War of Words Escalates Between Lin Wood and Mike Pence…Whose Side Are You On?


Lin Wood has taken things to a new level recently.

And there seem to only be two choices about what is going on.

OPTION 1 – Lin Wood has gone crazy and has simply gone off the deep end!

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OPTION 2 – Lin Wood is not crazy at all, he remains a highly-respected powerhouse attorney who has evidence you and I haven’t seen yet, which he perhaps is getting directly from his connection to POTUS and he is slowly dripping out the truth, perhaps at POTUS’ request.

There really isn’t much middle ground.

As I’ve been reporting on this story all week, I continue to get your very impassioned emails on both sides of the issue.

Judging by your emails, you are split about 50% in Option 1 camp and 50% in Option 2.

And both sides are very passionate.

Let’s summarize how we got here.

Earlier this week, Lin Wood posted this:

And yes, that IS a WeLoveTrump article!

If you thought that was a swipe at Mike Pence, that was nothing compared to what Lin Wood posted on January 1st.

Take a look:

Can you say “BOOOOM!”?

Oh my goodness!

He continued:

Notice he also says Sec. Pompeo will save the election.

Pompeo has always been one of the few I have trusted.

Nice to see those instincts were right.

And here’s one more:

Ok, so I want to officially know where you stand.

Do you agree with Option 1 or Option 2?

In other words, are you with Mike Pence or Lin Wood?

Tap here:

NATIONAL POLL: Lin Wood Says Mike Pence Is Guilty of Treason…Whose Side Are You On?

I’ll wrap up this article with this…

Yesterday I asked you to give me your comments on Mike Pence and THOUSANDS of you responded.

You can read those here:

Dan His Christian faith will be questioned. I would not want to be the one that had to explain to God why he did not do it.
Donald Even before Pence became Vice President my gut told me he was hiding something sinister behind that pious façade !  Now our whole Country is depending on him for our survival !  I hope I am wrong but if I am not we are in trouble and Pence will be too.
Alexandria No, he is a traitor just waiting for the opportunity to do as much damage as possible to the President. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to kill him with his bare hands, if the opportunity presented itself.
Cynthia He is a very faithful and loyal to our President Trump. If he says I am a Christian then he must be true to his words.
Harriet I don’t think Mike Pence is Bad as we know that meaning however I have been following the election of President Trump before the 2016 election than met Mike Pence when he became known with President Trump Vice President. As time passed began to hear on face book information not yet proven pertaining to VP Pence related to children abuse along the way. A few noted from those he served as Indiana Governor was ignored as I don’t live in that state. Just common expected from the left so not worthy of remembering. But all along my “Gut” feeling has been chilling as back alley information started to come to light for example, Mike is knee deep with the DC regulators so to speak. Not to be fully trusted but never proven in my opinion. Every time he was with the President and speaking on his behalf of support I sensed his motions and lack of eye contact did not meet the opinions he was speaking on, in other wise, false. But the last few days as the country is now facing the grand ending to the election and President Trump needs VP Pence full and honest support he is backing away from his duties to fully support the election and with has now taken place With Senator Louis Gohmer filling a court support order once more Pence has refused to say if he will support or not the certification of the President. Under pressure or so it seems and thankful Senator Gohmer and his team has come together to bring this together before the counting of the votes for sure. I hear that the Constitution requires VP Prnce from accepting electoral votes from Fraudulently Certified States (Trump Wins) meaning Pence may be under a threat from the Chinese or some other group of fear as I am now learning how States, especially Georgia are under threats that big companies will close up and move out. Indeed the swamp is swimming away.
Evan No, after seeing that he and his wife received an envelope at the senior Bush’s funeral, not at all. And, all along, I have had a strong gut feeling that he is covertly an enemy of Trump. I feel that he puts on a facade of piety and support but that he simply feigns goodness. Also, he could have done more than he has to call out election fraud and to turn the results to the honest, true ones. Linn Wood tells us to write him and warn him and so that is what I will do  tomorrow first thing.
Alisa Yes
mike i like and trust mike pence and think that he is working hand in hand with the president
Kim Praying so, yes.
Maryellen I think he is a stand-up guy.  He is a STRONG Christian, has a strong wife and children.  I think he is a FAMILY FIRST guy!  I have not seen him be competitive with you, no I have always seen him supportive of you and proud to be your Vice President.  He is not greedy, when his term is over, it would not surprise me to see him return home, He is NOT you, and he knows that he compliments you.  He is a first line Manager or Director.  One that I would be comfortable working for.  He is good for you as you two compliment each other.  He also is a man with honor, one who can keep commitments.  I heard him say, that he would never be in a room alone with another woman unless his wife was present.  That statement is spoken by a man of honor.    I am proud to make such heart-felt comments about Mike Pence!!
Respectfully submitted,
Maryellen Lock
Monica No
Patricia I want to believe he will do right but not sure.
Gayle I liked him but now I don’t know!!!
purificacion no
Mary This remains to be seen. If he does not support the Patriots and Trump (who won), then he is DONE! And I think he needs to KNOW that the Nation is WATCHING his actions, so I do not know how you get all this to him, but HE NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT WE THINK.
Shirley yes
Karen I believe Mike Pence to be a man of integrity and a man of God. I trust him. He’s given me no reason not to. Perhaps his current actions are by design and will be used for a greater purpose in the near future.
Lorna I really don’t trust him, but he better allow our President Trump to be re elected and finish what he has started and finish it in 4 years until the next election 2024. Then he can run if he wants to.
Loretta Loretta griffin
Mork I think he is swamp. All the recommendations made to Trump were swamp. Look at Barr and Wray. If Pence wants any consideration for 2024 he better come through. Bidumb will never be president. If Trump gets robbed Justice Roberts worry about riots? Wait till the Patriots have had enough. We believe in doing things the right way but when it’s corrupt, we need to fix it. If Bidumb and the NWO think we will just let them go they are sadly mistaken.
susan yes
Lora No I do not trust Mike Pence.  Rino big time
Larry To this point, I haven’t seen any reason to say he is bad,Until it’s ALL OVER, I think we need to back both of them.. You know the saying ‘Don’t change horses in mid –stream’.
Sherri No
Betsy I put my faith in the Lord and President Donald Trump!!!And I pray Mike pence does too. I’ve always heard he was a very good man.
Norma Once someone shows his true colors it’s difficult to get that image out of your mind.  He has not proved to be anything more than a RINO.  He’s riding on the coattails of a real Patriot and betraying him at every turn.  Too bad we had to vote for him.  Oh, but then my vote probably was changed or not counted so it didn’t really matter.  Right?
Diana NO
Richard Not any more. He caused General Flynn to be fired. Now he refuses to acknowledge the fraudulent election and support those who will move to reject Electors from the states in question.
Susan I hope so… but I think that the situation should go to the courts for clarification before the 6th.
E Joyce No. I thought he was until I saw him being handed a white envelope at the funeral and that really made me take notice because of all of the people receiving them he was the only surprise. I do not trust him and I believe President Trump doesn’t either.
Stacy Yes I trust him, but current events make me doubt my trust in him. I would like to continue thinking that he is still a good guy. If he does not support the President, he can kiss his nomination for president good bye in 2024 because NO ONE will support him.
Raplh I have only my gut feeling because I don’t personally know him, but I trust him and I think he is a real Christian….no fake… and as far as I can determine, he is supportive of President Trump.
Donna I have been staying away from most media. A voice in the back of my head keeps saying I would be surprised at who all has betrayed Our President. I am hoping it is not talking of him. God is going to protect us
Rick Yes
Connie Yes. I think so
Jo Yes
vickie Not sure-I always thought he was, but from I have been reading, I am not sure.  I sure hope he is with us.  Bless him and give him strength to Keep America Great.
Dan No. He’s a politician, above all else. I highly doubt that he’s going to do what’s necessary for this country. Which is, to deny certification from the swing states. He’ll do what is best for his career; not the voter.
B No I don’t trust him
Susan I believe he is an honest Christian man….too few in government, although many claim they are
Evie NO!  He didn’t defend Trump over the locker room talk!!!  And I heard he was in a meeting with Paul Ryan to take Trump out!!!  I don’t trust him!!!!
Treuer Unsure
Cathy Mike Pence is an honest person. He showed that during his the VP debate and the rallies!
Larry No
Joy I have for 4 years but here lately I’m starting to wonder. If he is a true Christian he will do the right and honorable thing and Trump is it. But all this new stuff coming out🤔🤔🤔🤔
Floyd He seems to be a good man, but I have a gut feeling that I can’t put a handle on !
Leo Seems so!
Samuel Yes
Ed Trump paved the road to a 2000.00 dollar check for everyone and then pence cock blocked it. 600 was a slap in the face for every tax payer in America. And my guess is that all those foreign countries will get millions of OUR MONEY
at least what,s left of it after the blue squad gets thier kickbacks! I’m disgusted.
warren no
Linda No, hes not standing up to his sworn constitutional obligation. Hes a traitor just like McConnell,  Pelosi,  Biden, Obama, Clinton’s, Bushes. He’ll never get my vote or any other patriots vote.
Elaine Yes
Robin I’m going to be perfectly honest and say, I’m not 100% sure of Pence or anything involving this election.  I do think that he has supported Pres. Trump over the past 4 years and I also follow him on Facebook (that I got rid of) and Twitter and he doesn’t say or imply ANYTHING that would give the impression that he didn’t support Trump 100%.   For the most part Pence has stayed out of the lime light with giving a few speeches here and there and showing up for events.  But I do also believe that the democrats have put people that they wanted by “planting” them and putting them in Republican seats.  But is Pence one of them?  I don’t know – I can’t see him having the balls to do that and be a pretend Christian with a wonderful wife and good attitude.  I have liked this soft spoken man and IF it turns out that he is in fact a turn coat then I am going to be extremely disappointed.   I don’t believe the whole thing about Trump wanting Flynn for his VP but the republicans were against it because at that point in time everyone was still counting on a Hillary win.
Mel I was sure he was a good guy until he rec’d one of those envelopes. Not I’m not so sure..
Maria No
Sandy No, he is deep state.  He and Paul Ryan plotted to have President Trump killed but were caught and Pence got an envelope. He is a traitor!
lacdy not sure
Junior Yes
Linda Yes, I believe he will not let our President down! He is a great man of God, who I know will not let happen to Americans, what the democrats are going to do! Abortions, higher tax, Religious people, and going to church! I have faith in Vice President Pence!!!
Susan I wanted to trust him. I have been grateful for his support of the unborn. But lately it seems like he doesn’t support our President.  I have seen the same from Mark Meadows who was our Congressman and then Chief of Staff. How Jesus was hurt by his friends come to my mind. I pray both of the above mentioned men listen to God’s voice and support God’s choice of President Trump.
MITCH I can’t ignore the envelope that was in the Pences’ folder at the funeral. While it could have been misdirection for that very purpose in the future, it doesn’t seem so. I also refuse to ignore that not only did he allow Dec. 23rd’s option to lapse, but since the latest lawsuit filed by our US Congresspersons, he has countersued to have that authority taken away from him…why would he do that?????? Just sayin.
Paul No, he is another player in this evil game the deep state introduced
Joyce No I believe Mike Pence is an enemy. Since the election I have read everything I can get my hands on from many good news people like The Epoch Times, the War Room, Nature News which is so much more In depth, and Alex Jones. I have learned so much which had caused anger, fear, and concern about what the outcome will be for my children and grand children. I was so disappointed to see the Bush’s involved in this. I thought they truly were good people but they all need to be brought before the military court, charged for their unbelievable and heinous crimes and suffer with whatever the courts decide. This is Treason against our country, and the harming of our most precious commodity-our children and their futures. This deserves the death penalty for all involved so all nations and our country can see what happens to people who rise up and try to harm our families and take away our freedom. We will not tolerate it. We will fight for our future.
All that matters is that Trump in the White House know where his allegiance is lie and Time will reveal the truth Jake
Marilyn I know Mike Pence is a Godly, honest man of integrity.  He is not out for himself.  At every opportunity he has tried to do his best to give praise to Trump, eager to make him greater than himself. I have complete confidence that he will continue to do this.
Malak He is fake Christian,a wolf in sheep s cloth
Dana No, I do not trust Mike Pence. 1. According to Troy Smith murdered for speaking out; Pence is a pedophile, his wife is his handler. 2. Email between Pence and Paul Ryan to get rid of Trump. 3. Pence was the DS’s pick for VP. 4. Letter given to Pence at Bush ‘s funeral along with other DS members.
Bobby I thought he was, but now I have some doubts
Francine Just like with all the rest of the my heart wants to believe that they are because it breaks when I feel that there not I do not like the decisions hes made Y ask to dismiss the lawsuit why not do every single thing you can when he spoke in Georgia He said that they would never stop fighting for the American people to see that every legal vote counted in every illegal vote didn’t I have not seen him fighting very hard
DeAnna No, I do not trust him; what has he done, but help Fauci convince the President to shut down America! He is too meek and I always wondered why Donald J Trump would pick such a weak man for VP? And even more red flags have been flying all through 2020!  My hope is that the President will be able to have different VP for his next four years. In Jesus name, he will!
Sue I have mixed feelings.  I know he received an envelope…but we don’t REALLY know what that was about.  I also know that some prophets that I have followed and believe they hear correctly have said President will be re-elected and then Pence will have 2 terms.  I believe that God wants good for America and if the Prophets are correct he is a good guy. Maybe the envelope was to keep him in check. Especially if Eipstein is Alive.
Dorothea Lynn Pedigo I have always felt that Vice President Pence was & is an honest Christen man & I Trust that He will do the right thing for We The People, The Constitution & The Rule of Law.
Brenda No, I do not trust Mike Pence.  He says he stands by President Trump but his actions are saying something else.
Doris I believe he is a solid Christian wanting to follow God’s leading and do what he feels directed to do.
Mary NOT ANY MORE.  THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES.  He played a good guy pretty well….. I am now seeing more clearly
Kimberley I don’t trust that he will do the right thing for our President or the people of our Country.
Doug I used to like Mike Pence but he has disappointed me over the past couple of months. I really expected him to have the Presidents back during this stolen election but he has inevitably let the American People down during their time of need. His few words have shouted to the world that he has Thrown our President to the Wolves.
Barry He comes across as an honest guy, but after hearing what Lin Wood had to say, I’m not so sure.
John Maybe if we knew what was in the envelope. Either he is playing his role great in the biggest “sting” of all time; or he sold us out.
Cheryl S This is a sad thing. I trusted Mike all along until just recently. He is a deep state operative and a traitor to the GOP. I will not vote for him in 2024. I pray with my entire strength of being that Trump will start a new party. Trump will be president in 2024, that is, if We are ever allowed to have a real election ever again after this travesty of an election. My heart is breaking for my country and for my president.
Doug I used to trust Mike Pence, but some of the things he has done lately have caused me to re think.  I really expected Mike to step up and have the Presidents back over the last 2 months but he has disappointed me greatly
Lynn No..I do not trust him. He serves 2 masters and time is running out to see exactly where his loyalty stands.
Sherry Yes
Nanette I think originally he was definitely involved with the cabal and committed crimes against children,executed,and now is a controlled clone or pawn by the white hats.
Rene’ Not sure.
mary I thought he was but if hhhhhe’s buddies with the Bushes, No I don’t trust him!
Mary No, he has shown he has no interest in doing his constitutional duty of not accepting electors from the worst travesty ever in history to American voters.
Why? The Republican voters will not forget this.
Crystal I do not think he can be trusted, he’s an elite, he’s apart of the swamp. He’s also a pedophile. He raped over 160 something kids when he was governor. I truly hope the next 4 years when this POS is gone, General Michael Flynn finally becomes our Vice President
Kathleen No way. He is out for himself. He just buried himself. No one will ever vote for a turn coat
Well I always thought so, but now I’m wondering Well I’ve always thought so but now I’m wondering
James So far he seems to be a good loyal guy.
Linda No!  Swamp Dweller and Pedophile.  Fake Christian.
Robin Yes Mike pence is a good guy
Marcia No
Geri No I don’t trust him it really is sad that you can’t trust a man that is 2nd in line to the highest office in the country who has not backed TRUMP on several occasions so how can you trust a man like this.
Kathy Yes I believe VP Pence is a good guy.
Michael Yes!
Tammy No, I can’t honestly say I trust him. I have never felt he’s 100% behind President Trump. During the Corona Virus press conferences I felt he pushed testing way to much. Which has been what Dr.. Fauci wanted.. He could have stood up for the President more.
Cindy Yes, Good guy! I think he will do the right thing on Jan.6
Arlean I didn’t trust him from when he walked out on the stage when Trump introduced him but I wasn’t sure. As time goes on I trust him less and less. His not supporting Trump right now does it. I’m done.
Tracey After reading all of this, I still want to believe he is a good man. I do have a thought however, we know there are corrupt forces out there who will stop at nothing to have their way. What if VP Pence was a being threatened or worse. Just a thought. I pray he does the right thing. I pray God convicts his heart to do the right thing. Praying for our President, for his protection and for another 4 years in the White House. God Bless America!!!♥️🙏🏻🇺🇸
mooseclan Praying he has been honest about his faith in our sovereign God.  If he has been honest, he will act accordingly.  I know thousands of Christians are praying for him to be a man of integrity, to act boldly, to uphold the US Constitution, and govern with discernment.
Scott I want to. But I’m not trusting anything any more. So, no I don’t trust that he will do the right thing.
alex To be honest I an not Sure if I can trust this guy sorry but that’s my opinion
Cherie When trump first picked Pence for his running mate, I didn’t  think he was a good guy…it was something in his eyes I didn’t trust. President Trump made me trust Pence. I thought, if Trump trusts him, he must be a good man. I truly hope he is.
Urban No I don’t trust him ,he’s another sheep in wool clothing, is there anyone that President Trump can trust?
john no
Michael Both my wife and I voted for Trump because Pence was on the ticket. Does he realize that he is the shoo in choice to succeed Donald Trump in 2024? If he doesn’t hang with his boss, he will be a small blip on all or Radar in the future!!!
Mike No, He got an envelope at H.W’s Funeral.  He’s compromised.
Claudia Mostly
Barbara I do trust him because President Trump trusted him enough to pick him as Vice President.  I think perhaps they have something bigger planned and need Biden and all to think they’ve got the election the bag!  It may be a “trap” they are waiting to spring!
shirley yes
Anita Yes – I believe he is led by the Lord as a leader of this great nation.  I think he is a good guy!
Katherine No
Katherine Katherine
Nancy YES!
oletts No
Linda No
Nancy I pray yes
Joyce He is a honest, good guy, I trust him
Deedee Part of me wants to trust him but another Part of Me is concerned even though President Trump pit ham as his VP the envelope that he received makes me worry that somewhere down the road he might turn. I know he says he is a Christian and he believes in God and I want to believe that with all my heart but everyone has a price. So all I can do is pray that Mike Pence does the right thing and stands up for our great president mr. Trump
Candice I want to belie e he is truly following God’s word and what God has been speaking through the prophets, but I still have concerns that Pence could be influenced in the wrong way on January 6th. I pray he does what is right, shows himself as a Believer, and a man of integrity. Ultimately, God is in control and He knows Pence’s heart. I have to believe God will judge him, and I should not. He seems to be following God’s law, so for now, I believe he is a good man.
Chuck Yes
Nancy No
Dianne We the People trust and adore our Pence. He is a Christian and HE SUPPORTS THE CONSTITUTION
Valerie No I do not trust him. He’s the one that brought Fauci in when this China virus started. I believe they are affiliated and don’t trust either one. How he’s acting now makes me more sure than ever. He could help the President and he is doing nothing.
Susan I’m not sure. He projects is a sincere question, but there’s something reserved about his enthusiasm for President Trump. Recently he’s made some choices that have me wondering.
Dianna No
Albert No
Donald I believe he is in the pocket of those controlling the hidden Cabal that wants to control everything in this country.  I do not trust him to be a conservative but to reveal his true self as a progressive.
Fallen No i used to but due to recent actions an lack of action no i dont trust him.
Kathy Pence has had president Trump’s back for 4 years. He held rallies to help him.   The fact that your poll is divided tells me people won’t just accept what is written, but can decide for themselves.
Rhonda I am worried because he got an envelope at Bush funeral
Pam He has not communicated in any way to the public on his stance  about the election,  the fake news,  the fraud in the Presidential race,  and that tells me his silence leafs you to think he Mauro be trusted to follow the constitution and back President Trump  and the American people.
Jennifer I want to trust M. Pence but having a difficult time doing so.  I do trust Linn Wood and believe there is much to be revealed
Paul He speaks like a politician, which suggests he’s a liar. People like to talk about what a supposedly wonderful Christian he is, but I’m not buying it. John McCain was hailed as a great Catholic, but he was a treasonous snake. I get a similar vibe from Pence. At the risk of sounding like a liberal, he simply doesn’t feel like he can be trusted.
Kathy yes
Jacqueline I am with you Me Wood. Having never really being in politics and for the past four years being an avid Trump supporter, what I have learned totally blows my mind in every way. This has become a mastermind movie with chest playing. I have seen and investigated areas that have been over the top and the chess moves impeccable. Pence from the beginning was a lone wolf even with his evangelical ways has a little black devil. I see a wave happening on the 6th. I believe he has been compromised and is bleeding his heart dealing with it. So we shall see. It really rest’s in his hands on the 6th. Hope god tunes in on him and his wife that day.
Roy There can only be one leader at a time and God said that leader is President Donald J Trump. Trump is shining a light on the corruption. If Vice President Mike Pence had handed President Donald J Trump the election we would stop looking at the corruption. We must have faith in God and President Donald J Trump.
Nelson No I don’t trust Mike Pence!!! He is nothing but a sheep in wolf clothes. He proved that when he wouldn’t back President Trump on the 24th!!!!!
Donna I so think he’s a nice guy.  I also think he can be trusted.  Why he got a white envelope,I have no Idea…maybe the left trying to get him to turn on Trump.  I don’t think that he ever did anything like that.  I know he won’t take a role in holding up the delegate votes.  That’s how honest he is.
Phil Up until the election, I thought well of Mr. Pence, though I know little about him. The way he’s acted after the election has given me reason to doubt. I’m very concerned about election integrity.  Mr. Pence has had ample opportunity to support President Trump in his bid to reverse the fraud and he’s been lackluster at best. He has the opportunity before him to throw his full support behind Mr. Trump this coming Wednesday. I very much doubt he’ll take the it. I understand he thinks he’s got some kind of chance at the presidency. Not without Donald Trump.
Vickie It is hard to believe Mike Pence would betray President Trump and l don’t want to believe it.  He has said he is a strong Christian, how do we know he truly is.  If he betrays Trump he will truly suffer great consequences because Trump has already won and traders will be punished.
Marni Yes
delilah Yes
Kathleen No he threw Trump under the bus
Garrick I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that if Pence really had President Trump’s back he’d be saying it every chance he had. He’d be saying the obvious every chance he got that the election was stolen and fraudulent, and that the “Dems” are controlled by Chicom money. He’s been around the deep state characters far too long to be trusted. I just hope Trump isn’t putting trust in Pence to not count fraudulent vote results. I don’t trust Pence. Now I trust Flynn 100%! He’s been screwed by the deep state and would love a chance at some payback!
Jacqueline I thought he was a good guy, but no more.  He could have saved Trump Presidency and did nothing.  What are his plans for the electoral vote on the 6th?  God willing he will show us he is a good guy.
Bill No.  I think he’ll ‘cave in’  to the Left.
Allen No. He was an ineffectual Gov. of Indiana, and would not have been elected. why he was chosen by DJT is a mystery.
BONNIE No I don’t. I think he’s in with the Bushes, Obama and the Clinton’s to name a few. I believe they all need to pay for their crimes against America, maybe with their lives. They haven’t cared about us. I trust PRESIDENT TRUMP with my life, but not the democrats and some of the Republicans. TRUMP 2020-2021. WWG1WGA PRAYERS
Barbara Neff I think he is a straight-up guy and will stand for Trump, but I don’t trust many other representatives
Barbara IF Mike Pence is a genuine Christian he has an obligation to throw out all fraudulent votes & reinstate President Trump!
Julie I wanted to, but have seen that even VP has ulterior agenda. Very sad state to find our Country in such a state. I hope the bribes are worth it because Pence now has 80M patriots to answer to. May God have mercy on his soul.
Jim Absolutely! His life of service has demonstrated that he is an exemplary patriotic citizen!
Karen Yes, he hasn’t given me a reason not to trust him!
Betty Yes
Teresa I’m not sure now. I use to think so but what I’ve read lately I’m second guessing.
sandra No   Bad Wolf
William I think he is compromised by the Deep State.
Carol No
Jason I grew up in IN, met Mike Pence at a 2006 Right To Life banquet.  Overall, he’s a true conservative ideologically but is weak when it comes to a political fight and has a calculating demeanor.  When elected into Congress in 2000, he moved his family to VA instead of staying in his district (6th), something Congressmen don’t have to do unlike Senators.  So he became a career politician, albeit one of the better ones.  He did throw Richard Mourdock, former state treasurer, under the bus over a media-twisted comment he made on abortion.  Mourdock unseated Dick Lugar in the 2012 US Senate primary by a 20pt landslide but lost in the general due to Lugar’s followers voting for the Democrat.  Mourdock would have been somewhere between a Mike Lee and Ron Johnson, Lee being his favorite senator.  I know this, having known Mourdock from back when he occasionally attended our college republican meetings when he was the county commissioner.
If you push Pence to take a stand in this circumstance, I THINK he’ll take Trump’s side with enough badgering from us, but do NOT trust him otherwise to lead a cause on his own.
john No   wolf   wolf
Carol I think he is a good man but a moderate – he will want to keep things quiet and calm – he is like Bush Sr.  He will play by Washington rules and not stick his neck out to change them.
Shirley I did for a  long time, but he is not supporting President Trump lately, and I am no longer trusting VP Pence. Time and his action will define the issue.
Sharon I had never had a negative thought.  I felt he was a great Christian who was holding up Trump in prayer.  Seems like everyone now is suspect.  Disturbing
Madeline No
Common Sense If VP Pence decides to help President Trump on Jan. 6th to get him in as President.  Then he might be considered as President for 2024.  If he allows Biden to become President then he will be considered a traitor and put in jail cause he KNOWS that there was election fraud.  Plus he’s wife always look ticked off at any major event that she attends with her hubby.  Never smiling just sitting or standing next to her hubby looking not interested and ticked off.
Joe Yes
Robert It’s a toss up because he has a poker face which can’t be read, so basically I don’t think he can be trusted.  Only time will tell on January 6th 2021.
Donna I like him, I believe he is trustworthy. However I am a bit perplexed why he hasn’t backed Trump lately. Does he know something we dont? Is he positioning himself to run in 4 years and wants to distance himself somewhat from Trump’s negativity with half the population. Those are my thoughts and questions about him.
Teri I had thought he was…but I am seeing another side emerge.   He is undermining Trump and the 74 plus million Americans that voted for him.  He is aligning with the dark side and I pray for him to look deep into his soul to do what is right and just.  The pull of the Swamp is strong, may Pence find strength to break free.
Gena hell no and no.  paul ryan team for one, passing secret notes is another (video), getting an envelope at the bush sr. funeral is right up there, pretending to be a Christian while apparently being a murderer/rapist (along with all the others, great cover though, panders to the hypocritical “born agains”) – look up Tory Smith on youtube, he was murdered but he told it all.  Trump did not want Pence, apparently he wanted Gen. Flynn but was “forced under advisement” to take Pence.  Pence is one of the worst.  I knew when I panicked in my heart when he was announced as the running mate and didn’t know why I felt this way, but just like with obama, I felt it in my soul.  obama is the antichrist and pence is said to have 4 clones.  believe it.  they’ve been creating clones for decades.  that and more.  God bless us and pray for Trump if you actually love your God because God sent Trump to lead us back to greatness and the ONLY WAY THIS CAN HAPPEN IS IF WE TURN BACK TO GOD.  thank you Noah for allowing us to vent on here, most sites are censoring and shadow banning and “taking names” while keeping our info from getting out.  Bless you!
Arnold Not sure
Pat Questionable
Shelli my gut says no, but this time last year I would have said yes because I guess I was asleep.  With everything happening lately it is so hard to know what to believe. But the envelope and his ties to the Bush family are what make me very distrustful of him. I definitely don’t trust them.
Diane Yes I trust Pence
Mary Over the past 4 years, he hasn’t given me the impression that he’s a traitor.  But then, the devil has many faces.  Only time and God will tell.
Henry Yes I do trust this man of integrity and faith in God. I am convinced he will do what is right for the country and not to bolster his self interests. May God bless and keep him!
Rosalie Last week he was speaking  and I noticed he was very ambiguous about supporting our President. He chose his words carefully and projected his support for election integrity in the next go round. Maybe that’s being a politician, playing both sides until you see how the cookie crumbles. What all those Republican politicians need to realize is we were cheering for President Trump at the rallies, not them. They are hanging on to his coattails. We see their lack of support for our President. Will I give one more dime to the Republican party ? Absolutely not!! And I pray every day that each one of the traitors in that party are removed. Pence prove to us your loyalty, we the people or your political career. I hope I am wrong but my discernment sayes he will betray we the people.
olive no i don’t trust him. i have been leery of some things he has done. no i don’t think he is a good guy.
carle I trust God
Jeannette I want to believe he is a solid Catholic and would do want is morally correct in the face of a fraudulent election. But to be honest,I have my doubts. I would hope he would stand with the president but the fact he’s begging for the courts not to give him authority….. I got to question that.
Max Yes
Elizabeth I don’t trust him, I feel he won’t do the right thing by President Trump
Silv I do trust Mike Pense. He has always seemed to be honest and never bad mouths his opponents. I have no reason to not trust him. Please don’t tell me he is an axe murderer or something!
Carrie Yes. I trust him.
Carol Ann I have to say No.
Terri No I don’t! I believe he is a “black hat”! Why did he get that white envelope? Is he due for a military tribunal?
James No. I trust Lin Wood.  He wouldn’t say something he didn’t believe and know about. and I don’t think he would lie to play a “let’s fake the deep state out”.  Very serious concerns as I’ve researched and finding pedophile things with Pence one being he personally killed 136 children?  That’s frightening if true. He should be hung!!  I’d say trump not letting the enemy know what you’re doing and Lin Wood saying this is totally different!!! This should be a very interesting next few days!!
James I think he’s basically an honest person, however, he appears to have greater ties to some dark sided republicans & therefore tread with caution.
Michael While President Trump has at times a little rougher way to say things, I believe, as a Christian, Mike Pence loves what the President has done. Being staunchly pro-life and staunchly pro-Israel, being for a strong military, religious freedom, the Second Amendment, and standing up for our country first makes them both a good match. I trust Mike Pence. I certainly don’t know everything, so I am not infallible on anything. But if Mike is an Evangelical Christian, he can be trusted.
Sandra As I sent in before, I don’t know what to think about mike pence. I thought he was a good guy, but I now have some serious doubts.  could he be a rino?  could he be trying for a presidential run himself in 2024?  Is he trying to keep/appease the demon rats?  why did he say he was not the person to sue over the electoral college votes?  these are all serious questions that I have.  does someone out there know more????  willing to share????   thanks,
Lois I think he is honest but doesn’t like the constant controversary with the democraps – he’s kinda lame
Sue At this point, I trust nobody but Trump and his immediate family.
Bonnie Yes
Janice If he doesn’t do the right thing, he & his family have no future here in America. Period.
Tonia Yes
Alana No. I don’t. He’s compromised. He’s a globalist.
Ken Before this week, yest I trusted Pence.  However, now that he has shown a lack of a backbone, he no longer has my support.  He is now a member of the RINO crowd.
Sandra No
Herb Yes, he is a true Republican and TRUE American!
Trudy I feel he is the Tin Man, no heart.
Lil Yes, because Chris Miller gave him high praise and accolades recently.
JEANIE I didn’t think so at first. The President didn’t seem to like him at first either. I heard some awful things that he was purported to be involved in and at least one assasination attempt that he participated in but then there was a change in attitude. He looked very proud of the President at the state of the union message and the President has been saying good things about him. He has sounded supportive in some of his speeches. I have heard that he is prophesied to be the next president. If that is true, he will have to get his white hat squarely on. I suspect the President had a heart to heart with him at some point. We wait to see.
Pat I am leaning towards the thought that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Sometimes he looks a little too pleased with himself.
Anna 2-Faced Swamp Creature! He’d betray his own mother for power
Mary Don’t know if I trust him or not. I did trust him up until a few days ago when I read some disturbing stuff. So now I’m waiting til January 6th to see what he’s got up his sleeve.
Molly I believe he is deep state and hiding behind a phony Christian mask.  I pray he is NEVER our president.
Marsha When it comes to a duly elected politician I have the stance of trust until given a reason not to.

So far, no reason not to trust Pence.

Red flags, yes, but he has not thus far betrayed our president or our people.

January 6th will be a real test.

Mark This is a serious question that the answer will define America and the Republican Party for years to come. If he is a turncoat, that will be the end of the Republican Party forever as no one will donate to a party that wants to take down America and hand it over to the Democrats.  If he supports President Trump and does what is right, he will be in position to become the next President of the US as Patriots will come and support him.
Pat No
Todd Yes
Julie YES
Sharon The fact isI don’t think we can trust anyone in politics today except President Trump. Mike Pence always remains quite & quite ones are sneaky.
Karen I thought he was, but over time I wondered about him, you know what they say about quiet people they usually have something to hide not to mention he rarely looks straight into the eye when speaking.  If he is for Trump he would have stood up and fought for him instead of sitting back letting senate walk all over our President.
Mary I think I had already posted my response, but it case it was lost;  I am now questioning the loyalty of Pence to Trump.  If there is value to these questions,  I pray Pence will do the right thing when it comes down to the vote.
Mike I hope and pray that VP Pence is too religious and morally strong to accept Electoral College votes from states that he knows were fraudulently obtained.

He is our only remaining hope for the continuation of our Democratic Republic, the best one in the world.

From my knowledge of the voting process and the lack of sufficient Republican Senators with morals and courage and a backbone, it appears that the best result may be for VP Pence to reject both sets of Electors from the seven states with dueling Electors.  My understanding of the Constitution in that scenario is that either: (a) President Trump wins with more Electoral College votes even though neither  he nor Biden has the requisite 270; or (b) each State delegation gets a single vote for President and President Trump wins that vote due to a greater than majority advantage among state legislatures.

Connie Yes I do believe he can be trusted. Just because he’s not an out spoken person doesn’t mean he can’t lead our nation!
sandra black hat
Vicky Well he saids he honors God so we shall see. He has stood for righteousness and that’s why I have believed him to be what he saids he is. If he doesn’t for righteousness, he has lost all
Credibility as a Christian!
Linda I am hopeful that Pence is trustworthy because he has portrayed himself as Christian.  However, since he doesnt want to exercise his power to accept or reject the electoral votes and, since he received an envelope at Bush’s funeral along with Hillary and the Obama’s, I have my doubts.  At this point, other than the Patriots, I think Trump is on his own just like he has been since elected.
Homer I do not know the complete truth about this, but we are praying to the One who knows, Yeshua to expose all the evil ones in disguise and put them all in their place of liars and deceivers!! They are many! 2 Timothy 3:1-5, 13
Jennifer I think he can’t have changed very much so suddenly, and he was on the right side before, so what can have happened? I think he is under tremendous pressure and stress, and that is leading him to give in to fear. He is being threatened, overtly or not, and wants certain people who hate the right, and all that is good, to leave his family alone, and he is not sure they will, so he’s giving in. He is choosing himself, but he feels like he just has no safety, otherwise.
Phil Yes
Barbara No
Mary I think he is a good person in general but I think he got mixed in the wrong crowd. I think he made a mistake and now it’s hard for him to back track. I don’t trust him anymore.
alison mcgarr no chance
Rose No, he was my governor for some years and I didn’t like or trust him then. I felt his so called christianity was fake. I have heard things I can’t prove so I won’t state them now. I don’t trust him and don’t feel he is a patriot.
Joanne Yes, he’s a good Christian man, he follows God.  He will do what is right.
Stephen Seems to be a bit slippery during this issue of electoral votes. BUT, if he is president of the senate by virtue of being the vice president, what difference does it make as he will be the one to vote – either as vice president or president of the senate.
Gloria Mike Pence is a great guy. He also would be ha great President. 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷
George I don’t Trust him. He’s a politician!
Sheryl He seems like hard working man.  Christian value.  Not afraid of nothing. President Trump picked a great guy for his VP.  I HOPE THEY CONTINUE TO FIGHT FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
Cheryl No I do not trust Mike Pence
Monica Nope, there’s something shady going on with Pence.
Linda Who trust DS?? He has been bought so many times–Look at his smirk… He does not look anything like the Pence we have known…. Clone?? Look alike?? Robot??
Sharon Yes
Donna Kay As a man of God I have believed for the last four years that he has served this country well and stood behind and supported President Trump. I know the battles Trump has faced over the last four years are spiritual battles between good and evil. Even during the election the spiritual battles escalated.
With all that said, I believe Mike Pence to be a good honest Godly man who is now the focus of those that are evil to discredit him BECAUSE he IS a man of God. I believe he knows what the consequences will be if he doesn’t do everything in his power to keep the liberal anti-God democrats from obtaining power over our great country.
We need to pray for Pence and Trump and this nation because our Republic and all the freedoms it stands for are hanging in the balance.
God bless President Trump!
God bless VP Mike Pence!
God bless America!
Sean I don’t know if I can trust him I know he has been in politics for a very long time. I pray he does the right thing and gets President Trump Re elected Pence should know we are watching him with hawk eyes if does anything to back stab President Trump He will not have a future in politics and the republican party will be dead. Again I Pray he does do the right thing but we also need to be there in D.C this Jan 6 to help with that decision.
Glenn I don’t trust him.
Beth I believe he is a good guy.  I have only seen him being loyal and supportive to President Trump.  He shows strong moral convictions.
Earl No. Not to be trusdted. He has tried to hide, keep his head down. He’s waiting & the deep state will have their man in place. Not to B trusted. God, I pray I’m wrong. But he better save the president or he’ll go down in history as, well we won’t start calling him out but he better step up, LOUDLY & help the president. If he does then we’ll vote for him in 2024
Rene I do believe that he is a religious man, but, I also believe that he is a fence walker. I was shocked to hear how he was picked as VP. That does not sit well with me. I was a registered Democrat for over 60 years. I have seen the light. I am a staunch Trump supporter and my Faith tells me that he will remain as President. Thank you.
sandra yes
Randi No, I don’t trust him. I’ve been on the fence about him the whole time. I really only felt this way in the beginning because number one he’s a politician, and he’s too perfect. Things are not always what they seem though, so I’ve been open to him changing my mind. He used to regularly come to President Trumps defense but that seems to have slowed way down, but that COULD be only because after a while he realized that it’s wasn’t getting anyone anywhere because of this evil media running the show. But then the envelope situation made me wonder again. And then the fly on his head at the vp debate. He did seem fiery thought towards Camalhead, and that gave me hope. So my thoughts are this, did he start out on the wrong side and is now a patriot ? Or is he on the wrong side or on the right? We may never know and I believe only time will tell. I DO trust President Trump though and that is what matters most to me right now, so I’m not worried about pence …
Pat Yes, I truly think he is a true Christian with high morals.I will think this unless I see for myself he shows his self to be something different.
Gloria Absolutely
Patty No, never have. He’s weak. But I trust Trump, which keeps me on the fence.
Diane Yes
Marilyn My heart wants to trust him but I have seen so much corruption I will not be real surprised if he is just one more crooked politician. Already sick about Mitch, I will never ever vote for any anti Trump Republican. Already turning off RNC. I send my money to Trump or Trump supporters. Trump is the Republican Party, not Mitch,Mitt,Susan,etc Trump is an awesome leader. I follow him.
libby I have often wondered if he was part of the deep state due to history of being a political insider and affiliation with the Bushes and the Clintons. His behavior in the Covid response however, was impeccable and he seemed to be really in support of our president. I am deeply disappointed that he did not perform on the 23rd of December, and seems to be telegraphing that he will roll over on the 6th of January and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. This suggests that he is either weak or he is part of the corruption, neither of which is acceptable for someone that is one heart beat away from the executive leadership of the free world. If he fails America in this way, it is unlikely that we will retain our sovereignty as a nation over the next 4 years. If we do have another election, I would not vote for Mike Pence if he fails to perform his legitimate constitutional duty to insure that the voting irregularities and fraud do not result in the wrong person being inaugurated on the 20th of this month. Message to the VPOTUS: “Stand up Mike Pence or you will only have a legacy as a corrupted, sniveling traitor to America”!
Steven He better be or his faith becomes his down fall
Ira Dudes about as good as disease on crops. He is in my opinion extremely slimy and untrustworthy. I don’t buy into the social distancing crap but for him I’d make an exception
anna No, he is responsible for a lot of lost children during his administration in Indiana
lucy I certainly do trust Mike Pence to dothe right thing!
Nadine Yes.  I believe he will do the right thing
Betty yes
Mary I am questioning a number of issues that have been exposed about Pence and his loyalty to Trump.  I pray, in the end, he will do the right thing.
Crystal That is a question that my mind says “NO I can not trust him”, while my heart want to believe that there is still hope that God will touch his heart and mind and he will be do the honorable thing. God has the final word and I stand on it President Trump will be president fo 4 more years.
John When President Trump and Vice-President Pence were inaugurated, it looked really good.  They were functioning as a team and VP Pence seemed to be supporting the President.  The first two years were great.  After that, Mike became less helpful and supportive.  I don’t know if he was making a name for himself and thinking about 2024, but the egg salad seemed to have more odorous eggs lately.  He has shown me nothing in the last month.
Tammie I lived in Indiana when he was Governor. He always seemed to have our state in order. No matter what anyone thinks he is a smart man. I believe that his walk with God is a true
One. I also think he would be a fool to stab President Trump in the back. There would be 80 million people who would never let him forget it. I don’t know anything about you or Lin Woods for that matter. Can we trust you two. Go ahead and try to make us believe you. Do you have President Trumps back? So! those are just a fire of my thoughts.
Richard I  thought he was a good christian man but didn’t have the guts to do the right thing.If he should run for any office I will not support him
Rick Not sure that he is to be trusted!!
Danny Yes
Susan yes
Beth If I had answered this a month or so ago, I would have said Yes! Now, I’m afraid I do not trust Mike Pence. I am afraid he is going to go against the constitution and us Americans and certify the fraudulent electors.
Pat What was in the note given at Bush funeral. Pence is  not looking good now.
Priscilla Yes, I do trust him… He appears very loyal to our President….
Yes, I believe VIce President Pence is a good guy, a good Christian, a loving & respectful husband to his wife….
June Yes
Stacey Do your research on this murdering pedophile
Linda If he’s a deep state guy, he is killing the Christian witness!! Makes me angry that he pretends to be thus wonderful Christian but stabs Trump in the back. Sorry individual if he is a deep state member!!😡
madeline He is good guy!!
Judith I have no info to answer  I give him moucho credit for have to with stand the left despicable insults
Carol Undecided
BOB I would hope so, but given the spinless reaction of the Republican Senate (McConnell) and Pence hem-hawing around, I am losing confidence in him to support President Trump.
Mickie I did but, I don’t now.  Thought he was a good help for our President but now it appears he’s a RINO.
Ronnie I dont trust any politician! Everything has been set up ever since Trump the disruptor won. War in high heavens between good and evil, God and satan. human are now forced to choose which side ur on. Flesh n Spirit at war with each other. Pence assumed to be a good guy, chooses the flesh.
Kenneth No
Robin I do like him and believe him to be a true Christian and therefore an honest man who supports President Trump.  If I find out I’m wrong,  I’ll be the first to buy the rope .
William D. Yes he is but he isn’t a fighter. Should’ve picked a bull in a china closet to be VP not a preacher. He maybe beyond reproach morally but he isn’t representing us as a whole & that is very concerning. Could he be part of the Deep State? A silent partner to the grift & graft found on both sides of the isle? Someone afraid to upset the apple cart who has been colluding with others to slow walk investigations? Time will tell but wouldn’t blow everyone’s mind if Trump basically called him out for ignoring the evidence produced that suggests there may have been wide spread & rampant voter fraud conducted under a conspiracy that can be held to RICO Act standards as many have & will benefit monetarily & politically from such fraud.
Dawn No
Richard I pray he does the right thing on 1/6/21. If not karma is a bitch.
Judith Yes
Lori I personally am not the judge of him. However I think many have hidden behind so called faith or religions for appearances and gain which is false teachings.  I pray if he is not saved he will come to this knowledge and live out his truth faith and do what is right, and what God would truly want him to do and repent. Sadly there are many People who sin knowingly and think they will never be held accountable or have time to make a wrong a right.  But that is the wrong way to live. For sure we all fall short however, to repent truly is turn away from sin and try to be more like God.  Just my humble take as a sinner myself who knows I need My Savior.
Shirley Don’t trust him
Terry Honestly didn’t know “who Mike Pence” was until becoming Trump VP. But now that we are at this point, just into 2021, I’m looking at Pence in a different light. I thought he was the Calm that Trump needed, but maybe now too laid back. Thought more spark & coming MORE to Trumps defense. He very well be a TURN COAT, just like Mitch. Bought off by CCP. PURE EVIL. Still we have FAITH & STAND w our President. Don’t have patience for a HYPOCRITE WHO HIDES BEHIND A RELIGION. I’m truly saddened by my thoughts of VP Mike Pence, if he DOES NOT HAVE TRUMPS BACK.
We Patriots do 🇺🇸
Doris No
Arthur I feel that he’s a good guy but I feel he’s one that may not commit
Angie I really don’t have a reason to or not to trust him. What he will do on January 6th is anybody’s guess. So we’ll wait and see.
Maria No, if he doesn’t do the right thing its over for him.
I don’t like him he is a snake in the grass.hes an undercover demrat with snake like eyes. No I do not trust Pence some one is leaking info to the media and I believe whole heatedly he is a snake in the grass
Alice Having a lot of second thought about him.
Need Trump as our President for the next 4 Years
Bill I often believe that Pence can easily be caught up in circumstances but after viewing the video of the secret handshake and passing of the note I am tending to question his sincerity when it comes to President Trump and having his back.
Nancy Seems nice in sheep’s clothing!
Staci I don’t know yet
Olga I don’t like his eyes.  Most of the time this “eye test” is pretty accurate for me.  But then he seemed to be sincere when he pointed on reporters on the press conference and said “We’ll get through this”.  So, I thought, okay, he is on our side, we can trust him.  But then I read this story about white envelope on Bush’s funeral.  And, he never really voiced his opinion on the election fraud.  Why didn’t he?  So…  I really don’t know what to think about him.  I guess, we’ll know for sure when it’s all over.  Cannot wait though!
Debbie I do trust him somewhat but if he won’t support President Trump then I won’t support him period.
Linda Yes..he has been by our Presidents side .he brings faith n hope n religion to our country..how can he FAKE being a Christian man?? Where is there any proof of his connection to Deep State or China ???none
Eugenia Yes, I think VP Pence is a good guy and is faithful to President Trump.
Darla Yes
Marilyn I’ve been praying that Pence will step up and try to stop this fraudulent election and help save our country.   However I do not think Pence will refuse to count the fraudulent Biden electoral votes. He could have made a move on Dec23 but did not.  He is not the one to put your faith in.  At this point I don’t know who / how this country is going to be saved from communist democrat  party.   Still praying, calling representatives and senators and since I cannot go to DC, plan to go to state capital.
[email protected] I don’t really know anymore  there have been so many lies over the last four years I trust president trump I sure hope he got Mike pence for our vice president so I think he will do the right thing if not he will have to fight trump supporters and yes there’s a lot of us
Daryll In light of recent studies, my own of course, my trust or faith has been shaken to the point of unlikely return.
Christine There are some good things about him, such as the fact that he won’t go anywhere with another woman without his wife also present. That said, I remain on the fence about this one. Time will tell, I assume.
Angela I honestly don’t know him well enough, haven’t heard much about him. He has been VERY QUIET during President Trump’s time in office.  I thought he was a big Christian man,,,, but I have not liked the dead silence coming from him these 4 years as Vice President.   I’m leaning towards a wolf in Sheep’s clothing.   🧐🤔🤨
Bennie Lynn In my heart of hearts I have always felt Mike Pence held Donald Trump’s back, and is truly a Christian guy.  Reading what this LIN person has said makes me question the unwavering faith I have in Mike Pence……..Let’s pray that GOD is in the mix of this, and creates another miracle and when we wake up January 7th, that DONALD JOHN TRUMP is still our president…….by the grace of GOD……….
Wanda No. I’ve never trusted him because he stayed quiet and all the faux medias never went after him. Also, he let the lib activists and media go after Trump while he was managing covid-19. I think he was the leaker.
Skipp I don’t know if he can be trusted or not, doesn’t matter, Trump has him under the gun so to speak. Paul Ryan who had a cushy job in the senate tried to get Pence to help him take down trump and pence must have been tempted as he had all the details of how it was to be done. Those who watched closely noticed that Trump treated Pence coldly about the time Ryan quit the senate and went to work at Fox where he got some to start bashing Trump. Pence must have confessed to Trump, shortly after Ryan was gone Trump started praising pence again for how hard he worked for the Trump team. I believe Pence will do whatever he has to do now for fear he will have to face the music for his almost mistake of offending Trump. So I guess he will stand by trump.
Chandraprabha no
Rowena I tend to agree, he’s trying to be next President instead! Noticed it more lately!
Colleen No. He’s too buddy buddy with known establishment figures who perpetually make false claims against Pres. Trump. He also does not feel it’s his duty to decide the election (if it comes to that) in spite of the fact, the US Constitution says it’s his duty. He took an oath. He does not support his oath. I do not support him because of that.
melissa I trust God and TRUMP. I know he has the answer and Gods grace to lead us. He has prepared long before I even knew there was trouble. I am prepared to back him 100% with everything in my power to do.
Patricia Yes, very honorable.
Steve Yes
Stuart I did until I saw Lin Wood’s postings and I trust him and his sources, so I am very concerned. Also, Pence is a swamp rat isn’t he?
Doug If he doesn’t work to get trump and himself reelected he is committing political suicide for the Republican party.
And allowing the democrat criminals to continue their corruption.
This will tell us whether or not he is a traitor to America and a FAKE CHRISTIAN.
Lori No, I do NOT trust Pence.  He even looks sneaky.
Teddy I thought he was, but now I don’t know.
Audrey I am on the fence. Lasy few speeches were powerful and pro Trump.  However what I have read about him trying to get Trump out of office in early years…I think he is corrupt
Laurel I really don’t know now after the past week or so.
Janet No
Mary Not sure. If he doesn’t help on Jan 6 he is history. His political future is zero.
Dana Yes
David No
Bethalene Yes, I would think he is aa good guy, never gave it any thought. I pray he is.
Caroline I did at first, but I’m beginning to doubt his loyalty to President Trump and we, the people.  His actions in the next few days will seal his approval rating.  If he does what I fear, he’s NOT for our Country–he’s one of them–the Deep State asshats!
ninotchka Sad
Ann Well, I thought so, but not after failing him 12/23
Mary No
John Actually, he has always given me a creepy feeling… so My gut tells me not to trust him.
Dawn I DID trust him until he rejected the lawsuit. He appears to be a genuine, Christian man, but God says in his word that many will deceive, and to watch out for wolves in sheep’s clothing. I’ll be very sad/disappointed if this description fits Pence. Almost forgot to add that I found it strange that he also received an envelope at Bush seniors funeral. Raised my suspicions but like I said…he appears to be so genuine! Maybe the guy is just a stellar actor and a deep state plant! People on the outside are getting info from someone on the inside…I just hope it’s not him. 🙁
Connie Not trustworthy and not a good guy!
Michael Don’t know, but his upcoming actions will speak louder than words. Do what is right or you’re done!!!!
Kris Yes
Deborah Yes
Michael Mike Pence is the original reason we voted for Donald Trump. He is a Christian and we thought the natural shoo in for 2024. If he goes off of the rails you will see a shooting war insue. If this man of Robust Christian Character can be corrupted, then the End Times are Truly here. I will never trust any government again!! Happy New Year!!!
Deborah Yes
Susan I trust that he is ready to go home and live out the rest of his years in peace with no loss of status.
Gordon Only the Lord knows the heart of Mike Pence. Having said that, there is something phony and smarmy about him to me. He reminds me of all the phony royal counselors to the king in every Biblical movie ever made. He gives me the creeps. I hope and pray my perception of him is wrong, but I don’t think so.
Brenda Pfohl Yes, I believe he is a Christian, and he can be trusted. I’m sorry that you had to bring this up. We have enough to worry about.
Wanda I’ve always thought he was a good guy. Have never seen anything to make me wonder. I have always thought he was consistent in his support of the President and in his Christian belief. He seems to be a moral, Christian, family man. This time I really hope you are not right! I have wondered about Lindsay Graham, sometimes he seems to be on the fence.
Nancy He seems like he is, but that white envelope thing is very suspect!
Lorna I really don’t trust anyone, but he must put our president trump in office for 4 more years to get rite of all these people who have done wrong.  Mike pence if he is a man of God like he says then we all will watching him to make sure he does it correctly.
Denny NO! Pence wants to be president in 2024. He has failed to back Trump. There’s a reason why Trump gave him a letter at Bush’s funeral, “He knows everything!
Joyce Mike Pence is the best go of anyone ever. He is a trusted friend to many. He is always there for the president.  I am sure he has prayed many prayers for Donald Trump
Michael No
Jackie I thought Pence was a good guy, but now I’m not so sure. As I’ve seen so many Republicans who I thought were solid conservatives stand by and say nothing about the election irregularities, I’ve lost a lot of faith in the integrity of our elected officials. Seems the “Swamp” is deeper than any logical citizen could have imagined?

I can’t see how Pence’s betrayal could actually help him, politically. He loses his conservative base and could certainly not be trusted by liberals if he flip-flops so diabolically.

As far as his relationship with his God, I can’t judge. If he betrays his faith for political gain, he will reap what he sows. I pray he makes the right decision, in God’s eyes.

mary yes
John YES
Donita No
Teddi I think you are barking up the wrong tree.  Mike Pence is a Good Guy!
Naomi Our family is extremely sad and disappointed upon learning the unbelievable fact that VP Pence.has betrayed President Trump, our nation and his Christian Faith!!
Kelly Yes
Kathleen I believe he is a quiet leader, who can just as quietly bring down opposition.  I know he stands for our country and the American people.  He also has no need to bring attention to himself.  I am very glad he is in our corner.
Michael NO
Ivan Gentry Pence proved he is a RINO.  He has every intention of stabbing the president in the back.  I do not trust people who use the title of Christian but do live up to it.  His eyes betray his words.  They are dark and cannot hide the evil in his heart.  I would not trust him as far as I could throw him.
Robin I do not trust him.  Deep state???? Not sure.
Janice I question his support for President Trump on his goals for the future. Was President Trump pushed into accepting Pence based on the Deep States plans for Pence ? In that respect I don’t trust him. The other thought would be if he doesn’t back President Trump in this election fraud is he trying to delegitimize the proof and accusations giving him a shot at the Presidency in 2024. The fact that 80 million people would absolutely hate him has to be on his mind. He is not transparent in any way so that will always leave doubt in most people’s minds. After everything that has gone on in the past 4 years trust is hard to find for any political figure .
John Yes I trust him. He is a sincere Christian.
Ken Yes I think he is a good guy.  How can he do crusades, multiple times, saying every vote counts, and defend the constitution and turn on Trump?
Connie I believe Mike Pence is a God fearing man who believes in the importance of the TRUTH and he knows the TRUTH has been revealed
Karen I don’t trust anyone but President Trump in government.
Rob No
john no
Renee Yes but he is a Politician and that is important to remember.
Laster I believed at one time MP was a good guy. He governed our state and did a good job. He was a good congressman Washington has a way of corrupting even the best of us. God the one MP claims to serve will judge him. His actions on how he responds to the oath he took to protect this Country from attack both outside and within will prove his true character. He will judge himself in so doing
Neil he is and will come through on Jan 6th.
Raymond No
Martha No, however, can a clone be controlled.???
Nancy Yes
Pamela No, I like the old saying “ still waters run deep”!
If he is hiding behind his claim to be a devout Christian, God will take care of the problem.
I Diana No he’s deep state
Sheila No
Karen Yes.  I think he is.
Maureen YES
Chris No
Phil Certainly I trust him. How can you say anything else? If this is the way you are running this website I will be unsubscribing. It’s unfortunate but president Trump WOULD have won in a undisputable landslide if he had kept his big mouth shut on twitter. I supported president Trump all the way but I understand how some people could vote AGAINST him and not really be voting for Biden.
Toni Really I am on the fence. His wife got a letter at Bush Sr funeral and I have heard rumors so I am mot sure I need more info
Kris I don’t know.  I thought he was a white hat and a good Christian, but now I’m wondering.
Joan I always thought he was a good guy. I have no reason not to believe he is a good guy. We’ll see…..won’t we?
Glo I’m concerned and not certain where he’s going to end up. IF he is a true believer, child of God I know where he must end up. But others (gov Abbott) sold out so who knows what the lust for $$$ will ultimately do to this one. I pray God convicts him and he does the right thing.
Sylvia Not at all sure about him!  He makes me uneasy…
Bud No
Joanna Unsure
Paula Yes…hes an honest and upright Christian man. I know he’s truthful.
Sharon Sharon Rojas
Karen YES
Drago yes
Cheryl I’m not really sure.  If he is truly a Christian then he should step up and stop the cheating DemonRats.  But it could be that he knows something about Trump and doesn’t want to say anything so that he doesn’t mess up his job.  But he could be a Piglosi and rat fan.  Changing sides, wanting that money.  Has the DEVIL 👿 won him over?  Only time will tell.  I pray to GOD that GOD intervenes and pulls it all out in the open.  Tired of the DEEP STATE ruining our lives.  They are the ones that made this virus along with China and spread it all over the world.  Fauci had a hand in this too.  He is also the DEVIL
Louetta This man, Mike Pence is a great Vice President!!
Mary Ann Yes, V.P. Pence has always had President Trump’s back.  I believe he is an honest and trustworthy man.
Raymond No
Kathi I don’t know, as I don’t know what was in secret letter he received at Bush’s funeral.
Sydney He is in the deep state
Frances Not really !  I don’t think his has the BALLS to do what is right !  This Country is heading towards the toilet if he doesn’t grow a pair !
Brett I don’t trust him, just like any “politician” I think he is a snake and I don’t want the fate of our country in his hands.
Alice Not sure, but leaning towards ‘no’.
Marilyn [email protected]
Daphne Good guy
Sheila I did in the beginning but now I am not so sure.  He’s done a few things that lately make me question his motives.
Lynette No
Derrell Who can know the heart of a man but God Himself. We like to think VP Pence is a good guy – I’ve heard he is a Christian and in my heart believed God was using him synergistically with Trump.  But all men are subject to their own pride and self interests. Jesus said; “you will know a tree by its fruits.” What has the VP’s fruits been? Has he stood with the President? We look at his face and try to see but this is not the mark to measure. We hear rumors but what is the Truth?  Many people we thought we could trust have already betrayed us. Many big names are about to be exposed. Taking a poll to get public opinion is an act of “democracy” where the majority scourge the minority. But we are a Republic who’s founding was – AND STILL IS – on “An APPEAL TO HEAVEN”! Judge not lest you are judged…
William YES!
Diane I am praying that VP Pence is an honest upright man and not a part of the deep state, how heartbreaking that would be. The letter at President Bushś’s funeral concerns me greatly so I am wavering.
Connie No I don’t trust him!
J Scott Pence is a poker player whose genuine positions are always more than merely shielded but hidden entirely.  Do I “trust” this man?  Not at all.
Maggie Pence is an honorable man, he will do the right thing.
Jack Perhaps Pence is fulfilling his oath to defend the United States Constitution.  I know there is nothing in the Constitution that covers defying the will of the majority of our citizens and ignoring the majority vote.  I know there is nothing there to give the Vice President the power to pick the next president.  So I say to Pence, “So far good job.  Stay the course.  Honor your oath.”
Kenneth I at this time do not trust anyone in Washington. There has been so much lying, hateful accusations that I will have a hard time believing anyone anymore.
John Yes
Chris Johnson I have from Day 1, but seeing how quiet the VP has been since the election, I don’t know. How is that for a wimpy answer?
Daphne No…. he tried to kill our president twice. Plus in his home state he was into kids. This you can look up.
spivze yes
Dennis I did thin he was trustworthy but now with these questions and statements being made about Mike Pence I am not sure. I need more information, more details.
Guadalupe I am at a point that I don’t rust anyone in Washington. You cannot turn your back to anyone working there. God help us.
Kelly Yes he is a good guy.
Cheryl No. I think he’s going to blow the whole vote thing on the 6th of Jan.
lucille that’s a very good question.  I have my doubts with all that has happened since Nov. 3rd. He’s either putting on a good show for the left or he is a bad guy.
Marcie absolutely
barbara I don’t know. Kim Clement said there was a snake in the Whitehouse. No one would suspect him but it would make sense.
Sheri Pence is the Brutus to Pres.Trumps Caesar!
oscar YES he will back TRUMP
I saw internet long ago that in his younger yrs. he was a flaming homosexual pedofile.  Also his attempt with Ryan to oust Trump so they could take over. Black hat. Why the envelope at Bush’s funeral. Too much stuff. Debbie
Peter I would like to trust him, however despite apparent accolades of praise from Michael Flynn for Pence’s recent work I sense malevolence, & see traitorous indications emanating from within this fellow I am absolutely convinced he is black hat, but of course hope I am deeply mistaken.
ANGELA Great guy
Rebecca I absolutely trust him with all my heart. He’s a fine, godly man.
Robert Not now. I did until now
William No I do not trust him I think he will do anything if the price is right, as we can all see what is going on
Jon S I don’t trust him.
Robbie Well I guess only God and Time knows for sure??
But I see it like this!!!
If Mike thought that Trump didn’t have a chance of winning??
He would of never run with a loser??
But Mike intuition was Right!!!
Barbara Not sure
Dano Yes
Wendy No. I reckon he’s already gone and this one is either a clone or a double. Wasn’t he responsible with another guy in planning a assassination attempt on the President
Jeanne Yes
Vikki Yes
Pamela Yes
Dinah I have had an uneasy feeling about Pence from day one – something about him didn’t sit well with me -These last four years I didn’t listen to his speches – I did notice the expression on his wife’s face when she was in the presidents company and I was not pleased – Trump 2021
Dee Doubtful
Sharon I trust Pence as the prophets said God told them President Trump would win and I have faith in God. That is the only reason I trust him.
Karen This is the first negatives I have heard  about Vice President Pence . At this point I don’t know what to think
Claudia Yes, he is a good guy. He has been an amazing VP
Ronald I think he is a good guy.  I trust him 100 percent.
Cindie Cindie
Janet NO   When he was governor of Indiana he refused to allow CBD oil for medical use by kids with seizure disorders.  He was smug about not using “gateway drugs” and hiding behind his  so-called religion.  My idea of Christianity is way more generous and my God understands that things can fall through the cracks.
Wendy I have had no reason not to trust Vice President Mike Pence.. I really like Lin Wood if there is anything he can prove that Pence is a black hat..show me…
Neal Had no reason not to until now. Why is he suddenly opposed to the attempt to overturn the election? Is he being threatened? Maybe by the ultra rich, who seem to run this country?
Rosanne I’m gonna say no, cause I always thought he was too quiet and I have a bad vibe
Janice Basically yes, but he has his eyes on something bigger, politicians don’t stay true to the American people, lining their own pocket seems to be rampant within all sides.
Beth Ann I’m not certain I’ve not really heard enough about him this past year. Dec 23 disturbs me. Why didn’t Pence step up to the plate and support President Trump?
Pam I always thought he was a good guy. But I am not sure now. I believe he wants to run for President in 2024, but he needs to support President Trump now. I pray he is sticking with the president through  all these court battles. I have alway trusted our electoral system, but after this year, I don’t really trust that either. As far as trusting Pence, just not sure. I use to be a democrat and I trusted that party. Now I am not sure about the elections, the FBI or DOJ. But one thing I am sure of, I don’t trust the democrats and I am extremely disappointed in the Republican party for not standing behind our president all the way! I voted for Trump because he is not a politician and he cares about this great country and the people. Praying he continues to be my president for another four years. 🙏🏼🇺🇸
Risa I believe he is 1000/0 for Trump he is playing the stupid media
Myke Yes
Thomas I don’t trust him
Victoria I hope I’m wrong he seems tainted
Wayne No, he is a modern day Christian Judas who is working for the establishment.
Jean I hope so.  Praying he will do his patriotic and Christian duty to stop this fraud.  President Trump won by a landslide!
Tami I think so but had read earlier that he is one of “them”???
Mark He is to close to bush. So NO
Tim Yes
ray I think Pence will follow his own  interests.  If he gives Trump the victory, he will be a hero to 85-95% of the Republican party, who back Trump.  That’s his best move for 2024.  If he stabs Trump in the back, his political career is over.
Barbara I do believe he is a great guy.  I believe he has a very hard line to walk with his religious beliefs and politics.  I think that occasionally Trump needs to be reminded of humility and that Mike Pence can do that.  He has shown great support for the past 4 years.  He is allowed to have some different opinions.  I hope people will note that when they throw out accusations toward him.  It makes those of us on the right not trust anyone and we have to find those that we can trust with MOST of what we want.  No one is ever going to be exactly what we want.
Marilyn I trust Mike Pence. I did not see or hear anything to doubt his integrity
Donna Yes
gf yes
julie He appears to be so. Has supported the President
Nancy I very much want to trust Mike Pence. I have always thought of him as being a good Christian  man. Would literally break my heart if it is proven, he is not.
Bernadette No he has had opportunities to help Trump but is looking out for himself  I would not vote for him if he runs in 2024
Dan No question he is hedging his bets….coyly playing both sides.  He is weak and part of the Swamp.
Harold Wolves do occasionally wear sheeps’ clothing.!  Trump has more enemies around him (close) than is ……..! The wolves close in for supper…..!
Darrell I didn’t trust Pence when he was a congressman, when he was governor and trust him even less today. He was then and is now nothing more than a lying ass.
Dave I think Pence is a good guy but I’m not sure he will ride in on a white horse and save the day.
Carolyn I’m so sorry to say that I don’t trust Mike Pense anymore. This might change if he does the right thing and challenge the Nov 3rd election!
Kim I am really not sure. I really thought he was a good man but the things I’m reading now makes me very concerned. If does not stand with the president then he will show his true self.
Lisa No swamp creature
Donald Most Definitely Yes
Margie On the fence. I had no idea he was a question mark or Tharp he had been forced on Trump.  I guess the powers that were thought the could control Trump but that he and a powerhouse VP we’re over their heads. Hey, Trump alone was so far over their heads they should cover their heads and run.  There are nit many left in the roles of Representative or Senator that are honest, upstanding people.  I’m very disappointed with Mitchell and our senator Blunt.  Both are either cowards or on the take and need to be voted out.
Bob I live in Columbus, Indiana and I know the Pence family.  They are good, honest people, and Mike is not shy about proclaiming his love for GOD, and his Christian heritage.  Is he a warrior like our beloved President?  No, he is the quiet type, but I believe that he will follow his heart.  He was a United States Representative for our district in southern Indiana, prior to becoming our State Governor.  While he was our Governor, our state built up a surplus in it’s Treasury.  He was not gifting money to organizations throughout our state, just because the money was available.  I wish that I could say that for the Democratic controlled U.S. House of Representatives!  I do not know what Mike Pence will choose to do on Jan. 6th, but I do believe that he will be seeking the will of God, as to what he should do.
Freda Like the courts, governors,SecofStates and even the Supreme Court, I think Pence is hoping to not make the decision that decides this election. But if it comes down to that, I think he will do what is right in the sight of God and We the People.
Donna Yes, I trust this man he does a great job for the people right along with Trump
Cynthia I want to trust him but I’m Leary when he could handed Trump the win in December let us down. If Republicans want to side with the left get on the other side of the isle, instead of being a wolf In Sheep’s clothing . We will VOTE you OUT in due time for not standing with OUR PRESIDENT !!🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸🙏
Ellen I’m having a problem with the fly………
I was cool then the “envelope “
Marie Not sure
David I think pence is a stand up guy, BUT! I think he falls into the gap MOST republicans do and that is he lacks the courage to stand for constitutional principle and will play it safe by just deferring to the next election.
Cowards who will not stand for anything unless they are assured it will lead to victory
Ann No
Susan No
Carol It makes sense after seeing that video with the white envelops that Pence would be suspect as the next man in line if President Trump had been removed in all the circus of things plotted against him the past few years. Pence would have taken over and the Deep State continued as if nothing had happened, and would we have ever known anything such as we do now? I always thought Mike Pence was a good choice because of being Christian, but I had questions several times after listening to him speak during the pandemic, and then during the debate with Harris. He seemed to give generic answers and did not stop, or listen to the directions given to him. I was not impressed at all. It seems like the plot thickens every time we turn around. I do not trust Pence after seeing all this stuff that was revealed.
Donna Do you trust any politician? Mike Pence is for Mike! Donald J Trump is for the People. So obvious Pence is a player and has so many angles, have been watching him for a long time and do not believe he can be trusted. He will save himself and take the last boat as the ship sinks.
We will watch this come January 6th. The Trumpeter has a plan he will not depend on this one man to save him, but to hang himself! Then General Flynn will be his VP.
Micheal I did trust him to begin with. Not now. Not after he let us down last month……and not after knowing that he received one of the mysterious envelopes from Bush’s funerals.
Stephen So far I trust him but this position he is in will prove to all the Trump supporters and freedom seekers just who is.
Sharon Do you remember the fly in the debate?  Fly’s land on crap.  He stayed on his head  a long time.
Felicia Yes
Martha If President Trump trusts him do do I. If pence screws us & our President he will never make it in any office again. He’s there to serve our President.
God help him if he doesn’t do well for our President and the Americans. Pence seems to be their fir him. We pray to God he makes things right for this country and puts Our President Trump in Office for 4 more years.
David Luebke Watching him over the past four years, I think he is a Christian that likes his freedom. He will follow the Constitution and pick the dully certified electors as he knows only the Legislatures can certify the electoral votes by Article II of the Constitution
Maryjo Personally, I don’t know anything about him.  Saying that; I being a christian, we are taught not to belittle a man of God, for it will hinder our blessings. I  won’t speculate on his caricature, But anyone can say they are a christian. President Trump Has people praying for him, does he himself? Who knows, It’s Personal.  I he was the choice of the Demon-Rat Sewer Critters Party, than what are their motives going forward?  Think about it for just a moment, How many Elected Government Officials say one thing to get into Office then do a 360 degree turnaround. 98% of them and that’s being nice.  I would say that I am for him by 70% and Against him 30% because I don’t trust the Deep Swamp… But, than again. President Trump Hasn’t  Fired him, if that were possible. Just watch their demeanor when they are together.
Pam I always thought he was…
Ronald He did a great job of hanging in there as needed
Kathy I thought he was a good guy until I found out he was part of Pepfar, a money laundering operation under the guise of HIV/AIDS.  The other team members are Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci, who are both corrupt.  Why is he teamed up with those two?  Watch the video by Amazing Polly titled, Pepfar.
mary I thought he was…but know idk.  President Trump has has so many stab him in the back.  If Pence stabs him in the back the Deplorables will notice & he will not be able to be elected dog catcher
Dottie I have mixed feelings about him. I think he was part of the deep state however being associated with our great president for these last years have recruited him to Christianity if he was not before. I pray he is a white hat and will do the right thing for We The People and keep our president in our White House!
David Yes !! But he is in a tough position.
Phyllis Good
Brian Good guy
Almalee I am not sure.  I want to believe that he is a white hat, BUT, he did receive that envelope at the funeral.
Maybe TRUMP has something BIG on him and he will be HONEST when he reads the votes.
Barbara If Mike Pence wants to run in 2024 he had better back up President Trump or he won’t stand a chance. I can only hope and pray that VP Pence does the right thing for this country and the constitution .This fraudulent election has to stop, if not it will never be fair again. We will lose our liberty and freedom that our ancestors fought and died for. On this New Years Day I am Praying that our Heavenly Father wraps his arms around this great nation and that truth and justice will prevail. In the name of Jesus . Amen
So I’ll let you know January 6 ×021
Gail Yes
Cathy I WANT to trust him but I am just not sure. I am praying that he is a white hat but I guess we will have to wait and see.
Glenda Yes
Sybil Joyner Love Mike Pence.  He is a good Christian man and has been a great Vice President.  I do not like the way the democrats have talked about him and President Trump.  It has been a disgrace to see such hatred against him.
Gail Yes, I respect Mr. Pence for the honest and calm way he deals with everything. he is a solid christian and loves the Lord and follows bibical reasoning. i trust him completely, and pray for him and President Trump on a daily basis.
Brigett I used to think he was a good guy; however, just the way he looks at President Trump lately tells me otherwise.   He seems to have a look of “hate” in his eyes.    I don’t trust him anymore.
Anita I do not trust him due to the fact he is unwilling to support Trump with his refusal to reject the electors on Jan 6 with many representatives and at least one Senator rejecting the electors for Biden due to election irregularities and fraud.  You would think Pence would do what is needed to keep him and Trump in office and Biden out.
Ken He is a good man and has supported our president up until now, however, he seems to have withdrawn.  At this point, I don’t trust him to do what needs to be done.  I would not vote for him in a primary.
Suzie yes
Virginia I thought he was all along until I found out he was a plant (?).  Now I wonder. Can you really know for sure someone has your back 100%?  In Washington?  I would love to believe he is a good guy, but I can’t.
Nancy YES
Denise I learned that Mike Pence and Karen are globalists since they were in college. Karen wanted him to become president. I thought about it when he was at papa Bush had died.  No I don’t trust him. We will find out who he really is when he doesn’t select Trump for president if it comes to that.
Char I think Trump should be able to pick who he wants n the dems should not have any dam say about it, also I like pence but if he’s so close to the bushes and the dems then I don’t feel that he should be vp he should be over on the other side, but I just hope he’s not a bad guy
Priscilla Yes,I trust Mike Pence!
Margaret I did until recently. He is not standing for Trumo during this huge voting scandal. He has joined the Republican senators who want us to concede the election to Biden. Maybe he cannot deal with tgis stress but he took the oath of office. He campaigned hard during the rallies. He just recenyly seems to wabt tgis to be over. As a Christian he should be standing up for ecery tging the Patruots aee fighting for that is pro life and freedom of religuon. Perhaps this is just a planned part of a big victory that will be a aurprise that is not going to be released ahead of time. I hipe he has not pulled out on the president and all who hold the future of America in our fight for the truth!
Guy Not at the present
time, Waiting to see what he does Jan. 6.
Annette Yes, I can see the true Christian faith and spirit in Pense. Don’t believe any of that stuff.
Annette Stoots
Linda Yes I do
James I want to but not sure
Danny Now I don’t know!
Terry No
Sherri Yes, he is good, this is strategy
I always thought he was a good guy but now I am changing my mind I always thought he was a good guy but now I am changing my mind
William Latta Recently the integrity of Mike Pence was questioned and I have not seen evidence that would cause that to happen.  Until that evidence is shown to me, I think very highly of him
harry Yes
Joyce Not now! When he refused Sen. Grassley’s request to use his power as VP to say no to the Electoral College’s endorsement of Biden for president, that was the last straw!
Apolline France Why would Trump have kept Pence for four years and why is he still his running mate for the 2020 elections if he didn’t trust him? Is this part of Trump’s strategy?
Jo I’m no sure
DEB Yes, he is a good guy. He is a strong Christian, and a Catholic Christian. He is SMART enough to know that the Deep State could compromise him so he doesn’t ever meet with women alone. He has strong values. He is 100% pro-life. If he got an envelope at the Bush funeral, it could have been a warning but he knows he has always covered his ass. He’s been a great VP to a guy who had no idea how deep that swamp was. The suit he wants dropped is the suit that was, like the Texas suit, issued incorrectly. He is going to Constitutionally do the right thing AND disallow the electors so it is 233 Trump. 232 Biden correctly. If he does less than that, I will be disappointed. He and we all, know Trump really won the election! He knows his future is on Trump’s coattails. He and we all, can see if we let cheaters win and Socialism gets in, there’s no chance to redeem it. It is DO OR DIE TIME JANUARY 6TH. I do trust him. We have to trust him and PRAY!!!
Louis I do not trust pence, just something about him, it is a gut feeling I have and my gut never failed me in Combat.
Sean Yes, I think Pence will do his duty
Leslie Yes he is.
He is definitely hiding the truth from the public and therefore part of the swamp! Coward!! He is obviously hiding the truth from the public and therefore is part of the swamp! Coward!
Karen No. He is a rhino out for himself and is playing both sides. Whichever benefits him the most. He talks the talk like a Christian but in no way represents that value. He will turn on our President in a heartbeat if it benefits him. The thing is, he is not stupid. He knows the American people will not tolerate this and he also knows Trump has all the intel in him so that may hold him at bay. He may be one that goes down when this all comes to light. Maybe Trump pardoned Flynn so he can finally get him as VP.   Think about it… if the VP office is vacated then the President nominates someone to fill the office and it is confirmed by majority vote of house and congress. If all this goes down then those left will be loyal to Trump and would do as he ask.
Food for thought!
Mayra He is a good guy but will vote what he thinks is right, no matter who pushes him.
Linda If Pence is truly supportive of President Trump why is he fighting the lawsuit giving him the power to assign electoral votes.  I do not trust Pence.  I pray I’m wrong.  President Trump needs all allies he can get.
DAVE I’m from Indiana and I never like Pence. He wasn’t a good governor. There is just something about the guy I don’t like besides him being a politician. I think he’s  a rat, and cannot be trusted. I wish President  Trump would have picked a different VP.
nancy no
duke After he capitulated so easily on the religious issue he passed while governor of Indiana upon  receiving  heavy blowback from the left, convinced me he cared more about his political career than his convictions. Never trust the consummate politician.
adam good guy
Pauline Yes
Judy I always thought Mike Pence was the good guy. But now I really don’t think he is the good guy.  This breaks my heart that he could allow our country to be destroyed knowing he could do the right thing and save our nation.
Linda Not sure
Catherine Initially I did.  But after reading what you’ve put out I don’t know. I sure hope you’re wrong.  If not, he is definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  He professes to be a Christian.  Heartbreaking.
Russell You realize, that the pic of Pence you posted with the fly on his head…fly are drawn to sh!t…right?
Karla I don’t trust anyone, but if my President trust him, I must too.
Sandra Mike Pence is a good man. Seems the media can’t find anything negative to say. Very honorable
James I really don’t know
Paul Yes
Marilyn Faber He is an honest God fearing man, and proud of his country.
Annette On the fence about this bird, just hoping this isn’t the Gold Bar President Trump was counting on. Extremely Worried!! That letter VP Pence received that nobody knows anything about yet, is sticking in my mind, waiting to see President Trumps response to what Pence just did and if that response holds any clues that this may be part of the plan or not???
carol not for a second…..
I think you all talk and no answers All talk.!!!
Regina I do believe he is one of the good guys. I don’t think that he is against Trump just because he is “unwilling” to hand Trump the presidency. That would place him in a horrendously bad position and could backfire in either scenario-Trump as president or not.
WANDA I do like Mike Pence. I think he is a good honest Christian. He has been a wonderful Vice President.
Kristin Not honestly sure.  I used to believe he was, but I’ll let God handle this –
Barry Yes I trust Mike Pence, I believe he is a good Christian man.
Sally not for President Trump
Curtis Yes
omg deb
Steve Standard I like pence, but there is a thought I have that he could be a trojan horse for the deep state
atha yes
Fred No
Steve Suspect he is influenced by deep state! The letter received at George H W Bush funeral is proof!
Paul So far !!!
Scott Yes, he is loyal
Elaine No I don’t trust Pence. From the first time I saw him with Trump I had an uneasy feeling about him. But I thought that maybe Trump picked him because he’s a Christian. I also thought that Trump knows more about him than I do so I’ll trust Trump’s decision and pray I’m wrong about Pence.
Robert L I trust him to be the Christian he portrays himself as
Edwina Yes, Vice President Mike Pence is a good guy. He has worked side by side with President Trump with steadfast support.
Rosemary Yes, I believe he is
Tammy I’m very conflicted about Pence. He has definitely done some things that appear to be anti-Trump.
Karin NO I don’t Never did. It’s my gut feeling, and it’s always right.
Cindy No
Donna He and Hillary are hugging friends and if the democrats could have impeached Trump, he would have been POTUS–this makes me suspicious! I have a feeling that he just might be one of the Bad Guys.
Ted I trust M. Pence he will help the President.
Ruth I’m not sure anymore. I thought as a Christian he could be trusted, but he might be selling out like a lot of other so called “Christians”.
Edwin We will know for sure on December 6th, not before.
Dianne Pence can not be trusted.  He is crazy if he thinks he could ever be elected President in a legitimate election. It will never happen  unless it is an election as rigged as Biden/Harris.  It is frightening to see what a phony he really is.
Barbara He is not the man I thought he was. Very disappointed in him. I’m now wondering if he was the main source of the White House leaks.
Mary I don’t know.  How can a man be for Trump and be a turncoat? I didn’t know how he was chosen until your article.  We’ll see what he does.  Actions speak louder than words.
Larry Probably not. I don’t trust him. The deep state runs deep!! There are very few that Trump has trusted that were really with him. He needs Flynn and a few more really good people by his side.
Rob I do NOT trust Mike Pence. Granted he is more genteel  and soft spoken than President Trump, but even so he very rarely publicly supports his boss. My personal opinion is that he should never rise above the level of Senator and my firm belief is that he is in fact an obama deep state weasel.
John Only if he really is a Christian and stands up and fights at this time, all the swamp needs drained and the truths brought to light, His career is going to be over either way but God comes first not his friends in the swamp.
Dorothy I do not Trust Mike Pence
Melissa This is the hardest piece of the puzzle. My gut tells me he is a black hat. When things don’t make sense, it isn’t true. Pence did not make sense as TRUMP’s VP.
Doug Pence is to Trump as Brutus was to Caesar. As Judas was to Jesus.
Roma My first reaction to anyone is usually spot on when the smoke clears and a person’s character is revealed. I have a “swamp creature” feeling about Pence and I do not trust him. His hat is very, very dark grey in my estimation.
Maggie Yes I trust Mike Pence I believe he is a Good Guy
Mai Yes
Dee Is he a friendly owls or a leavening wolf.
True Christian or faking it.
Truly for triumph or pretending?
georgia Yes Mike is a good guy
Joanne I thought good and on the same page as the president
Richard I agree with Lin Wood, Pence is a wolf in Sheeps clothes.  I wish it wasn’t so, but I believe it is.
Martha Jane If he doesn’t support President Trump he is forever politically finished!  Praying he does support the Electoral challenges!  Or we lose our country and right to vote forever!
Jim Immediate reaction Is Loyal, Trustworthy🙏🏻  Yet you raise some questions……
Doris I have mixed feelings about Mike Pence. I have to wonder if there is a reason behind his actions other than turning against Trump. There has been instances where one will appear to be against another partner or in this case, Vice President and President. If the enemy think you are in their court, you can accomplish more. Its like good cop/bad cop.
With so much deception in our government, it is hard to tell. It may be as in the case of Abraham Lincoln. You can’t trust anyone.
Jack Originally YES but not so much lately.  Don’t hear any positive position from him voicing what he will do Jan 6
Angie really not sure.  I think he wants to go for President in 2024.
John I don’t think he’s going to do the right thing since he’s asked the court to dismiss the law suit that would set the rules of the constitution on this issue
Doug I think through the campaign Pence really held his own and helped a lot in the debates and also being the leader of the virus task force. But the saying goes keep your enemy’s close by so to be sure of their actions.
But I also think Pence can be an ass kisser and can go the way that pads his ambitions the best. After the election I think Pence turned more to the left so he can distance himself from Trump. Will I vote for Pence in 2024 not if Trump will run again.
Darlene Not sure. I had seen where he and Paul Ryan were trying to run together in 2016 and undermining Trump. So I have to wonder since Pences wife got envelope at Bush funeral maybe he was arrested and replaced with a clone. So we’ll have to see how this plays out. WWG1WGA
Lucina trust him
Teress He better be if HE EVER WANTS TO BE IN A POLITICAL POSITION AGAIN! 74M Conservatives will not forget the RINOS, including Pence who “betrayed” our BELOVED PRESIDENT TRUMP👊👊👊
Deborah No
Dennis Mike Pence has been a member of my church for some years, he and his wife are very strong christians with good moral integrity and values.  He was a very good governor for on state of Indiana.  He is a very good man, don’t disparage him.  Noah, it seems that you are appearing much like the rest of the media, stirring up something that is not there, to make news.  I’m very disappointed in you, it doesn’t seem that you really like Trump by your innuendos at times.
James NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anita When you were taking the pole of trusting the VP, I did not respond. Yet after seeing that he has asked the judge to dismiss the ruling for him to have the power, for the electoral votes, I have decided that I don’t trust him at all. I actually was hoping, before that my thoughts of him we’re not true. I just have this gut feeling that he is a black hat. Especially getting that note, at the bush funeral like the other Cabals. We are certainly living in uncertain times! And I pray that our Savior comes soon, to end this sinful world, and take us home! What a day of rejoicing that will be!
Kristina I do trust him. My pastor knows him personally and has vouched for his genuine love of God.  Charlie Kirk says Pence prays over Trump every day. Pence has taken a tremendous amount of heat for his devotion to his wife. I don’t understand why so many are saying he’s not a good guy.
Pat I have been wary of Mike Pence for a long time.  I am more wary of Mrs. Pence. Body language tells all.
Brenda I did not realize that he got an envelope at Bush Sr funeral! Im not  sure now if I trust him or not. I would hate to think he talks about God and his Christian faith like he does and it not be real. I just don’t know what to think. Praying for our President and our Country!
Lise yes he is a ‘good guy’ He is prolife, he loves the Lord Jesus, thats all that matters
Eleanor I didn’t care for him when he first became VP. He tried to keep a stoic face but eyes tell the story. He had the same expression in his eyes that Paul Ryan always had – a mocking, go to hell look, especially when standing behind the president. Although I don’t think he liked President Trump to begin with, today I’m not sure. A couple of years ago it seems to me he started to change!   he became more aware he was supposed to be American. He seemed like he really cared about 2 people. I’m praying that I didn’t read them and wrong.
Diane I believe Mike Pence to be a Christian man, however I would like to know his reasons for accepting the Vice Presidency, and what his goals were, and are, going forward.
David I’m not sure but I know he is not like President Trump He’s more a Politician then the President is and not as strong.  I like his Pro Life stand and that he is professing Christian.  I believe the last two remarks helped President Trump win in 2016 him to win the election in 2016.  Only God knows what will happen as He is in control and nothing gets a way from Him;  what happens on January 6th will tell the story in short he will go with Washington.  If Joe Biden is declared president America gets what it deserves by the murder of the unborn and the LBGT movement being accepted.
Cynni Pence is opportunistic. He remains silent unless he HAS to speak. Self Preservation seems to be his main motive. I do not trust the man.
Bob Somewhat
Jayne God instructed us to pray for those in authority. My heart tells me has been compromised & will not do the right thing by President Trump & America!
Carolyn That is such a hard question..my instinct is no..my gut says there is something that is not true about him..nothing I can put my finger on..he just seems to be there but absent..I see no enthusiasm for President Trump’s platform..I see very minor support..I was willing to give him the benefit of my doubts as I was President Trump..now 4 yrs later, President Trump has shown his sincerity and loyalty to us, we the people.. now I am a dedicated Trump person..but pence has shown me nothing..
Robert I I hope he is but the fact is no one in Government can really be trusted in today American money and power seems to corrupt even the strongest people. I hope my trust in Pence was not broken
Gary Yes
Bryan As a man of God, I would like to think so at this time, but he has not really had to make a public decision that was impactful yet … We may ultimately see where his heart and soul are this next week !!
k I believe Mike is one of the good guys and until proven wrong I will continue to believe that but I am also a person that wants to believe everyone is good until proven otherwise. I thought Biden was just a dumb joker type until facts have come out that proves me wrong.
Neil I believe he is a good Christian, but lIke many Christians he is not a Trump fan because of Trump’s personality of being so bold and too brash. He is also guilty of being for too long a politician , which means he believes the government is a force for good, which means he believes more government is a good thing. On balance, that makes him part of the problem, not part of the solution,
Yes! Yes
Paulette I don’t trust anyone who was part of the Deep State preTrump.
Barb Not in the least!  He is in with the Democrats, got a white envelope and now will only read the electoral votes instead of acting!  Would never vote for him!
Terry Mike Pence is part of the deep state
Deborah Yes
Shirley The envelope passed at Bush’s funeral has been at the back of my mind through the 4 years, and until recently, I thought perhaps he had changed hats.  If he is truly a child of God, I know God can change Pence’s heart and intentions and do what is His will.  I pray that Pence is following the will of God in all things.
Darice Without a doubt Mike Pence is a man of strong
character and integrity.   The humility covers intelligence and wisdom.
Alice I always thought he was a decent person but I had a question mark as to why he was not aggressively defending the president when the Russian hoax was going on and why he is not preparing to do everything to expose the election fraud and coordinate with the courageous congressional members and senators that are standing to defend the president on January 6th so there is only one conclusion he is a fox in sheep’s clothing
Catherine Yes he is and I believe he will stand with President Trump.
Alvin Yes
Lucinda No I don’t think so! I think he was put in a position to undermine our President! He isn’t willing to help Trump win and he could do just that on January 5 but instead he is deflecting the issue leaving Trump to do it for himself! We don’t want a socialist in office or a corrupt president which Joe Biden is definitely is corrupt and will sell us out to China
Darlene The real nice he nice, soft-spoken people scare the hell out of me. Give me somebody like trump who shoots from the hip and is honest
Marilyn No I dont trust Mike Pence.  He’s too quiet about giving support for Trump.  That says to me that he isn’t fully in Trump’s camp.  I don’t trust him.
merl He has supported the president always, as he is supposed to do. I believe he is honest. Not like “liberals.”
RK Cubb I believe he started out as a good guy, and later, due no doubt to threats against his family, has found himself between a rock and a hard place. And I believe MANY of our GOP people are being threatened with harm to their families. And WHERE DO THEY GO FOR HELP? We have a crooked FBI, a crooked CIA, and a crooked DOJ. So if one can’t go to the top shelf of the government for help, WHAT do they do? In this case, one has to go ABOVE the top shelf. Psalm 121:2 “My help cometh from the Lord….” As Christians, there comes a point when we face the test of our faith……and Pence may be facing that challenge as we speak. And NONE of us knows how well we would do under circumstances that threaten our family, and the “earthly” powers that be are of no help whatsoever. WE NEED TO PRAY FOR ALL of these folks who are under INTENSE pressure, and forced to remain silent about that pressure, or further harm can come to them and their loved ones. ( I have a distinct feeling that the threats to these folks make the Clintons’ many suicidal “friends” deaths look like child’s play in comparison.)
kenneth yes
MHN He’s part of the swamp that spied on Trump thru the 4 years and reported to the Demo-craps!!!
Loa NO
Yes Yes
Sherri No, he is a typical politician looking out for himself.
Michelle Yes
Deborah Yes
terry Yes, He is a strong Christian.
Ann No
Debra No
Shana Yes, I do. He’s an honorable man.
Susan No. He is a career politician
Kathy I have until last week. I trust Lin Wood and hearing Pence announce giving up politics and during Gomert, now I am questioning him.
Joy I felt that he was supportive until the last few months.  That probably tells the truth about him.  He is not trustworthy.
Tyler yes
Maxine Yes I trust Mike Pence that he is a good guy.  His Christian faith and trust in God will let him be honest and trustworthy!
Marie If, like you say, the Deep State had something to do with him being VP, then I do not trust him to make the right decision.
John He is a typical politician and if the carrot is big enough for him he will go after it.
Jody If Mike Pence is a true follower of Christ… he will choose to stand for righteousness.
Diane I really don’t know what to believe when it comes to Pence. I do know that one day he will stand before God in judgment and I hope he takes that thought seriously this week as he acts!
fred no, not any more
Suzette I want to trust the man but it is becoming clear just how deep the swamp is and I think he is part of it.
Pamela At first I was honestly not sure bur after finding out about his refusal to help the President and taking the envelope makes me have to say “NO”.  “We the people” were cheated on by the left! He should have thought about how WE feel after Trump truly won in a landslide but our votes didn’t even COUNT! When is God’s justice going to punish the evil, cheating, lying left? I pray for that almost daily.
JOSEPH I’m 50/50. He could go either way. Was he a bad guy turned good guy or is he still a bad guy, January 6th is going to reveal the answer!
Tim The jury is out until January 6. When I saw the question initially, I said to myself that the results would be 50/50. They were 50.1 to 49.9. I was close (LOL).
Bill Yes
Liz Yes I do, but I trust God more..  We are not to judge anyone God will do that in the end. With Gods help Mike Pence will do what is right for the American people. He knows that we had a fraudulent election. He will do what’s right for the American people who voted under their constitutional rights, and will not allow the corruption that went on for democrats to steal an election.
Susan Not sure now after reading a few thing.
mary I honestly don’t know what to think but we will find out on January 6th!
Linda Yes I trust him!
Loretta Yes. He has supported President Trump through this fraudulent election.
Ruth I do not trust him.
Suzanne I do NOT trust him especially since HE got a white envelope at Bushs funeral along with Hillary and several others. That told ME that something is up and he has been caught in a web of wrong doing like the rest of the evil doers that have tried to bring our President down!
Ebony No
Roberta I’m curious to know what was in the letter that Pence go at GHWB’s funeral.  It would help to know if it was a threat, a bribe?  His constituents in Indiana would know more about his character and trust levels, but his demeaner and especially his eyes tell me that he may not be trusted.
Elva Pence has stood by President Trump for four years.   He has given Trump all the credit, and support a VP should.  My opinion, he is one of the GOOD GUYS!!
Hazel Yes, I think he is a true Christian.
Rosalee This question actually scares the crap out of me!! ONLY God will be able to save us IF Pence is truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’m not giving up hope that Pence will do the right thing for America and it’s people but there is a pit in my stomach until the truth is revealed.
Norman No
Robert I think Mike Pence is a good guy. I think he will do all he can to make sure Donald Trump remains President. I just hope and pray it works.
Joan God can change stripes if indeed Mr. Pence has them.
Jay My fear is how does this affect us on January 6 I don’t trust him. Is the back up plan martial law January 10. Or has he been spoken to? He didn’t do his job that he was supposed to doSo what’s the backup plan when he screws us January 6
Kathy I want to trust him. At the start, I was unsure, and even thinking he “has an agenda.” In the past eighteen months or so, there has been a drawing closer, a building of “relationship” it seems. His strong support, rallying around the President, BUT I am still not sure! There is a hesitancy in me.
Sharon I truly thought he was a conservative christian who truly supported Trump. I dont understand that he is not truly for Trump and that he let his opportunity on December 23 pass without helping Trump.
Steve No. The old saying-“You keep your friends close to you, you keep your enemies closer”-I think applies to Pres. Trump. He knows who Pence is. I’m hoping the note given to him at funeral was his way of telling him-“This is your ONE and Only chance to redeem yourself in Jan.”
I fear he has secretly formed at pact with the Swamp AND McConnell to certify the electors. Why else would he ask judge to dismiss case against him. Pray to God he intervenes and his justice is brought swiftly and decisively.
Heather Yes
Jan Yes
Arlene Yes I trust Mike Pence. I have never seen anything but his  utmost respect for you when he speaks of you and your family .
Christine Phoney,deep state swamp creature. Hope I’m wrong.
Doug I want to say ‘yes’ but my gut is telling me differently.
Donna Absolutely, I do. He’s been faithful to Trump in my opinion and God. I believe Trump and Pence are just waiting till they can bring out the fraud all at once at “just the right time.”
s yes
joyce Yes I believe he is  a strong Christian and we cannot judge that.  Only God Can.  I haven’t seen anything that would tell me otherwise.  Will be put into a very difficult situation with the electors deal.  Hopefully he will vote what God has put on his heart not what people think he should do or not do.  I pray for him as I pray for President Trump.
Jo Not anymore! Running scared of something!
carol If Pence doesnt back Trump I would lose all trust/respect in him. He needs to do whats right for the people & this country. If hes really religious God should be telling him to do whats right! Back the people!
Pat I think we will find out on January 6.  If he votes against our President we will never vote Republican or Democrat.  We will start a new party!  Sick of the swamp!
robert Robert
Linda No
Sybil I certainly want to. Don’t know for sure
Ruthann No
Nancy Anyone with swamp approval is swamp.  Black hat.
Maryann I do like Mike Pence but I am beginning to question whether he is loyal to the president. This is just from what I am reading that he may not support him on 1/6. If he doesn’t do right by the president and he decides to run for president in 2024 he will not get my support.
Gresham Took the vax containing aborted stem cells, or at least appeared to.  He destroyed my trust just with that once alone.
Ginny Yes…if not, we’ve been deceived and we are screwed!
Jeanette I don’t trust Pence. He is a career politician.  He pretends to be a Christian but is he really. Of course only he and Christ know this answer.  I don’t think he fully supports the President and never has.
Janine I used to trust him! But I’ve read a lot of bad comments.  I think he may not back Trump because then the democrats will just say Trump put him up to it.  Let the representatives do it!
Bill Hell NO !
Ginny yes
JOAN I think he wanted to be a good guy, but he is weak.  He caved and went to the dark side.  He doesn’t have the balls to stand up to any kind of pressure.  Just roll with the least resistance.  I hope he gets kicked to the curb.
Jeanne Yes, any man who will publicly say they don’t have lunch alone with a female who is not his wife is amazing! Also, when he debated Harris it was obvious he is a quality person.
Jacqueline I used to trust him until the envelope. Hope
he does the right thing and rejects electoral votes.
If not he will be done in my mind. Trump 2024
Tim Not to be trusted !!
Sara From the start, for some reason, I could not quite put my finger on. I had an uneasy feeling about VP Pence. He always seemed to be right at the fence with his “support” for President Trump. Whenever he spoke on issues, I felt his words were robotic. Non committal. I never felt that, God forbid, if he would have to step into the Presidency. He would follow the “drain the swamp”, “MAGA”, “America first” or ANY of why “We the People” elected President Trump!
Thomas No! I have my thoughts about him being a wolf in sheeps cloth.
Susan Well, I still remember how uncomfortable and disappointed I was when VP Pence did not stand stronger for General Flynn when the FBI and the Obama White House were setting up a bogus perjury trap.  My confidence in Pence was guarded with another strike coming recently when Pence sides with Pelosi against Us Rep Judge Louie Gohmert’s lawsuit for clarification of sitting VP role in electoral process which has the 12th amendment & US Constitution conflicting statements.
Brenda Absolutely NOT
frances yes i trust him
Deborah No
Savanna No! Not from what I’ve learned in the last 24 hrs 🤬
sandi I really liked him UNTIL he got the jab on TV. I was horrified. He’s supposed to be a Christian and SHOULD KNOW this vaccine is the mark of the beast (or the start of it)
Jeff He’s a Zionist through and through, and will do whatever the Israel government tells him to do. His allegiance is to Zionism.
Brenda If we’re even asking that question then I have concerns with everything else that has happened I hope he’s a stand up guy and does the right thing especially for President Trump we need him badly and anyone that could jeopardize that would not be a consideration of mine.
I’d like to. I’d like to.
Bill & Nancy Yes, we trust Mike.  Why wouldn’t we!  We have not seen anything to suggest that he isn’t what he claims to be, a hardworking honest Christian.
Mary I am no longer sure of this.  Do actions speak louder than words or for themselves?  Time will tell!  I do believe that our President Trump has had and is dealing without “junk” by so many dishonest, only for themselves, business- he certainly does not need one so very close politically, to undermined or sabotage his plans.
Shirley Mike Pence is a Christian but he is not strong like President Trump.  I am from Indiana and when they were fighting over the LBQT bills, Mike Pence folded under pressure and relinquished to the far left instead of holding his ground.  I was saddened when I learned he did not come forth as he should have to save the election for the President.  I believe this will hurt his chances in the future with the Trump supporters.  At this time, I would support Josh Hawley over Mike Pence.
Scott Yes. I believe he has had President Trump’s back.
Frances Yes
Doris Mike is fabulous, loyal and honest.  He’d make a great president.
Margi I want to believe he is a good guy and will honor the will of the American people. This will be his time to honor our Lord and Savior because our President was chosen for a time such as this. I pray he does the right thing, if not, God help him for he will not be treated honorably by all who voted for President Trump. Please God show VP Pence the path to a victory for your people and this Nation. God Bless America.
Julia I think 🤔  he is another bought and paid for so called Republican. This has been my feelings from the beginning. I tried to get over that feeling but haven’t been able to! I do think he tries to do what is right most of the time but he still has to do what his backers wants. This STOLEN ELECTION will prove his True Colors! So he is in the spot where he will have to prove himself as a Vice President for the people/citizens or just another Corrupt Politician! Praying he is for we the people 🙏 and that my feelings are wrong.
Sheryl I want to believe he is a good guy, but several things make me think he isn’t. Why is he trying to dodge making the electoral decision, why did he get a white envelope, high level leaks of strategy.
Steve Mike Pence is a great guy and the best vice president ever ever had!
Rocky He’s a mole!
Gary No, my reason is nothing more than a gut feeling but I have learned to always trust my gut feelings.
Tore Peder Her is å good guy, but I’m afraid he is to much  a politicen.
Valerie No, He was part of the child trafficking swamp when he was governor for Indiana.  If he does anything good it is because he has no choice.
Dewayne Great man
Wallis Yes
Charlaine I so hope so – I see him as a faithful man  of God – he has to know how evil the liberals are !!
Barb I think he is deep state.  I can’t think of another answer as to why he would receive a “letter” along with the others that we know are.
Cleveland Yes I trust Mike Pence 100% and believe he will be President for 2 terms succeeding Trump as the prophets have spoken. We all need to remember who is in control of the outcome of this battle and it’s God Mike Pence is a god fearing man of God watch and behold what God is doing no man will receive the credit for this ONLY God could do what is about to happen and is happening as I speak he will receive ALL the glory and praise for it as he should It will not be the courts or the political parties that decide this Only God and he has already spoken hallelujah
Linda When it comes to Trump I do not trust Pence.  Not sure he is not a deep state operative working for different agenda.
Norm I’m really not certain about him. I can’t get a clear impression. I will have to pray about it
Bruce I am not sure.  I believe he supports President but not sure he will save the election with electoral vote.  Like courts are afraid of all the riots by BLM, Antifa, White Supremist and other radical groups.  It could get nasty if over turned but what is right has to be done.  We have the guard and the military to squash riots and keep the country safe.
Donna I don’t know.  I want to believe so, but something always bothered me about him.  I just never felt that I could 100 % trust him.
Marcus I have had these rumors,but I am still giving him the benefit of doubt.
Linnea Too scary that I simply don’t know where he stands on 4 more years’
Mike He is a good guy but he is soft. He does not have the backbone or courage to protest the electoral votes and stand up for all of Trumps supporters.
Jeanne I am just not sure. He got an envelope, but until I found that out, I did kind of like him, He is no Trump, but then again, who is? I think he is going to screw us.
Bill No
Dianne I don’t trust him, he’s a politician and I’d bet he could be bought like the rest of the swamp.
Warren I don’t trust any of them, except President Trump
LeahAnn I would have to be in the middle, ive heard on other sites he conceded to biden in secret, he also rarely included the President when he spoke of HIS work on warp speed. He had a bad record in Indiana and he got one of the white envelopes, hmmmmm.
Joyce Yes
Charlie Heard many stories about Pence as Governor of Indiana (not good) child trafficking? Don’t know what to believe in that? He claims to be a Christian?Praying that he does the righteous thing on November 6th.
Pat “you will know them by their fruits”!
Why go dark when light is needed?
Arleen I believe Pence’s feelings were hurt when President Trump said he did not choose Pence first.  Every person can change his mind — free will — and one never truly knows the heart but God alone.  If some of the ‘reports’ are true and correct, I have my reservations.  But when Trump is re-elected, I believe that Trump and Pence will have a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting of the minds.
Dennis Yes, I believe he will do what it takes to save the republic on January 6.
Nancy He seemed like a very good person and support for Trump, but I don’t totally trust him, always kinda bugged me when he talked. Too nice almost.
Ted Yes I do. He has been an excellent VP !
Deb Ummmm. I was on the fence, after seeing the video of him at the Bush funeral, I’m not having a good feeling. He was handed an envelope too, and the only common denominator with the people who were given those “special letters” are all deep state 😞 He’s certainly been oddly quiet during this whole process. Is he the inside intelligence for the deep state? Idk, but I definitely see some red flags 🚩.
John Yes
Bret Not good. Part of Deep State with Bush and the rest. Can not be trusted. Looking out for himself.
Kitty I don’t really know, to be truthful.
Claire Yes I believe Mike Pence is one of the good guys!
Jeff Hill I really don’t trust no politician if they would do a 100% right they would probably get more from the people than they do saling us out when the one’s saling us out are done the people they sold out to will turn on them hope Mike’s prayers are real if not hell is very bad place
Grace Not really, he supported The President in public, not sure what he did in private.
Melissa I’ve heard that when Pence was Governor of Indiana he was part of a sex trafficking ring in his, and other states, and I’ve heard that he has done unspeakable things to children. That Trump HAD to take him as his VP because the GOP said that they wouldn’t back Trump if he didn’t take Pence. But Pence is one of “them” and the plan was to off Trump so that their Deep Stater could be Pres! Total wolf in syrupy sweet sheep’s clothing! The worst kind!
elaine i do but watching january 6th will make it or break it
Noel I don’t know if he is a good guy or bad guy, but I know we should be praying for him to do what God leads him to do. I pray he makes the right decision for our President that God leads him to. God is in control.
Fay Yes
Jerry Not real sure. He seems ok but a iittle bit uneasy with him.
Shirley I did now I’m not sure I hope he is, but things I read and see make me doubt. I hope he is a person of integrity and will do the right thing.
Marilyn Yes I believe he is
Nunya Yes
Kathy No, I do not. I used to. His actions of late, or there lack of, has me doubting his authenticity as a true supporter of President Trump an our Constitution.
Marco Yes
Lena Pence is a good guy, but I think he might he is a politician so dies not not exactly match Donald Trump in ideas and how to carry them out.  So do not always trust him.
Judith I have since he became VP but I’m not for sure now. He has always said he was a man of Faith and a Christian. Then I saw the envelopes given out and it makes me wonder. If he doesn’t do the right thing for President Trump, we will know he is a fraud.
Angeline I do not trust Mike Pence
meg I’ve never liked the vibe i get from this guy.  Besides, if Lin Wood has him on his “be warned” list we should pay attention
Duane No.
Mh I live in TN now, but was born and raised in IN. I am a Christian and have been supportive of vp Pence in the past, now I am unsure about him. I pray and hope he does the right thing and rejects the fraudulent electoral votes.
Harriett trust him implicitly – the left is still   so afraid of the honest government we had under Trump you are still trying to destroy them.
Pattie Yes
Penny I do not trust Pence!
I believe President Trump keeps his enemies close.
I believe Trump knows exactly who he is.
I’m in Indiana, Pence was Gov. here.
Lots of rumors here about him being a pedophile.
Fake Christian, absolutely!
Rumor has it that he was involved in a huge sex trafficking ring.
I think this Pence may be a stand in of some sort.
He was controlled by the White hats. The original Pence has been taken care of.
The way I see it, a lot of deep state players are being exposed at this time that we didn’t see before because it is getting ready to all come out.
We will see people we didn’t expect. Like Meadows.
Pay attention to the Republicans that do not oppose the election.
Anyone who does not oppose for that matter.
Virgil Life long politicians at this level are all self-serving sociopaths.  There is no way to know without knowing his “matrix.”
Deb yes
Sadie Mike you better do the right thing if you want to be saved, if you truly call yourself a Christian!! We seen the envelope that was in your book at the funeral? Do not let the American people down or you will never live in peace again, we will never have peace again! Think and choose wisely . Karma will be waiting, will you do the right thing? Concerned Citizen!

Sadie Francis

Sandra No no no….he’s a swamp 🐍 snake… when Nancy Pelosi ripped up President Trump’s speech …he was smiling!!! 😈👹
Cecellia Yes
Laura Nope.  Pence is a black hat.  He    was very involved in human trafficking as Indiana’s Governor.  No one seems to talk much about that.  Trump keeps his friends close and enemies closer.
Nick he has always been rather slow in moving to the defence of Trump. It seems always he has another agenda which motivates his actions!
Barbara Yes
Kay I have always wanted really badly to trust and like VP Pence. But, alas, my ‘inner voice’ has never quite been able to. Most unfortunately, in this most crucial time in our nation, his actions seem to validate my inner voice. I’m praying he proves me wrong and does the right thing . The envelope please???…
Mary Basically l believe  he is a good guy. But l am guessing  he had had enough of the drama in tis election. I believe if he in his heart truly believed that Trump won he would fight for him. President Teump truly believes  he won and he will fight to the end. So l have alot of respect for both these fellas and can understand how they both feel. It does saddened my heart to know this will probably not end with them as friends.
Donna Yes! Absolutely! He is wise & knows how to throw off the enemy. Integrity +
Shirley Yes. I believe he has been true to  TRUMP and with God he will do the right and GODLy thing.
Victoria I think he is a good guy.
Peggy Yes he is!!!!
Alice Mike Pence comes from the Cabal side of our government.  Never understood why Trump chose him for his VP.  The biggest tip off Pence was bad is he got one of those white envelopes during George Bush Sr’s funeral.  Those white envelopes informed everyone that got one they were indicted.  So why did Pence get one ?  Because he was being informed Trump knew all about him and Pence’s one chance for not being charged with a crime would be to side with Trump.  I do not think you can get honesty from a bad guy and I think the first chance Pence gets he will betray Trump.
Debbie NO
Nick I used to think Pence was a good guy. However, over the past few weeks he is proving to be your typical politician, abandoning what is right for what he sees fit for his own agenda.
Pence is now showing his true colors, that being his political career over the American people. Sadly the same Americans he is betraying will be forced to pay him his life long salary and benefits.
BuzzLOL As a Catholic like Hitler, Pence can only be trusted so far…
marina yes…believe him…christian and honest
Lennie No, he is an opportunist. His wife received an envelope at the Bush funeral.  The  wife of his chief of staff was close to Strok at FBI in setting up a WH informant. He’s DS and will throw DJT under the bus on 1/6.
Gita I haven’t trusted Pence since I watched Tory Smith’s video. It didn’t surprise me that he got an envelope at George Bush Snr’s funeral. He is a ‘replacement’. And POTUS knows what he is doing!
Dorothy If he isn’t, he is one smooth actor.
Linda I don’t trust him.  He was involved in child sex trafficking and received an envelope at the Bush funeral, which means he is on the list of people to be prosecuted for his criminal actions.  So President Trump knows this.  Why is he still the VP?  Is Trump holding it over him?  Why? Will he do the right thing now?  I just don’t know!
Maureen Yes I Do. Completely
Susie Yes
Catherine Recalling the George HW Bush funeral where Karen Pence got
One of those ‘envelopes’ is awfully suspicious….considering how the ones who got one and the expressions on their faces…my guess is that the Pence’s were probably either put on notice or were told they were being warned.  Either way, actions speak louder than words.
Shane Yes I trust him but don’t know if he will be the one to save the presidency because God may choose some other way.
Mark I’m on the fence, I believe he could be a mole and have been faking it all the time.
Peter I did trust him to do the right thing but now I am worried that he has been bought by the left!
Irma Yes
Gloria Yes
Barbara I’d like to say yes, but there have been many things that have surfaced recently that make me question the integrity I had felt he was committed to.
Maranda I believe Mike Pence is a good guy. He has always been supportive of President Trump and backed him 100%. He has always been the calming effect. I truly believe he will do the right thing.
Jeff No
Heather I wish I could, but no. He’s a politician and he’s highly intelligent – we just never know what he will decide. Rule of thumb is to never trust a politician! Could go either way.
O No, i do not trust him he is cheater
Kaye I trust NO ONE in the Swamp!! They all have their own agenda and will stab anyone in the back to get there.
Cheryl Yes
RaeMarie No he was involved with Paul Ryan in a coup attempt.
Rhonda Yes, I truly believe he is a born again believer in Christ.
Theresa I do believe he is a very good Godly man.I live in Indiana. He took alot of junk for standing up for what is right. He stood up for one man and one woman marriage. He stood against abortion.  They made fun of him for being outspoken about being a believer in Jesus Christ. But he stood tall anyway!  I just can’t see someone taking all the stuff he took if he wasn’t for real. It would have been much easier to go along with what the left wanted then to stand up for Christ.
Micheal I thought he was a really great Christian leader but the more I read and here I am just not sure anymore. I guess we will find out January 6th if he really cares about America or just another swamp rat. President Trump needs to stop listening to the rats around him. They are only in it for themselves not us. God Bless America because it looks like we are really going to need him.
Peter I pray VP Pence does the right thing and refuses to accept the electors in the seven contested states.  The amount of fraud evidence already makes it morally unacceptable to allow the fraud to continue.  In the end, we all have to trust that Mike Pence will do the right thing for our nation.  I think he will.
Denise I did before I learned he will be arrested for some crime. Not sure if it was treason or crimes against humanity!!!
Janet Too quiet. Sneaky and says what folks want to hear when he does speak. Claims to be a Christian man and I pray that’s true with his decision. But asking a Judge to weaken his power…..hummmm
JG Yes…. Well at least I thought we all could. A good God fearing man with a sense of decorum.
Stanley I once thought Pence was Honest, now I’m un certain.
Karen No, not at all!
gary yes
Angie Yes I trust Vice President Pence and President Trump. Both men were legitimately elected in BOTH 2016 AND 2020!

Some people claim Vice President Pence knew what was in any correspondence. I recently got email from you wonderful people claiming PENCE was connected with deep state. I don’t believe that one bit.  I believe deep state framed Pence for crime THEY committed, NOT Pence

In 2015, Obama/Biden Administration (OBA)illegally spied on Trump before he announced he’s running for President, illegally tapped his phone lines, OBA blamed Trump and his 2015campaign, continued through election, inauguration and to this very day OBA committe crimes against Trump, his campaign and administration and OBA accepted ZERO responsibility for the crimes they committed!  We learned DEMOCRATS paid Russia to interfere in 2016 election, DEMOCRATS sent Hunter, son of incoherent, illogical Joe Biden to work for China energy company, and they illegally profit from China with OBA in White house. OBA the WORST administration.

In 2020 there was evidence of fraud in election, poll watchers were denied access to witness, Democrats hid suitcases under table, Democrats stayed counting even after media left and Democrats were CAUGHT manipulating results and threw up military votes and Trump votes. Democrats even did only one name on ballot — Joe Biden — nobody else who was legitimately running was intentionally denied off the ballot and others were running. One name only ballots MUST NOT COUNT. Several state, county, local position candidates were running and they are equally important!

Both 2016 and 2020 elections were RIGGED, 2020 WAS STOLEN! Career politicians like Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, AOC and squad, Shift, Nadler, Waters, Warren and others MUST RETIRE  because it is in the BEST interest of our country.

I’m sure our LEGITIMATELY ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP AND VICE PRESIDENT PENCE was to ensure election integrity, no domestic and foreign interference occurs again(we know facebook CEO Mark Zuckerbergand Google interfered manipulating votes and bribed voters…as well as China and OBA and Democrats conspiracy to include illegitimate dead voters and illegal aliens in election).

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As far as upcoming Georgia election coming up next week, there MUST be poll watchers at every precinct in every county  in every district in every single voting poll there MUST be security, NO double voting, And all parties must not interfere and especially politicians and well-known  must not bribe,

Jeff The prophets are saying he will have two terms after trump so I am betting he won’t betray trump. If he did he wouldn’t stand a chance.
Lucy No.
karre I really want to but am slowing starting to think he is out for his own agenda.
Deep state Deep state
Leticia I want to believe Mike Pence is a strong man of God. IF he is, he’ll stand for truth and justice.  Not only will history judge him for his actions, God will judge him!  God will judge us all.
Jean I trust him 100%
Merna no
Carol He is honest,trustworthy, and he is an upright man
Pamela Absolutely.   Believe he is morally dependable and trustworthy man with strong ethical standards.   Exactly the type of man our country needs.
Ruby Yes he is a God fearing Man and deserves our highest praise for standing behind President Trump while he was so mistreated all the last 4 years. Please Vice President Pence, chose the true electrical votes on Jan. 6th.
David I trust Mr Pence. I believe he is a man of deep faith who can be trusted to do what is right when the time comes.
Linda I’m not sure, I’m beginning to wonder
Barb At first I thought he was a good guy. Then I had my doubts & still do. However, I feel like he’ll do the right thing on Jan 6. Who knows, it’s possible Trump offered him a good deal to do the right thing.
Joy I had always trusted and respected Mike Pence until I learned of how chummy he was with Hillary Clinton and how tight he was with the Bushes. Not knowing the extent of those relationships does give me pause about Pence.
Joyce I think he will support President Trump but I also know so many has been bought off by Democrats. I know we need President Trump more than ever. Really been disappointed by several of the Republicans. I just keep praying all will end well.
Billy I did, I want to but I’m reading some disturbing info here. What was in those envelopes, why did he get one??? Will we ever know…… not if biden moves into the white house!!!
Ann Yes
Sue Can’t be sure of any of our Washington politicians to do what’s right for the country – except President Trump, who is always for “We the People” and the Constitution. Even Barr and the Judges have abandoned the values America was founded on, failing to recognize the rampant corruption. I would like to think Pence’s strong faith and his loyalty to the oath he swore to God to uphold the Constitution would prevail in his oversight of the Congressional certification of the vote on January 6th, and I pray that he chooses the path to steer our country back to a democratic republic instead of the current progressivist movement to socialism and communism and the disenfranchisement of millions American citizens. May God help the USA!
Fred Yes
Marcy No and I don’t think trump does either. Did you ever notice on trumps signs and flags never printed vp pence as his running mate
Cindy Yes, but I believe this decertification will be a “group effort” – not sure on details – but not 100% on the head of Pence.  TRUMP WON!!
Roger I am not sure. I thought that he had good Christian values, but I have been fooled before.
joe no
Hes supposed to be a god fearing man so he should do what’s right! But after seeing he’s fighting back against gohmerts lawsuit I dont think he can be trusted. As a god fearing man he should do what’s right! But after seeing he’s fighting Gohmerts lawsuit I dont think he can be trusted.
LeEtte He did a good job acting like he really believed in our President for along time, but I kinda worried if he was real. I feel he is no different than the crooked deep state which I am pretty sure he knows all about considering the rinos initially considered him to run as VP. Instead of who Trump really wanted, or they wouldn’t back him. This country is not going to settle for the fraud-lies. President Trump will have to do whatever  it takes to hold on to truth and good- no matter what it is-we Will stand with him!
We love Trump and his family! I hope I am wrong about Pence..
mary yes
Jim I voted fir him when he ran for governor of Indiana even though I thought he was a political insider but the dem alternative was worse.
He is a member of the deep state as well as I feel all politicians that hang around “public service” for years. Puts up a hood front but wouldn’t trust him
Jayne I believe Mike is a Christian man. He will pray and ask God for direction.
James Why did he get a envelope at the JFK killer G H W Bush’s funeral 🤔 other than that haven’t heard much bad out of him but we also found more rinos just in the last couple of weeks
Frank Yes I believe that he is  a good guy
Andrea Don’t know much about him.
Matt I think a huge check was in the envelope for Pence for this specific time. He chose the check.
Crystal I sure would like to believe so. I have loved and adored that man since the beginning and thought he was so calm and soft spoken and smart. But I’ve noticed that while all of the democrats attacked Trump and the rest of his administration during the last 4 years, no one ever seemed to have attacked Pence. Why is that?
Jen No
John Yes
Carol At one time I did think he was on our side but not any more. He’s a snake in the grass. Self serving. Not with President Trump
He’s some kind of Christian. Possibly not one God is proud of. The Kock brothers have him in their back pocket 👎
Gayle I never gave NOT trusting him a second thought, until I read what Lin Wood said, and you added your thoughts. I’m a STRICT Christian Conservative and I’ve always been proud that he was too, and wasn’t ashamed to say so. BUT if he doesn’t do all he can to get President Trump in for his second term, he’s done. The 74 million + people that voted for Trump, will NEVER forget he’s a turncoat. I pray that he isn’t and will do the right thing when he has the opportunity to do so.
Laurie YES!!!! Is he perfect no none of us are,,,,
I believe he stands for Christian, American principles and ideals
Would I vote for him for president absolutely would he be as good as president Trump absolutely not.
Has he learned a lot about the art of the deal absolutely.
I believe his Christian principles mean a lot to him, I believe his American values mean a lot to him.
Gustavo No, I don’t.
he has that smirk.
I hope I’m wrong.
Rinaldo NO
Virginia I think VP Pence is a Christian but I think he will not stand up to the swamp when needed.
Kathleen I want to, I am praying he turns back toward the light and confesses and repents and supports our President through God’s will and this country
Julie Mike Pence was handed an envelope at 41’s funeral.  THAT SAYS IT ALL!  He is not to be trusted.
Donnie I’ve never trusted him !!
Jerri I had always thought he was a good man. Now I’m not sure. I just hope he does the right thing. The just thing and stand by our rightful President Trump on January 6th.
Melody No, I only trust President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood.
Kathy I am hoping and praying he is a good true man of God and stand with President Trump. Protect the American people and take his oath to follow the constitution.
Betty I sure hope he is  because he has a lot of explaining if he is a fake. If he also is a cheater then there is no hope for the America we had.
Shirley I believe VP Pence is a Christian man and I pray God will give him the courage and strength to do what is right and according to Gods will for our nation.
Anton I have always had a very positive opinion of Mr. Pence, starting with his governorship of Indiana.  Only recently, with the things he’s doing–and NOT doing–have I begun to doubt him.  We’ll know shortly, won’t we?
Donna YES!
Luz Yes, I believe he is a man of integrity.
Brittney I use to think so. But now i feel like I don’t know who we can trust and who we can’t. I guess only time will tell.
Carolyn On the fence with this guy.  On the surface he maybe a true Christian, but why did he get the note along with others at Bush’s funeral.  I hope he is a Republican to be trusted and not a RINO.
Linda No
Tekfoc No
Tina No
Mary I want to think he is but won’t know until January 6th.  It will be a low blow if he turns his back on our country!  It seems we have traitors everywhere and those you never thought would turn their backs on our country are the ones that are traitors.
Pat Yes honest man with integrity.
joan If Mike Pence is the “deep states guy”,  No I do not trust him.  He appears sneaky to me.  Too bad Trump didnt pick Flynn.
Carolyn Yes, I do trust Mike Pence.
lauren Yes
Tamra Pence is a politician. I TRUST PRESIDENT DONALD  J TRUMP. Pence better do the honest thing. Expose the election. Stop the madness. The people have spoken. We all want President Trump for 4 more years. No more swamp creatures. Half of them can’t even drive vehicles. They have never done a days hard labor in their lives. Spoon fed spoiled brats living off of us and destroying us year by year…now this???
I will not submit to foreign governments. I will not submit to a Biden America.  Nor will the MAJORITY of the USA and Half the world. Kamala and Joe need to be sent packing. Bidens and Clinton’s GONE!!!!
Then I’ll trust Pence.
Michael I’m waiting until the fat lady sings
Sabin NO
John IF, he does the right thing for president Trump, I feel it is only because he made a deal not to be prosecuted as a pedo.
Denny No.
Lexi I honestly don’t know.  He seems like a great guy, supporting the President – Trump.  Looks can be deceiving.
Emma Yes
Bob On the fence, I’d like to think so or hope he is, I guess we’ll have our answer on the 6th, then it is to war if things don’t go our way, The Constitutional way…..
George I have not ever really been sure.
Phyllis Yes
Jo No
Debbie Yes, he is a man of God. He will stand with President Trump. It’s a matter of truth and doing the right thing. He will not side with the devil (DemocRATS).
Kathy I really want to, but the swamp runs so deep, just not sure.
Robert Yes
Tammy I am unsure about him. Honestly don’t know what to think.
Esther He’s a Christian! I have to trust him.
Reid Yes!  I believe he is a God fearing christian and God is in control of and for His people!
M No Just don’t trust the guy. Hes to closely connected to Paul Ryan. And he is corrupt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert Yes
Sharon No
Carol Smells like another political stunt like the Trump investigations!!!!
Russell Yes I do
Tamra I am afraid to trust Pence. He is a politician. Until politics change, anyone wanting to join the Swamp on either side is hard to trust. But….I trust our DUALLY elected
President Donald J. Trump. Mike Pence better do the honest thing. Expose the election. Stop the madness. SAVE THE PEOPLE. The Voice of the people is being screamed across the Nation…4 more years of President Trump….and forevermore Presidents who are people not Politicians. Their reign is OVER
Mike Mike Pence has a face I don’t trust, that of a used car salesman. I can hear hear him say “trust me Honest a little old lady owned this & only drove it on sunny days Trust me Honest” !
Cheri Optics.  He received an envelope to make the Black Hats think he’s one of them.
Carolyn Yes
Carolyn Yes, I like VP Mike Pence. He is a man of morals and respect.
Noemi no I do not!!!
Ambika Not really. Once I heard he tried to assassinate our Pres….
Mary I trust him completely.  He is a man of God.
Saul Well I’m not one to prejudge someone. So far he hasn’t done a lot that I know of so as of right now this second I don’t know. Obviously like most people I’m hoping and praying he does the right thing on January 6th. And with the overwhelming evidence available now he really has no excuse not to. So all I can say is only time will tell on January 6th where he’ll show if he’s truly a man of God or he’s a Goat. This question really should be asked after January 6th. I don’t think it’s right to prejudge someone before he’s even done anything yet. So for me I’m waiting for January 6th to see what he does. If he truly seeks to serve God then even he’ll know what to do and all of us should pray that God let’s him know in no uncertain terms what he must do for the United States
Al yes
Linda Mike Pence is an awesome man of GOD and I trust him.
Linda I thought he was a good guy, however, he needs to support the true result
of the election, which should have been in favor of President Trump.  Is he weak?  He needs to stand up and support our Constitution!  People are sick over this!  Everyone knows the election was deliberately rigged and therefore we have to overturn it and hold those involved accountable!  If it is not, we will be at the mercy of criminals and traitors running our country forever!
Dave No. I trusted him in the beginning but things I am hearing lately scare me. Don’t think he can be trusted.
Martha I thought he was a white hat, but lately I’ve changed my thinking. He’s  let Trump down in so many ways, not what a member of the team would/should do!
If he wasn’t payed off……..he will be on Trump side. Already did.
Diane I have always thought so, but lately I have heard of Republicans who are actually wolves in sheep’s clothing. I sincerely hope he is not one of them, but I figure Donald Trump knows if he is or not.
Nancy I think Pence is there to “handle and spy on” Trump. Whether or not he came close to admiring and supporting him in 4 years is anyone’s guess. So, no, I don’t.
Matt “Wants” to be a good guy
Samantha Yes I think he is a good man and works great with Trump
Michael He plays the republicans side!! He should what the people elected him to do!
Stand for us and our president and our country and stop selling us down the river!
Money is the root to all evil Mr Vice President!!!
Walk The Walk!!!
NOT Talk the talk
Peggy Not real sure.
Alma On the fence about this guy.  Hearing conflicting stories.  Can’t trust anyone or anything nowadays
John you really don’t know what people have to go through or what kind of people they are behind close doors until you have to walk a mile in there shoes and they constantly learn to do the right thing every day. If your religious or not we will all be judged one day we need to do the right thing so it’s hard to know what he’s about thats Mr Pence I my not have all the knowledge but I think Mr Trump loves the American people.
Terri I am placing my faith in Pence as he is a man of God!
Kenneth No
Ervin I think he’s an ok guy, seems to support the President and would be shocked if he doesn’t.
Judy I use to, with everything I am hearing, not sure any more.
Carol I do trust him. If he is as good a Christian as he appears to be, there is no way he would turn on Trump. This whole election was a scam and needs to be addressed!
Frances I really want to believe Pence is a good guy, but have so many reservations. So there it is, a big ????????
Blaino Yes
charles I have no doubt he’s a Christian, tending towards legalism, and a conservative (check out how he governed Indiana). However, he’s a ‘nice,’ “turn the other cheek” Christian and not a bold warrior: akin to a Jeff Sessions. There’s a “time and a season” for men and–in hindsight–a Ben Crenshaw, a Doug Collins, a Gen Flynn, a Sydney Powell, or a Ted Cruz is needed. In this world, in this Washington D.C., at this time, “nice” is a form of treason.
Lisa Yes. I trust Mike Pence and yes I believe he is a good man.
Mervyn Mike Pence is a typical American poitician, who thinks only of himself. He was not an outstanding Governor. Serving with Trump did not rub off on him.
John It is hard to trust anyone in Washington,  as to me everyone has been bought off by the rich, Soros, Gates and most philanthropist of the world. So to trust in people in government no trust.
Debbie Now he asking the courts to remove him from the January 6th vote thingy… All he would have to do count the votes or say won’t accept the ones from the battleground states… But he wants the courts to deny him that duty… ????? Why… And what was in the envelope he got at Bush sr’s funeral???
Brent I believe that Mike Pence is a straight shooter. His stance on Christian beliefs is very strong. I do not believe that he can be bought with money. He has very solid principles which are based on Christianity. I believe he is a true American!
Ronald Yes I trust Mike Pence he is a Christian man therefore if he swore or affirmed his oath of office to guard and defend the constitution against all enemies both foreign or domestic he will do just that
Anthony No
Tamela NO!! Pence set up Flynn, he received a note @ Bush, Sr’s funeral AND he’s just “too good to be true” as far as all else goes w/ him. AND, he was a governor…how compromised is Pence exactly??
Charlie Not really!
john Unsure. I don’t think he’s in the mix for’24. He may be part of “sting” that I think is running; OR he’s been outed. Nets will be pulled up soon; see who got caught besides Dems. wood calling him out could be part of the script.
colleen No
Karla Yes
Stephen Don’t trust him at all…his eyes are too small!
Ginny Maybe he is not sure which side he is really on himself. So I am praying for him to be who he says he is – a Christ follower. I believe our prayers for him can make the difference.
Carolyn I just am not sure. I want to because being a Hoosier, he was a good Governor for Indiana. I’d hate to think he had us all fooled. But with everything I’ve read, I am just not sure.
Stanley Stanley C. Courser
Pat A true politician…guarded & plastic.
Tracey Pence requesting the judge to reject Gohmert’s lawsuit has me definitely leaning towards him being not a good guy. If he doesn’t stand up for Trump, he will not have my vote come 2024 and I dare say that will be true for many loyal Patriots!
Greg I think he is a good guy in a tough place. Unprecedented times. I hope he prays and makes his decision on what he feels is best and constitutional and that he does not cave to outside influence.
Mary I don’t think on television that I see the real Mike Pence So I guess “no”.
Anthony Yes
CA He has a fake smile. Squint eyes 👀 & too much up front to tell his good side. If it’s there people see it you don’t have to boast about it. Maybe I!m wrong. Hope so but ??? Doubts flare all around me .
Chris I am not sure I would hope he would back Our President that’s the right thing to do God Bless America and Our President
Edward Yes absolutely I trust him
Carla Mike Pence was a traitor who was arrested, tribuned and executed. This person we see now is a clone that is completely controlled by the alliance. I don’t see that he will betray our President. I believe the alliance will get rid of him once his use has been fulfilled.
Doreen I always thought he was trustworthy, but since he is not openly proclaiming President Trump’s win, he may have been compromised (or bought off). This fraudulent election is revealing the true colors of many. The ONLY one I completely trust at this point is Trump. I hope and pray that he has a plan to stop this madness… and if it causes a civil war, so be it. Patriots are ready. Any other alternative means that we will lose our constitutional republic.  January 6th will be very telling! I’m praying for the President and for our country.
Lady Yes, I trust him
tammy yes
Keithann I do not trust him or any other politician!
Sharon He may be a nice man but is no leader and is a coward.
Mike Not much. 1st – he points with his thumb (schooled).   2nd – Never seen him honestly go out of his way to praise Trump. 3rd – he is too religious. 4th – He wouldn’t put his life on the line for this country.
Rhonda I get a bad feeling but I pray I am wrong. The President doesn’t need another backstabber in his camp.
Mork I thought he was a loyal upstanding man but now I am having doubts.
CA guess No
Lynda Yes
Richard I’m not sure what to think but when he asked a judge to disallow the alternate electors my mind changed.  No matter what he finally does on Jan 6th is now a moot point if Trump assumes a second term, Pence can not be the Vice Presidential pick.  He is compromised.
Curt Yes
Coaster Nope….not on my worst day do I trust ANYTHING having to do with pence…..`nuff said!!!
Virginia I do trust Mike Pence!
Diane I really do not know if he is truly a Christian? He is very evasive I think. We will surly find out on 1/6/21.
Tom Yes
Lisa At this point I dont trust none of the wack jobs in the white house at all. I TRUST ONLY PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THATS IT.
No No
Lori I love Mike Pence!
Barbie I am undecided
Eileen Not sure if he can be trusted.  I hope so.
Jeanette Yes.
Elinor No  He is part and parcel of the Deep State
Kathleen He certainly isn’t acting like he supports our president.  I no longer trust anyone but Trump!
Bert VP Pence is a true practicing Christian! I believe he is honest to his core and loves his country. I believe he will make decisions only to benefit America, it’s citizens, and our Judeo-Christian beliefs. God Bless Mike Pence & God Bless America!
Lawrence Yeah
Leon I have always thought that Pence was a good guy, but
since the contested results of the election, I have wavered in my opinion to some degree.He says that he will not go along with the suggestion that Representative Louie Gohmert has put in with the lawsuit he filed against Pence to follow the 12th Amendment instead of the Electoral Count Act when counting or certifying the Electoral votes.If Mike Pence does the same thing every other Vice President has done, then he will turn the election over to the Democrats.  He must decide that the Electoral Count Act is in violation  of the 12th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and make the call that the contested states with counter electoral votes are counted as zero votes because the electors voted and balanced out the votes cast.  That means the House of Representatives would then have to vote for President thus leaving President Trump in office.I do not trust Mike Pence to be strong enough to stand up and do what is right in this effort.  I will be a sad day on January 6th.Just sayin’.
Bobby I Really Don’t Know?.. My Gut Tells Me No,Especially Reading That He Could Have Saved The Day In December, Why He Didn’t?.. I Cannot Answer, So If I Were To Give My Answer Right Now, I Would Say No, Invoke The Insurrection Act Now, Secure The Country And Arrest The Traitors, And Recount All The Legal Votes Through The Military!.. President Trump One, Period, End Of Story… God Bless.
Robert I believe if Mike Pence does not stand by our president , truth and justice. He will should never hold public office again .
Tracy Really Unsure
David Yes, man is a Christian and was in the political scene here in Indiana and never did or said anything that can be construded as against his party or the people of this state
Donna I haven’t trusted Mike Pence since the very beginning.  I believe he is the one responsible for what happened to General Flynn. Also, I didn’t like the way he jumped in and volunteered to take over as presidential candidate 4 years ago when Trump was getting bombarded over that: “pussy” scandal. I also believe he has something to do with child sex trafficking based on reports I studied a number of years ago.  It looked like Flynn was about to expose him – and many other politicians – for that.  I don’t think he’s been anywhere near vocal enough in supporting the president on election fraud- or anything, for that matter.  He’s definitely a deep state guy.
Terry Yes, he is a man of God & Trump knows & trusts him
Yvonne Do not trust .  He did not handle the pandemic well
Dennis No
Jim Hard to trust anyone anymore
Jeri I didn’t like him when he was Governor of Indiana. I was surprised that Donald Trump picked him for VP
Jay Look he has to fight for Trump because if he does not he can forget about 75 million votes
Patricia I can’t believe Mike Pence would back stab the President, but stranger things have happened.
Is he that in need of money that he would do such a thing and if so, shame on him and I would never ever vote for him for anything.
Christi No
Virginia Yes. I think Mike Pence is a good guy. He has a much different personality than president trump which I feel makes them a team.
Cyndi He’s awfully quite which gives me a very bad feeling. Can’t trust quite, but we’ll see what happens in January
Rebecca Goodness, I really don’t know.  I always thought he was ok, but maybe not much of a backbone until I read about the envelope.  I really don’t think he will come through.
Keith Mike Pence IS a “Good Guy”. He is also NOT a yes man that will rubber stamp everything. He would make a good president.
joanne I want to say yes I trust him and as a good Christian man who loves God I have to have faith that God would not put a deceitful person to help with His plan to save America and its people
john Yes he is always with his honest thoughts and support for Trump,
Linda I’m curious why he’s been so quiet???  I don’t know I have some doubts about certain things that I can’t quite put my finger on.
Virginia Yes
Shirley I have my doubts as to wether he is a true conservative, a real Christian, and behind our President and country
Ruth S U P E R. G U Y.   Best V.P. Ever.
Robin I believe he is a good man that has become tainted by the swamp waters of Washington DC. When he got the envelope at HW’s funeral was the first marker of possible double agent. Then when he didn’t say anything on December 23rd,  I was fearful he was sold out! President Trump is a brilliant man, so I know he has thought through all the scenarios and he has a plan already in play!
John Unlike Trump, he’s a politician, so no I really don’t!
Michael Don’t know
Joseph I have watched the past and he seems to flow President Trump’s lead and all public events and it doesn’t grow back  it would be more disturbing if he how back and didn’t react as if he approved
Gary I think President Trump had this planned. The Democrats and Republican who doesn’t want Trump to be in power. Wanted someone they thought they could control.  So Trump is far ahead of them. How much information do you think Mike has found out because they thought he was against Trump?
Roy He seems to be a guy who would do the right thing but I read that he doesn’t want to be the person to challenge the electoral votes casts which is his Constitutional Right as the VP of the United States. If this is true and he doesn’t want the responsibility that came with his selection then he should have never accepted the position. It will take men of courage to count the legal votes to show that the Trump Landslide happened. He will be remembered for having the courage to do the right thing or to be a coward that failed to live up his responsibility.
Dick Yes and no.  I thought he was effective first half of term but I think he was less effective this last half.  like he ran out of steam.
Ann No.
John I don’t trust the cocksucker behind a blade of grass!!
Kimberly I think he is good mainly because Trump is not going to have anyone by his side that is not trustworthy. Trump is too smart to have a snake in the grass working for him.
Kevin Yes
Sandi I sure hope he’s on the “right” side, the future of our county depends upon it!
Lucretia Yes!!!
Debbie No
Elaine In today’s world hard to know who is the good guys..but praying he is for our President and will do what is right for our country for our survival
Vivian As a Christian I WANT to think he is a good guy more than I actually believe it.  He is a politician and at times this overrides actual authentic Christianity.  What I do know is if he does not do the right thing regarding this fraudulent election; there are 74 million people who will not vote for him.  Political career over!
Skip I want to but I am not One hundred percent sure. He needs to stop the fraud and re-elect Trump.
I always thought he was a man of God, and I pray that he hasn’t sold his soul to the devil like so many others. Yes, I pray that he hasn’t sold his soul to the devil like so many others.
Stephen I believe Mike Pence is an honest man.
Mike He’s been a good VP. I don’t know that he’s a RINO as some has suggested.
Donna No
Nate No
Linfs Yes I trust him
Peter At first he was, but now that’s he’s showing his true colors, he’s not the one for the job after all. Bottom line: we need a new, conservative Vice President.
Rickey I have reservations, he was one of the people whose wives had a message in their program at Daddy Bush’s funeral, and he’s been accused of knowingly allowing sex trafficking in Indiana, and participating in a lot of it. Tori Smith was the accuser.
Lisa Yes
Loraine Yes
Barbara I would love to know what was in the envelope that certain people received at the funeral. Until then I’d have to say he’s not in Trump’s corner. Happy New Year !!!
Marcia He reminds me of Slick Willie! Hair too perfect, smile too perfect, religion too perfect! I don’t trust him any further than little Napoleon fauci! These globalists are scary ass people!
Helen YES
Bettyann I believe he’s part of Trump’s team, but it’s Trumps way of deceiving how something actually appear. It’s a mirage perception, and possibly part of the plan.
Norine I’ve always thought he was but if doesn’t stand and fight for Trump, then it will prove he is part of the swamp!!
Kathy Yes I definitely trust VP Pence!
jane matti No I do not. Why was he given an envelope at Bush Seniors funeral? Why didn’t he declare the election invalid on Dec. 23rd with all the evidence he had on fraud? Why was he planning on leaving the country right on Jan. 6th to flee to Israel? For all the above reasons, I think he is a wolf in sheets clothing. Cannot be trust and will also be indicted for Treason.
Jodi Nope. Hes a traitor and a clone
Kim Absolutely, He is amazing.
Warren Yes I feel that he’s doing a great job for America.  God help us if Basement Joe takes over, the corruption will continue.  Mike has helped Trump with his continued support.
John Yes
Debbie Yes – he is a good guy.  Very honest and respectable.
Rose Not so sure, anymore.
Karen Yes, a very great guy!!
Deborah I think he is a good guy.  I think that the election was a sham, but not one that can be corrected due to opposition.  I think VP Pence is trying to take a stand that he accepts the flawed election because no choice exists.
Michele I honestly don’t know what to think.  I thought he was and now I’m seeing where he’s flipping on Trump… what is that about?
Sarah I honestly do not know now. I want to believe that he is.
Mike I hope we can trust him but we will see.  we have been let down so many times by Republicans over the last five years it’s hard to trust any of them except our great PREASIDENT!  See you January 6th!
Debra I’m really confused over this question. Only because I haven’t seen or heard of anything he has done or said. He always claimed to be a Christian and had nice things to say. That being said, I always keep an open mind, but the truth. Alot of truths will be coming out soon, I do believe.. I’m anxious to see if he is truly bad, but I’m praying he is not…
Rich Many Prophets mention Pence in both a positive light and a mysterious one. I still lean towards him being a white hat. If he does have aspirations for 2024, then to do anything other than full on support of the president would be political suicide. God bless  our President Trump.
Lynn I did think he was honest but I question his support of the President by his silence on the election. I guess his true colors will show if the senators and congressmen who say they will contest the results of the election come to fruition. He will have to make a choice and then we’ll al know how supportive he is.
Catherine NO
Scott I hope he does the right thing Biden not my POTUS
Tish Yes! I believe he is an honest amd faithful man. Sitting at the right side of our President! Praying he hasn’t been threatened.
Bonita I love VP Mike Pence. He’s a quiet man, but becomes outspoken when needs be. He has been a great supporter of President Trump. He has stood beside him through some rough times. That shows a strong character. Most importantly he stands for God and has never compromised his principles. He’s stronger than people may think. A sleeping giant!
Kevin He claims to be Christian. So if he fears God  then he should do the right thing.
Pam Yes, I trust Mike Pence.
Diana Yes
Deb Whether I trust Mike Pence or not, I trust God.  He is bigger than Mike Pence and the boogie man (Veggie Tales reference.)  Therefore, no worries!
Jaffe Absolutely 100%!!!
Darlene I trust him.  I think he is highly principled.  However, he should be trying to correct the crooked election.  He should be backing Trump.  He can fix this.
Mark I don’t trust him
Tom Allegedly Pence is involved in the pedophile ring from back in Indiana. Can’t say whether he was physically involved or just turned a blind eye.
Pence was also one of the People who received the envelope at Bush’s funeral. His shenanigans over desertification of the electoral votes and plans to flee the country after Jan 6th do not sit well with me.
Laura Yes Mr. Pence is a good guy in general,,,but I don’t believe nor have I ever believed he has / does fully have the Presidents back…
patsy “”if”” he’s a  christian,   i would think he would stand with the president.   of course,  there’s a lot of wolves in sheeps clothing out there.    no one can be trusted any more, including republicans.   too many rinos and not enough good honest people.  he could have pulled the wool over the peoples eyes, but hopefully,
he will stand by trump in the end and protect our country.
Joan No
bob NO WAY.
Donna I thought Mike Pence was a good guy but the last few weeks has me wondering ! I hope I’m wrong but I believe he is playing a horrible game and will let America down ! If so he should leave the country because he can’t be trusted . He seems pretty sneaky the past 2 months !
Murnice No
Leyhun His wife Karen is behind.
She was the one that got the env on her lap?!
She is all the control behind.
To be the First Lady?!
And possibly VP Pence is part of that conglomerate?!
Angela I always wondered why he was so quiet, he actually has already shown support once that I know of now God help him to help us save this country.
Phyllis No, I do not trust Mike Pence.
Audrenia I have always thought he was a good guy.  Hope I am right. We will find out on Jan. 6.  Praying for him as he is under this pressure.
Sandra I think so, he is from a Republican state, has Christian values and is against abortion.  Don’t think he would change positions at this point and if he ever wants to be president he has to back Trump now to carry his supporters.
John From the beginning, I have liked and trusted Pence, and felt that there was no reason not to.  However now I’m not sure.  Time is the test of everything in life, so we will see, probably soon, whether or not he is with us or against us.
Sean Hell no, be is a uniparty douchebag
Diane Undecided
Robert Pres Trump should say to V.P. Pence: “Et Tu, Brutus?” Pence is a swamp rat and has not only stabbed the President in the back but has violated his sacred oath to uphold the Constitution and to his Republican constituents. The election was rigged and we need to get to the bottom of it & Pence is a dirty Politician for not supporting that effort. Apparently he has made his own deal with the devil and may turn out to be the traitor all along.
Ed In my heart, I want to be on his side as he would be on Trumps. I think he is a sly dog but loyal.
Faith Hi Noah, I real like your newsletter. I’m a super Trumper and can not believe this election was stolen in the US of A. That being said, Pence has always seemed to me to be a very loyal Vice President to President Trump and in awe of him and his ability to get things done. When push comes to shove, lets hope he keeps his big boy pants on and does what needs to be done regarding the Electoral Collage SCAM.   Happy New Year! Faith Whitehead, Madison, Ct      [email protected]
lovellduane Yes I think so
Richard He is a God-fearing man. He is a family man. He is a military man with a military family. He has shown dedication to this country more than most politicians ever will. He has stuck by our president through thick and thin and will continue.
Karen Good guy
Claire He is a Christian and pray he makes the right choice to stand with President Trump!!
Beverly No
Travis Travis
Norma No I do Not trust him
Beverly I Trust Mike Pence.
Susan No, i don’t think he is a good guy, but I hope I’m wrong.
Pamela Yes
Brian NO… He had the chance to end the fraud…. Crickets… TRUMP2020🇺🇸🇺🇸
Anne Pence is honest and honorable. He will follow the constitution.
elizabeth Yes I trust him
Kerry Yes
Heinrich Yes
kevin I’ve always admired Pence for standing strong with President Trump, never speaking ill of Trump and always backing him.  I’m still hopeful that Pence will do the right thing…… if he doesn’t,  his political career is over!
Corinne My thoughts are Mike Pence is a good guy. He has been honorable all the way through Trumps four yrs. Something is going on however. Lin Wood …. we trust him too. He knows more about Pence than we do. I want to not have doubts but Lin planted them
Saltwateranglin I’ve always been on the fence about Mike Pence. His years spent in the swamp are concerning. With his long history of elected offices I can’t imagine someone not having something to blackmail him with. They all do and that’s why these career politicians so quickly turn on us. They fear being exposed. Even those that don’t take the enormous payoffs still have people willing to expose their secrets if they don’t tow the line. All I can do is pray that Pence has the courage to take the hit and do what’s right. God help him and us if he doesn’t.
Kris He came across as a Christian in the beginning…
ted I do not trust any politician .  but i will remember .
Ted Ted
Tecla Long I don’t Trust him
Marly No, bla ck hat…don’t trust him…
Viviana No.
June This Pence is a clone. I believe the original Pence is no longer on earth.
Rebecca I go back and forth.  I think he is ok hen “I get a gut feeling”.  I have a friend who knows him personally and trusts him. (50 year friendship).  BUT there is Paul Ryan and the (envelopes).  BUT I haven’t seen any Epstein island connections.  I am definitely 50/50
John Yes
Mary Don’t like him,I believe he is a reptilian.The eyes are the porthole to the soul,Mike pence is soul less.
Mary No
Ramon Leo Well, to start off, if Pence will not hold the line on Jan. 6 in favor of Trump (the truth, fairness and transparency), then he too will lose his office of the Vice President to a fake successor. I would still give Mike Pence his ‘Pence Card’ to play out as expected on that day and let the mighty, elaborate ‘Alliance plan’ defeat the Deep State for good.
selma I am not sure, I find it hard to trust anyone in power now days, anyone but Pres. Trump
Nick I trust Trump he has this all planned. Trust our real president we will prevail good in the end always Trumps.
Judith Yes. No way he cannot be trusted.
Mike I thought Mike Pence was a good guy and then he let me down by not speaking out about the unfair election process. If he has any balls, he’ll make the right call and back President Trump. If he does not, he will be forgotten.
Thomas I have never trusted Pence. His actions portray support for Trump but his eyes and connections with the Deep State tell a completely different story. He sits upon a black horse wearing a black hat and his name is betrayer. I believe he works with and for the son of perdition.
Mike Yes
Tim we are screwed as soon as I seen that freemason handshake,that is a evil face .search mike pence freemason handshake behind trumps back
Paul To be honest I’m not sure but as time grows closer I am starting to have my doubts.
Rachel Yes
Kathryn No
Bret Mike Pence asked a federal judge on Thursday to reject an effort to give him “exclusive authority” to decide which Electoral College votes should be counted. It seems to me that he doesn’t want the power to do anything to help Trump win a second term. So no, I don’t trust him.
Robert Yes
Harry NO he is a DEEP STATE operative
Christopher After seeing that note exchange behind President Trump’s back on departure to a female millatary personal and receiving their cabal letter’s at 43’s send off,  its hard to give him the green light.
Kathy Tough Call….I want to believe he is now what he says he has always been….1st, Christian, 2nd, Conservative, 3rd, Republican….
The wait is almost over.
Matthias Yes. He has always been a stern follower of Trump, and he doesnt  want his political carreer spoiled and his faith betrayed by choosing Biden.
Susan Susan
Christy I pray he is. God knows and the truth will come out
Graham I will wait until January 20 and then give you an answer to the question. The masks will fall off soon.
Tom Yes
Deborah I really liked VP-Pence during the presidency, but now, I’m sorry to say, I believe he’s part of the “swamp”.  His refusal to support the president by taking the steps necessary to allow him to reject fraudulent electoral votes as the President of the Congress was highly disturbing and his request to have the Republican legislators’ lawsuit dismissed was the final proof of betrayal!! His trip out of the country on Jan 6th was also very suspicious!!
Anne No do not trust him.
Stacy I’m just not too sure. I’m feeling like I want to believe he is a good guy but definitely not sure I can trust him
Pastor Robb Goodman I’m really concerned about whether Pence will really support President Trump all the way??? At first I was very happy, but the envelope incident stirred me a great deal. I don’t really trust him anymore and I believe the Jan 6 will be the deciding factor. Wow, that’s kind of scary. There are Rats in the White House. So I’m just constantly praying that Gods will be done. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s comments tomorrow. Happy New Year to all of the great Patriots!
Adellna YES
Marilyn No
No No
Elizabeth absolutely nothing in regards to evidence.. just look at him during all the speeches and he seems to love Trump.. and seems sincere.. hope I am right!!
e yes
Craig Pence does not appear to  be committed to fulfilling his duty to the nation. If he does not use every tool at his disposal to correct such an overwhelmingly and well-proven fraudulent election, he will go down in history as America’s greatest traitor to date. He is in a unique position to single-handedly save or betray the Republic.
Sadly, it appears that he, and many others who are betraying the President, do not realize that the government works for us. We are not serfs.  Many have died to give us our freedoms and to break away from any form of government more concerned with appearances and norms than honor and duty.
We The People have been overly patient. Many politicians have become too comfortable with the power that we have invested in them. Without us, they have no power. Their duty is not to appear a particular way or win over the press. Their duty, is to execute the will of the people.
That will is known. That will was expressed via the legal ballots.
Many in Washington need to quickly wake up to the fact that our patience is gone. We are now demanding that our will be fulfilled.
I believe we will remain patient until January 6th but no longer. If this fraud is not dealt with in a decisive manner, we will instantly take back our power and bestow it upon others.
We, the people, are not going away but they might. They have no royal claim to their offices. We, the people, own those offices and entrust them to whomever we wish to.  Temporarily!
Because so many in Washington have pushed us to the limit of our patience, they should be prepared not only for an unprecedented response to any dereliction of duty but for the most vigorous prosecutions and penalties allowed.
There will be no mercy. Sophistry and dissembling in their defense will only bring greater scorn and wrath down upon them.
If I remember correctly, Franklin said, “What you have, Madam, is a Republic. If you can keep it.”
We intend to and we shall.
The consequences could not be greater. This fraudulent election is corrected decisively or the Republic ceases to exist.
Pence may either prove to be a national hero to be honored from January 6th forward or he will bring unprecedented shame down upon himself and his family.
“A man lives after his life but not after his honor.”
This fraudulent election will be corrected.
If Pence is a good guy, he may carry the resulting glory for the remainder of his days and far into the distant future. If Pence is a bad guy, then like the cowardly Captain of the Titanic, he will instead carry an impossibly heavy burden of shame.
Actions speak louder than words.
To date, I am unaware of any indication that he intends to grasp the level of greatness that history may bestow upon him.
Sadly, based on his actions, or lack thereof, Mike Pence appears to not only be a bad guy, he appears to intend to plumb a depth of treason likely to stand alone for the life of the Republic.
What a sad, miserable, and  pathetic legacy to leave behind by choice.
Chris I never knew anything about Pence so i wouldn’t  trust him on spec however  at this point it doesn’t  really matter  what  anyone  thinks he’s  going to do what he will and all i can do is trust our president  saw it coming  and took steps to cover over it
Anne In the beginning, I thought he was a Godly man, but not anymore, even though he talks good, I know he is a clone, as the real one was a pedophile.  What happens if he can be re-programmed by the D/S?? NO, I do not trust him to support Trump, better have a back up plan..
Anita 50:50
A Yes
Nancy I used to think he was a good guy but ever since he got a letter at the Bush funeral I’ve had my doubts!
I hope to God I’m wrong but there have been so many twists and turns so far since November 3rd that I don’t doubt anything at this point 🤷
Nancy R
Cynth I believe so.
nwatch No
Jennifer I could only pray and hope so.
Ken Anyone can SAY anything, doesn’t take much. I judge ppl by their actions and MP didn’t act to help the U.S. when given the chance. Opposite of what he said just last wk. at TP USA Conf. he’s another hypocrite.
Dan I trust know one but put Trust in God that he has got this and has used this election to pull people closer to him. He has a plan weather we accept it or not u cant change it.
Navit If 49.9% are right then we are done for. May he never be elected if he runs in 2024. I’m leaning towards not trusting him.
Mike Mike Pence will prove on January 6th if we can trust him. Do the right thing Mr Vice President. If not it will be remembered in 2024!!!
Ron The 50/50 poll actually sums up Pence perfectly.  He always seems like a Christian all too willing to straddle the fence to appease all parties.  He seems like a kind, gentle soul, yet he has never really made any loud political stands or decisions.
dan i trust mike pence until someone can give me a good reason with proof of some reason why i shouldn’t.
Jeff No. Pence is the deep state’s safety valve. He was put in power to possibly “spy” on Trump for 4 years. Plus the fly landing on his head is a bad omen. Fly’s like filth…hmmm? However, if Mike decides to take Trump’s “deal” and make this election legit and not have to invoke the military, then I’m willing to bet Trump has had “this talk” with him already. I just don’t know what to make about Chris Miller’s off-script comments to Pence a week or so ago.
Kokoe NO
Mike Why did he get an envelope along with the other cabal at George H.W. Bush’ funeral ? And even further, what did the contents of the envelope say. The answer to those questions will determine what he does January 6th.
Delores I believe money talks and bull shit walks, especially in our government. I believe any of the government as well as judges, lawyers, ect. can be bought if the price is right. If you are not a part of the solution then you are a part of the problem. Anyone who would betray their president or their country should be in prison. The taxpayers pay you salaries while you set on your high and mighty asses and do nothing for the good of this country or the people in it. The swamp needs to be completely drained. There’s a difference in being a good person and being honest. All snakes slither on their bellies but it’s the poisonous ones you have to watch out for.
Larry Not sure one way or another it may be that he is deep state, but every thing I’ve seen over the last four years makes me want to believe in him. He could also be working in secret to help the President. I just don’t know anymore I want to believe he is a Patriot but to many have shown there true colors this year.
Cindy No
Beth No
Lexie No
Jaine No
linda I think he helped set Gen Flynn up for bogus charges
Alice No I do not trust him!
Sally I thought so, but not ssd’s o sure anymore.
linda Black hat
Josie I am not sure, hopefully he is honest, as he recommended the guy that took over one of the top spots recently
Andy He’s a black hat, but Trump has some dirt on him and if he wants to stay out of jail, he’ll do his job on Jan 6 and help get Trump relected.
John I would like to think that Mike Pence has hopefully changed his mind after working with the president and also being a Christian.
Carol I don’t know, I have mixed emotions on Mike Pence.  But I know one thing: if he doesn’t use his position as President of the Senate to reject the swing states misuse of their electoral votes; we will never vote for him again!
Annette I thought I did but now I’m not sure. He should support President 100% but now I’m betting he won’t! I pray he does the JOB he’s supposed to do, God don’t like ugly! #Trumpisourpresident
Toivo No. Never trusted him. He is a deep state minion.
Dianna No, I do not trust him.  I read that he was arrested, tried and executed and we are seeing his double or a robot in his place (or clone?).  I sure don’t know how that works, but apparently it is working for quite a few more than just Pence.  I read that he and Paul Ryan attempted to kill President Trump, and I saw recently that he was involved in or protecting child trafficking when he was governor in Indiana.  I don’t even see how Trump can pretend to work with his double, but he is a wonderful patriot and I trust Trump all the way.
Sally I know that Vice-President Pence is very well liked  in D.C.  He appears to be very calm and unassuming.  His wife seems very nice.  I choose to think that Mr. Pence is what he appears to be.  I hope I am not wrong.
Carol I think he is a great man but quite. He is an honest person.
Edward No he is not a good guy.  The fact he got an envelope at the Bush funeral put him in the “no go” area.  He was one of well known D.C. swamp creatures that got envelopes, almost all of them questionable patriots of the U.S.    NOT A GOOD [email protected]
Bonnie I believe he is.  He is a strong Christian and I don’t think he would betray President Trump.
Pepe Pence is a quite man, hidden sort of, don’t say much at a time.  But he looks a person in the eye.  He don’t bow his head just smiles.  At least as I have seen him.  These are the type of impressions. in my opinion , unless threatened, will stand to his duty with honor.
Lee He is fighting Gomer law suit!!!
Ken Not so much a matter of trust….If Pence supports President Trump….he is a hero…..If he stabs our President he won’t be able to live in the USA…
Roberta No, I do not. Several  things, come to mind.1- he is smug

looking,  like the cat that swallowed the canary. Then the fact, he didn’t act on December 23.

Sharon I think Pence is a black hat but Trump knows who he is & has plan. Trump will win with or without Pence then take them ALL down!
Gene Yes
Rita No. He’s turncoat. He asked a Federal Judge to not approve the Republicans’ request to  allow him to be the deciding vote in the Senate on January 6th! Shame, shame on him! He’s a disgrace and a despicable piece if crap. When Trump wins the election he should not pick this bastard for the VP. I know Trump must be really pissed at him for this dirty move. How dare he try to fool the American people like he did for 4 years!
Batsheva Lin Wood is proving himself a fearless warrior against Deep State. If he says that Pence is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, then Pence is a wolf in sheep’s  clothing. And let’s not forget that Pence chairs the Covid hoax task force.
Ee I want to believe he is a good guy.  President Trump stayed with him as his running mate so he must  Have earned the President’s trust.  But Lin Wood is a patriot and he is skeptical of The VP especially his actions lately.  I am torn!
Ginger I actually am afraid the Democrats have promised him something (money, power, position) and he might have turned on President Trump which breaks my heart for President Trump.
Sandy Why would VP Pence ask the judge to stop the law suit.   This is a perfect way for Trump to go back into office since he knows the 7 swings states is fraud .   Why would he not stand up for the American people.   I am not really asking. Him to stand up for Trump.    Their is 80 million people are backing Trump.      If he does this, he does have a chance to be president in 2024.   We will all turn our back on him.  He will be listed as a traitor.
The only explanation I could figure out is that he has some information that  if he does accept the electoral votes for the rigged swigged states, then someone is going to spill the beans on him.This is crazy!Praise God we have 140 representative standing up for the rigged election and two senators.Pence is not holding to his Christian faith.   Just be honest and do your job.   Save your country instead of your screwed up mistake.Please let me know your thoughts?    Does Trump have a chance to be 2020 President?



Lucille malfa The
Sue No. I have seen some videos where Pence was standing behind President Trump and he was looking daggers at the President. He could not hide his dislike of the President.
Cindy No
Tejal Yes because I believe our beloved president has knocked every door and have tried every possible avenue to prove the fraud and to maintain the integrity of election but no one even cared to hear him or look at the evidences so far…… But if he’s still hopeful then his last resource is Mike Pence so if he trusts Mike, then I trust Mike as well…..
Debra I think so.  I can not be wrong with him after trusting Barr.  Maybe I just need him to be good and save us from Biden coruption.
Revis yes! absolutely!! the fruit of his actions AND words does not “reek” of anything but is, instead, AUTHENTIC and life-bearing; he BEHAVES as one guided by the Spirit, by the Word!
Christo Why was his ass in the box with the Bushes at GHW’s last Super Bowl ?
Cindy I no longer trust Mine Pence because a) he got an envelope at the Bush funeral; b) his demeanor toward President Trump is not warm; c) he is Fauci’s buddy; d) he was put forth by the GOP; e) he is leaving the country in its time of need Jan. 6 – why?  His true colors will soon be seen.
Janice YES
Sheryl So far yes
Tom Yes
Betty No. I began questioning his deep state association after he fail to take action on December 23. Then I read about his receiving at Bush funeral and the Koch Brothers funded his Congressional campaigns and those 3 facts solidified it for me. I’d say he deserves an academy award cause he had me fooled up until the above news came to light. I honestly believe now he was part of the deep state scheme to spy on Trump. I true I hope he fries with the rest of the deep state actors.
Larry He is a deep swamp rino.
Canda He better be.  That would be such a contradiction to his faith, etc
Nicholas I thought so until I read yesterday about him getting one of the envelopes and that he’s a buddy to the Bush’s. That did it for me. Plus the fact that he could have/should have stood up for President Trump but didn’t.  I don’t trust him.
Adam Yes
Lorraine I’m on the fence. I was a bit leery how he handled the covid team. Fauci and Birx are swampers. So it’s d-day next week.
Nicole Not sure
Liz I’m really sad that this is happening! I trusted that Pence’s faith was real! But only God knows our true heart!  It’s just absolutely unforgivable to be so deceitful! I’m so sick of our government, I still think God will prevail and save our country from the likes of people like him!
Misael Not at all. He is controlled opposition and was instrumental in getting Flynn removed. I hope Trump asks for his resignation when he is certified as the rightful winner of the 2020 election.
Kim Yes
Christel I believe that our POTUS is a smart reader of people and that if Pence was placed to stab him in the back,  he would either already be gone or having watched DJT for 4 years, Pence has learned to trust the right person.
long At this point in time, I am skeptical about his actions, although he seems to be a good man. So the answer is no!
Rosely No! I don’t trust pence he’s a yellow belly! Fake dishonest Christian! Not loyal to President Trump.
Tammy No he’s  not Good actor
Judith YES. Trump admired how Pence managed the Budget when Pence was a Governor and Trump  made his decision about Pence as a businessman would. As I see it, there is no reason, evidence, that Pence is not the Christian he presents himself to be and no evidence of disloyalty. When it comes to politics, there is no shortage of those who have something to say about someone and do not hesitate to promote someone  they believe is an asset for their  personal agenda. Trump did a “Trump” when it came to Pence: listened, then made his own decision. I see Pence as a White Hat.
Lou Ann I am not sure but am praying he is a good guy.  I have met many that say they are Christians but their actions are otherwise.
Joyce Yes, I think VP Pence is a good Guy.
Karla Yes.
alexis yes
Diana Not very intelligent–allowed himself to be used by the CIA and helped get Flynn out of Trump cabinet. Given a warning at Bush funeral. Apologized to the president for his stupidity. Assigned to overseeing counter-intelligence op. headed by Ezra Cohen-Watnik and Christopher Miller. If he steps out of line, he will be guilty of treason. Trust him? No. Expect him to do what he should because he has no choice? Yes.
Dowie I actually want him to be a good guy; BUT learning more about him leaves a lot of doubt. If he is part of the cabal; I hope he gets the full penalty of the law thrown at him!
Jennifer I’m not sure. I want to know what was in those envelopes at GHW Bush’s funeral?
JoElla I’m not sure if he can be trusted or not.
Susan I don’t know enough about him to even have an opinion.  I will say he has been very quiet in battling the election fraud and publicly supporting Trump. So I’m leaning towards not trusting him because he hasn’t proven no indicated he’s on the side of truth.
Judy No, because he has been in our government for too long and it is a corrupt dirty business. He has had to play the political game for a long time in order to stay in elected offices.
Terry No, I don’t trust Pence. Maybe I’m naive but I don’t understand why he won’t support Trump because then 2024 would be easier to slide in to for him. He’s very mild mannered and not very outspoken. I thought during VP debates this year he seemed bored and didn’t seem to care much
Millicent I don’t know. Its hard to know what he is really like. A lot of politicians can mask a lot of hate inside.
Brenda I think Mike Pence is a God fearing man. He has seen and learned about things in the last four years that have made him sick and opened his eyes. In the end he will do the right thing.  👍
Matthew No, I do not trust him.  He has been in Washington too long.  Trump should have picked an outsider to be his running mate to ensure that his VP had his back.  I think he is a sellout but I hope I am wrong.
Jim 8 yrs presidency for Pence after 4 more yrs for Trump!
Dora yes I trust Mike Pence.  I believe he is a man of God and sincerely seeks the wisdom of our Lord and Savior.  He will do what he thinks is right after seeking the Lords leading.
Holly I want to trust Mike Pence but since he failed to meet the Dec. 23 deadline and he was one of the people receiving envelopes along with the black hats at GW funeral.  I have my doubts.  I don’t feel so good about Pence anymore.
Thea Von I don’t trust him
Cristie Hell no
Angela Yes!!! he is a child of God and he can be trusted
Brenda I am normally a good judge of character. I believe that VP Pence is a Godly man and he will do the right thing. There are 75-80 million people that love our President and Vice President for being honest and bringing God back to the helm of America. Good always wins over evil! Therefore, I trust that Mike Pence will be loyal to President Trump who legally won this election! May God bless both of them!!!
Tracey Yes he will abide by the Constitution and his commitment under oath —he signed on for this –
Sue It has been reported that Pence was involved in an assassination attempt on the President early in the game, was tried in military court and executed. The man we see is not Mike Pence.
Jeff I used to trust Pence completely, but more recently he has not responded in the way that I would expect of a Christian Republican Trump supporter.  I’m beginning to think he’s deep Deep State.  I hope I’m wrong, but when/if the truth comes out many may be shocked.
Joyce Why didn’t he support President Trump on 12/23/20?    That makes me lose trust in Mike Pence.
Susan I honestly don’t know. Too many times has he been on screen with Pres. Trump and I noticed him frowning in apparent dislike with what was being said. Too many times not supportive of ideas or plans of Pres. Trump. I guess I am NOT sure I would trust him. I feel he is too quiet and compliant  while not in tune with his boss.
Tresha There are thousands of “conspiracy theories” about many things.  A reasonable person does not believe absolutely every theory that floats by.  A reasonable person weighs the evidence.  What do you SEE.  What do you KNOW AS FACT.  What is your PROOF?  I will use the “pedophile theory” as one example.  Have you seen actual photos, videos, recordings, or other evidence?  Has any person or persons come forward with a reasonable account of being involved with him?  Lots of people have come forward regarding Bush, Epstein, etc.  What detailed information is there?  Truth is found in details.  Now, consider the “Bush funeral envelopes”.  Has any one, beyond a doubt, seen what was in the envelopes?  How do you know that every envelope contained the same message?  How did each person react?  The only person with a look of horror was Jeb Bush.  Laura Bush looked surprised and bewildered.  Some people were expressionless.  That “theory” just doesn’t hold up.  It has absolutely no factual basis.  Just because you don’t like someone, doesn’t give you the right to spread false information and to publicly question and ridicule another human being.  In fact, it is SHAMEFUL to encourage conjecture and assumptions with no basis of fact.  Yes, SHAMEFUL!!  What kind of person who claims to be Christian does that? You should hold your judgement and encourage others to do the same until you have some factual truth.  Do you think Jesus would do or agree to this kind of “trial by theory”???  Sort of like the mock trial Jesus had…..
Allen If he is a real chirstian he will I hope he is
[email protected] We are tempted but
God always shows a way out. His actions look and sound sincere, if what they said is true, Pray God speaks to his heart, and takes the way out from temptation and does right for that will be his reward on judgement day, put Pence on your prayer list 🙏🏻Betty
JP Mike Pence is a good guy.  He is a very strong Christian also and puts his religion first and foremost.  This may have caused some friction between President Trump and himself because
Mervyn Pence must surely know that if he were to save Trump’s presidency, he will be treated like an American hero who would easily win the Republican nomination in 2024 and be swept into the White House thanks to the mighty grateful support of Trump supporters.
Brenda I would hope so! He seems like a nice person to me. I would hope he loves America and would want to do the right thing! If he is really a man of God, then he will do right by America!
Debby I THOUGHT he was!  Now I’m having doubts. My husband met him here in Iowa and was very impressed with him. Now I don’t know what to think. So sad
Bolduc I listen to every video very carefully and I had the time to weight the nice and the worst but I didn’t find nothing good but very bad people as the Georges W. Bush’s, Laura and Jeb ; as the Clinton’s, Hillary and Bill ; as the Obama’s, Michelle and Barack ; as the Biden’s , Joe and Jill as the Pence’s , Mike and Karen all of them are evils and they need to be punished for the Humain Traficking in Satania ritual and molesting children even killing them and pedophilie and selling babys for the purpose of fun and uses !  Evils , Evils , Evils, allof them !
prettycelt No, he is indifferent. He showed his true colors by not standing up for Trump December 23
Denise I thought he was a true Christian but it is sad to say I think is wolf in sheep’s clothing .
Sharen I’m skeptical, my gut says don’t trust him and I pray I’m wrong but he doesn’t seem to do much to help Our President. It’s so sad that Trump is fighting this battle alone and a lot of his people have stabbed him in the back. He is the best President ever. I believe he will get in for another 4 years but he has to do something about the people who have committed TREASON and there’s a lot of them. God Bless this country, Our President and We The People. Thank You Noah i love  reading what you have to say everyday and sometimes 2x a day. Stay Safe.
Jennifer I sure hope so! He may have been born for such a time as this but he will need to depend on God and the “dogma that lives loudly in him” Remember VP Pence God has not given you a timid spirit. Stand! do the right thing. Praying for you🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Chris Yes
Terry No, Pence is out for himself only.
Robin I do not trust him at all! Just like some of the other rhino republicans out there like Lindsey Graham for example. I think Trump has something on them and so they are playing nice. But after the scam election they think it’s safe to show their true colors! It’s disgusting! President Trump has been the best President we have ever had. He has been working for “we the people” even in the midst of all the BS being slung at him.
Kelvin Yes
Janelle Not sure
Donna I am just suspicious of where he stands – especially because of his odd silence about his being behind President Trump, except when he is forced to speak – he doesn’t appear to be a 100% pro-Trump Patriot – why???
P I am really on the fence on this one. If he doesn’t do the right thing for all Americans, he has no chance in a 2024 president bid.
Vickie I’m not sure he is a good guy! He didn’t stand by our President and that is wrong on so many levels!
Can President Trump change now or is he and us stuck with Pence?
gerald I do not know much about him..but i hope he is a good guy
Bill Yes he is.
mike Product of the swamp
Susan Yes
Pidge No I do not trust him.heard and seen to many questionable things about him.he’s a phony christian. The evangelicals told TRUMP to take him on or they wouldn’t vote for him.
jon he is either loyal to trump,and i think he is,or totally un-able to cause the president harm.  all of this current talk about pence is a controlled distraction.
Fonda I always thought he was a good Christian man. I know that both he and Trump cancelled their vacations. Not really sure, but hoping my first thought of him is right. Would be very disappointed if wrong. But I do believe Trump will win because God will always be the devil.
Lu No.  Rumor has it Trump knows all of the sick things he did as govenor of Indiana.  If any of it is true?  A lot of people will be blown away when the truth comes out.  He is not the “christian” he pretends to be.
MaryEllen No.
Charmaine I do still trust Pence.   I believe the power of GOD is way stronger than the deep state!
Daniel Daniel
grant I believe he is.  It’s in his best interest anyway to support Trump at this point, it will be a lot easier for him to run for president in 2024 as the sitting vp instead of from the outside, so he absolutely has no benefit doing anything else.  He comes across as a solid Christian and was supportive of trump in the debates. I think the accusations against him at this point are subterfuge to make it appear like he won’t go for trump on January 6 but he will do so.
Darrel & Marilyn I pray Mike is a good guy! We will be sorely disappointed if he isn’t loyal and honoring to our President! If he fails, we will be heart sick. Enough folks have betrayed President Trump and we hope Mike doesn’t fall into that dark hole!
John To be fair I was never sure about him as when they are as quiet as he is there something that he is hiding?And  think Gen Flynn would have made a much better vice-president but the deep state thought he was too honest!!Big mistake by president Trump!!
Maryann Not sure about the envelopes
Maggie I do trust Mike Pence.He has been an avid supporter of Trump throughout his tenure. As much as I want Trump to be certified the winner, as I firmly believe he was,  I do not see Pence being able to bring that about.  After the objections by the  Senate and House Republicans, it goes back to Congress to debate each State, being objected to… I believe, whatever decision they return with to the Vice President, is the one he will accept. To refuse to accept the electors finally presented, without some formal court decision that there IS guilt, or a crime against the constitution occurred, he has no proof to substantiate a refusal to accept the will of the State electors. Regardless of whether HE, (other Congress members,and WE THE PEOPLE), believe AND KNOW, that the fraud did occur!
Cherie Yes, completely. I disagree with your stance completely.
Ruth Remember the pee tapes, he did not stand up for him then? That tells me he doesn’t have his back!
Ann Yes
Paul No
kris I’m torn but YES i hope so.  He seems like a strong Christian and it seems he loves America so i hope he has the courage and patriotism to reject the fraudulent electors, BUT i also saw the video where he got the envelope during Bush’s funeral…so I am worried but thinking positive.  I WANT to believe that my leaders who i  have supported are all good guys!
Marti He Gives me the same Vibes as Justice John Roberts. There is something Flaky and devious in his persona.’And now we hear what John Roberts said about President Trump. I did not trust Mike Pence.
But according to Prophet Kim Clement he will be the Next President. That simply means God can do a Supernatural change in any person that she desires to use. Marti
Carlene I think yes – He is a good guy has been through a lot with Trump.
Sharon What’s sad is that with everything that we’ve seen it is very hard to read if someone is authentic. It makes me sad that I heard some things about Pence. Didn’t want to believe, but it also brings me to the realization that God is the only true one that we can have full faith in.
Linda No
Zellma There’s no other man in government that I trust more than Mike Pence.  He was our great governor.  He’s a Christian and walks the walk.  If given the opportunity he will see that this fraud of an election is overturned and Trump will remain our President – I promise you that!
Melody I do trust Mike Pence.  I believe he is a true Christian and will do what he feels is honest and right.
Albert Yes
Jim Comes off as a good guy. Won’t help Trump to overturn the electoral college results on Jan 6th.
william I believe Mike Pence is going to do the right thing on Jan 6 because if he does not we will lose the republic to the communists who are hell bent to destroy this nation. I can’t believe he would allow this to happen
kris yes- i hope i am right!
Linda I do not trust him. There is something I cannot put my finger on. If it turns out he is not then he really needs to repent because GOD is not happy with those types
Mary No
bruce I do not trust pence,  He is part of the deap state.
Tammy No, I do not believe Mike Pence is for Trump.  He is just like George W. Bush in making us all believe that he was a Christian.  There is something evil about him.  He will one day have to meet his maker and that will be far worse than not doing what the Deep State wants him to do.  I feel bad for President Trump because he has been surrounded by evil people. You know why they wanted to get rid of Flynn now.   I hope he hangs all of them for TREASON!  I would love to be there to tie nooses around all their balls and listen to them squeal!  And for Hilary….I hate to tell you what I’d like to happen to her.   I’m not being very christian, but I am livid at the corruption that has been allowed to take place in my country.  It’s time for us to take back our country any way we can!  If Trump doesn’t clean house we are screwed!  He’s got more people behind him than against him.
Pat Hey Noah, It come down to this. On one hand Trump seems very confident that things are going to brake his way. Is this because Trump has been in constant communication with Pence and has his assurance? Is it because Pence has seen all the hearings throughout the country and is convinced and satisfied by the overwhelming evidence on the fraud that Trump and he won the election for sure?! Does Pence have other evidence that for sure proves that Trump won the election? Or on the other hand, it seems that Pence has been aloft, indifferent in his attitude. There was no excuse not to attempt on Dec 23 a challenge to the results of the election. If Pence commits political suicide on Jan 6 and rolls over, he should be charged with treason for not upholding his oath to the Constitution. Even though there is a press blackout on all the evidence of the election fraud, Trump should be having a daily press briefing airing all the clear cut fraud from some of the outstanding witnesses and experts. Also, Sidney Powell should have been appointed special counsel into the election fraud and she would have immediately impounded every dominion machine for examination, including all suspect ballots from the various States in question. Subpoena tons of people, from Governor’s, Secretaries of State, poll watchers and ballot counters and electors. Confiscate all servers worldwide in communication with Dominion and their subsidiaries. In addition, subpoena bank records of these pretend judges and follow the money from Soros and other dark sources. The NSA knows everything and tracks everything and I would subpoena all records and data leading up to and including election night and communications thereafter from all the parties and actors involved, unraveling their conspiracies, including the media’s collusion. With the country and Constitution at stake, Trump should be using every law at his disposal from Marshall law, Insurrection Act, etc. He should appoint today, special counsels into Joe and Hunter Biden and fire every deep State head and actor in his path. Especially, Wray, Haskell, and launch a major investigation into Justice Robert’s who no doubt has been compromised. There is plenty of Treason to go around here, Trump should order the military to round up this traitors all in the name of saving the country. Now we have to believe and trust that all of God’s prophet’s have been right and we will have our Red Sea experience shortly!
Joanne Yes
Michele Yes. I believe he is a man of God who is in a very tough position right now.
Jerry Yes and no
Sandy no
Suzi I believe Mike Pence is as he appears a good solid God-fearing guy.   He seems dependable and solid and honest.
Charles He’s not a good guy.He’s been hideing in the back ground since hes been in office.Haven’t really seen him do anything.His smile even looks fake.You probley can trust Biden before trusting him.At least you know what Biden is he doesn’t deny that.
Thomas Yes
Duncan Yes, Pence is a good person.
Daniel Yes
June I believe Mike Pence is where he is because he is a man who loves God and loves American and I believe he will play a significant role in the future of our republic. I pray for my country, my president, Donald Trump, and VP Mike Pence daily.
D Pence’s inaction on 12/23 and his loyalty being called into question is just a ruse, perhaps to ensnare more swamp creatures somehow. When Trump is re-elected in January 2021, Pence will remain his trusted VP. Pence has seemed genuine to me and I pray that my intuition is on point.
Joan M9, don’t trust him. He has no one’s back. Wants to achieve more personally in politics. He I don’t feel he’s a sincere person. Wouldn’t trust him. More of a mole type person. Two faced
Pamela YES
Bobbie If he is Christian as he is portrayed, he has to do the right thing and trust God for the outcome.
Mary I believe he is trustworty.For the majority of the last 4 yr. I`ve constantly seen him defend President Trump.I`ve also never once heard President Trump say Vice-President Mike Pence was doing anything illegally & morally wrong all these yr. as opposed to the spineless so called Republicans in both Congress & the Senate that President Trump talks about so often.I do think it`s a possibility though that Vice-President Pence & his family(wife & children) have been threatened physically & more than once.
Rose Marie Don’t know him well enough to say for sure. He’s reserved. Has played the role of VP pretty well from what I can see over the last 4 years. Seems to be loyal to Trump. He’s a reserved man. Doesn’t show a lot of feelings. Keeps a lie profile. Seemed like a good fit for Trump because they are  opposite in personality type. But who knows? I hope he is honest and does the right thing. This would be the worst time to fail the President. I truly want VP Pence to be on the right side of history and back our great President when he needs it the most. So I’m  going to give him the benefit of the doubt. I don’t know about these letters given out at Bush’s funeral. Is it a legit story?  Fake? Conspiracy? Don’t know. I’m praying he does the right thing. Upholds the Constitution. Rejects the fraud. If he doesn’t do it for Trump’s sake, perhaps he will do it for God’s sake. Staying positive on this one.  Grown to like Mike over the years.
John Yes
No No
Nancy Yes! He prays for and supports President Trump’s policies and President Trump.
Rhonda No
Tammy mike Pence was friends with Paul Ryan the traitor and they wanted to 187 President Trump…Pence is Corrupt as they come
Debbie I don’t trust him.  After reading that he was not Trump’s pick but Trump was forced to pick him by the party, I lost confidence in him. That, plus not doing his part on 12/23 seals my opinion.  He may support Trump, but I can see now that it will depend on whether he thinks it will benefit him.  I had believed he was a dedicated Christian. Now I question that as well.  He should be for what’s best for America, not what he believes is best for Mike Pence.  Communism definitely would not be good for America. Would it be for Pence?  I doubt it because if a person would betray his own country, he has shown he can’t be trusted by anyone!
Stephany Bowles No and I never have, he’s a fake and deep state
Connie No, I do not trust, because he was in the group of white envelope receivers.  What did the envelope mean?  Will this ever end?
Rhonda No
Kathleen I have mixed feelings on this. I believe Pence has been a good VP, yet not sure about the envelope he got?? I am praying that he stands by our President. Yet not sure of him anymore
Jacqueline Trump should get rid of Pence. Josh Hawley would be a perfect VP. I’m a born agsin Christian but Pence always seemed a bit odd to me.
Linda I truly don’t know if Pence is a good guy or a bad guy. Gut feeling is that he is not not to be trusted any further than you can throw him. He always has a smug look about him.
Brandi Yes, he’s a God fearing man and anyone apart of the deep state does not believe in God.
Adam No
Sandra I honestly don’t know. But if he don’t defend Trump I and my whole family will lose all respect for the republican party, and will NEVER vote again. Promise!!!!!!
Memom Deep down I trust nobody, they always let me down.
Tiffany Yes
Vickie No
Anita H I do not trust Mike Pence. He was actually chosen by Trump’s kids as a good alter to Trump. Pence had a golden opportunity to show his support for Trump and expose the cheating that occurred in this election. He let the opportunity pass. He promised the Turning Point USA crowd he’d only accept legally cast votes. Yet, his actions did not follow through on his empty promises.  No.  I do not trust Mike Pence. His future in politics is over. He should be the God fearing man he professes to be and stand with liberty, truth and Trump. He won’t . He’ll cave to the establishment , like Mc
Connell and Graham, and be hated by both parties. Because their egos are too big and their allegiances are false. Too bad.
Deb Yes.
Paul Want to believe he is a good Christian man but time will tell.
William No, I don’t trust Pence but I do think Trump turned him, and he knows Trump has enough to send him away.
Phillip Good
Robert Perhaps his clone is. As for Mike, he has many who question his prior associations, his plot with Paul Ryan, ped0philia stories, and more. Trust him ? No
Larry Yes
Beth I kind of do.  I guess to me he is suppose to be a Born Again Christian and he needs to act like it.  I am praying that he will throw out the fraudulent votes and will make sure that President Trump is serving for a 2nd term.
Arthur I chose yes because at this point in time it would be death to him politically to oppose and not help President Trump. The evidence of fraud is clear and if it isn’t addressed in order to re-elect President Trump there won’t be an election for him to run in in 2024.
Juanita No I do not trust Mike Pence. If he doesn’t do his job on Jan. 6, he may as well kiss his political career goodbye because Trump’s people will not support him in 2024. He had better remember one day he will stand before the God who he says he loves and will have to give an account for being a turncoat.
gw Yes, I trust him as a professed Christian to follow as he believes is right.
Jan I don’t really know but the more I read the more I don’t trust him.  If he doesn’t do the right thing on January 6 then I will be totally convinced.
Phyllis He comes across as a nice guy. I don’t trust his wife. Can’t really say why, just a feeling. Also I don’t really know what VP Pence has done these last 4 years.
Ethel He has been way too quiet during the voter fraud hearings so I now question his position
Roger Yes! I am a Indiana resident, and Mike Pence was a wonderful governor. A big difference from the feckless windbag we have now! Pence is a man of his word and upholds Godly values.
Pedro I have faith that God is leading this man.  So Yes I trust him.  🙏🏼🙏🏼
Adam L Absolutely; I’ve watched him closely, he’s a skilled politician, but a very honorable and trustworthy patriot. I know he will do the right thing!
Nena I think he’s the quiet type until you make him mad, then the true patriot comes out!
Danie Trump does, and he’s been loyal all these 5 years. All of this has a script, incl. Dec 23. Hold on!
lynn no
Betty Betty
Sandy No, I think he is a Deep State spy and will turn on President Trump and we the people.
Michele Yes
Kevin If one cannot trust Pence , then one cannot trust Trump , don’t be led into the misty misinformation of stupid fake disinformation !
Grace I WANT to trust Mike Pence, mainly because I don’t want to believe I am living in the Matrix.   But my gut tells me he was a deep state plant all along.  Too many bad actors have gotten away Scot free for too many years and too many crimes.  An extensive deep state is the only explanation that makes sense to me anymore.  And that big of a network isn’t going to let some outsider in without close and constant supervision.  Enter Pence.
Sharon Yes
Monica No
Kathy YES
Bill Mike may be acting in conjunction with the president.  Trump is super smart and the best tactician I have watched in a long time.  He may be using those around him for the most colossal smoke screen you will ever see.  The best way to win this war is to keep the adversary totally confused. I think he and Pence have all the players where they want them.
John He better be
Harry Would like to say he is a good Guy but I trust no one in our Government todo the right thing, with the exception of our Great President DJT.God Bless Trump.
Trisha On the fence
John He Better
Louellen Quite honestly, I was hoping for General Flynn, but that didn’t happen. I’ve been following President Trump and VP Pence since 2016. I have not seen anything that the VP has done worth anything quite frankly. I was even more suspicious of VP when they also received an envelope. But I’m still believing in President Trump for 2021 and General Flynn for VP.
Jack I think before he became a born again Christian he was part of the swamp and I think they have something on him to control his moves
Joan I am so on the fence about him. I have read he is not to be trusted. I actually have no clue but I never researched his history in politics. I am certainly hoping he comes through for the USA.
Mark Yes, I believe he is a real Christian man. He has integrity, as can be seen by the way he protects his wife and marriage, by not being alone with another woman. He has a history of being a straight shooter. I’m expecting him to set this election straight on January 6. The situation is dire and there may never be another opportunity to keep America as we have known it!
cat He seems to be a christian so that’s a plus, but he was forced on Trump, got a white envelope and then there was the fly. Plus he might need to be the final Judas before Gods Hand will Move. I hope I’m wrong.
dawn no
Paul If he is a true Christian, then yes
Lorie I think he started out deep state, involved with the Bush’s, Clintons and Obama. I think Trump knew that and they have an understanding or deal and Pence has come over to the right side. I think we can count on him to do the right thing on Dec. 6. I am praying so hard for him and for that to happen.
Jimmy No
Mary This is a tough one.  I met VP Pence briefly and we spoke.  He seemed genuine to me.  I have a pretty good BS detector and for now will give him the benefit of the doubt.  I really hope I’m right on this, it would be a huge disappointment to find out he’s wearing a black
gabriele pence communicated friendly with Odramas and Clintons,  2016 email communications with black hats and on occasion of the Bush Funeral pence received a hidden message from a female officer behind the eyes of POTUS45 and on and on…. and pence ignored Potus and Flotus at Bush’s Funeral, however chatted with the Deep State Clintons and Odramas
Bruce If he’s a constitutional and man of god and faith yes
Marilyn I certainly thought I could but who knows in Washington ?  I would love to hear why I shouldn’t !
Denise I beleive he is a good man, and that he does have our Presidents back and will do what the American people want.
Cynthia Yes
John In my opinion, I think VP Mike  Pense is a good guy.
Carla No
Lvp I want to believe he is but I have seen some pretty bad things on him.  I’m hoping their not true. I’ve always thought he was a Godly man and now I don’t know
C Yes
Heather Yes
frank yes  I hope so
Laura No
Werner He is a good Christian and a great guy!
Michelle Yes
Mario No, but I believe he will do the right thing come January 6th. I know he received a “golden ticket” at GWB Sr. funeral. I know him and Paul Ryan wanted the power and tried to take out DJT… You wanted honesty.
Dava I am putting my faith and trust in God- that the Holy Spirit is going to do His work through Him. He professes faith in God. I pray that he is praying…
Wendy Yes
Ed Yes
Martin I trust he’ll save the republic
Heather Not sure anymore
Nobody Yes
Joshua Yes Mike Pence is a true Patriot!
Pamela I am not sure i think something is off about him, I hope he does what is right and helps Trump win
Paul would give him the benefit of the doubt
[email protected] Yep
Vickie No
Linda Yes I think he’s reliable
Tina yes I believe Mike Pence is a Good Guy, he is a religious man, he would not tell a lie.  I know their is alot of religious people that do lie ,but seeing mike pence and his family he is honest, but everyone can be threatened
M Good guy
Ron Mike Pence is a Wonderful Guy.  He’s the Most Loyal person, Trump ever chose.  He’s Presidential Material
Kenneth I guess I am having second thoughts about him.
Chase I want to think he is but something in me says he has his own plans in mind
bob I trust  him.  He is a Christian
Margaret No
Kristi Wish I could but my gut tells me to be wary.
Will Absolutely!
Kristi As much as I want to trust him there is something in my gut that says no. I wish I could
Michelle Can’t be sure because he got an envelope at Busch’s funeral too! My guess is no he can’t be trusted!

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