President Trump Sends A Clear Message: “We Have Only Begun To Fight!”

The Commander In Chief issued a bold rallying cry to American Citizens, as the fight for the 2020 election continues


The fight for the 2020 election is just starting. 

This was the bold rallying cry President Trump issued to patriots all over the country. 

And as evidence continues to pour in, like the seismic findings of the Dominin forensic audit, things seem to be heating up. 

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To alleged President-Elect Biden, and his left wing marxist supporters, this election is FAR from over. 

Check it out: 

NTD News reported: 

The Supreme Court’s dismissal of the Texas lawsuit was seen by many as a crushing blow to the Trump campaign.

But President Donald Trump rallied by tweeting: “We have just begun to fight.”

So what avenues are left?

The Texas Republican Party issued a notice suggesting like-minded states should secede. While Trump’s legal team has come up with a plan. President Trump also signaled his approval Friday night.

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Breitbart also had a related report: 

Brooks told host Lou Dobbs about his effort to challenge the Electoral College, which has happened as recently as 2017 after Donald Trump won the presidential election. “Well, it’s happened many times in the past,” Brooks said. “Apparently, some folks have not done their history. By way of example, the Democrats in the House tried it in 2017 when they tried to strike Alabama’s votes for Donald Trump. Georgia, the same way, the House Democrats tried to strike it. Barbara Boxer tried to strike Ohio for George Bush back in 2005, so this is not unusual. The law is very clear, the House of Representatives in combination with the United States Senate has the lawful authority to accept or reject Electoral College vote submissions from states that have such flawed election systems that they’re not worthy of our trust.”

And in this instance, with what has happened nationally, I’m quite confident that if we only counted lawful votes cast by eligible American citizens, Donald Trump won the Electoral College, and we should not be counting illegal votes and putting in an illegitimate President of the United States.” he continued.

The Alabama Republican congressman also pledged not to be a part of what he deemed the “surrender caucus” with the GOP, adding that he needs a U.S. Senator to join his challenge to the Electoral College for it to be successful.

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