Dominion CEO: “Dominion Employees Were There To Clean Glass On Machines”

The Dominion CEO claimed that the Dominion employees, which are privately contracted and hired by Dominion were there to wipe down machines.


Are supposed to believe this absurd lie?

Are we to truly believe that Dominion voting systems, a company which is concerned with profits, hired, contracted and or spent money on employees to wipe down glass on voting terminals? 

The poll workers could not do it themselves? 

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This was the excuse given by the Dominion CEO for the presence of paid, private workers on behalf of Dominion systems, there at the polling places. 

You cant make this stuff up, this is actually the excuse he gave. 

Check it out:

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100 Percent Fed Up did a bit of investigative journalism, and found: 

Poulos told the Oversight Committee that he wouldn’t discuss individual employees of contractors of Dominion Voting Systems, but two hours into the hearing…he began speaking about Nick Ikonomakis, Samuel Challandes, and Melissa Carone.

But that’s not it…

In addition to breaking his promise about speaking of Dominion employees or contractors, Poulos LIED saying these individuals “were there to clean the glass on the machines.” Yes, you read that correctly…Dominion CEO John Poulos told the MI Senate Oversight Committee that these individuals were there to clean the glass on the machines.

We know that simply is NOT true.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Mellissa Carone, who was a Dominion "glass cleaner": 

Mellissa Carone is the courageous Dominion whistleblower who came forward to allege major systemic voting fraud at the TCF Center in Detroit on election night 2020. This week, the CEO of Dominion Voting Services, John Poulos, testified before the Michigan Senate.

Poulos was papering over the dozens of witness statements that allege there was an active conspiracy to fraud the vote from President Donald Trump on election night. Poulos, by most mainstream media accounts, delivered an impressive job generally answering the questions from Michigan’s state Senators.

There were no steel ballot boxes underneath the tabulating machines at the TCF Center catching ballots as they were counted, as Poulos has claimed.

Ties to Smartmatic software – Carone says internal documents from Dominion reference its software pedigree as descending from Smartmatic, which was designed to help fraud the Venezuelan elections in 2004, even though Poulos has tried to say this is nothing but a ‘disinformation’ campaign.

Dominion is a far-left company, whose employees and owners were making ‘countless’ anti-Trump and anti-Republican statements on election night, as the votes were being tabulated. Even though Poulos claims they are non-partisan, Carone says they were left-wing extremists.

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