Arizona State Senate Issues Subpoena Of The Dominion Forensic Exam

The Arizona State Legislature issued a subpoena of the Dominion forensic exam in Maricopa county, in order to shed more transparency into the 2020 elections


After the seismic findings of the forensic audit conducted by Allied Security Systems 

Many are left with grave concerns over the validity, and implications of the 2020 election. Concerns are of course amplified by the very real possibility of China influencing our elections

The Arizona State Legislature shares this concern and requested that a forensic exam of Dominion voting terminals in Maricopa County, be subpoenaed. 

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Take a look at the latest developments: 

The Blaze reported the story here:

According to KJZZ-TV, Farnsworth argued that enough questions have been raised about the accuracy and security of the machines to justify the action, especially since Democratic candidate Joe Biden only narrowly defeated President Donald Trump by roughly 11,000 votes in the state.

The lawmaker's announcement followed more than six hours of testimony on Monday in the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee, of which Farnsworth is the chairman. During the hearing, Republican state senators grilled Maricopa County elections director Scott Jarrett over the reliability of the results.

"There is evidence of tampering, there is evidence of fraud," Farnsworth said in announcing the action, according to the Arizona Mirror, adding that a forensic audit could help restore confidence that the election was fair and legal.

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The National File had more: 

During the hearing, a Maricopa County representative claimed that they could not complete an audit of the Dominion Voting machines and software used, due to the ongoing litigation, as they could be accused of tampering with evidence. “Once the election in its entirety is over, the board has much more freedom,” the representative said.

In his closing statements, State Senator Farnsworth said he understood that they felt constrained, but that he didn’t agree with their assessment:

As we heard in testimony, these lawsuits seek a forensic audit as the relief, and performing such an audit would render moot the legal action currently before court… Nevertheless I am sensitive to the county’s position, and the threat of ongoing litigation, or additional litigation, which means there is no reasonable expectation that the audit will occur any time soon… which continues to lead our constituents into believing this election was compromised.

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