longer viable. He also is smart enough to know that the Globalists will throw him under the bus rapidly. He need to understand that without Trump his world will be a nightmare!
Don Congratulations on joining the democrat party! Perhaps you can nose Pelosi out! Please do your self a favor and leave the Republican Party. We know what you are.
richard Please do not let down the working man
Pat Senator McConnell, get out of RINO mode, get a backbone and support Trump.  This year of the plandemic gave way to a rigged election. Joe Biden is not  President-elect.  By the way, the $2000.00 needs to be a stand alone bill.   Do the right thing, support Trump.
MiChelle Do your job and follow our Constitution which is what you are being paid by
WE THE PEOPLE!!! We will remember and respond accordingly at the polls.
Anna Anna
Ricky & Marie You were voted in by the American people to listen to our needs and wishes. We want you to support our President Donald J Trump!
mark Mr, Mc Connell The American people are hurting financially and need the help of the 2,000 this will also help the economy and also you must not allow the name changes of any army base we can not cave to political game of Democrats , we also must stand with President Trump and Object to a Biden win . Democrats  cheated and must be held accountable
Wayne He should have helped out of work Americans with the $2000.
Robert How dare you veto the defense bill and keep that sorry excuse for a covid bill.  You suck!  Stand up and fight on the 6th you spineless jellyfish
Gerald We voted you in, We can vote you out, too! Act like an AMERICAN!!!
Bonnie Mr McConnel, America needs you to do what’s right for Us! The fraud is obvious, and it must be stopped!
cindy Dear Mr.McConnell, God is giving you one last chance to change your evil ways and repent. I pray you take it.
Janice Do your job as you were voted in to do!!!  Fight the Republican fight for what is right NOT bow down to the sickening voter fraud we have all witnessed at the hearings.  Fight for our President!!!!!!
Valerie It’s infuriating to see just how little our elected representatives, who are supposed to work for We the People, care about American citizens, and instead do so much to line their pockets and take care of themselves and their families and friends.  If Republicans don’t stand with President Trump and those who voted for them, there will no longer be any election integrity or a future for the Republican party.  This election was our line in the sand and I am demanding that Republicans grow spines and don’t let this wrongdoing, election fraud and theft get swept under the rug (again!)
Marcia Mitch McConnell the Bible you swore on bring judgement upon you.
Sonja I think you have let down the people of the nation and our great President. You should be ashamed for not doing everything in your power to help the people of this nation, that’s what you are in office for, but; you are not doing that. I believe you are a very sad excuse for what the Republican party stands for. Very disappointed!
Janet Mitch, it is time you stand with President Trump! Hear the evidence of voter fraud! Dont vote for Democrats electors! Our nation depends on you!!
Sheree Mitch McConnell I have voted for you in every election but never again.You are a disgrace to Kentucky and to this nation for not standing  with President Trump against this fraudulent election.You have sold us out for thirty pieces of silver.  Judas! The TRUTH shall prevail!
Craig Dear Mitch, it is time to stop working for the CCP and start working for We The People of the United States that elected you to your position!! Finally grow some balls and support the President Of The United States who’s working his ass of for the people of this country!! Stop the Steal!!! If you can’t bring yourself to do the right thing, step down and let somebody with a set of balls that will make the right decisions for our great country and supports our elected President!!!
Tim Do you want to be known in history as a traitor not only to the people of America but to the Republican party? Contest the electoral vote,  do not accept them. Do the right thing of or the American people instead your own personal agenda
David YOU REALLY NEED TO STAND WITH TRUMP ! By doing so you stand with the AMERICAN voters ! You talk a tough game every time you campaign, and then bend over and kiss all over Pelosis’s ASS and turn away from every person who voted for your sorry ass!
Jean Mister McConnell, You are a traitor to your President, your party, and the people who elected you. What a disgrace. I have a feeling you will be going down very soon, and justice will be served!
Laurel You will go down in history as a traitor and sellout.  We see you we are watching and you will not get away with selling out America. Your political career is done
Steve Its time you start working for the people that elected you instead of for yourself, Start backing our President and make sure that this election fraud is stopped.
john Time for change, The  senate and house needs reform!  No more foolish acts from McConnell or Pelosi. THEY HAVE BEEN GIVEN EVERY OPURTUNITY now it is up to the people to unite and show these so called representors how we can change there life’s…….
Dawn I am so disappointed in how you are sell out America and how little courage you have to do the right thing for the American people. Very sad to see you end your career being know to America as a weak coward with no backbone and definitely not doing what God wants for our country.
Marilyn You, Sir, are a disgrace.  You have betrayed your oath, your constituents and the American Citizen, as well as the Republican Party.  If it hadn’t been for President Trump you would not be in office now!  You have proven yourself to be a traitor to the American Citizen and will NOT serve another term in office.  No one will vote for you again that has any sense.
Douglas Mitch how you can look in the mirror is beyond my imagination. We the people recognize you as a traitor and a sell out..  You ovoisly have no sell respect and your age probably leave you with little concern for your actions.  You did what and do what you do without thought of those related to you , Who usually pay for others actions.  But I would  a POS like you is not loved and definitely not respected by even his own. It is not to late , Do The Right Thing While You Still Have Time.
Lydia Don’t know how much China and all others who want to destroy our country pays you but you should be in prison!!!!
Kathi A future dead POS that had a huge part of this treasonous BS that put a Nation in turmoil ! All because they are a bunch of greedy USA hating evil devil’s that must go ¡!!!!!!
Wanda I am a republican and I have suffered too long because of the pandemic. I am losing everything. You sit up there with your huge paychecks and waller in luxury while we hurt. Selfish greedy pigs. We are all Americans and deserve the same treatment you get.
Beth Mitch, I’ve had Faith in you. But not are a RINO and RAT.. you have cheated your base who supported you. You have Failed us – how could you Betray us and our President Donald J Trump ??
You are Hypocritical leader of the paid Socialists Party. Thanks a lot for Nothing !!!!!!!!!!
Sherry Mitch I am very disappointed in you specifically. You have shown that you don’t fully support our President. I will make sure I no longer support you in the future even if it hurts the party
Natalie You don’t want to give legal Americans $2000- but you’re willing to spend BILLIONS on pork that has NOTHING TO DO WITH COVID 19. TAKE OUT ALL OF THE PORK!! If you did & kept the stimulus package to Covid affected payouts you’d SAVE BILLIONS & would have MORE THAN ENOUGH to give the American taxpayer whose paying for it!! Keep going against President Trump & you’ll be voted out of office!!
James As a native of Kentucky and a resident of Alabama, I must share my disappointment in your actions concerning the Covid bill. I am outraged at the discrepancy between what the American people recieved and the gross largesse to other countries. Money to Pakistan for gender studies?? You have got to be kidding. I am a 70 year old lifelongw Republicanwho loves President Trump and have supported Republicans for Congress and Senate all that time, but now I have come to the sad conclusion that most Senate Republicans are just as corrupt as the Democrats. Its a very sad state of affairs.
Jane Trump speaks for us Americans and you need to fight for us not your elitists friends. We see the corruption and we are tired of it. We will no surrender to socialism and the CCP
Lexi Horrible Rhino.   stick with Republicans and President Trump!     I wish the American people could fire you.   play fair or get out pelosi is a disgrace and so are you for working with her against President Trump!
Richard Do what’s right for the people. Support our president in his efforts to make the election right and expose the corruption
Michelle You are not standing up for the American people.  You should have put us first.  You need to do what you are paid to do by the American people.  I hope you are removed from office and replaced by someone who will put America first! What a disgrace!
Arden Support our President and object to the elector votes! You know it was a stolen!
Marlyn Stand and fight with our President he needs your support.
George Mitch is a traitor
Jonathan Hey Mitch guess what we the people pay your salary and you say your a republican so start acting like one and stand up for America and Donald J Trump. We all know he won by a land slide and I’m so sick of being let down by rhinos when Democrats fight dirty everyday. It’s time republicans start fighting back. Be the guy who makes history and does the rite thing. Don’t be a coward please.
J. Collins
Nancy Contest the voter fraud! Stand with President Trump and 80 million deplorables or you will have hell to pay!!
Delouise I am very surprised in the way you have turned away from our president, his goal is making america great and you have always been at his side, what happened?
Joanne You are a scumbag sellout
Marilyn Mr.McConnell. Words cannot adequately express how we feel about your dishonesty! You are now considered by Patriots as a RINO. You have to know the fraud and stealing of our Nov. 3 election! Everyone with half a brain knows Joe Biden never won the election! Get on board Jan. 6 to fight this electoral battle to put our awesome President Trump back for 4 more years, which he honestly won. How can you hate America so much? Traitor is a kind word to express your attributes. We the People will never vote for you again. Please don’t continue stooping down to Pelosi’s swamp…it doesn’t become you! Try just once to be honest and noble as we fight for our freedom. Please do what is right! Sincerely Marilyn Eldridge
marie hate his chinese guts
Willis What happened to you, get back to your roots and make america great, President Trump is the best president we ever had and we need to keep him
Jonathan Mitch, you deserve stitches, and to end to in a ditch, because of your betrayal of President Trump and We The People of the USA. Either do your job right, or we will vote your corrupt butt out of office.
Cathy Mitch McConnell  I am so disappointed in you. I thought you were a true patriot. Then I read the article where you too have invested in China. You also have turned your back on our President Donald Trump. Now calling Joe Biden your President Elect. What a disgrace. Our country is being sold out to communist and YOU are standing by and letting it happen. God forgive me for ever voting for you. Only God can save our Country. Its very clear that Satan himself has taken over.
[email protected] Mitch is a traitor should be shoot.
Virgina You are a low life piece of garbage.  Hopefully the American people will see you for what you really are and get rid of you.  Would love for you to live the lives of suffering people from the pandemic.  You should just switch your title to Dumbocrat and be done with it.  Make no mistake some how you will be ousted because you are a traitor the the American people.
Francrs I am ashamed of your cowardice and inaction to represent the Republican platform. I am removing myself from YOUR party, which no longer represents any form of conservativism.
BONNIE willis You work for us Mitch Micconnel.  We hired you and we pay you.  Eitherbe consistent in your support of him or get out.
Ward Stand with President Trump or Resign and get out. You work for us remember. Pass the $2000. Stimulus already.
Debra You’ve sold “We the People” out.  How dare you Mr McConnell.  Turn to Christ and away from your wicked ways.  Do the right thing!  The American people are forgiving.
Robert Mitch, you are a disgrace to the American people and have no regard for the constitution or the liberties of a sovereign nation. You are a sellout to the ccp and have betrayed the trust of your constituents.
When the gavel falls, may it weigh you in the balance and find you lacking.
Michelle Do not sell out honest, God-loving, patriotic American citizens! We demand a fair election. Do not hide the fraud, dismiss it or cower to Democrats and globalists. You MUST stand with truth and for what is right.
Robb Mitch, you are one low-down piece of work, corrupt as the day is long. May you richly deserve your pieces of 8, you scoundrel!
Nancy You approved millions for overseas & $600 FOR AMERICANS????  Look at the ones on Social Security & medicare….look at our medical bills & amt  they get, those working in jobs that hrs cut way back, everything going up in price…SHAME on you for not approving $2000 stimulus for the American people & giving millions overseas….SHAME on you….I would like for those of you voting against this amt to live in our shoes for a change….with our bills ….SHAME
Richard Mitch it’s time you go with the rest of the swamp and rhinos,we as Americans request you step down,or hang with the other traitors.
Margaret Jan 6th is your last chance to do what is right.  Do not stab us in the back again.
Fran Mitch McConnell is a traitor to the American people.
Diane Mitch, we trusted you, but it looks like you have turned on us! America first, Mitch! Do the right thing! Not only is America watching, but our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is watching, too. Hope you can face Him someday at judgment with a smile. Run the race He gave you to the best of your ability! Then He can say, Well done my good and faithful servant!
Fred Failure to support President Trump is despicable!
Laurie You Need To Back Our President. Get a Backbone And Quit Selling the American People. What Happen to Honesty, Integrity, Pride, Respect And Doing the Right Thing. Think About It.
Roxanne WE THE PEOPLE are so tired of the treachery that you, Mitch McConnell, have demonstrated time and time again. We are going to NOT let this go any longer without consequences.  WE are your boss, WE can and will FIRE you unless you stop blocking OUR President from fighting for us.
Pamela Traitor-No Feelings for the Suffering Americans-You Turned on Our Trump and the American People who once Trusted You.Please Listen to Your Heart and do what is Right in the Name of our
Marion Mitch McConnell do your job and support the 80 million citizens who supported President Trump!  The stink of this election fraud is permeating the Senate chambers, and the American people will take out the garbage through our votes!

We, the American people demand that you follow the policies of President Trump and not your own!!!  Who do you think you are, Mitch McConnell, because each day Gitmo looms larger in your future!!!

Michael Mitch, you have been screwing the American people for a long time. Your time is coming to an end. Won’t miss you.
Travis Mitch McConnell has back stabbed the American people and our greatest President ever. He deserves to be kicked out of office for being a traitor
David Put the American people first for once. You work for us, the American people are hurting and need relief now. DO YOUR JOB!
Laura We the people demand termination of Section 230 for Big Tech AND an investigation into election integrity. Fix the 2020 election fraud by standing up for President Trump. Trump Won!
Susan Mitch McConnell – start doing your job and fully support President Trump!  Get those good for nothing Rhinos on your team to get up out of their chairs and start fighting for us, or you will see a massive shift in voter support!  Do it now!
Joe Biden I think your text to the lead in to McConnell’s form is extremely offensive and can only have been written by a socialist or communist. It has no place in such a form and you should be punished for it.
Lealie Shame on you Mitch McConnell for not standing up for President Trump. After all he has done for this country, we are left with spineless RINO’s like you who have betrayed our country. Get out of the way or lead!
Glenn How can you sleep at night?
Eileen Mitch McConnell you are such a disappointment and disgrace to our Party..Instead of uniting us and fighting for our President you are one of those disgraceful Rinos who only wants to keep his cushion job and help the rest of your turncoat buddies..We the people are thru with you and your kind! You are no patriot❤️🇺🇸
Lisa I can’t even believe I am writing this. How utterly disappointing! YOU are a fake too? Doesn’t anyone in our government have ethics and morals and is found to be trustworthy? This whole time I believed in you. You are letting us down. How can you sleep at night? I guess money truly just is the root of all evil. Wow, I am sad that a person in whom the American people and the President of the United States trusted and believed in, let us down. We are now seeing the TRUTH.
Bernie McConnells actions are not reflective of our president and the American people.  Suspect, other factors are under foot which unfortunately will be revealed at a future time.
Rachel There are NO words to describe what a despicable human being you are!! I even think using the term “human” is too good of a word to describe you! You are lower than low!! For ANYONE to “sell out” their own people/country for their OWN personal gain is not just constitutionally immoral, it leaves NO doubt of what kind of person you truly are!! I have NO idea how people like YOU sleep at night! I don’t know HOW anyone with a conscience could turn their backs on their OWN AMERICAN PEOPLE!! YOU, sir, are just as low as Barack Obama/Joe Biden/Kamala Harris/Hillary Clinton….NO ONE with the deviance that YOU show deserves to be ANYWHERE NEAR the White House/Senate floor/courtroom or ANYWHERE that is a “safe haven” for us AMERICANS, because you do NOT care for the AMERICAN PEOPLE neither are you looking for the “best interests” of the AMERICAN people, as you and many other Senators like yourself “profess”! I HONESTLY wonder if you ARE even “American”? For someone to claim that they are looking for the best interests of the American people or (as Governor Mark Gordon so quaintly put it) “having a Constitutional duty” is beyond CRASS…it is just plain EVIL. I honestly believe that YOU and EVERY OTHER Congressperson should ALL be stuck in a 5’ X 5’ cell with very little to eat or drink! You’ve taken our rights from us, someone should take YOUR personal rights for THEIR personal gain….as you and every other Congressperson that thinks like you has done. You ALL keep complaining about how tough it is to make it on $147,000, etc./yr….SERIOUSLY….try living on NOTHING, getting evicted from YOUR home because the only thing landlords (which is no different that what YOU and others like you are) care about is MONEY!! I can GUARANTEE that YOU were not threatened with eviction from YOUR (multimillion dollar) home…. YOUR vehicle wasn’t repossessed, YOU didn’t have to go hungry…..DID YOU???? People like you are no different than CANCER! You and all of your congressmen/women, are not in congress (which is what they call a group of apes all gathering together) are honestly NOT there to help the AMERICAN people, but to pad your own pockets and see how many American people you can turn against each other. When that happens, all you do is stand back and deny having ANYTHING to do with it! People like you make me SICK!!
James Get behind the President! Stop with the politics!
Luleita Dear Mr.McConnell,
You are a disappointment as a leader. I will not vote Republican again. You need to stand up against voter fraud. You know there is fraud, we know there is fraud, watch the public videos of witnesses testifying to what they saw. 74 million people are frustrated with this Republican party that supposedly represents us. I am seeing the call for a new party that is not made up of Rhinos and I am very much interested in that. And why are you overriding the President’s veto? I urge to do support the President and maintain election integrity or this country is lost.
Kenard You are starting to look like a communist.You won’t have a job long if you keep it up.
JUDY To Mitch McConnell.I’ve always known that you were an establishment guy, but I never knew you were a TRAITOR to our President Trump and our country.  I really loath you and your EVIL personality.  I am sure God is NOT going open up his pearly gates for you.  You are truly SCUM.
Gus After President Trump worked to get you re-elected and because of your connections to China you chose to double cross him for your own benefit! Like me, you have fewer days before you than behind you! I pray God will change your heart before you pass the scene here! May God have mercy on your soul!
Danny We need a 2000.00 stimulus Bill now
Pam Pam
john china’s man in the senate traitors basted support  the President
Ray Corrupt RINO
RandyLee Mitch, Mitch you sonofabitch. My family moved to KY from Illinois 13 years ago.  My family wasted 5 votes all for your sorry ass last November. I hardly ever get behind Bernie Sanders, he railed your ass and made a valid point. Of the 25 poorest counties in our beautiful US of A, 10 of them are in Ky. I want to be there when one of the residents ask you why not $2,000 stimulus?
Brian Mitch McConnell your backstabbing piece of dirt you got to go to send me emails to give you money screw you President Trump should’ve never back to you he should’ve let you oh by the way side You piece of dirt
Lynda Mr. Mcconnell: We, the American people would like you to know what a horrible job you are doing representing we the people. The majority of us want you to get a backbone and stand with our president, Donald J. Trump. You have gotten rich off of us and many people have lost everything because of a virus that is 99% beatable. And you want to take care of other countries with OUR money instead of giving some of our money back to us. I say shame on you and you may just be the one who loses his job in the future. Please stand with the American people and with our truly elected president, Donald J. Trump. Do not let this fraudulent election stand.
Sincerely, Lynda Ellis
Cherice Simple,your a traitor ,commie to your country . You should be charged .
Val Mandarin Mitch you fucking Turn Coat !!! CCP Operative . I want to see you hang by that Turtle neck , treasonous asshole !!!!
Jean conners You,be sold your sole to the enemy and no longer concerned about America
Robin You need to stand up for you party and for the constitution.  The American people pay you to do a job. Your job is to defend the constitution you took an oath and put you hand on the bible.
You need to do what is right this country was a great country till the evil Democrats and Rino Republicans do what is best for the and it does not to benefit the AMERICAN PEOPLE.
Dianne You are an elected offical. Your duty is to bring forth the will of the people.
Stop the steal.
Harold This rich old weasel…. just like the rest of the ‘career politicians ‘ are mainly looking to fill their purses.! How many of them are now millionaire since becoming ‘politicians’..? Money under the table, perhaps.? Bribes, threats…?  The SWAMP is deep as filled with nasty, greedy maggots and other assorted vile creatures.!   MAGA Trump, MAGA Josh Hawley..!  Screw the Rinos and traitor turn-coats.!
S Sylvia Mr. McConnell, I believe you are just as shady as your opposition in the Senate, both parties have become money hungry, prideful fools.  I guess once you have been there as long as most of you have you forget what “supposedly” brought you there to begin with, serving your constituents.  It makes me sad, what the government has become, when my generation were children, we looked up to the people in government, now we finally have a President that actually cares about the little man again, and you and your ilk stab him in the back.  Shame on all of you.
clifford Mitch you are worst than Mitt Romney and John McCain
L Mr McConnell I’m not a Republican but I do vote and I sure wish you’d get a clue. This country has given you a lot!! Not the dems or the good ole boys in the Republican Party but the nation, it’s framework and founding ideas made that possible for you. You might want to consider that before you dismantle it piece by piece at the behest of the great Joe Biden and his cohorts and all those who expect to get there fair share as Benedict Arnolds to the USA in 2020-21. You will regret it forever and there is no going back.
Lori Mitch needs to support our President  we the taxpayers are sick of this crooked Washington  crap. Its time to do the right thing support  our President  and our country we are about to loose alot more then just an election .You know u r not a young man do u people  in DC think u r going to live forever get real you r not  and yes u will have a judgment  day too.
Tom I would like to know when you expect to receive your medal of honor from the Red Chinese for your faithful service to them, you traitor!
Susan Mitch,
What comes around, goes around. We all see you for what you really are now. A pathetic little man.
David McConnell, it is my hope that when the day comes that you and the rest of your American hating, rat faced fuckhole DNC friends are standing on the platform with a noose around your necks, that I will be there to spit in your face right before they pull the lever.
You and the rest of your satanic friends lose in the end, God wins.
Where We Go 1, We Go All
Lori I think you stink. And I sincerely hope you get beat in the next voting process by a Republican that cares for the American people and you are a rat in some ways. My wish for you and the rest of you eventually get voted out.
Jacquelynn McConnell is a traitor to the republic and to our great President Trump! I’m sorry I voted for you-won’t happen again.
Antoinette Shame on you, Mitch McConnell, for not standing up for the American people!! You took an oath!! God is watching the decisions you make. Make honest, wise decisions.
Todd Vote for Trump Three priorities
Joe Mr McConnel . It didn’t even take you two months after I voted for you to lose my bite  Myself and my whole family will NOT vote for you ever again sir .you have stabbed our beloved POTUS TRUMP in the back ! The final straw was turning a much needed $2,000 dollar stimulus check into a $600 dollar check . Although I am Greatfull for any amount at this point & thank GOD for it .You have lost many many votes in this household. Godbless
Tammy You are a horrible disgrace.
James Wolfe You are all concerned about giving money to the rich and how it is raising the debt.  Maybe you didn’t notice all the other over inflated crap that was in the bill that you pushed.  Try taking care of Americans first before sending more money to other countries (most are our enemies, I don’t care about their benefit, if you are concerned send your personal wealth not ours).
Charlie STOP being an OSTRICH and serve the citizens of the United States!  Get your head up, investigate all election evidence and witnesses; then put the the Unites States First in everything.
Donna Mitch McConnell,  I believe you MUST be SERIOUSLY COMPROMISED to betray our great President and all true Patriots the way you have done for years, BUT NOW it is OBVIOIUS – YOU KNOW that you are being complicitand even worse now your siding with the 100 % evil, illegal, fraudulant and disgusting stealing of the votes of WE THE PEOPLE.  If you do not make an ABOUT-FACE NOW and DO the RIGHT and HONEST thing and BACK YOUR PRESIDENT and us, you will not only definitely LOSE YOUR JOB – but PAY IN JAIL – or WORSE – for TREASON against the USA and it’s CONSTITUTION.
Paula Because of your access in government office, you know even better than the rest of the American people that the November election was stolen by overwhelming fraud. By your acceptance of Biden as the President-elect, you have proven yourself to be a traitor to the American people (because we did NOT give Biden a winning number of votes), to the Republican Party, and to the Constitution (which was violated by the offending states). We the people realize that we have no freedom when the leaders controlling our government, our very lives, are NOT the people we voted into office. We have tolerated many, even most, of our leaders bowing under to the  communistic global elite for decades, but no more. We are rising up to investigate, to speak out, to hold our public servants accountable, to throw off the oppression. I’m asking you to do the right thing on Jan. 6th by joining Rep. Brooks and Sen. Hawley to reject the electoral votes of the states that have not been able to demonstrate that they held a legal election, specifically, WI, MI, PA, GA, AZ, and NV. You have this opportunity to set the election right and to bring a measure of peace to this nation. Be a hero for us! I’m asking God to give you His wisdom, strength and protection. If you can’t bring yourself to do this to uphold the Constitutional rule of law on Jan. 6th, then we voters have no choice but to replace you with someone who WILL do the job.
Judy Mitch, you are despicable!  You have sold out the American people, the very same people who put you where you are today.

You have revealed your true colors today to the American people.  You do NOT deserve to SERVE as the Senate Majority Leader or the Leader of the Republicans in the Senate any longer. You have sold Your SOUL to the DEVIL, Mitch.

You are a two faced liar. You talk out of both sides of your sleezy mouth. You supported OUR GREAT President, President Trump as long as he was winning and he still is Winning, yet in your eyes when it looked like the tide was turning, you like the Rat you are, jumped ship and ran to the other side, Sleepy Joe, the Pedophilia, the Traitor’s side.

Just wait until it is announced President Trump is Re-elected. You will be out on your sleezy butt along with the rest of the RINOS and Sleezeballs in Washington D.C. You will be the laughing stock of Washington D.C. and oh how you deserve it. You are a TRAITOR to the USA, the American people and our Great President, Donald J. Trump. You will never hold office again! You will find yourself in Gitmo, the place reserved for Traitors.

After what you have done to President Trump and the American people, I will NEVER trust you and the GOP again.  You have just doomed the Republican party to hell and the likelihood of another Republican being the Senate Majority Leader is slim to none because of you.

I am thoroughly disgusted with you and your back stabbing ways. I thought Crazy Nancy was bad, but you just shot to the top of the list of despicable Leaders.

May God forgive you because I and millions of Americans will never forgive you nor will we ever forget.

Judy, California

Donna Vote TRUMP on January 6.  You know there was overwhelmingly fraud.  Be Brave and don’t let the Dems scare you.
Jean You are a traitor to America & her citizens Mitch McConnell. President Trump has worked like a slave for four years to benefit this country & you abandoned him at the moment he needed you most. Get off your ASS and object to the electoral votes from AZ GA MI NM NV PA & WI. It is within your power & it is your DUTY to do so!!
Susie Despicable traitor
Jonathan Hey Mich,  you little sell out bitch!! You are no better than those other red communist; Polosi, Shiff and Schumer . Brave red blooded Americans (80,000,000) DID NOT elect unconscious Joe pedophile Biden.You might want to wake up and smell the coffee.  80 million true, brave, courageous Americans. Do you really think we are going to tolerate you communist running our country? You are a public servant try doing your job. We didn’t elect you to serve the Deep State!!! Serve the people who elected you. Stand up for the man who was rightfully elected (Our President Trump) NOT THE FRAUD (PEDOPHILE BIDEN). We The people demand it now!!! Grow a pair of balls and stand up to The Deep State.
Chris Not supporting trump is the same as saying you’re done with political office after your term, because we will find someone who will beat you and support the deplorables
Tim Mitch do the job you were elected to do,take care of the American people and not the shot callers.Do what the President asked you to do .If you don’t your days in office are numbered
Stacy I am disgusted with you mitch. We the people need you to stand with president trump and for America and our constitution.  U have turned your back on the American people who put you in office. You don’t care about the people. You only care for yourself
Paul You should be ashamed of yourself. If it wasn’t for our great President Trump you wouldn’t have been reelected. I guess pelosi tells you when to sit and rollover. My entire family will never donate another penny to the republican party. We will continue to donate to are great president and a few republicans that learned how to be leaders
Clarence Swamp rat!!!!
Christy He is a piece of shit!
Deb McConnell, you work for us, we pay you!  Serve us, not China, not Russia, not democrats, no Pelosi!  Quit selling us out!
Christy He is a piece of shit. Only cares about filling his own pockets with money!
Janie Do your job and follow our President’s lead for Goodness sake!
Blake Parker I think he is a sell out hE should stand with the president. Look out for the American people.
Clayton Hay Senator McConnell, I think you are on the wrong side when you don’t support Pres. Trump. Congratulating Biden and telling the Senate to not support the findings concerning the theft of the election. I guess you support what the Dems did on election night. You are really one of them. If you don’t want to fight for honest elections, then step aside and get out of the way for true patriots to fight this treason. This isn’t about Trump anymore. It’s about having honest elections. If they get away with it now, we will never have an honest election again.
Jane Mitch you are a back stabbing bastard and you’ll rue the day you underestimate the Patriots of this great nation and our President. Your days are numbered.
Pam Fight for fair elections and for President Trump.
Nancy Mitch McConnell,  you need to resign. You are a traitor and a sell out. Resign or be recalled.
Marilyn Traitor
Ervine Mitch!! You are a discredit to our Republicans!! You turned your back on us, when you knew that we are hurting!! Will never have faith in you Again!!!
Janet I think it’s time you start doing your job we the American people elected you to do. Why are you letting the Democrats steal this election? You know you work for us. The American people are getting tired of how Washington works. You get rich and we get poorer. I am tired of our taxes going overseas. Our own  national debt needs to be brought down. Now you need to be stopping the steal.
Brian Mr. McConnell you are a disappointment to the Republican Party and the people who supported you! We would like you to stop being a sheep and following the other Rhino Traders and do what President Trump and the American people ask you to do or resign!
Airie Quit being a tight wade Mitch and vote to send those stimulus checks. The American people needs them and I’m one of them. I’m not asking for a hand out just a hand up. I don’t make a whole lot of money like your saying, I’m disabled and that check is going to help me a lot because I’m barely making things meet. I pray to God you will do the right thing.
Vicki It’s time you grow a backbone and support your President and fellow republicans!
Donna Mitch could afford to give all of us $2000 apiece from his dealings with China and Russia
Doug Your  a thief RINO Communist Traitor to the US. Your time has come to loose everything and become someones jail bitch
Sunaina Spineless swamp- China’s and Obama’s lap dog!
Kevin Traitor, Back stabbing, LIAR, COWARD, RINO
Linda Mr McConnell, An American taxpayer here who has voted in every election. I’ve had candidates lose but have never had one lose because the other side cheated country wide. Integrity, that’s what Jan. 6th is about. Trump won. Not Biden. Make it right and quit fighting for the Deep State, fight for we, the people. Thank you.
amy Drain the Swamp!! You go first, McConnell!
Katrina Mr McConnell you are dispicable, deplorable, evil, greedy! All I hope for is KARMA is swift and sweet! When you have so much and yet you deprive your own people a hand up to help themselves and or their livelihood when you Democrats caused this whole situation, yes I went there! There will be a very special place in HELL for you and your kind without souls. Why you say you have no soul you ask? Because ,if you had a soul ,you would help people less fortunate and or those struggling. Not keep lining your pockets to excess. You sir are dead inside and that makes me wonder where in your life you lost it. What happened to you that you turned into someone so evil? You disgust me with every fiber of my being, here’s to KARMA!
Mea Mitch McConnell with his buddy Lindsey Graham are snakes in the grass.   First Mitch McConnell…. his wife is Chinese origin and also the Secretary of Transportation in USA.  She and her family ties with China is a fact!  You can look it up and see how much money came from the in laws in his re-election…. in other words as Is a well known phrase… sleeping with the enemy…. he is an integral part of the “SWAMP”!!!

Lindsey Graham should not be allowed to be interviewed by the FAKE MEDIA CHANNELS to spread lies!!!  I wonder when he was running out of campaign funds how much Pakistan gave him to win the elections?  Also here is a man who lied to us about FISA during the Russiagate investigations and done nothing!!!! He is a bombastic liar and no one should listen to his opinions!!!  For  a politician who was running out of funds fir his ejection give 5 million dollars to POTUS FOR his court costs to fight fake elections…. did he donate or was it another golf Graham’s lies???Has anyone of the ordinary American public visited Pakistan….. the number would be negligible.  Over the last 40 years Pakistan has been given aid by USA and still is as backward as the dark ages even though the crowd of politicians in Pakistan are multi millionaires!!!  Israel was established in 1948 and see where they are today!!!  India became independent same time as Pakistan and see where they have reached!!!  Pakistan has been fed by USA with billions and the people are living in the dark ages…. Lindsey Graham is just perpetuating  that… does he know how many women can open a bank account without their husband’s consent or is the money going to come back to him through a back door???

Tiberius Mitch, you suck! Selling out the republican party and the president. You need to start doing what you were elected to do FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE Not For Yourself.
Nina I believe he has totally let us and President Trump down.
David Mitch, Get off the pot and ‘support’ TRUMP!!
Maryann Time to step up and do the right thing , senator McConnell. Stop the  election fraud. Stop throwing your president and party , under the bus.
Jenna Mr. McConnell,
As an American Patriot I ask of you to do your job for we the people that you work for  and also the President of The United States to consider being a man that took a job to serve and support we the people!! I’d love to be able to tell my children that you did the right thing and took a stand for a fair election  and and supported our President Mr. Donald Trump in winning the 2020 election. Prove to us and be honest  and stand for what’s right instead of the evil agenda you have been caught up in.
Warren You, sir, are no Patriot.  I will give my $$ only to those who I would consider a Republican Patriot, which you will be hearing more about in the weeks and months to come.
Henry Shame on you for overriding the defense bill and a chance to abandon Section 230 along with Big Tech tyranny of it’s users. You are a sad excuse of a human being.
Curt Mr. McConnell… it is very clear to everyone who has been watching the senate hearings in ALL the battleground states that there has been MASSIVE fraud in this election.  It is completely unacceptable for the Republican party, who has benefitted greatly from President Trump’s leadership, to fail to back him up now.  I know this sentiment is shared by probably 80 million plus… FIGHT for TRUMP… STOP the STEAL!!  Curt Odell (Calif Republican)
Jeannette The democrats cheated and they know it.  How can we let that go!  It has to be fixed.  The republicans better wake up.  You better  wake up Mitch!  Biden did not win and he and his dip shit son should be going to jail .  Do the work you were put there for.
Robert Get bent you treasonous toad. You are either for the President or you are a traitor to your country.
Rick Mitch, it’s time to back our president!
Get on the Trump train!
Alan With your leadership, I will no longer support ANY republican not supporting Trump.
Kerry Mitch McConnell I cannot tell your how disappointed I am in your recent actions going against our Presidents desire to take care of America first , before foolish spending for foolish agendas in other nations.  You have let so many Americans down.  Just one more old politician who cares more about their own picket book & cares not for We the People.
CARL Better face the wrath of the NWO than  the American People. We WILL win this war. Fear God; Not Satan.
Charmaine M. M.  Will never get another vote!  Ever!   Selfish bastard!    Piece of Shit!!!!
John Time to retire Bitch I meant Mitch
Kelly I think you need to do your job as a republican and support President Trump. You need to address the massive voter fraud in PA, GA, WI, MI, and AZ to name a few. Stop letting your ties through your wife’s family’s shipping company with China influence your decision making. Be a real man and stand up for this country. You are currently a disappointment to America and should be ashamed of yourself for not doing the right thing and addressing all of the fraud. Trump won in a landslide!!! Stand up on January 6th and address the fraud and support Trump.
You are old and have plenty of money. Step down from your position if you are too weak minded to do the right thing. Stop letting your personal interests with the swamp inhibit you from doing the right thing and do your moral obligation of supporting Trump.
Mark It is disgusting that you and other Rinos are not behind the fight to get to the bottom of liberals election fraud investigation! I am a veteran from Alabama and when you congradulated Joe Biden it made me sick to my stomach! I know you are not doing the will of the people who elected you and I seriously think you will be voted out next time because no matter how much power you think you have, the American people are tired of you and your career politician friends doing nothing but working at insuring your career! If you commit to the people and represent them, they will insure you stay as long as you want! I almost believe we just need to vote out all career politicians and most everybody I know feels this way! With all the power you have in congress, get in there and help drive out the bad element instead of congradulating them for doing a good job of cheating! Either represent us or retire! We are mad and will be glad to help you with the lack of our votes! Dont believe me, just watch!
Tuula Time for you, Mitch to get out.
You are a disgrace!
Tam You have sold out every person who voted for you. You collect my tax payer money and do nothing to earn it. You don’t do what you’re paid to do or follow what President Trump expects out of you. All of you in office that have turned on your boss, our president need to be removed and tried for treason. Shame on the lot of you miserable scum.
Sylvia You are a disgrace to Americans because you don’t put Americans first. You are not doing your job and should be fired. You are the reason real working class Americans hate politicians.  Do what is right or get out.
Doris Prove you are a patriot and support our Constitution, our country, the American people and President Trump!
Kirk Mitch no amount of money is worth the eternal and earthly consequence of what your about to do…. Time to fix it immediately.
Camille A 2 faced snake and RINO.
Jeff Mitch you have become the biggest of the swamp creatures. Who voted for you and why? You should be slapped all the way out the door.
george mitch Trump helped you now it’s time to help him make all the republicans in the senate vote to put in the trump electors from those six rigged states.
Rose Dear Mr.McConnell,you better get your act together and give the American people our $2000,,we are FED UP with you
Janet Mitch McConnell,
You were hired to serve the American people.  80 million people voted for President Trump and are Outraged that the sanctity of our vote has been hijacked.  So much evidence of fraud has been presented to the state legislatures that your stance that there was no fraud is absurd.  You do not have the luxury to claim you haven’t heard.  It is your responsibility to be following every one of the contested states so that you can properly do your job.  Having watched most of the hearings and the testimony of so many brave Americans my heart cried out and I knew the fraud was real.  So your stance in the face of the evidence presented at these hearings brings me only to two conclusions either you are complicit with the fraud or you are in some way compromised such that you are lying to the American people and are supporting the fraud.  Regardless of your reasons, if you continue down your current course you are committing career suicide.  The American people will not be stripped of their rights and we will not be silenced or swept under the rug!  We are not the little people that serve your needs.  You work for us!  The fact that politicians like you, the main stream media, and big tech are all saying there is no fraud and there is nothing to see here in the face of overwhelming evidence, are trying to isolate us and silence us has made us realize this is a well orchestrated coverup and coup.  We are incensed that the officials we elected or are hired to support and protect us like politicians, judges, DOJ, etc., are not doing their jobs or are abdicating their responsibilities.  Hear what we are saying loud and clear- the fraud was rampant and it was real and you need to support every American and the constitution by correcting this election NOW!  You need to object to the electoral votes on January 6th for the states that contested states rife with fraud.  You need to do this not only because it is right, and because it is your job to support the will of the people and defend the constitution, but finally because if you do not your days are numbered in politics.  We will NEVER forget.
Sherry You are not doing your job! I don’t know if you sell out Republicans are aware but this country is about to go rogue and if you think it’s because of the Democrats your right and because of the Deep State Republicans too! We The People know who you are and we are on our way!!!
Elena Mitch McConnell, you are a traitor. I do not support you any more. You have shown your true colors.
kim Be a man and support truth
Ron We hate what you’ve done you rino
Jeffrey Many of us feel that you have repeatedly stood in the way of the great work President Trump has been initiating!  As Republicans, we are extremely dissatisfied in your recent actions, which seem to align more closely with the Deep state Democrats and RINOS that we are fighting against.  Allowing such a fraudulant election stand would be your worst betrayal of our nation!  Those of us who are true American patriots will remember your actions right now, more than anything positive you may have done in the past.  Please don’t let our country down!
vickie I think Mitch McConnell should resign because he does not care about the people and we need someone better than him!
Bog Finally showed your colors!  About time to retire a mitch?
Chad Mr. McConnell,
You swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and you are supposed to be a representative of the people, especially the constituents who voted you into office, who happen to belong to the same party as our current President. I think it’s well past the time for you to start representing these people—it’s time to stop thinking of yourself and your political career and start playing for the team you were supposed to be on. As I see it, your actions as of late have been downright treasonous, and I sincerely hope you get what all Deep State traitors deserve, in this life, or the next.
Angela Most of us Americans need this money Mr. McConnell.We are all having hard times. We have to buy masks. hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and medical gloves we have never had to buy before. This  stuff is not cheap. Not to mention zinc, Vitamins C & D3 and tonic water with quinine to fight the coronavirus too. Lots of this st                                                                uff is hard to find also.
Ann Senator McConnell. We want to stand by our President Trump and stop congratulating joe Biden for winning the election. President Trump won the election. Stand by the Republicans and stop being a coward.
Jennifer Mcconnell you are a dirty traitor, You’re backstabbing President  Trump in every way you can. Biden isn’t President elect and you’re trying to sabotage the Senate so it will turn democrat. You’re wicked, dispicable disgusting and a traitor! Hope you get arrested and thrown in ghitmo.
Ken Yellow faced B.    No guts at all. No back. Bone very disappointed with your performance go back to your hollow &stay there
Lynnette Traitor!
Louise You were elected because voters believed you would support conservative Republican standards. That is what “We the people” want.. But now you tell other legislators to not support the Republican plans to decertify Democrat electors of states with massive voter fraud! COWARD! You haven’t even seen the evidence but are thinking only of your career! Americans want justice!
Larry He’s one of the leaders of the “swamp creatures” who have been crushing the American middle class for decaded…..he’s not much better than Pelosi….Head RINO…..he’s got to go!!!  The sooner the better!!!
judu you call yourself an Republican, You act more like a Democrat. you are supposed to help the President Trump, Not turn your back on him. We need him back in the White House. NOT BIDEN OR HARRIS. I don’t want our country to become a communist country. Wake up help he win. He won the Election, every American know it . Stop acting like a JERK and do the right thing for once in your life.
Carole You are another traitor.  You care only about your political power—nothing about Americans—or our President Trump—as you and most Republicans in Congress continue to receive your benefits, salaries, perks, etc.  including $$$ for an increase in your salaries in this stimulus bill, as $$$ in the last one.  The Republican Party is no different from the Democrat Party, which is why most of us who voted for our President Trump are now the Party of Trump.!
Glenda Mitch, you are a traitor to our country and the American people!! Stand up and find some courage and support our great President!!
Irwin C Senator McConnell, I have been trying to understand why you would abuse the U.S.A. Citizens and our President, Donald Trump and I can only arrive at a few possible reasons.  1.  You are personally envious of Donald Trump, because he is a better man than you, and he makes you feel inadequate.  2.  You are an unprincipled man who identifies with the deep-state mafia/shadow government and operate under the principles of all criminals and members of organized crime groups.  3.  It is true what they say about your wife being a member of the CCP and have cast your lot with her because they offer a better retirement plan that you can add to your own resources so that you can live like royalty after you retire to Beijing.  4.  You really are, by nature an atheistic communist, and you wish to bring all Christians into servitude under the world communist oligarchy.  5.  You secretly identify with the Confederacy, and hold all Republicans in contempt in your desire to avenge all Yankees who show themselves to be better men than yourself.  6.  All of the above is most likely the case.
William Mitch get your stuff together and back up what you know is true. No way Joe Biden received 81 million votes. We are not as ridiculously stupid as you may think. Now get off your high horse and do the next right thing. I know that may be hard for a guy like you, since you’ve been hanging out in Congress for way too long. Now is the time or next election not only will you have trouble getting re-elected, but so will many other fellow Republicans.The numbers in the private sector that think this very same way will ALWAYS remember which way you go on this. There is no doubt about this fraud of an election. So please do the right thing or we the people will the next time those that don’t are up for re-election.
Rosemary Stand with your President and fight!
Jeff Do the right thing for our Government and America..You are all ready set for life..
Michelle You sir are not deserving of the office you were voted by we the people to hold, you are not supporting our President as we the people demand.
Dobbin So you put local politics or your personal profit (i.e. the wife) ahead of the sanctity of the US vote?   If treason doth prosper quote sound familiar?   Or maybe you think you can continue WITHOUT the consent of the governed?    Well, good luck with that.
Sharon Shame on you Mitch. I don’t know what else to say that is civil. How can you sell out America? Trump? Americans? Unborn babies? Other free countries? Do you really need the money or power that badly? Enough to sell your soul? I feel sorry for you and for us. I will never understand the evil that permeates Washington and the scumbags that inhabit the sacred halls of Congress.
Americans watch hearings where democRats scream, yell, lie and act like
nasty morons AND Republicans do NOTHING or worse obstruct the President. Well ya fooled me. I thought you supported Trump. Now we find out you and your Chinese wife have major investments and businesses IN CHINA our enemy.  Obviously you are an atheist or you could never do what you do cause the long term consequences certainly outweigh the short time benefits. Please feel free to share this with Pelosi, Schumer and your other demon friends. Sincerely, an American Patriot.
K You will not like the outcome of your treason. A waste of life
Danyel I did not give you permission to sell out MY America for a few pieces of silver from China! You, Pelosi, Schumer, and Graham are a disgrace to this country. You’re sending billions of dollars to foreign countries, yet you do nothing for those suffering in your own. And you refuse to stand by, and stand up for, the most beloved POTUS the Party has ever had! Sign the bill. Refuse billions in foreign aid. And object to the fraudulant electors you will he presented with on the 6th. Show your patriotism for the UNITED STATES instead of China for once!
Bonnie I know why you are doing what you are doing and I applaud you
Debbie I think you are a traitor for not standing for our President.
Charlene Mitch McConnell, Are you aware that you work for the Americans and not for yourself or all the Foreign countries you are sending money to. You and your Chinese wife are in bed with China. Please explain to the people who have no job because of the stupid Dems with whom you belly up to. Stop living in a bubble, get your behind out among the people you are supposed to be representing who are hurting. Give we the people our money, cut yours and all the other greedy power hungry Congress salaries. Better still, share some of your millions of Chinese money. 75,000,000 million people are pissed. Stop trying to halt the pro Trump Congress people who fight. You are old and rich enough to leave Washington. DO IT!!!
linda Dear Mr. McConnell the world is watching how you and the rest of the senators are not fighting for our country. Grow some balls and start fighting instead of cowering down
Rodney You are a traitor in the worst form. You have sold out the Republican Party and the people of the United States of America. May God have mercy on your soul.
David Mitch,
Get off your high horse and do what’s right for the country and Republicans who voted you in.  The election was a fraud, how dare you shame Sen Hawley who is doing the right thing on Jan. 6th.
Waunita There was so much fraud in this election!!! Quit covering your own back side and get a spine and behind Trump!! He has done so much more for America in four years than any all the last four presidents put together!!! Get a spine and be an American!!!! We do not want America to be a socialist country!!! We all Know Biden is owned by China and should be in jail!!!
Barbara You are a traitor and a douche
Judy Mitch McConnell you should support a challenge to the Electoral College vote, saying there is “no question” President Donald Trump won.
And WON by a landslide. Biden won by fraud and you know he did. Like a thief in the middle of the night.
Do your job and support the people and the Republican Party. You can save our Nation and Republican Party by challenging the Electoral College and make sure this election is not given to Biden.
May God bless you and give you the strength to do what is right.  Our joy was stolen by the Democrats.  We will never know how many votes President Trump had on Election night.   Trump 80 Million votes and Biden 40 Million votes.  Can you in good conscience allow this to happen????
Cynthia Show your loyalty to President Trump!
Robert I voted for Nixon in 1972, and the GOP ever since. If you fail Trump, you bastards have failed me. I go third party for good. I’m pissed at many in my party,  YOU ARE A DAMN DISSAPOINTMESure. We have had puke Rinos, but this makes me angry.
Wanda Mr. Connell
It is obvious that you (and others) are abandoning President Trump, aligning yourself with what you see as the next administration. Bedfellows with Biden. Disgusting!!
harvey do what president trump ask or g et out
Nannette We know why you don’t want to do anything to disturb your families business with China. What a gutless wonder you are. Rhino all the way. Ashamed of you. You should have been gone years ago!
Maybelle We are so disappointed in what you are not doing for the American people. We thought we were paying you to speak up on behalf of us. We thought you would help us get the $2000.00 dollar President Trump  said that we deserved because of the China virus. It was not no fault of ours. I believe you and the senators get paid the same during this  time. I think you all need to think about the people that are struggling at this time paying their bills and to buy their groceries. Take some time to think about others. Please stand with  the President and help him out.
Belinda Mitch McConnell is not supporting true Americans that support Donald Trump. Shame on you for proving you are part of the swamp.
Sandy You are a traitor! The truth will come out! Your true motives will be revealed!
Debra Traitor
Liz Traitor and POS!😡🤬🤯
Lonnie If you have a good reason stand your ground. If not move forward so others can benefit.
Mike Trump supporter!!!!
julie How can you betray Trump like that after he vouched for you. I live in PA with two do nothing senators.  You are supposed to represent us especially after you bug us for money. Election time is dreaded because you get us excited & promise us what you are going to do then you do what is in the best interest of you.  You all should have taken a pay cut this year since the country had to stop working, but you did not. You allowed this bill to go forward with a dem wish list. How come you are fighting your President now?  I know why because he does not cow tow to the lobbyists & go with the flow.  The real Americans who have to work more than one job per household who barely make ends meet did not put you there to get paid to do nothing.  The problem is you are in your DC bubble & do NOT understand real life.  You will receive a pension & perks,& maybe teach /speak at colleges. A lot of the real people will not have a big pension if they have one & will have to rely on SS.  I could go on about other things, but I know a staffer will read this & may not give it to you to read because it is a person complaining on how you are doing your job. We put you in there & you are not doing anything for us. I hope you all get your act together or the people will be heard in you not being reelected.
Leonard Mitch or should I call you Bitch, my intuition tells me that your complicit in all this fraud . Your precipitous Judgements you emanate is all the fact
that I need, that your a compromised, conspirator
and only make a decree if it’s to defer the truth.
Xiao You better to remember you serve us American people, not CCP
Ruth Apparently you’re being exposed…God is exposing many, and turn from your ways.  Lord have mercy on you
Matt Get out of the way, or retire yesterday!
Rob Mitch if you screw the president you need never come back her in ky
Dale Hey Mitch, you are supposed to represent we the people. You are NOT.  Put your big boy pants on and do what is right by the people not what benefits you. Reports are you take money from the Dominion voting company.  What a disgrace. How can you live with yourself knowing you helped in stealing an election from president Trump. Look within your crooked self and do the right thing for we the people for a change.. Stop the steal.!!!!!
Jan Mitch McConnell, you are a traitor to this country. you are willingly not addressing obvious voter fraud in this country and the republic will not tolerate you any more!
Christina Christina Creasy
You are a p.o.s. If you do not help our Great President TRUMP And stop this voter fraud I will never vote for you again!!!!!!😡😡😡 You are a p.0.p.s. If you don’t stop this voter fraud and i will never vote for you again if you don’t help President trump!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡
Lori Traitor & China Loyalist!!!!!
Fred McConnell is nothing than a god dam tradior/backstabber
Carol I am a senior individual that has worked since I was 12 years old.  Getting right ti it, I guess you were born with a silver spoon stuck in both ends.  Thats not gonna help you one bit when you have to answer to the Lord from all the harm you are causing the poor people and seniors who are struggling to pay bills, buy food, care for children and/or grandchildren, and other various essentials for daily living.  I believe if the American public decided to take the pensions nd your ill gotten gains of Congress and Senators,  add that to Social Security monies that has been stolen,  begin taking deductions from your pay, stop the ridiculous recurring pay and protection upon the retirement of all you ass holes; put you all on the same scale of receiving Medicare, Social Security, and minimal pension amounts, you might understand what you have done to the American People that elected you.  You all seem to forget you work for the people of the United States of America.   You ass holes think you are so smart, but in fact you and your actions leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.  You understand.   You are the worst stinking POS’s that I have ever known.  I no longer believe in my government because of all of your self-centered attitudes thinking you know better than anyone else.  In fact, you are dumber than 100 year old dirt and lower than snake shit!!!
Nanci Dear Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,
Our family of voters has become deeply disturbed by your increasingly evident disregard for President Trump and now blatant appearance of non-support for Trump in the upcoming electoral count challenge. We thought you were a supporter of our President, but now we have become disillusioned about your personal agenda in all this, and fear you will stab him in the back at the moment we voters need you most to step up and stand with him. Your lack of support on getting $2000 for our hurting citizens rather than the paltry $600 that was approved, your evident support of all the leftist pork padding that was stuffed into the recent stimulus bill is appalling !  At one time I thought you were a true Republican and support to our President, but its become clear you have become compromised.
Unless we see clear evidence of your loyal support on January 6th, we will do everything in our power to discredit you and your long political career. You have the power to make a difference, and you need to prove that you have not become a mere RINO. Please do the right thing Mitch, and speak out against this travesty of an election, this fraudulent election circus. Help your country, Mitch! Do it for the sake of your reputation and your legacy if nothing else!
Bruce your absolute support of our president is a must to save our country from destruction!!!!
Shane J. Stevens RINO who looks out for Washington elite. Stop the steal or face the consequences Mitch the democratic bitch!
John Do what the constitution and what your supporters want. STOP the steal!😡
Tejal He’s shit faced traitor and should be removed from senate immediately!!!
Trump Not a team player
connie enjoy the short time you have left in public you just ended your career you traitor
Gloria Mr. McConnell, we the people, fellow republicans are watching and fully aware of your lack of leadership at this critical time for our country.  Meet our and President Trump’s expectations NOW or we will remember well and long. Time is short. Leave a legacy worth remembering! Signed: A Voter
Richard Mitch you are a low life Rhino who is selling out the American people , you should be ashamed of yourself but I guess you have absolutely no conscience. I pray the truth about all your underhanded dealings will be brought to light and you go to prison with the rest of your leftists friends .
Ken Hey Mitch- stop being a RINO and support our president.  He has enough butt holes to deal with and doesn’t need you to be one of them!
Patricia He doesn’t care about the people just him self needs to  retire now
[email protected]
Lynne We the people need you to stand up to election fraud. You must NOT accept fraudulent electors
Bob Mitch, you are a RINO turncoat, how about supporting the people who voted for President Trump and the president himself for a change.  Why don’t you finally declare yourself a democrat and get all this posturing over with.  You are no different than the corrupt socialist democrats, who scheme, lie and deceive to steal this election out from the majority who voted for President Trump
Mary Mitch McConnell, you better back our PRESIDENT, this is serious,don’t be a traitor
Nathan I believe Mitch McConnell is a Republican rat who took out President Trump at the knees. He is clearly a Chinese pawn with his wife’s father tied inextricably to the CCP. In short he is part of the swamp. I’m only sorry he was just re-elected for another 6 yrs. If I’m still alive in 6 yrs I will do everything I can financially to see he loses the next election. 74-80 million Americans who voted for Trump will never forget how he stabbed Trump in the back. What a consummate phony and fraud he is. He makes me want to Puke
Nate Nickerson
Eastham, Ma
Donna I voted for McConnell in the last election.  Oh how I wish I could have a redo!!
Cheryl Stand with the American people and democracy. Stand with President Trump and the election he won and was stolen from him. Be a patriot and back President Trump. We the people demand you think of us who elected you and pay your salary. God is watching.
Janelle Mitch, you are a coward loser. We want you out!
Trump will win!! The patriots will be heard.
Carol Mitch, you either stand with AMERICANS or you don’t. If you won’t then step aside. Your part of the corruption!
Terry It’s time for you to go Mitch.
Marcia You are a piece of crap rino & should be recalled! We the people demand more respect for our votes! Trump is our President & you should support him!
Kevin Senator McConnell I am disappointed in your lack of support and working against our President. You are showing your true colors, placing you on the wrong side of history. President Trump has won re-election and will win this fight.  He has the support of true conservatives, as well as the Lord our God. He will win this fight while God exposes all of the deep state corruption. You better start supporting our President or you will be revealed for who you are. And your ambitions are over. Don’t forget many Americans voted for this president in this past election. That’s how many citizens will be fighting against you and your next effort.
Kerryn I feel you have been sinking in the quicksand of the Swamp. You are almost to the point of no return.
Severina Mitch McConnell,  you are a piece of shit selling out the Republicans who voted you in. You don’t care about the American people & how we are struggling. You are just like Pelosi, Bidden,& Harris. You might as well change to the democratic party. You are not doing your job for the American people. We deserve at least $2,000.00 stimulus & college students also deserve the money. Many of them have lost their jobs & are struggling with the online schooling! All of you should stop your pay until you can get your crap together.  You know there is proof of election fraud & you need to push for an investigation & do what the American people voted for! Its time for you to be out of office & term limits be put on all those in office!
Mojo I think you are a RINO as to how you are acting about make a bill veto-proof.  Then supporting a bill that gives billions to foreign countries.  And what billions stay in America are going to arts and entertainment and not the hard-working American taxpayer who are also footing these expenses.  This one time I wish you had lost and someone else had won your senate seat
Martha I think you have sold out the Americans one time too many that 600 dollar check is only enough to buy a decent gun to protect ourselves but yet u oked billions to other countries that has nothing to do with the damn covid that shouldn’t have became a pandemic in the first damn place not to mention the illegals in this country get 1800 a person that’s we the people’s taxes n yet they get more than we do I call bull shit but damn you guys get thousands of dollars for furniture that can wait until the stupid pandemic is over like I said you guys have played with our lives long enough in my books you all should be fired n let some new faces in n I don’t think you guys need anymore raises try not getting a pay check for the rest of this pandemic cause I bet y’all would declare it over in a heart beat if you had to suffer like us u guys get paid more than anyone n yet y’all don’t work near as many hours or as hard as the little man so get off your butt n help us the hell out we pay your pay check
Rhonda I would like to say you are betraying your country, President Trump, and the Republican party and ME with your recent actions regarding the stolen election.  You can’t deny it was stolen.  There is too much evidence that is coming out daily.  And, I believe you know this is true.
To lie about what you know to be true in this election is not only a tragedy, it’s treason against your country and the President of the United States.
S Mitch McConnell,  you are exactly the kind of politician We the People hate: you forgot whose coattails you rode in on! You don’t know your constituents’ plight nor do you care. We despise politicians like you and we will vote in term limits and vote you out!
Melissa He obviously does not care about the American People, but instead he is greedy and power hungry!  Time for you to leave!
Betsy B Gonzalez Senator McConnell:
You have finally been unmasked as a traitor to our Republic. Trump has been the force to uncovered all of you.
Denise Stand with President Trump and drain the swamp!
Val Mr. McConnell
Am I seeing an about-face from support of the president, or am I watching a serpent now striking his prey?
Sandy Mitch you piece of shit. You better get your head out of your ass or someone is gonna do it for you
Lauren He’s an awful person who’s not doing his damn job
Karole You are a traitor to America. Take your Chinese wife and get the hell out of America. You are not wanted here. Treason requires the death sentence and you are guilty!
Robert It’s your obligation to stand and fight for President Trump.
Gloria You need to fight for Trump
Patricia I am extremely upset with McConnell. He will not serve another term!!
JoAnn I believe he betray the Americans who put him in office. He will pay the price come next election. Trump is for the people of the USA. Not to send billions of dollars elsewhere.
Terry Mitch doesn’t care about America  or the American  people. He will never be re-elected again if he doesn’t change his  attitude of America  last.  Mitch is involved in pizzagate or corrupted by the CCP im sure.
David Wuhan, No-Nut Mitch
Doreen Sintich Save our country by You and Pence Siding with Trump. All states that have votes in question need to be rejected and not counted. All Rep. need to support their party and President. Or there will never be a Rep. president again. Your party is gone without Trump.
Dee Time to be true to your Republican party Mitch!
Jeff You fuckin piece of mouse shit take blowmenthals dick out of yer mouth and do the right thing. F****** people have waited long enough for our money. You s*** Staind piece of crap spend more on one dinner then most people receive in a week of unemployment. Push it to $2,000 now you dick face
Betty You don’t appear to be representing America. China is taking over from the inside. Are you a portal hiding in plain sight?
Richard McConnell,
You are a slime piece of the Washington swamp that needs to be drained.  What a pathetic back-stabbing turn coat you are.  You are no better than the worst demon rat crat piece of shit called an American politician.  Quit NOW!! Your time is up.  Get out before we throw your rotten ass out.
Bryce This is Bullshit Mc Connell. The reason rebulicans lose is they don’t stand together. You’ve totally lost my respect
Charles Your not looking out for us ,the people who picked you and pay you .you should be in our nation and presidents side.
bobbylee dominguez Mitchell, you loved the Americans that voted for you,  up just democrats you forgot them that fast. you know whats is right do it.
Charles McConnell Hope you realize we put you where your at today and we can remove you just as easy.So get a pair of balls and stand up for the people who put you where your at today.Your supposed to be our voice so get off your ass and do what we expect you to do.Thank you   Mr. Charles J Metcalf
Kay We are ashamed of your obvious position against exposing the truth about voter fraud on November 3rd.  The evidence is clear, and you know it. Obviously, you want to protect your family’s financial ties to the Chinese instead of putting America first.  You need to retire.
TEKFOC Your a true Benedict Arnold to this country
There is a god just remember that
Remember it’s actually over 150.000.000 that voted and is behind trump 100%
Crystal You have went against alot of Trump supporters, and we will remember that!
Danny we want the electoral votes contested, we know there was voter fraud. Stand for Trump
Aimee Mitch McConnell is a traitor
Mike Get on board Mitch and stop the steal! Look at the evidence and follow the constitution to represent the people that elected you!!
Karl Mitch I have never seen such disrespect for the American people in all my life. I hope your happy with stabbing Trump in the back. If you try and stop the objection of the Biden vote, I hope you wind up in jail with the rest of your commie friends.
Deb Mitch McConnell you are not living up to your oath to uphold the constitution.
Your actions will be remembered as anti American!!!
Tere’ Stand up for the party that elected you not your own ego . Demand a fair election .
Gaty Mitch the traitor!!!!
jill I thought you were a loyal supporter of President Trump and the American people, BUT you are now showing your true shameful despicable colors!  It is an outrage that you would turn against the very people who voted for you, trusted you!  You need to be kicked out of office!!  You are a traitor to our country and to the American people!!  How can you sleep at night in the comfort of your mansion when sooooooo many people, hard working, good people are losing everything??!!!  Not only they, but Their children are starving, depressed, confused, homeless because of your arrogance and your pride and greater than thou attitude!!  You will pay in the end old man!!  God hates arrogance!!  He hates evil!!  You will pay!!
Karen You are one huge disappointment, period!!!! We the People will not forget. Shame on you!!!!!!!
Kristi PLEASE stand up for the American People. Stop bending to the powers that be. Don’t hand us back over to the Deep State
Lana Mitch McConnell is the biggest disappointment I have encountered In quite some time.  Right before my eyes, he has turned out to be the biggest fraud, RINO, back stabbing, yellow belly, disloyal, sell-out, lying POS in the Republican Party!!  I can clearly see now why so many people hate him.  He is doing NOTHING for the American people!!  But he for sure is lining his pockets by stealing from all Americans – especially more heinous, the very people in his state that voted for him!!!  Mitch McConnell, do NOT send me any more emails begging for money!  Find some other poor deluded person who still thinks you are a real person, not the disgusting, slug, who is a HUGE Swamp Creature who needs someone to pour salt all over you and laugh as you melt into a puddle of scum!!!!
Kathryn Mitch M. You are an unAmerican Rino. Self serving and corrupt. Join the Democrats you aren’t wanted in the Republican Party. Leave you are shameful
Corie Cruise Mitch McConnell needs to support President Trump of He will Go.
Diana We’re watching you and we know what you are! You’re on record! You’ve played the wrong cards, now it’s time to pay your dues!
Paul Why are you selling out the Republicans & the people of USA. A DAY OF RECKONING COMING. FOR GOD IS WITH US. THE PATRIOTS!!!
Collena You and many of the other ELECTED politicians have betrayed we the people. We voted for you to stand up for us and keep us free from from these freedom stealing vote stealing Democrats. You are no better than them in fact you are worse. You are a traitor and a disgrace. We love Trump flaws and all. He cares for this country and he cares about Americans.
Deborah You are a traitor to this country.  You’ve done everything you can to back stab President Trump.  You should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.  You are a despicable politician and man.
Debbie Last chance not to go down in history as a traitor  DO THE RIGHT THING QUIT SELLING OUT OUR COUNTRY !
Melody Sen.Mitchell quit selling out America and not supporting President Trump or your fellow Republicans.  You are a traitor to those who vote for you and an anti’Patriot.  We are totally ashamed of your attitude, mannerisms and liberalism.
Nancy Sorensen To: Mitch McConnell
I am a conservative and I’m thoroughly disgusted with you! You have let us all down ever since you were re-elected.  You are a turncoat and I don’t know how you sleep at night!!!!
A Your a traitor! Bought by China. Do what the American people elected you to do. Do what the president tells you to do. Stop sending  our money on foreign countries and withholding our own money from us. While you are laundering our money back to you. We know you are only out for yourself. Your crooked politician. I hope you pay the price for treason. Traitor!!
Pamela I am very disappointed in you, Mitch McConnell! You don’t seem to care about the American people! You do not support President Trump. I am fed up with politicians like you who cares only for yourself and your political career!!! This election was rigged and crooked!!! Americans watched the stealing of the election on tv!!! Americans are  not blind nor stupid. We see right through you and you career politicians !! Stand up for President Trump and America!!!
Nancy and William Mitch McConnell, you are a good for nothing POS. You have sold out America and it’s citizens. Did the Chinese get to you too. You are certainly in someone’s back pocket, but not that of the American citizens who pay your salary. You are a TRAITOR! Hope you rot in HELL!!!

Nancy Duncan and
William Reynolds
San Marcos,CA.

Melissa I am so infuriated that I have to calm down to even write anything.  How DARE you, you have NO morals, no right, to even be an elected official! I see you online, on tv, begging for help, begging for money, you are one of the richest beggars we have here in this great country. Did you run short on your paycheck this year? I imagine this pandemic must have really made you struggle!! Right now, I am again laid off from MY job, struggling, trying to figure out which bills have to wait. Only a piece of human garbage would do to the American People what YOU have done. YOU are a TRAITOR. You might believe that you are clever and have fooled the dumb ‘old lowlifes again, but arrogant jackasses like you are blind to reality.  We See You, you have betrayed OUR PRESIDENT, AND THE PEOPLE WHO TRUSTED YOU. YOUR days are numbered. WE WONT FORGET ALL YOU HAVE DONE TO AND FAILED TO DO FOR THIS COUNTRY. You are no hero, you are no patriot, you are a socialist traitor.!
Wesley Mr McConnell,
you are a disgrace to the people of this country who donated money and sweat equity polling for you to get re elected. Instead of honoring your job to serve the American people, you instead chose a path of self entitlement and self serving. What a coward and spineless trickster you are. Revealing your true colors shows exactly what a mess our country is in politically and spiritually. We the people thought you were an admirable person just to see you are a dirty swamp creature with ties to the CCP and promoting communism to line your pockets at the expense of millions of Americans.
Joe His bank accounts tell you all you need to know. Bitch, know you can’t take it with you and you’re already past your expiration date…Talk to Linwood.
Joanna I think you need to promote Republicans view and Presidents view. Quit going against your own party. You are starting to act like Mitt. Don’t be a coward , Benedict Arnold. I think you should be for your parties choice. Your letting us down. Stop acting like Nancy or maybe they are threatening you if so spill it don’t turn on your own party!Save us don’t sink us.
Israel I never trusted you and I never will. You are ugly to look at and your personality matches you looks. You have your own selfish agenda and you will never change. All you can think about is yourself. You will prostitute yourself just to stay in office. You are a typical example of an untrustworthy dog; A.K.A. a crooked politician. Isn’t it time you resigned?
Larry I’m ashamed of the way he does not represent the state where I was born and raised; he represents the lobbyists instead.
Roy Do what’s right.  Follow the Plan!
Otis Senator McConnell please put the $2,000.00 stimulus check to a vote on the senate floor.  Also get inline to nullify the presidential election. We’re mad that this happened in our COUNTRY!!
Robert Tobias Every human being is Satan’s enemy. Once you have been useful to him, he will destroy you before the Almighty destroys the Luciferian army. This is a basic kindergarten truth not taught in your schools. You are too “perfumed” to know what a communist/fascist looks like. Be careful because “friends” are also destroyed. Do GOOD NOW that you have the opportunity because your wife will not save you.
Ronald Mitch you are such a piece of crap. You forgot who put your sorry ass in there, and for what.There is a lot of people in the US that sure could use the $2000. I hope you burn in hell for the way you have treated the American people for how many decades.
Brenda What a traitor!
Janee You have truly disappointed this nation who was trusting you to stand with President Trump. You instead have become a traitor to the American people.
Mike Mitch you better put you big boy pants on and support the president 100%.You know damn well this election was stolen and if not for Trump you wouldn’t have been re-elected. To not fight this fraud will mean the fealty of the Republican Party
Joan Mitchell McConnell’s a Turn Coat and Swamp creatures. Despicable human. Remember who you work for. We the People.
Sherryl Stand with President Trump period!
Doug Mitch,   you are a dishonorable man.
you where elected to serve as the peoples voice, but instead you are betraying all Americans.
you need to be removed from serving in our government, since you are only serving youself.
you are part of the corruption that is destroying this great nation.
your behavior has made you a traitor and you belong in prison.  justice will find you one day, may God show His mercy on you.
you will need it
Travis mitchell Dear Mitch McConnell you need to stand up and fight. I sever my country in the United States Marine Corp.  We use a term call Semper Fi.   This mean always faithful.  If you are doing your job you need to be loyal to the President of the United States and the people he works for and that the people.  Do your job or just retire if you can not do it with honor and loyalty and integrity.
Karen Mitch, why are you not supporting the President in his battle with all these evil people that surround him, (including yourself) when all you care about is what is good for your career, not what the country needs.  I think it is time you resign………………
Arthur What is wrong with you? Without President Trump we have no country and you know as anyone with eyes and a brain knows that there was massive fraud and millions of votes for Biden are illegal. You better do what is right and back our president or there will never be another election in this country.
ROBIN McConnell is a CCP traitor and not fit to live in this country, let alone serve in congress.  HE SHOULD BE TRIED FOR TREASON.
Martha Mitch, I as an American citizen am very disappointed in you! You need to take a stand FOR us and America. Take a stand against the Democrats and do the right thing.
Arno Mitch, I gave to your senate campaign and I live in CA. I Did this to help you keep the senate and your job. You now are betraying president Trump. I and millions of other Americans will NOT forget your betrayal. If you don’t immediately change course and support VP Pence rejecting the electoral votes from AZ, GA, MI, NV, PA and WI, I will fund anyone to primary you and to defeat you next time, assuming any republican can is ever be elected again after a Biden-Harris term. I hate what the Democrats did but what you are doing is worse and I never thought I would say this but would even contribute to a democrat challenger of your seat. Your behavior sickens me and you better get on board by Wednesday! Such a traitor! Arno
Nicholas McConnell is a sell-out, traitor and an empty suit who deserves to be arrested and hanged for treason! He loves his cushy little job but REFUSES to do a single damn thing to HELP WE THE PEOPLE he is supposed to be serving! Get this weasel; you WON’T BE RE-ELECTED!!! And it’s time we end the whole Republican Party along with the demon-craps!!!
Marshall ghant Mitch, help Trump stop the steal. Get out of the Swamp and clean yourself up!
Bonnie I believe you are supposed to be working for the American people and supporting President Trump. You & the many spineless Republicans who are turning their backs on the President. 74 million American Patriots voted for President Trump and we don’t want the election stolen. I believe that President Trump was instrumental in getting you re-elected (and many others) in case you’ve forgotten. The President needs your support now and so do the American I people who voted for him. We DO NOT want to see Biden in office and we DEFINITELY do not want Socialism. DO THE RUGHT THING. Grow a backbone..
d.lynne We the American Citizens not only deserve but it is our right to a free & fair election which did NOT occur this November.  Get your head out of the sand and stand up for our rights! The Fraud is right in front of your face. Do something!!
Sonja Thanks for turning on Donald trump ,I guess your a Democrat  now ,cause if you was a legit Republican you would care about the american people and pass the 2000 dollar stimulus, so I just wanted to say thanks for screwing us all over and not agreeing to help people who are barely scraping by and unable to pay there rent and put food on the table ,cause your a greedy inconsiderate ass who only cares about yourself getting that paycheck and just no there are some very upset and angry people out there ,I pray you lose your senate seat and Republican speaker position ,because you are not a good person and remember your the one who has to live with knowing you put people and families out on the street and making them starve ,enjoy living it up while everyone else is suffering ,I hope you have bad dreams every night knowing this ,all I can say is you are a traitor to the american people  president trump and the Republican Party 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Irwin C You impress me as being less competent than Joe Biden.  Your judgment is impaired and your integrity is compromised.  You should resign and have your head examined.  You are a disgrace to the Senate of the United States.  You seem to think you are a democrat.
allen typical politician two faced already re-elected they all need to do what the people want like the president he needs to get off his butt and investigate this voter fraud and get TRUMP back for 4 more years or all his money and power he thinks he got want do him any good without a country to throw it around then again he maybe apartof the election stealing the guy is dirt HAS HIS ON AJENDA
Paul I request you exercise your Constitutional and statutory authority to
object to the certification of any elector from any state that refuses to
allow a meaningful audit of the November general election for
electors to the Presidency, which must include: 1) a re-canvass of the He
vote that authorizes independent confirmation of a signature match B
using the same standards the same election officials use for
nomination petitions, recall petitions, and initiative petitions; 2) am
publishing of the ballots for the world to review and observe, as
states promised when they wrote large taxpayer checks to election
machine companies like Dominion and others; and 3) audited review
of the voter rolls to insure only qualified voters cast ballots for
electors to the Presidency. If a state refuses to allow an honest audit
of the vote, then \| request you object to the certification of any
electors from that state which has refused such an audit. At present,
this includes the electors from AZ, NV, NM, GA, WI, PA and MI.
II cannot over emphasize how important this issue is to me.  I will
never vote for you or any other Republican again if Republican
Senators do not join with Mo Brooks from the House in objecting to I
these electoral votes on Jan 6, 2021. Mitch McConnell’s recent
statements congratulating Biden as President-elect and abandoning
Trump’s legal battles have caused me to totally abandon the
Republican Party if people like yourself and others do not act.Sincerely,

Paul Brock

Elsie Sellout
Jeff Mitch: You and your wife belong on the wrong in of an American made rope!
Tim Senator McConnell has completely lost my respect and is a traitor to our conservative cause.
Mike Fiannaca Support Trump or go down with the entire Republican Party.
Becky Traitor, Traitor, Traitor! I have left this message on all Senator McConnell’s office answering machines.  He has about 10 offices!  I used to respect him, but no longer!
con Stand with our President Trump or else you have lost much support.
Edwin Piece of shit
Burt Mitch, you are a trader in every sense of the word! I believe when all of the facts come out about the election fraud, you could be part of it, TREASON.
Shirley Mr. McConnell,  WE THE PEOPLE have had enough!!  Your playing political games to enrich yourself and throwing the American people under the bus.  What part of YOU WORK FOR US do you not understand??  Let me explain it to you.   Politicians have made money off the backs of hard working Americans for to long.  We fund not only your salary but ALL your pet projects.  As if that isn’t bad enough you turn a deaf ear to OUR PRESIDENT!!!
I know I know…  think your above WE THE PEOPLE and we can only do what the government tells us we can do.  Understand this…We are tired, we are fed up, we are not going to take it anymore!!  Its time Washington DC residents understand the party (for you all) is over.  You have only two choices stand for WE THE PEOPLE, stand with President Donald J Trump, or get fired immediately.
Teri U are a disgrace to all Americans! While by U set up there withal your millions that u stole from Americans n u could care less ! People are hurting! Your time will come ! U can’t take all your millions   with U when u leave this world!
Joy Support Pres Trump. U owe him.  Support Republican party
William William
Kris He is a traitor to the Republic and us-we the people- as he is not upholding his oath to support and defend the constitution.  He is a swamp rat.
James Your a disgrace to The republican party and all America
Lorraine Hi I am a deplorable, you know one of those peons who hired you and pay your salary.  It is amazing to me that at your age you are not cognizant that you are closer than most to having to give an account to your creator. Turn from your evil choices or you will experience God’s wrath! He is not mocked and God is on the side of the deplorables.
Paula For your lack of support of President Trump you will never get my support again you swamp creature. Paula SKrzypek
Patricia I have sent you an email already telling you how you have betrayed the state of KY, and our nation when you do not support our great president. Your not bringing to then floor the bill for the increase for $2000, and for leading the charge to veto the military. Who are you Senator? Term limits have got to be enforced, and adhered to along with more aligned salaries for congress. Our president is who I listen to because his decisions are made in the best interest of the forgotten men and women…Disappointment and a fierce problem do I have with your selfishness,conceit, along with betrayal.
Tony McConnell, I disagree with you passing the Defense Bill over President Trump decision to veto the Bill.  You’re a piss of shit and apparently bought out by the CCP.  You have damaged the GOP and your leadership sucks.  I hope when your trim is up, the citizens vote your stupid ass out of office. You’re a sell out!
Dianne Mitch! You are a disgrace and we all see your true colors!  You are selling out America and are done with you!!  Trump is the true patriot and you are one of the worse politicians ever!  Get out of the GOP now you are not representation of the people!
Debbie I am truly disappointed and dissatisfied with your failure to support the American people and our president…do what you were elected to do and not cave to the left
Linda Mr McConnell,You’re not doing your job.The American people want and need the $2000.00 stimulus and you are keeping us from getting it!!!You’re suppose to be working for us!! Do your job now!! People are sick of rich politician’s who think they know what the everyday person needs,but in reality you don’t have a clue!!!Listen to us now and send us more needed help!!!       Linda Wyman.
Nelda How can you breathe easy by selling out America.If you was poor as us you would not turn down help for us.You oked ten million to Pakistan.
Brian He is a TRAITOR!!!!
Irene We are disappointed with your apparent lack of support for President  Trump in his quest to fight for a free & fair election when we can see on tape the actual fraud in Georgia
And all the signed affidavits  of voters who saw with their own eyes the fraud during the counting of votes!!!  And YOU SAY Biden is the president elect ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!
Jo Ann You were re-elected to help President Trump! Not to help yourself! We expect you to back our President on Jan 6th 2021. You can see with your own eyes the fraud that took place during the election. You have some nerve trying to tell the senators not to back President Trump! This election was stolen from President Trump and you should be as mad as the rest of us! Who has their thumb on you cocaine Mitch??
Man up for President Trump or get your ass out of Congress. We have enough rinos already!
Marianne Sen. McConnell, you have over stayed your usefulness to our Senate and it is time to retire. We can no longer trust you to do what is right for the  Citizens of the US.  What does The Democrat Party have against you and you are to cowardly to own up to it?  We demand you stand up for Pres. Trump and your fellow Senators and do the right thing NOW.
Debra Time for you to retire.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  President Trump trusted you and you do not have the balls to help him.
Peter Don’t care about the 2K. But I do want you to back Trump. Do the right thing for America! TRUMP WON THE ELECTION! DO YOUR PART TO MAKE SURE HE GETS IN!
Robert Mitch, you are a traitor to every republican voter who knew president Trump was fighting for the common working man.  Get off your sorry butt and do what is right for this Constitutional Republic and do what we the people elected you to do. We demand that your support President Trump in his effort to overturn the vast voter fraud that is denying him his legitimately earned second term as President of the United States of America.
Rose You should be to ashamed to show your crooked face letting us all down,but putting a knife in the presidential back is really bad of you, you will pay one day,
Sheila Mitch – stand up for the pey
Anna Turn coat
Sandy I am sickened to think I voted for you. You are a thorn in our presidents side. Your actions has or should let the American people know you are not for our country and you are a trader. I pray for God’s will in all the wickedness that you and the others are doing to President Trump and our country just so you and the others can put more money in your pockets.
JAMES I can only hope in God that you are being His instrument  for we the people! And promises kept Trump!
Cherry Rhino traitor
Norbert Senator McConnell, At this pivotal time in our nation’s history how could you let President Trump and the patriots who voted for you down? Your actions and apparent lack of courage will not be forgotten.
Cotie I am so disappointed in Mitch McConnell. He needs to stand with our President Donald J. Trump and stand up for the American people, and against election fraud. We need him to contest the vote on January 6, 2021.
Lisa You are not caring for us the American people who were forced to lock down and lost everything. 2000 dollars would help us alot to put food on the table. You don’t have to worry about these kind of things but we do. If you care about us who’s taxes pay your salary vote for the 2000$ to help us. If not then you don’t care about us and are a traitor to us. Remember you can be voted out. Sign it now and prove you aren’t a disgrace to all Republicans.
Chritine Why are you not supporting our President and our people?  How can you welcome and congratulate alleged President elect (what is that?)Biden as President when there is such blatant voter fraud ? He did not win ! The Demorats cheated!! Did you not read all the evidence ? Did you not see all the senate hearings? Maybe you need to change political parties because you aren’t doing us Americans, who actually try to scrape out a living working over 300 days a year (as opposed to your scheduled 100 days of actually working in 2021 with full medical benefits and a full paycheck;where can I sign up for a “job” like that and it being legal?) any favors right mow and telling others not to challenge the electoral votes ; SHAME ON YOU!!
Good luck being re-elected next go round we wont forget .
Barbra You were voted by the people to represent the people. We struggle daily to make a dollar so maybe you need to struugle as we do have your pay eliminated and watch you have nothing. DO YOUR JOB YOUR GETTING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO DO. This is America and you would be nothing a nobody if not for US THE PEOPLE. Stop the greed it is of the Devil and you will go to hell for not abiding by the commandments. Protect our Constitutional rights. Do not be part of the Antichrist. Be a leader not a follower. Stand up and do whats right. Karma will come back around. So ask yourself is self immediate gratification is worth your soul and prison later on
Judy Senator McConnell I have grown up respecting our leaders and praying for them. But you have betrayed “We The People” and you have been exposed.
I will continue to pray for you but can no longer respect or support you. You have betrayed the President who stepped out and  supported.
You and your wifes corroupt ties to China and the Chinese Communist Party for your self-interest, power and money.
You criticized Eric Stalwell from CA…your story is no different. Your wife and her family along with China’s corrupt government has sold you out. Judgment is coming on you and others for your performance. May God have mercy on your soul.
Reinaldo Mitch McConnell, we the people know that the only thing you greedily represent is your own business. Your supporters will never forget your traitorous ways. Your mischievous deeds will haunt the results of your next election and no one will vote for you.
Bonny Mitch McConnell, you have sold you soul to the Deep State. You backstab the Republicans ever chance you get!  Enjoy the time you have left on your term because you will not be voted in again
Ray Mitch you are a prime example of why we need term limits for all elected officials. As a tax payer I would request that you grow a pair and stop pandering to the DeamonRats. Personally, I would be embarrassed to be associated with 95% of the Republicans in Washington. True Republicans are those standing and fighting for our President. Remember the Constitution….”We the people” overwhelmingly voted for President Trump. Who are you representing “We the people” or your own personal interest?
Linda You can’t call yourself a patriot and sell out the USA ! You work for We The People – have you forgotten?
apral Do an honest days work for once!
Timothy Mitch get your head out of your rear end and do something that you were elected for. Us the American working class not all you people in Washington sucking off the teat of the U.S. citizens. You and all the politicians should have to live like the working class who live from hand to mouth every day of the year, not a few months of the year and then lay on your asses the rest of the year on our dime. Do your job or get out.
Kelley You sir have committed high treason. You are a traitor to this Nation, and to every American.
Vernon Mitch, Real Conservatives are totally pissed off with you! Why are you in the Republican Party at all? Your actions and words are no different then Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, or that sort. Perhaps you should start representing the citizens that elected you and start supporting President Donald Trump. If on 06 January The alternate slate of Electors get ratified in the contested states then you are going to look like a complete snake in the grass. If Joe is inaugurated on 20 January you are going to look like a snake in the grass for endorsing an illegitimate president that won by cheating. Do the right thing, support the President that did win and not the man that stole an election.
Crystal he’s treasonous needs to resign or be jailed  $600 is a slap in our faces ,let him try living on that
Rooster Mitch we had to vote for you this time to save the senate! That is the only reason! You SUCK!
Marilyn You Sir are a wimp, two faced disgrace to all Republicans who put you in office to represent us. Enjoy the time you have left because it is going to  be  your  last. How do you even look at yourself  in the mirror? Those of us that used to admire and trust you have now lost all respect for you. I believe the right name for you now is turncoat.
Jan Dear Mr. McConnell,
Please uphold the legitimate American voters wishes. We know that America wants 4 more years of President Trump. Please work with him, for us, the American public & against the illegal influence wanting to push their agenda. Please pass the additional 1400.00 aid to the hard working Americans who have been impacted by the dictatorial governors of the Democratic party. It is wrong that all those funds are being sent out of our country – our taxes being misused! We all know it is money laundering! This needs to end right now. No more Rinos! No more money laundering! No more pork! We see everything Congress & Senate are doing! We don’t like it & will not take it any more. No more silent majority while the noisy minority get everything they demand. My tax monies need to stay in America & help Americans.
Do what you were elected to do & stand with President Trump & the American people.
God help you if you don’t. The death of God & America will be down upon you if you do not Choice the Right.
Marilyn Mitch is another Rino and only supported President Trump in name only.  I never have trusted him.  I hope he is removed.  He should be working for Trump and making sure our President is put back in office.  If he approves Biden, then he is supporting fraud and supporting a liar an also wants socialism.  I hope he comes to his senses soon.   Part of the swamp.
Steven Mitch you and your RINOS should take note, stabbing Trump supporters in the back is a very bad idea. Trump supporters re-elected you and your useful idiots. We don’t appreciate turn coats. PAY BACKS A BITCH!
Wesley Mitch, it is time to save the Republic. If we lose this election through fraud as is the case now, we cannot believe we are any better than a communist nation. Please don’t sell us out.
Jennifer I am angry at Mitch McConnell , the Republican party . I am a Republican. You are standing with our President, you send billions to foreign countries but you won’t help Americans and small business. It’s disgraceful!!! Stop supporting foreign countries and start supporting Americans!!
Anne Mitch McConnell you are a traitor to WE THE PEOPLE! You have disrespected OUR President and you BACkED STABBED ALL PATRIOTS that voted for you! We feel you’ve been compromised by ccp and are on the side of evildoers! Get the pork out of the stimulus package and get the 2000$ to ALL the people that deserve and need it! Not to illegals or other countries! You have failed WE THE PEOPLE and you betrayed President Trump! Turn it around now! I’m just not speaking for myself but for ALL 74 million and most likely lots more people that you have let down and betrayed! DO THE RIGHT THING because if NOT you will be IRRELEVANT!!! FOREVER!!! WE THE PEOPLE will NEVER FORGET!!
John Mitch-just another Judas
ALICIA I have no respect for this traitor. He’s a complete hypocrite
Anthony Senator McConnell,
As usual, your true colors are shining brightly.  You care nothing about our country.  You are only interested in growing your bank account.  If you refuse to see this fraud in the election and do nothing about it now you are a traitor.  If you do not support President Trump on January 6 we will never again be able to trust any future elections.  Please do the right thing for America and support the actual winner who is TRUMP.
Tracy You are an opportunist who once you used our president to get re elected turned your back on him. I pray you are voted out next time. Better yet, resign now you traitor
Alice Mitch, you are being paid by WE THE PEOPLE to do what is good for us and NOT every other country or yourself. WE WILL NOT FORGET!!! You are a traitor! You are a sneak! And you are double-minded! SHAME ON YOU!!! The TRUTH is coming out and YOU will NOT be happy!
Barry Spineless traitor
Beth Mr McConnell, please reconsider your decision on the $2000 covid relief. The American people deserve help. I realize you don’t have to be concerned about your bills or eating but your constituents do. I understand there is pork in this bill that does not need to be passed, but the President has taken care of that with, I believe it’s the 1973 bill. No foreign aide should be released until this country is opened up and working at 100%. I would hope that 74 million Trump supporters would make a difference in your decision. Thank you,
Patricia How horrible you have tread all over people who have believed in you.  How deceived we were.  You would never be here today if we knew your true motives.  May GOD have mercy on your greedy black…..sold out soul.  But, there will be a reckoning!  Not from dishonest politicians, …..but from God above.  It will be swift, it will be honest.  Something you know nothing about
Chong A traitor!
Jim Cocaine/Wuhan Mitch… You are a traitor and I will be soooo happy when your political career ends VERY SOON! You disgust me and disgust the non-RINO republicans. You have likely surpassed Mitt Romney as having the largest RINO tusk sticking out of sickening face!!!
Roger The current Republican party represented by Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney and others is rapidly being morphed into a new Republican Party of the working class, led by populists like Donald Trump, who disdain special interest money. Romney and McConnell will soon become forgotten footnotes, just like Paul Ryan.

The Republican party, as you have known it, is a party of the past, and has been transformed into the party of men like Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz and Josh Hawley, who are leaders who demonstrate resolve, act decisively, deliver on promises and truly represent the American people. This previous version of the Republican party has been competent at raising campaign funds; however the party is completely disconnected from and ignorant of this growing populist movement.

Ellen Senator McConnell, you MUST support President TRUMP, plain and simple, do not SELL OUT!
Heather Mitch- You have made me feel so wronged.   Even though I don’t live in Kentucky, I am just over the Ohio and Kentucky border and I kept a close eye on your race.  I was actually happy when you won.  However, it didn’t take long after this election for you to turn tail and go start schmoozing with whoever you thought was going to help your political career.  Donald Trump fought for you.  You have stabbed him in the back in the last few weeks and I find it to be despicable behavior.  You are a liar who has deceived us all.  Shameful!
Cheryl You have misrepresented the US citizens and you obviously don’t care.
Cheryl All you did was make sure all the people you wanted voted got in then you betrayed President Trump! I demand you stand behind your REPUBLICAN President immediately! We the people are paying attention to politics a lot more than we have in the past, especially now that we know how much corruption there is AGAINST this President, (minus a few brave Senators) this man that the people LOVE, I can promise you a Republican will NEVER win again! Take that to the bank! You people are nothing but power and money hungry POS! Get it done. We are watching!
Steve You are in ungrateful and irresponsible politician who forgot how you got there and what you job is, Senator. The senate is better off if you were gone.
amy Just wait till the next election when a bunch of republican yaa hoos want another term.  There will be many of you who will have to retire because we will remember who did or did not help President Trump his fight to get back the valid votes.  You are government leeches.
Stephanie I am very disappointed in your poor decision to override President Trump’s veto.  You are not putting America first.  You have endangered our country!  Bring on the primaries!
Elaine For your sake, I hope there is no hell.  You have betrayed everything for money and power.  There is no greater evil than selling out your fellow man.  Especially the ones who gave you their trust.
Patrick People will remember how you act towards president Trump so please help him.. and do your job.
Leta Pass $2000 amount for Americans.
Vickie I think Mitch McConnell is a fink for siding with Pelosi.  He’s supposed to be a Republican but sides with Pelosi.  He should be ashamed of himself.  If he lived in Georgia I would not vote for him.
thomas Retirement party Mitch
Stephen He’s thrown in the towel before the end of the fight. Republicans should back up a republican president.
Catheryn How much Chinese money did you accept?
Ken Mitch stop being a wimp and stand up like a senator for people who elected you. Stand up for Trump. I personally would not have voted for you because you are not for American people. You are for Mitch.
Robin Make the right choice for American not corruption!
Dorthy Please support our duly elected President. He won on November 3. Support the objections to the electoral college votes! They were unlawfully elected from 6 states and had election laws enacted outside the US Constitution! Do not allow more illegalities! We have had enough!
Cynthia Mr McConnell…I’m really disappointed in you that you couldn’t even back this President, my President, the best President we ever had…for all the people.  Thanks for letting us down and not backing the little people.  Maybe you won’t be lucky enough to be voted back in.
Cindy Tradior
Sue Stand for the people you POS
Karen You should be ashamed for not working for the people who voted you in! Do your job as a Republican and stand up for what’s right! Stop being a coward and traitor to your party!
Terrie Mitch Mcconnell I always thought highly of you. Of your prowess to run the Senate. I thought you were a conservative but your actions have proved otherwise. I cannot believe that you do not support our Republican President.  You are not a Republican or conservative as you have claimed. You are something different and you have failed the party and that is hard for me to believe. You have failed our Nation. You are a part of the deep State.
Charlene McConnell is a traitor and I hope he will be voted out as leader.  He has to kiss up to China and knows Trump will not.  I’m sick of RINOs and McConnell is certainly one.  We worked and gave money that was hard to part with and the cowards/traitors stabbed us in the back.  We need a 3rd party to kill the Republican Party.  It’s just a mini Demoncat Party.
Thomas Mitch McConnell….don’t be a rino!!   Support president trump beginning immediately and through 1/20/21, especially on 1/6/21!!  Support the alternate electoral college votes for president trump!! Encourage republican senators to support trump on 1/6/21!   Stop the unconstitutional massive voter fraud NOW!!
If you go not support trump, I promise to make political contributions to your competitors campaign…!!
Mary Mary
Sally Please help us to save our nation. There was huge fraud from both the bottom up to the top down. We are about to lose our Republic. Be a Patton for our generation.  Only you can save us from communism!  We are looking to you!
Fred This country is on the edge of be coming communist and YOU are on the wrong side!  In the history books your name will be sinuous with Benedict Arnold’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Support TRUMP!!!!!!!!
rr it’s 1776 NOW – No place to hide
Mike Do your job Mitch! Support oir president fully ! Its is job and our republic is at stake.
Clifford Mitch it’s time for swamp rats like you to do the duty of the people you trader.
Lisa Stand with President Trump & protect legal votes & protect our elections; otherwise, we do not have a country & we don’t need useless politicians who do not care about the American people & our voices.
James China’s Bitch.
Val Thought at first you weren’t voting for what President Trump & it was tied to Section 230. BUT it appears you sold out once more.  President Trump will be President because the massive corruption is all being found out & proven. Better retire.
Maureen Callahgn Please support President Trump.  He won the election. Don’t let the Dems steal it from the American Voters!! This is extremely disturbing
Frank Traitor
Jerry Why don’t you do your job and help “we the people” like you should?  You send millions to other countries and cannot help us here at home when so many people are hurting!  You are a traitor to this country and it shall be proven and all people will know all you have done.  Shame on you!
Cindy Stand by the President & unify the Republicans
Lori Un-American
Laren I really need this help and you turned your back.  How can you look at yourself in the mirror?  Shame on you.
Dennis If Mitch doesn’t support Trump on November 6th and throw out all the illegal electors neither my wife or I will ever donate or support the Republican Party again.  I have voted straight party ticket for nearly 50 years.
Stephanie Mr McConnell you are a traitor who is willing to sell the American people to our enemies. Shame on you! May God have mercy on your soul.
Patti You need to stand behind President Trump. Our nation right now needs leaders with backbone not spineless cowards.
Linda sorry excuse for a servant of We the People
Valerie Stand with President Trump and look into the ballot cheating where President Trump should have won tbe 2020
Norma Mitch,  For YEARS you have continually let down America!  How you remain in office is unfuc&in believable since you spend more time focusing on how to be a self serving ba$tard, and how to reward your fellow comrades if they scratch your back.

You are to serve the Constitution of the United States of America, as a Republican you should be dedicated to President Trump!

Wake Up!

Paying deserving Americans $2,000 should be a no brainer!  Tax paying Americans put that money into the Reserve!

Stop reward Illegal non-citizens with tax payer benefits!  Stop sending money to foreign countries as foreign aid!  Stop serving the nefarious democratic agenda!

I live in California and all I see at the grocery stores are presumed illegals using Food Stamps!  I saw one Hispanic use 4 different EBT cards … how do I know … each time he pulled a different card, it had a different PIN number being used!

STOP serving yourself and SERVE AMERICA!!!!

LK Mr McConnell I think it’s a DISGRACE that you balk at investigating and pointing out voting corruption!  Are you part of the problem because what you are doing is NOT part of the solution!!!  You are “suppose” to be supporting Republicans, but your ACTIONS support Democrats!  Do they have dirt on you that you support them OR … do you really hate America that much???  STOP it!  Get on board to SUPPORT AMERICA!!!!  NONE of you deserve the salary you get!!!
joseph you sir are not doing your job, the american people are counting on you to do what is right, don’t be a stoolie, do what you know to be right.
Deborah Support our President
Cliff Mitch, I personally think you are a POS. You represent what is wrong with Washington and the Republican Party. You are part of the Swamp, and we Patriots will remove you.
Francine Total Disappointment!!! How could you betray our President, us and this country…this is unacceptable and disgraceful You will be held accountable to the Lord Every knee will now & every toungue confess Jesus Christ is Lord
William Mitch respectively, we the American people do not work for you, or any of your associates, in case you have forgotten you work for us THE AMERICAN people, I have been a follower and supporter of you for many years, and now when the nation , we THE PEOPLE need you to do you job, you are failing, do your job and support President Trump, are we THE AMERICAN people to lump you into the group of CORRUPT politicians, if I would have never believed you would have sold us out, Damn Mitch be the Republican you are suppose to be or be like the other Rhinos, sadly disappointed in you and your leadership.
Elizabeth Hey Mitch  I  hope that you decided to stand with President Trump and We The People. We stood with all you Republicans but now that you got  voted in you seem to have forgotten that you work for us!!!
John One word Traitor, to the President and to the American people who trusted him, our mistake.
Michael Invertebrate, you and your GOP collegues need to grow a damn spine. Quit selling out America, Americans. I am disgusted by your ilk, supposed Public Servants that have elevated themselves above it all. Yes, your shit stinks and it is making me sick.
Vicki Scholer traitor
Margaret Even when patriots thought you cared about our country, I didn’t like your looks. Phony was written all over your face. I’m sorry you have chosen yourself over the US. God will take care of you and the rest of the evil people in his USA. I am waiting with baited breath.
Dave How dare you withhold the funds we citizens need so desperately; as though it was”your” money and not ours! You are a joke as a “representative of the people” sir and should be fired- then fired “upon”!
Lloyd We were hoping that some of President Trump’s boldness and patriotism would rub off on the Republican party, especially  the leadership but evidently we were wrong about you as well as a lot of others. We’re sick and tired of being sold out at the drop of a hat. The Senate should have upheld the Presidents veto and you need to back him the stimulus bill as well as fighting with him for a legitimate election!  We all know that Joe Biden did not win the election honestly!  Donald Trump is speaking for a major portion of the Republican party. You need to listen or there won’t be a party!
Tedd Are you a patriot or a traitor?
Marjorie I can’t believe you turned on President Trump! He won the election by a landslide and it’s going to be proven.  You act like a RINO that wants to get rid of President Trump. I wish the Senators would pick someone else to be their leader.  You should not be in the top position. You are miserable. Praying for you to be replaced!
Zella Mitch is a huge part of the swamp and deep state
Karen Idiot traitor
Yvette Don’t be a coward. Back the president.  More importantly back your fellow Americans  and object to the certification of votes where illegal votes have been counted.
David You should change your name to Marcus Brutus.
shane piece of crap
dennis Get off your duff and correct this fraudulent election!!! Do nothing and reap the whirlwind!!!
Linda We are paying your salary with our taxes and you are abdicating your responsibilities. Millions in pork? But 2K is too much for We the People. Really? Shame on you.
Linda You are a traitor to we the people and this country.  May you burn in hell!
Barbars Mitch McConnell, have you been bought out too. You can send money to other countries but the American people don’t count. I guess you are part of the SWAMP too. I pray Trump chews your ass off. The American people have no faith in our government anymore. Y’all don’t care about the American people. Is all about power and wealth. You need to resign along with others that don’t do your job. You work for us, not all other countries. You and other Republicans are RINOS.
Paula Who voted for you Mitch?
Who took you over the finish line MITCH?
Were you afraid Antifa would riot if you stood for us?    Wait til you see the Civil War you caused
rich Support the president and overturn this stolen election, you spineless rino
Tina There must be a reason you are a TURNCOAT. Who threatened you? Or what did you do? If you want protection,  you would be better served standing for the WILL OF THE PEOPLE! Not your own interests.
Pin He is a traitor of our country!
Rene Sellout & traitor
Carolyn Karma is going to hit you right between the eyes.  You are a traitor to the American people.
Stephanie Support our Great President, Donald Trump.  He is the President RE-ELECTED!!!!!  The Patriots re-elected him.  Stand with Trump against the destruction of my our country from socialism!!!!!
Barbara Dear Senator McConnell, You are am elected servant of the American people, lest you forget. There are milllions of people who are concerned about the election fraud and you should be concerned also.  Please quit throwing up roadblocks and discouraging Republican Senators from objecting to the electoral votes on January 6th.  We the people, have a right to have a public hearing and discussion by our Congress men and women and our Senators. Unless you are part of the Deep State you should let this play out.  What are you worried about, are you in on the fix?
Sheila Dear Mitch, we know you love playing your political games, but we the people vote for Trump twice because we are sick of the same old crap in Washington. Both parties have lost sight of what your roles in our lives are and have sold us out. We are standing up and demanding you get 100% behind Trump in this pivotal moment in our history. We will not bow to the globalist takeover both parties are hellbent on taking us. We will fight because this is our last chance at freedom.
Penni We pay you to represent what we want, not your agenda!  Support our President!!!
Taraleigh Mitch DO NOT certify fraud! Stand up for democracy and investigate! Trump won – be brave and stand with him before this country is destroyed by lack of faith in the election! Seven states sent dueling electors – that is unprecedented and should tell you something!!!
Korean You are working for the people, not yourself, not Biden, and not your rich commie friends. Act like it instead of a treasonous turncoat.  I demand my vote to count and I will not be erased. Our elected President has been slandered, maligned, mocked, ridiculed, jeered, and persecuted and that’s by the republicans in office. The democrats have been deceitful, lying bastards and I’m sick of the republican party bending over to kiss their ass asking for forgiveness.  The lying started with the Manchurian candidate that was in office for 8 years and it has continued with his grace.  This needs to be stopped now.  This election is a fraud played upon the American people and our party is too weak to do anything about it. You should be removed from your position and run out of office.  Support our president!  count the votes.
Keith Don’t be a coward stand with President Trump
Sharon Senator McConnell,
I would like to remind you that you are an employee of We the People and we expect you to stand up for us on January 6th, and decertify the 6 electoral votes that these states have submitted. We will not be quiet and we will vote you out.
Tim I am totally disgusted with you and the obvious RHINOs these days.  We will not forget your disgraceful ways these days!!  Back our President Trump.
Domenic Support our president and stop playing games!!!!
Susan YOU MUST support  President  Trump.  The election was a Huge scam! You know this so DO NOT CERTFY IT!!!!!!
Terri Please go to hell and take Pelosi and Schumer with you
Sherryl Call wouldn’t go thru DC office, I had to call his KY office #
Terri You are a piece of crap! Stand with our President and stop kissing CCP’ s add!
Jean Shame on you Mitch McConnell!! You have betrayed our President, the Republican Party and the United States of America. It would appear you sold your soul to the Deep State. Repent and do the right thing while there is still time!!
Donna R Wood Stop playing politics & do what is right for the American ppl. We voted for President Trump! Stand up and support him. If you can’t see the evil then you must be part if it.  Maybe it’s time for you to step down and live like the rest of us who have had to work to make a living.
rebecca Dear Senator McConnell. I am a patriot and I expect you to protect our nation with an honest election. I need you to stop the elector votes of the fraud states.  Pres Trump won the honest election and you know that is true.
Steven Please support OUR president….. to the end!  I do.
Ray Hey Mitch how come all the politicians get paid when every body is out of work. Then use the excuse you are trying to help the people, when “We the People” are shackled unconstitutionally to our homes, and y’all stand by and let our election become a “Banana Republic’s” wet dreams that dictators drool over because all the democrats have sold their souls to the devil. Now I’m not to sure of you. Stick with President Donald Trump and kick chi-com biden out of Washington and into prison.
Sandra Mitch you said that the rich don’t need this stemless money. But what I’m wondering is, isn’t the stimulus checks just going to people that make under $150000. Per year? Yes that number might be a little off but still do you consider that amount a rich man’s yearly income? Especially if that person is an employer. And trying to keep his business a float. I’m sorry but I do not agree with you. You are acting like a Democratic leader not a Republican.
Maria I thought he was a good man! And I thought that he respected the constitution of the United state but I was wrong!! He’s a fraud
Anne Mitch, please do the right thing got our country. Do not sell us out / if you are personally compromised, admit it and come clean. Do you really want our country to be transformed into a communist China offshoot?
lynn lynn
Jan Mitch, you are a disappointment to our party and our great nation. You sold us out. How does it feel to leave a legacy of being a Judas in the hour of your own party’s need? What a waste of our money in the form of your paychecks! Stand up for what’s right or go down being remembered as a Judas.
Helen Stop this nonsense about Americans not needing the stimulus and pass the 2000! Americans need help now! We never ask for our economy to be shut down, this was forced on us! And as far as the debt, you didn’t say a word when Obama was running up the debt. And you don’t mind sending all that money to foreign countries! Just seems you don’t care about Americans!
Emily Mr. Traitor McConnell, I am truly sorry I voted for you and I will NOT make that mistake again!! You have just committed political suicide!!! You are supposed to support our President and the people who put you in office; We The People!!!! You are a traitor to this country and I hope you are tried for treason and punished to the full extent of the law!!! Was it worth selling our country out??? Is it worth it to you to turn your back on the American people???  We will NOT stand for traitors selling out our country!!! Your day will come when you WILL KNEEL before God himself and you will answer to every dirty thing you have done !! All the illegals are more important to you useless politicians than the American people that you ARE SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING FOR!!! Shame goes to ALL OF YOU SLIME, TRAITOROUS FILTH THAT HAVE TURNED YOUR BACKS ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!! GOD’S WILL…WILL PREVAIL!!!! Hope to see you in GITMO REAL SOON!!!!!! Traitor!!!!!!!
Wai Sum Lee Mitch McConnell is bribed by Chinese Communist Party, his wife is a Chinese spy.
Wanda Treasonous
Beth Really, Mitch?? How dare you sell us down the river all for the selfish interests of your evil, Commie-loving “friends.” You’ll get what’s coming to you!!! 🤬🤬🤬
Sheri dawn thomas President Trump has been anointed by our heavenly father he is our leader and will be our leader for 2024
Serge If you betray Trump, you betray all American people.
harvey I am a true patriot and conservative and I think you are a Chinese sell out bad bad man don’t even know what to call you but traitor
Gregorio Mitch McConnel  Listen the patriots,   help our President Trump to save our nation from destruction
Denise Mr. McConnell we Republicans demand that you fight for President Trump or we will never support you or the Trump traitors again!!!
Jeff Cain Mitch: Both you and your wife belong on the wrong end of an American made rope!
Randy Sen. McConnell please stop your interference of legislators that are contesting the fraudulent election on Nov 3rd.  The future of our country is on the line.
Dg Crissman Mitch McConnell!
How do you sleep at night?
You were practically in read after the election when you have President Trump credit much deserved for your re-election! Now you turn your back on him and over a hundred million people! WE will not forget! You must have sold out to the globalists which true Patriots do not support. You must be as corrupt as the left to join them contesting our votes! How dare you! You are NOT a young man. Soon enough you will be answering to God for your disloyalty to HIM via the Democratic Party! I would NOT want to be you!
JULIA BISHOP you should be working for the people and stand behind PRESIDENT TRUMP and not selling out the democrats
Howard CCP Mitch is a traitorous, thieving criminal whose head should find it’s way into a noose soon.
Donna Sending millions to other countries, allowing all the pork projects, and then spending so little on the American people is a slap in the face and you should be ashamed.
David Quit playing party politics with the lives of the American people who are in desperate need for this stimulus money of 2000 dollars and you want to play politics and show everyone that you have the power you should be ashamed of yourself as you have no problems with giving American dollars away to countries that has never or will  never help the United States of America
Rebecca We are so disappointed you sold out to socialists Joe Biden and Kamala Harris! You KNOW there was widespread fraud in our presidential election. You need to retire!
Gina Mitch McConnell needs to stand with the people and against the fraud in deep state if he wants us to believe he isnt one of them.  Personally I think he is part of the swamp but I’m praying I am wrong and he will do the right thing for America. Cheaters should be disqualified not rewarded
Les The American people are disgusted by your betrayal of Trump and this country. Any rational person who looks at the overwhelming evidence in this election can see that massive fraud took place. And now you want us all to roll over and move on? You had better start fighting for this country and Trump. Do not accept the fraudulent electors on Jan 6. or you can kiss your political career goodbye. We have had it with all the corruption, so if you are receiving something in return for not supporting Trump, then you are a traitor. Do not betray this country and allow a fraudulent election to happen. Fight for Trump!!
Peggy Senator McConnell, you not only represent the people of Kentucky you also represent the entire Republican Party of the United States of America, when you became Senate Majority Leader. It is time you represent the people that support you and for you to stand, by and with President Trump, rather than support “your friend Joe Biden”. Are you part to and part of the corruption, on going with our government? If not, you need to fight every step of the way to put an end to it and we’ll all know the Biden/Harris ticket is as corrupt  as Bill Clinton was. ENOUGH!!!  WHEN IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY GOING TO TAKE THE GLOVES OFF AND ACT LIKE MEN/WOMEN OF HONOR AND COURAGE, RATHER THAN SPINELESS SNAKES WHO SOLD OUT TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER?  DO YOUR JOB!!!!!!
Helen Be Faithful to God, the GOP, and also to President Trump
Ronie Former Senator McConnell you VIOLATED your sworn OATH to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same!  Your days are numbered! I look forward to the day when you SERVE YOURSELF no more!
sheldon do something
Gary stand for Trump loser
Valinda You are a deep state RINO… Prove us wrong! Your wife has ties to the CCP and probably so do you. Fight for President Trump or i’m guessing your career will be over!
Jan Mitch shame on you for not standing by President Trump and betraying your party and the people who voted you in. So you are for socialist communism? Repent and turn from your wickedness now, before it’s too late. Trump is fighting to save America for free, many Americans are without paychecks due to the Chinese virus, while you haven’t missed a paycheck and you vote against helping them? Judgement day is coming! PLEASE make the RIGHT choices now!!
Edith You’re proving yourself to be an untrustworthy – stab a guy in the back person. You only have regards for your own gain and could care less about supporting the people who voted you back into that office!
Carol Time to ditch you Mitch. The only person you are working for is yourself. You don’t care one bit about your duty, your president, your party , your country or the American people and their desperate needs right now. You should be out in the streets begging for someone to help you and feeling abandoned and desperate because some rich creep is standing in the way of that assistance which you so desperately need. I hope you get what you truly deserve and believe me, that isn’t all the pork you have been getting fat on all these years in your cushy political job.
Robert Menendez Mitch The democrats Bitch Great job! You are no better than Cory Booger! Nice job keeping AMERICA FREE> time to leave and get out of Washington!
linda You Conrad Mitch are a treasonous trader! You do not have we the people’s best interest! China has you in their pocket just like Beijing Biden! You know they hang treasonous spies.
Keith Mitch I voted for you as a republican not some nitwit    democrat. You need to get your head on straight.
Rick You need to go.
[email protected] He’s a disgusting self serving lying excuse of a human being and he shames himself and our beloved country.
Kathy You need to stand up for President Trump and your party!!!!
Ann McConnell, you are a snake in the grass & a disgrace to Republicans who have supported you and others in the Senate. If you cannot support your own party’s President, supported by over half the country’s voters, you need to retire now. You must have something to hide yourself. If you help steal this election from our duly elected President Trump, this country will be going the path of Venezuela. You won’t even have a job or any money.  Do you really think these crooks will take care of you?? I hate to think we will have to defend our country against its own government. That is what our wise founding fathers tried to prevent. Where evil lurks, it will find a way, but God will win in the end. And you will have to face Him on judgement day.
mary I’ve never trusted you.  I put you in the same category as McCain…..a snake and a weasel.  Do your job and support our President.  HE is the President, NOT you and his plans should be respected and followed, not yours.  We the People will NOT support you in the next election.  Your days are numbered.  How sad that we have a RINO leading the Senate.
Reka He better be  on the president side or he will pay the political price
jim go join the demorats ,you are a coward and bow to demoturds , you should resign . the american people have no faith in you . what a waste
Juliet He need to stand up and support trump he helped you Mitch w your voted u won because of HIM and republicans because we thought you support Trump not Biden !!! China is not worth but u choose China over America really ??  Get serious or we will impeachment YOU !!! Don’t take advantage of us republicans after we voted for you and donated $ to you then found out about truth come out about your dark secret related with China oh come ON !
Jim Please do what President Trump  would like you to do.
Johna Stand up for the republic! Start doing the job you are payed to do.
Defend the Constitution, defend liberty and freedom. Defend justice.
Robert Sellout!! President Trump and We the American Patriots got You back in and this is how you pay us back, who pays for your salary and all your perks. You are and always have been a rhino swamp creature and your days in political life are over. Traitor!
Teresa You are the worst kind of RAT.  YOU work for us,  not China
Heather I don’t understand what the problem is. We need a lot more help than a $600 check although that helps a little it is not nearly enough for this pandemic that seems to be continuing. Maybe you should redirect money from foreign countries and give to the American people because this is where this stimulus is supposed to be going to …not other countries! I really hope that this $2000 check comes through because I sure need the help and I am a senior citizen I am 68 years old and a female and single I need that check to help me out! Please reconsider what you’re doing because it makes no sense to most of us. Thank you, Heather Amundsen
Lloyf Senator McConnell,  you appear to have sold out the American people.  It’s not to late.  Support President Trump on Jan 6..
Steve Mitch, you are a massive POS and it is time to stand up on those weak knees and start doing what We the People elected you to do and right now, that is to throw your ENTIRE support behind President Trump!
Nita Jordan You must stand with my President!  You know that the democrats are trying to steal this election.  If they get away with this, we will never have another legitimate election.  Venezuela here we come.  Do the right thing!!
Jerry Hey Mitch, your a SWAMP RAT and your day of RECKONING HAS ARRIVED!



Folks these are the start of the many Indictments that are forthcoming! Many charges of these criminals are Treason, Committing and Activating an ongoing Coup d’EtA against a sitting President! In the days ahead there will be more post Obama Administration’s people that will be indicted!

Justice is finally here and many of these people will be CONVICTED & jailed for their rolls in the Coup Attempt!

President Trump is going to declare a National Emergency and do 5 things:

Laurence Mr McConnell, It is obvious you are a sell out to the American people. You sit back in your cushy office with your cushy job making more money than you deserve at the expense of the American tax payer. You should be ashamed of yourself and all the other RINOs that are taking advantage of us and not standing up for WE the American people and for President Trump. You sir are about as low as they come. Get it right and do it now or we will remove you from your cushy office. Things will change and it will no longer be at our expense.
Michael I am highly disappointed to find out that you’re a part of the Swamp! What a complete traitor you are to “We the People” and our election of President Trump.
You used Trump to get yourself in office and I see you as a backstabber!
Keith As a delegate for the Republican Party in Tx, I am appalled at which your lack of leadership forces everyday Americans to doubt the election process. I myself am left wondering if you are a coward, an establishment RINO, or if you just don’t care about anything but your own self-serving interests? I believe the answer is all the above. You leading a charge against President Trump with Nancy Pelosi for the last four years and allowing him to be targeted by baseless investigations and faux impeachment are a disgrace, and We The People have had enough. Quite frankly, since the courts are equally cowardice, then you all will feel the wrath from failing to provide President Donald J Trump and the 74+ million voters in the Nov 3, 2020 election their Due Process and day in court. Quite simply, if we don’t get any relief, then y’all don’t get any peace. And we ain’t backing down. So unleash your Antifa and BLM again on us, we will handle them as well. But remember, this was all by YOUR choice and design. You and the establishments days of rule over us is over, and we will not be prostituted to the elitist classes or foreign occupiers or China.
Mary Do you not know how terrible it is for the middle class and why are we giving billions to other countries for stupid stuff ….. take care of us and dump the other countries and take care of of Americans first
Paul stand up for Trump or else you will lose our votes
Nancy Stand by our President and quit giving Americans the shaft!!!  You are a RINO and a despicable person if you sell us out!!
Ruthann He’s a YELLOW BELLIED TURNCOAT COWARD WITH NO AMERICAN PATRIOTISM! I pray you McConnell will someday burn in hell
Chill Traitors will be hung, especially ones married to CCP spys.
Terri McConnell you are a worthless piece of human flash that shouldn’t even continue to be in office,you say your for the people yet at every turn you stop the necessary help that the American people so desperately need when people are striving and about to lose their homes,you say you care but in all actuality all you are concerned about is your selfish self and how it affects you and your rich buddies. Out of your own mouth you stated ” let them eat cake” a quote that was used in history before by another selfish individual who also only cared about their so called kingdom they too didn’t care about the people they ruled over you are no different than all the greedy democrats who just want to get richer off the backs of the working class. I think you need to be taken out behind the wood shed and given a old fashion ass beating just like they use to do an unruly child when they misbehaved. You Sir are a poor excuse for a human being. Signed a very angry American citizen.
Emily Mitch McConnell, your actions and decisions do not represent us. We disagree with you on absolutely every single decision you have ever made. You do not represent the republican part that the majority of your constituents want or need. For you to defend sending money overseas or to pet projects while Americans are suffering and scrambling to make ends meet is despicable and inexcusable. Please stop making decisions on your own and follow President Trump’s directions on all matters as he is the true model of the Republican Party that we seek to represent us.
Catherine You win your seat on the coat tails of President Trump. Then stab him the back by congratulating Biden who did not win due to all the fraud. You need to retire from the senate and never look back. You are a complete failure and do not serve the people who elected you. Hang your head in shame and leave us in peace.  Scumbag
Wanda You need to listen to our President and do what he says. He is still our President and he does what is best for us!
Doyce Mitch, I once believed you were a true patriot and supported our President, Donald Trump. I no longer believe that. I believe you have corrupted yourself with the Deep State & have been bought off to do their bidding. It’s time for you to start supporting the American people, who pays your salary. You may think that we would be satisfied with a measily $600. We see through this. You are so eager to pay foreign countries billions of dollars. Why is that? They do not deserve a dime from us. I am demanding that you withdraw any money going to foreign countries and give that money to the people who rightfully deserve it. President Trump wanted to help the American people. Who do you want to help. What you do will let all of us know whose side you are on.
SHARON Hope your money has been worth it. Too bad people didn’t know your deep state /swampface before President Trump got you elected. Yes, you heard that right you didn’t win on your merit. Or perhaps the machines were rigged in your favor like they were rigged to creepy Joe. The Not 46 President elect. Never in a million years would that criminal be sworn in. See you at Gitmo- you traitor treasonous actor.
Rebekah I think you are a coward that needs to grow a back bone.
You work for the people! Your voice should speak for us. We are the reason you are where you are. Any further more college students should also recieve stimulus money. Most work and pay taxes. They have loans and bills to pay as well. Instead of going into debt sending our money to other countries. Very disappointed republican here. I pray you do the right thing. One day you will answer for your actions as will all of us.
Virgil On my watch: The United States of America died January 20th 2021.
Lisa Dear Mitch, as always suspected you have  shown your  true “sell out” colors to all of America! You have now defined YOURSELF as a traitor! You KNOW that massive voter fraud has ocurred AND you , from one swamp creature to another called Biden as president. Oh no!!!! That wont fly. It would seem prudent and God knows, THE RIGHT AND ONLY THING TO DO, to stand against this election fraud! What EXACTLY are your ties to China that you stab our President, citizens and nation in the back? President Trump WILL PREVAIL and shall have his legitimate 4 more years so maybe you’ll hop on the “nontreason bandwagon” at the last minute and surprise us all….and thanks for blocking actual help to America’s beleagured citizens! We’ll remember that too. Maybe NOT so Happy New Year for you
Mary What kind of person would be so self-centered that he cares not at all what will happen to the people who get a measly $600 to live on. There are people who have lost their job, can’t get another one because so many businesses are not operating at full capacity. What of the many people who are waiters and waitresses, chefs, fast food employees? There are people who are homeless and homeless shelters are operating at 50% capacity because they can’t have people be so close to each other. Perhaps you should live the way others are living instead of having any and everything you want. You are going to cause a rebellion that will destroy this country and then you will become disposable.
jennifer As a Republican voter and a middle class patriot, I fully expect you, Mitch McConnell, to vote for the $2000.  My family has suffered this year as both my husband and I are front line workers.  My husband had COVID and was hospitalized for 24 days and still can’t work. Americans need this help NOW!
Anita Mr. McConnell, 75,000,000 Americans voted for President Trump. That fact that you have turned on him and the constituents that voted for you is a disgrace. You need to align with President Trump and fight against election fraud. Or the next time, they may steal your votes and you will be put to the curb. By snuggling up to Nancy Pelosi, you have shown us where your loyalties are. It’s not too late. You need to apologize to the 75,000,000 million Americans and do your part to make sure election fraud is stopped! And vote the COVID bill in alignment with Trump!
Manuel Senator McConnell Please Do What President Trump
Needs To Get Done. Do Not Go Against Pres. Trump.
JAN There is an awaking of the republican people, the silent majority that is NOT going to put up with you traitors any longer!! You have ALREADY crossed the line and if you continue down this wrong road, consider yourself done for life!! You ONLY won this last election because Trump stepped in. YOU have joined the ranks of the RINOS, I pray you are arrested along with the rest of them for TREASON!!
Virgil The epitaph on my tomb stone will read:
Pat Good job stop the pork in the Bill. Like Trump ask the House to do. Give it to we the people of the USA. ( no illegals or other countries.)
Sue You’re a self-absorbed, only care about your own interests, couldn’t care less about the people who voted for you rhino Republican, who has zero loyalty to your party or to the president who put his neck on the line for you! You need to be kicked out of office YESTERDAY!
Lorraine He does not care about America or the American people. He is not for us he is against us  he is nancy peloci
Kelly Mitch McConnell, please do not certify the vote for the president. There was rampant fraud and if you don’t listen to it you are part of the fraud and cover up. Just listen and then do the right thing. President Trump won the election and the democrats are trying to steal it. True Americans will not stand by and allow our elections be stolen!
Don’t certify for Biden.
Judith McConnell you are a shining example of a sleaze ball politician.  You road to victory on the coattails of our President and then you turn traitor on him.  Is it because you don’t want to disappoint your rich Chinese in-laws who btw made you a multimillionaire.  We all know that Biden will keep the Chinese trade freely flowing.  As to January 6th, if you have a SHRED OF DECENCY in that greedy, filthy soul of yours, you will do right by President Trump.  You, and, We the People, know there was a grave injustice done in this election.  Those who are responsible will pay dearly.  Trump will spare no one.  We the People will be standing there waiting for your decision, in Washington, on January 6.
See you there!!
Kristina Senator McConnell,  Your refusal to return $2000 to each taxpayer is viewed as elitist mockery of the American people.  I know you’re supposedly trying to get a bill drafted that takes out some items of spending that shouldn’t be there, and to fix the 230 issue. But people need their money now.
We, the American people are watching you and the rest of Congress. We will be voting in the next election according to the actions taken on this. Don’t underestimate the anger of the American people. We are watching you. We are paying attention and listening to what you all say and do in congress. America’s future depends on honest, honorable action now. We will not forget how this is handled by each of you. You are elected to serve for us, not to be elitist frauds telling us what we need. We tell you!And we’re watching how the vote goes on the electoral votes being certified,  which they should not be! The election fraud needs to be dealt with by congress! You all know just like we do that Trump won the vote and the electoral college. Time to be an honorable person and tell the truth! You need to realize the Republican party is doomed if congress doesn’t act responsibly and honestly on this. We’re sick of the lies and the avoidance of the truth by all of you! Get busy and do your job according to the Constitution of this country, and be big enough and bold enough to speak the truth. The election was rigged and we all know it. The fraud is blatantly out there for anyone to see. It is unethical and immoral and cowardly to ignore and deny that!

We are angry, disgusted, and there are a lot of good Americans out there ready for action. We can choose a new party easily. If the displeasure of these 10’s of millions of angry,  upset, fed-up, disgusted citizens are disregarded there will be a backlash like you’ve never seen before. So think hard before you dismiss us and ignore us. Your actions here and now are the most important of your career as a legislator. This is a time like no other. Stand up and make the right decision for  this country and the people of your own party who voted for Donald J. Trump.

Thank you.

Steven I knew you wete a rhino before trump was elected. Remove the pork and pass the $2000. And get out of office.
Gene You must be a selfish man. You get a huge salary and as part of the deep state, millions of dollars in kickbacks. It’s not your money. You politicians stole it from working citizens. STOP GIVING OUR MONEY TO FOREIGN NATIONS! WE SHOULD COME FIRST in the line to receive money.
Julie You stupid ass, you’re supposed to be on our side. The American people need money right now. Why would you not want to give to them. Apparently you’re more like
The big B, Pelosi and stupid Schumer. What a disappointment!!
Cynthia Sen. Mitch, you will be sad and embarrassed when you get voted out next election. We’ll drain the swamp. You sir are the swamp.
John A waste rhino traitor
Tammy I pray that Mitch McConnell will find the courage to stand for truth and support President Trump and the future of the citizens of the United States of America!
Bettyjane You are failing us, so get behind President Trump and show us you are a true Republican and not a Rino!!
Martha Mitch, I have been very disappointed with you for not standing with our President.  I understand that you have several million dollars, but you are not willing to give the American people $2000.  You ought to be ashamed of yourself.  You are thinking about yourself.  Martha Richardson
Jennifer Mitch McConnell you are an absolute embarrassment as a republican represenative! You sit back and draw an incredible amount of money! You and your family are all well taken care of, while there are millions of Americans choosing between food, medicine, housing, electricity, water! You are not doing what you were voted into office to do! You appear to be the same as a crook! You sir will not get my vote again!
Mark Mitch–keep up the good work as the $2,000 stimulus check is unneeded and goes to the wrong people.  Any aid needs to be targeted to people affected by the pandemic not to upper class liberals working at home on their computers. There is a reason why all The Lefties are for it! Why Trump is for it is toally beyond me and it is WRONG!
Marlene Senator McConnell;
Please do your job and support our President who was the victim of the most massive election fraud in our history.  By not doing so, you are turning your back on our country and slapping the faces of every legitimate voter who cast his/her vote in the 2020 election!  It’s unconscionable that you would not support our President who brought us the best economy in our history!The American people are outraged at your decision to abandon our president and support Biden, a felon in every sense of the word, a cheat, and a person who sold our country out to China!  I implore you to
do the right thing for America!

Marlene A. Zullig
598 Pescado Drive
St. Augustine, FL 32095

Jody He’s part of the swamp. Term limits!!!!!
Dan Carter You and Vice President better support  President Trumph on 6 Jan 21
D O B You Sir are a disgusting Swamp Rat who only gives a fuck about yourself and your own interest . You will drown with the rest of the swamp rats once we confirm our Incredible President Donald J Trump , Get ready mother fucker we are coming for you !
Marilyn I’m so disappointed in you Mitch. You gave up so easily. The Liberal left has stolen this election from our Pres. Why did you cow tow so soon rather fight against the illegal election. You’ve made it easy for others to abandon us and what’s best for our country
Steve POS says it all
Ruth Dear Sen Mitch McConnel I do not know why you are forsaking President Trump Jan 6th not supporting and encouraging this fight to prove Election voter Fraud. Soros funded and Chiba and Russia funding Democrats to cancel out Our Republican President and Senator and Congress where we lost seats when we would have more if you had Fought to help President Trump and Republicans that love this country and to represent the USA. Democrats have shown they have Huge China and Russian connections and the Doj and FBI are in collusion with Democrats making millions for them to favor them over the USA . I am angry that you are not openly fighting to prove and expose the Dominion Voting machines were cheating the race. Democrats mail in fraudulent votes allowing dead people and illegal immigrants vote Democrats illegally. They need to be exposed and charged and prosecuted. Those here illegally that voted should be deported and charged and never allowed to return. But your failure to fight and expose the voter fraud makes me suspect what is your reason to fail on the job? Do you and wife have China and Russian financial asset deals to hide. This is the time to Fight to Save the Republicans!! Including President Trump he has done a fabulous job and had 73 million voters supporting him. I implore you to go down fighting for USA citizens that love Trump as our President. This is the time to fight for American People and not the normal bullshit taking back seat playing dumbfounded!!  Please help the 73 million voters and be a Leader for us.             Ruth Teague Massachusetts
Rebecca I think what Mitch is doing is terrible. President Trump won, everyone knows it! I’m leaving the Republican Party if Mitch doesn’t support Trump.
Lisa Mitch we would greatly appreciate it if you would do what you were voted in to do. Stand up for the American people. Do your job and support and back up President Trump. Do what he needs you to do for America. Thank you!
Catherine Mitch, I have no idea what the hell you are thinking but I can tell you what I am thinking, as a Republican and a loyal American . I think you have lost your mind , how dare you go against your people and your  President, you know what your people want you to do and since you are paid by us I think it is high time you either do as we say or you get Fired. You showed very bad judgement in your decisions lately especially.  Stop following the evil ones and look to your people and their needs instead of your opinions on what you think we need. you do not live within our budgets and we sure as heck don’t get the kind of paycheck as big as the ones you get. You try to live on our income and take care of families, bet you could not make it . Get your self off that fence and get back to doing what YOUR PEOPLE expect of the ones we voted for. We want President Trump & V.P. Pence and we want enough stimulus to be able to have gas to look for work , feed our family and pay our way through this damn virus that is not our fault either. Get the money from the ones who made this virus and attacked America with it too This is the 3rd time we have been attacked on our own shores. Time to stand our ground and quit letting these things happen. I hope you at least agree that you could not do any of this on $600 dollars . Thanks a lot .
Lori What is wrong with you? We the American people are being sold out by you Mitch! Help us and pass the 2000 dollar stimulus now! Stop your bullshit!
Illa STAND UP FOR TRUMP, January 6th, 2021
Vivian Republicans and conservatives voted for Mitch McConnell to do his job and we are sick of his betrayal.   First, sending billions of OUR money to foreign countries but a measly $600.00 to Americans whose businesses have been decimated by Washington’s policies.  Then to not allow the evidence of fraud to be disputed in the Senate.   We elected him as a representative and not God!
Judith 74 MILLION Republican voters may be justly very angry as hell about Mitch McConnell refusing to let the Senate vote on the $2,000 aid to US Citizens!  You didn’t refuse the vote to give BILLIONS to foreign countries, did you?  Might you be so out of touch with the voters who pay your salary, that you don’t understand how much US citizens have gone through in 2020 & how many people NEED this help?  Pres. Trump was FOR THE PEOPLE & you’ve proved you’re NOT.
Rick Sorry I ever voted for you especially this time, sell us out.  I think you shall cook your own goose.  How did you get to be a millionaire off the American People?
Joseph Get a spine and back the President
Ron I want to thank you for not putting the Americans first, I want to thank you for lying to all Americans, I want to thank you for selling out. You were elected to work for the people not for China, and I have had enough of this pure disrespect from you. The last I checked is that money you help give away to other countries was coming out of the American pockets not your own to do what you feel is right. Get your head out of your other end and do right by the people for the people!
Pat You are NOT a true patriot.  My guess is China and Soros have you in their back pockets.  Shameful!!
Jody Hey there Cocaine Mitch….you’re a real anti-American piece of shit.
You’re a traitor.  You should be arrested, charged and tried for TREASON.
Ga Mitch,
I pray you will be tried for Treason and hung in the US Capital for all to see how traitors of this great country are punished.
You are Despicable
Nick Spineless pos.  Get a real grip on reality.
Nancie I can not believe you are selling out the American people! You were elected to protect us! Dirty politicians make me sick and I hope you all get what you deserve!
Cathleen Contest the electoral votes for at least 3 or 4 states.
Why hasn’t this happened already?
No one has balls in the republican  party, so stand up and do something at OUR last moment.
Mark “SELLOUT-RINO”, and to think that we contributed to your campaign to help you get re-elected!!
Gary Support our President, Mr. Trump !
Jess Hear the evidence and seat the appropriate electors. You are finished if you abandon the Trump base which is really not interested in being ruled by the Dominion Elections Management System (DEMS). And pass real relief for American citizens before foreign aid wrapped up as Happy New Year presents to everybody else.
Kenneth You need to stand by President Trump, we need to keep the integrity of our vote. If you let this fraud go the people will never trust the government again. Stand up and defend the integrity of the American vote. Do not be a coward, fight for the People of the US.
Joseph Senator:  You will answer one day for the deceit and treachery you have perpetrated on the American people.  I wish you would run as the socialist/communist you are instead of bring shame to the Republican.
Tina We the People of America expect you to back our president,. Your there to represent the public not your own self interest! We need to know your loyal.
Angela Let the voices of voters be heard.  I believe that election fraud took place.
Blir Sell-out
Charles So Mitch how big of a raise will you and your Democrat comrades get this time ,while the people struggle to feed their kids and not be homeless ?
Sharon I tell you this Mr. Biatch Mitch, if you betray we the people, I promise you, your politcal career is over. This is spoken by me, an average very patriotic citizen. And you can bet there are over 75 million more of us. You better think long and hard about what you do next. I for one will not forget and I will never forgive a traitor to the people of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This land NEEDS President Trump….. Choose your next step wisely…..
Kevin Dear Honorable Senator McConnell,
I just want to express my EXTREME disgust with the death of the 2000 covid payment defeat….plus disgust for the pathetic lack of support of “Republican” Senators for the agenda that should have rolled right through the deep state cover ups during the last 4 years… The pathetic Republican uncooperation to bury the Democrats constant attempts at framing the President and attempted bulldozing of better serving the “people”..Instead you guys are serving entrenched deep state politicians..stupid entrenched DC agencies..and foreign countries ahead of the people who elected you and your “servant” politicians HERE.. Wow.. And watching and seeing the liberal biased media and lost free speech social media censor while you all sit on your hands…..And you guys are really getting good at sitting on your hands..
Especially pathetic is the last screwed up election oversights and foreign interference.  And Chinese flu costs the Republicans possibly the Senate and our countries future.
You should be as ashamed of our Republican party as the majority of Republican voters who are tired and ready to leave this party. If you just want to hook up with the Democrats…socialism….communism..and getting rich at the expense of the American people (that you are as out of tune with as the Democrats) Just continue to play footsie with them. But we see it now.
Deeply disgusted and deeply disappointed. Yep..that’s a BUNCH of us!
This isn’t just a game.
This is about people’s lives IN THIS COUNTRY.
If you want to represent China or any other foreign country..Why not run for office there?
Sad I have donated to this “politics game” in so many races outside of my state.
But I was hoping you Republicans would wake up. Guess I better wake up. Right?
Kevin Keighin
Normal, Illinois
Doug Johnson Mitch McConnel, I had the upmost respect for you in the past years before this election as you seemed to be a good leader for the Republican party. First, you were  the 1st Republican to turn your back on President Trump by declaring Biden as winning the election knowing this was a fraudulent election. Then stalling the stimulus payment and rejecting to get rid of the 230 provision which silenced the voices of conservatives on Twitter, Facebook and other Communist sources. You are a DISGRACE as an AMERICAN CITIZEN 1st, a REPUBLICAN 2nd and an overall piece of COMMUNIST CRAP in my and many other PATRIOTS EYES!! What made you sell your soul, conscience, patriotism and your position as a Republican leader? You will be voted out and removed ASAP!!!!
Eileen How could you sell us out. We are Republicans which is the party that you say you are and support. If you are not declare yourself a Democrat because you are not helping us. You have turned on us for what reason? Are you dirty and hiding something then resign. Step aside and let someone else become the head of the Senate. I did like you and now have lost my respect for you.
Pam I think you should support our President Trump and all who voted you back in office.  Stand with Trump or we will not vote for you again. DO YOUR DUTY TO THE CITIZENS AND YOUR COUNTRY.  NOW!
Arlis W. Wilson Mr. Mc Connell, I am a life long Republican and believe in the conservative way for our nation. It seems that for some years now you haven’t stood as I believe you should have for the common people who voted for you. I am highly displeased with the way that you have seemingly turned your back on our President and for not standing with him on getting the illegal vote corrected.Your  only concern was being re-elected. Please remember the American people and their needs. If you had to do without food or failed to pay your rent or house payment because of the unnessary shut down that we are going  through now, you would be more favorable to get help that we need. I pray for our President and our leaders that they will make the decisions that are best for our Country and our people. May you seek God’s leading in doing what is right. Take care of Americans first, that is why you are there to represent us and follow the President’s leadership. It seems that you have turned your back on the rightly elected President and congratulated the thief as if he were rightly elected. All of America knows that the election was stolen from us, so get it in gear and back our President.
Ernest Mitch your actions show where your loyalty lies.  Is it your Chinese wife who has compromised you ?  Does Obama have photos or recordings of you?  Is it just you are a normal corruot politician who protects big business and business as normal? This is diff Mitch if you don’t take a stand against this illegal steal by the Dems, China and big tech the repubs are done forever.  This will not be forgotten mitch.  Don’t fear the left, don’t fear china, fear the executive order against election fraud.  Fear the eighty million patriots who are watching the Dems, repubs, big tech, judicial system and corrupt Washington.  There will be a reckoning For all those committing treason Mitch whether by that person or aiding. And abetting the treason.  This is not another election Mitch. Take an aspirin, take a breath.   Honor the Constitution as you swore to do.   That’s all you have to do
Paige Stop being a coward and defend our vote of Trump for a second term and stop obstructing President Trump. Fight for the Constitution; your legacy will forever show how you reacted in the time of our country’s great need.
Kim Prove to us you work and fight for democracy in USA
Jimmy Hello Mitch cave ing again you and your buddies
To rich to give a shit about the party orchestra people all of you got no balls Just free lunch on the
Backs of our grand children don’t forget to back the steal and make some more money for your self’s
Jason Deep state crooked polatition needs to give the American people the money
Michael You have proven to be the kind of politician who has made the swamp famous for being a bunch of lying robots and totally insensitive sub humans who have continually deceived their constituents in order to maintain their privileged and ‘ruling class mentality’ for themselves ALWAYS and ONLY for themselves!
Elodie I think your a TOTAL sell out to this country!  Perhaps you should move to China with your wife..Your a disgrace to the Republican party…..
James You are what’s wrong with people we vote to serve us
When you go against your party….you are a turn cost we don’t need that we need you to stand bye the president who still is Trump.
kate you’re not representing the wishes of the people who believed in you
Gary If Brains were gas, you couldn’t run a Piss Ants go kart 2 laps around a Cheerio!! This is the same thing that a lot of people think about Joe Biden. It’s time for you to RETIRE!!
Hy Get your sorry ass in line, and do the job the American citizens are paying you for. Support the agenda of our President, Donald J Trump.
Carrol With all due respect, you have failed at your job- the one thing you were chosen to do, represent the people.
Your actions towards this country and We the people stops here…
do your job or we will do ours.
Jim Get a backbone and fight. Quit acting like a RINO!!!!!!!
Debbie So disappointed that you didn’t back up President Trump. The fraud that occurred in the swing states was ridiculous. I live in Georgia & my vote didn’t count!
The stimulus bill was a joke- more money went out of the country; than the good people struggling thanks to the China virus. Disgusted in the Republican party. So much corruption in the Democrats.
Paula You are worse than a RINO! You enjoy living in the stench of the swamp! Stand up for once in your life! If not for your children & grandchildren, for mine! No more status quo! Do the honorable thing!
Michael Senator McConnell, please contest this fraudulent election.
Eric Mitch McConnell, Kentucky voted for you again cause we thought you would do the right thing for once in your pathetic life. If you don’t stand with Trump and acknowledge the fraud that went on in this election Jan.6th you won’t win re-election next go around. Kentuckians are pissed. First you refuse to acknowledge the fraud in the election, then you pass a stimulus bill with more pork and foreign aid than any sort of stimulus for the covid disaster. Then on top of that you refuse to give Americans suffering the $2000 stimulus checks. You won’t even let it come up for a damn vote. You all get your pay checks for doing NOTHING while we are suffering and starving.  You’re a damn criminal just like Biden , Pelosi, and Obama.
Eric Hayes
Albert Stand with president trump
Richard bully, traitor! support Our President Trump! RECALL KY!!
Ted Mitch the American people would like you to stand up for America and defend this nation from being stolen.  Mitch you need to defend this nation not foreign countries.  You first responsibility is to see that elections are fair and not stolen.  Let the senate and congress elect the electors that they know are the correct electors and have a discussion about how this election was stolen and show all of the evidence.  Once freedom is lost it is lost forever.  Stand up for the American people and not money.  The republican party appears to be dead to the American people and the don’t have a spine or they don’t know what is right and what is wrong.  If you can’t see that the election is stolen then you are blind to reality.  there is more evidence than can be heard in a year.  The evidence is clear, there is no doubt.  President Trump won by a landslide and all of the corrupt Governors, Judges, representatives of the people are trying to hide it by not allow a true audit.  Somebody is going to jail and the American people will not forget what happens on January 6th….
Sharon You have been in bed with Communist China just like Joe Biden…Only you are worse than he is…You’re married to them….You are a traitor to your own country and the American Ppl and you have always been about the money…The money that gets routed back into yours and your wife’s bank accounts via backroom deals with China you make by selling your seat of power in the Senate always at the expense of the America and the America Ppl…That makes you even a Sorry excuse for a Senator…That makes you a turncoat and a corrupt backstabber…..
Hope You are a yellow belly snake. You are a basterd you rhino
Jane what in the world is the matter with you? you need to support Trump!!!
Raymond Mr. McConnell, Betrayal of the American Citizens By Attempting to Allow Massive Election FRAUD in Key states which is Proven on So many Levels is Not forgivable… Evidence, Suppressed by the Leftist Media and Timid Justices dodging the truth will erroneously facilitate  the FALL of our Republic… What will Your Legacy Be ???
Ron Mitch you are a peice of shit
Tito You are a low life hypocrite before you wanted the stimulus now you don’ want, people need help, you who keep selling out the American People and the republican party.  You are not worthy of being speaker or a republican .  You are as bad or worse than Nancy Pelosi, as wrong as she is she at least supports her party something you do not do.  You should resign and go to oblivion.  Either support President Trump and the American People and oppose all that the communist democrats put fourth or resign.  Wuhan Mitch traitor to the American People move to China we don’t need you here.
Pat You are a traitor to this country…RINO. You need to go. Retire NIW. You know President Trump won the election and you should have his back…
Risë and Leonard Sir, I cannot express strongly enough my disappointment and indeed anger at your weak, pathetic lack of leadership! You are betraying a great leader! You show ingratitude to our President with every  word you utter!
Are you also (as has been reported by the news) in the pocket of China?  Are you fearful of the more aggressive Democrats?
I pray this is not so, however I no longer trust or respect you!
I was a lifelong Democrat and became a Republican to support Donald Trump. If you and your Republican Rinos betray him, I am moving to the Libertarians!
Do you have a backbone?Do you have any loyalty? Do you know what gratitude is? Trump has expanded your party. Support him or be forever condemned by history!
Beth you are an idiot.  You need to put Americans first and fight for our President.  President Trump won and the fact that you want to ignore that and just shove China Joe through is very sad.  You work for us mister!!!  We don’t work for you.  We will make sure that you are voted out in 2022.
Lyne Mitch McConnell has sold out to Communism. You , Mitch , are literally in bed with our enemy. You should be tried for treason!!!
Mary Mitch you are no better than the rest of the RINOs. You, Pelosi, and Schumer think you are irreplaceable , think again. Remember you work for the American citizens we don’t work for you. You are a disgrace to the Republican Party just like Mitt Romney. Retire and let someone that really cares about the American citizens take your place. You have proved to me that you don’t give a damn about America or the citizens.
Bob Why are you not supporting President Trump?  Is it because you were a frequent flier on the Jeffery Epstein pedophile express and are being told what to do or be exposed?
Brenda I think you are a spineless, traitor!!! You work FOR the people, not the other way around!!!
Darrell As a patriotic Kentuckian I just voted for you, again, to serve 6-more years as one of my senators.  As an attorney, I recognize many of the backroom deals you have made during your tenure, but none of them had the importance current events now provide.  You feel everything will pass and the comity in the senate will return to normal.  I will not. You must not recognize you are risking the republic.  You doom us to war.

Tar & feathers will be too light a sentence.  Shame on you.  May God have mercy on you.

Mork Mitch McConnell you piece of garbage. You sell out. Remember this, Donald Trump had the 80 million votes not Joe Bidumb. You made the Gitmo list you treasonous bastard. Penalty for treason is death. You earned your one way ticket to Gitmo. Traitors should be burned at a stake. Hanging or firing squad is too easy. You should be tortured first Turtle. We will flip you on your back. Traitor!!!!
April Mitch, I am sick and tired of your stalling tactics and not jumping in and fighting for the American people. Get in there and Do what you know is RIGHT.
You are a disappointment to the American people who have expected to Help the USA ….. not use it for your own goals.
Kimberley Support President Trump as the REAL winner of 2020 Election!  Do not succumb to threats from the left!  Keep America beautiful and honest in elections!  You are accountable.
Geri Senator McConnell, your behavior shows a total lack of respect and duty which you owe your Constituents in the great state of Kentucky.  Furthermore. You have no business serving as the Majority Leader.  You surely are not representing the majority of those who have elected our President!  Either you get on the “Trump Train,” or I bet your Constituents May not elect you again.
Floyd If you don’t stop the steal. We the people will be knocking on your door non stop. STOP THE STEAL NOW.
John Mitch the commie bitch
Amy Mitch McConnell you are a traitor and you will be held accountable for your act of treason along with your corrupt cronies. President Trump WON this election and he will get his 2nd term! YOU sir will get a one way ticket to gitmo for your blatant act of treason.
Marla Mitch – what a disappointment you are and the rest of your cronies.  I was raised, registered and voted Republican my whole life until I watched you guys cater to Obama.  I am registered Independent now and President Trump is no doubt the best, most respected President we have had since Pres. Reagan.  We voted him in because we are sick of you career politicians.  You get rich off us and then shit on the little people.  Grow a pair and back the President.  And Mitch the $600.00 is an insult to the American people.
ralph I think what your doing to the American people and the ones that voted for you i have to say mitch i have a lot of family in western Ky that are not happy with you when your time is up get ready to retire
Norma You are not only a traitor to your party, but you have obviou$ly $old out everyone in America to China and your other foreign intere$t$.  HOW DARE YOU act a$ if you aren’t doing anything wrong and are actually representing the American people!  Do you honestly (oh, pardon me, that word is probably not in your vocabulary) think we’re completely brain dead?  There was a time in America’s history that you’d have been hung or shot for treason.  Maybe the Good Old Days weren’t so bad after all.
rosalie mitch is a turncoat if he does not stand up for president trump.    we need president trump for 4 more years.   we don’t want satanic,demonic and evil people running our country
Ray You are past your time and worthless.  RESIGN
Susan Come on Mitch!  Canadians would take Trump in a heartbeat. Just stop wasting taxpayers money. He’s going to be here 4 more years so stop the nonsense.
Mork Mork Jungle
Terri You sir will be the death of our country and the death of Republicans! Do the right thing for ALL Republicans wanting to keep OUR COUNTRY FREE!!
David You’re fired Mitch
Vicki Mr. McConnell, you are compromised and do not have the interests of the American people at heart!
Brian I’m gonna be nice and just say you should probably step aside!
Dale Swamp RAT must get money from China and Joe would make a good team.. we will remember you…
Carol I’m not  sure why it’s so difficult for the politicians in Washington DC to respect the sacrifices average Americans make to pay taxes. We are taxed multiple times on every cent we earn or spend. Then, you send it to other countries with no regard for the challenges we are facing. We see fraud and bias throughout the election and the media, the majority of our elected officials and courts turn a blind eye. I believe President Trump deserves your support and we the American people need to be heard.
Phil Start standing up for the republican party & upholding voting ethics and broken laws that should be met with proper punishment. Are you ties with China to strong? Follow your money. We are not stupid. We will remember how we will need to strike back at you.
Timothy Mr McConnell

You really need to get your head out of your behind and stop stabbing the American People in the back.

Timothy Malesick
[email protected]

Teresa Teresa Hazel
Naomi Mitch, I thought you actually cared about America people and not just your own pocket. I was sure you were a Trump supporter,but instead you are a piece of crap and part of the swamp. You make the Republicans look really really bad since you are NOT supporting our President Trump. I hope you will not ever get voted in again. #NeverAgainMitch
Evelyn Mr Mc Connell, if you don’t back President Trump’s efforts to overturn election certification to Biden due to immense election fraud, you will destroy the Republican party from ever winning an election; you will ensure socialism invades this country in the form of the the certified Democratic party, I will never contribute to your election campaign ever in the future. You have lost my support and 75 million Trump supporters.
Rickey support your party or become a   democrate traitor
AOC You are a traitor and a despicable human being.  I hope you rot in hell, with the rest of your friends.
Connie Mitch McConnell, quit being a Rino and support and back President Trump!!  Help the American people with the $2000 stimulus WITHOUT the pork to foreign countries!  You sir are showing more sympathy’s to China and other countries over our America.  Looks like you’ve sold out and we will remember!!!
Lisa Can not believe  how you’ve  let ky , America an mostly our precious  President by not doing what’s right in representing us the Rep people iam ashamed of you being from Ky you wont win next yr unless you do something  now you would not have won had it not been for Trump
Susan Sir, do what benefits legal, living Americans.  Finish your career caring for real people.  Tell the special Interest groups that you are done with them.  Tell the swamp/deep state that you are done with them.  Tell the media that you are done with them.
Cat Your abandonment of America, President Trump, and We The People is disgusting and treacherous. I spit on your poor choices. Repent if you have any ethics left.  Elect Trump now!
Paul Mitch, you need to get your act together because there are millions of people watching you and we know that you are being paid off by the CCP.  Your wife’s family is highly connected to the Chinese Communist Party and its leaders that paid big money to help you with donations for your last run for the U.S. Senate.   N Cow you are in the pocket of the Chinese government, just like Joe and Hunter Biden.   Now you are working for the Chinese government and not for the American people and we all know what you are doing to this country, Mitch.  You have sold us out to the Chinese and if you pressure the U.S. Senators not to contest the Electors on Wednesday and vote for Biden your finished for good.  Think about it, Mitch.  We all know what you are doing and it is not a secret any more.
E Joyce Mitch McConnell, you have no love for the American people. If you did you would be fighting for them not against them. I don’t know how you can sleep at night knowing in your heart you are doing the wrong thing or are you past the point of feeling or having a heart? Maybe this is the case. If so, God help you!
Tina Mr. McConnel, I’m very disappointed in you and how you gave turned your back on We the People. I can understand how you thought you could get away with dirty dealings in the past. But, you have to know now that We The People are madder than hornets. We’ve totally fed up to the point if physically pulling you and other traitors out of the people’s house and yard and feathering you and running you out of town on a rail. PLEASE think about America and do the right thing. Stop the fraudulent election and get money to the Americans who have put their trust in you.
Dawn Myself along with many other fellow Americans,can not stand the sight of you!!! You sicken us. Consider yourself warned!!!!! Do the right thing
Edward So what seems to be the problem Mitch? Trump helped you get re-elected and now your stabbing him the back? I guest your just apart of the deep  state after all. I’d say you need to get with the program and SUPPORT President Trump and STOP THE STEAL.
Russ comy mitch is a let down to the USA he is selling us out to china just like the demonrats you can’t change history by changing names of bases and taking down statues we need our money hear more than other countries do and any one that watched the election can see the steal in the election you are ether blind or are being bought out like the news channels we the people are mad as hell witch is were we are headed with Biden you don’t care about America any moor so move out
William Time to retire
Rina Andrews Mitch, you better support Trump or you will loose your position as the head of the Senate. I doubt you even be reelected as a Senator from now on. When Trump reelected, which I’m sure you know that is a big possibility, you will face even more difficulties. So, be a good nationalist now and support our President instead of fighting him.
Jennifer TRAITOR!! You need to resign! You only have your own welfare in mind. You either been blackmailed by Epstein’s people or the CCP. You are an American disgrace!
Craig Richards I’m so disappointed in Mitch.  I thought he was one of the good guys.  I now know he is a traitor!
Sandy Mitch the rhino Bitch is and has always been a two-faced liar who representatives himself and not we the people.  He never steps up and helps our beloved President Trump.  If Mitch the Bitch does not support we the people and support Trump, all 80+ million voters will destroy both parties and start a new party called THE PATRIOTS!!  We will make America Great without you and the democrats! Neither party represents we the people!
Steve Mitch you need to do what’s right for this country and uphold the constitution. You are a coward and are not worthy of the seat you hold. Step up and be a real man and do you’re damn job to uphold the integrity of this election. Stand up for our freedom and civil liberties because remember you work for us we don’t work for you. Keep that in the back if you’re tiny little brain you worthless POS. We the people will never forget what you have done and we the people will not stand for you and you’re goons corruption anymore.
Peter Do the right thing otherwise you lost it! Shame on you!
Bosco Dear Mitch, Vote for Trump or we will eat your liver.
Carolyn I have one question for Mitch:
Do you love America enough to fight for her without having to go to war with another country and be killed or wounded ?
If so, you will show your courage and stand with the Republicans who want truth in elections. Join those who reject the electoral college count and get the truth of the election. America will never trust the election again unless this has been  corrected. You know what the Democrats would do if this was their  party in the same situation.
Please do not join the RINO’s and stay a true American, without Fear!
If you don’t’ you will regret it when socialism and communism rules your grandchildren, and they will hate you!
I say this with love, not hate!
Brad This is insane  If you want to never win another election keep this stupid shit up
James Mitch rally the troops on the 6th to protest against the fraud in this election,
Sam Your a asshole pay us our money
Jessica Senator McConnell,
I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Kentucky, for whom you have been recently re-elected to represent. It saddens me deeply to learn that you too, are part of the terrible machine of corruption that is the United States Legislative branch. You have a sworn duty to uphold the United States Constitution and support the interests of the people of Kentucky, whom you serve. Instead, you are failing your constituents as well as your president and the American people. You are serving your own interests and that of the Washington elite. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you. Stop your deceitful and self-serving behavior and stand up for what is right. Do your job. Serve your constituents and support our president. He is the one person in Washington who truly serves us, the American people. Be part of the solution, instead of the perpetual problem. You can do this, you can change your course, you can do the right thing. Find the good in your heart and the courage to set your own interests aside, and choose freedom, choose truth, choose to be a voice for what is right. I’m praying you will be the man you were elected to be and not the man it seems you have sadly become.
In truth and hope,
Jessica Zielinski
dana I think he has turned on trump and the republicans and needs to get himself more aligned with the republican party or get out. does china have a hold on him or what.
Karen Please do your job and support President Trump.
[email protected] Chicken Shit mitch TRATOR BASTARD.  YOU fill your pockets from. The kickbacks derived from foreign aid but you give the taxpayers pennies.  Your days are numbered.
Oliver I think that Mitch McConnell could care less about what anyone, even those from his district, would think about him. Remember, he is a career politician and has 6 more years to sell America down the river.
Alexa Mitch you better give the tax payers money back to the American people, you are a disgrace American
Al Mitch, you are the biggest RINO in Congress and a disgrace to this country. You have not done anything good for this country for at least 25 years.
In my opinion, you, Mitt Romney and other RINO’s in Congress should be sent to Guantanamo Bay for the rest of your lives, with no chance of parole or presidential pardon.
Jesse Mitch, get a spine and grow a pair!
Penni I’m furious!  You need to stop selling out our President and take a stand for Republicans who want this President for 4 more years!!!
Glenn Walker Mitch McConnell you are appearing to be a RINO. So sad that you will not stand by President Trump.
Marie Et tu Brutus? Will never donate again to RNC, NRSC, NRCC. Will donate to Josh Hawley and other non-RINOS, however. Primary the old guard!
Allen If you don’t help trump you need to be shoot you won’t never get my vote not that matters it didn’t in last election HELP TRUMP win
Thomas Stand up for the American People and block this election
Leyhun Peolosi whispered on his ears and he got carried away and turn to the demonirats?!?…..
Sean Mitch you are nothing but Chinese Paid for scum. I hope you are the first to get arrested. You stink bug. You should sanitize your soul and your body hint: Clorox. Bleach. Cling Toilet cleaner, High Pressure cleaner. And then shower after 24 hours you goddamn traitor.
Patricia Dear Mitch
I don’t believe you care about Americans who desperately need help. May God have mercy on your black-hearted soul.
Charles Mr McConnell I’m just an old cowboy from Texas. When I give my word I keep it. I feel like you are letting the American people down. I would never sell out my friends or family. We all know how much fraud there was in this last election. Stevie Wonder can see it. I hope that you will join in the fight to save the American people,our families and our country. Don’t let our country fall on your watch. You can’t be loyal to money because money will not be loyal to you.
Anonymous Pass the stimulus bill for $2,000.00.
Marlene Stop selling out America.  And, do not certify a stolen election.  The fraud evidence is overwhelming.  Videos have surfaced where poll workers are trashing unopened ballots.  That says it all.  There are thousands of videos proving that ballots for Trump were destroyed.  We demand that you do NOT certify a stolen and fraudulent election.
M Leon Mitch, please help Trump with the problems and we need more money besides the $600.00.  I am on SSI only!! MLVIGIL
Randy Grow some balls and back the President!
Cathy Mitch. I’m tired of you backstabbing the President and us Americans. It’s time for you to step down  if ya don’t well step you down
James Whiting Complicit with the Democrates and the CCP…..resign!!!!!!!!!
Mary King Well-matched as a life time republican, I am disappointed in many of your recent decisions, like congratulating Biden and going on about being President Elect. You want to be buddy buddy with him so you have an inside track to him. All while throwing President Trump under the bus. You made comments there wasn’t cheating intheelection, many of we Americans disagree. You should and I’m asking that you do make Trump President for 4 more years. You have a job to do and its time YOU put America first. YOU CAN DO THIS BY NOT ACKNOWLEDGING A FRAUDULENT ELECTION AND TELLING YOUR SENATORS TO VOTE FOR OUR COUNTRY. Ps  People are hurting and need the $2000. Just because you don’t, you are not looking at the larger picture. Both my  husband and myself lost our jobs.
Paul Caving to the swamp is not the right response to election fraud. Either fight for what is right or resign. Don’t be a traitor to your country.
Rebecca You are a treasonous traitor to America!  I pray you spend the remainder of your evil, demonic life rotting in prison.  You and many others have betrayed us and committed vile acts that reveal the blackness of your corrupted souls.
Connie Mr. McConnell, I ask you to please do what Pres. Trump wants you to do. Not your version. I’m just 1 patriot of millions. We won’t forget. You are letting the American people suffer. You appear to be an enemy of our country.
Mary Dear Senator McConnell: Please begin supporting the President who has been doing a wonderful job. We don’t care if he’s not taking care of the deep swamp. We need President Trump. For you to sell him out and support Biden, the  man who was NOT really elected, you are disenfranchising over 80 million voters who voted for our Republican President. If you forget this, we will be setting up a party of mostly Republicans plus other Americans who are supporting this President. The old Republican deep swamp party will collapse. The real votes are with President Trump.
Linda You Mitch are part of the swamp and need to go!!!
Fran You are a disgrace  to the hard working American people.
Barbara I am requesting that you stand strong against this election fraud!!!  Stop being compliant end afraid to fight for the Republican Party!!!  DO YOUR JOB!!!
Annette Mitch ain’t no TRUMP but he is a RINO. got re-elected on the coattails of Trump and now stabbing him in the back. I will not forget
Carol Hey Mitch, China and a corrupt DOJ and FBI cannot save you from the psyop We will have for you. Go ahead and exile yourself to China.
John John Hello Mr Arnold!!! We The People are SICK AND FED UP WITH YOU!!! Either side with US. Or parish U TRAITOR!!!


Jan Please support President Trump! Very disappointed in you. Stand up for the president that stands up for working people. Shame on you for caving on the veto and calling Biden president-elect. Please stand up for hard-working Republicans. Do your job.
Ronda I think you need to remember that you are a Republican and you won your race because the American people voted all Red … so now you need to do what President Trump has asked of you … Do your damn job for WE THE PEOPLE !!!!
Charles Assclown RINO!!!!
Gene Senator Mitch, you have failed the American people by stopping the $2,000 stimulus. We are hurting, some starving and some are homeless in just past few months. I personally consider you and enemy of the people
Mike Slime ball chicken faced failure!  Kick him out now!!
Diana One of the swamp creatures only interested in lining his own pockets!
pamela Stop being a coward and spineless RINO.  Stand up and support the best President we have ever had. The demons are corrupt and you are supporting them STEALING the election. We the people want you in there fighting! GROW A SPINE!
Pablo Mitch is a traitor
Kathy Mitch, there is a God and He say’s the day will come when we all will stand before Him…And when we do I don’t what you want to hear Him say but I  long to hear Him say to me (Well done my good and faithful servant. He say’s that all shall bow before Him. And every tongue shall confess that He is the one and only true God…So I will be praying that you are ready for that day.
Mary MM you are a feckless coward and RINO.  Sick of you.  Would never vote for you again.  You have sold out Trump–and that is unforgiveable.
Juanita So thankful that I don’t live in Kentucky. If I did I would have voted for my dog rather than you. You are one of the biggest RINOS in the Senate. You obviously do not want Trump to be there for another four years, afraid he will uncover some of your evil contacts and selling out of America and the taxpayers. You are one evil person and will stab Trump in the back every chance you get, even though he helped you get re-elected.
Patricia Please step up and ensure the integrity of the vote. Stop fighting against the truth.  You were elected to represent the American people, uphold the laws and defend the Constitution.  The evidence of fraud is abundant.  Please ensure only legal votes are counted.  Americans are counting on you.
David Hey Mitch it’s time for you to go.  You are a relic that needs to be put in the top shelf and forgotten.  You do not represent conservatism or the conservative people.  You boy, are a RINO.  say bye for the good of the country.
Carl Dear Senator McConnel, I really can’t say that you surprise me with your RINO antics. I have never trusted you! Please hang in there with our current POTUS, Mr. Trump. Seriously, please!
Joe I emailed Mitch that I’m sick of having unreliable traitors to depend on that are suppose to represent me and they don’t represent me at all.  Weak spineless traitors to America and its citizens.
Dee First-class shithead.
Kathryn I think you are a nasty man that isn’t even a Republican,We will drain the Swamp and you will be the first one voted out
Lori Mitch quit selling out the American people …we know your in bed with the CCP. Start backing  President Trump and the American people.
Bonnie Mitch McConnell I am from ky and I voted for you, but if I could I would take back my vote. You are an embarrassment to our state and our country. You have betrayed your party and the American people and your own country. You are a selfish old man who cares about no one but yourself, I think you are in for a very big surprise, because you can’t fight against God. You are a flat out traitor to our country.
Andy Sen McConnell is a horribly  selfish, timid, and corrupt politician who sold out patriotic American conservatives who believe in our Constitutional Republic and liberties!
Cynthia Dear Congressman OConnell,
America has had a front row seat to the many illegal activities the Republicans and Democrats have taken since the Nov Election to steal the election from the American people. You sir, have been heavily involved  to steal the election. It’s a shame, and wonder how long have you been stealing from the American people? Sorry, but your time has ended, we need to restore confidence to the kAmerican people and keep America Free!!
Donna Mitch McConnell give us the $2000!! Yes you have plenty. Our businesses are going under while you live happily.
Larry Hey Mitch—You are either an under-cover communist or a cowardly traitor to America and our President.  Your conduct and words will tell us all who and what you really are.  You harvest what you plant.
Don Estel I have already sent you a message Mr.McConnell, but here is another one. First of all, I can not believe you stabbed the President in the back by saying Biden won. That was total BS and you know it. This election was a total scam and there is a ton of evidence proving this.  It’s about time you GOP politicians grow a spin and fight!!.. We are on the verge of losing our country if the Dems take over and you so called leaders are rolling over and taking it..WE ARE sick of this..You either start fighting for Us and America or step out of the way for someone who will…January 6th approaching fast. You have 4 days to figure it out. We the people are NOT going to let America get ripped apart. SO DO SOMETHING…
Darlene McConnell you are two-faced,back-stabbing demo bootlicker! Stand up and be a Man if you know how.  You would not be where you are if it wasn’t for Trump. You will not be around after this term. Traitor!!!
Jean Wuhan Mitch is traitor to the American people. Stimulus for America only!!
Dona Thompson Please support Donald Trump and don’t let Biden take the White House.  It would ruin America.
gena Mitch needs to do what President Trump asked him to do
Lillian Mr. McConnell, It is time for all Republicans, especially yourself, to stand up for the hard working American people who pay your salaries and support our President! The American people have had enough of this betrayal. We are sick and tired of politicians not being representative of the people who voted for them. START PUTTING AMERICAN CITIZENS FIRST AND BACK OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP NOW!!
Bob Mitch what a sneaky Rhino you and your commie loving
Roger Mr McConell I think that you are a back stabbing RINO. You have betrayed the people that vote for you and you have shown that you sold your soul to the devil.
Mark Swamp Rino
Robert I don’t give a rats ass about the $,2000 but I am absolutely furious at you and the rest of the RINOS for accepting the results of a truly fraudulent presidential election.  Get off your dead asses and do a true forensic investigation of mail in ballots in all of the swing states.
Robert Traitor
Cheryl As a Republican we need to do all we can do to get President Trump re-elected.
Please come along side the President and do all you can for him.
It is time the Republican leadership came along side of him and supported him.
Cheryl Spurgeon
131 Post Ln
Stephen Time to get on board, Senator McConnell.  President Trump won this election in a landslide, and anyone with half a brain (which should include you, sir) knows this.  Do the right thing on JAN 6 and reject the fraudulent electors from the 7 swing states that submitted dual slates of electors.  So many times in your multi-decade career you have sworn your oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help you God.  I I urge you now, sir to live by that oath and keep your promise to God and to our country.
Ellen You have betrayed the Republican Party and Conservatives  Americans. You are a rhino and we need for you to retire immediately!!
Barbara You should back the President in this election and let every American see the evidence. Certainly not block the true republicans who are voting for the people that elected them.  It’s not about what YOU want but what your constiuents want and that is not Socialism! At the rate you  are going, Schumer may as well be top dog. You are not doing your job.
Theresa Senator McConnell; I am so disappointed in the entire Republican Senate. Each of you has put your big money and lobbying buddies above the safety and security of this nation and your fellow Americans. Do not think we even believe for a moment that Biden is our president, let alone Harris. We are sick and tired of the crap we have seen! We refuse to let our families and our country go to hell with the democrats. A great sleeping giant has awakened and we will not settle for corrupted politicians and civil servants. With God’s help we are going to clean house and save our constitution and country! I suggest you get a clue!
Patty Coombs You were voted into office by the American people, to represent us!!! LISTEN TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! DO YOU JOB!! OR GET THE HELL OUT
Roger You suck mitch you’re just another scumbag who’s getting arrested and sent to Gitmo
Betnadette Mitch do what is right for the American people& give”we the people” a voice in this election! Count the LEGAL Votes!!
Brent I’m done with the Republicans. You all sold us down the river. Mitch, you’re the worst of them. A once loyal Republican. B. T.
Margie Hall I live on 1200 dollars a month,I would like to see him try to live on this amount with everything going up constantly I don’t understand why he is for giving other countries more of our tax dollars then for the American people I voted for him but I will not do it again He has proved to us that he doesn’t care about that American people we needed the 2000 dollar stimulus I am a widow trying to live on 1200 dollars a month he is such a disappointment I would never vote for him again
Penny Stop selling us out and start supporting the president. You are at best a fraud.
Mueller Trump campaign for you and then you stabbed him in the back just a typical Washington politician You let President Trump campaign for you and then you stabbed him in the back when I needed you typical Washington politician deep state
Cynthia You are a disgrace to our country. Obviously protecting your millions you made from China. Your days are numbered. You know damn well that President Trump won the election and you’re working with Pelosi behind his back to change the rules on the electoral college. You sir are a sorry pile of communist shit!
Todd He is deep state that has no loyalty to anyone but himself. He probably tells people in private that he runs this country.
Embarrassing the lack of integrity he shows, but not surprised. In order to attain his position you use other people and respect no one. I wrote to my Senator Portman(R-Ohio) and he must have gotten his answer letter from McConnell. Same deep state BS, I will never vote for him again. Another one that is only worried about his self. Republicans have too many deep state people too. Sad, no integrity or loyalty.
Tim You no neck piece of shit, you and your scum bag wife deserve to be hung for treason to this Great Country
Michele You’re a treasonous traitor who took campaign funds from innocent Trump supporters after you begged for help from We The People in order to save the Senate.  You are charged with treason for selling us out to China’s highest bidder!
John Coward
Roger There’s a place for pieces of shit like you mitch
Greg Do your job for america and not china.
Judy Stover As a 69 year old conservative, I am sorry that I every gave one cent to support Mitch Connell’s campaign.  You must be so concerned with keeping your own power rather than supporting the Constitution and the will of the people.  Disgraceful!!!
Tricia Everyone I know and talk to is very disappointed in the decisions you are making in regards to the future of our country and the fraudulent election you are choosing to ignore. We the American people deserve honesty and integrity from you!!
REITA Please help the American people, your constituents.
All of you up there have all you need to live on for the
rest of your lives, but many of us are just hanging on. I am ashamed of John Cornyn too.
David You need to step and fully support President Trump.  He has done so much good in spite of the fact the republicans have been so fractured!
Roy Bruhn You’re a traitor Mitch and you won’t be an office again
Stand behind our President you sir know this was a rigged election. Stand up for Americans, come your election time all conservatives will remember. Stand behind our President Trump, else you are no better than those which seek to destroy Our freedom
Lola Trump is the President of the people! My vote was stolen! I’m a Latina whom use to be a Democrat and my vote is as important as the other over 70 Million whose votes were stolen as well! We Voted for Trump!

You work for US the American people!
What CORRUPTION are YOU now trying to hide by not supporting our President and Americans??

Jerome You need to back our President!  What the heck do you think you are doing????????
Stephanie President Trump WON the election time to right the wrong, time for Republicans to BACK OUR PRESIDENT Donald Trump!!!!!  Stop the nonsense!!!!
Richard Do you realize you’re there to represent the people of the United States and not all these other countries you keep sending money to you it’s time to take care of us or we will take care of you
David Yellowbelly
Lorena Support President Trump to be re-elected if you want us to keep you in office. President Trump WON!!! Listen to regular citizens like me. We are watching all Republicans and see who is standing with President Trump and us the people.
Mary Norris Mitch is a fossil that has become a disgrace to himself and every Republican that supports President Trump. McConnell’s elected duty is to support the people and the President.
Lisa Treasonous Traitor RINO!! We will never forget!! Move to China where you belong!
He has shown his true colors. He is not for the people, he is only worried about lining his own pockets.  He needs to stand by President Trump and do his job. We the people are sick of being treated like trash while illegals are treated like royalty He has shown his true colirs
M You are a Coward, Spineless, Gutless Rino and Traitor !  Trump got you Reelected and this is how you Repay him ?   Shame on you !   We are not going to forget YOU and all Rino & Shameless GOP Elite Politicians !
Raphaela Sir I pray your not a devil snake,War is already breaking out if you fuck America
John Mitch, either you start doing your job for the people of Kentucky and for the American people or resign your office and go home. The American people are fed up with your ability to relate to the people, instead as with most politicians you only look out for yourself and your self interests, this will be the last time you will have that opportunity, next election you will be voted out and your rein of power will finally end, for the good of America I wish it could come sooner but as most politicians know they are protected until the next election, do your very best to turn back your politics or count your days because the next election you might as well not run.
Thomas Support President Trump please Mitch!
Stephen Mitch, WHO do you represent? After everything you have done, it certainly doesn’t appear you reprsent America’s interests anymore.
sue Senator McConnell, you are a turncoat and a coward….you have done nothing to investigate the election fraud that took place.  It makes us think you are somehow compromised and therefore afraid to do your job.
Jennifer Mitch, I think you are corrupt. You are not backing the people in supporting Donald J Trump. He won the Presidential election and we the people know it.

We know you are corrupt and will not be voted back in. The only reason I donated to your campaign was because of my President Donald J Trump.

Do the right thing and vote against the electoral college we the people are watching.  You and I know DJT won the election in a landslide.


Miriam Pleska Mr. McConnell, I am a tax payer who pays your salary, and I AM DISGUSTED to see you selling out the American people, the Republican Party, and our dear President Trump.  You are part of the swamp that needs to be drain out of the Senate.  I am ashamed of you being a Republican.  You are in the wrong party.  You need to be with the Democrat swamp and let someone else lead the Republican Senate.  If this fraud would have happened to the Democrats, they would be defending their president and sticking like glue to fight the Republicans.
You disgust  me by congratulating sleepy Joe.  You are a disgrace, and that was the reason I didn’t contribute toward your campaign.  I contributed toward Lindsey and President Trump campaign, but you are the swamp and you need to be drained.  As a Republican I expect you to back our President in the fraud election that occurred in November 3, 2020.  And let me tell you, if this fraud is not investigated, there will never be another Republican winning an election again.
Ruth I want you to STAND FIRM WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP ON “Voter Election Fraud”. I am listening to you and have for years….DO NOT Disappoint Me!
Linda All you care about your rich friends and make sure your wife get all you don’t care if America people eat or starve have warn house or medicine I hope your happy remember when your times to be up for re-election people get rid of you see what you really are
Terry You Mich have betrayed this country. You have worked time and time again to work against the American people but this has gone to far. You force the president into signing a bill that clearly under any circumstances has to be the ugliest bill ever presented. You helped the Democrats back him into a corner. You agreed to extend our debt further in a time of crisis that Democrats created and give excessive amounts of money to illegals and if that wasn’t enough you topped that off with millions and billions of dollars for the stupidest stuff they had nothing to do with the crisis of the American people . The illegal immigrants received more money the the American citizens!! Then you have the nerve to give us 600.00 that will do nothing for bus except extend our debt even further with no relief. You are totally out of touch if you think that 600.00 is going to even put a dent in the damage that you morons in Washington have created .Its not the virus that is destroying this economy it’s the politicians that think they are more capable of controlling our finances than we are. Your idiots and we have had enough. We need and president Trump deserves the support of his party behind him and you dam sure better evaluate your priorities and start supporting the American citizens instead of playing politics with our money and our livelihood. Stand up for once a be a man instead of a back biting mouse and help America first. We are taking names and we are not going away. Change is coming.
Debbie Mitch, what a CCP sellout. You are a traitor to the people of the United States. Do what Trump and we the people expect.
Kathy Mitch is a self serving traitor.
John Mitch, last time I checked our Constitution and Bill of RIghts it stated you are the representative of your constituents.  You are not there to enrich yourself, or your elite buddies, nor are you there to campaign as a conservative and legislate as a liberal.  I know you want those cocktail party invites from the MSM and the dems, don’t you ever think about the people you are screwing?  They hate you Mitch!!  They just put up with you for a time.  Better ask your wife if her Daddy’s chinese money is going to enrich you a little further.  Pass $2000 stimulus!!  Get rid of section 230!!!  Investigate voter fraud!!!  Stand with this President that you owe so much to.  BTW we should not be sending hundreds of millions us dollars to Pakistan to look into transsexuals in the muslim faith outreach.
Melissa Mr McConnell, the Lord of Heaven and Earth sees all and knows all.  You work for the people, bottom line.  I pray you get on your knees and ask forgiveness and ask God to right any wrongs you have done to ‘We The People’.  There is still time to do the right thing.
Anne Mitch you are a coward! Let me send you a jacket so you can add all the patches of those who are filling your pockets.  Traitor!!!
Candy A TOTAL embarrassment to the republic and American Patriots. How much did CCP put in your pocket? OUR money keeps you in office!! START working for the people!!
James Dogmeat
Lynn Very disappointed! I am sorry that I donated to a rhino and a dirty one. Why? Why are you letting your country down?
Mary Dear Mitch, you are finished. Millions of us put our trust in you to do the right thing. You didn’t. You betrayed us, and we will never forget. The only thing that sustains me is that karma is a bitch, and it will find you. You have chosen to align with China and Satan. Now, live with it.
K You are a sellout
d time for you to be gone!!!
curtis very disappointed that its okay to send millions or billions to sudan ,pakistan, and other foreign nations plus give money to museums and arts but decline the 2000 to americans in time of need . the term” socialism to the rich” makes zero sense to people living check to check,we are far from rich, signed from a trump supporter that figures you are giving georgia the two seats we desperately needed
Catherine Mitch you should stand behind the President Trump and with the people of America.  Get off your rear end and support us. President Trump help get you reelected.  Remember what goes around comes around.  I’m ashamed of you. You’re not the man that I thought you were.
Shirley Mitch McConnell:
You need to start supporting the people of this nation instead of falling in line with the Democrats/left side.  You better remove those blinders off your eyes & see the darkness satan has you in & turn back to the light of Jesus.  If you don’t, God will pass judgment upon you that you will not want to face. The Lake of Fire wouldn’t be the place you would want to go to. God controls everything & He has this election wrapped up for Trump. You better pray to God & ask for forgiveness & do what is right.
Titus McConnell talks out of both sides of his mouth. Have to give our soldiers a raise but $2000 to Americans not happening. The national VOTE is rigged so you wont be voting them out. I always wondered why it cost $100 million to run as Senator that pays $200 thousand. It is them paying to win. McConnell sells his votes when he is in the minority, my opinion. Their evil that all of them are doing must be uncovered including ties to Communism and being a Pedophile. Trump knows who has done what. The Tree of Liberty needs watering.
Kay Mitch POS, rather than vote to send money over seas you rich libtard, give it to homeless vets, or shiner children. I am a essential worker,  not one bonus or raise in 8 yrs YES I could of used the 2,000. Rot in Hell old ass
Charlie You are a disgrace to the high position you hold in our republic. I am ashamed to call you a fellow republican. If you continue to put special interest before the American people and our President Donald Trump, i will do everything in my power to see that you and others like you never get elected to office again.  Very sincerely, charlie Carroway.
Karen Mr McConnell,

How DARE you let billions of dollars go to other countries while sending the Americans who voted you into office $600 MEASLY dollars!! How many millions are YOU worth? There are hundreds of thousands of Americans who were living hand to mouth BEFORE this “virus” took over, and NOW they are even worse off than before! They can’t afford food or to pay their bills …. and you are against giving them $2000 lousy bucks? You are a degenerate, and a prime example of why Americans detest every politician in DC!  Except President Donald Trump that is! Thank goodness for him.
You are reprehensible. Give each American $2000 NOW! Money that WE gave the government to begin with by the way. You lecherous, stingy, self-absorbed old elitist!!

Catherine [email protected]
Patrick Mitch in a time when we need men of integrity to take a stand for freedom you turned your back on us! Enjoy you last term in public office!
Deborah Mitch it’s time for you to retire! We need a Senate majority leader that will stand behind our President and the people! YOU FAILED!!!!
Vaughn You basically committed the RNC to a mass suicide. The Republican Party is dead, to about 100,000,000 Americans. The backlash to your treacherous behavior will be stunning.
Brent You a piece of shit!!
Carol I think it is very sad that you have sold out the republican party for your own benefit. President Trump has been fighting for us since day one against the liberals and the swamp. I was hoping that you were in the fight with him but apparently you are part of the swamp. I am very disappointed that you would sell us out and send more money overseas to other countries instead of helping the people in the United States of America. I am also disappointed that you don’t want the Republicans to take a stand against the fraudulent election. Everyone knows the Democrats are trying to steal this election. We need to stand up and fight for our country before it is too late.  God bless President Trump and God bless United States of America.
Louis Should not mess with Trump.
Steven I am furious. You have betrayed the American people. You know that Trump won by a landslide and yet you are a sellout and are backing a Biden presidency. The election fraud is completely obvious and you and anyone else that has not stood behind Trump and help him during his time of need are traitors that should be tried for treason. It is utterly disgusting that you have sided with the left and China.
Renee Disappointing! Stand for the 74+ million legal voters
Adams You are simply a traitor to your nation.  You DO NOT have the good of THIS country or the people in mind. Why do you hate the people for your (government,  you) actions of treason, lying, thieving, and  (for many of you) sacrifice of children and babies. You should step down, and perhaps go to CHINA.  Otherwise,  I fear you will regret continuing on the path you are on.
Susan How dare you turn your back on the President and all Americans.  Do any of you have a conscience or any morals?
Bily Don’t be a RINO. Trump has way more support than any other Republican. You wouldn’t have been re elected without his endorsement.
Craig Mitch the way you’ve turned your back on the GOP(which we all thought was the true American’s is disgusting). You’re one of the Rhino’s Donald was talking about. You’ll be gone next election. When you are we will all thank Trump for exposing you!!!! Loser
Lorrie Lamneck Stand up for your country or move on
Robert Mitch is the worse of the worst. I am a right wing constitutionalist. This man should never be put back into office.  Although I would not want this to happen. After the vote today on the house floor where all the turncoats turned against our President.
I hope the Democrats take the Senate, House and the Presidency. Just so none of these Republicans ever have a majority again. That is what they need. They are all criminals and only look out for themselves and not the American people. Screw them all until the civil war starts or Russia drops a EMP bomb on our heads. Then they can all eat sh!! and die.
Alan Your a disgrace for selling out America! Evidence of massive fraud is overwhelming.  I doubt your dumb enough not to see it. Thus, its fair to say your one the most sneaky slimy corrupt politician ever!!!
Frank You need to swing at the end of a rope
Peter Motherfuckin piece of shit!!!
pat mitch McConnell, i am appalled at the lack of support you continue to demonstrate for trump. this was a fraudulent election for the most effective president in my lifetime. you got another 6 years BECAUSE of trump. and don’t have the gonads to do what is right and just for the people who elected you.
Tom You’re complicit traitor to the American people, an anachronism, dinosaur needs retirement, no backbone, you like the Democrats stealing election, useless
Shelley Big Tech Section 230 needed to be addressed now. In addition it is your sacred duty based on all the blood that has been spilt by those men and woman who defended this country and defended the constitution to see that each and every vote is legally and lawfully counted. If you can’t do this then resign!
Janette Mr. McConnell, I am so disappointed in you and am angry. I donated to your senate campaign when you asked for donation, and you even continue to draw money from my bank account when election was over but I have to put a stop to it You don’t deserve to be supported by Republicans. You are a traitor with your co-conspirators Thune, and others a deep state like you. I am angry for giving your campaign my hard earned money!
Wayne McDonnell is a traitor to the people of the USA.  He is only interested in his own self interest, not what is in the best interest of the USA.  He is supporting the fraud on the US people by not working the best he can to stop this fraud.  Actually, he is suppressing the effort to stop this fraud.  He has sworn to up hold the Constitution of the United States of America.  BS, he is only interest in power.  I wish him have bad things happen to him soon.  All these traitors need to be put in prison for the rest of their lives.
Joe Mitch, please don’t disregard the blatant fraud that has occurred in the election. Stand by the constitution. Stand by the people who are fighting for honest and fair elections.  If we the people are educated on what happened in these contested states it is not too much to ask that our leaders are aware and supporting all the people who have seen with affidavits the fraud committed. Please throw out section 230 like our president asked of you along with all the pork money in the bill. We must be responsible with our national debt or we will be done as a nation.
Brigitta Shame on you, Mitch Mcconnell. What a disgrace you are. Is there anyone left with integrate, honesty and loyalty? It’s not like you have to rely on a pay off from anyone since you make more than enough  You showed your true colors. You disgust me, nothing but a greedy traitor is what I see. Karma will get you and I hope that day comes soon.
Desiree Mitch McConnell it’s time for you to go!! You will be now know as a TRAITOR to the American People!! We won’t forget so enjoy your time that you have now because we won’t let you keep that seat warm you piece of CRAP!!!
Barbara I am appalled at the way you and so called Republicans have treated, the greatest president ever. He has exposed the corruption on both sides and now God is going to work through him for another 4 years, to clean up the swamp. You are the leader of that swamp. I never voted until 2016 and I know why. Always thought the government was corrupt and you have proven that. God is watching and he is listening to see if you and your other swamp creatures will repent, admit your sins and ask for forgiveness. God is returning soon and president Trump is his chosen David. Get on board or get out of the way. Patriots of America are sick and tired of you people, being elected to represent us, and then you just represent yourselves. You will go down in history as one of the evil representatives of our country. Praying for you to change your cold, wicked heart.
Darrell 80,000,000 MAGA voters Mitch!  MAGA voters…NOT Republican voters, MAGA VOTERS!  You’re supposed to be there representing 80,000,000 MAGA VOTERS!
Choose wisely Mitch.
You like your cushy little job, then by God do the job we voted you in to do besides running all your little side scams.
Choose a side…because 80,000,000 MAGA PATRIOTS HAVE!!!!
TRUMP 2020
Teresa Please do what you are being paid to do for the People. Please don’t sell out America and the Republicans who voted for you. I’m afraid we know what’s happened to you. Do what is right.
Joseph You are a low life sell out that needs to step down.
Camie Do the right thing. You are out there by the people, you can be removed by the people.
Matthew Stand with your voters, McConnell. This election was stolen by cheating Dems and establishment R scum.  Trump doesn’t win FL and OH and IA by a landslide and lose the election in the wee hours of the morning. What you allowed here was banana republic type stuff.  We don’t defend all those Senate seats and gain all those house seats and lose the top of the ticket. Especially when Trump was the reason you all got elected. I’ll never donate or vote again for spineless nitwits like you and your China paid for rhino pals and millions more just like me won’t either. Grow a pair and do the right thing. The fraud, cheating and abhorrent anomalies are way too obvious to ignore. Biden, a senile imbecile, gets more votes than Obama ever did? When Trump does so well with black and Hispanic voters?  We will never win again if you allow this fraud to go forward. There’s toms of evidence, too. From R watchers getting kicked out of the count, fake Biden only ballots, Trump votes thrown out, record low (by way too much) thrown out fake mail in ballots, more votes than registered voters in certain counties, dead voters, voting in more than one state, multiple counted ballots, Chinese ballots, unconstitutional changes in voting laws, suitcases and truck loads of only Biden ballots, unfolded mail in ballots for Biden only, etc., etc., etc.  I could go on all night. Do the right thing or you’ll be out.
American Traitor pos career politician. You are corrupt and compromised. A fraud fake
Theo E Nugent Your a Traitor to the American people…You should hang for treason!!!
Charles Bastard
Mitch, you are a disgrace to the our people and the Republican party…..our President campaign for you in your state of Kentucky and you are betraying the man who helped you in keeping your job……get off your dead a$$ and get your party to stand up to the Democrats and if you can’t do it resign. Roger Martin
Charle Mitch, you think the attention and money that is coming your way is because you are respected—nothing could be further from reality. Anything you get is because Republicans think they are supporting our beloved President Trump.
We love Trump and despise you and how you treat our great DJT!!!! You are a traitor!! When you spoke your support for Chinese Biden  and Commie Harris I felt true revulsion for you and every RINO!!!!
Kim Where’s your loyalty Mitch? You need to stand with our President, help us #stopthesteal, and quit going rogue. He saved your job. There won’t be a next time if you don’t stand for us right now. And PS we’re worth more than 600 bucks. Stop being a jerk.
Ruth How could you turn your back on the very people that have given you your office? You are a disgrace to the Republicans! You need to consider who put you in office and have our back! Should you also be labeled a RINO!
Carl Fight like a mad dog for trump or else
Melanie You should be ashamed of yourself. We the People put our faith in our leaders to do the right thing and you have let the People down. You are hiding something and it will come out. You should be standing beside President Trump protecting the People and this Country. Your time will come and I pray that God brings it all to light. God Bless President Trump and four more years of his leadership.
Victoria I think it is utterly despicable that you and the rhinos in the senate are not backing trump.  You all were elected because of him!   And you know there was widespread cheating in this election.  You need to NOT certify these electoral votes, period.  A full investigation must be done.  Now cut the crap and get on board supporting this president and our country!!!!
Susan Do what is right! God is watching!
Denise He is one of the rino’s and has turned against the republican party, He will not be voted in again in 2022, 85 million people will make sure of that, He is in china’s pocket just like the rest of the democrats and he is working side by side with Nancy and chuck, and he has not only turned his back on the American people but has never had our Presidents back, you all will be sorry.
Karen Not much. Back the legally elected President. His name is President Donald J Trump!!!!!
Mike Hey Mitchell, the party is all for Trump.  You need to support him or pay the price. We are all Americans for America. Do not doubt our resolve.
Cheryl Fake
Jil You are a traitor to the constitution
Jerry Get on track with the Republicans and STOP THE STEAL or you can and WILL be replaced next election.
Leticia Mr. McConnell, you have shown your true colors as an American traitor! You, sir, are a disgrace and complete embarrassment! May God have mercy on your soul!
Carol Sir, It is painful to Know you are a Traitor to the United States of America.  A disgrace.  I am embarrased and I am sorry I ever supported you.  Please go far away and stay out of America.
Karen Mr McConnell,
You have done a great disservice to Americans.
You should have stand with our President!
President Trump is fighting a lot of evil right now and should have been able to stand with him!
Please! Please!  Back our President,
Sandra L Van Deventer Mitch McConnell, you betrayed America when you decided to “get even” with President Trump! That is not your money!  That money belongs to The Lord God and it was earmarked for His children that have suffered under your’s and other tyrant governors and mayors who put His America on hold for your own purposes.
Jamei I want you to know that it’s frustrating to see you work so hard against our President. You need to support him and represent the American people.
Susie You sorry sob!  Your day is coming and you will have to answer to God!  Shame on you for the crimes you have done.  I pray Gitmo is your home for life!!!
Shelly Get some balls and hear the evidence!  Your lack of faithfulness to Republican Party and Trump means you are part of the swamp!
Frances You need to get out. You don’t stick up for the people. You been in there way too long! That’s why we need TERM Limits! Our fore fathers didn’t want y’all to make careers. Get OUT! You don’t care about the Americans! Be sure and take some of your other millionaires with you! We Love our President Trump. He Loves this country and the Americans.
Robin I grew up Democrat, but have always voted Republican.  Not going to happen anymore.  Mitch begged for Republican support before the election and turned his back on Trump right after the election.  I am sincerely disappointed.
Vickie It’s very obvious that you are past your numbered days!  You should retire as of 01/01/2021.  You are a waste of space, and an anti-Trumper, and definitely not wanted or needed anymore!
Joe You might be a swamp creature
Sharon We the people are very DISAPPOINTED in YOU! You let us down and sold out to China and Big Tech. You don’t care about us and we are the ones who voted you in! You should be trying to help us and instead you are undermining what President Trump is wanting to do to help us! You’re a traitor! You need to be removed from office and arrested!!
Ann How can you sit back and watch the American people struggle? Nothing has changed for you. You are rich and want for nothing. You are the Head Rat of the swamp. You care about you and your other rich swamp rats. You use this country for your gain and to heck with all of us out here just trying to make ends meet. All this between you and Pelosi has been nothing more than a show, a game to you power hungry bureaucrats. Why you and the other members of your party don’t challenge this fraudulent election is beyond me. Oh wait… nothing is going to change for you when Sleepy Joe and Cameltoe get in office. You will still be rich and powerful living in your mansion. Why rock your comfy little boat… right Mitch? You politicians make me sick. I can’t stand the Democrats or the Republicans. Neither party stands for this great nation. You and Pelosi keep raking in the big bucks, and playing your games. One day it’s gonna catch you Mitch. I hope I am still here to see it.
Bethany You’re a disgrace to the United States of America! You are a RINO and a waist.
Bruce Do your job for American
Sandy Well Mitch, looks like you are not a honest n fair man!
May God wrestle with you and not let you rest or be at peace till you do the right thing,
What does a man gain to lose his soul for his wealth” nothing” you choose!
Casey Mitch, as a proud American conservative,  I am appalled at the behavior of you politicians who have been elected to represent the conservative majority! You have left President Trump, and all of us,  hoping to get back in good graces with fellow members of the swamp. You will soon realize that has been a horrible mistake.  If you don’t support the true patriot that we voted twice to send into the White House,  you will learn what it is to be abandoned! This is Trumps party now.  He has forever changed the face of Politics by actually exposing you all for what you are.  The best thing you can do is pick up the reigns and continue his work.  You can start by supporting the exposure of the incredibly fraudulent election we just experienced.  You claimed to have his back for 3 1/2 years and then you turned your head and showed your other face.  We will remember those of you who so quickly turned your backs on the best President this country has ever known!! Get to work for the people!
Aleene Traitor! Back stabber and words I can’t say.
Deborah So disappointed in your decisions to not support Liberty & our democracy!
I had no idea you were so left. How can you be against our great country & in favor of communism & socialism!
Eileen I’m deeply disappointed in you.  You sold your soul to China.  We elected you to take care of American people.  You are sending all of our hard earned money over to the foreign countries shame on you when there is American people that are in need.  Hopefully you will do what is right and stand behind our president Trump.  All American eyes are on you.
Matt Matt
Michael You sir are an asshat,you need to be pulled from office by your ear along with all the other get rich off the taxpayers leeches!!!!
Lois   McConnel is corrupt to the core. Time to resign Corrupt
Ernie I knew you were a rhino all along , guess your name is on the list of corupt politians. your a disgrace !
John Mitch.  What side are you on?  Patriots or
Your own wallet.   Choose wisely.
Deb Mitch McConnell – You have been a major disappointment to ‘We the People.’ All you are expected to do is your JOB. What a spineless and vindictive person you are. You know as well as the rest of us that the 2020 election was purposely planned to have been rigged and stolen from my President Trump. You should be so ashamed of yourself. You will end up buried in the swamp where you belong, if you continue to make these disturbing decisions. President Trump will prevail and karma will not be on your side. Of course, you still have time to do the right thing. Choose your next steps carefully.
Y You are a shame to our great nation and need to go!
Roni Trump helped get you re-elected, unless you are corrupt & part of the election steal!!! Otherwise stand up for the fraud, if you don’t see it, you haven’t looked!! You won’t make it without Trump supporters!!! Do the right thing or be marred forever!!!
Lorraine Lorraine Mainzer
Urban Mitch,
Mary You are the prime example of the corrupt Washington DC swamp who cares nothing for the American people and has sold out to the Left and their Global elites.  Any Republican that has betrayed the American people will be gone in the next election if not indicted for their criminal collusion with the Big Tech and Corporate Elites that have betrayed this country!
Marianne Norris Mr. McConnell,
You have deceived the American people who voted for you to represent them in the Senate as a Republican leader. You are supposed to be President Trump’s number one ally in the Senate, and instead you have become his enemy. We the People are opposed and enraged with what you are doing, and we will not forget.
denise I think he needs to support President Trump or resign.
Diane We can see the fraud.. so can you. Stand up for Americans and let’s stop this farce. Trump POTUS for 4 more years. He won, now stand up for him & for us!
Kim Your time has come to an end.  When you are exposed for the weasel dick face piece of crap you are you will hang.  It will be the happiest day for democracy when that does happen.  Many of your colleagues will also hang for treason.  We The People will get our Constitutional rights back and your sorry ass will get a rope.
Alex Fuck you Mitch
Na You had better stand up for Trump or you will be voted out of office. That’s a promise.
John Stop playing Politics! You are suppose to Serve the American Peoples Will. Hope you haven’t been blackmailed by CCP….Treason if you did.
susan Traitor
Dan He is part of the swamp and needs to go.
Sa His a traitor!
NATHANYEL your a joke and disconnected from the men and woman of this CONTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC
Kathy You are a sell-out traitor to your country and to the American people. We will never forget your betrayal.
Gary I am appalled with your lack of action on the obvious voter fraud in the presidential election.  I donated to your reelection campaign and I am calling on you to stand up for me and the 74 million+ disenfranchised voters!
Karen Please don’t betray our country and destroy the future of America! Back up our President!!!
Ron Mitch you are disgrace to the republic. You need to change your ways and fast on this Defense Bill. Everyone sees through you. You are compromised by CCP.
Rethink it Mitch
Beau Mitch have you forgot you work for the people. Stand up and fight for the President or you can bet your ass is gone next time around
Kevin Please Resign you are a TRAITOR
john You will answer to a higher authority soon for your actions I pray to GOD. P.S I am a life long Republican who detests you.
Kathy Stickfort You’ve been in office wayyyy to long. If you don’t do something about this crooked election YOU ARE PART OF THE SWAMP
Rita Mr Mcconnell you are an embarrassment to We the People. Enjoy your last term in office. We want a strong supporter of the Constitution not a weak kneed career political hack.
Jeff Sell out not for the people
Connie Thief. You take OUR tax money and send $700 billion overseas so you can get your kickback. And then you send the people YOU supposedly represent $600. SHAME ON YOU, Mitch McConnell. YOUR kind is destroying America.
Maria Victoria You are a traitor to your country and your countrymen who put you in power that you used against us!  Your time is nearing and should repent and save your soul (I’m sure you have one) before you face our God!  Bring honor to your family and don’t let them be ashamed of their father!
David Mitch it is not too late to start doing the right thing. Give it a try. You will find that it will ease your conscience.
Marcus “The Hanging Tree”
(with James Newton Howard)
(from “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1” soundtrack)Are you, are you
Coming to the tree?
They strung up a man
They say who murdered three
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met at midnight
In the hanging tree

Are you, are you
Coming to the tree?
Where dead man called out
For his love to flee
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met at midnight
In the hanging tree

Are you, are you
Coming to the tree?
Where I told you to run
So we’d both be free
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met at midnight
In the hanging tree

Are you, are you
Coming to the tree?
[Original line:] Wear a necklace of rope
[Line modified for effect:] Wear a necklace of hope
Side by side with me
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met at midnight
In the hanging tree

Are you, are you
Coming to the tree?
Where I told you to run
So we’d both be free
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met at midnight
In the hanging tree

Are you, are you
Coming to the tree?
They strung up a man
They say who murdered three
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met at midnight
In the hanging tree

Are you, are you
Coming to the tree?
Where dead man called out
For his love to flee
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met at midnight
In the hanging tree

w Two faced piece of shit!
Mae Mr. McConnell – I’m not sure why you aren’t backing your party and President. Do the right thing on January 6th to save this country.  You know this election had massive voter fraud and President Trump won. Why don’t you end your career with integrity knowing you did the correct and honest thing!
Joe Sir let me take away your income for 2 or 3 months and see how you pay your bills .Im retired living on fixed income and could use the $2000.00 dollars .So give up your pride and don’t worry about the next election .Do what our President Trump asked for . Do the right thing for America. You can give billions over seas. Take care of America first
Carla Your selling out Trump and telling Senators not to object to blatant fraud in the election of our president is despicable. Do you only listen to MSM and not do your homework to see what really happened? I live in Georgia and we are FURIOUS.  Now we are expected to vote in another fraudulent election to elect our senators.  You need to be charged in the coverup of the election fraud with all the others and thrown out of congress.  I am a former KY resident who has always supported you but it is one time for you to go and get someone who supports the rule of law and the fight for the fair elections in our country.  Without fair elections we have no country.
Fallen Coward who uses his position to fund corruption. Needs to be removed from his position! Corrupt official!
Ron Mitch, have some backbone and stand up for President Trump and and the American people.  Congratulating China Joe was despicable.
Norval Dear Senator McConnell,

NATIONAL POLL: Is CNN The Enemy Of The People?

Please stand up the rights of Americans to have a fair election and to protect one of Americans most basic right to vote.

Your failing to do do may undermine our nation. It is time for Americans to take back our nations from corrupt politicians and special interest groups.

Norval K. Haile

Pamela Mitch is a coward and needs to back President Trump.
Daren He’s a traitor, a turncoat, doesn’t represent the will of the people of his party. He needs to retire, be removed, he’s an embarrassment to the position he holds.
Bette We need for you to stand against voter fraud and a stolen election. Hope you understand the new Republican Party and who we support.
Ellery How could you not stand up for our president…you are lower the low..we the people will oust you in next election you sorry SOB !!!
Marlene For the sake of America, not your sellout of  America stop the steal Show some gastro intestinal fortitude
Greg We implore you to stand with Trump.  Challenge the electoral college. Do not let the fraudulent votes count.  Americans are very angry. This is the the time to save the country and election integrity
Blair Traitor!!
Charmaine You betrayed your Country and your Countrymen.
Tu Minh a traitor, a dino,useless
Keith Mitch you Albino Donkey Turd! Step down
Joe Do thr right thing for American Citizens. We do know whats going on with you & your wife with the Chinese CCP!
Debbie Mr McConnell how can your conscience let you do what you are doing to your country  and the President  by being a traitor! If you at any time have called  yourself  a believer  in God, please do what is right and help him and this country and Congress  before it is too late for all of us to be saved from all of the wickedness coming our way forever.
Liz You are a deep swamp traitor only interested in enriching yourself while selling America out. Congress must have the same term limits as the President as our founding Fathers knew may need to happen.
Shawn You are a traitor, a disgrace and you will burn in hell.  #walkawayfromthegop
Raymona You stand in the way of helping Americans while you send our tax dollars to the rest of the world. It speaks clearly of whom you care about, yourself and your influence.   Stand by the president we love.  He has stood up for us despite all the evil that politics have done to him. Trump is a true servant of the people.
Peggy Do as the President has asked you.  This is your chance to redeem yourself.
Becky You are a back stabbing rhino who only cares for himself and not for the American people. You used Trump and now you are turning your back on the American conservatives. You need to retire along with your friends, Nancy and Chuck.
Jeanne Shame on you!!!  Guess you forgot that YOU WORK for US!! You’re a RINO and have been compromised. That’s obvious. May God forgive you.
Lucie Mitch needs to stand up for his party or he should be removed as SOH.
Denise There will be NO room for RINOS where ELEPHANTS roam!!!
Kent Mitch McConnell must support s President Trump or you are working for Chinese communist party
Mary Mitch I am sorely disappointed in you. Also all but one Republican senator. You have sold out the American people. I will not vote for any Republicans that do not stand with Donald Trump. Line your pockets all you want . But you will answer to God in the end. Maybe you and your bride should move to China? Because you career here is done.
Vicki I am extremely disappointed in you. I have always supported you, but you have turned your back on President Trump and I can no longer support you.
Get with the program We The People Want or retire.
You have stabbed us in the back!
laurel If he sold us out to China  he needs to be hung.
Lynette McConnell your a piece of dog shit and I hope you burn in hell for selling out America!!!
Elaine You are a traitor to the president. Self preservation is unattractive.
Cynthia Mitch McConnell,

You need to grow a spine and STAND with our President and start working for the American people!

Lucy Hey China Mitch, you are the biggest traitor to our nation!  Your dealings with China and betrayal is called TREASON!!!
Kawni Gilroy Mitch McConnell is a treasonous criminal. If he does not do the right thing and give the tax paying Americans the money they deserve he should be publicly hung
Lisa Mitch you are a traitor to Godandyour country. I am hopeful you and the rest of the swamp rats are brought to justice by our President,a true Patriot I every sense of the word. You had a chance to redeem yourself and you blew it big time.
Nancy STOP working for WUHAN and work for the USA, who voted you into office. You are betraying all of us who voted for you. If you don’t do what is right, that will never happen again. Start putting what is right ahead of  your GREED.
Debbie   Mitch I’m so very sad your not doing your job for the American people and I believe your will regret that decision!  I pray that God gives you all you deserve as he knows your heart!!! 🙏 Mitch again I’m very sorry you have turned against your country and the American people and have simply failed to do the job we pay you for.   I hope your sins are few and I hope you receive the full judgement from GOD as he know your heart!  Praise GOD and president Trump 🙏 evil never wins in the long run
Vicki Why are you not standing up for the American people and our President
You are hired by us
Do your job or go home and we will find someone to replace you
Michelle Mitch McConnell is not fit to do his job. He should be  protecting our country and the integrity of our elections. If he doesn’t stick up for Trump in regards to the fraud he will be one of the main individuals responsible for destroying our country.  Are you doing this because you are getting money from China?
Deborah You are a total embarrassment bought out by China. Do the right thing and vote with President Trump to give the American people a reprieve. Your days in congress are limited as you will be voted out! Back our great President!
Patty You are a Fucking Traitor You will hang
Millie You stabbed the President and American People in the back…only AFTER President Trump helped You get re elected in the Senate. You rode in on his coattails, shamed us all and then startEd  sucking up to Biden….We believed in you ….
Come to find out…you are the worst one in the Swamp…what comes around goes around…I can hardly wait!!!!
Christina McConnell, resign and go live in CHINA with your traitorous wife. We don’t need Communists and Communism here in the Land of the free and the home of the brave. I was born and raised in Romania and was there until 1990. I hope you go back in history and look at what the Romanians did to their dictator Ceausescu on Christmas Day! Eastern European-Americans are freedom loving people and will fight for this country against imposing your corrupt communism on it. GET OUT OF OUR WAY, MITCH AND THE CABAL!!! LET US LIVE FREE AND PURSUIT OUR HAPPINESS GIVEN BY ALL MIGHTY GOD!
Karen We deplorables are leaving the republican plantation and will not vote for incumbent politicians that don’t support President Trump.
John You better get your act together Sir, or you will feel the wrath of 75 million + patriots.
Lynn You are the deep state.
Julie You really are a shame for every person who voted for you.hope they throw away the key.
Annette You work for WE THE PEOPLE not YOUR WIFE and her families China shipping business !! VOTE TO PASS THE $2000 stimulus payment NOW!! NEXT AFTER THE ABOVE IS DONE …Do away with 230 then the other item President Trump asked for!!
Tom You are a coward for not standing up for our President and the people that put your commie ass in office
Robin Help the Republican Party and leave office! Clearly you have other motives and putting the American people first is not one of them. Your legacy will be your lack of action when Americans needed it the most.
Terry You’re done old thief! We the people have had ENOUGH!
Jackie I will personally send my entire social security  check monthly to primary ANY republican that does not #stopthesteal
John I have never had inanything good to say about him. He is the problem as much as the democrat party. He is a coward and a back stabbing rino. He needs to go.
Libby Traitors/RINO’S are sorry trash and when Trump is still in office, McConnell will have to hide.
John Mitch McConnel, you are a traitor to the United States and our President. Since you want to serve your own interests and not those of the people you work for, it’s time for you to go. Hopefully, by being drug out of Congress by your hair, since you have no balls.
Bryn Mitch you just fucked the American people and our President for the last time! I will do everything I can to get rid of each of you corrupt politicians! You need to resign! Your an embarrassment and stain on the republican party!
Christina Mitch is a traitor and a China Hack if he doesnt support Trump winning election fair and square. If itch doesn’t support overturning fake cheating lying electoral farce then he will be recalled very quickly and his career will die instantly.
Daniel Mitch it pains me to say it now, but there was a time where I trusted you. However it seems pretty clear to me that time has long since passed, and that doing so was a mistake. You have betrayed not only our president, but our country, and quite possibly worst of all us we the people, you and far too many others sold out your country for money. I really hope that it was worth it, because you will never be elected to any office ever again once this is all said and done, you may even find yourself behind bars for you treason involving the CCP. I’ve seen photos with you and Xii so don’t go denying it. I wish that you could have been a better senator and better overall person, but the time to change that has long since past. I honestly hope that you have made peace with GOD because you are going to have to face the consequences of your corruption. This is beside the point though, because right now we need you to cooperate with the president and not fight him tooth and nail. Would you be willing to at least do that? Sincerely Daniel Larson, a citizen of The United States of America.
Aleda I think you need to step up and do your job!
Jacqueline You sir, what a disgrace. Never thought that you woukd sell out to Biden. But after looking to who you are married too sir, I believe your spineless being was compromised. You worked diligently all your life sur for a common goal, but now turned it over for the chinese people instead if your own people. Sick sir. SICK. MAY GOD FORGIVE YOU AT YOIR TIME.
Nicole Mitch McConnell’s actions are TREASONOUS! If you continue down this path sir you will hang and your family will be shamed by association with your lack of fortitude and veracity. You are hired by we the people to protect our constitution and rights. Do your job. The world is watching!
Sue You are a 1st class traitor!
Warren Nancy’s scotumhangbag
Jeff Do your job
Jan He is a traitor to the President and the American People.
T I think Mitchell is a disgrace to our country
Whitney I believe you are a communist at heart and you are weak. You are no leader and should resign immediately. You betray your voters by always siding with the communist Democrats. Our government is broken and you are huge resin it is.
Millicent Stand up for the people who supported your reelection (President Trump) & your constituents. Stop back stabbing our President.  Do what is right or resign.  Patriots are fed up with your Deep State & China connection.   Grow a backbone & support Republicans & the true President.that won the election.  Stop cozying up to Pelosi & Schumer. Patriots are watching…Do Your Job!
Tammy McConnel is donor class and could care less about Americans
David Piece of crap
Carol McConnell you are a weak self-serving idiot and the sooner we get you out of power the better.
Mike Sir I pray you do what is right and just in the eyes of the Lord.
Meredith Traitor
Carolyn Mitch McConnell, you are a piece of crap and We The People will not forget you. You are a traitor!!!!!
Dee Mitch you are a narcissist and a scumbag! Trump got you re-elected! Go against Trump and you go against Americans!
Steve Traitor
Terri I think he is a disgrace to this country!
Beth So disappointed to find out what a traitor you actually are!!!
Diane Mitch you will be very comfortable in hell!
Gloria Rino and traitor, part of the deep left
Kim Mitch is corrupt and way beyond his expiration date.
He should at the least resign & at the most be arrested.
Rubie It’s time for you to resign Mitch. You do not represent the citizens of the U.S.A. or our great country. You represent the CCP and that is clearly where your loyalty stands. You will be severely punished for your acts of TREASON which you rightfully deserve. Have fun in GITMO and tell everyone  there that Jeffrey Epstein is alive.
Terry You are a traitor to the Republican Party and to America!
Tim We are coming China boy, and we are many. I have heard Jonny didn’t want to hear the cases over at the SCOTUS because he was afraid of riots. You all have no idea what you have Awakened  in the American people. 100,000,000,000 and growing. This is our country and we intended on keeping it.
Ashley Disgrace
Kelly Backstabbing prick
Andrea Mitch kills the GOP if he doesn’t stand with us now and reject fraudulent election results
Maria You cannot let election fraud stand. As a citizen I want to know what happened. Too many questions. The constitution is at stake. Please Mitch back Trump’s challenge.
Daniel Stand with your leader Present Trump
Bob You were only re-elected because of down ballot. You are our representative and you know damn well we want Trump back in, PERIOD.
Rob You either overturn this election, or you’ll be run out of DC on a rail.
William William
Valerie I love and am thankful to God for President Donald J. Trump. Mitch has turned out to be another back stabbing Swamp Creature. I pray that God will continue to protect our Beloved President from Swamp Creatures like Mitch M.
Noneya You’re a worthless, turkey looking, piece of crap commie scum.  Congrats on killing the Republican Party.  Hope to see you at the gallows soon.
Malissa Mitch, you have deceived the USA, untrustworthy hypocrite and we the people Demand your support for our incredible President Trump.  You owe us and it is imperative that you contest the electoral vote due to election fraud of epic proportions.  Time to do what is right and stand up.
John traitor
Huong Mitch , who are you working for?
Jill You have proven to the American people you are a snake and words mean nothing. You can never be trusted again.
Melanie You are a traitor !
Miranda He is a sellout TRAITOR POS who is married to the CCP & stole us blind, duh. Cld even be a PEDO, who knows anymore?!?! Hang him in streets for all to see for TREASON.
Terry Please restore our confidence in the voting process and do not certify Biden as the winner. 75 + million conservative voters need you to stand up to the fraud or republicans will never win again.
Lisa trummer He’s a disgusting snake in the grass. He’s a disgrace to our country and should be kicked out of office.
Penny You’re a pathetic traitor Mitchey poo
Susan How do you live with yourself!  God is your judge!
Jean He turned his back on his party and his President  and sold them both out. He is a turncoat.
Jeneane Treasonous Traitor Trash
Dave I HATE this piece of shit!
Peter traitor to we the people
Michael Your a traitor to the American people, your a Rino your a gluttonous pig!!!
Marsha Traitor to the Republican Party, the President and all Americans
Patrice I think you’re a COWARD and a TRAITOR to the American people who pay YOUR salary.
Gay Cowardly traitor. He will be sorry as he awaits his trial that he didn’t stand for constitution.
tee You old Rhino!  You need to go home.  You are Deep state
David You are selling out America.

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