President Trump Says: “We Are Getting Closer” To Bringing A Standing Election Challenge! What Are His Next Moves?

The President is confident that a successful challenge to the 2020 election is getting closer to becoming a reality, as evidence and reports continue to pile up


As Forensic Audits of Dominion systems reveal systemic election fraud

And the China-Biden probe continues to heat up

Things are not looking so great for alleged President Elect Joe Biden, or the Democratic party. President Trump is confident that we are closer than ever to raising a successful election challenge. 

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The President pointed to the forensic audit of Dominion voting systems by Allied Security Systems in Michigan, as the main avenue by which he aims to take his case to court. 

The forensic audit conducted by allied security systems revealed that Dominion voting systems were intentionally built to create deliberate election fraud. 

Take a look: 

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NTD News had more on the story: 

Trump sounded upbeat while calling into a radio show hosted in part by his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, wishing the hosts a merry Christmas and saying his team and other people “have uncovered voter fraud, the greatest voter fraud in history.”

“It’s the most corrupt election this country has ever had by far,” he said.

Giuliani over the weekend challenged states to let him and others examine voting machines. If they did so, he said, they would be able to prove fraud.

“The machines, number one, and every machine we’ve looked at, you know what the results there have been,” Trump said.

“The machines and also the signature verifications. Let us see the signatures in Fulton County in Georgia, and a couple of other places, let us see the signatures, you’ll find that hundreds of thousands of signatures either don’t exist or were fraudulently written.”

Asked to respond, a Fulton County spokeswoman told The Epoch Times via email, “That is false.”

Just The News also reported: 

Dominion Voting Systems issued a warning to Georgia officials prior to the 2020 election that memory cards might need to be removed from vote tabulation machines prior to the end of the election to deal with a limitation in its system, according to records obtained by Just the News through an open-records request.

Officials acknowledged Thursday at least 36 memory cards had to be prematurely removed from vote tabulating machines in the Atlanta area that had reached counting limits. The cards were stored in a locked cabinet until polls closed, officials said.

Dominion, which has fiercely defended its technology since Election Day, issued the "customer advisory" on Oct. 26, according to a "bulletin" sent to county election officials from Georgia Elections Division Director Chris Harvey. The memo was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request from Just the News to Fulton County, home to Atlanta, Georgia's largest city.

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