Shady Fundraising Practices On Behalf Of Dominion Voting Systems Raise Serious Questions

The election systems co, has drawn serious criticism, after sources indicate that a round of investment funding right before the election may include foreign actors


Is Dominion essentially a Chinese company? 

This is the question many are asking, after a round of investment funding made right before the 2020 presidential election raised serious concerns, as to who the investors were. 

The voting systems company has been used all over South America, including elections by the Maduro and Chavez regimes. 

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And a recent forensic audit by Allied Secuirty Systems, found that the machines were intentionally built to create systemic election fraud.  

Dominion is not exactly a company with a spotless history, nor is election tampering something beyond the capabilities of, nor below the moral standards of the Chinese Communist Party. 

So the question is certainly a fair one to ask.

Take a look at the latest developments on the story: 

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NTD News reported: 

Dominion Voting Systems has come under scrutiny for its ownership structure after its parent company raised funds with the help of a Swiss bank before the 2020 U.S. presidential election. The transaction, peculiar in several ways, has led some to speculate a Chinese entity could be the indirect investor of Dominion.

Staple Street Capital Group LLC, a New York-based private equity (PE) firm, acquired Dominion Voting Systems Corp. in 2018. The maker of electronic voting systems has been at the center of election fraud claims since Nov. 3.

UBS Securities LLC, the New York-based subsidiary of Swiss bank UBS, helped Staple Street raise $400 million from investors for its third fund on Oct. 8, according to public records.

The New York subsidiary operates as the investment banking division of the Swiss bank, providing investment and broker-dealer services to its global clients. In this transaction, UBS is assumed to serve as a placement agent, selling partnership interests of the PE fund to UBS’s clients.

The recent fundraising, however, prompted some to speculate that a Chinese entity or China-affiliated intermediary could be an investor in the fund, making it also an indirect owner of Dominion.

Dominion is a portfolio company of funds managed by Staple Street and neither UBS nor the private equity firm have disclosed details of investors in its third fund despite questions surrounding Dominion’s ownership.

An earlier article by State Scoop revealved some very interesting information: 

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced Monday that his office is awarding a $107 million contract to election-technology vendor Dominion Voting Systems to replace the state’s voting machines ahead of the 2020 presidential election with new equipment that produces paper records of ballots.

Under the new contract, Georgia will phase out the touchscreen devices it has used for the past 17 years. Those direct-recording electronic machines, also known as DREs, do not produce paper trails, raising concerns about the state’s election security and the ability to audit vote totals. The new Dominion devices feature a touchscreen on which voters make their selections, and print out paper ballots to be tabulated.

In total, the state plans to buy more than 30,000 ballot-marking devices and more than 3,500 optical scanners to count completed ballots. The contract calls for the new equipment to be distributed across Georgia’s 159 counties in time for the state’s presidential primaries next March 24. A handful of counties may have the new machines in place for municipal elections this fall.

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