RESULTS ARE IN: Mr. President, Americans Overwhelmingly Support Martial Law If You Need To Do It


“Martial Law” has been all over the news in the last 48 hours.

The (failing) New York Times ran a story that said President Trump floated the idea with advisors on Friday.

President Trump tweeted this morning that the NYT report was completely false.

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Patrick Byrne also tweeted saying he was at the entire 4.5 hour meeting and reporting of Martial Law are a complete fabrication.

And to top it all off, Lin Wood has personally appealed to President Trump to declare a “limited” Martial Law in all 7 swing states!

In other words, no one has any idea what is going on!

And I think that’s by design.

President Trump is a master at The Art of War, and one of those tenets is to always keep your enemy guessing!

Sometimes even feed false information!

So if you’re confused, that’s likely by design.

But just because President Trump and Patrick Byrne have said Martial Law was not discussed, it doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future…..or that it SHOULDN’T be in the future.

So earlier today I asked for your input…..what do YOU think?

This was my question:

NATIONAL POLL: Do You Think President Trump Should Declare “Limited” Martial Law In All 7 Swing States?

I was very interested to see how this would turn out.

Martial Law is no small matter.

I remember during the Obama occupation (that’s what I call it) there was constant speculation and fear he would declare Martial Law.

It’s not something you want happening on a regular basis….or much at all, really!

It means something has gone horribly wrong.

But that’s kind of the point.

Something DID go horribly wrong here.

We all know the election was stolen, using who knows how many different types of fraud.

And yet it feels like nothing is being done about it.

So I was curious to see if Americans would support President Trump declaring Martial Law to save our country and stop and prove election fraud!

Over 2,100 of you voted and you sent a VERY clear message: YES!

At 98.8%, you resoundingly said you would support this!

So when Lin Wood tweets to President Trump saying Americans support Martial Law, do it! …… he’s right!

Here was his post on Parler:

Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Minnesota & Pennsylvania are states in which martial law should be imposed & machines/ballots seized. 7 states under martial law. 43 states not under martial law. I like those numbers. Do it President Trump! Nation supports you.

— LLinWood linwood Saturday, December 19, 2020

He posted the same message to Twitter:

Lin Wood also Tweeted this:

The Nation supports you, Mr. President.

80 million Americans have your back and at a rate of 98.8%, we fully support you declaring Martial Law if it is necessary to save the country and prove the election fraud.

Declare Martial Law.

NATIONAL POLL: Do You Still Support President Trump?

Seize the voting machines.

Disclose EVERYTHING to the public.

It’s time.


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