Ted Cruz: “It’s Time To Take Anyone Involved In Voter Fraud And Put Them In Jail!”


Unlike most Republicans trying to “save” their political careers, Sen. Ted Cruz is speaking out against voter fraud.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas held a rally in Georgia recently to support Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in their upcoming Senate runoff but what caught everyone’s attention is when Cruz said it’s time to expose voter fraud.

He didn’t stop there though!

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He went on to say ” It is time to take anyone who was involved in voter fraud and prosecute them and put them in jail”.

Check out the moment he said it in the video down below:

The Washington Examiner covered Cruz’s fiery speech and shared these details:

Sen. Ted Cruz told Georgia voters that they were fighting to defend the Constitution, and anyone involved in voter fraud should be prosecuted and jailed.

“It is time to end voter fraud. It is time to expose voter fraud,” the Texas Republican said on Saturday. “It is time to take anyone who was involved in voter fraud and prosecute them and put them in jail.”

The remarks came just days after President Trump retweeted attorney Lin Wood’s suggestion that the president could prosecute and jail Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, two Republicans Trump has claimed haven’t done enough to combat voter fraud in their state.

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Do you agree with Senator Cruz’s statements?

What should the punishment be for those who have committed voter fraud?

Let us know your opinions down below?

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