Urgent Prayer Call For President Trump….Can We Get ONE MILLION Praying?


Earlier today I asked you to join us as we pray for President Trump.

I set a goal of ONE MILLION people praying for our President all at once.

And we’re getting there!

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Here is what I sent out:

URGENT PRAYER CALL: Add Your Prayers For President Trump To Expose ALL Election Fraud and WIN!

And the prayers have poured in all day.

I’m going to list them all below but I’m asking your YOUR help in keeping this going.

Will you please share this everywhere?


Mr. President, I continue to pray for your protection, your family and our Country. I ask God to bless you, give you strength to persevere and return our country back to Him. Please keep fighting for us! Sandy
Dear Mr. President,
I pray that God gives you strength and courage and wisdom to continue to fight for the American people to Keep America Great and protect our freedoms.  I pray the lies and corruption  are exposed and the evil doers are held accountable.  God Bless You and your dear family and keep you safe.  Amen.
We praise you Lord Jesus for you are the Alpha, and the Omega and you alone can make things right for President Trump and this election. We pray to you for the truth to be seen.  ‘In your Holy name.  Amen Susan
Praying for President Trump that the authorities will listen and agree with him that there has been massive voter fraud and will overturn the election results giving him anther 4 years.  God bless President Trump and keep him well and strong.  Amen!….from Australia 🇦🇺 Pauline
Precious Jesus I pray for President Donald Trump. I’m asking for his protection, for his election success and that he will be our president for 4 more years. I ask this through the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus Christ.  Hold President Trump in the palm of Your hand dearest Jesus. Maria
Praying a 54 Day rosary novena for President Trump, today is day 28 of 54. God is greater than our enemies! #PrayTheRosary #UseTheWeapon Andrea
Yes President Trump won big time on November 3rd And then the voter fraud started with the states shutting down this is treason these people need to be tried for treason and voter fraud President Trump won Gordon
Praying for you today and every day. Gilda
Please Lord let the fraud voting be exposed and give President Trump the victory he deserved!!! Linford
Dear heavenly father please send your angels to guard our president.  May your wisdom guide him. Open our eyes and our ears lord to better hear you. Guide us to serve you. Thank you for your many blessings. In your name we pray. AMEN Joyce
Dear Lord, I believe and trust in you, that you will expose all the evil and corruption, and surround Donald Trump and his family and his administration with warrior angels to defeat Satan and the evil corrupt deep state. I know this is a battle for the salvation of our nation under God. And please Lord allow us to keep the senate.
You are never late, but you are exposing all the corrupt.
In All things Lord, Thy Will Be Done! Amen
Dear God, I’m asking You to put peace in the hearts of those who are filled with hate for this country and our president. I pray all plans to destroy this country will fail.

Please God, drag corruption and fraud into the light. That what is hidden will be uncovered and revealed.
That the schemes of the enemy be thwarted. That You would scramble and confuse plots of destruction and cheating.
That the root of deceit and corruption is uncovered and revealed.
That all legal votes will be counted and all illegal votes will not be counted.

I pray for the recovery of the patients with Covid 19 and for protection for those who have not yet suffered the infection. I ask you God for help to find what will end Covid-19. I ask for the Holy Spirit to guide all people toward You and toward peace. And for the ones who don’t know you LORD, I pray that they will open their hearts and let you come in to their hearts. Thank you for all the blessings you have given me and my family. Keep us safe from harm and danger, sickness and disease and keep us mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually well. Lord I continue to pray that we become one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Give us the opportunity and the courage to teach others more about You and to love them where they are at. Bless and protect our police officers and military men and women. Take care of them and watch over them as we pray for the United States of America.

We lift President Trump and his family up to You regarding the election. We pray for all legal teams seeking out fraud and illegal voting. I pray that remedies will be delivered that will reject all illegal votes and allow the rightful winner to be elected as our President.
Lord we come to you now for mercy for this nation! Lord bless this country! I lift up to you our president Lord! Protect him Lord from all harm and from all evil! Cover him Lord I pray with the blood of Jesus! I cast out every demonic spirit coming against him! I bind it and I cancel any demonic plans against our president and against this nation in the name of Jesus!  I pray that you bless and prosper his reelection campaign and that he will easily win reelection as well as the republicans win majority of the House of Representatives and keep the majority in the Senate.

– Thank you for protecting him from accidents, disease, injury, or any other physical, mental or emotional abuse or harm. For giving him and his family a quick full recovery from Covid-19.

Thank you for:
-Providing wisdom, knowledge and protection to our Country & it’s Leadership.
-For giving President Trump the strength and wisdom to Keep America Great and Safe!
– For surrounding him with those who will honor, protect and pray for him.
-Thank you for protecting him from the evil one.
-For protecting him from the evil and corrupt plans of the liberal left.  We pray that you strike down those who wish to do him, and Your agenda, harm!   Repay them according to their deeds. Give him strength to fight the good fight of faith and to Keep America Great and Safe.
-We pray for the leaders and law makers in this country oh Lord! Protect them all Lord against the plans of the enemy!

FATHER, GOD, we lift President Trump into Your hands and ask You to strengthen, protect, guide and comfort him and his family. We pray Your will to be done. Father, I know You are in control and in my heart I believe You placed him (Trump)in this position to help lead and bring You back to the forefront of our Nation. Forgive us as we have gone astray. We glorify You and praise You, Father for who you are, in Your precious Son’s name, Jesus we pray, Amen Vicki
Lord give our President the faith, strength and wisdom to continue to fight this fight. Sharon
Dear Heavenly Father, I am coming to you, humbly asking you to help President Trump and our country. We desperately need your assistance in this desperate and trying time. We are fighting Evil on all corners. We need you to work a miracle and help people see how the Media and Deep State are trying to destroy our country and our democracy. Amen Jenny
Lord help Us to have 4 more years with your blessing on us all in jesus name Amen Stephen
Dear Lord, please keep President Trump safe and please help him to expose all the fraud against him.  Please let him be declared the winner in this election so that he can finish his work to get rid of the evil in our politics.  He is not perfect be any means, but he does love America and I believe that he loves you and wants to get rid of all abortions and pedophilia.  In Jesus name we pray. Frances
Our Heavenly Father, please give our President, strength, wisdom, courage to continue his fight for our freedom, our way of life. Your will be done, with all our heart and soul, we love you Lord, Amen Fay
Lord God I pray for strength, courage, health and faith to keep all our eyes and hearts focused on your sovereign plan for a future. A plan for good and not for evil.
We trust your heart because you love your children that cry out to you to save our nation in your incredible grace. We humbly ask you to restore the rightful election results.
Guide and protect President Trump and Vice-president Pence as well as all those working on this team.  Surround them with guardian angels
In the Holy Name of Christ
🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷  4
🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷 5
Father, we know that truth wins.  Give these attorneys, advisors wisdom and favor with the courts.  Protect President Trump and his family from the evil forces.  No weapon formed against them will prosper, in Jesus Name,amen Peggy
Susan Zook Susan
May God disappoint, expose and disgrace all the enemies of President Trump in Jesus name amen. He will retain his presidenc Samuel
Pray that Justice will be done and that light will be shown upon all evil involved in the election fraud.  Pray for President Trump that he be kept safe and given strength. William
May justice prevail and the forces of evil routed thru the power of St. Michael! Buzz
Longin Longin
We Pray that Donald Trump will lead America to continue to be a light for all nations. “Listen to me, my people; hear me, my nation: Instruction will go out from me; my justice will become a light to the nations” (Isaiah 51:4) Leah
First and foremost Mr President I would like to say thank you for all you have and continue to do for this country. My prayers are for you and family that the Lord wrap His loving arms around you for protection and guidance . God Bless You. Trump 2020 Diana
“You are my King and my God, who decrees victories for Jacob. Through You we push back our enemies; through Your Name we trample our foes. I put no trust in my bow my sword does not bring me victory but You give us victory over our enemies, You put our adversaries to shame. In God we make our boast all day long, and we will praise Your Name forever.” Psalm 44:4-8 In the mighty Name of Jesus…Amen Patti
Heavenly Father, I call forth protection over our president, his family, and all those that are fighting for our country. Give President Trump wisdom to make the necessary decisions to totally expose and destroy the destruction and coruption that has overtake our country. Keep them safe from all harm and all disease as they fight so valiantly for all of us. In Jesus Name let it be. Elizabeth
Father God we ask you in the name of Jesus to be with Donald John Trump, our beloved President who has done more for the #SanctityOfLife, #SanctityOfMarriage & #ReligiousFreedom than any other President along with so many other things! Please protect him & give him your strength & wisdom. Please expose all the voter fraud & let him be victorious! Amen! Bev
Gods continued grace mercy,  favor and protection be with Mr Trump and his family May the good Lord continue to expose the evil in the deep state and bring the light of truth to America. To God be the Glory and his everlasting love be with America Theresa
Dear God please give Donald J Trump strength to fight The evil in our country and put these people in prison and bring glory to you Lord Michael
Heavenly Father I thank you for your hand of protection on President Donald Trump, I thank you for encouraging him & exposing the evil in this election. Kathy
Father, we are asking for forgiveness and asking to keep President Trump as our President Katy
I ask that he be surrounded by all the angels, saints and good spirits and God Judy
God Bless You an Keep You Safe lauren
Please do not give in to this hypocrisy   There is great power in prayer and we are praying for you. Dee
Praying for the Holy Spirit to protect President Trump, his family and his team & to make a path to Victory for our country to stand firm in our faith and devotion to Christ. Kayla
God your children are suffering and are in need of your help to reveal the truth of this election and to heal our nation.  We know you all things are to be done according to your will, we will keep the faith and trust in you and are prepared to accept what you decide, we ask this in your son Jesus Christ. Amen Richard
Father in Heaven, Keep President Trump, his Family and his Legal Teams who are working for him throughout the Land, safe and under Your Close Care. As in Psalm 91.11 – look with love on these good people as they are all working toward keeping Our Nation (which our Founder’s made a Compact with You) – to Keep our Nation under Your Guidance and Care. President Trump has been focused on Our Nation being brought back to One Nation Under God. We pray he can do this with Your Grace.
In Jesus Name. Amen.
Praying For President Trump and his family. Praying that all involved with the fraud and the lies are punished for what they have done. Jennifer
Lord God please protect and lift Our President up and give him the strength and courage to keep up the fight towards regaining the Presidency which he actually won and with your help Lord to defeat the fraud and evil that has taken over the democrats.  Amen! Trish
May God bless the POTUS Trump and guide him savely through the election. MAGA. Fabian
Pray for strength and clarity. Dawn
I pray for Trump every night Trump 2020 margaret
I pray that trump will reclaim victory from the dems mouth ! mark
Dear Heavenly Father, We Praise and Thank You For Victory For Donald Trump and Victory For You Lord so Your Will And Agenda through Our Commander and Chief Will be Done. Oh Lord, You and Donald Trump Are A Majority. When You All Have Victory The American People Have Victory!! He’s Already Won!! The Victory Is Ours. We Thank Praise And Eorship You!! Fir Your Arm is not shortened and there is Nothing You cannot do. With God All Things Are Possible!! Praise God And Hallelujah!! We Pray These Things In The Mighty Name Of Jesus!! The King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords. AMEN. SO BE IT Carla
Lord Jesus please bless President Donald J Trump and his family. I ask you to give him extraordinarily favor and give him the victory in this election and the courts. Four more years as our President and expose all the lies, treachery and treason against our President and our nation in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Doug
May the FATHER & SON protect President Trump and Vice President Pence from any and all evil powers. Let GOD’s truth , power, and protection reign supreme! Amen. Bert
Dear Jesus, bless this president and our nation by revealing the TRUE 2020 election results so that our God-fearing president can take his rightful, legal place in the White House for the next four years.  The USA desperately needs the guidance of a God-inspired leader.  In Jesus precious name, AMEN. Carol
Heavenly Father, our President need prayers that God will over come the Dems that are trying to change our country to their evil ways. Help him to get the Supreme court to listen to evidence that the election was fraud. We need a President that will continue to make America great. Touch his heart if there is anything that stands between God and himself. Amen Annette
Dear God, please take special care of our wonderful President!  He is the best President we’ve had in my 86 years.  What happened to him is so evil, and people who did this to him should be punished. Ann
pastor gary and liz gary
GOD I Ask, protect PRESIDENT TRUMP and his family members. I pray PSALMS 91 over him. Carol
May our President and First lady be blessed and filled with the Wisdom of the HOLY SPIRIT and the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
And may the Lord reveal all corruption and bring us victory.
Dear Lord please watch over the President of the United States of America! Lord please give him the strength to bring this country back from the edge and Lord I ask that American comes back to you I ask this in Jesus name amen! Jim
We pray specifically today for our current president; we pray that President Trump would draw near to you—that he would seek you above all other things. We pray that you would be an undeniable Burt
Praying that All the illegitimate votes would be thrown out, and that By the Grace of God, President Trump is re-elected as President. Carl
May God protect and guide you, and give you strength and wisdom to fight the evil forces that are attacking our country. God bless you for all you have done for our country and all you will accomplish in the future. Leslie
Lord God, thank you for giving us President Trump and all you have allowed him to do. Please protect him and those working with and for him. In Jesus’ mighty Name, may the demonic forces working against our president and our country be brought down in defeat. Bring all of the truth about the voter fraud to light. Open the eyes of those who are deceived by the evil powers of darkness. Reveal your Truth!  Please allow this facade of an election be overturned and please allow us to have President Trump as our president for 4 more years!  And may many souls be brought into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ! In the mighty Name of Jesus I pray!  Amen. Mavis
Prayers! Vann
I Prayer in Jesus name for Pres. Trump. John
Jeffrey Jeffrey
God Bless this man & Protect him. His shoulders are very heavy Pamela
… my family sends  out prayers daily for you, your family and your administration… God Bless America … Michelle
Godspeed Mr President Shelley
Dear God allow fairness, truth and honesty to shine through in the 2020 US election.   Amen Leo
May the peace of the Lord be with you always Carol
May God bless you and guide you Susanna
Keep fighting we need you Richard
May GOD build a hedge around you and your family and keep you healthy!  May GOD give you strength, courage, patience, and wisdom to endure whatever is placed in front of you in JESUS name I pray! Amen Donna
Dear lord, our saviour we praise Jesus Christ
Please protect your children and give guidance and shield mr president from evil, as we help give light where there is darkness please oh lord
Gordy Wilson
Most Heavily Father , we call on on you to bestow yourBlessings  on the President of the United State’s of America. Let integrity reign in our national election. Joe
Lord, you are in charge, please protect this nation and our president with your truth. Amen Paul
Lord I Am Praying For A Victory For Our President Donald J TRUMP For A Second Term and That You Will  Bring To Light All The People That Have Committed Fraud In This Election. In Your Holy Name,  AMEN and AMEN John
Holy Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit,
Please shield & protect your servant President Trump from the evil ones that serve satan. Hold President Trump & give him strength, wisdom, & peace to serve You boldly. Lord, You have mighty plans for Trump & America. Let him know he is not alone as You pathe the way for success. Protect his family & cabinet for Your Glory. Shelter him in Your mighty arms with Your power. The battle is fierce, but I know the battle is the Lord’s; enable Trump to hear Your Voice to make wise choices, & empower him to do Your will. Victory is coming! Hallelujah! God wins! Trump wins! Praise & Glory to God! Breathe Your Holy Spirit into him. Thank you Lord in the name of Jesus Christ, & in the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Lord, if it be your will, please prove the cheating that has gone on in this election.  Please show that President Trump really won the election.  I know that praying to you is the only way to know the truth.  In Jesus name, amen. Carey
Most merciful god wrap your arms around PRESIDENT trump guide and protect him amen Teresa
Thank you, Lord, for Your many blessings on our country, our President & all his cabinet, & all our leaders at every level.  I pray for Your peace, wisdom & discernment for my President & his family. Cecilia
God bless, president trump, protect him and his family. Expose the fraud and corruption, in this election.  Show that he is the true winner of the election. That he is our president , for the next four years.  In Jesus name, amen , amen and amen. Maryann
This is a prayer for the greatist president of all time to stay steady and strong against all of the leftist bullieing and fraud and we will win hugely. kenna
Dear Lord we prat right now for President Trump.  We rebuke Satan and his Demons from trying to steal the election. We plead the Blood of Jesus over America Lord and pray for a miracle for President Trump that he will win this election and America will turn back to you Lord. We pray this in the mighty name of Jesus. Jacque
God bless President Trump and his efforts. jerri
The Evan and Dottyjo Pope family Evan and Dottyjo
Father GOD, give wisdom, understanding, and clarity to President Trump , VP Pence, and cabinet members.  Expose the darkness and shatter the enemy.  To You, oh LORD, belongs all glory and honor and praise.  In Jesus’ name, I pray.  Amen Susan
May the Holy Spirit have mercy on Donald Trump Richard
Dear Lord please bless & help these people to see the truth in this election. Please rectify the wrong doing & place him back in the Whitehouse. In Jesus name, Amen Ann
I stand in agreement with the family of God in prayer for President Trump, his family and America.  I ask God to surround our President with His angles and protect him. Judi
God bless you. We need you as our President Marion
I have prayed for Trump to win this election as we all know it was stolen! Billy
Stay strong in your fight! God is winning! You have been chosen. By God. I pray you stay strong and have faith. You will be in the Whitehouse for for 4 more years. Praise God!! Linda
I have a rosary of prayers for you president Trump Stephanie
Lord, I pray the men and women involved in making this fraudulent election right, do the right thing and make sure every legal vote is counted. I pray everyone involved in the fraud, theft of our right to an honest election is held accountable, sentenced to the maximum punishment. I pray for continuing strength to Trump, his family and team. Amen Angie
Stay strong. We are behind you! Terri
Pray for Mr. Trump and his family guide his hand when he makes policy for the nation. And God Protect Trump and his family. Edward
With God at your side, stay the course and drain that swamp Mr.President Trump. In Jesus name, Amen Dan
Heavenly Father please help us to keep our President in office say this in your name Jesus Christ AMEN Marlys
Stay strong. Hold your head high!  We are praying for the darkness to be exposed and the light to explode!  For righteousness to prevail!  May your trust and faith in God grow abundantly during this fiery trial! Tim
President Trump, we believe in you and pray daily for you. May God’s will be done in your life. Judy
Lord, please save our country. Ron
God, Please keep president Trump safe and help him accomplish all good things. Marylyn
Father, we lift up our Beloved President Donald J Trump to u! Reveal the ones that have sinned against him and us and committed corrupt deeds and aim to tear down our country! Comfort him and protect him from all harm! Lift his family up in your peace! Amen Vicky
Father God, Thy will be done! Marcia
May all deception and fraud be revealed and truth and righteousness prevail.  May God guide and  protect President Trump, his family and those who are helping him in this fight to restore respect for law and order, constitutional principles and free and fair elections in our nation. Coley
Dear God, please help us, your humble servants, in keeping the man who believes in you and Jesus, to remain our commander in chief. We need your help and cannot fight the good fight without you. In Christ’s name we pray, Amen Kat
Heavenly Father, I beg you to expose all fraud against our president and the election process through the merits of Jesus Christ our savior. Amen Agnes
Father God please intervene in the election of the USA on November 3, 2020 which was fraught with corruption and justice needs to be done…..only You Lord God Jesus can bring about Justice as You are our Supreme Judge as You are completely impartial and You understand and see everything that has taken place.  We ordinary people cry out to You as You are our only hope.  Please walk with President Donald J Trump giving him wisdom, guidance and and encouragement along with strength!  In Your Mighty Name Jesus Christ i pray Amen Cozette
Heavenly Father, I want to thank you for hearing our cries to return this nation back to its Judeo-Christian roots.  I want to thank you for exposing ALL the graft and corruption that we weren’t even aware was so extensive and ran so deep in our country.   Thank you for answering the prayers of ALL those who have repented over this nation with sincere hearts to see her saved!  Thank you for raising up Donald John Trump to be your instrument to lead us back into the fight way.

And, Lord, I want to thank you for the victory that has already been won for him to continue as our President for the next four years!  I ask that you encourage and protect him.  I declare you are granting him favor and wise strategies on ALL sides against his enemies!   Not only his enemies but the enemies of our country, those that want to dismantle and destroy it.  Your enemies too, Lord, for they mock you, boo you and refuse to acknowledge you as God.  I thank you for each new disclosure of fraud.

I declare the Courts will rule according to the original Constitution.  I declare justice will be done to ALL those who have conspired to defraud the people of their voice being heard regardless of who they are!

I ask that you send your guardian warrior angels to protect ALL those that are coming forward to testify to what they have witnessed.  Strengthen each of them and every lawyer taking up the fight for right, to stay in the fight to the very end!

Lord, I ask  you to refresh, revitalize, renew and strengthen President Trump, his whole family, each of his legal team members and each and everyone who has fought faithfully along side him!    I thank you and celebrate the victory that has already been won!  We give you ALL the honor and glory and praise due your mighty Holy Name!  Thank you Jesus!  Amen!!!

Yes, praying for President Trump everyday! Rosalie
Dear Lord in heaven please watch over President Trump, Vice President Pence, all their Family members and all his Administration and Election lawyers😇🙏🇺🇸.   Protect them from all harm and give them the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit reigning down on all those making all the Important decisions!!  🙏🙏🙏😇😇🇺🇸🇺🇸 Donna
I pray to the Lord Almighty to grant you and your family peace in these trying times. Amen Ken
Please Dear Lord give President Trump the will, the strength and the courage to withstand all that he will have to endure to show our nation and the world that truth is the only way to win the election. Help him to get all the evidence he needs to send Biden back into his basement. Scarlett
Extend your blessings and power over our President.  Deliver him in accordance with your will. Linda
Praying for you! We must win and oust Biden. Millicent
Heavenly Father, please watch over President Trump and his entire family. Protect them from the evil in this world. Give him the strength to withstand the ongoing evil assaults and to be a warrior for your truths. Stand with him, guide him and strengthen him with your almighty power.  Amen. Linda
Dear Lord, I ask you to Bless President Trump, Vice President Pence and their families as they fight for the future of this Country . Give them strength , give our Country strength. In Jesus Name ,Amen Connie
May the Holy Spirit provide a shield of protection around our President Donald J Trump. Giving him the strength to continue to fight against the evil trying to destroy our United States of America, One Nation Under GOD!!! Carol
May God’s will be done. Tony
I do pray daily for our President, and gladly do so now! Myron
I declare and decree that Donald Trump will remain in the White House 4 more years and that America will stand as a free and prosperous nation serving the one and only God in Jesus name. Ann
Praying for the church to rise up and pray together for th he truth to bring light to the election results.  Make the world know this was fraud and keep President Trump in office for 4 more years.  We need healing and a nation that calls on the name of the Lord! Mary
Oh Most High Heavenly Father, we pray You send your comfort, strength, resolve, and Truth to our beloved President and his family. Cover them with Your protection, send Your Holy angels to watch every corner of every room or area they are in, to protect them from the evil that is intent on not only destroying them but this amazing country.
Give them the strength to keep fighting the cheaters, the evil, those from the pits of hell. We know this is a spiritual battle, one not against flesh and blood. We declare and decree that Donald J Trump WILL prevail and retain his rightful place as President of the United States! In Jesus’ name AMEN!
God bless our country, guard our President, and expose the fraud brundene
Dear lord Jesus, you have put a man of your choice in the role of President. Pleas look over him and protect him. There is evil surrounding him and trying to remove him. Please pave the way for him to where you want him. The evil will continue if you do not. He needs your help. Thank you Jesus. Amen. Susan
In the name of the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit. Please protect President Trump, his staff & his family.  Keep them safe during these trying times.  Guide him into his 2nd Presidential term.  America needs him now more then ever. In Jesus name, Amen.
Elizabeth Acosta
Almighty Father in Heaven, crush the enemies beneath us, give us the strength to defeat the cheaters, liars thieves and murderers that worship at the altar of abortion and perpetuate a steal of the will of Your people Lord, in this great country of the United States. Lift the veil from those who have been blinded in deceit put forth by those in power. Please save us God, save President Trump and all his people, save our land that is by and of You. In the mighty name of Jesus….Amen Alan
Lord, President Trump has done so much for our country to get it going in the right direction.  He’s fighting abortion, giving us protected borders, working on fair immigration laws, passed wonderful trade agreements for our country, and helped foreign nations make peace with each other.  He’s restored our economy, gotten the unemployment record at lowest levels for all races in our country, and he appointed conservative judges, as well as putting three Supreme Court Justices on the Supreme Court.  We just had a very fraudulent election that many believe Trump won, but there are so many illegal and fraudulent votes that Biden was given the election.  Many are working quite hard to prove the illegalities and make Trump be our president for a second term.  Please, Lord, if it is Your will, I pray the illegalities will be proven and Trump will continue with his second term.  If it is not Your will, I pray Trump will be able to deal with the loss, and continue to help our country in whatever way he can.  Biden plans to do so much that the Trump voters believe are wrong for our country.  Our country was founded on Christian principles and we’d so like to keep it that way.  Please, Sir, help our country to unite and become the great nation our forefathers planned.  Help us return to being a Christian nation, turning to you for guidance in all things.  In Your Name I pray. Susan
Dear Heavenly Father, please guide Our President through the wickedness that surrounds him and give him the strength to carry the heaviest of burdens and defeat the evil that stands in way on his path to victory, In Jesus Name.
Dear Lord, Please honor our President Trump and his family. President Trump is your vessel to stop the evil and corruption that is rampant in our country. Please give him strength and peace. He has worked so hard for us and for you our savior, Jesus. We know you are in control and will continue to use this great man to lead our country. God bless him!  Amen Terri
Father, I pray for your loving strength to envelope our President, Donald Trump through these trying times.  We really need him as our President.  Trump loves you and we love you. Dianne
I ask Dear Lord for everything that President Trump needs to completely expose all voter fraud so President Trump can be our President for 4 more years. I ask this, Lord Jesus, through the Intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Amen. Antoinette
Jesus, I pray Psalm chapter 64 over our nation and election!  That chapter describes the wicked and their evil plans and then it says But you God, begin to act!!!  I pray God for you to intervene in our election, that the fraud will be clearly evident and that all those that need to act justly such as the judges, would do the right thing and make the right decisions.  Oh God save America, have mercy on our nation and strengthen our President and his family and all those who stand with him.  In Jesus name, may we see the victory soon!!!! KIm
Lord give strength wisdom and favor to Pres. Trump. May be honor and glorify you in his life David
Heavenly father,pray for healing to this country and most important I pray for President Trump during this election season. I pray for complete victory for my President ,your servant ,your chosen one. I pray peace over President Trump ‘s win . I pray for peace over America.In Jesus name. Amen. Lali
Lord Jesus please make a way where there seems to be no way for President Trump to continue to be our president for four more years.
Please give him legal access to the decision-makers such as the United States Supreme Court who will see all the evidence of Fraud and rule in his favor in Jesus name I pray
Father I come to you in the Name of Jesus and by Your Holy Spirit to lift up our President Donald J. Trump.  I ask for You to put a covering of 10,000’s of Angels to protect him.  May You expose the fraud of the election and May all the truth of all corruption against.  May You grant peace and mercy.  May Your great arm of strength be granted to him.  May he hold close to You in these difficult days.  In Your mighty and powerful Name,
Arlene Kolb
I pray that God binds the hands of the thieves and the truth prevails. Jesus name I pray amen. Angela
President Trump we pray that God places a shield of protection around you. We pray God gives you self-confidence, courage, strength, wisdom, knowledge, sagacity, the right words to speak to the American people. We pray God against the evil democrats, evil republicans, evil elites billionaires and all those who are trying to destroy President and our country. THANK YOU LORD FOR THE ANSWER TO OUR PRAYERS! Rose
Father we pray for our. President.  Give him your strength to go thru this very trying time.  Bless him and keep him in your care.  Help him not to give up.  GOD in still on the throne and will give him victory. Ruby Riddle
I pray for you daily!!! Kris
God bless the president and family keeping them safe.  And Lord we are asking that he will be vindicated and he will continue as our President.  These things we ask in the blessed name of Jesus Christ. Amen Mary
Father God, please give President Trump a spirit of wisdom, strength & courage to do what you’ve ordained him to do. May your favor be upon him. Protect him by your mighty power & give the victory. Amen Aduddell
We are all here praying for you President Trump.  Thank you great fully for your tireless spirit ❣️❣️ Jan
I am praying that all things in darkness will come to light, that things impossible for man are definitely possible for God, that He will right this wrong, bless and keep Trump, Pence and their families safe, and put Trump back in office in January, after cleaning the House.  I’m praying for God’s people will reach out and seek Him with all in us, and God will hear our prayers, deliver us, and restore a Godly Country. Kathi
Please Lord give President Trump his right full place as President.We luv you Lord Patricia
Everlasting Father God,  thank you for sending Donald Trump as America’s President for such a time as this. We see your hand on him and we ask that You continue to strengthen him and his family with your power. Give him divine strategies to defeat the enemy of America.   Open the doors of deception and let the light of Your truth shine into the darkness.  Oh God You are the righteous Judge. You see the prideful arrogant ones that have shook their fist at You and Your plan and purpose for our nation.  Almighty God bring righteous judgement to those
who have dealt decietfully with our people.  The church decrees and declares that Donald Trump will be President of the United States for at least 4 more years. And that America will be a land of righteous freedom. In the name of Christ Jesus we pray Amen
My Father in Heaven I pray for the safety of President Trump and his family. Give them strength. Keep them from harm. Give all that are fighting for truth in this election Your Wisdom. I pray that justice will come to those who defy You with their lies and total corruption as they are attempting to destroy The Land that you Blessed. One Nation Under God!! Your Will be done. Thank You Lord for Your Love and Faithfulness!! This asked in The Name of our Savior Jesus Christ! Amen! Lou
Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.  Let truth prevail and the wicked lies be demolished.  Thank you Lord for the election victory for Donald Trump, and thank you for protecting him and his family and all the patriots.  Thank you for Sydney Powell,  Giuliani and all the other courageous patriots who are fighting for this republic.  JESUS CHRIST IS LORD AND SAVIOR OF AMERICA AND WE THE PEOPLE LOVE AND HONOR JESUS CHRIST ! Loretta
Father we come to you through your son Jesus Christ and ask that you be with President Trump, protect him and keep him safe. That Through you we will win this battle against the evil that is trying to ruin our country. Through your son Jesus Christ we pray that Trump continues as our President for the next four years; that we are able to stop the false polls.  We ask this all in the name of Jesus Christ through our Father; Amen Karen
🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸 Diana
All of our prayers go out to God for our President Trump wins this re-election 2020 for another 4 years. In Jesus name we pray a  1,000,000 prayers. Richard
Blessings, peace, joy, and perseverance to you. We got this, and so it is, reinforced, done. Jeremy
Dear God, Surround President Trump, his family, and America with Your Angel Virtues and Powers, keep them safe from all enemies, seen and unseen and we ask this, as we ask all things, IN JESUS’ NAME, AMEN!!!! Mrs. Michael
Our Father in Heaven, Please be with President Trump to end the fraud and win the Presidential Election, so he can continue to make America great again; and to expose the evil ones who is trying to keep him out. In Jesus Name, Amen. Brenda
Hallowed be YOUR name, mighty God who sent the Savior.  We pray for our President and his family.  Protect him from physical harm, fill him with hope and the inner joy that only YOU can give.  Convict him of any sin in his life that needs to be addressed and forgiven.  Bless his efforts to keep America Great.  Allow him to return as our president and open the cesspool of corruption in this nation so that it can be cleaned up as well as exposed.  Bless the Lord.  We pray all this in Jesus name. Amen Maralyn
Continue to fight – we are behind you 100%.  Thanks for a great job so far too!! Sharon
Praying for the truth in this election and that you would watch over our President, please keep him safe and healthy.   I ask that you also watch over his legal team and show them the way to the truth so that this election can be over.    Amen Nadine
May the Lord protect Donald Trump against those seeking to destroy him with their evil lies and plans. Let their true intentions be revealed so that our nation, our president and the world can be healed to the way you intended it to be, so that we may glorify you freely, loudly and with peace. I ask this in the name of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen Janet
Praying for President Trump Amanda
God knows the truth and will make it known. Melba
Prayers for our President DONALD J TRUMP and family god bless you Donna
Dear Heavenly Father, please protect Pres. Trump and his family and put him back in the WH for another 4 years.  We need a miracle to win and You are our only hope  Please expose the evil doers and bring them to justice.   Asking for your intervention in the Holy and precious name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Amen Joann
Father God, I pray for your heavenly army of angels to guide and direct our president in everything he is determine to do for our nation.  Please Father  protect him, his loved ones and his administration from all who are coming against them.  Help him to stay strong and not fall under the wiles of the enemy and show him that You are the one that’s holding him up, not his own strength.  Bless him and draw him into truly knowing you more than he’s ever known you before.  I pray he truly turns his heart completely to you, in Jesus name. Delores
Praying for America and your family President Trump. Beth
Praying that President Trump will still be our President for the next 4 years. Amen Donna
Dear Lord please bless and protect president Trump and guide him to another presidential victory !
May all angels guide every step he takes
I’ve been praying for Trump for weeks and will continue til he is in the Oval Office for 4 more years! Linda
Dear God, please be with our President and let the truth come out about the fraud voting.  Just bless him and his family.  Our country needs him.  Please put a shield around him.  Thank you for all you have done and will do to protect him.  These things I pray in Jesus name.  Amen Mary
Lord God almighty I ask that you protect the United States from all the evil that is going on during this time. Bring light to all the voter fraud that has happened in our election this year. Be with President Trump as he works to show the fraud that has happened. Give all that trust and believe in you to persevere during these troubled times and not give up as we battle the evil forces that is trying to take you out of belove Country.
Through Jesus I pray
Heavenly Father, i ask today for your protection over our President and his family. I ask that you let him prevail in this fight of fraud and crimes against him and the American people. Lord I pray that you will expose all that is evil in our government, media , big tech, billionaires and millionaires who are funding all the evil going on right now. Expose them all and let justice be done. Please Lord put President trump back in office for 4 more years. We need him to finish the job you put him in office to do. Keep him and his family healthy and safe, and also Vice President Pence and his family. In Jesus Holy name i pray, Amen !!! Melody
Please place a protective barrier around President Trump. Keep him safe and expose the evil that seeks to tear him down. Give him strength and place him back in the Whitehouse so he may do your work Father.
In Jesus’ name I pray.
Please help Mr Trump rid the earth of the sick evil doers. Walter
Pray for the safe keeping of President Trump and that he will be vindicated in being re-elected David
God bless Dale
Praying for his safety and the victory Tee
Dear Mr, President and family, it is our prayer for thee, to continue on as not only are 45th president, but as God mouth piece, to continue in your telling of compromise and deal making, to bring about peace upon, not only our nation, but yours, and your administrations fine work for world peace and compromise! Also God grant him your will, to finish, and abolish, the evil and corruption that has plagued  america for so long.  We say the things in thy sons holy name, Jesus Christ, Amen!🙏🏻 David and Cindy
Dear Lord, Creator of All, I pray For forgiveness of my sins.  I pray for our Nation and our Leader, President Donald Trump.  Lift him up to rise above all men, save his presidency, protect him, cover him with Your mighty hands, let no harm come to him, keep him, our First Lady, and his family safe.  Lord, we plead for Your intercession, reveal all evil, send angels to point and show the lawyers and staff the evil wrongs done towards our President and All Americans in this election.  God, we ask for you to save this nation for Your glory, to stand sovereign among all nations, to represent Your Son, Jesus Christ.  Lord, be with President Trump and all members of his staff.  Give him the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Sampson, the stones of Your Beloved David, and the Faith and Foresight of Daniel.  Bless our President Trump, Bless America, forgive us our sins, and reveals all evil for all to see. Tresha
God and Mary Bless President Trump! bruce
Heavenly Father, please give President Trump the strength and fortitude to continue fighting the evil on the left and within the republican party who are trying to steal the election through their vast corrupt  network. Barbara
Dear Heavenly FATHER, I pray for a veil of protection over our President and his Family……give him peace and strength to fight the enemy….we the American People who love and support him, YOUR choice to heal our Nation pray he can overcome evil and stand in righteousness as our President for four more years. We love YOU and honor and respect YOUR choice for US, Heavenly FATHER, in YOUR name we pray, amen. Satisha T
Dear God, please hear my prayer🙏 Before Trump announced he was running for President🇺🇸I was concerned about the 2016 election and our country🇺🇸  None of the candidates were in the best interest of America 🇺🇸 While you know color or gender made no difference to me, Hillary was too evil.  She had her turn running our country under the guise of her cheating husband, Bill.  I prayed for one who would put America 🇺🇸first, one who had courage, strength, wisdom, power, influence, tenacity and above all, one who couldn’t or wouldn’t sell out America like Joe Biden has done.  Out of the blue, late but in time, Donald Trump announced he was running for POTUS🇺🇸 I thought, “Why didn’t I think of him?”  Yes, he is the one!  I will go to my grave knowing YOU sent Donald Trump to save America🇺🇸There was a great deal of opposition to Trump coming out the blue.  All I could ever determine no matter what people said, it was all about a woman being President.  I was OK with that, just not Hillary Clinton. It’s the same now in 2020, not only a woman for President🇺🇸but a person of color. It’s clear no one wanted Joe Biden in 1988 or 2008.  No one wants him now.  The votes for Biden were in essence for Kamala Harris who is no more for America 🇺🇸 than Biden.  Both are self serving.  Trump has and continues to have more than the number of supporters to win in 2020.  That’s why the pandemic was created, to insure absentee ballots were the majority way of voting to ensure a way to steal this election from Trump.  I believe with my heart ❤️ and soul YOU sent Trump at the critical time to save America 🇺🇸and it’s free way of life in the same manner YOU sent Jesus, your only son to save mankind.  He was crucified.  Yet he still lives in the hearts and minds of all who BELIEVE in YOU.  Trump has been ridiculed and ostracized from the moment he announced his run for President 🇺🇸It’s been a long, difficult journey with roadblock after roadblock in his way.  You have been with him and the American 🇺🇸 people thus far, please remain with him, his team, his family and all those he needs to get through this trying time.  Trump has been strong, diligent, and has been determined to fight for all of America 🇺🇸and it’s people.  Trump, as well as I can accept losing this election, but not the election being criminally stolen right out from under his eyes 👀 and those of the American 🇺🇸 people.  Please open the hearts, eyes and minds of those whom Satan is controlling.  Please let justice prevail and the judges who ruling on the election cases do so on the law and no on public opinion.  The evidence is there to prove the election was stolen.  America 🇺🇸 and it’s people are in a crisis.  Please save us, save our nation 🇺🇸Please, also let us discover who in America worked with China to release Covid -19.  I ask this through Christ 🙏 our Lord, Amen 🙏 Caroline
Heavenly Father I thank you that the fraud and lies of this election are being revealed so that Donald J Trump is shown to have been elected by the people of the United States of America.
In Jesus Name
I am praying everyday for President Trump for protection, wisdom, guidance and direction to expose the evil people who want to take our freedom. Ruth
I pray you are put back in the White House for four more years we need you and the world also need you amen SERGIO
I pray for my country and my President daily that the truth will be revealed and set us free.  That President Trump stays in office so that he can continue to fight for we the citizens.  President Trump is our only hope at defeating the evil that has taken place in our country.  My prayers goes out to President Trump help him to continue to battle the evil for us. Wendy
Keep healing him Lord Karen
Ruth Hopper Ruth
Praying that Justice will be done & that God will bless you, President Trump & your family with courage, steadfastness & peace! Jane
Heavenly Father, Please protect our President and First Lady…all those who are standing behind him.  Please grant us our freedom and victory in your Holy Name as we sing your Praise and Rise for Your Glory.  Amen Deborah
Dear God please give President Trump the strength to keep fighting for our country and freedoms that are so very precious to us all. In Jesus name , Amen. Michele
The Blood of Yahweh/Jesus prevail against those who would defraud our elections! Brian
shirley shirley
GOD bless Donald Trump! rich
I’m the Name of Jesus I pray that all this cheating and fraud will turn for the good of Our President Trump !  We luv you and so proud of all you have done for our Country !  God Bless you and your Family and Lord God please give him back to us another 4 years ! In Your most High Name Jesus Christ ! !  ! Judy
May God Bless and strengthen you Mr. President and bring work a Great Victory for you and our country. Ed
Gods peace, wisdom, courage and strength. Bryan
Please God hear our prayers… that Jesus’ Precious Blood will cover President Trump and help TRUTH be unveiled from this election so Trump will take his God-given place and continue to be president to stop abortion and keep God in our country Eve
My family and I pray for President Trump’s health, well being, and success as he continues to fight and expose the election fraud and evil doers. We also pray that God in his mercy and truth will continue President Trump as the loyal president of the USA. We also pray that through all of this, Jesus would be glorified in all his majesty as the one and true sovereign God. Mark
Dear Lord. Please grant President Trump and his staff strength, peace, grace , mercy and guidance during these very uncertain times. I pray that you will give our nation strength, help and security. Bless us all and thank you for all that you give us.  Amne Greta
Protect President Trump and his family. Please bring all the dishonesty into light Lord.
Protect the USA and our freedoms.
May people wake up and see what is going on and take a stand. Turn from sinful ways Bring revival to the USA Lord amen!
Kathryn Miller
Yes Lerita
Heavenly Father, we ask that you put a hedge of protection around our President Trump, his family and all the legal teams fighting for him!  Expose ALL the fraud that those in Satan’s force have been doing, we know that in JESUS name the devil and his evil forces are defeated.  Give our President and his legal teams wisdom and fortitude to win this battle.  In Jesus name, Amen Connie
May the Creator of All place His blanket of Protection and strength on and around President Trump and show us the path to destroy the evil that threatens our country and our lives. Margaret
Father God, your word says we have not because we ask not. Father we ask for your guarding, warring, and ministering angels to surround President Trump, his family, Vice President Pence, his family, the white house, the Supreme Court,  the citizens of our country especially all supporters and defenders of President Trump. Father we ask for your angels to surround us with your protection, revelation, and your wisdom as we navigate the days, weeks, months and years ahead. Father we believe this election was won fairly by President Trump. Father expose every lie and it’s perpetrator/s. Cause the truth to reign over this country. Let every Senator and Congressman/woman involved in the fraud in this election be revealed and held accountable in the courts. Father expose and uproot every evil plot and strategies along with every bad actor involved. Hold the media, social media, big tech companies accountable, George Soros, Antifa, BLM and every hidden and covert strategist accountable to be judged by righteous judges. Expose and uproot those involved in a shadow government, the entertainment industry, colleges, our legal systems and cause all evil plots and strategies to be returned back on the original  perpetrators causing their own destruction! Father we declare no weapon formed against our citizens, our country, President Trump, Vice President Pence, the Supreme Court, the Senate will prosper. In Jesus name! To God be the Glory! Terry
For the evil of man has no future, the Lamp of the wicked will be put out….Prov 24:20 Suz
Dear Heavenly Father please steer Our President through these dark days and back into the light of your love. The worlds children need to be saved from all this evil, and feel your love and warmth and the joy of being children. Amen Arlene
Father, I’m asking that you cover President Trump with Your precious Holy Spirit. Give him strength and courage to go the distance into four more years of his presidency. May he be blessed and highly favored as the president You have chosen. In Jesus Name, Amen Phyllis
Heavenly Father, please be with President Trump throughout this process. He’s been through so much since we first heard he was going to run for President 4 years ago. He’s been demeaned and ridiculed for so long. Please give him the strength he needs and see him through this fraudulent election. And please let him come out triumphant!!!
In the precious name of Jesus I pray. AMEN.
Yes,praying for President Trump Ruth
God bless you Donald, your family, and all that surround you. Barry
god bless and keep you each and every day. amen. john
Please, Lord.  President Trump can’t do this alone.  He needs you to support his efforts, keep America free. Mary
Dear glorious beautiful Heavenly Father, we ask you to bless this nation and our president. Please let there be justice and integrity regarding our presidential election. Thank you for hearing this prayer. We love you with all of our hearts.
In Jesus name we pray.
Dear Lord, I pray that all the fraud and corruption that occurred during the 2020 Presidential Election against Donald J Trump will be brought to light.  I pray that the Supreme Court of th United States will listen to and view all the evidence that will be presented to them, and that they will rule in favor of DONALD J TRUMP as the rightful winner of the 2020 U. S. Presidential Election.  In Jesus name.  Amen Bonnie
God we ask  that you   protect President  Trump and allow him to lead this nation.  Help him to remove and defeat the evil ones.  Forgive us of our sins as a nation. Gloria
I want to pray with all my heart for President Trump to win this election.  He has done so much for our country and I want him to continue his work!!!  Please Lord help him win.  Let’s get this election on the right track and help him win!! Verna
May Truth and Justice conquer Theriena
Father God, in the name of Jesus I ask you to please bless our wonderful President, Donald J. Trump. Cover him with the blood of Christ, surround him with the white light of the Holy Spirit and place him within a protective hedge that Satan cannot penetrate.  Please Lord God, bring us a divine reversal and destroy all plots, plans and schemes of the enemy. Please bring us justice and reveal to the world the faces of those who have been hiding in shadows. I pray that you confirm your anointed Donald J. Trump as the rightful winner of the 2020 presidential election. In Jesus’ name, amen and amen. Rose
Heavenly Father, I humbly come before You urgently asking Your merciful and righteous intercession to protect all who love You, believe in You, and have faith that Your chosen one, Donald J. Trump, our beloved President, can expediently eradicate every single fraudulent, evil person from our country. Our country exists because of You, Lord…it was founded on Christian principles and has survived through the years because of our trust in You.  So many are suffering at the diabolical hands of corrupted demons who are against You, Father. Please intercede and expose them for what they are and soften their hearts…open their eyes…to see and acknowledge Your way is the only way…the light that overcomes darkness. Allow us to live for You…to embrace the life of Your Precious Son, Jesus, our Lord and Savior and listen intently to the sacred voice within us; Your Holy Spirit. Heal this land, this broken and sinful world. And I pray that You would allow Your devoted servant, President Trump to be victorious quickly, in this “battle” between good and evil. Free us from those who wish us harm; from the evil that seeks to destroy this beautiful  country…this beautiful world. I pray Your healing hand over all illnesses, whether physical, emotional, or otherwise. Thank you, Father. In the mighty Name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen. Diane
Father we lift up this Nation.. United States of America we agree with your plan for this nation! We repent of our sins including abortions. God only you can bring divine turn around. We ask for divine protection for every person that would stand for what’s right & declaring the Truth in our courts. We declare a divine turn around. It’s a new era for this Nation with righteous leaders. The Walls of Jericho are falling!!!!. By your mighty hand the Justice Scales shall come back to balance. We declare your Glory Shall Fill this land & it shall be a Lighthouse to the nations! We ask you give President Trump supernatural wisdom from heaven with discernment. Hear our cry OH GOD!!! IN JESUS NAME WE PRAY Amen! Terri
President Trump.  I pray that the Lord is with you always. Just look!!! I tell him everyday that you are a good man and to deliver us from all this evil. Thomas
Big God give you the strength to win this battle you’re in Andrea
Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for blessing our Nation with President Trump. Lord guide President Trump and protect him and his family. We are praying for a mighty awakening for our United States that Your Light, Lord, to shine through for ALL to see.  May eyes and ears be opened with those in the darkness that they may see the truth and see the wicked and the corrupt. May your people continue to pray for our country giving you all Praise and Glory. Lord, we pray for the many lost souls that they may come to know you. We pray for honesty with this voting system in the United States that President Trump may continue with his second term to heal our land with Your guidance Lord. We give you all Praise and Glory. We ask for justice to be served for those corrupt that have broken the law and harmed our country’s election.
We ask this Lord in your Precious and Holy Name. Amen
Father, I pray your protection surrounding our President Trump. Give him the strength and words to say during all this ordeal. Lord, let the fraud be exposed and al involved be held accountable. We lift it all to you, Father. Amen Melba
I pray now for our President that he would continue to have the courage and determination to stand strong against the enemy that continues to try to destroy him.  Lord bless all those that work with him to expose the lies and fraud that have come against him.  Lord I pray that all , 100%, of the fraud activity in this past election will be exposed and that each person that was involved in fraudulent activity will confess their part.  Lord convict and touch the hearts of each worker involved that they will step forward confessing their part and that in return they would receive favor.  Lord, grace the hearts of those that would judge, remembering that even though a person was involved in a possible treason activity that person did come forward confessing what they had done and placed themselves at the mercy of the court.  Lord through the things that are about to take place let the United States become reunited as one great Nation once again, and that you would be glorified in all that is about to take place. Charles
Let’s our Lord make the election honest and help Trump be re-elected Roger
I believe you, Our President Trump, won this election and will serve the next 4 years to Keep America Great. Amen Shirley
Dear Father, We are asking in this hour of need to help our President, Donald J.  Trump, his lawyers and all of those in the WhiteHouse striving for a true and honest election to defeat evil in all its ugly forms to win this election.  We ask that you put righteousness back in its proper place, healing our nation from all evil.  We know you are always in control. Amen Susan
Nothing is impossible for God.  Just as Daniel was not killed by the lion, just as the walks of Jericho fell and just as David skew the giant, Gods will be done for the righteous will win.  We are praying and fasting  for wisdom and victory to praise God for Our President who will expose the evil.
God bless you President Trump.  America loves you and America praises God.
Dear God, please help President Trump stay strong as he, with Your Grace, fights the evil amongst us. In Jesus’ name, Amen. Susan
Heavenly Father, I humbly come to you & plead your divine touch on our President, Vice President & their families & our nation! We are fighting against the power of darkness & we ask you shine your light to uncover all the evil we are facing! We can’t do it but you can! I thank you & praise you, the one & only true living God! Amen! Jayne
Please take care of President Trump and family Roma
Heavenly Father, I lift President Trump up to you in prayer and ask that your hand of blessing and protection be upon him as he fights against the evil in this world. Please be with him and guide him with your wisdom and knowledge. In Jesus name I pray….AMEN Regina
I am praying that God will be glorified through all of this! Deborah
Jesus help President Trump to stay stong in Jesus name Amen Naomi
I pray for president Trump to win the election that was stolen from him and the rest of the country and the lord give him the power to call martial law and get our president Trump back in the White House thank you lord 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Amen Irene
I add my prayers for President Trump. I ask for and fraud, dishonesty, meanest and bigotry to be exposed. Please grant our President the power to remain in office. We trust our President. Mary
Please President Stop these bad Democrats Ronnie Paul Jr.
God the Father Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth please protect President Trump from all harm and evil and send the Holy Spirit to give him strength and wisdom to fight the evil that surrounds him. Have mercy on us and on the entire world. Praying for the conversion of all sinners and truth and light to triumph! Mary Immaculate pray for us! Laura
Father, I ask you to strengthen President Trump and guide him in Your Will through this election corruption. Bless Donald Trump and his wife and family and put your hedge of protection around them. Please don’t let the corruption to overcome Your Will. In Jesus’Name, Amen. Michael
Dear Heavenly Father, we come before you in prayer that you make sure president trump wins his well earned reelection that the left is trying to steal! In Jesus holy name we pray, Amen! Michael
Dear Lord, I pray that the authorities will get to the bottom of this fraud election and the guilty ones will be punished.  I pray that President Trump will be elected for 4 more years and that you will bless him and his family and keep them safe from all harm and all evil.  In Jesus name I pray. Wylene
Dear Lord please be with President Trump during these trying times. Please expose all the cheating and cheaters and bring him back to his rightful place in the White House, in Jesus precious name, Amen. Vicki
May God bless President Trump and keep him from discouragement and make him victorious in his fight to expose all the fraud and cheating of this election. Lynn
I pray that you would strengthen and encourage President Trump, his family, his cabinet and legal team. Give them wisdom and favor and strategies to expose the fraud and corruption. Dispatch thousands of angels to surround them and protect them and   give them victory! In Jesus Mighty Name! Amen!! Jamie
Protect President Trump Vice President Pence, his Amininstration Team & his legal team. Thank you Father that your doing a great job of exposing the election fraud in every way as more & more people rise up to testify of witness, professional knowledge regarding the dominion machines. Show your hand Father God & shatter the plans of the enemy, bring them to justice in the Mighty name of Jesus Amen Charlotte
Oh, Heavenly Father, the Creator of all that Is, please send forth Divine Order into the political process in the United States. We give thanks that the man You have chosen to lead our nation is fully and legally our President. Jeannie
Dear God I ask you in your precious name to put your healing hands on our wonderful president Donald J Trump. Help him to fight for this rigged election and let it all come out & bring it forward to show the truth of all the fraud that’s been done in your holy name. Protect Trump and his family while he fights for the rights of voting and the rights that he won the presidential election. Trump is a fabulous president, he loves you dear God, he loves America and he loves the US citizens and wants us to live in a free country and to be protected by the illegals coming into our country and invading it and that’s why he put that wall up for our protection. I ask you sweet Jesus to keep Trump Healthy and stress free for he has been through so much since the day he started his presidency. The dems never let him have one single day of peace but president Trump showed them how they can’t get him down for anything, he still did everything for us and our country in the middle of the dems harassing him and accusing him of everything that they were doing. They were switching it as if Trump was the bad guy. For this isn’t true and dear God you know it that’s why Donald J Trump will be our president for 2020, 4 more years. There is no better man that can handle and do the tough things he did on a daily basis. I love Mr. Trump so much. He has a great sense of humor, he is strong when he speaks and he speaks the truth, 100%. Dear God stay by his side, have his angels with him at every moment and wherever these lawsuits go give the political voting management the knowledge to know this was rigged and fraud was performed so Trump can have the victory he deserved on November 3rd 2020. I ask this in your mighty, precious Holy name God and your son Jesus. I have faith that our prayers and these request I asked of you are already answered. Thank you Jesus, thank you dear God. We love you! AMEN! Judy
Father God, you are in charge and we ask you to please put President Trump back in the White House for four more years. Through you he has learned so much and worked so hard for the best for the U.S. and so many other areas of the world. He is so loved although so many have no idea how much he and his family have done for others. Viria
Lord Jesus christ I pray for your wisdom, strength and protection be with President Trump. Grant him the good heath, vitality and power to maintain his position as a beloved leader of our great country. I ask this in your precious name. Mary
I pray for President Trump.to be strong and keep.fighting.  You are needed to saveAmerica.
Bless you and family
I pray you continue to have the strength to carry through with your quest on this fraudulent elections. You are my President. Brad
Dear God – Please take care of President Trump and hid family.  Guide all those working for him in the right direction to prove that this investigation is true and that the election was rigged.  Please help the people in the courts to see what evidence they have uncovered.  Thank you for all you do for the people of the United States.  God Bless the world and our President and his family.  Amen. Sharon
Heavenly Father, we give you thanks for the blessings You have provided to the United States with the last four years of Donald Trump’s presidency.  We give you praise and thanks for what you are going to do in light of your promise to us through your prophets today.  Thank you for turning the hearts of Americans to You as the source of our freedoms and liberty.  May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done in exposing the election fraud wherein fraudulent voter returns stole or negated valid returns, and votes for Trump were given to Biden through malicious algorithms in the program tabulations. May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done in the legislatures of the battleground states so the legislators have serious doubts about the integrity of the vote tabulation and procedures of Democrat controlled processing centers, computerized tabulation program and processes, and the lack of wisdom in the mail-out ballot system.  May they reclaim their authority over their states’ voting procedures and not allow the separation of powers to again be violated by the Executive or the Judicial branch of government.  Heavenly Father, we pray against the evil powers and principalities who would bring America under tyranny and remove our freedoms and liberties to use our wealth and substance to provide for our own welfare and honor You as You would lead us in help those who rely upon You.  Heavenly Father, Your Word commands us not to steal or bear false witness, but the past election has revealed just that.  Forgive us that as a nation, we suborned the integrity with which you entrusted us, and restore to us fair and honest elections lest we fall from your grace into a third world autocracy.  We pray and give you thanks, Father, for the restoration of the Presidency of these United Sates of America to Donald Trump.  Amen John
My prayers for President Trump in this battle for the American people! Grace
Praying for president trump and America. May god have his hand on all and guide us. In jesus name amen Stacy
Dear Lord,
Please watch over President Trump and may he continue to be our president for the next 4 years.
Show how evil that the Democratic Party really is!
Amen 🙏🏻
Father God, first I thank you for the opportunity to come to you in prayer and for our Savior Jesus Christ. Lord I beseech you to hear our prayers for our nation and for our President Donald J Trump. We need him Father. With your help, he is our hope in defeating those who would destroy our country and way of life. Lord I know that because of our lifestyle the United States deserves your punishment for our sins. But Father we pray that you would provide mercy once again and give us the opportunity to repent, and turn from our wicked ways. Please protect our President and all who love him and work for him. Please give them wisdom and guidance in decision making and in seeking your will in all that they do. Father help us, your people to be in constant prayer for your will and our preservation.
I ask these things in the name of my Savior Jesus Christ, and for his sake and with thanksgiving. Amen.
Almighty God, please bless our President and his family.  In your infinite wisdom, guide him safely to reelection.   Amen Mike
God bless Big Daddy Robin
In the name of Jesus, I am asking I am asking for the anointing of  donald Trump as president of the USA representing God’s justice and righteousness Don
sending my prayers for our president, keep him strong as he has been through so much. we need him lord more than ever as we do you also. Amen Susan
Most gracious and loving Heavenly Father, we ask you to hold up our wonderful president as he fights the evil in our government and society.  Give him strength, courage, and perseverance.  We are in a time of terrible trouble as well you know.  Please Father expose the corruption, help President Trump and his lawyers, advisers, and administration to learn all the evil and corruption so that they may have what they need to expose the fraud in the election.  I know You are with him. I know You are helping him and I thank you for that.  The majority of America loves and depends on President Trump.  We know he has our best interest at heart and fights for our well being.  He has in almost four years worked nonstop for us and has made many changes and advancements that already has made a huge positive difference in our lives.  We need him Lord Jesus.  Nothing happens without Your consent.  So we plead for your help in this election fraud and we ask you to make sure President Trump gets his second term.  Our lives depend on it.  We do not want to lose our Christianity.  And we know that the Democrat party is more Socialist or Communist now more than ever and will try to take our Christianity away from us.  We will not let them because we love You will all our hearts and know that You are the one true God, Heavenly Father, Lord and Savior, and Holy Spirit.  We love you and we ask for this blessing over our country.  Please expose the corruption.  Grant Donald J. Trump another term.  And be with us forevermore.  In your holy name, we pray, Amen. Mary Alice
We humbly come before you and patiently wait on your perfect timing. We pray for your mightiest angels to surround President Trump and his family and all those who are fighting for good. Please protect al the brave citizens who are coming forward with truth. Please grant our President and all fighting for good Your divine guidance, wisdom, strength and courage. Expose the evil so we may come together as a nation with love for each other and in You.
In Your glorious name we pray, Amen
Lord God,
Please protect President Trump and all who work with him in the causes you have placed in their care. I pray for their success and for all the evil to be exposed and justice fulfilled in this world and the one after.
I have been praying every day for President Trump and his family. Also, I’m praying for the President to win this election, and with the help of God he can turn this country around for the better. K
My wife and I pray daily for our amazing President! Lord please send you angels to protect him and his family! Continue to guide him! Make his path straight, and allow him to serve another 4 years MICHAEL
Heavenly Father God please protect and guide President Trump.  May Truth prevail and the evil deeds come to Light.  May Your will prevail.  Please forgive us for our sins.  By the power, only found in You, show a miracle uncovering all the dishonest deeds. May the righteous one win.   May a peace be found with the Truth You will bring to this nation.   May bad money be shown.   I ask for these things in Your Son Jesus Christ.  Amen Stacey
GOD, Please Preserve Donald J Trump as President of the United States of America! Darryl
Dear Lord we are asking for the power of your Holy Spirit to guide and protect Donald J Trump. Reveal the truth about the fraud and evil that was perpetrated on the 2020 Presidential Election – we ask this in the name of Jesus Christ your beloved son. Jim
God please put your loving arms of protection around President Trump keep him safe and healthy help him and his lawyers prove the voters fraud and let President Trump be re-elected January 20, 2020 please also protect his wife, family, his lawyers, V.P. Pence and family and please heal our land and expose the evil corrupted people in our Country the corrupted Mainstream media and let them be finally held accountable for their crimes and Treason, please let your will be done in Jesus name Amen! Debby
Dear heavenly  father I pray that you will continue 2 work behind the scene to re-elect President Trump. I pray you will put Trump in position  to do your work in this world. To make us United not divided. MARIAN
I thank God for President Trump.  He has made a positive difference in the lives so many Americans and many around the world.  Thank you Lord for protecting our values, for protecting President Trump, for his wisdom and boldness over the past 4 years.  I am so grateful.  Shed light on the truth and may the corruption that is rampant be exposed and brought to justice Judi
Dear Lord, please be with President Donald Trump and I ask you to lift him up right now. He is in need of our prayers. So many people are against him and it seems impossible for him to pull out of this situation involving fraudulent voting in our powerful United States. He is your child, Lord, and you know his heart. You know what his enemies are planning. Please Father, be with President Trump and make him strong for us, his followers. Amen. Maryann
Heavenly Father, Hear Our Prayers. Evil is evident but working hard to deceive us. PLEASE help President Trump and those who are working for him, to fight this evil, expose truth and exact justice. Amen. Thaleia
Dear Heavenly Father, watch over & keep our President safe & healthy so that he may continue to carry on with the great work that he has started. Please watch over our patriots hand in hand to keep our country strong & safe. Keep America always the strong & honorable country as it was founded. Watch over us, I pray. Billie
Lord Jesus I bring our President Trump before you in Jesus name asking you for favor for him to be our president for the next 4 yrs. This country needs him to continue his good work & restore our nation to be a Godly nation. Please allow him to continue! I come against all the evil that would hinder his success in Jesus name. Amen Janet
Dear Jesus. We ask for your will -we know that you raise up leaders and take down leaders. Please allow us to have President Trump for another 4 years and expose the fraud while protecting him and his family. Thank you. In Jesus name. Amen Raelene
Father we pray for strength and safety for President Trump. We pray that the evil is exposed and good will prevail.  We pray these things in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  Amen. Denise
May God bless our country and our President. May God dispel the Evil that has infiltrated our beautiful American existence. Carol
Lord I pray you be with President Trump and family, please keep him in the White House for 4 more years to save this great America he has worked so hard for. Thank you God Amen Paulette
Father God Almighty  we stand in unity before you and praise you for your love and wisdom ..you GAVE us the authority to crush the evil in our daily lives .. .. we ask you to send your angels to bring all election fraud and other to the surface
and for pres Trump and families  protection at all times ..  God is GREATER then the enemy
thank you for Victory soon
Dear Lord Let No Weapon Formed against President Trump Prosper and let the wicked be exposed and punished paul
Lucinda lucinda
I plead the Blood of Jesus over you, President Trump and your wife and son, also your other children, God will stand by you. Barbaras
Dear God, please protect President Trump & his family.
Please let his election become known so our country will be saved from the evil people who want to destroy it. In Jesus’ name. Amen. 🙏🙏🙏
Please Dear God, Save our President. Press Trump is the very best President the USA has ever known. Please let us keep him. Amen Edwina
President Trump you were Sent by God to Protect us from The Evil that has befallen Our Country and other Nations as well. Stay Strong and together we shall see God perform one of his greatest Miracles that will bring you a Second Term along with all of the Country closer to God and ridding this Nation and others of the horrific Evil that has befallen us. We Pray this in the Name of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and Blessed Mother Mary Amen. Donna Herman
I plead the Blood of Jesus over President TRUMP and his family and administration. May he continue to receive Godly Wisdom. Ministering spirits make their way safe. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Stella
Yes, praying for President Trump!! Sarah
Heavenly Father, please blanket President Trump and his family in protection and guide him to do your will, and let the evil doers be defeated and punished.  In Jesus name, Amen Sandra
H. A. Barbree Herbert
Our Heavenly Father,
We ask that You bring the truth to light & cause justice & honor to prevail. We ask a special blessing upon President Trump at this difficult time. Please give him wisdom, courage, strength & protection. We ask that you have mercy on America~forgive us as a Nation for turning our backs on You. Please send a revival to our Country. We ask all these things in Jesus’ precious name. AMEN
Praying for you President Trump, and your family, Vice President Pence and family, may the Lord put His loving hands upon you and the truth about the election come out and you get the Electoral Votes of 410, I saw on TV changes in Penns. from  you to Biden. Dorothy
Dear Lord please keep Donald Trump in office for 4 more years. Our country needs him to save it. Inez
win Glenn
Father in heaven, engulf President Trump with your Holy Spirit, fill him to overflowing with your spirit, strength, and might.  Envelop him with your confidence, assurance, and wisdom.  Bind every demonic evil spirit, witchcraft, and evil planned against him and this YOUR USA!  Thank you Father, that you have heard my prayer and those of millions of others across this nation.  Glorify YOUR name!  In Jesus name we pray! Amen! Shirley
Dear Lord please wrap your arms around our wonderful President Trump. Please bless him, his family, cabinet, and legal team. May they be able to expose all the fraud and criminal acts going on. Please have the election results turned in Trump’s favor so we can have President Trump for another 4 years beginning in 2021. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. Jo
Father, In the Name of Jesus I plead the blood of Jesus Christ from the top of Mr President”s head to the soles of his feet. I thank you that no weapon formed against him will prosper according to Isaiah 54:17. I thank you for exposing all that’s been done in darkness that you bring it to light and Father I thank you that righteous prevails in this matter in Jesus Name. And Lord  I thank you that you send the blast!! Teresa
God watch over you and guidesyou Cindy
I pray. GOD will hear our prayer and keep you in office.
We love you Mr. PRESIDENT
Dear Lord, we ask for your protection and justice for all the brazen voter fraud, that those responsible will be exposed to the whole world and prosecuted.  Thank you for you faithfullness in answering our prayers.  In the name of our Mighty Jesus precious holy name Amen Terry
Prayers for our great president and that he will be our president for the next 4 years. God knows who we need and he is in control. God bless our president and our nation. Jessie
Father in heaven we pray for President Donald J. Trump that you would minister to him. We pray a special anointing in him for wisdom and discernment. We come against all this evil. We pray Lord that you would uncover and expose every bit of this fraud and those involved. Help us , your people to overcome any fear and support your chosen man, President Trump , for such a time as this. God Bless him as he stands in the gap for the United States of America and your people. In Jesus Name! Amen! Lois
St. Michael the Archangel protect President Donald Trump. Marlene
May God give us all the will to fight and WIN!!! Chad
Lord Jesus please protect our President and all those exposing the fraud.  Open the doors to justice for all Americans.  Amen Judy
Father, we lift up our president right now and ask for your strength and protection in Jesus’ name. We are believing  for a victory! Carol
please dear father keep president safe and his family safe and help him to win this election for the sake of this great country. Amen Madeline
God, without Your help, we are the target of Satan. Lord, I know You sent us Trump, and we voted for him again in 2020. Trump honors You, and the Democrats want to remove Your name from our land. God, I’m losing hope! Please expose the fraud and help us. We honor You God. We want You to rule over us. Lori
Lord I pray for Donald Trump and this country to make the best decisions for this country. Help us to stop the evil people who want to take away our freedoms. In your heavenly name. Amen Larry
Lord I just ask that you wrap your arms around President Trump and watch over him and keep him safe and that there is no doubt that he will be our president for 4 more years in Jesus name Amen Carolina
LORD please keep President Trump in the palm of your hands giving him strength to continue to fight for our safety, well being, and the future of our great nation. Amen Alana
I am praying for a miracle of truth being revealed in a mighty way that will change this fraud election! Lor
I pray for President Trump and our country. Dear God please bless him, keep your hands on him and please let him win this battle against the Democrats so that our country can continue to prosper. Bless him and or country in Jesus name I pray! Amen Brenda
Heavenly Father, please protect Donald Trump and his family during this trying time.
Our President has taken everything that the left has thrown him with great patience and commitment.
I pray that you lift up President Trump’s team of lawyers and investgators, judges and others in power to come together and call this election as they should in your eyes.
We believe He was sent by you to eliminate the Deep State and Co from doing harm to our country and people.
We thank you his leadership and his love for America.
In Jesus Name, Amen
Dear Heavenly Father, Please watch over and lead president Trump and all  through this election that all fraud be revealed if it is so and justice be served. Speak to us that we may understand our calling and do what is right. Amen Teresa
I pray for our president that our almighty for protect him and let no negative forces come against him in Jesus name I pray amen !! Adela
May the Good Lord help the rightful winner,win Bill
Hello President Trump I’m behind you 100% I’ve been praying for you constantly and I’m part of a group that’s been praying for you on Facebook and then I’m with Dutch streets pray at 7 every day for the next 7 days so I believe that you will remain in office cuz not only do I want you to that I believe that you deserve to be in that office no one else but you deserves to be the president for the next four years and I will not accept anybody else okay I will keep you in prayer God bless you Charlotte Wilcox Charlotte with an s Sharlotte
We will pray for President Trump, so that he will be spiritually guided through all the political issues and the rampant fraud that has taken place with the ballots. We would pray that he will himself ask for the Lord’s guidance in all that he does. We know he needs the support of the American people and God. Patricia
Please lord God protect President Trump and our Great country from the evil that wish to destroy them both Diana
God Bless our President Bob
Holy Father, please give President Trump your strength and peace to get to the other side of this battle with evil and expose the criminal activity involved in this election! In Jesus name!! Janet
I’m keeping u in prayer that u will prove voter fraud and can continue being my President another four years best of luck and God bless Maris
Prayers Fred
Hear our prayers, Oh Lord; and grant our country a chance to reclaim our Christian roots with new fresh growth – in Jesus name! Gloria
Dear Holy Father let justice be served on a country that strives to serve you. May your will be done and please be with our hearts if things do not work out in out favor. We trust in your plan. Carey
Stay strong to the end! Reed
I am praying for President Trump Bill
Dear Heavenly Father,
My President Trump and my country, America need your help and guidance to keep us from harms way. There are forces that are out to destroy us! Please help and protect my President in any way you can. Thank you 🙏
I pray that the Lord will vindicate President Trump and expose and defeat the corruption that is trying to overthrow the election. I also pray that he would be filled with the Holy Spirit and receive grace and wisdom in these perilous times. Rich
I pray for you daily to have the mind of Christ (I Cor. 2:16), to keep you strong mentally, physically, and spiritually, to keep you and your family safe.  God bless you. Joyce
Heavenly Father – we pray for your chosen President of the United States Donald J Trump. Give him your divine protection, strength, peace, knowledge, wisdom and discernment. Bless him as he fights for your people around the world. Bring swift justice to those who oppose You. In Jesus’ name. Amen Kathy
God we come to you in prayer and humbly ask you to protect our President, our Constitution and our Freedom. May you take out what is not of you from our land in Jesus name AMEN. Norma
Dear Lord, please give President Trump the strength to withstand all of the attacks against him. Bernice
Lord, vindicate President Trump and call those who have tried to steal this election as vengeance is Mine safety the Lord! Kathy
Father in Heaven, we pray for President Trump, his family, and the patriots who are working with him to remedy the crimes that were committed to steal this election and install Godless communists and others into our government and to undue the work this President has done over the last four years.

We pray that the Ga Senate runoff is not stolen, also. Our God is a good God and I have faith that you will protect and guide the President how to stop the tyranny that these satanists and communists are trying to create.

Jesus, if be thy Holy will – send back from whence it came any curses or evil sent against the President, Sidney Powell and this election process. Pat
May God protect, guide and bless you and the many people who are working to expose the fraud and who are trying to make this 2020 election a true reflection of who we the people actually voted for…In Jesus’s name…Amen pam
Heavenly Father, I lift up President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to you, and pray that you bless them, strengthen them, guide them, protect them, and grant them victory. Pray that you put a hedge of protection around our Country’s Godly leaders and give them the courage and the tools they need to stop domestic terrorists trying to take over our Nation. Please help all Federal and local law enforcement to stop all the cheating going on this Nation. Please help all the people on the side of the President’s team to get to the root of it. In the name of your son Jesus Amen! Chau Kunkle
I pray to our Lord everyday that you will remain our President.  You have done a great job and we want you to continue to fight for us and Make America Great Again! Pam
I’m gonna keep you in my prayers until the end of your 2nd term!
How exciting to be alive during this historic time!!
I am praying the Truth will be revealed and it will confront ALL who have relished in the lies. I am praying that this revelation of Truth will be so big that their will be no question of the authenticity and authority to set the liars back for years to come. Frank
for evil exposed and protection for President Ardith
Dear Lord, I pray with all of my heart for President Trump. Please help him to stay strong and stay safe. We need him desperately  for the next 4 years to keep our country on track. Dorothy
Almighty God, you are so merciful to our nation. Please continue to look down and bless us. We ask that truth and honesty guide our election. Open the eyes of those who do not see the evilness and dishonesty. Embolden those who know the truth and protect them as they speak it. We hope and pray that Donald Trump will win be triumphant, if it be your will. Please protect us from the detrimental effects if Biden/Harris should win. Nadine
Dear God, we pray for our Great  President Donald Trump to overcome this horrible deceit and corruption that good honest people have had to experience by the nasty cheating Democrats! We pray to you Lord our god to provide our Great President Trump another 4 fine years as President of this great nation! 🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Dave
God stands with the pure at heart. Lord, be with our President during these trying times. Cynthia
Prayers coming Carolyn
Our Triune Almighty Powerful God In JESUS’ Name Bless Protect And Guide Your Humble Servant Mr. Donald Trump Whom You Made The President Of This Wonderful Nation To Continue His Mission Of Making America Great Again ! Protecting The Rights Of The People of This Nation Under Your Divine Care ! We The Million’s Standing By And Pleading In Your Divine Mercy And Compassion Hear And Answer Our Prayers Knowing Always That Your Will Be Done, Hallelujah ! Amen ! IHS Sup
Praying for our President and country daily and for all the fraud to be exposed! Glenda
Oh Father, please strengthen and encourage President Trump, his family and the millions of us who support him.  Please open and reveal what has been done in the darkness against him and against our country.  Reveal and bring to justice those who perpetrated this evil plan.  Protect our President  and Vice President and all his lawyers who are fighting for truth.  We give You all the Glory and praise Lord!  In Jesus Name, Amen Susan
Dear lord please keep Donald J Trump, his family, and his amazing team of skilled lawyers and military Q team safe from the demons they’re fighting, every day they fight for the truth, help them find and keep the strength to continue as they work tirelessly to succeed in freeing humanity from enslavement,  and make not only America, but the world great again. Please keep the poor children safe and out of harms way. We all owe these great people fighting for justice a debt of gratitude lord and with your love, guidance and support 🙏 they will succeed and free our beautiful planet of these evil demons, thank you 🙏 amen Jayne
I am so thankful you are our President! You took n a huge task when you were elected. We lift you up in our prayers every day! No one else can do the job that you’re doing. My prayer is that God leads you each day and may you find the rest as you trust him! Thank you for all that you do for our country! May God’s angels minister to you every day! Linda
God Bless you the Family and God Bless America Radmilla
May God be with you and protect you and your family Carol
You are the most important president this country has ever had. We need you and God needs to help you win this war against the evil people trying to block you. God help you and God bless you. carla
May President Trump remain strong and faithful and trust in you, Lord Jesus. May the light of your truth shine forth. Amen. Shawn
Lord please protect President Trump from
harm and guide him to
remain focus in seeking
to win his second term.
Yes Lord   I pray for our present president who is Trump and I pray for Him in the most important way.  I pray for Him to be victorious over those that are against him.  I pray this for him in a great way. Frank
God please watch over and protect our President Trump. Guide him and aide him in his decisions. Robert
Lord, You have chosen and anointed President Trump to lead America through these perilous times.  Your will, Lord, will prevail.  Your word, Lord, will prevail.  You are exposing the enemy’s strategies–and You, the Lord of Truth and Justice, will see to it that evil is prosecuted.  Thank You, Jesus, for protecting, guiding, strengthening, and anointing Your chosen one.  Cover our President with Your Peace. You hold him in the palm of Your Hand.  You are his refuge and fortress, a very present help, his God in whom he trusts. Helen
Please Heavenly Father  above. Please keep your Son President Trump,  whom you selected for a time as this, keep him in office, please don’t  let evil take him down. I know you selected President Trump,  and you are not finished with our President  from draining the very deep and evil swamp. Nancy
Continuing in prayer for you, President Trump, that justice will prevail and the truth will be revealed and acted upon. Jeanne
Heavenly Father, I lift my hands up to you today to thank you for your amazing son who died on the cross for our sins in order for us to live.  We are a country under spiritual war right now and the devil and his evil doers are out everywhere hoping to destroy Christianity, America, President Trump and We the People.  We pray for your wisdom, knowledge, strength, Mercy and Grace to overcome them crushing them to ash.  We will adorn our Christian Armor and be right next to you and President Trump with a victory to Your Heavenly Light.  We are your country and your world.  Please keep President Trump and his team safe and please save America the Land of the Free – in your precious name I pray….Amen 🙏❤️🇺🇸 Tracey
Dear God please have mercy on AMERICA and expose
all voter fraud
Please know I appreciate your work mr trump tom
Father, please watch over our dear President Trump, keep him strong and show him the love he so deserves. In your name, I pray.  Amen. Caroline
Offering prayers for President Trump to expose all voting fraud & remain President of this awesome country! Linda
Dear Mr. President and First Lady. May God keep giving you the strength to keep moving for to expose not only the lies but your Presidency! Dear, Lord. Please walk all g side our President and may your Celestial Angels guide and guard our President as he faces the evil in this world. Stay strong Mr. President! We are all here for you. May God keep blessing. Amen.. Lazaro
I Pray for President Trump and his Family that God will keep them all safe and I Pray God will destroy all the EVIL in the USA and help President Trump and his Administration rule for the next four years. Merilyn
President Trump won the election based on LEGAL votes.  May God expose all of the fraud to the decision makers and they have no choice but to rule in Trump’s favor and May the evil-doers go to prison. Donna
Praying for our President and that everything in the election will be brought forth, if things were done illegally!! Praying that our Lord will take care of it all! In His name, Amen Karen
Lord Jesus, arise and show your mighty hand against injustice in our land. Robin
God bless our President M. Donald J Trump Marlene
Please Lord watch over our POTUS TRUMP..keep him safe from harm and illness. Let the Truth come to light and preserve his administration for four more years! God have mercy on America!
Heavenly Father, I‘ve come to you ask for strength, courage, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, compassion, faith and love for our president Donald Trump. He has made such a positive impact on our nation. He has brought back prayer in the White House. He has joined with your chosen people Israel and helped Israel sign treaties with other countries for peace. I can’t imagine that you would not let him finish the job. Please raise him up and allow him to serve the American people 4 more years. I know nothing is impossible thru You, if we have faith. Bless President Trump and his legal team. Give our judges the strength and courage to do the right thing and give the true people’s choice the win, President Donald Trump. Amen! Tina
Dear Lord, we pray for the health and well being of our President.  We plead the precious blood of Jesus over his life and family.  We pray he serves the US for four more years.  Thank you Lord that you hear our prayers in Jesus name.  Amen Donna
Praying for President Trump our President . Amen. Karin
Almighty God, I pray for your protection, strength, blessings and guidance for President Donald J Trump as he fights for our/my nation’s freedoms and liberties and our unalienable God given rights. I pray that all the election fraud will be exposed, reported on by all media, and that all people responsible for fraud will be brought to justice. I pray for the safety of witnesses and prosecutors and judges. I pray that judges who hear the cases will decide to see the evidence and will find it credible and take action. I pray that the true election results will officially declared by US Supreme Court with President Trump winning Louise
I am praying for President and God please hear my prayer. Beverly
I pray that President Trump will find a way to prove all voted. Frauds. Virginia
Heavenly Father strengthen our President as he fights for election integrity and please allow the votes to be corrected to his favor and allow him to serve four more years…there is still so much work to be done to bring those to justice who have betrayed our country and especially those who are involved in evil against children.  Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers and we ask these things in the name of your Son, Jesus. Amen Joanne
“Fight the good fight with all your might.” We need you. Donald
I am praying every day both day &night for you President Donald J Trump & for our Country! My God give you the strength & health to continue to lead our country & May the Truth in those election be revealed & made right! Thank you Lord! Please be President  Trump  & please make this election right for all Americans so President Trump can continue to do a good work to honor you! In Jesus name I pray! Amen🙏🏼🇺🇸♥️ Sonja
Dear Lord please protect Pres Trump from the snares of the Demons seeking the ruin of souls Mercedes
May God’s will be done, here, as it is in Heaven! joseph
I am 87 years young and President Trump is the best President of my lifetime including President Kennedy and President Reagan. Even though Biden has received more than ten votes, those who voted for him have their heads in a place it should not be God Bless President Trump and Going od Bless America. Steve
Delivery the truth Ben
God bless Donald J. Trump, the greatest president of the people I’ve ever experienced in my 75+ years! William
Our Father, Please be with our Presidane, Donald Trump in this very trying time! We pray for the correct count on the vote and we pray that it will turn out right for President Trump and the Amrican people! We thank you for President Trump and for the wonderful nation which You founded and gave to us. We pray our people will one again turn to YOU! Verle Mitchell
We pray for our President, Donald Trump, that you would uphold him by your right hand, keep him in health, and help him to continue to fight the good fight for the soul of this great nation.  As your Word says, ‘Let God be true and every man a liar (Rom3:4) so that you may be proved right when you speak and prevail when you judge’. Or the New Living concludes, ‘you will be proven right in what you say, and you will win your case in court’.  Hallelujah, I am standing on this Word. Judy
Dear Lord Jesus protect our nation and our president from all evil.  By the blood shed of your son Jesus, i ask for your shield of armor to protect this President from the devil and his followers.  I ask this in the name of Jesus! Laura
We are with you My Dear President. Your strength and resolve is Super Human. Thank you and your Beloved Family. Greg Gregory
That our beloved President Trump may continue to drain the swamp and free us from the evil that plots our destruction. Francesca
I pray rosary everyday President Trump is included Caroline
Dear lord please protect President Trump and make him victorious over all his enemies and expose them for the evil people that they are. Please save our country and restore our freedom. Amen. barbara
Praying that all the evil surrounding the fraudulent election will be revealed and our Lord God Almighty’s hand will continue to guide Our President Donald Trump. In God we Trust 🙏🙏 LYNDA
Lord please lead guide and direct our president and what he should do to fulfill your will. Scott
Lord Jesus Christ
Reveal Your Truth
Reveal Your Light
May God bless you always. Michael
Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that your favor will be with our President Trump and this election fraud to be overturned. He is the rightful president and you are able to make it right. Keep the hedge of protection around him and VPPence and their families and all who are helping them. We will give you all the praise and glory in the precious name of Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen! Thank you Lord. Rebekah
Dear Lord Jesus I pray that you would strengthen and uphold our president and that if it’s in accordance with your will, you would give him four more years in the White House. We trust you to do what’s best for us…in Jesus name, amen. Jenelle
Thank you Lord for your hand in guiding President Trump. We rebuke all the attempts of the enemy to kill, steal and destroy. We speak abundant life, through the blood of Jesus, into President Trump, his family and ALL his supporters! Open the eyes of the blinded, Lord!
In Jesus precious name, Amen!
Lord you know the will of the people.  We are trying to save our nation.  President Trump needs your protection.  Please cover him with your strength.  Show him the way.  In Jesus’ name Amen Sherri
Father God of Heaven’s Armies… You are mighty in strength and have all wisdom… Continue to reveal the truth… Give your anointed the strength, courage, boldness, and protection they need to carry out your plan…. Send your mighty army to President Trumps side to fight for him and us… Keep a hedge around his allies… In Jesus amen Debbie
Dear Lord, I pray that President Trump wins the lawsuits he filed regarding the evil, corrupt people in our government that have perpetrated the biggest fraud on the American people and on President Trump. President Trump is a great President, a real patriot who cares about the American people, a very strong man and, I believe, a Godly man. Please watch over him, help him & bless him, his family and America. In Jesus’s name I pray. Amen Sharon
Please God protect our President from the evil surrounding him and give us four more years of his America First Lori
Father in Heaven,  Guide and protect our President and his family and staff from all those who wish to harm them.  Guide him to a pure victory and Bless our Nation once again.  Deliver us from this evil that has come across our great Nation and block those who our involved in such sinful ways to destroy our Nation that you have blessed to us.   In Jesus Christ our Lord name  Amen Teddy
Lord you have said you’d make our latter days great that our former days, uou pour prosperity in us, give us beauty for ashes and strengthen and protect us all the days of our lives!  We are yours and we are Americans and Donald Trump is our President now and for as long as he wishes.  He fears the Lord and lives the Lord and so do we! Peggy
Heavenly Father please insure that President Trump remains our President for four more years and all those guilty of fraud are prosecuted and punished. Please heal our nation. In Your Son’s name Jesus Christ. Amen Kathleen
Father God, I ask that you would be with President Trump and help him to expose the fraud in this election. In Jesus’ name I ask this prayer. Amen! Rosemary
Lord we thank you for the gift of Donald J Trump as Our President.  We need him Lord to finish his work of draining the swamp in Washington DC, welcoming God the Father back into our everyday lives, most especially in our schools and to restore the teaching and pride of Our Rich American History 🇺🇸,
To abolish abortion forever in America and for everyone to value human life from conception to natural death.
Bless Our President Trump and keep him safe from all harm we pray 🙏.  Amen
Dear Lord, thank you for being in control of this election process and for loving us and giving us a President such as President Trump has been these past 4 years! I pray you would surround him with your protecting angels and give his team the supernatural wisdom and guidance that can only come from You! I pray that it be thy will that demonic forces will be held back and the rightful person would be made President again. So much wickedness and corruption has gone on in this election and in the name of Jesus bring to light what has been done in darkness! Thank you for loving us and our President! In Jesus name, Amen Mary
Please, dear God, protect President Trump and his presidency and the American people by showing the truthful results of this nationwide election! Linda
Dear Lord, please give President Trump the wisdom he needs to lead our country to victory.  I pray that he will continue to have the strength and determination to continue to fight for our democracy!  In the name of Jesus,I pray.  Amen Sherry
Oh My God…please look down on your servant Donald J.  Trump and all those who proclaim that you are Our God who protects the United States of America from those who are trying to undo all the wonderful things that You have done for us thru our President, who loves You and this Country with his whole heart.
Help him to remain in office and to further do Your work in keeping Our Country safe, prosperous and Free from tyranny and suppression.  We pray this thru Christ Our Lord. Amen. 🙏🏻🇺🇸
Amy Cole [email protected]
Elvie Prayers
Jesus,intercede with your father, to lead our nation out of the darkness and into the light. Expose the fraud and corruption in our elections. Watch over your people and bless us with righteous leaders. Barbara
Will be praying for are President Linda
power ahead mr president Philip
Lord, I ask you to bless President Trump physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially in the name our Father, his Son and our Holy Spirit in Jesus name. Amen so be it! 45 Patricia
Been praying for President Trump sense God put him in the White House in 2016.  Praying God keep Trump in office we have an asome God he still in control.
Jerry ⛄ 🎅  🎄
May the truth be known about the election of President Trump so that he will be In office for four more years.  God bless President Trump and his family! Nancy
I’m praying all fraud is disclosed. I also pray President Trump, his family and staff  feel Gods presence in their lives snd stay strong. Tracy
Heavenly Father, please bless this man for his faithfulness to thy name. Please keep him safe from all enemies and grant him victory in his fight against the evil seeking to destroy him and our nation. Bless his family and keep them safe from harm. Use him to expose all of those who are committing evil against humanity. Please give him the strength of David in this mighty battle. In Jesus Name, Amen!! Paige
M Ginny
Please Heavenly Father bless our President Trump with Great health, strength and wisdom to be able to keep our Freedom. Help him and his team prove the fraud in the election soon and prosecute those that have broken the law. Be with him and his family and all those that advise him with safety and peace. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank You. Doris
Claudia Schwarz – Sodoma da Fonseca Claudia
pray that the truth will be revealed & all who were part of the fraud will be held accountable. Pray for everyone who is helping the President & prayer for him & his family for strength, comfort,& love from God. julie
Heavenly Father,
Please save this country from the evil leftists that want to destroy it.  I ask that you protect Donald Trump, Mike Pence and their families. Protect his legal team and they fight this fraud and help them be successful. Lead them to sympathetic courts and judges that want fair elections.  Please overturn this election Lord.
In Jesus Name We Pray,
Dear Lord, I pray that President Trump wins the lawsuits he filed to stand against the evil, corrupt people in our government and in the media. The ones that committed voter fraud of all kinds. President Trump is a great President, a very strong man, a patriot who cares about all citizens of America, and I believe, a Godly man. He needs your help. Please bless him, his family and America. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen Sharon
God, please direct President Trump and all those who are working to save our republic as founded. Please keep them all safe from harm and guide them in their decisions. In Jesus’ name. Amen Sheila
We pray for you may God Bless and keep you safe our beloved president. mh
Dear Lord, may the forces of good prevail over this election. May President Trump be victorious and get the second term he won. May the cheaters be caught. Thank you Jesus for all you have done and will do for those live. Amen. Jeanne
Lord please help our President and Vice President during this time of corruption and fraud.  Help them to prove their case and stay in power.  We need them Lord and we know that you can work miracles and that’s what we need now.  Help them to save this country, in Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen Mary
tommy: Lord I ask in Jesus name to be with president Trump and give him wisdom and peace to endeavor this election fraud in your holy name. Amen. tommy
Lord I pray that you will be with our President Donald J. Trump. I pray Father that you will be with and guide him with your wisdom, compassion and love in the coming weeks and month’s ahead. Lord you know that he has done a lot to improve our nation in the past four years under the most challenging and stressful conditions. It seems like the whole world has been against him. Lord our world has gotten so corrupt. It seems today that everything in years past that was considered to be wrong, today most of the world population thinks it is right and everything that was considered right and good is now bad. Please God, forgive us of our sinful ways.
God according to your word there is a day of judgement coming sooner than later. A day of reckoning when we will, not stand before a federally appointed judge, superior or criminal court judge but before God Almighty who shows no favoritism but judges us on whether we know Him as our personal Savior, repented of our sins, turned from our wicked ways and followed Him.
I pray Father that your Holy Spirit will so convict evil ones of their sins that they would bow their heads, confess there sins to you, seek your will for there life and serve you.
Father if it is your will I pray that you will move in such a way that we may continue for another four years with President Trump as our president. America and the world needs him.  I pray that you will anoint and use him to turn our nation back to you before it is everlasting to late.
Father I ask all these things in your perfect will that it may bring honor and glory to your name. Lord I pray your will be done.
Amen and Amen.
Isiah 40-31:  But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
Isiah 7-14:  If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
Thomas S.
Let justice roll down like water Luellyn
God gave us Donald Trump to carry out his will and may Gods will be finished by another 4 years for President Trump John
Praying for God in Heaven to intercede and take control of the evil that is so rampant and so within the hearts of so many. May President Trump be kept strong and filled with the Holy Spirit in mind body and soul, against the evil that will not prevail. But God’s will to be done now and may we have the Faith to Believe that God is in control. Amen Jeanne
President Trump has my Prayers, He helps the American people and we love and have faith in him. with the Lords Help he will make it thru and continue and be the leader of the American People. may the lord watch over and protect President Trump. Warren
Lord Jesus, Please help our president in this reying time… William
Thank You, King Jesus that You reign.  Thank You, Yah for the truth being exposed, and justice reign and that President Donald J. Trump shall lead Your promised land of North America into righteousness, truth and justice, in Jesus’ name, Amen. Joyce
Please my Lord, uncover the truth and keep our beloved president in the White House for 4 more years. Noelle
Lord, I ask you to Bless President Trump and America physically, emotionally, spiritually  and financially! I pray for your will in the name of our father, son and Holy Spirit in Jesus name! Amen so be it! Patricia
Lord, I pray for strength, wisdom, anointing and great peace for President Trump. Please build him up in his inner man, give him support and fill him with joy, for Your name sake Mona Lee
Heavenly Father I pray you place a hedge of safety and security around President Trump.  I pray you give him the stamina to continue serving the country even while he is fighting the fraudulent election. I pray you expose the evil in the country and that the  evil will be prosecuted.  Lord you have placed your servant in a job not many could handle on a good year while surrounded by a virus and election fraud. Give his family strength to endure the false news stations that are puppets.  Keep his family strong and safe.  Continue to watch over OAN Y
Protect Our great President in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord. Joan
Father God I pray your will be done for Our president Trump!Father we need him!In Jesus name I pray Amen Virginia
Our Father in heaven, please help our president to win the election. Michael
Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for being here with us at such a time! We need you to please keep your hand and protection on our President Trump! Please keep him safe! Keep a hedge of protection around all who is working to expose this terrible fraud! Thank you Lord Jesus!
In your name Jesus, Amen!
Father we pray your blessings continue to flow through our President Trump!  Continue to use him for your glory and protect him from all those who bid him harm!  Shed light upon the evil that is trying to take him down! Thank you in Jesus name, Amen! Ed
I pray President Trump will win his victory and not only prove the corruption and bring them all down but continue being our President. In Jesus name Amen Phyllis
Please protect and guide your faithful servant President Trump. He is fighting for the life of this country to be one nation under God. Protect his family and legal team during these trying times. In Jesus’ name, we pray! t
May the glory of the lord shine so bright to expose all fraud and dirty tricks. May all guilty ones confess to their crimes against United States of America. Keep your hedge of protection around the Trump family.
Lord, we will give you the glory . Amen 🙏✝️🇺🇸
Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that Thou wilt give Donald J. Trump strength, will, success, comfort, heart, confidence, support, and love from all the Americans who love him and depend on him to carry forth Thy will for this Thy Promised Land.  Protect him from Satan and his minions that hate him.  Surround him with Thy Guardian Angels to minister to him and keep him safe.  In Jesus Name. Dianna
Lord guide our leader to the righteous answer. Darren
Wisdom and strength to prevail against everything, that truth will be revealed. bev
CAROL [email protected]
Bless our President and give him the courage to continue to keep fighting for our great county.   May the evil be brought to light and the guilty be going to jail or be brought to justice for TREASON. Betty
I pray the the election fraud will be proven a fact and President Trump will win the election. Wallace
Praying for you President Trump.  We all love you and your family.
Our gracious Heavenly Father we come before you right now and we ask you to be with our President and his legal team. I pray all the fraud will be exposed and this election will be overturned and rewarded to President Trump and the American people. Thank You for hearing our call to save our Nation. For its in your Holy Name we Pray Amen. Danny
God, please continue to give President Trump and his family the strength to overcome these vicious times against him and his family.  President Trump is for God, family, Love of Country and the people. I pray with your guidance he will be able to unite this Country to bring peace but only through you our God     Lord and Savior can this happen. Donna Roush
Dear Lord, I pray for your mercy, strength, endurance and blessings for our president. Hold
him in your hands. Please take care of him and this country. Let your peace surround him as he goes about getting America back to Christianity. Thank you. In Jesus name.
Ah Lord God, there is nothing too hard for You! Please expose all wrongdoing in the election and let President Trump and the truth prevail! Please have mercy on us and grant us 4 more years to drain the swamp and preserve our republic. Caryl
>Lord, you sent the Holy Spirit to help the founders of this great nation.  Now please send the Holy Spirit to help find and undo all the election fraud so we can continue as one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all. Jane
Lord i pray the u open door nthe darkness get exposed n the truth prevail…i ask for protection n strength in our president n Jesus name..i decree the America be saves Dora
God of Love, please continue to guide, guard, direct, heal and protect President Trump and his family from all evil. Please provide him the wisdom he needs to make the best decisions, recognize his enemies, deal with them as you see fit, surround himself with those who share his spiritual beliefs and vision and lastly, provide him the courage, emotional and spiritual strength he needs to lead this great nation to a place of peace and prosperity for all American citizens. We ask all of these things in your name, Amen! Nancy
🙏 Mikhail
God speed this need for our country bring victory to Trump, give him strength in Jesus mighty name I pray amen and amen 🙏🏻 Terrie
Heavenly Father bless, strengthen & give President Trump the wisdom he needs in the coming days. IN JESUS NAME.  AMEN & AMEN Patricia
Lord we ask for protection n wisdom to President Trump n lawyers n all those involved in this election fraud that everything hidden  that was done,shall b revealed  n qukly to All N Jesus Mighty Name Amen sarah
May our President be kept safe and given all that is due him.  I know he has secured the election for us; it is up to us to now take it from people I believe know they are doing very bad things.  I pray that our honest people in Washington are kept safe and healthy, and give them joy as they work for us. Ken
Pray for reelection of President Trump and protection from any harm to him and his family! Ron
Dear President Trump,  My husband and I have been fasting, interceding and praying in tongues for you.  We KNOW in our spirits what God has revealed to us about your upcoming 2nd term.  We also know the enemy is trying to steal your crown (Rev. 3:7 & 11).  We pray Isa. 41:10, Psalm 91 and Isa. 54:17 for you daily.  We know that God has given you the victory in the spirit, now waiting to manifest in the physical realm.  Messiah said He will never leave you or forsake you.  Please take comfort in these Scriptures; what has been revealed in the spirit by the true and living God will certainly come to pass.  Blessings and Shalom. Sarah
Praying for our President Trump, his family and those on his team. May all the prayers reach our Heavenly Father and grant peace to the USA. 🙏🏻 Dawn
I’m with you all the way, Mr. President. God Bless. glenn
Thank God for Donald Trump and please bliss him with Victory Landon
God Bless our POTUS, his Family and most of all, the USA. Naomi
Merciful God, hold President Trump in your strong arms.  Give him strength and stamina to fight for the right in this country,  Please Bless America and hold our principals safe . in Christ name, Amen Glenna
Lord , not my will but yours be done. Amen ken
Dear God, please expose the fraud and corruption of this election. Amen. Chris
GOD watch over  Pres Trump during these times ahead.  Amen. Dave
Lord please protect and guide our president and his team so they can bring justice to our people 🙏🙏🙏 Hai
Father God, surround Mr Trump and all those working  with him to save our Republic with your supernatural power, grace and mercy.  In Jesus name, Amen Stephanie
President Trump, we are praying for you as fight for us and seek to prove the voter fraud in this election.
May God give you peace and the strong courage you need to combat the wickedness that abounds in our government and country. God bless you and your family at this Christmas  time.
Father God expose all voter fraud now and send all of those involved in this great fraud to prison and keep our great President Donald J. Trump in office and put warring angels around him with swords drawn and protect him at all times in Jesus name Amen Judy
There are hundreds of joe bidens only one TRUMP GOD BLESS YOU MR.PRESIDENT ALLEN
Dear Father,  I pray for Donald J. Trump, your chosen leader and President of the USA for two terms.  I ask for protection for him, his family, and his supporters.  I ask You to guide him in every decision, strategy, every word he speaks, and that his timing would be in accordance with Your will.  Lord, I know how much You love Donald J. Trump.  He is a President who is loved by his millions of supporters.  Thank You, God, for him.  I am truly grateful.  Please send him all the support he needs from the courts. Thank You for the angels You sent to stand guard around him.  Thank You as we know we are already victorious in Christ, and Trump has won his second term.  Thank You, God, for saving America and using your beloved servant Donald Trump to fight the evil liberal agenda and Deep State.  We trust and believe in You, Lord.  To God be the glory and praise.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen. Diane
For God’s peace in you and your families life Janice
Praying for all fraud to come forth! cindy
Never concede Connie
deus todo poderoso… juarez
God, please let President Trump expose all election fraud and win Sutton
Please Dear Lord look after our President and let him stay our President for another 4years Karen Mangini
God put your hand of protection on our President and Vice President as well their families and staff.
Lord protect the voting machines in AR., Ga., Mi., Wi., Penn. Lord show the fraud loudly from these machines and show Donald J Trump is still the President and Mike Pence our Vice President for 4 more years.
We bind evil forces that are trying to take our President down.
To God we give the glory for the victory of this election.
The evil, chester’s Lord show each and everyone of them and bring them to justice.
In the name of Jesus.
Heavenly Father, please hear my prayer to watch over President Trump and the others fighting for what is true and right. Let your Holy Spirit breathe new life into them and into Your people who so desperately cry out for Your grace and mercy during this trying time and protect us. We know You are moving and working and we need to be patient because everything is in Your time, not ours. We know that You’re fighting an evil that we cannot even begin to imagine. Bless us and our nation that we may find peace in the truths You will reveal! In Jesus’ holy name I pray, Amen. Dawn
🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Alexandra Greenstein
Prayers for energy to keep up the good fight for America Betty
Prayers Raymond
Yes, I will pray for President Trump Adger
Please keep Our President and his family and all the Patriots on the front safe. Barbara
Dear Lord, please help President Trump win the lawsuits he has filed to fight evil and corruption in America. He is a great President.  He has been fighting these evil, corrupt people for 4 years, with your help, and he continues to battle them. He is a strong man but even strong people need help from God. He is patriotic and cares so much about our citizens. He is a Godly man. I pray he wins, in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen Sharon
Lord God , Thank you for all you have done for us as a nation. Thanks for work you are doing now. As we unite to lay hands on our leader,and humble ourselves in prayer.I ask for your healing of our land. Guide Pres.Trump to kneel only to You Our God in Jesus name.Amen Brian
Heavenly Father,
please expose all of the election fraud in America and those responsible. We ask that PresidentTrump be allowed to take his rightful place as our reelected President. May the public’s eyes be opened to the immensely and overwhelming corruption taking place in America and see that justice is proportionate and swift for the guilty.  With expectation  and gratefulness we await Your will to be done.  In your son’s precious name,  Jesus, we pray. Amen
God Bless President Trump and we pray for him our almighty God. A.L.
Father God, You are the Author of all Mercies. We bring our prayers for our country and our President Trump to the Foot of Your Eternal Throne. Save us from those who will destroy America through socialism, communism and Marxism In The Holy Name Of Jesus Amen ✝️💜🙏 Sharon
Father wrap your loving arms around President Trump! Let him feel your presence Lord. Help him seek your face for guidance. Heal our country Father for so many want to destroy it. Debbie
May God Bless and watch over you and your family and all the people on the right side of the Lord Donald
Father and Lord, we pray for our President DJT and all those who surround him and are supporting him in this fight against fraud and evil. Especially we lift up Rudy Guiliani for swift healing by your Almighty Hand! I’m your Son Jesus’ name, Amen. Kara
Father God, I ask you to please set a hedge of protection around our President, his lawyers, his staff, the brave men and women that came forward to tell what they saw or did that was fraudulent in the voting system against President Trump. I pray that you would allow what’s right and good to come forward and that all of the evil and deceit would be brought to light and then prosecuted to the max. I ask that all of the sex trafficking that Hollywood, politicians and everyone in between would be exposed and these sick people would get full punishment. We love you and thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for us. Watch over our country and please let good prevail. In Jesus precious name, Amen. Lisa
Dear Jesus. Please Bless and protect our beloved President Donald J. Trump. Protect him and his family, Amen. LoraMarie
Heavenly Father, we ask that  you continue to bless and guide our President and that if it is your will at this time, President Trump will win the election and continue the work he has done to make our America great again. In Jesus’ name. Joya
God please lead our President Trump to expose this election as a total fraud and serve his term as President ! Linda Arnold
May God be with this nation and with President Trump. May evil and fraud be brought to light and God’s will be done. Protect President Trump and his family. May four more years with President Trump be your will oh Lord 🙏 Pam
Please help President  Trump stay strong and prevail over
the present and ensuing evil
Thank you God
Dear God thank you for overcoming the world. Thank you that in all things we are more than conquerors because of you and your love for us.  Today and everyday help us to turn away from evil and do good, to seek the truth.  Make us eager to maintain unity and slow to become angry.  Guide our feet in the way of peace and teach us to number our days so that we may gain a heart of wisdom.  Heal our lands and bless our people.   Amen Linda
Lord we thank you for President Donald J. Trump.  We thank you for your protection, guidance, and empowerment for him and his family.  We pray that you would pour out an extra measure of your Holy Spirit upon him to guide him and encourage him this day.    We pray that you would confirm your will to us very soon regarding his presidency and that he would be given his deserved re-election to another 4 years as President of the U.S.A.  Thank you Lord that nothing is impossible with God and that you are able and willing to do above and beyond all we can pray and ask.  In Jesus mighty name we pray, Amen. Tom
My prayers are with President Trump and his family every day. May the Lord be with them and protect them from the evil that is trying to destroy them. Susie
God Bless you and keep you safe. America needs you. Luana
protect, strengthen, and encourage president Trump Pat
I praying that cheating and lying doesn’t prosper 🤞 Ron
Dear God I trust that you will answer the prayers of your people and not let lies and fraud govern the outcome of this election. Our trust is in the name of the Lord Betty
Dear Heavenly Father, Please have mercy on this nation. Help us to find favor in your eyes once again. Let there be a revival of love for You sweep this land. May your hand be upon this country and our leader, President Trump. Hear the prayers of your people, Father God. Don’t let evil prevail in this election but Your righteousness! Thank you, Lord. Tracey
Dear Lord please right all these wrongs done to Our President Donald Trump and keep him safe.
Dear God please guide President Trump with your heavenly hands. In Jesus Christ name I pray Cathy Zellers
Lord look over our country. We need Trump. Robin
I pray in Jesus name, to give wisdom to our President Donald Trump and to protect him with your Mighty Shield and Buckler, amen! Juli
Father God,you know the mess America is in.Nothing is a surprise to you.You know our president needs support.I ask you to bless him and give him victory,and by blessing him you are blessing America Make  him strong and wise and to know you have this.Amen Joyce
i am praying for you gerald
Praying for you to have strength & for God’s protection over you & your family & your team.  Being a Mother of a special needs child for 28 years who has seizures 2 to 3 days a week, I know how hard it gets at times.  You’re a strong man & I have faith in God that you will be VICTORIOUS & that also makes us as Americans VICTORIOUS.  We love you!  Dee Vause Dee
Dear God, please bless this great man who you have sent to us, with all the wisdom, prayer, and love for you almighty God, to bring our great nation back to you.  In your holy name I pray. amen Donna
Heavenly Father, through your Glory and if it is Your will, Bless President Donald Trump, allow him to remain as our President and may his actions reflect and glorify your intentions for our great nation. May our nation unite and may Evil be exposed and your judgement be swift. May our nation be under your protection and you remain as our Rock.  Through Your strength and Love may your Light shine brightly on us all and may we share your Love and compassion with all our neighbors, Through the blood of Jesus Christ and for the Glory God, Amen 🙏 Amy
Please bless our president and his family -to keep them safe and help their legal team to show the massive voter fraud that took place. and help so that it may be overcome.  in the name of Jesus Christ. amen. Lyn
Will continue daily prayers for you and excited and waiting to see what our faithful God does on the behalf of our nation and you.  Too many prophecy people have heard from God, and He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Ardus
May God bless you. Keithann
I to my Lord Jesus Christ I ask you to shine Your light on all the FROUD that was done in this national election. Lord this is in your hands, it is up to you to see that your will is done. I have read in the Bible that you handle the doings of the evil in the world and this is the most evil that I have ever seen. You are the only one who can make this right. I thank you Jesus for you having Your hand on this great country from it’s beginning. Please do not let the evil one take it over. We pray in your name Jesus. AMEN Jack
We are constantly praying for President Trump and our country!  Our God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we think or ask!  We Christians cannot be stopped from praying to God who is in charge of everything. Sharon
Praying for our President, our leader – the best President that I’ve ever had in my 77 years on this earth.  I pray that God sends a way for President Donald Trump to remain for four more years as our President.  In Christ’s name, I pray. David
Oh heavenly father lay hands on our President Brother Donald Trump put him back in the house Jimmie
Praying daily for you, your family and all who work for you and with you to expose this fraud. Joan
Dear Father in Heave, God, Lord Jesus Christ, so much hangs in the balance for our nation. My prayer is that we will have 4 more years of President Trump’s leadership that defends our Christian faith & freedom, law & order. God, please have mercy on this land, we face unprecedented evil & corruption for Trump’s 2nd term due to the globalist Deep State corruption in every gov. branch, media, social media, schools, teachers & professors, evil and depravity are being normalized, Marxist/communist/socialist agenda has infiltrated all over the land where God’s children reside.  God, please heal this land & this people, sooth our anguish, distress & sorrow. LORD, please save us! Let Justice prevail, and strike down the blackened-hearted evil-doers & forked tongue lie-spreaders. LORD, you are gracious & righteous;
please show us compassion, and protects the unwary, and President Trump. We are brought low and you’d save us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Dear Father in Heaven, please keep your loving arms around President Trump and protect him from all the evil that is fighting against him. Help him to stay strong and do the work You have for him. Kay
May we find answers for our rattled USA! Liz
Please, God, watch over President Trump and make sure he remains our  president.  Thank you. Margie
FATHER God please  help President  Trump Trump expose the fraud in this election. He is working so hard. Please help him.Amen Mary
Dear Holy Father, Send down your army of Angels to aid in this quest to expose all the dark deeds in this election. That every lie, theft, steal, and deception will be uncovered and brought into the light for all so see. Bless President Trump and his team of legal experts and advisors with enhanced capabilities to do this important work. We pray for honest Judges in the High Courts. We pray that Thy protective mental will be over every soldier in this most important battle, from President Trump down to the common citizens of this great country.  In the name of Thy Holy Son, Jesus Christ. Amen. C Martin
Please stand with Trump in glorifying your name and help him exspose the evil of these Devil’s and help him to a glorifying win in Jesus name amen Dorothy
Dear Lord, God Almighty, please give our President Trump your strength and endurance to depend our country from all kinds of evil.
Thank you for your love and mercy. Amen.
ABBA Father send you warring angels to destroy the demonic spirits of satan from off the Presidential elections   Flip this election to the true vote accounts in the name of Jesus Shirley
Praying that tithing evil against Our PRESIDENT WILL be brought to light Janice
May the Lord protect you and fight along your side. Amen Ian
May the Lord God keep you, president Trump,  safe and strong, and surround you and your family with his protective shield. Jim
Dear Jesus- I come boldly before you and ask that those who have conspired in this fraudulent election that their conscience will be plucked by the Holy Spirit so they can explain and show all evidence of their plot to steal this election from Donald J Trump. That their testimony will prove this election was won by our president in a land slide. I ask you Lord to open the eyes and minds of those in positions to oversee the truth in this election and that they will award the win to President Trump. In Jesus name I pray. Deb
President Trump, you are always in our prayers and the Good Lords is going to make this right! You will prevail over Evil!! Evil never wins! Claire
Please God is protect President Donald J Trump and pray for him to remain our President 2020. Angela
Praying for God to reveal all the corruption done in this election and for President Trump to be declared the President for the next four years. The evidence I have seen by the corrupt democrats did steal this election. May God bless this country with the truth. Peggy
Please Lord Guide and protect President Trump and expose and banish all evil and lies that wage war against him and against America! David
Jesus protect President Trump, his family, his team. Surround  them with your love and live, protect them from evil and danger. In your name. AMEN Eddie
God please keep your hands on President Trump and his entire team. Through you God all things are possible 🙏 Sarah
Dear Father God, please oh please keep our President safe and him our President for another four years. He has endured too much hate and ugliness. Please make these next four years smooth sailing for our great President. Patricia
God give him wisdom guidance, and protection from evil. Leigh
I pray to you god to walk with our president in his Battle against the sick and evil he’s facing in this Country and god let him be tryumphent in his efforts to remain our president and god give him tge the power and the backing to rid this country of these devils and god bless us all and god bless America ,in Jesus name amen Dorothy
Father, we ask that you expose ALL that is meant for evil and turn it ALL for good! We need a miracle from you, in Jesus’ name!! Robin
Dear God – please wrap your arms around President Trump & provide him the strength to continue this fight. President Trump, the nation is behind you & we know that you have been placed here by God for this time in our country. Prayers are with you daily. Terry
God Bless you President Trump and the faith of all those that know this election is just a tool to expose the evil that dwells in the hearts of the Left. With the help of our Lord we will prevail and have another 4 years to set this nation back on track. Barbara
The country is behind you Matt
Praying for you and your family during this deceptive times. KarenAnn
Father, I lift President Trump up to You. I pray a hedge of protection over his body, his health, and over his life. I ask that you would intervene in this election that we know was stolen from him. I ask that you would bring down the corruption and evil in our Nation that President Trump has been fighting against from the day he took office; that You would expose every individual who is responsible for trying to bring down our President. I ask that You would give President Trump revelation knowledge as to who his enemies are and the ability to defeat them. I ask that You would strengthen and encourage him in this horrific battle of Light vs Darkness, in Jesus Name. Amen Dixie
Dear God, please intervene and stop the steal of this election. Please use your powers to keep President Trump. George
claire Claire
Dear Lord
Please let the truth be exposed and honored.
Please help President Trump to stay as the rightful elected President and help prevent evil from winning
Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom of truth justice and mercy come in President Trump, in Jesus name we pray Amein Patricia
Mother Mary, please pray for our beloved President Trump, that he may surpass all these trials and in the end, will finally prevail. Lord, we ask for your Divine intervention. Amen. Eric G
Please Lord I pray for President Trump to stay safe as well as his family.  He has been under such stress for all of us to stay free from social/Communist administration! Keep him in your tender care & as our wonderful leader! Amen Jan Jan
Dear Heavenly Father, please guide our beautiful country and our President Trump and his legal team to prevail with all the election fraud and evil spirits. Please bless all of our prayers and bring us all peace and comfort through these turbulent times. We believe in Your love and strength. Christina
Dear Mr President  Trump I pray our Lord and Savior gives you a plan to overcome  the corrupt politicians trying to overthrow  our country. I pray for your health and safety as well. In Jesus  name I pray Amen. Dawn
Dear God, please help this good and Godly man to prevail over the evil that is trying to overtake him and America. Donna
God save the president the only one and the most successful the best president America ever had… John
I pray that the supreme court accepts all affidavits and trump wins Mike
Bless the president Frank
God protect and help president Trump destroy all evil in this world especially the democrats that are destroying this country. Leo
We pray and ask our Father in heaven that it be his will for President Trump to be kept in his position to continue leading our country to make it great again. Help our nation as a whole to heal. Amen Tim
I am praying everyday asking God to help you save our country from the evil  that has been governing rights. Diane
Praying for the truth to be exposed! What was done in the dark to be brought into the light for all to see! God bless President Trump, his family and his team! Julie
Dear Heavenly Father, please keep a protection around president Trump and his family. Please bring out all the fraud and expose it all in your time Lord Jesus! Thank you for your protection!
In Jesus name, Amen!!
Heavenly father lay your hand on our President, give him the tools to clean this mess up and drain the swamp.  Lord while your at it may the bias news medias fall to there knees and prove that our Lord almighty still reigns Tom
I pray for President Trump to stay strong In every way. I  stand against the enemy of our souls and nation, let the darkness and lies  be exposed. let the enemy be confused and turn on himself. I pray all the leadership to overturn the abortion act and keep the sanctity of marriage.
more over I ask for protection on Mrs. Trump and the whole family. I ask for Pence and his to be strengthen with a new resolution to keep on the course set for him. in Jesus  I pray and trust our nation.
Dear Lord, please protect us from the evil Democratic demons that want to destroy our Republic.! Let the Courts rule that Trump actually won this Election. Amen Bill
Please Dear Lord defeat these cheating liars that are against  the best President we have ever had. Trump has been the best at making this country thrive again. Please expose the fraud & cheating that was done in our election. Give all those with evidence the courage to come forward and expose the lies. Restore our Nation for 4 more years. He is not A perfect man but he believes in Christ and he believes in America. Amen Dawn
Lord . Thank you for the strength, wisdom , protection and blessing you have given President Trump , his family and countrymen who support him. We pray you will continue to lift him up in victory as we all wait patiently for your plans for this country to unfold. we pray this in Jesus name , AMEN!! Brian & Lorrie
Sending prayers Tina
Dear Lord, Unite this country to do Your Will expose ALL crimes and cheating! Overturn this election so that the True President will be re-elected, President Trump! Amen Nancy
Wisdom and guidance and a fresh mind of renewal Derek
God be all the time with Präsident Trump. Thank You. Thea
Jn 1:5 says “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.”  May Your warrior angels be released to expose the works of darkness and may You be glorified through this election result!  We are looking for a miracle where You get the glory!! Carol
I pray that all evil is uncovered and President Trump, his family, his Administration and his legal team are covered with protection and kept safe from all evil. I pray for our country and our freedom. Amen. Hazel
Our whole family of 30, including grandchildren and great grandchildren are praying every day for you and for our Father in Heaven to heal this land. Diane
Dear almighty God. Please send president Trump your message of strength and conviction that he shall persevere this onslaught of theft and will come out a winner. John
Dumnezeul sa-l apere, sa-l ghideze si sa-l protejeze. Har si Bucurie! Anuța
May the truth be known Sidney
praying for you and our country Robet
Father in Heaven, We Thank You For Raising up the United States of America and President Donald J. Trump . Keep Your Guard around them,  with Legions of Heavenly Hosts Protecting them  and their families.   Father God, we continue to ask that You give them WISDOM, GUIDANCE and overwhelming favor  in Your eyes.   Let every plan, or scheme that rises up against the United States of America be turned on those who plot such evil.  Raise up Your Strong Hand against those who promote evil , and let them be snared by their own evil. Lord we Cry out for Justice, In Your Son Jesus Name we Pray. Amen.   Pslm: 64
1 O God, listen to my complaint.  Protect America from their enemies’ threats.
2 Hide them from the plots of this evil mob, from this gang of wrongdoers.
3 They sharpen their tongues like swords and aim their bitter words like arrows.
4 They shoot from ambush at the innocent, attacking suddenly and fearlessly.
5 They encourage each other to do evil and plan how to set their traps in secret. “Who will ever notice?” they ask.
6 As they plot their crimes, they say, “We have devised the perfect plan!” Yes, the human heart and mind are cunning.
7 But God himself will shoot them with his arrows, suddenly striking them down.
8 Their own tongues will ruin them,
Jesus gave us the authority to use His name.  And that which I bind on earth is bound in Heaven.  And that which I loose on earth is loosed in Heaven.  Therefore, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I bind the principalities, the powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world.  I bind and cast down spiritual wickedness in high places and render them harmless and ineffective against the United States of America in the name of Jesus.  AMEN .
Lord we thank you, for President Trump’s faithfulness and His love for you and this country . Help President Trump and his team expose all the voter fraud and bring forth the real truth in regards to this election. Strengthen him and keep your Angels around him at all times.  We love you Lord and we love President Trump!! In Jesus name, Stan and Laurie Stan and Laurie
Praying for Our President Trump that he is re-elected. God i firmly believe that you put Trump in office to clean up this country from corruption, fraudulent votes, hatred, jealousy and everything else thats happenning. God Bless President Trump, Vice President Pence and their families. In the name of your Son Jesus Christ Amen🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️ Sharen
Dear God please lay your hands on President Trump to protect him and keep him strong against all the evil people trying to destroy him🙏🏼 With your help Lord, President Trump will triumph and win another 4 years and defeat all this evil Amen🙏🏼 Lucille
I pray that Jesus will expose the fraud in our election and justice will be served. Then President Trump can get back to making America Great Again!
I pray in Jesus name for President Trump to remain our President for 4 more years. I pray for his safety and his family. I pray for the safety of those who working to get him re elected.  I pray for severe punishment for those traitors to our country. I pray for all fraud to be revealed. In Jesus name. Amen Cathy
Lord God, You are sovereign.  As I acknowledge You I want to lift our president Donald Trump in prayer.  Protect his mind and body. Protect his family and his cabinet. Give him strength.  Give foresight to reveal the evil in first the lies for the election,  the evil that  lives in the senate and congress.  Secondly give him strength to fulfill the office in godliness not in worldliness. And lastly to not become hard in dealing with the lost.  I pray fervently in Your Sons name Jesus. Belinda
Dear God please wrap your wonderful arms around our president Donald Trump in these most trying times in our country. Amen Theresa
Father God I thank you for President Donald j Trump..He is a man of God,your child..Father you put him in as our President of the USA 🇺🇸 four years ago for a purpose,we know you don’t tease or play games with anything or anyone.It is inevitable that he will become President for four,possibly eight more years..Our God reigns!! Thank you Father God!! Amen 🙏🏼❤️ Barbara
God bless you President Trump from Alberta Canada. We love you !! Mike
Praying for strength for President Trump for the days ahead.  We are confident that he is the leader that God has chosen for this time. We ask for protection for him a nd all his previous family members as he leads this country in the ways you have planned. Suzi
Pray God keeps our President safe and guide him in these hard times🙏🙏🙏 Gail
Creator God, Grant the peace of no understanding with in Donald Trump at this time. I ask that your guidance in searching for the truth of what really did occur in the election of November 3, 2020 be swift and with solid substance. Bring to the surface for all to know how much we as citizens of the United States of America have lost our way of being citizens of Your Spiritual Dominion on this Earth. So it is to be. Ron
may God place a hedge of protection around him and give him wisdom from above Sharon
Dear Heavenly Father, Give him strength and peace. Give those who are supporting him strength and peace and let the truth be heard and acted upon. Zellma
Do what you showed me in the fall of 2002. Let those on the left topple. Give President Trump, wisdom, Knowledge, and strength to combat this latest Coup. In Jesus name, I Pray.
Lifting President Trump, his family, and our nation in prayer. Rick
Father, you know the onslaught of evil against our President and his team. Will you give them victory, wisdom, strength and safety. You have blessed us as you have worked through him for the good of our nation. May you receive the glory and honor for the victory you give. In Jesus dear name, Amen Susan
Please God, make the election fraud come out for all to see and let President Trump have another term!!! Pat
God keep Trump strong and keep him safe for us . Thank God for Trump Karen
In Jesus name I pray that you lay hands on this great Nation and heal the hearts and minds of those who wish to do harm to our President and this Nation; let them ask forgiveness and return to following you Lord as this Nation was intended to do.  Amen. beth
If you can,  please HAVE PRESIDENT TRUMP PRAY all of PSALM 25.  He is today’s David! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Rose Mary
I declare and decreePresident Trump won and will win again as he is the rightful President of the US and may he and his legal team have divine wisdom and intervention for his Victory, in Jesus mighty name! We love Jesus and thank him for  his glory! Leslie
Dear Lord, please protect your servant, Donald Trump and his family, so he may continue to do your good work with investigating and correcting the election fraud and other Democratic wrong doings.  Amen. Alice
Father in Jesus Name, we cover President Trump today and every day with your word Psalm 91 over him as a shield, he IS under the shelter of the Most High God. Strengthen him, Lord, release a spirit of joy in him over this holiday season to know how much you love him and heal “any” pain or opposition in his body, and expose anyone who would lead him in the wrong way to govern this Nation. Protect him and his family….release a deep faith in you, and how much you truly love him. Give him good rest when he needs it and sweet sleep, and carry him through to the finish line. We are behind him and pray daily for he and his family. Bless them Lord and thank you for the gift he is to all of us. Amen and Amen. Connie
I pray for you, this Country, and that the fraud of the election be shown and that you actually won by a “Landslide”!   May God be with you & the Country! James
We are, have been and will continue praying for you and your family President Trump and for the United States of America. May the awesome Lord protect and Bless us all🙏 Donna
God Bless President Trump and all his loyal staff! Janice
I pray that truth of the evil is revealed and that the current President is seated for 4 more years. Pamel
I’m praying that God’s  will be recognized & accomplished; and for an extra measure of strength & insight for President Trump. James
Peace and unity! Luiz
Heavenly Father, with all my heart , I pray you bless President Donald Trump, that he serves his rightfully won election results for his second term. May all the cheating against him be revealed and counted in an honest way, MAY HE WIN A SECOND TERM NOW!!!!!!!!
GOD, Bless President Trump, please let him remain in office for 4 more years. We need YOU GOD, please let President Trump lead this country. Your will be done GOD. Joan
Pray for our great leader and our great country to battle off the evils of communism William
Praying continually for President Trump. I ask for him wisdom, strength, courage to fight, good health, and for his safety.  Please give him wise and faithful advisors.
Thank you God for what You’re about to do in exposing those who try to harm Your chosen man and his presidency.  Please bless President Trump and our nation.  May we always seek Your will and Your guidance.
In Jesus’s Holy name we pray, Amen.
I pray for you President Trump and our country every night. Ila
God we pray that our Country and our President remain strong and are blessed by you.  God we call on You and your almighty favor to stand with America and use us as righteous soldiers in the battle for Christianity and the very souls of our citizens.
Through you is the only way President Trump can triumph over the Evil trying to intercede.  We praise you father and in Jesus precious name we pray Amen
Dear Lord, I pray that President Trump will win the lawsuits he has filed so that this election & future elections will not have voter fraud and corruption behind them. It’s so evil. A lot of people don’t believe in you anymore, but I do & so does President Trump. Our country is at stake & President Trump is the only man standing between the people and the corruption. He is a good man and very patriotic. He is a great President. He is so strong, Lord, but he needs your help. He is also a Godly man.  I pray that he succeeds with your help, in Jesus’s name I pray. Amen Sharon
May God Lead Our President To Victory In Jesus Name AMEN Mike
Dear Father,  I lift up our President Donald J Trump and ask for your protection for him and his family.  Keep him strong in the knowledge that you are in control of everything and that his life is in the palm of your hand.  I thank you for your blessings and mercies and favors for our president and for four more years as president.  In Jesus name I pray.  Amen 🙏🏼 Loredona
I pray every day for our President, his family, VP Pence and his family and all the dedicated cabinet members. Cecelia
Deliver to this country and our President Donald J Trump a thundering victory as the corruption and evil is exposed. Lisa
Father GOD, please protect Donald J. TRUMP and his family from harm. I pray that he will serve another 4 years. I pray to protect all Christians and bring the sinners to justice! Asking this in your Holy Name, Amen. Sandy
Dear God, Please watch over our President Donald J. Trump and keep him and his family safe from harm. Please let him be reelected soon so, that he could keep our country safe. I know that you put him in this position to help us for the last 4 years. Please bring all the corruption and the people whom have caused it all be brought out in the open. Allow him to  make America Great Again. Thank you for protecting him this long and keep your arms around him dear God. Amen Mary
Lord, we ask for your Will to be done, you gave Trump  the title of the POTUS, and : against all odds, no paycheck, and no respect from many, even from the Republican Party, he fought for life of the unborn- like no other President- we pray that He will be able to continue with the work he has started… Amen Gloria
Lord Jesus, I pray for your hedge of protection on President Trump that will keep him from harm and his whole family. I pray that voter fraud will be exposed and righteousness will prevail. Teresa
Father God, I am declaring that you open the windows of heaven & send your Angels to the earth to expose all of the evil & fraud of the 2020 election in Jesus name. Protect President Trump his family, his lawyers, any loyal staffers & all witnesses in Jesus name. Protect  the above with your shield & cover them with the blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus, I declare that you crush our enemies heads under our feet with Your rod. I declare that you bind the devil, his fallen angels & his demons so that they are unable to interfere in the truth that is being exposed in the courts. God I declare that the judges will be compelled to make just & honorable rulings in the 2020 election. I declare that your light will be seen by all & those that have done wrong in our election will get their just reward in Jesus name. Now Father, I ask that you give President Trump & the attorneys fighting for our nation’s be given Devine rest, Devine wisdom, Devine courage & strength to fight to the bitter end. I thank you Father for what You have & will do to rectify this mess & place Your servant in office for the next 4 years. Heal our land Father, we love You, we want to see Your face & we want to see justice served to those that tried to steal our great Nation. In Jesus precious name I pray, AMEN ❤️ Charlotte
Heavenly Father, I lift up President Trump and his family up to you.  They need your wisdom, presence, strength, love, protection and guidance at this time! I lift up Vice President Pence and his family as well.  Give the legal team and all supporter out there trying to do what they can for the President wisdom, guidance and protection.  Father God I pray that you send your angels to protect them all!  Help them to expose the evil that is taking place, and in the name of Jesus Christ I pray. AMEN! Kathy
Lord asking you to put a hedge around President  Trump physical and spiritual.  Expose the fraud that has taken place during this past election.  Thank you in Jesus name. Barbara
Praying for you President Trump Darlene
Stay strong🙏🏻The truth will prevail! Sandra
I pray for America to turn to God and ask for mercy .I pray that the truth about our elections will reveal that Donald Trump is the legitimate winner of the 2020 Presidential Election. Mark
Pray every day for Our Heavenly Father to protect our President, his family, all good Patriots and our country and World. Shari
Lord God, you have blessed our Nation with founding fathers that looked to you for guidance and because of it gave them your wisdom by giving us the US Constitution. America is unique where its people govern its own affairs through Representatives not by Tyranny or Kings. We the American people have elected President Donald J Trump as our Representative leader and you know and see how the enemy Is trying so hard to destroy our Judeo/Christian foundation. We lift up President Trump and our leaders in America who look to You God for direction. Protect them and keep them in your arms. The next few days are so important and we ask for Your Devine intervention in how the courts will rule and how honest leaders will step up to protect the Constitutional rule of law. We humbly ask in the name of Jesus Christ your Son.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I pray for President Trump, that he be protected by the armor of the Lord from all the evil that is attacking him now and ongoing, Lord, bring this evil to its knees, never to rise again, in Jesus name I pray,  Amen Manuel Salazar
I love you President Donald Trump. You ARE THEE BEST PERFORMING AND HONEST PRESIDENT THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER SEEN. STAY STRONG WE ARE ALL PRAYING THAT YOU PREVAIL AND WE CAN ALL MAKE OUR COUNTRY FREE AGAIN. AND OF COURSE WONDERFULLY GREAT AGAIN. I BELIEVE IN YOU MORE THAN EVER. In Jesus and God’s names, may you be protected blessed strong confident and declared without doubt OUR PRESIDENT. I personally wish you could do 8 more years. But that’s asking a LOT. What you have and will have given us is more than we could ever imagine. You are doing the most important thing, you are draining that horrid swamp of liars thieves and paid criminals to destroy us. Lock em up. Execute them – they are evil. You and Us and Q. Where is Q?


The corruption runs deeps and its all for each person’s financial payoff to ve resisitence of you and us and the deep cleansing this country needs of its shady vindictive demising preexistent “government”


SIGNED MR. ALBERT FRANCIS HOLEWINSKI. 22120 Ireme Brownstoen Michigan 48183. 734 -444-4859

[email protected]

I’m sorry to say I dont have one single dime to donate to our cause. My states governor had destroyed my small humble single man side business of being a custom carpenter. I only did maybe 5 to 10 jobs per year. And made a humbe living. This past year I have done ZERO jobs. And have barely survived on the UIA unemployment which was fine until is was cut into a 3rd. Now I couldn’t work if I wanted to. Cant fill up my gas tank.

Hang these people please. I would absolutely justify the hanging public deaths pf tyrant governors. We have to SHOW the people….

Keep the faith.  God is in control. eileen
Chuck [email protected]
Dear Jesus, You have set president Trump as our president as a gift of grace and mercy for our country.
We pray now Father as the enemy is furious with what You have accomplished through the president. You have chosen him and gave him super strength and great will to get things done.
He is fighting for corruption will end and now the greatest fraud was done.   The enemy is bragging and fighting, but Lord Jesus You fight for us.
Have mercy on us and our children, Father. President Trump is willing to govern your way.
Show them Who is bigger, let’s us have the victory to show You are in our side.  Thank you for exposing the fraud, now our King, allow us to restore Your righteousness to our people again.
We pray in Jesus’ mighty Name!!!
Father we bring our President before you today.  Strength him, raise his faith, hope, wisdom, discernment.  Speak to him in the night hours giving him dream and visions as to his instructions.  May the Lord of Host Armies march across this Nation and bring exposure of all evil, drain this evil swamp and include this awful plague.  In the name above all names, JESUS  We thank You and give You praise in advance Ruth
All will be ok as long as we all believe and stand together with our President Donald Trump God Bless!!Keep him safe from harm. Charles
GOD bless you, stay strong Sharon
I am praying that rightness will prevail & we will have 4 more years of MAGA! Jo
Strong prayers for massive win! Dan
Laura [email protected]
Dear Jesus, we lift President Trump up to you. Minister your grace and peace to him, guide him, encourage him, keep him strong in you. We thank you that he will prevail in this election process and will be re-elected to the presidency. Pat
Dear President Trump and Melania, please know that we are praying for you during this time and know that God will prevail. Linda
Lord be with President Trump and grant him victory over the evil that wants to destroy him and our great country.  Amen Ruth
We pray for the strength to carry on this worthy battle. Marieann
Prayers for the election to be over turned and President Trump be declared the winner. Linda Pollock
Father… I pray that your will be done through your servant Donald J Trump in Jesus name and by the power of your Holy Spirit… Amen Alan
I pray that the election fraud will be discovered and made right Leroy
Lord keep a hedge of protection around President and reveal all wickedness. Mark
Praying today for our President Donald J Trump. Praying for strength as he fights for us and our country. Amen! 🙏🇺🇸 Jenny
God please protect President Trump during this time. Give him strength to carry out the mission that you have called him to. Help him to not waver from the task at hand but to continue to move forward. I pray that you will dispatch warring angels to fight off the enemies of his soul. I plead the blood of Jesus over him & all who are in contact with him. Hide them all under the shadow of Your wings & place a hedge of protection around the White House & all who work there. I pray all of these things in the Mighty Name of JESUS, our Lord & Savior. AMEN!!! Denise
Please protect President Trump and his family and make sure he stays president. We need him. Susan
Charles [email protected]
Yes Erniie
Father God I ask for your blessings of peace, favor on President Trump.  Be with him to protect and guard him and his entire family.  Bring your grace into all the situations he is facing.  Allow your presence to surround Him so that no evil will be able to penetrate your plans for him and this country.  I also ask that the election numbers begin coming President Trumps way so that he can win and that the whole world will see that there is a God and that God is still in the miracle working business.  God may all the Glory go to you. We pray all these things in the Mighty Name of Jesus.  Amen. Nanette
Praying for you and your family. You are a wonderful Christian soldier. May God bless you and keep your family safe. Barbara
God in heaven give Your wisdom to President Trump, give him Your courage, strength and discernment Lead, guide and direct him by Your Word of Truth. Mighty God Your will be done, in Jesus name Amen. Anita Hill
God bless President Trump!! Julie
Dear Heavenly Father, Please do not forsake this country or our President!  There are millions of true American patriots and believers imploring you, Lord, to please exact your vengeance on the evil wrong and evil wrongdoers that are trying to take down this last great country and hope for the world!  The constitution and rule of law must prevail in our republic!  Please wrap your arms of protection around our great President Trump and his family and give him and all those allies working on his behalf your strength and protection to fight this fight!  In Jesus’ holy name, Amen Linda
Dear Jesus I ask You to protect and surround Presedent Donald Trump and his family and give him strength to endure all those against him and that he will be victorious from all evil! Will give you all the Praise Jesus, thank you. Amen Irene
I AM A STAUNCH TRUMP VOTER & HOPE YOU MAKE ANOTHER 4 years & clean the swamp!!!!! Kathy
Heavenly Father, we ask your covering over President Trump and his family in Jesus precious Name and in His authority.
God bless him and God bless the USA!  In God we trust.
Heavenly Father I pray that you will keep President Trump strong and help him and his team to prove all the illegal voting and voter fraud that took place on November 3rd.  I ask this in Jesus most holy and precious name!  Amen! Karen
Dear Heavenly Father, please be with President Trump as he seeks the truth in the 2020 Presidential election. Evidence that’s been uncovered proves that fraud has been committed. We love you Heavenly Father. Show us a  way forward to turn this election back to President Trump. We ask this in his holy name.
Dear God We know that you can help us to expose those that have chosen to harm the election and we need you to help restore our country.  In God we trust. Sandy
Prayers lifting up our great President and also, the people working with him that are sorting out this horrible injustice. Lori
Lord please continue to guide,  protect, strengthen and encourage President Trump through this entire process. Oversee every aspect of his legal team giving them victory over the spiritual and physical enemy set against our nation. Please bring to justice all those who have broken laws and committed treason. I ask this in the Name of Jesus. Amen Steven
Dear God, please embrace Donald Trump in your arms, protect him from his enemies and work your miracle to flip this fraudulent election from Biden/Harris to Trump/Pence, where it legally belongs. Show him the way to the future road to bring America back to the people.  I pray in Jesus name, Amen Barbara
Praying and hoping for proof and a turn around Leroy
God please give my president the strength and resolve to see this through.
I’m praying for your guidance and strength for my president Trump.
Let him have the strength to go on.
Ricky Hathaway
Heavenly  Father,  I lift  up  President  Trump  to  you.  Please  help  him  at  this  time.  Our  country  is  in  your  hands.
We  give  you  all  the  praises  for  answered  prayers.  I  pray  this  in  Jesus  name,  Amen
Lord I ask that you protect our president Donald J Trump, surround him with your angels and guide him with wisdom in everything he says and does. Protect his family and all those in the Trump administration, may you be glorified in all that they do! And may justice and truth prevail in our land. We thank you Lord for President Donald J Trump, we love him and pray for his victory. Deborah
I pray that God continues to Bless you and our beloved country and give you the strength to continue to fight for our country and our way of life in God’s name! Amen!! Robert
Keep the faith Mr. President! Shane
Mr Trump our hearts and prayers are with you and all that you do. My you expose the evils and corruption of the left. We pray Gods protection on you and all who work for and represent you. May God Bless you and our Great Country. Amen Lloyd
Father God, please place your hands on this country.  Bless President Trump and keep him safe from evil.  Send Michael, the Archangel and all of his warrior angels to fight Satan.  Cause all of President Trump’s enemies to stumble and fall.  Bring out and expose the evil Devil followers to your light.  Punish them and bring them to justice. May Your light always shine on the United States and our dear President.  You are the light, and our only hope against the evil that Satan has released on all that is good and righteous.  In Jesus’ name, AMEN!!! Esther
I pray daily for Trump & his family & for all that amen are
doing the honest & upright
thing. I ask God to cover him
with the Holy,Precious Blood
of JESUS CHRIST. 🙏🏻✝️🇺🇸❤️
Praying for truth to come out and corruption of this election to be exposed.  We pray God will appoint the right judges that will rule in a lawful manner so justice will be done and Trump will have another 4 years in the White House.  In Jesus name, Amen! Teresa
Praying for our President, Donald J. Trump Sherri
God tells us in the Bible, if we have faith the size of a mustered seed we can move a mountain. Matthew 17:20
You Mr. Trump have done more  that lines up with the word of God than any president ever has. I have faith that you will be our president for 4 more years…… But if I am not right it is not because of you Sir it is because God has turned us over to our own destruction.
Jamie Chesser
God bless Donald in his battle against evil. Phil
Dear Lord please help justice be served. Please keep President Trump and his team strong to win this fight. Thank you Lord. Cathy
I pray that you become our next president, serving four more years.  I pray that God will give you strength and protect you from harm and also your family.  I pray that warriors of Angeles standing guard at the White House protecting you and the First Lady.  We must win this battle for this Nation and the future of our country that so many have died to protect and for the Constitution.   You are always in my prayers, I pray for this in Jesus’ name our Lord and Savior, amen Francine M. Fahlbusch
May God guide president Trump and his team with the seven of the  Holy Sprits thank Sr. Trump Your family and all the people that support you all the way may God bless all for the good of our country thank you from the bottom of my heart salute Chau Nguyen
O Lord, command your angels to encamp around President Trump to guard him in all ways. O Lord, arm President Trump with your strength to fight this battle. Barbara
Father God. Lord of all I pray for our country and for our president. He has been so targeted and abused and ridiculed yet he stands tall for all of the American citizens. Father give him never ending strength and stand beside him during this battle which risks everything. Help him to know we are supporting him in spirit and praying for him unendingly.
Father we know you are the Lord of all and your sovereignty will prevail. I pray for everyone’s safety and that all glory be yours. Amen.
Lisa Trummer
May God protect our President and his family and all Patriots working to protect out Nation. Dorothy
Dear Heavenly Father, Please keep your protecting, guiding, and loving arms around President Trump!  Please, let the truth prevail, expose the evil and massive fraud! Please put those evil hearted, hateful people, that are responsible for this fraud, behind bars, for life! Please Bless Our Country with President Trump for the next four years, In your precious name I pray, AMEN!!! Rhonda
God continue to Bless President Trump and lead him where you want him to go.  AMEN Ella
Lord please be with our President, Donald Trump, we know you are aware of the evil deeds of the Democratic Party, and we pray, you will expose all of them, and have President Trump lead this country for another 4 years. He is a Godly Man, and he is pro life, and he loves this country and most of all, he loves you. In Jesus Name I Pray…..Amen❤️ Lisa
May supernatural protection surround, President Trump and First Lady and their families. As we go through, Our moment in history may your light shine upon us and we will keep our freedom in Jesus name I pray. Amen. Jane
Dear God, Please send the guidance to the ones that can settle this mess and take care of us Pres Trump & the American people. Mary
I pray that God will protect you and your family in this difficult time. Jackie
Isaiah 41:10: Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. 2 Timothy 4:18: The Lord will rescue me from every evil deed and bring me safely into his heavenly kingdom. To him be the glory forever and ever. Amen. Y
Dear Lord please help our President and our country Amen Janice Kelly
Praise G-d in ray
By God’s Grace, fraud will be exposed in time to give you 4 more years.Amen Ann
Pray that he will be protected and win the election. Mike
Praise the Lord for the Christian founding of America.  May the Lord forgive America for enjoying His blessings more than obedience and love for Him.  May the Lord pour out His Holy Spirit on America for another Great Awakening and return to the Word of God in the Bible as the source of all truth.  May the Lord intervene to change the outcome of this past election.  May votes stolen from President Trump be restored.  May fraudulent votes added for Joe Biden be deleted.  May the Lord bless President Trump, all his lawyers, Rudy Guiliani, Jay Sekulow, Jordan Sekulow and those working with him, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood with GREATER wisdom than their evil opponents, great courage, stamina and strength.  Grant courage and the Holy Spirit to and state legislators and judges to judge rightly in the EYES of GOD, not their friends, paymasters and associates.  Bless especially Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh, Sam Alito, Clarence Thomas, Amy Coney Barrett and Neal Gorsuch with courage and commitment to SAVE our American Republic from this international conspiracy, save the Trump election victory from theft and all other candidates who had their victory stolen from them such as John James in Michigan.  May all high level Democrats and any Republicans confess their guilt and go to JAIL for their treasonous and criminal behavior.  Establish equal justice under law once again in America.  May the Lord do this for His people who cry out for earthly justice and for the sake of His greater glory.  We pray this and everything else we must pray in Jesus’ mighty name.  Amen. Rob
Dear Lord, I ask your arms surround President Trump, give him strength and perseverance and a steady mind set your warrior angels into battle with the evil forces with all of the fraud that has occurred with this election may the fraud be rooted out and Trump come out victorious Betty Tuxhorn
Please God guide Donald Trump and keep him safe in your arms, I pray in Jesus name Amen Glenys
Please give Trump wisdom, protect him from evil , may the truth be magnified. In Jesus name Nancy
I pray continued protection over president Trump and his administration and family. Father God i pray your will be done for this election and for the evil that’s trying to destroy this nation and our president. I fully trust you Father God because You are a Just and Righteous God that President Trump will be victorious. In Jesus name I pray. Amen Amy
Help our President and our country to find and live by the truth Amen John Kelly
Heavenly Father, wrap your arms around our POTUS; give him strength to defeat the evil that is against him. Cindy
Sending prayers for my president Cindy
Dear Father, we ask that you wrap your arms around our President, to keep him safe from evil.  Help him to know that You are in control and that your Will,  will be done. If we keep the faith, you will answer our prayers.  Amen. Mary
I recived this scripture when I had cancer but it is for now also =psalm 27:3says though an army may encamp against me my heart shall not fear: though war may rise against me in this I will be confident. this is for now because our army and war is this stealing of America, and its people whoever they might be, our President Dear Lord strengthen his body with good health and a lot of determination to fight the good fight and I also pray for all those who are praying please refresh their souls and our heads shall be lifted up above my enemies all around us, thank you for hearing this prayer and may we rejoice and be glad for You have already fought this battle and won. AMEN!  Mary in Temple Texas mary
I just said a prayer for God’s will be done. Bert
God, protect this President as he goes forth protecting the American citizens and the United States democracy. God, please protect those and all Americans through this journey toward you and what is right. In Jesus name, Amen. Heather
Heavenly Father I asked that your will be done regarding this election. Please expose all voter fraud and protect all those that have come forward and those who continue to come forward with the truth. Please bless and protect President Trump and his team of lawyers and staff as the continue to bring the truth to our country.  I ask this in Jesus Christ precious name. Amen Shannon
Dear Heavenly Father,
Please help President Trump remain strong in routing out the fraud and corruption during the presidential vote. Help him to have good people around him who he can trust and who will be able to help him to expose the voter fraud in this country. Help the states and the courts to look at the evidence and to take the fraud seriously so it won’t happen again. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
carol carol
Thank you so much for all that you have done and may God grant you another 4 years. Sharen
God will help Donald J. Trump to be victorious on the election victory. Flora
Lean on the power of the Lord, he WILL hold you up !! Debora
I am praying for our President who God has used to restore honesty and integrity in this country. Lord continue to use him and vindicate him in this election. We are asking you to enable him to lead this country for 4 more years.
Guide and bless him we pray,
Precious Jesus. I ask you to protect Our President with the blood of Jesus. Give him health and wisdom in this dark hour. Also I declare and decree he becomes the President in this next term. Thank you Jesus [email protected][email protected] Lorrie
Gods got this! I’m praying for you! Susan
Dear Lord, I pray for you to intervene in this election and expose all fraud and corruption. Send the Holy Spirit to convict those to come forward who can give evidence to fraud that they witnessed in Jesus name. I pray for your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven and for Victory for your servant, President Donald J Trump! Pam
My #Christmas list for God, Jesus, and Santa ❤️🙏

May we be joined together in humanity over ideology 🙏

May there be a grand scale awakening of the flaws in our government, healthcare, education, tech, and media 🙏

May we focus on what we can change within ourselves moving forward; the key to all healing externally begins internally. I see so much projection of the shadow on my feed (Jungian psychology has been used against our population). #Trump Derangement Syndrome is actually simply unprocessed psychological pain that’s projected.  #Unconscious 🙏 I pray we can recognize and heal 🙏

May anyone foreign or domestic who intends the United States harm be exposed and prosecuted🙏

May wealth redistribution happen grand scale for anyone who has been harmed by any of our faulty systems including government and healthcare…auto immune disease and cancer warriors ‘do you hear what I hear’???🕯️🙏❤️

May we know health again through the release of cures. May our food and water have less chemicals and our air less pollutants thus healing our soil and our microbiomes 🙏

May we educate our children again without removing a part of themselves (God).

May the attack on identity stop; heal people who have fallen prey to identity ideologies because they have no clue who they are or why they’re here and leaders have taken this knowledge to full advantage against them.  Judgement is not what they need, redirection and hope is once they develop awareness 🙏

May the laws that were meant to trap us be exposed and altered 🙏

I pray for the USA & the entire world as we begin the process today to heal ❤️🙏🕯️ Big, positive changes are coming…it’s because we will no longer allow these corrupted systems to continue 🙏

I pray in Jesus’ name the above prayers be granted to all who share or upvote this 🙏


🕯️ JayCee Michelle Meredith 🕯️
#darknesstolight #prayerwarrior #trumpismyfavorite #behavioral1111

Yes, praying for you and our country! Bonnie
Praying a wall of fire and the Blood of Jesus to be around you!! A peace beyond all understanding to be upon you.  For the Lord to bind up all the demonic forces of Hell in fetters and chains and cast them into outer darkness, never to return again. For all evil, illegal and bogus acts and the people doing them to be exposed. For all evidence to be brought to light and this election to be overturned in your favor.  God has spoken you will have a second term. Trust in the Lord and the Power of his might. In Jesus Name. Amen Rhonda
Heavenly Father maintain President Trump in the office you have raised up to. Norman
Stay Strong! Linda
Father we come before you acknowledging that you are in control of all situations and no matter what happens you are still on your throne.  We ask you to expose all and any fraud that was a part of our election process.
May your hand rest upon President Trump.  May you grant him your peace and wisdom for every decision he needs to make.
In your precious and holy name I pray.
Give him strength to endure and mind of God to decide all decisions Presidents need to make for God’s Will for the United States of America.AMEN Julia
Holy Father President Trump can save with only your blessed word in this one of the last free nations. We are all sinners you have told us that with your help we will become bigger followers with your Holy help. In Jesus Christ our Lord Praise your name.
Amen Father
Heavenly Father please watch over our wonderful president and his family. Bring them your peace during this trying time.  Let the truth come to light. In Jesus name…Amen Jami
Heavenly Father, thank you for the many blessings we Americans have received. Today I ask your wisdom, strength, and light to shine on President Trump, his family, administration, and Vice President Pence and family. They have faced evil forces for many months. Please shelter them in your mighty arms,  grant them peace as they continue this warfare , and Strengthen them.  We as Americans have long trusted in you. Amen Dorthy
Remembering you in prayer! Beth
In the Name of the FATHER, the SON and the HOLY SPIRIT…..  I thank you LORD GOD for all YOU do for President Trump, YOUR Church and the U.S.A.  We thank YOU for YOUR call to declare that ‘valkerie has fallen and she will not sing’.  Thank YOU GOD that you have declared a second term for President Trump.  Thank YOU that YOU are always on time.  In the great name of Jesus Christ.  Amen, Amen. Diane England
Prayers for President Trump to win this election and save America! We trust in God, honor the 10 Commandments and believe in prayers at school! Steve
God is on your Side President Of The United States where we Love and Respect God DLS for Maga
Praying for God’s divine intervention,  for the truth to prevail.  For protection and guidance for our President Trump and all who are working for the truth. Shirley
With God’s support, I pray that the truth will be found and proven… that President Trump has been re-elected. That the perpetrators of these crimes… will be identified and…. face their day in Court.  Amen. Lisa
Trump Vince Gérard
May the fraudulent election be totally exposed and trump is the continuing President. Trump won 2020. Leyhun
I pray for Gods guidance and wisdom and protection from all the evil and wrongdoing that has followed President Trump since the beginning and that the fraud and cheating will be taken seriously and he will be able to continue his Presidency and the truthful winner will be know .  Only with the Lords help can this happen. Pam
Dear GOD in Heaven please make it possible for Donald Trump to be our president. He has done so much for our country. I pray we win  the senate in Georgia to secure our democracy. Protect President and his family. In Jesus name, Amen Bonnie
Mighty God, you know all the details of this election. May your Heavenly Light expose all of the evil darkness.  May Your will on earth be done.  Please be with President Trump. Thank you Father Sharon
Lord please help our President in his endeavors to protect the American people in this our time of need. Amen Patricia
Let us keep on praying for our President Trump! Benjamin
Oh Lord we call upon your Holy Name!  We come against lying and cheating in this our election!  Expose the fraud Lord!  Expose every liar Lord!  We know who the true winner is!  Thank You Lord for our beloved President!  Surround him and protect him and his family Lord!!  In Jesus mighty name!  AMEN!! Suzanne
Please God give our President Trump the strength to gain his rightful position of President. We need him to make our. USA great and free from those wanting to destroy it.  In Jesus’ powerful name Amen. Sandy
Lord Jesus touch our President and his family! Your will be done! Amen Rhonda
Every day I petition Heavenly Father for Pres. Trump’s safety, for guidance in all that he does on  behalf of the American people, for strength, integrity, valor, and wisdom as he serves as God’s warrior in the USA Sheryl
Bless this man in all he has done, all he is doing, and all that is yet to come.  Bringing out the truth and fighting for our independence against evil.  Blanket him with your guidance and strength.  Amen Melinda
Praying for God to reveal the evil that is attempting to destroy our country and for the truth to come out. Ronda
Praying for President Trump to not only drain the swamp exposing the evilness but also to prove his election win and continue on as our President! TD
Father God, please protect President Trump and Vice President Pence as the evidence is coming out that there was fraud perpetrated during the election in November.  Father I humbly ask that You would expose the lies and fraud that took place and bring Your truth to the light.  In Jesus’ Mighty name! Amen!! Sally
Prayer for the Lords intercession in the election fraud.  And strength and courage for our President.  And Gods mercy upon America. Shirley
Please help him stay strong Keith
Señor Todopoderoso protege y bendice al Presidente Trump.  Que los Angeles de Justicia y de Luz te acompañen hoy y siempre. Que sea tu infinita Misericordia, tu mano poderosa, la que destruya todos los enemigos del bien y la justicia .Amén 🙏🏻 Eunice
St Michael the Archangel protect our wonderful President Trump from evil.  Be his sword and shield to cast into hell the evil who are trying to destroy him.  Shield him and protect him.  AMEN. Janice
For the safety of the whole world I pray that President Trump will be victorious and win this election. Lift the veil from everyone’s eyes. Amen Subhada
Oh mighty and loving God, we ask that you Bless and keep our wonderful President, Donald J. Trump, safe from all attacks. We pray for his family and for all those good people around him to help in delivering our country from the evil that has taken hold. We ask Father that you wrap your arms around our President and give him the comfort and rest that he needs to carry on. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen Janine
Mary MarlyParly1 @gmail.com
Praying for Donald Trump gary
Father in heaven please bless our great President and let the fraud against him be uncovered! Sonja
Father God, please expose all of Satan’s attacks on our country and bring them to light. Julia
Heavenly Father, I come to you today with a hurting heart for you selected President, President Trump to lead us through these dark times when Satan is attacking the very foundation of our nation.  I ask in Your Name, Jesus, The name above all names for wisdom and clarity as our President, Donald Trump, directs the steps of our nation, that you direct his steps with wisdom and peace of mind knowing that You have placed Your protective angels and messengers around him.  We come against the powers of darkness in this world that they will not prevail in their attacks on this nation and President Donal Trump, and through this mighty work You are doing, You Lord, will be glorified and many of those that oppose You and our United States government will see your mighty power in such an undeniable way that would fall to their knees and praise your mighty Name.  Protect President Donald Trump and his family during this trying time in our nation and give them peace as you do Your work for good.  Be with all of those that are fighting the fight against evil and corruption against this country and give them supernatural wisdom and clarity in what actions to take and when to take them.  Your Word tells that no weapon formed against you people will prosper and we pray this over all of those under attack from the evil one. I pray these thing in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ, Amen and Amen Ric
Father God, You know everything that is going on in our country and the world. I know you love your children. I know you were here when this county was born. It is your country no matter what the evil one thinks. Please put Your strong arms around your servant Donald J. Trump. You chose him for this job and we know you are holding him up. Give him Your super strength to keep going. The battle is already won. Surround him with Your warriors who can be trusted. Give him peace of mind. Thank you for sending your angels to surround him. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us Chris
Praying for the blood of Jesus to cover President Trump and all those who are working on behalf of him so they are protected!  Also praying for wisdom and discernment for them!  I am also praying for those who are guilty to come forward and confess to their election fraud! Kim
Jack Jack
Lord I call upon you through your Son Jesus Christ to please open wide the flood gates Lord and expose every evil and vindictive fraudulent act that is being used right now against our President to try to steal this election and lead this great country away from your righteousness. Satan is desperately trying to destroy your children and everything you stand for. We stand on the blood of our savior Jesus Christ and defend our country from evil. We stand for President Trump Lord and with all your children who are fighting on our knees for TRUTH! In Jesus name Lord I pray. Amen Sarah
God bless you president Trump May god help you and give you strength to keep fighting for our country Maurice
Kay Tanner Kay
Lord your children come to you in agreement with a petition, for President Trump & Vice President Pence for Supernatural Protection, Strength, Wisdom, Courage, to fulfill their purpose of Leading America! Brenda
Lord please help us now in our hour of need.  Our president and this country needs you badly. Claudia
Please Lord rid our government from the evil that is trying to take over. I pray for President Trump will be our President for the next four years. Joy
God, we pray for truth. We pray for righteous judgement, and we pray for Your mercy on our land. Strengthen and protect our president, his family and all of his team and their families too. In Jesus Name! Kevin
Psa 125:4-5  LORD, do good to those who are good, to those who are upright in heart. 5. But those who turn to crooked ways the LORD will banish with the evildoers. Peace be on Israel. Jack
I pray God sees President Trump though the evilness that has been surrounding and attacking him for the last 5 years. I pray God will see our nation though this horrible time and return peace and love to its people under President Trumps leadership in the next 4 years. Kathy
God is the ultimate authority in all matters, politicians included. HE delivered us from Hillary and I pray HE will give you another term. It’s hard to think all you have accomplished, with His help, will all go down the drain if Biden gets in. Mildred
According to Job 22:28 and Romans 4:17. and according to the divine revelation given to the Prophets, I declare and decree a mighty move of God to place Donald J Trump in the White House for another 4 years before the end of December Dawn
I pray for Trump and
Pray for him to be strong and continue the fight Marcus
We’re praying for your safety and re-election Marcille
Dear Lord Jesus, please put a hedge of protection around President Trump and give him Your wisdom and help him fight this election battle. He is in the most important fight facing the American people. A fight to save our Republic as our forefathers fought for so many years ago. And Lord he can’t win this battle without You fighting it for us. Lord, You know without me telling You what America stands to lose, if You don’t stand with President Trump and We the People. You know Biden has sold us out to China and he is the  devils advocate. Please hear our prayers and keep  President Trump  as America’s President for the next four years. Thank You for listening, hearing and answering our prayers. In Jesus holy and precious name. Amen Velvet
Heavenly Father, please keep President Trump and family safe from harm.  Please watch over America and rescue her from harm.  This I pray in the name of my Saviour Jesus Christ.  Amen Mary
Oh my heavenly father, I pray that you give President Trump and his legal team strength knowledge and wisdom to be evil. For evil he’s trying to take over this country in this world completely. But we know this battle has already been fought And won.  And I pray as with millions of other people for a great Christmas present and that would be the only thing we want is for President Trump to continue as a great president. We ask that you touch him and bless him and bless this great country. Lord we love you and you will get all the praise and glory, in Jesus holy name.
Aaaaaaamen & AAAAAAAMEN
Heavenly Father I pray that you will keep President Trump and his family safe from the evil that he is fighting. I pray that you will touch the hearts of those against him and help them to see the error of their ways so that they may repent and ask for your forgiveness. I ask for these things in Jesus name, Amen Sandra
Dear Gracious Heavenly father, protect and defend your servant, President Donald J. Trump with your blessings as he strives to honor you and America. As he puts on your helmet of Salvation and your breastplate of Righteousness, Holy spirit, seek out any schemes of darkness directed against him and this nation and bring them into the light. He takes up the shield of Faith to stand against the works of the evil one. Drive the enemy away and support him with your everlasting arms. Father, in accordance with Jesus’s prayer, deliver our country and our leader from evil. Mary
All beings of faith are united to help truth win. Alice
Dear Lord Jesus, I lift up my prayer to You right now in behalf of President Trump and First Lady Milana Trump. Please give them strength and purpose as they await the outcome of this election. May they feel the prayers in a profound way.

I also pray for all the people that are working to expose the corruption. May they feel an outpouring of wisdom and determination to finish the task in a timely manner.

You are our great and mighty God,


Praying God will keep you in His care nd bless this nation and intervene in tis election, bless this country, and knock down satan. Gwen
Our President of the United States of America please stand strong and get past those evil ones who are trying to take you down.My Heart is always with you and I am so proud of you for standing of for the American People, Prayer and Honesty you hold so dear. You will be here for another term to Serve those you Love so much. I am watching the picture unfold. You are Brilliant and Loval. 💖 🇺🇸 🙏 💖 🇺🇸🙏 💖 🇺🇸 Letha
Dear God, please guard our President from any evil & help his team prove his win! I will say a rosary for him. God Bless our President & God Bless America! Doris
Lord, cover the President with your blood, your anointing, your protection and your love. Keep him safe and continue to work your mighty works through your willing servant, Donald. We all give thanks to you for all you do! Pamela
May God protect  Trump and work a miracle for him to be our President for another term. I know God is capable of miracles and I believe He will make it possible for Trump to remain our President. I ask this is Jesus name. Amen. Sandra
I am praying that this election fraud is uncovered and that President Trump will be declared the President for 4 more years.  I also praying for his safety.  May God bless President Trump and the United States of America. Earlene
Praying for your well being each and every day.  God bless you and your family. Norma
Dear Lord, my wife and I are among the millions of Christians who follow you. We pray that you would continue to keep Donald J trump in place in his office of the president of the United States of America. We pray that Your truth be revealed in the coming days for all to see and hear. In Jesus name; amen. Lana
I am praying for Trump’s protection, peace of mind and courage. I am praying that God shines His light on the darkness so that the truth of this election can be revealed and noone can deny it. Amen Rhonda
Harold J. Miller Harold
Dear Lord, please stand by President Trump as he fights the Devil and his Republican, Socialist army.  Give him the strength that only you can give. Diana
LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, we thank you for all You are doing to help President Trump and the true Americans who still only want You to direct our lives.. we thank You for President Trump who You put in office against all odds to begin with.  We know he won the election honestly and only by fraud is it being stolen from him.  But we see Your hand in bring this fraud out into the open. We excitedly await Your next move. Thank you LORD. Our trust is in You. Margie
Father, I am praying for a Christmas miracle for Trump and for America. In Jesus name, amen and amen. Peter
God, we come together before you and lift up our country, our President, and our freedoms.  Please continue to expose the deeds done in the darkness of evil to Your marvelous light.  We ask for Your mighty touch on President Trump.  In Jesus’ name…Amen. Marji
Dear God, please protect our President and hos fsmily during this very fifficult time in our country. Dorothy
God bless Donald John Trump with your love, wisdom, and strength. Let him be lead by Your Holy Spirit and guided to victory in Jesus’ Name. Ray
Heavenly Father have mercy on America and the world and place Donald Trump and Mike Pence as our President and Vice President for another four years.  Help them prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this election was stolen and that Trump won in a landslide.   Amen Mary
God flood America with truth as we pray for Our President Donald Trump and the truth of this election. In Jesus’s name Amen Don
Barbara is continuing to pray for President Trump and VP Pence and their amazing families.  I believe God will bless them and our nation in abundant ways we have not yet seen. Barbara
Mr: President , God Almighty is with You!!!! Salomon
Dear lord in heaven use your devine grace and give us  our great President trump four more years. And put your blessing upon him to protect him from the democrats who are out to destroy him. President trump cares about the people he is in charge of and he cares about our great country and making sure everything is done by the law. Bless him Dear lord and his family. AMEN DONNA KELLEY
Lord Jesus thank you for loving us and dying for us!!  We praise your name that is above all names.
We come to you asking for your mighty hand and your power to be poured out on our President today. This man is giving his life for the American people. Would you give him wisdom from heaven to proceed with the election fraud and that you would see fit to deal with the fraud that has been committed against Trump and our nation. Your Word tells us you hate wickedness. Please deal with it today Lord!!  In Jesus name we ask these things for your honor and glory. Amen.
Mary Ann
We pray for President Trump & Vice President  Pence, and there family’s. We pray for the USA & it’s citizens. We all been through so much. No US President has been through so much on our behalf of the USA. We pray Lord you keep our President Trump strong, save, & fighting for the USA. Donald
God of Abraham Isaac and Yaakov blessed, protect and send  army of angels  to safeguard and fight for our president Donald Trump and his family. May God gave the victory to our president for a second term with peace and health  during his presidential duty And beyond. Tehilim  20:2 May He grant you what your heart desires, and fulfill all your plans. Rivkah
We must have Peace and Honesty most of all to save America. A prayer for D J Trump. Joan
Father God, we thank you for appointing Donald Trump as President.  I pray that you will have your will in this second election and bring the rightful leader into power. We thank you for our country and our freedoms. We worship you and ask that you put your shroud of protection around Mr. Trump and his family and his  cabinet. I pray you will bring a Christian heart into the hearts of those who are persecuting this man and our country. I pray your will be done in saving our country. In Jesus’ Name. AMEN. Nola Roden
Lord, surround our President with favor as he and his legal team fight to overturn this election. Judy
Our Father in heaven, hallowed be thy name.  I praise you for you are worthy of all praise.  I pray that you will give President Trump wisdom, insight, strength, courage and encouragement during the days ahead.  I ask that you will continue to shine light on all of the illegal acts committed during this election.  Open hearts for all to see the attempted steal of this election.  We pray that your will be accomplished now. Antique
Heavenly father we pray for our president and we ask you to help him protect us we ask for your gracious hand upon all of us during these very difficult times I pray that you give all of us The continuing hope and faith and love one another to get through this in Jesus name amen God bless America and God bless our president and God bless all the wonderful loving caring Patriots of our beautiful nation🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Suzanne
Lord bless President Trump.  Give him strength and help him to not get discouraged.  And bless our country! [email protected]
God is in control.  He has your back, and so do
we Patriots who love what you are doing for this country!
Keep President Trump and his family safe, strong, and give those whose support he needs to prevail the courage to stand up for him!  Lord, please cut out evil acts and dishonesty that would keep your servant Donald Trump from his second term as our President.  Lord, cut out evil at its root!! Laurie
🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Kathy
Lord give President Trump your blessing and help him save this nation . Kenneth
Father I thank you that I have the privilege of interceding for the President Donald Trump. Lord I pray that you would put a shield of protection over this man and his family. I pray that his ears would become closed to the lies of the enemy and his followers. I pray that you would give him the wisdom of Solomon,  the heart of David and the faith of Abraham, and the purpose and calling of Paul. Give your angels charge over him, his family and his adminisyration.administration. Let no weapon formed against him prosper, and every tounge raised against him be condemned. Thank you that you have given him four more years, right now this day. Thank you that he will return America to Godly foundation! And America will see revival through this man. In Jesus Name I pray! Irma
Heavenly Father, I ask you to protect our great President Donald Trump.  American needs him Father.  With him you are welcome in our country.  With him “in God we trust” will remain.  With him our children will learn of you in school once again.  With him our babies will be saved from murder.  With him our children will be rescued from pedophiles.  Without him our beautiful country will be lost forever.  Amen Shirley
God made it very clear that stealing and lying are sins which many democrats are clearly doing.  I pray truth may win over evil and our justice system will be honest and Mr. Trump will continue to be president for 4 more years! Lorraine
Dear Heavenly Father Rap your arms around President Trump give him strength and wisdom do get us through these trying times. In Jesus name amen Nancy
Lord Jesus, Bob and I pray that You will have your way in this election mess in the US. Please don’t hesitate to expose the fraud and cheating that went on in many states. Expose EVERY person involved in doing something illegal that this country can stay free from socialism, Marxism an communism. The good people of this country are relying on You and we trust You!! I pray these things in the holy and righteous name of Jesus, Amen Beverly
God put his  shield over you President Trump and keep you safe. May God help you thru this. Trudy
Dear Lord, we thank You for Your constant love and support through this dark time. Thank You for letting us know You are always with us.  We thank You for watching over our Great President Trump, for guiding him, for staying with him always.  Thank You for keeping him and  his family healthy and out of harm’s way. Thank You for filling him with strength and wisdom to continue to persevere against evil forces.  Thank You for helping us understand Your Will and giving us peace during this frightening time. Jeannie
I’m always praying God’s blessings and favor for you President Trump Dorothy
Dear Lord,
I ask you now to Please, put your hands over President Trump right now during his time of need. I ask you that you Please give him the Strength he needs as he is being attacked by the Democratic Party. Lord I ask you to Please give President Trump the guidance he needs right now as our Democratic Party has begun to turn more Socialistic and have begun to attack and persuade the people of this once Great Nation. God please allow President Trump to stay the President for the next term and keep the United States on the path he has it on. Please do not let Biden become our President and let him take this Country on the path toward Socialism. Thank you God in your Wonderful Name I Pray A-men
I pray to God that he looks down on you and gives you four more years.  God bless you. Bruce
Lord Jesus shine your Light in all the darkness! Keep President Trump strengthened and encouraged!
Keep he and his family safe and all those in his inner circles and administration.
Give us victory through him for our nation and indeed the world as our continued leader the next 4 years.
Thank you Father God for hearing our cries and answering.
God bless trump and family Joel
Lord watch over President Trump and his legal team and may Your  Holy Spirit grant them all divine wisdom as they struggle through these next two weeks. Gwen
od bless you, keep you safe and expose the bad guys. Pray you are president many times nancy
Lord please bless President Trump. Give him wisdom and strength to do what needs to be done. Bless him and our nation. Let your light shine on the truth and uncover all the darkness and evil. Amen Jamie
Father, I ask for Your Devine protection, Your wisdom, and Your knowledge for President Trump. I claim Psalm 21:11 for him, “If [they] plan evil against you, if [they] devise mischief, [they] will not succeed.” I declare victory in the name of Jesus Christ. Debbie
Dear Lord,
You and Only You are directing Your disciples to do and correct the ‘wrongs’ to what is ‘right’ for Us, Our Country/Your Country and Your Son, Our President Donald J Trump.
Keep him Strong!
Keep us Strong!
Let the Truth Prevail!!!!
Please GOD,  send us the help we need  so the USA is headed In the direction you want us to go!   God bless America !!!!!!!! Barbara
Father God, we come before you today with all praise and honor to Your Holy Name. Father, in the name of Your Son Jesus we ask you to bless President Trump and his family. Keep them safe in the palm of your hand. Send your precious Holy Spirit to guide our President in his vital decisions. In all things we thank you and praise you. Amen Luann
https://villagersfortrump.org/prayer-points-from-congresswoman-michele-bachmann/ john
Heavenly Father, we thank You that as we pray and believe You will give us the victory over all the election fraud and bring justice to receive the Glory that You deserve!!! Elizabeth
I pray for my president Donald J. Trump that he has a shroud of protection around him by God. That the voter fraud is exposed exposed exposed. Thank you Mr. President Amen Kirk
I pray for protection of the President of the United States. I pray protection for the Trump family. I pray for transparency and for the truth to be revealed to the world of what happens on election night. I pray in the name of Jesus that President Trump is blessed with the glory and grace of another four years of leadership over our country. I rebuke the works of Baal and I rebuke the works of Satan in the Holy and sacred name of Jesus. In all these thing I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen. Mariam
Dear Lord, I pray that President Trump will stay persistent in his faith and lean on you. The victory is already won. You have already given the election to him. I pray that those who have cheated, lied, and tried to still this election will get what is coming to them. I pray that this country will turn back into the God fearing country it was founded to be. Amen. Karen
God has given you the power and the strength to fight our enemies. I pray God continues to push you through and protect all those standing in the front lines of this fight with you President Trump. Faith, Wisdom and cunning will be your guide. Amen !!! Janice
Lord, bless President Trump and his family. Protect him from all attacks from all sides and bless us with his leadership another four years. Sarah
Give him the strength And courage to continue the fight for our country. We need him! June
Dear Father please lay a special blessing on our President, Donald Trump.  Father he has had to endure terrible trials from the Democratic Party all because of his desires to return America to the land our forefathers envisioned as they laid out our Constitution and he has had terrible things done to him in this election.  Please Lord bless this man so that the election can be corrected and allow him to remain as President and grant him 4 years of peace to return this Country around Shirley
Lord please look over our great President Trump, help him to be strong in mind and spirit.  We know you sent him to us — Please protect him through these times of difficulty and let him remain in the White House for another 4 years.  We love You, trust You, believe in You and have Faith in Yo precious Lord.  In Jesus name we pray, Amen! Jean
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle – be our
save guard against the evil
forces that are trying to steal
the 2020 election. St. Michael –  through the power of God – protect President Trump and
all of those patriotic & courageous individuals who
are standing up for freedom from socialism and communism.    Amen.
Charlotte Smith
Dear Lord, please watch over and guide our president and all of our leaders. Get them to listen to you and do your will. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen. Lisa
Spirit please guide president Trump in all his endeavors in his daily life always bless him and his family thank you Becky
I pray, President Trump, that you receive the guidance you need to successfully calm the waters and bring justice before those who wish to destroy America.

I pray, President Trump, that you receive the strength you need to guide the people in America through the stormy seas that have  consumed our Country.

I pray, President Trump, that you receive the wisdom you need to see the light at the end of the tunnel and secure a peaceful and just resolution for your people.


Judie Mollette
Dear Heavenly Father, we know that you are all powerful and that you understand the needs of our country and its people more than we can comprehend.  However, we humbly ask that you would protect President Trump and his family and his administration and bring clarity and truth to all the people of this nation regarding the recent elections.  Dear Lord, please do stop all fraud and bring justice to those who plan evil and desire socialism to take over our nation.  In Jesus name we pray!  Amen Judith
God, if it is your will, make USA election 2020 fair and honest. Randy
Dear Heavenly Father please continue to bless our Amazing President Trump and give him the courage and the power to expose All evils that wish to destroy our Country and force us to except a false will of the People of the United States of America,  may the Truth set us Free from Evil who Abused their power to enslave our Free Will that You have given us  !! Amen !! Chris
Pray for president of the United States , may he be blessed in all of this corruption going on with him . Trump is a wonderful president, please pray for him to stay in office . Trump 2020 Kristen
Please sir keep up the fight. God will be with you. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 George
Praying you find a way to undo the election and get the real outcome on here. Linda
Praying that the Lord guide President Trump and Vice President Pence and that the Lord give them both wisdom, knowledge and strength to overcome this evil that is in our nation today. May the lies be revealed and the truth known. 🙏 Cliff
Dear God, we beg Your mercy on the United States.  We ask that You protect our President Trump from all physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and financial harm.  We ask that he be declared the unambiguous winner of the 2020 presidential election. We ask Your blessing on him, his family, and all his loyal administration people. We ask that the two Republican Georgia Senate candidates win their elections in January 2021 without any voting irregularities. We ask your mercy on us all. May all Americans bow before You, Almighty God, and strive to do Your Will.  We ask this in Jesus’ Holy Name. Amen. Ann
May the good watch over President Trump Clarence
Heavenly Father, I ask that you would bless and protect president Trump and his family. I thank you that he has fought so hard for this country and our freedoms. I pray that NO weapon formed against him will prosper. I also pray that what was intended for evil in this election would be used for your good and your glory. I ask for mercy and grace for our country and a fair election and especially that we would be one nation under God. In Jesus precious name I as. amen. Darlene
Thank you Lord for President Trump. Please guide him & America through these difficult times. Heal our nation & save us from evil. In your name I pray. Amen Jan
Lord, please protect our nation from the socialist left. Trump is our hope for America. Please protect him and help him to win the election fight. Bless his family and the United States of America. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. Jennifer
God Almighty, only you have the power and might to lift our President Donald Trump and carry him to a victory that only you can provide.  Lord you have seen with your own eyes the atrocities, lies and fraud committed against our nation’s leader! Only you can reveal the wickedness that invades the minds of the evil that want to oust our President.  Please God hear our cry and come to the rescue of your children.  In Jesus name we pray!  AMÉN Louis
“My Lord, expand for me my chest with assurance,  And ease for me my task, And untie the knot from my tongue, That they may understand my speech” Umer
God, I ask for you to open up the hearts and mind of each person to seek your will in this attact on our country, that you would recevie glory in the final outcome of this election. May you show all of us your will as we pray for our leaders. Bring justice  to our nation as we repent and seek your face. I ask this in the name of Jesus. George
May God & the Holy Spirit be with Donald Trump & his team Always. Ray
Och Heere God geef President Trump kracht om dit zware werk te doen, zonder u gaat dat niet en is het veelste zwaar, en laat uw recht gelden ook voor hem, ik smeek u help hem en al zijn mensen om hem heen geef hun ook kracht, U heb nooit een bidder laten staan die om hulp vroeg, en wilt u de ongelovige hun ogen openen dat zij zien wat zij hem aan doen, en geef hem rust in zijn hart dat hij op u mag vertrouwen door het geloof, en schenk hem een nieuw hart ook zijn vrouw en zoons en dochters want ook zij hebben dan nodig om uws naams wil bid ik voor hem o God help dat land  Amen. johannis
May the ultimate power of God destroy the evil that has befallen our country and bring to justice those enmeshed in its grasp. We ask this through Christ, our Lord! Amen! John
Thank you God for your unending love and mercy and for your great wisdom that has given this nation a valiant warrior to lead this land against the evil and tyranny that has, is and will be exposed to all that have eyes to see and ears to hear. I pray God’s continued blessings over your household and your administration as you continue this grueling battle for the American people on your path to victory! Gayle
Please God watch over our President Trump and right the wrongs of this election Joanne
Heavenly Father,
We praise You for Your omnipotence and wisdom!  We thank You that You are in control of all  things according to Your great plan.  We ask that you bless President Trump with Your protection and justice.  We ask that the truth about the Nov 3rd election be revealed and that if President Trump was the actual winner that it would be upheld and that he would remain in office.  We ask this in Your precious Son’s name, Amen.
God be with you always. Dot
Lord, take control of this process and expose all the trickery of the left.  Make a way for our President Trump to prevail in his fight for the presidency and for our constitution to be preserved.  Thank you, Lord! Mary Lou
Not by might, not by power, but my Spirit sayeth the Lord.  The Lord will guide you, President Trump.  The strength of the Lord will help you to expose all evil and falsehood.  You won the election.  The people are with you.  Light always exposes darkness.  We the people demand that you be inaugurated for a second term in January, 2020.  So let it be written, so let it be done.  Amen. Catherine
Prayers for our wonderful President and his family. Stay strong. Keep fighting.  We need you for another four years. Rhonda
God watch over President Trump. Carole wolenski
Heavenly Father I am asking you to keep the president in your care.  We know he is helping your people from this evil world,  give him and his people the strength and knowledge to fight this battle.  We know your in control and let him be with us and fight the devil we no you can you have done many times before and won   We need our president back   Thank you for it being done amen Penny
Thank you Lord that you like just scales and weights and because of that You will guide the truth to be revealed. Because You love Israel, and Your Word says You will bless those who bless Israel, I know You will bless Trump and those fighting for him because of all he’s done for Israel. Lord I know that You love life and place babies in the womb, and will fight for those who cherish life. Thank you Lord for Your guidance and miraculous work in this matter! In Jesus’ Name, Amen! Kerry
Heavenly Father, send Your warring angels to protect President Trump, his family and those that are supporting him. Give him the wisdom to follow the path, plan and light you have set before him.  I ask this in Your Son’s Holy name, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. Amen and Amen Cheri
Lord please give President Trump strength and wisdom to expose these evil people who cheated, lied, coerced, and are destroying this country. Please bless,  lead and guide President Trump with your light during these dark times. Amen! Trent
We pray that you will be our President! God Bless you! Sue
Dear Lord, please bless President Trump abundantly for all the ways he has benefited our country, and allow him to continue to do so for the next 4 years!  Guide him and give him the strength to combat the evils he fights against.  In Jesus name I pray! Christine
Praying For President Trump to stand filled with courage and strength and God’s wisdom While this fraudulent election process gets sorted out. Let the evil be exposed and Righteousness and justice prevail.  Trump will win this election just as the people of this country have voted! Please bless and protect him in Jesus name. Amen Barb
Dear Heavenly Father,
I come to you in prayer thanking you for your grace and mercy. I come to you standing in the gap with your other patriots, for you say where two or more are gathered, there you are also, praying and seeking your face and asking that you place a hedge of protection around president Trump and VP Pence, as well as their team and lawyers. Keep them safe and give them strength to press on. Keep them from growing weary. I pray for wisdom and understanding for all involved. I pray that you bind up the enemy that is trying to come against your nation. Give your patriots peace in knowing that this battle is yours and you’ve already won. We all come to you praising your name and loving you because you first loved us and thanking you for all you have done, are doing and will continue to do. We come asking in your sons precious name Jesus Christ. Amen!!
May God bless Terry
I humbly come before you and ask that you will protect President Trump from the plans of the enemy. Station angelic forces around him and his family at all times. Give him wisdom & strength by your holy presence. In Jesus mighty name. Amen.
Bless you Mr president. My prayers are with you Bob
Father God,

I humbly come before you to ask that you would find favor on our President, Donald J. Trump. Please, please, with your help let him expose all the voter fraud from the darkness into the light so he will be our next President – 2020-20024.

Lord, you are never too early and you are never too late, but perfect in your timing.  You have anointed President Trump to serve as our President. Millions of people love and respect him for who he is and what he stands for. He stands for your morals and our country needs to turn back to these Biblical morals and we need President Trump and Vice President Michael Pence another 4 years to serve as our leaders. Our hope is in you Lord.

In Jesus Name,

Sharon Zornes

Heavenly Father thank thee for thy  love and mercy! Please bless our nation’s President.. President Donald Trump that all corruption in this 2020 election will be exposed and the Constitution will stand! Keep him and his Vice President Mike Pence from all harm or danger! Deliver them from all evil and touch them so that they may be strengthened and refreshed to help fight this battle and win. I ask all these things if it by in thy will. And I say this in the beloved name of Jesus Christ the author of our faith! Amen. Frederika
Lord l pray that you will bless President Trump and our Country. Keep us safe from the evils. I pray that people will abide to your words to make this Country a better place and to know from you all things are possible. Ray and Edna
Lord, please put your hands on this great nation and its leader, President Trump. I pray the corruption is exposed and those responsible are held accountable. If it is in your will, Lord, that President Trump remains our leader I pray that justice is swift and the fraud exposed quickly. I pray for peace through this very difficult time. Whatever Your will is, Lord, give us the strength and courage to accept it. In Your name! Amen! Tammy
Dear Lord,  please place your will for President Trump with your strength as America 🇺🇸 passes through this time.  In Your Bane, Amen 🙏 🙏 🙏 Thomas
Father, Thy will be done, Jesus I trust in You! Cathy
Lord, please Love and Protect our wonderful President Trump and his family.   Through your Devine Intervention please make him Victorious Anen Vickie
Stay firm, know that God and the real Americans are with you!  You will TRIUMPH!  In Jesus’ name, Amen! Meredith
Dear father, thank you lord, praise you father, thank you lord For working everything out for your good and for your glory. Lord thank you for ministering to President Trump, thank you for putting him in this position to do the workThat you have called to do. Helen
May God give peace and assurance that the evil of our election will be  overcome With God’s grace to expose this. May President Trump have an overwhelming peace within and strength continuing to do what is right for our nation. Ruth
Prayers for Peace and guidance for President Trump and his family. May the Lord’s will be done! Deborah
Go get Mr. President! Ronald
Stay strong and don’t concede. You won and will remain our POTUS. God has you and us in his hands. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Shirley
Jack and I pray that President Trump will overcome and will lead our country 4 more years.  We pray for his health, safety and happiness and that of his family and we ask God to lead and guide him every day for the good of us all. Brenda and Jack
I love you President Trump. The moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup, I say a little prayer for you! Paige
May the Lord Bless you and your family!! Robert
Lord be with Trump in his leadership of our Country Beatrice
Praying daily for truth and justice as this  one against President Trump i believe is framed with fraud! In the Bible Joshua fought the battle of Jericho. Much like our President is fighting corruption. God always wins. God bless, Nancy
Praying for truth and integrity to be restored to the election process. Dorothy
Dear Lord, I pray that you will help uncover the fraud in this election and give Trump another four years in the White House. He has done so much good for this country. Amem LoAnn
Lord….STOP the individuals that have no respect for Your Name, those that do not revere Your Name, those that do not call You Lord and honor you and obey Your Word.  Shut their minds down to any more games of evil and confuse them that they make no sense of move forward.   Expose to the world their goals that go against Who You Are.  Protect President Trump, give him continued stamina, strength, wisdom, discernment.  Bless him with Your Peace.   In Jesus Name Amen! Jeanette
Dear God please help President Trump and the country to get through this time and bless his family.  Dear lord we need your help now more than ever  Amen and Amen Susan
Lord, guide President Trump, hold him up, shield & protect him. Thy will be done . Amen. William
God place your mantle of protection over Pres. Trump and all American Patriots. Put the evildoers plans to nought…Amen Nancy
Lord, please send your mighty Angels to guard, protect, and defend our President Trump against the wicked people who wants to harm him!  Lord, You have chosen him to save us and America from becoming anti-Christ, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage and from socialism, so Lord, we beg you to interfere in his behalf in this battle, in Your Mighty Name, Amen! Maria Victoria
Hear my cry OLord. Attend unto my prayer. From the ends of the earth will I cry unto Thee. For Thou O Lord hast been a shelter from the enemy.   Bless the truth among your people and reveal Your Will. In the name of Jesus. Amen. Brenda
We are praying (from Australia) for President Trump  to be returned to the Presidency for another 4 years and for him and his family to be safe from all harm.  In God’s name may this happen to keep us all safe. Judy
Prayers for our dear President and his family – please give him wisdom to overcome the forces of evil against him to remain in office to continue the work that he has begun.  In Jesus name, Amen. Dwight
Lord I pray your keep directing the steps of Donald J. Trump, bless him w your strength and let his tongue speak your wisdom. I pray you use him to lead us to righteousness for ourCountry that you gave us. Let him seek you first Lord in all things. Keep him safe..let us not perish Lord. Please expose the evil and set confusion among them  save us from the wicked snares of the devil, may you rebuke them. We need you Lord… in Jesus name. 🙏🏻 Amen B
My Lord, please give him the wisdom he needs to outsmart such corruption. Julie
Jesus, please bless our President Trump, and his family, with your protection, your strength in proving for the USA and our world that President Trump has won the election for President for 4 more years….please expose all the fraud in the election and bring all those responsible for the fraud to justice. Amen Judy
May God bless you and watch over you and give you whatever you need to be the victor in the battle you are fighting. May all the deceit and fraud be uncovered and at the end of the day you will remain our president for four more years. God’s Blessing and Peace be with you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. Candice
I am praying for President Trump and so is my church. We all lifted him up today during service. Diane
Heavenly Father, God of Abraham, please put your hand on President Trump, guide him and protect him and help him to be victorious in the election. Danny
Prayers that President Trump prevails with God and his warring angels behind him. Katrin
Pray the PRAY OF DAVID Psalm 20:1-6 “In times of trouble, may the Lord respond to your cry! May the God of Israel keep you safe from all harm! May He send you help from His sanctuary and strengthen you from Jerusalem! May He remember all your gifts and look favorably on your burnt offerings. May He grant your heart’s desire and fulfill all your plans! May we shout with joy when we hear of your Victory flying banners to honor our God! May the Lord answer all your prayers!”          I say this pray everyday for Pres. Trump and his legal defense team.      PLEASE REPENT! God is waiting on the nation to repent.  Now really is the time to turn to GOD! Cindy
Lord, God. In your heavenly name, I ask that you let President Trump be given a  second term.  As you know, Satan is pulling for Biden/Harris to become elected to further his reign on this earth.  I pray this will not become true.  Amen Pam
May God richly bless you President Trump and Melania and family🙏Fight as long as you can and may courageous patriots rise up and do the right thing to save our country🇺🇸 Kathy
Please God help our country rid the evil & corrupt!! Please help our President!!! Janet
Stay strong God will allow the truth to be known Joan
Praying for our President’s protection, direction, and re-election!!!! God bless you sir.. .🙏👍🏼😇👍🏼 Jayne
Heavenly father I pray for our president Donald J Trump for wisdom understanding and knowledge of the voting situation and the fraudulent activities across America. Please be with our president our great American president keep his mind sharp and focused on your will for the benefit of our country.In Jesus name we pray, amen! Mark
Praying that God will keep you safe and the strength to keep up the fight  against the evil people trying to destroy you! Joyce
Lord, I pray for our nation and for Donald J. Trump our president. Protect and guide us through this perilous time. Please expose the evil that has infiltrated our election process.  Our only hope is for the election fraud to be revealed and for Donald Trump to remain as our president. May your loving hand surround us and keep us safe in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  Amen Carol
Dear Jesus:  I pray right now for your perfect will to be done in our country, for President Trump and his family, for the future of my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and the future of this great United States of America.  You birthed this great nation, you placed President Trump in office to do the job he has done for the last four years, and I don’t believe this happened for any of it to come to naught.  I trust you that everything that is happening is according to your schedule and your perfect plan will be executed. You know the end from the beginning and God’s people place full trust in your hands for the outcome.  Please give President Trump and other officials who are trusting you much wisdom.  Help us, as God’s people and citizens who love our country to pray much and trust you. Hazel
Holly Holly
Please Dear Lord, join my prayer with those of your children who are praying to protect our country and our President, guide him and keep him strong for he is fighting uphill against all the swamp creatures who are trying to turn our country from You.  We are so sorry for the wrong doing that we knew about and didn’t vote them out of office.  Please help our country and our President. Amen Mary
Prayers for my president, justice Michael
We are praying for President Trump his family his legal team his supporters our great USA 🇺🇸 Brenda
May all election fraud be exposed and may God grant President Trump reelection success. May God bless and protect him always. May our Blessed Virgin Mary watch our him as he has 4 more years as President  in 2021. Cheryl
Dead God Bless our country with the right election results.  Bless President Trump! Edith
Papa I pray for protection over President Trump. Give him strength and focus and show Him to keep his eyes on you. Guide him in the way he should go. Give him courage. Give him rest physically and spiritually.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

Please hang in there and let’s win this election Mike
Lord, give strength to our President Trump, and let us keep the faith in You and in the truth. José M.
Praying that GOD will expose all the evil that the democrats are trying to get away with Cheryl
May God complete what he has begun in you.
May you expose the rampant voter fraud in U.S. elections.
May people turn away from the agenda-driven main stream media and open their eyes to what you have accomplished.
May our Founding Fathers be proud of your steadfastness.
Mat God bless our country.
Prayers to President Trump and his family.  Prayers for this country. Our freedom and our rights  in this country need to be protected. thank you Mr. President for what you have had to go through to protect this right for the people. Wendy
Praying for Wisdom, Guidance, Strength to stand up for the truth & expose the fraudulent election!  Lord , we ask for Your Righteousness & Truth to be brought to the light! Expose the corruption to the American people & we ask for Your President & the Administration be humble & pray for Gods ruling in the courts & State legislators.
Grant our President the strength to see this through
Pray for President Trump & family safety during these uncertain times. Richard
God bless Trump and family Shelly
Dear Lord, please clear the path for President Trump to overturn this fraudulent election perpetrated on the United States and the American people.
I believe you love our country and its people to let Biden and the awful Democrats be in office.  Only You know how many ways they have to destroy our country.  I pray to you Sweet Jesus to do this to protect our children grandchildren, and all citizens of America.  The Democrats will force Joe Biden to do whatever they want and that will destroy our freedom.  You know that Socialism and Communism do not work.  Only you Dear Lord can stop them.  I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen🙏🏼I
May you be well Phillip
Dear Lord please stand by our President, keep him strong help him fight the evil in our Government. God Bless there United States.bAMEN Sherry
Heavenly Father, I pray to you today for justice to be done for President Trump. If it be your will, please let this massive voter fraud be exposed and let President Trump be the landslide winner he was supposed to be. In Jesus’s name I pray. Nancy
In the name of the Father. Son and Holy Ghost, I pray for President Trump and his family and protect them in this cruel war. Deborah
Dear God I pray for President Trump right now I’m sure it feels like the weight of the world is on his shoulders trying to fight the corruption and he’s not alone he needs to know that so I pray right now father you let him know he’s not alone in this and there are millions of people praying and fighting alongside of him and ready to destroy all the corruption in our elections in Jesus mighty name amen Steve
May God President Trump, his team and Sidney Powell and expose the treachery of those who destroy the voting system of the USA.  Please don’t let Biden and his evil team win the presidency cause they will destroy America and the world.  Amen Cherry
Dear Heavenly Father God, please lift this treason and voting fraud from our country and bring unity back to our country and let more people open their hearts up to you. Give our President strength in knowing that you are with him and so are we the people. Bring us this Christmas surprise and inauguration of our President on Jan 2021. Let our country go forward in your amazing glory and love. I ask these things in the name of Jesus.  AMEN Fonda
We stand with you President Trump. Father God we ask that you expose the truth and save our great country that has Your Name on it. Bless President Trump and protect him and his family Evelyn
Prayers for President Trump, Vice President Pence and America!!
I pray that God may be with and guide them!!
Dear Lord Jesus please be with our President Trump and give him peace, strength, and knowledge to deal with the liberal left. I pray that their sins will find them out. I pray that President Trump will continue as our President. Protect him Lord Jesus with the full armor of God. In Jesus name Amen 🙏 Kathy
Dear I AM…please protect Donald Trump and help us get a fair election. Donald Trump cares deeply about our country, and all the precious babies that have died due to abortion. Please forgive them for destroying a life you created. May we please get the accurate results of this election, and may the man who truly won be our next great President. Amen Lynne
Prayers for President Donald Trump successful 2nd term in office and that he is able to “DRAIN the DC DEEP State SWAMP RATs”!! God send your angel warriors to open all doors to expose the evil doings of the fraudulent election in which President TRUMP has WON by a landslide!! Please declare “martial law” so that the people that are responsible for this fraudulent election are arrested and place in prison for “HIGH TREASON”/COUP against a sitting PRESIDENT Donald Trump & the American Patriots/people!!! Katherine
Dear Heavenly Father, please bless President Trump in his quest to be our President for the next four years. We certainly need his honesty and his love for this country. I ask these blessings in the name of the son Jesus Christ. Amen Mina
Everything hidden is being manifested and everything secret is being revealed in Jesus’ name! Ivonne
Almighty Father we ask that you bring forward the ones to expose the evils of this election I ask for protection over our President guide him in your path. Amen Deborah
Lord please help President to provide evidence of the voter fraud in the November election. Protect him and give him the strength to keep fighting for America. Help him to be declared our President for the next four years. Please do not let the election to be stolen from him. Lord, we need your help. In Jesus’s name and for his sake Amen Iantha
Dear Lord, please let President Trump have enough time to bring about these fraud allegations that will let him remain in the warehouse for the next 4 years, praise be to you dear Lord… Barbara
Dear Lord, please uphold our president and give him the victory he deserves in this terrible election.  Bless him and his family abundantly and protect them from all harm.  AMEN Marlene
President Trump will be chosen for President again in 2021 in Jesus name Marcella
Dear Mighty Heavenly Father,  I pray that You empower President Trump with Your wisdom, knowledge, strength, boldness, courage, and supernatural power to bring down the evil Cabal that is destroying our nation and the world.  Crush the enemy beneath his feet, and let him rise up victorious before the world, and You, Lord will be glorified!  Expose the corruption and wickedness of these evil men and entities and open the eyes of everyone so that they may see their crimes against humanity.  What ever evil they plan against President Trump – let it bounce off of him and return to them 10 fold. Let the brave patriots arise and hold the line in Your name, do not let us sit idle and do nothing, fill us with Your power for You have “overcome the world”, and we will overcome with You. Please surround him with powerful angel armies and brave men to protect him and his family.  I ask these things in the name of Jesus – your Holy Son – Let it be so – Amen!! Donetta
Blessed God in Jesus name We pray for President Donald J Trump and for his success and safety as he easily wins the election and successfully prosecutes the Thieving Democraps for all their cheating and lies and theft of the ballots voted for Trump.let the retributions and arrests and prosecutions  for the guilty begin and long jail times and huge fines and judgements be decided against these Democraps. Let everyone see the evil that was done in the  name of the high priests of the Democrap cult. Amen Connie
My prayer is to lift up our president, Donald J Trump, so that he may be protected and given the ability to expose all the corruption in our nation and overcome it. May the Holy Spirit lift him up, in Jesus’ name, O Holy Father. Larry
Dear President Trump
May our wonderful compassionate God anoint you with His Holy Spirit giving you protection, wisdom, and overwhelming peace and love for you and your family and your Administration. Do not fear GOD IS IN CONTROL as long as America asks forgiveness then GOD will heal our land. Stay strong!!!
Therese wilhelm
(A servant of God)
Dear Lord,
Please Lord Jesus help our President Trump to achieve his true place as the President of the USA. Guide those who are uncovering and trying the fraud of the election. Make each of them victorious in their pursuits!
In Jesus name! Amen
Dear God, please put a hedge of protection around President Trump.  Please also, Lord, foil the plans of the wicked and please reveal all the voter fraud and who is behind it all.  In Jesus Mighty Name.  Amen. Heidi
Heavenly Father,  we ask that you continue to bless this great country that was founded on your godly principles.  Protect us from the evil that are trying to destroy those who love and seek righteousness.  Expose those evil doers who are trying to destroy our country with a fraudulent election and protect those who are exposing them.  We know that you have a plan and we wait patiently for your timing.  In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray, amen. Marlene
Lord, we need your Devine intervention now as we did in 2016, America and the World depend upon your Grace. Bruce
I pray we have another 4 years  for president trump Eldon
I plead the Blood of Jesus over our President and ask God’s hand be on him. Pamela
Our heavenly father, PLEASE protect our fabulous President, for he is fighting with all his power for you and us! Cathy
Lord we ask you to be with President Trump as he fights the evil forces working in our country.  Be with him, protect him and his forces as well as his family. Keep him safe, give him strength and bless him with a peace that passes all understanding. We praise your name, all glory to God. Amen Amy
I pray for President Trump and his family every day . May God love him and his family and keep them safe Pauline
Praying four our country and President Trump, his family and legal team. May God look down in our country with justice! 🇺🇸❤️🙏🏼❤️🇺🇸 Annette
I have been praying daily for President Trump. I ask that God be with him everywhere he goes and lead him to say and do the right things. I also pray that he can get justice against all the fraudulent activity ! Ruby
O Lord o God, we pray that Truth and Justice prevail on this 2020 Election.  That Pres. Trump will still be our president for the next 4 years. Joel
Our heavenly Father, I pray for our President Trump, his family and our nation. Please bring healing to us all. In Jesus name amen Susan
I pray for you and our country everyday… Crystal
Am praying for President Trump and all this voter fraud that it may be cleaned up and that it is all exposed as it should be. God is in control and am praying that if it God’s will that he win that all the fraud  and illlegel votes zfd
I pray the supreme court will not let them continue to spread the CONSTITUTION Ardyce
I ask you Lord to let good prevail.  Bless President Trump and all of those keeping America from socialism.  Amen Tammy
I pray for the American people to know the truth about this election and that God’s will be done.  God bless you Mr. President, your beautiful wife, and your entire family.  Thank you for loving America and keeping your promises.  I’m sorry for the way you have been mistreated.  I pray for 4 more years!  🇺🇸 Penny
may GOD in his mercy;please bless this man and this country and guide these people to what it was and will become,in the name of god,jesus,and the holy sprit. chuck
I agree in Jesus name.
Believing God’s anointed President Trump will prevail and be our 46th President.
Praying daily for you and an honest election. Never give up. Mary
Dear God- please place your hands over President Trump and our country to protect and help him and all patriots to expose and rid all of the evil that has been plaguing our country for so long. So that we can soon be one nation under GOD. Amen 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸 Cynthia
Heavenly father we praise and glorify you and your name we praise Jesus Christ and we praise the Holy Spirit for wisdom and strength please watch over President Trump find Satan’s hands from the voting fraud and may the spirit of truth come forth you were annoyed I President Trump to be president again and we thank you and we love you in Jesus name Deborah ❤️
I pray for Our Father’s protection and wisdom and guidance for our president to be strong, have faith, and to gain wisdom and discernment for all decisions he is making regarding the path our our government, one nation under God. May the Holy Spirit guide him in Jesus’ name. Amen. Patricia
For President Trump Family, Pence & the campaign legal team & American people seeking for truth that the truth will set us free. That good will always prevail and reign in God we trust with the intercession of our blessed mother  our  Lady of Immculate Conception and our Lady  of Guadalupe which is our patroness that we consecrate our nation to our blessed mother. She is with us in our bottle between good and evil. Amen Liza Caharian
Dear Lord Please Bless Our President and Keep him Gently in the Palm of his hand. He is a Righteous Man who will Lead with You in his Heart, and is a Warrior for all that Is Sacred…. Deborah
https://stonethepreacher.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/prayer-trump-294×300.jpg Marlene
Lord, may Your truth and justice prevail and utterly destroy the enemies that seek to overthrow our Republic.  Lord, forgive us for our egregious transgressions, return your grace on our nation.  Hear our prayers to heal our land and restore our Republic in Jesus’ name.  Amen Ellen
Dear Lord,
Please bless and keep President Trump healthy and safe as he battles not only for his second term but, also fights against evil forces set out to destroy America. We have faith in you glorious God that knows how this agony that has plagued us will turn out. You have sent a warrior to fight for our country. In Jesus name, Amen.
Dear God: please save our country from the wicked Democrats, and let President Trump be the declared winner of the fake election. Michael
Our Father who art in Heaven hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.  Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.. For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever and ever.  Amen. Linda Gimmy
Please Lord give America the strength and courage to move forward in supporting President Trump in these trying times. Amen Max
Heavenly Father, I ask Your Divine mercy and blessing on Your land, the United States of America.
Father, I ask that Your Holy Spirit to descend on us like never before in order for us to awaken, repent, and return to You.
Father, I ask your favor for President Trump who has worked so hard for America and who has done so much for us as citizens.
Gracious God, I ask Your hand of blessing, guidance, and encouragement on President Trump. I ask Your blessings of health and protection for him and his family.
And, Father, I beseech Your mercy and ask Your favor on this dishonest election. I ask that You allow all this corruption to be exposed for all to see that there be no doubt that President Trump won fairly by wide margin. Father God, I ask that You allow President Trump to be inaugurated in January and to serve successfully another four years.
Father, I ask these things not because we are deserving but rather because You are worthy and merciful. Thank You, Almighty God our Father. I ask all these things in Jesus’ precious Name, Amen.
Praying for our AMAZING President Trump… the greatest President of my lifetime. Praying for our Country and for TRUTH to finally come out.. and those that are believing everything they see/hear/read in MSM are shown what has really been going on. Finally, I am praying that the election is overturned…that our country can become United… and wishing for Peace this Christmas season. Angie
Dear God, if it’s your will please stay with our President and help him through all of this corrupt mess. In our lifetime we have never  had such a great President and we need to keep him. I am behind him all the way and know you are with him!! Thank you dear Jesus, Amen Carolyn
Mr President
I am from Canada and I am praying for your success.
Our Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you now asking that you put a hedge of protection around President Trump.  I ask, that you will allow the voter fraud to be shown and the scales to fall off the eyes of the judges for them to see the fraud also.  I ask that you will keep all those that are reporting fraud and have seen fraud safe and keep them from harm.  I ask in Jesus name, Amen Beth
Father I the name of Jesus I pray that you will surround President Trump today. I pray Lord that enemy will be defeated and that President Donald John Trump will vindicated. And will come the victor. I pray Lord you surround the Trump family. I pray father that Democrats will be defeated in Jesus name I pray Amen!!! John
Praying for this Great Man. susan
Heavenly Father, we give you all the thanks and praise for what you have done and what you will do. We know you have your own plans for this season in our country’s history. We pray you will protect what your servants created at our founding. We ask in Jesus name that you will protect our president and his family and staff. That you will guard their hearts and minds, that you will speak directly to President Trump what you want him to do. That he will discern your voice in all those that are speaking to him. We thank you for answering our prayers and please pour your blessings and favor on the United States of America. You are the only one that can turn our country around. Praise God for he is good. Thank you Lord! Amen Brenda
please Lord help this wonderful man keep us all safe Nancy
Oh Lord I pray you will lift up our President and show the world that you are still in charge.  We trust in you and believe good will overcome evil. Greed has taken the place of morals . Lord please let the world know that the truth and Christian faith is still here in this country that you have blessed . Lord I pray you will use our President to lead this country to show the world that we are proud and free and we bow only to you Lord! This I pray in your Holy Name.
Praying for all the fraud to be exposed and God’s will to be done. Stephen
Dear Lord ..Let the evil be exposed & our President and Country be protected.  In Jesus name I pray.  Amen Peg
I pray for light to shine on all fraud and on all injustices done on President Trump and our Country. Also, those responsible for these acts. I pray all evidence bear fruit before a fair and impartial judge, and declare justice for President Trump and America. Linda
Marilyn Marilyn
Lord Jesus, please lift up our amazing President Donald Trump.  He is your servant and destined to do wonderful things in your name.  Please place a protective hedge around President Donald Trump and his family, and the many folks fighting for him including, but not limited to; Rudy Guliani, Jenna Ellis, Kayleigh McEnany, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood.  I can’t imagine the threats to their lives and their loved ones.  But, I ask for your protective hedge over all of them.  As a result of all of the hard work of President Trump and teams, please renew the United States through this election into a civil, decent, prosperous place for all those that love this country.  Please bring your hand of justice to all of those that have and are still aiming to hurt this country and are beloved President.  We need discernment and a spiritual awakening.  I ask this in your precious name, Jesus!  Amen 🙏🏻🇺🇸 Jill
🙏📿 Carol
Lord, I humbly pray for the safety and health of our president. I ask that the truth of the presidential election be revealed to our nation and that the scales be removed from the eyes of those who have yet to find You and have yet to see the truth. Charlene
Praying for our President to keep fighting for what is right John
I pray for you daily and for our country. Praying it’s God’s will that you continue to be our President for four more years. His will be done. Karen
This fight isn’t Liberals against conservatives. It’s a spiritual warfare. Ephesians 6:12 pray against satan and his demon powers of darkness. Jack
Dear God please watch over and protect our great president, Donald J. Trump John
President Trump and your family, I pray for you daily and wish you complete success in your efforts to remain in the White House. It is where you legally belong. James
I pray for President Trump to get the votes is gas already won. Mae
Lord I lift America’s beloved President Donald J. Trump up and place him in your loving arms today.  Bless him, guide him, strengthen him this day.  This President loves you, your children and America, for this we are so thankful.  Bless his beloved family, keep them safe from the evil that abounds.  Please let him know how much we, the American people, deeply appreciate all he does.  In your Holy name Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, Amen. sara
Dear Lord, please help President Trump during this very crucial time as he has been fighting for our country and the American people since before he was elected into office. In Jesus name I pray. Candice
I pray for our President Donald Trump to remain strong in order to right this horrible injustice bestowed upon you our president, this country and the millions of Americans that support you as the best president this country has ever had! May God be with you as we the people are! Robin
God bless our great president TRUMP in all things through you JESUS we love him keep him strong in you lord were all here with him we love him lord Amen Jennifer
Dear Precious Lord, as Reverend Graham suggested, please embolden both President Trump and Vice President Pence with your favor, your guidance, your direction, your wisdom, and your protection in Jesus’ precious name we pray. Maxine
Thank you Lord for bringing truth and exposure of lies to light! Thank you for the wisdom and discernment you are continuing to give daily to our President and his advisors. We ask for Victory for our President in this election and thank you for your faithfulness Lord in directing every move needed! Thank you for supernatural protection to all those involved in this investigation from whistleblowers to every lawyer! Thank you for all of this in Jesus name! Virgene
May God’s will prevail. Mary
Our prayers are with you from Hereford, AZ John
Keep strong Judy
We BELIEVE in you and that God will answer our copious prayers for you, our Senate and our country.  He hears our prayers to give you the opportunity to make our elections fair again and to drain the swamp big time!! Joanne
Trump confirmed our President  in Jesus name Carol
May God protect President Trump and reveal the truth. May God’s will be done. Amen Donna M Reinsel
Lord watch over our president. Send down your favor on him to continue his fight to rid our political system of those not willing to do Your bidding. Strengthen him to stay the fight in Your name. Bless him, send the Holy Spirit to guide him and lead him to victory. This we ask in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Bob
Dear, Heavenly Father I pray that you protect our President Trump and the citizen’s of the United State of America!
Good over Evil
Father God I humbly come to you through your son Jesus Christ  please protect president Trump from the evil that surrounds him and his family.  Protect those who are loyal to him in this spiritual war. Satan is in full swing and only you can save us from his evil.  Thank you Lord for your continuing promises to all of us and hope that only comes through you.  Amen Kathryn
My heart goes out to President Trump.  I am so sorry that this wonderful President has to cope with such cheating. God please make President Trump our next president.  God bless him with peace in his heart ♥️🎄♥️🎄 Dolores
Prayers for the safety and victory of President Trump; the safety and effectiveness of his legal team;  the preservation of our constitutional republic; the demise of all fraud, deceit, deception, and corruption associated with the election; healing of the deep divisions in America/between Americans; massive conversion of souls back to Jesus; is surge of patriotism and unity as we make America great again. Marian
Dear Lord
Please bless this Great president and his family with your love . President Trump and family are Amazing that care deeply for TheAmerican people and people around the world.  God Bless to president Trump and his family
Andy Hewes
For strength during this time. Guidance for decisions Cora
I’m praying for president trump remember there’s only one person that chooses presidents and that’s our Lord and saviour William
Protect the President, Father, and give Him  strength  and wisdom. Judy
Heavenly Father, You are the Creator of All. This is Your universe. This country is in dire need of YOUR help and direction now. Evil runs rampant. Send St. Michael to wipe out this evil and let reign Your sovereign person, D. Trump for the next period so that LIFE can be honored and saved as You so desire. Mare
Dea God in the name of the Holy Spirit, on the blood of the cross, bless Donald J Trump. Help him expose the fraud and win this election. Help bring all this evil to answer for this injustice. Bless our nation bless our people. In the name of Jesus Christ amen. Allen
President Trump may God’s favor and protection carry forward in what you are doing to save our country.  I pies the blood of Jesus over you and your family and a hedge of protection in Jesus’ name Amen Linda
God Bless and Stay Safe Riki
Praying for strength, peace, joy, and wisdom and your family! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do! We stand behind you and with you! Michelle
Dear Lord Heavenly Father please let President Trump triumph in this election. Save our country.
Please keep President Trump safe and give him the wisdom to know how to handle all situations. Wayne
Connie Connie
Heavenly Father, we lift our President, Mr Donald Trump into the heavenly courts of heaven and plead his case before You Almighty God. He is Your child and our President. Work Your miracle on His and our behalf in Jesus name amen Glen
Dearest Lord, I beg you to watch over our President Trump and our vice president Pence, their families and all our presidential administration. Please let the fraud be proven, without question, and deal harshly with all who are responsible for their attempted deceit! I beg You to open the eyes of those who may not agree with our vote, but stand against any and all fraud being perpetrated by their chosen party. Please protect and preserve our great United States and its citizens from those who seek to destroy us within our country and without. I ask this in Your name! Amen… Karen
Father in the name of Jesus I ask for Devine wisdom , knowledge and understanding to be upon My President Donald J Trump! I pray for peace and joy in his heart and on his life. I ask you Father for Devine protection over him and his entire household. I pray for strength that only you can give. I pray Victory in Jesus name!!i pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit in every area of his Administration in Jesus Holy Name. Amen Debi
We are praying for you & your family daily. Will specifically pray for your strength, guidance and wisdom as well as protection. Thank you for standing for truth! We support you 100%. Holly
Heavenly Father,  I pray you will wrap your loving arms around President Trump and his family.  He and his family have been thru so much. Please keep them safe. God bless them.  He has done so much to  help and heal this country. Gloria
Heavenly Father, I ask that you bless, strengthen and embolden President Trump for the days ahead along with his family.  I pray that the guiding principles upon which this country was founded and the Christian religion would prevail against all the evil forces of darkness that seek to destroy all that American was built upon and for all upon which America stands.  I ask for special spiritual, physical, mental and emotional strength and protection for our President, Donald J. Trump, now and in the days ahead.  I pray that the fraud would be accepted by all and that all citizens would cry foul against the preliminary election results.  I ask all this humbly in the strong name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  Amen from Linda Wilcox Linda
Please Father, make this election right.   Help the president to win this battle.  Expose those who try to harm him.   Save our country. Judy
Dear God be with President Trump as he fights for our countries future and freedom! Give him needed strength and peace! Allow this election to be overturned and save our country! Kathie
Dear God, please be with President Trump and show him the path to take to get all the fraud that the Democrats did. Give him the people he can trust to except the fraudulent acts and to punish. He cannot do this alone, I pray. America needs this man for he is for America and is bringing God back to us. Please Lord hear our prays. Josephine kickey
Lord, I’m asking that you give President Trump the strength he needs to persevere through the Enemy’s effort to discourage and defeat his good work for America 🇺🇸 and her people.  If it is Your will, Lord, allow him to continue as our great President for another term.  In Your name, I pray.  Amen. Pam
Thank you god for the best President we’ve ever had.  Please guide him and help keep him strong. Jacqueline
Thank you God for the miracle you’re performing and bringing President Trump in for the 2nd term in January 2021! Neva
President Trump… you are indeed a great father, husband and President !!! And all true Americans are with you and praying for the salvation of our country!! Amen !!👿👹👿 Maestro
I pray that the greatest country on the earth has the guidance and love of President Trump for the next 4 years. Janice
Mr. President, you have my continued prayers that God’s will be done. I pray that all your hard work to expose all the fraud used in this past election pays off and that you remain our President. We need you more now than ever. I pray for your health as well. In Jesus name, Amen! Kim
We pray that our country that was founded for freedom of religion will prevail and that those leaders who follow Christ as their Savior will be exemplified.  We know that those who cheat and  lie do not prevail in the end but realize that those of us who do believe have a lot of work to do. May God bless our nation to overcome the evil that is all around us. Bob
May you be blessed always by your good works recognized by the people and by God above!  Hold the course. Barbara
God’s gracious hand is guarding and guiding our dear President! Liza
Heavenly father please stand with President Trump to prove that the democrats stole the election and resyore him to his rightful place ss potus. I pray for his safety and the safety of his fsmily and all those that are working tirelessly to help prove the election was fraudulant. Thank you Lord. Amen Robert
In Jesus name I pray for our President and our nation. Helen
Lord please help our president keep our country safe Roy
Lord, I pray for your blessings and wisdom for our President as well as for his protection in the days ahead.  Help him to route out evil and destroy it in Jesus mighty name.  Amen. Jane
Lord God, please expose the fraud and let us keep President Trump. Penny
Please God,  make President Trump president again. This country needs him or we are going to fail.  Please here mybprayer. Wanda
Ron Ron
Father has we are about to enter into a New Year we ask you to lay hands on are County and Mr Trump and to bring the fraud to a head in hopes we have Mr Trump 4 more years Cheryl
Lord please put a hedge of protection around President Trump as he fight for America. Let him know You are with him as he follows Your lead. Let him know that we love Melania and him and are praying for both of them daily!! Amen Pat
Father, I proclaim the mighty power of Jesus Christ has fallen upon our President-the Holy Spirit fill him with wisdom, strength and joy as he battles voter fraud & the deep state. Angels, minister to him, protect him & all who stand & fight for the American people. I declare VICTORY in Jesus name!! Melodie
Praying for our country and you President Trump to continue your work for the next four years.  May the Lord grant this request for the good of our
I want you to be our President Prudence
President Trump for second term Savita
In Jesus name, please lord make President Donald Trump prevail 🙏🇺🇸🙏 Barney
Lord, I ask you today to please bless our President Trump. Remove all those who attack him and wish to take over our country. Give him complete faith in you, strength, courage in peace. Amen Mary Ellen
Our most gracious heavenly Father we plead the blood of Jesus over our President Donald J Trump that no hurt, harm or danger comes to him or his precious family.  Thank you dear Jesus for your promises and for giving us another day and continue to guide President Donald J Trump in his decisions.  We ask this in your name. Amen Melody
God, I pray for our President Trump that with your help all the voter fraud will be found in his favor. Please keep blessing our great country, God, and keep America free. We can’t do it without you. Amen Karen Sørensen
By his stripes we are healed!!! John
Heavenly Father reach down and wrap him in your love and bring Peace to his soul.  Let him know you’ve got this.  In your Precious Name I Pray.  Go grateful for you! Sonya
God bless and keep our great president Debra
Your heavenly father guide our president and push the evil out of this country I pray this in Jesus name amen Roy
Lord let your plan be carried out. Watch over our wonderful President whom you blessed us with. Let your light shine on the truth for all to see. Amen Erin
Heavenly Father please bless and protect President Trump and his family.  Please give him Your Wisdom and Guidance as the truth comes out and the deceit in government is exposed. Please heal our nation and return us to a nation under God as we come together in repentance.
In Jesus name, Amen
Praying for President Trump to prevail and to be strong. Asking our heavenly Father to guide and advise and strengthen DJT and his family. Asking that the powers of darkness and evil be revealed and dealt with swiftly. memaw
God, fix our nation  by keeping Trump in office!!! M ary
mike mike
[email protected] Loa
Dear Lord, Please protect President Trump and his family and the patriot’s and their families. You are Lord of this nation and we need your help in exposing the evil. Please allow the truth to come out; protect the integrity of the vote counting process in this country; and the wrong doing be punished. Amen! Sandra
I pray to God for protection and guidance for our beloved President and his family.  Keep him safe from those who mean him harm.🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸 Janet
Please have mercy on our country and expose the fraud in our election.
In Jesus name, Amen
God bless President Trump.  This country needs you. Thomas
Almighty GOD of Justice , We call on your Divine Grace , Strength and Power to end the Fraud and Evil against Donald J. Trump , Thy Will NOT Ours be DONE .  TRUMP 2020 !!!! Joe
I pray to God, HE will bring truth to the election fraud before it is too late. The country needs to humble itself and repent. Please God, I pray that the fraud is proven and the real president be in place inauguration day. Thank yo for your mercy, Amen Susan
God please help our great President save our great country. In your name Jesus Christ I pray. Amen Gregory
Lord Jesus – Sovereign God – we depend on you totally to do a miracle in this election process.  We ask you to very clearly reveal the fraud and evil before the world to see.
Righteousness and justice are the foundations of your throne
We plead for righteousness and justice in this election. Lord please protect and strengthen President Trump as he fights for you
In your mighty name we pray.
I will be making intercessory prayer for President Donald J. Trump today ! Karen
God is helping you. Just keep faith. Marilyn
Dear Lord please protect President Trump and our country from all evil. We need our country to be protected and President Trump is the man for the job. He has already proven himself so Lord please keep Trump in office. We thank you for everything you do. Amen Teresa
Please All Mighty God , use ur hand to Bless Trump & show how the corruption everywhere be exposed & he stays our President & Ur are back in everything – Schools , churches Not aborting unborn children ! Put Faith back Everywhere that the evil exists  and please help Trump keep fighting for our Christian Nation! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸 Dr Chuck
Lord, God, Almighty, please strengthen and bless President Trump and his allies in this fight for the freedom abyss integrity of this nation. Bless him and his team with the knowledge and wisdom needed to defeat the tyrants who are striving to enslave the people of this nation, and the world, and help the American people to fight the corruption and the lies which have been spread due to their purposes.
Please cause all of those who are digging pits for him, to fall into them themselves, and for Your truth, and three knowledge of Your ways to spread throughout this country and this world, I ask, in Jesus Christ’s name, amen.
Praying for you and this 2020 year Joseph
Be strong in the Lord. Truth will prevail. Monica
Father GOD, I ask in your precious Son JESUS Name that you will bring out all Election Fraud with Proof needed, and All of the Fraudulent People involved in this sinister Evil acts that they will be Prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law in JESUS Name Amen ! Sandra J
Dear Lord, Please protect and bless our President and our Country. We pray that the election fraud will be recognized and the true results revealed and accepted, thus letting your servant and our nations great leader; Donald J. Trump be elected for another four years. Only he can stop the evil that is attempting to overtake our nation. We pray this in Jesus name. Amen Cindi and Charlie
Oh mighty God, please help President Trump over come the attacks upon him by the radical left, we need this man as our leader to expose all the nastiness that is present in our government right now and lead us into a Prosperous and Free America. He has done so much for America in spite of the many attacks by the Left, Media and High Tech.
Prayers 🙏🙏🙏 Ralph
My heart is so heavy today for some reason. My earnest prayer for the person who has impacted my life and attitude. I will be praying without ceasing until we achieve success in keeping this country great Lynn Love
God bless President Trump Sheila
praying for you and family , also that you are totally successful in election final results and exposure of election fraud without a doubt . most importantly that Jesus is your Savior larry
May God look over our President Trump, protect and shield him from evil. and those that constantly persecute him. Thank you Lord Jesus for guiding us through these dark days. show us light love and understanding of Gods wishes.
I am praying that they will redo the elections and get to the botton of this fraud. God Bless President Trump. Gerald
I pray that Donald Trump wins the election, and is able to restore America back to normal, in “Jesus” name amen. Jay
I pray that the people in Georgia use common sense in the election and vote for TRUMP!!!!!!! Jack
I am continually praying for you, President Trump, and for our First Lady. Will continue to pray!  Thank you for fighting for the American people! Cathy
Saying 15 decades of the Rosary for our great President. Dear God, grant your servant victory. Ma
God Bless this man we pray DAILY for him and our COUNTRY! Betty
Blessings and strength! Bo
Let our heavenly Father guide and protect our president as he works for the truth. Shirley
We are with you President Trump. May God continue to arm you in this war. Freedom and liberty are on your side. Who can be against you? They will be wiped out. Marley
Lord God our precious Father, in the name of Jesus I pray that “all things become clear” and “all is made right”. Bless our President in the name of the lord. AMEN Valerie
I pray that the election fraud will be reviled Patty
Praying that all forces of evil be revealed and all people involved be prosecuted. May the blood of Jesus cover the President and his family and Sidney, Rudy, Jenna and Lin. Tammy
Dear Lord, we lift our President  Trump up to you. Protect him and surround all those close to him with safety and a victorious outcome. We thank you for revealing and exposing the lies of the enemy and are praying without ceasing! We anticipate the  confirmation re-election of our President Trump for 4 more years. Thank You Father for calling him to lead our nation for us, Your people!  We love You Lord and we love our President Trump! In Jesus Name, amen 🙏❤ Debra
Yes I pray in the name of jesus christ our lord. Rhonda
Pleading THE BLOOD of CHRIST JESUS over you President Trump! No weapon formed against you will prosper! GOD’S Choice is you and you will serve another four years. HE is working through you to expose all the darkness and bring the world to HIS Marvelous LIGHT and abundant living! Thank you for listening to GOD’S Voice of TRUTH! Amen to HIS GLORY in our midst! HOLY RESET on the horizon! \o/ Praising GOD with you with love! WWG1WGA ><> Meredith
Heavenly Father how far President Donald Trump to show the fraud in this election and prove that he is our rightful president I praise you father in Jesus’s name amen Michael
Dear Lord and Savior, Please surround President Trump and his Family and his True Associates with Guardian Angels to protect them.  Give them courage and strength to continue to fight for his presidency and drive out the Evil that is trying to take over our Country.  In Jesus Name, Amen. Brenda
My thoughts and prayers are with you, Mr. President and your Family. Lucille
tadeusz tadeusz
Four more years! Greg
Lord, protect, strengthen & encourage our president with Your presence & strength. Please continue to use him to expose lies & deceivers. Lord, make Your great Name known to all nations through him. Protect & heal our land. In the precious Name of Jesus I ask these things. Amen Janet
Almighty God, help expose the fraud and keep our nation safe against pedophilia, globalism stand with Trump and support him and our nation in this time of need, in your name we pray Our Father,
Who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name;
Thy kingdom come;
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us;
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
St. Frances Prayer patricia
God Bless America and President Donald Trump Ralph Becker
Dear Lord, protect our President from all slander, and fraud. Hold him in your arms, and give him the victory he earned America needs him. Please help us. Thank you. Amen. Maggie
Lord God  Vindicate Trump and expose his enemies Peter
Mr. President, Please stay strong for the patriots of this country. We need you now more that ever before to fight against this tyrannical seize of our country and our Constitution! God is on our side! Kathryn
Praying for President Trump to have strength and wisdom from all mighty God to hold steady thru this agonizing process!  Praying for all evil to be exposed and that his presidency will continue four more years! Lilly
Our Father in heaven, protect us, the American people and all people on Earth, from evil. Amen. Dariusz
Keep the faith. God is in charge control. Dale
May God guide and give you strength President Trump.  You are fighting an historical fight. I pray for strength for you everyday. God Bless! Angie
Father in Heaven please give your warrior Donald Trump a triumphant victory over all the evil in the world and especially in USA.  God Is in control Of the outcome in Jesus name I paying for victory. Amen. Gary
He will rise from the ashes and lead his people.Protect him and those around him! Send the demons back to hell. Amen! Nina
Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that you put your shield of protection around President Trump. Please lead down the right path and may he put his Trust in you and in you alone.  I pray that it will be Your Will for him to remain our President for 4 more years. In Jesus name Barbara
We pray for the evil to be exposed and efforts to certify the election frustrated and eliminated. Ron Holmes
Dear lord, accept my support for america and trump to tirelessly continue your work here. In jesus name I pray! cat
God you are still in the miracle business!  Help us save our country for our children and grandchildren! Linda
God Bless you🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️ Priscilla
dont give up you have alot of us helping you. we love you judy
Heavenly Father I am asking in your name to protect this man as he is trying to reveal how evil the left is.  Your will be done.  Amen Jacqueline
Dear Lord, I lift up President Trump, his family, Vice President Pence and his family, all the lawyers, witnesses, whistle blowers,  courageous politely leaders and judges that are fighting to bring all the cheating and fraud into the light. Left no evil formed against them, prosper as we turn this fight over to the Lord. Let the blood of Jesus wash our nation clean as we dedicate this country to the Lord. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. Suzette
Prayers for the truth to be exposed. Benja
May the Lord reveal to ALL the total corruption and stealing of the votes so that it can Not be denied! So President Trump can remain the leader of the free world. In Jesus’mighty Name we pray. Amen Linda
Praying for you President Trump. Susan
Pray for his health and strength to never give up Kim
Please guide and protect President Trump! Patricia
Dear Lord, please answer our prayers for Trump to be declared the President elect. Thank you Barbara
God, grant that the right things be done in our nation, as it once was. Give our leaders the strength, the intelligence and the resolve to do the right things for our nation and it’s people. Debbie
Oh Father God please protect our president please put our president back in office for four more years watch over all the Patriots bless our nation in Jesus name I pray Tamara
may God protect you and your whole family! dave
I pray that God will give you the strength and knowledge to uncover the fraud that has wrecked our country. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen Pam Thacker
Dear Lord, please keep  President Trump, his whole family, and his whole team safe and strong and let them be victorious in their quest to eliminate this fraud from our country. Rosa
Prayers for President Trump Diana
Stay Strong in heart & Spirit❣ Therese
Iam PRAYING for my president 🙏 May God give him peace and strength to fight for AMERICA 🙏🇺🇸 Rosanna
Yes Lord ,we thank you for the Victory , we thank you for unrolling the fraud that is going on against your President.  We lift him up to you to give him peace, boldness and courage and protection against the evil. Yes Lord thank you that he will win this battle.  In Jesus name Amen Glenda
God, help the Attorney’s prove the corruption that happened in this election, so it never happens again. god Bless President Trump and keep him safe, bless his family. Bless VP Pence and his family. Amen Camille
Dear Jesus, Please help President Trump during this time to trust in you. Al
Please give President Donald Trump Divine Wisdom, Courage and Stamina to Make America Great again, drain the swamp and bring Justice back to America! Please give his legal team and all those working to expose the fraud and treason Divine Wisdom, Couage and Stamina to cleanse this nation! Julie
Father God, Please be with President Trump and the rest of America during these troubling times. satans imps have disguised  themselves and infiltrated our Nation via liberal/democrat politics, and media. Please Father God, Walk with President Trump so that he might continue to fight for our County founded on our Love for You. Michael
Lord, we need Pre.Trump to help keep America great and above all keep you, Lord in america Rosalee
Father God I pray your grace, strength and protection for President Trump and everyone who is working in your name to have the truth come out. Father God I pray that you will provide grace, strength and protection for President Trump and everyone who is working in your name to show the truth.
I pray for Trump and our country daily. God bless Trump and the USA Ronald
Lord, protect our President and his administration and the conservative values. Please don’t let the enemy win, who comes to steal, kill and destroy. We pray in Jesus name. Felipe
Dear God, Lord and Savior, Please be with President Trump and walk with him against injustice in the fight for the soul of the USA, Amen Melanie
I am Canadian, but include silent prayers for President Trump, and his family daily.  God bless President Trump and First Lady Milania.  Keep them safe, and in Thy tender loving care. Barbara
You r gods anointed. Listen to him as u walk to the Red Sea.  Beleive.  It will part for you in Jesus name! suzanne
May the will of the Lord be done in this situation.  drh Darlene
yes harold
Praying God gives President Trump strength and the favor of God Almighty. He will be victorious! Judith
Dear God hear us as we pray for President Donald Trump. He is a man doing great things with evil all around him.  He has been and we pray still will be the man protecting our country. He has faced the Devils hands many times, to help our country and it is my continuous prayer that you keep your hands on him as we go through yet another challenge of evil. Keep him safe and keep him strong as we all pray for your loving guidance through the Devils evil. In your name I pray, 🙏 Kris
Father we come to You believing and claiming Phillipians 1:6 He who began a good work will carry it to completion. We lift President Trump to You Lord, we pray that You will give Your angels charge over him, his family and our country. We thank you that You promised that no weapon formed against us will prevail, we pray in the most Precious Name of Jesus. Amen Marcella
Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you today for our President Donald J. Trump. He has gone through and is still going through so much torment from these evil people, but I know you are in complete control of all of this. I know you have your plans and I am claiming that you are going to see our President in the White House for another 4 years, because you have said so and your word is always true. Thank you for supporting, directing and guiding him through all of this.  I ask all of these things in Jesus name. Amen. Sylvia
great God in Heaven allow Trump to conquer Joe Biden for PRESIDENT. iVAN
Dear Lord God please let your will be done in our election. Please expose all deceit and Ill will that was done. Please bring to light all people who where involved in Jesus’ name I pray! Robin
Dear Lord, may thy blessings be upon President with courage, strength, faith that he will prevail to continue to be President of the United States of America.  I humbly say this in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen Arla
Most mighty, most glorious, most loved, most adored God, be the shield against all evil in our world and protect President Trump. Call St Michael the Archangel to lead us in battle against the evil. We lift our voices in your glory.
Father I pray that you protect our President Donald J Trump, that you give him wisdom and strength as he endures this fight for our Nation.  Lord you have appointed him for just a time as this, cover him with your spirit Lord, bless him, his family and this United States of America.  Return this nation to its original founding in covenant with you.  In Jesus mighty name I pray. Linda
Father God I give you glory for your love and compassion.  Instill boldness in your followers in the name of Jesus.  May a revival rise up with the help of your Holy Spirit.  Protect President Trump, give him your wisdom as he presses forward in a world of lies to keep searching for the truth so the truth can set us free. I ask this in the name of Jesus Amen. Bonnie
My dear President. You not only won close to 100 million votes of the good people of the United States of America but even more hearts worldwide which see you today as someone which has the power and wisdom to bring peace and prosperity to the entire world….. And this is how you will be remembered for the ages. We will continue to fight for YOU… With unflinching loyalty. God bless you and your family Harry
Lord, I pray that you bless our President, Donald Trump and his family and loyal associates. I pray that you save our nation from the evil of socialism and plans of wicked people. Kathy
I pray our Lord strengthen you and comfort you in the midst of our battle.
Keep your eyes on Jesus, trust and believe upon the Lord’s promise that no weapon formed against me shall prosper!
God is at the throne! God has you my friend and President in the palm of His hand and no forces of darkness shall prevail against you!
Merrill Stulken
Praying with all my heart for President Trump’s victory and vindication  and for light to conquer darkness in these times Anonymous
God bless President Trump.  Please protect him ?God from all the evil that is against our President.Thank you God for having him have a second term Miriam
Our prayers are for God to protect your family and help you succeed in overturning this election. All the criminals need brought to justice. Richard
Father, I thank you for your provision in the final outcome of our election and thank you for allowing our President Donald Trump to continue in office for four more years.  Please thoroughly expose every person who had any part in the election fraud and give our leaders the confidence and determination to punish every one of these dishonest, treasonous perpetrators according to our constitution….written by godly men when establishing our country to be a Christian nation.  Thank you, Father for your mercy and love….please help us to return our country to one where our citizens have faith in you and to spread your Word to a world dying without you…..I pray in Jesus’ name. Sharon
Heavenly Father please surround President Trump with a hedge of protection and guidance over the coming weeks. May God surround him with His love. May God bless all the Trump family and keep them strong. Lord you know we need your presence in the elections to be resolved. We pray in Jesus’s name. Amen. Leola
God please guide our great president, Donald Trump, to become president again for 2020-2024 election win. He is a good man trying to protect our great country and all
Americans. He loves you God and awaits for your divine path to reach this goal to save America and all Americans.
I ask, Heavenly Father, for you to allow President Trump 4 more years. Help me to trust you, Father.  Please bless USA with your favor. Leann
May God keep you both humble and Courageous, even as you remember the great responsibility you’ve been entrusted with; to stand BOLDLY in the light and truth, to discern the times we are living in, to root out evil, and NEVER FORGET to represent, stand with, and serve alongside WE THE PEOPLE, remembering ALWAYS to give thanks in your heart for this SACRED TRUST you’ve been given🙏🦋🙏 Alyson
God, please protect Pres. Trump as you continue to use him for Your Honor and Glory. Give him strength, courage and faith to continue to fight to keep America One Free Nation Under You, Lord.  May we, as a country, return to Your moral values and uphold You and all that is right and defeat satan and the lies and corruption in our government. Amen Glo
I have been praying powerfully in the spirit for president Trump and all those that support him in government, the CIA, The FBI, his cabinet members, Supreme Court justices, house of representatives, Senate and everywhere there is a governor or mayor that supports his agenda. Conversely, I have been praying strongly for the Lord to remove and up -root from office , every government official that has thrown their lot in with those who hate our country, have lied about our president, and been involved with every evil and wicked thing hiding in secret.
Expose all the corruption, lies and wickedness and purge our government and make America great again.
We are standing with you in powerful prayer Mr President and you WILL PREVAIL!
Father, I ask you to remember President Trump’s efforts on behalf of Israel and your promise to bless those who bless Israel.  Also I ask you to remember how our president has worked for religious liberty.  I pray that you uncover all unrighteousness and show truth to this nation.  I ask for all legal ballots be counted and all illegal ones be discarded.  I ask you to keep President Trump strong and in good health.  Please bring him success in his efforts to uncover the truth of this election. Joyce
Dear God,  please bless President Trump to expose the democrats evil. Let it all come from the dark to the light and exposed. Please bless President Trump as our next President.  In Jesus name I pray, amen. Henry
Sending prayer to my president Donald Trump Diane
In the Name of Jesus I pray may the Spirit of Truth provide in this election and the people of the USA and the  protection of Donald J. Trump. Jane
May President Trump be blessed by the almighty God so he can continue his rightous work as the president of The United States Of America. May this blessing be swift and let justice be served for all to witness. Amen Sharon
Lord, please provide wisdom and security to President Trump and his family and advisors  … and please our nation ( The United States of America) !!! Wayne Barrentine
Heavenly Father I Thank You that You would Look Kindly Upon President Donald J. Trump and would Dispatch Your Heavenly Host to Protect Him, His family, And All of the Legal members working on exposing this rigged Election and to protect them and all of their family members.  I thank You, Oh Lord for Exposing the deep and hidden things of the dark and bringing them to the light for The world to see. We all say, Holy Father, Enough is ENOUGH of ALL the Evil being played out on the earth and to please Grant Your People in America hope for a wonderful Merry Christmas and a safe New Year. I thank  You Dear Father God for Your Mercy and for Your Names Sake, In the Holy Precious Name of  Your Son Jesus, AMEN!!! Natasha
Please dear Lord let the world open their eyes to what the democrats have done. We can’t survive under the laws that they are trying to impose on us. If this is part of your plan then I’ll accept it but I truly believe Trump should be our President. Amen Lillian
Praying that President Trump will be declared president, for four more years, and God’s will be done. Lillian
Dear Heavenly Father,
Please be wug the team of Patriots who are working diligently to save our great nation. Give them wisdom, discernment, courage, and endurance. I pray that the light would be revealed and truth and justice would prevail. Give our leader, President Trump, and his family,  the stamina to endure the attacks that have been thrown at them.  Expose the evil doers and bring them to justice. Save our land and being revival to our nation and world. I pray that your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. In Jesus name I ask these things. Amen
Please watch over President Trump, and give him the strength and perseverance to guard against all evil and corruption in Our Nation. Including exposing all individuals who participated in fraudulent activity with forethought and malice with the intention of altering the integrity of our election process.

Guide him, as he upholds his pledge and commitment to faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and to the best of his ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States!


Dear Lord, I lift up to Your Great Throne of Glory this morning our President Trump.  Lord, thank You for this man who has been instrumental in bringing our country back to You.   Lird, we pray for strength, courage and determination to fight until Righteousness prevails in this election.   Father God, send  shield of protection over him, his family, his cabinet and government leaders (remove the ungodly, satanic hiding under a disguise of loyalty).  Give him physical, mental, and spiritual health as You fill him with  a double portion of Your Holy Slirit for leadership of the next 4 years.
In the name of Yeshua, our Savior and Lord.  AMEN
Heavenly Father, strengthen our President, grant him your great wisdom and favor, surround him with the Angelic hosts and the Power of the Holy Spirit be upon him,  This we pray in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.  AMEN Stacy
Lord God You alone are sovereign! Please turn our country back to You and protect President Trump. In Jesus’ name. Amen Lois
God be with Our President Donald Trump and his Legal Team to continue to find evidence and expose the Illegal Actions that have been taken by Democrats and Liberals who have committed Voting Fraud and Vote Count Corruption and keep Trump in Office for another 4 year Term!! I ask this in The name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Heavenly Father.  May God Continue to Bless America. The land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Amen Robert
Gracious Father,  be with  our President and all the good people who surround him.  Protect himand his family and guide him as he restores our country.  In the name of Jesus we pray. Dianne
Please pray that it’s God’s will to keep Trump in office and win the election. Pray SCOTUS heard his case and rules in his favor.  Let no weapon formed against President Trump prevail Carol Snn
Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name Mary
May the Lord hold you up through this tough time, and shine His light in this darkness, may His light prevail over this evil. Sheri
God, we know you are in charge!  We ask that you give our country grace & that this man, Donald Trump could be your instrument!  We need this honest man to lead this country back to you.  We need to return to you & the world needs to see a miracle!  I pray we don’t get what many deserve!  In Jesus name we pray!  Amen Ruth
Dear Heavenly Father I pray for President Trump today that you walk with him through all the things that he is dealing with. All the evil that is going on father with this farce of an election and that you will expose all of it and all the people behind it and let President Trump continue as our President. And I pray in the name of Jesus amen Bonnie
God Bless President Trump and  his team.  Keep them strong!  Let all this evil be exposed and taken down.  God Bless the USA!  In Jesus name we pray.  Amen Vicki
Croatia here… praying for president Trump to continue his presidency as it is evident that Dems have been trying to steal the election. We love the President and support him, the First Lady, and the President’s team. TRUMP 4 MORE YEARS (AT LEAST!!!) Tamara
trump keep fighting for our country and our people don’t let the globalists and corrupt deep state win. luke
Praying 🙏🇺🇸❤🇺🇸🙏 Jack
Precious Heavenly Father, let Trump prevail, if it is your will. Help him and help us to prevail, Thank you Lord. Bless you father. In the Holy name of Jesus Christ. Harry
Heavenly Father, You are all knowing. You love President Trump more than we can comprehend. Strengthen him as he navigates through the upcoming days and  weeks. Surround him with Your loving arms and please let him feel the calming peace he so desperately needs as he continues to fight the enemy. Satan is still alive and well, but You are on the Throne and Lord of All. Your plan and perfect Will have already been set in place. We love and trust You. We are grateful for all Your people who remain steadfast and faithful and continue to run this “race” with perseverance. God Bless America and heal Your land. In Your Strong Name we pray. Amen. Beth
God, please protect President Trump and his family. Send your angles around him. Bind up evil forces trying to attack him. Keep him safe. Have him win the election for our country. We pray in Jesus’ name and thank you. Nancy
Praying for President Trump to expose all the corruption and save our nation. God Bless President Trump and God Bless the USA❣️ Penny
Please be strong President Trump I support you and your family in this hard time we know we will prevail good does over evil all the time, You’re a good man and God will give you the strength you need Debbie
Stay the course.. many more people being woke daily! God Bless!!!!! Wranglerwren
May the Lord God of heaven and earth, who chose you to do this work, grant you courage, wisdom, strength, and perseverance to accomplish His will. Randon
Dear Lord,

Put a hedge of protection around President Trump, his family, and his administration.  Let the corruption and the truth come out.  Order his steps dear Lord!  Guide him in his decision making and may he discern lying spirits.  In Jesus name , I pray.

Asking God to richly bless President Donald J Trump, his family, Team Trump, his attorneys and all those who are fighting to expose the fraudulent election. Give to them the wisdom, knowledge & understanding of what to do every step of the way. We put our trust in you Lord knowing that your hand is on us to protect & guide our ways. Debbie
God we ask for your guidance and protection. Give President Trump wisdom and strength, let us hold him up in this battle. In Jesus name we ask it. Amen Laura
Q…ue dieu protège le president trump!!! didier
Lord please watch over our great country. We are in your hands. Pete
Lord, give President Trump everything needed to expose and defeat the criminal Democrats.  AMEN. William
Elizabeth Stevens Orczewska Elizabeth
Father in heaven please protect and help President Trump get through this fraudulent election process and come out to be our President for the next four years. Amen Rita Hardy Keech
My prayers go out to President Trump in the effort of winning this brutal war!  Our father, I thank you for all the gifts you have given us, and pray Trump wins this brutal war!  Amen Deborah
Dear God, help President Trump to be strong and to show the fraud and criminality to our elections, and win this election. Martha
Lord, protect Donald Trump  from all harm and have him prevail in this election in Jesus’s mighty name. Amen Tom
Dear God,
Bless our president Trump with good health and guidance so he could keep America great.
Dear God, Protect your servant Donald J Trump, his family, the faithful who stand with him, especially his legal team. Send your angels to protect and lead them to the evil that’s been done and bring it into the light so that the scales over their eyes may fall from those who refuse to see, and they will see the real enemies. In the name of your son Jesus our Savior we pray for God’s country, America! Sharon
Praying everyday for you. Please stay strong and know a huge majority of the country is backing you. We love you and this country. God will open doors to help you. Sharon
Lord God of heaven and earth- give President Trump your eyes to see and a heart fully yielded to your will. I pray for everything hidden to come into the light and for Jesus Christ to get FULL glory and honor from the victory that is coming Tiffany
Jeremiah 21:12-14! Rm 8:28 Alfred Poon
america, america, god shed is grace on thee samuel
In the name of Jesus Christ please correct the evil that has been purposely brought about the tragic plan against President Trump. Keep us as a nation that trust in God. Maxine
Mike mike
God bless you President Trump from Alberta Canada. We love you. Mike
Jesus put a hedge of protection around president Trump give him strength and the knowledge to carry out your will to shine a light on the evil and corruption in our country please heal the nation  amen Del
Thank you father for this gracious servant that you have given us to help us fight this battle.   I thank you lord for the wisdom that you provide and for your protection that covers him and his family as they do your will.  May they may up with wings as eagles and soar. Becky
Thank you Lord for going before the man you have chosen for this very time. Protect him and provide a miracle for our country!!!! Mary Lou
May the Lord guide you and keep you and your family safe.  May God bless you and your family in this fight between good and evil.  May God and his angels keep all the demons away. Terri
i pray for the president to remain strong. i also pray for his truth seeking warrior angels to stay strong! this country needs more people like the president as he fights for this country we also have to demand for truth and justice! Lisa
I pray to God our Father for the health and safety of President Trump, his family, our country, and all involved in exposing this fraudulent election.  May they be victorious and may good conquer evil……in Jesus’ name.  Amen. Laurie
Dear Lord give our President strength and let him win the election 4 more years! Mary
Please God, help President Trump! We need him to be our President and to lead us through these troubling times! Give him the strength to pull us  through this very dark hole! I pray for him and his family to stay strong so he can continue to MakeAmerica Great Again! In Jesus’ name I pray for this! Amen! Liz
God please lay your hand upon Donald Trump to protect and guide him through these troubled times. Keep him safe and lead him all through his journey as President of this great nation.
Lord please heal the ones with heavy hearts and take away the worry and fearfulness from their hearts and mind.
Lord please guide us all to safety and to know your word in our hearts.
Thank you Lordfor hearing our pleas !
Amen !
Trump will prevail!! Ivan. I pray to the Father in the name of Jesus Christ, that Donald Trump be strengthened and protected, and that judges, legislators, and patriots will do their constitutional duty, in harmony with Thy will. That our president may have four more years to drain the swamp and return our country to its rightful place as a beacon of freedom to the world.
I do pray for President Trump daily. I am trusting he also is committing himself to Christ on a personal level. I believe he is God’s man for this time. Phyllis
I pray that you uncover all this corruption in this election & are declared our rightful President. Christine
May God have mercy on the USA! May President Trump prevail against the evil of the leftist agenda! Father hear the prayers of your faithful! Amen Holli
Father give him strength in the last hour, may God’s light shine upon him, May he not become weary but find rest in You. Jeannie
Lord God give President Trump strength, courage, and the determination to prevail during this fraudulent election. Also, Lord give insight to those who will ultimately make judgement on the voting fraud perpetrated against President Trump, so that he has his rightful second term. In Christ’s name I pray, Amen Michael
Thanking You Father for your Word that You will complete in President Trump the good works you have started in him.  Praying for a hedge of protection and angles to surround Presdent Trump, his family, his team of Lawyer, Administration, Staff and those who support him in Jesus Name. Amen Judy
Dear Heavenly Father I ask that your Angel’s place a hedge of protection over President Donald Trump and his family and that you expose the Fraud balloting for what it is. Keep the President healthy and safe through his endeavor to keep the American people safe from Communism and Marxism.  I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus. AMEN Deborah
Dear Father I boldly ask you to bring all this unjustly lies to the surface so we all can see what has happened and please put Trump back in the White House where he belongs. Father you put him there four years ago to do your work and you know he needs to finish it for you. Father I thank you in advance for what you are going to do. Amen Cindy
You have promised to be with those who love and honor you. Show your power for we cannot succeed without your help. Let naysayers know that you rule the universe and all that is in it. Thank you, Lord, for what you will do. Margaret
We watched your rally in Georgia last night.  May God bless you with continued strength and resolve.  May your light keep shining as bright as it was last night.  Go be it! Barbie
Father God, please wrap your loving arms around President Trump as a fights for our Country.  Please keep.him safe and restore his Presidency.   In the precious name of Jesus Amen Vickie
Lord God in the name of Jesus, I am trusting you to save our country from Evil and please use this vessel to accomplish the job. We pray and ask for his protection from the evil that we see and face in our world today. Amen V
I have prayed for this Nation’s success through your strong, fearless and moral leadership, guided and directed by GOD Almighty (Father, Son and Holy Spirt) !  And, will continue to do so until this monumental battle between “Good and Evil” has been won by “your loyal God fearing (God loving) people; and, that this “Nation under God” shall not perish; but “become once again, The Shining City on the hill”!  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Robert E. Prieto Robert
Thank you Jesus for putting Trump back in office in Jesus name amen Susan
Dear Heavenly Father, Please wrap the cloak of your protection around our President Donald J. Trump, the United States of America, Our Flag   and our Freedom. Please let him rise up and defeat the evil ones who want to take over our country and drive you, precious Lord, and all who believe in you out of this country in order for them to destroy your Holy land, Israel. In Jesus name I pray. Amen Anna
Dear, precious heavenly Abba Father, hollowed be thy name, King Jesus and Holy Spirit, I ask my President, Donald J Trump for protection under the blood of my Christ Jesus. Any and ALL demonic forces, spells, words called out against him be annulled before you Lord. I ask for him to be under the blood of our Redeemer, give him wisdom, knowledge, health, strength to do thy works of his assignment that no man can squash.  May He be baptized in The Holy Spirit.  These things I ask in the name of The Father, King Jesus and Holy Spirit Amen 🙏! Sherry
Heavenly Father… Hallowed by Thy Name… I pray for our President Trump this morning. I pray for a good measure of strength and courage while the cheating of this election is being proven and displayed to America and the world. Place a blanket of peace over him that passes all understanding. As we all knew before Your presence… hear our prayers o’ Lord.  Guide us in the path You would have us go. And we’ll be careful to give You all the praise ans glory so richly deserved. In Jesus Name I Pray…. Amen Donna
Keep fighting for our country and our freedom. John
Praying for Trump is to stay strong and to know good will prevail over the evil Betty
I love you president Trump. I pray fiercely that you remain president!!! Lori
I pray that God Almighty will intervene and defeat the evil forces that are attacking President Trump, in Jesus Name, Amen! MJ
Please help President Trump save our country and give him the strength to fight all the evil that seeks to destroy this great land and people…in Jesus’s name we pray.. Alice
Praying for peace, protection, guidance, and justice in Jesus name, Amen Lesle
Lord, Bless Trump, his family and everyone involved in the fight against the election fraud. Let Trump prevail! 4 more years!  The USA needs your help Lord! Johnsie
I pray that any attempt to thwart what God has planned for President Trump and this nation be exposed and brought to naught. Protect our President, Lord. For we know the anointing of Cyrus is upon him and you chose him. May all the glory be for You as our Red Sea moment is manifested! In the name of Jesus, Amen. Rachel
God is on your side and He is your strength President. You don’t represent Americans only but the world, don’t give up. God has made you the 46th POTUS, because of the America, world and Israel. You are His chosen instrument for certain assignments . It cannot be otherwise.  We love you and we are praying for you. God has judged all fraud and corruption in all governments. All corrupt leaders will soon be in jail. Let your legal teams go on, very soon there will be victory. Begin to prepare your inauguration speech, write invitation letters and do all preparations because you shall surely win. God bless you,  your family, America and the world. Dan Mavuso
Holy Father please see that President Trump is victorious in seeking to overturn this election and showing the world the evil behind all of this fraud because when he wins the American people win. Thank you. Judy
Dear Heavenly Father, please hear my prayer and protect President Trump, his family, his legal team and their families, as well as Vice President Pence and his family. Dear Lord, watch over them all as they seek out all the evil doers in our nation’s government and please help them Lord to weed them out and bring them to justice. Dear Lord help President Trump reunite our nation with you and once again bless our country as we move forward from today singing your praises and thank you for hearing our prayers. All this I ask in Jesus name, Amen. Nicholas
May god bless our wonderful President and his wonderful family.Please lord keep him safe. He has been given the Wisdom of King David, the heart of Mary and the protection of our great American family of patriots. May he be victorious in his battle against this evil all around him and restore our land of love and opportunity for all.
thank you lord, look over and protect this president. dan
Prayer of Command

In His Name and by the power of His Cross and Blood, I ask Jesus to bind any evil spirits, forces and powers of the earth, air, fire, or water, of the netherworld and the satanic forces of nature.

By the power of the Holy Spirit and by His authority, I ask Jesus Christ to break any curses, hexes, or spells and send them back to where they came from, if it be His Holy Will.

I beseech Thee Lord Jesus to protect us by pouring Thy Precious Blood on us, on our families and friends throughout the world, which Thou hast shed for us.

I ask Thee to command that any departing spirits leave quietly, without disturbance, and go straight to Thy Cross to dispose of as Thou sees fit.

I ask Thee to bind any demonic interaction, interplay or communications. I place President Trump, Vice president Pence and their families, their supporters, our Country and our Church under the protection of the Blood of Jesus Christ which He shed for us. Amen
– Fr Ripperger

all with you Mr president! From Switzerland Müller
I pray for President Trump to win reelection.  I also pray for Lin Wood, Sidney Powell and Rudi Guiliani to uncover and prove voter fraud and that the MSM wouldn’t be able to suppress it.  Protect their lives and lives of their families. Maria
You are our President annointed by God. I am praying & BELIEVING God to safely restore you into the white house. You are His warrior & He has not given us a spirit of fear. Stand strong & TRUST. He has already won the battle.🙏👌You’ve got this & we are behind you- the biggest army ever. God has your back. Remember that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Be blessed. Watch & see the mighty arm of the Lord.Cindy Hauffe 66 yr young completed jew & believer in Jesus. Cindy
You are our President annointed by God. I am praying & BELIEVING God to safely restore you into the white house. You are His warrior & He has not given us a spirit of fear. Stand strong & TRUST. He has already won the battle.🙏👌You’ve got this & we are behind you- the biggest army ever. God has your back. Remember that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Be blessed. Watch & see the mighty arm of the Lord.Cindy Hauffe 66 yr young completed jew & believer in Jesus. Cindy
Father in heaven, please continue protecting President Donald J. Trump’s entire being: spiritually, emotionally, physically body, financially and materially. Continue also protecting his entire family and loved ones. His entire true, godly team and godly patriots around him and their families. We apply the powerful blood of Jesus covering them. We declare they are safe and secure in Jesus mighty name, amen! V. Hana
God help Trump and God can help us all Sylvia
Dear Heavenly Father we praise you and Glorify and Honor you. I ask in Jesus precious name that you surround President Trump, His family, and all those fighting for justice in our Nation. Lord we know all things are possible through you and we ask that your mighty Hand is upon President Trump as you continue to work through him. Guide, support, and protect your vessel Lord as we continue to wait for deliverance from this evil we are facing. I ask this in Jesus precious Name. Amen Lenny
I plead the blood of Jesus over President Trump and his family.  Father we ask for strength and wisdom for him and all those around him. Lord we know President Trump is called by You and we thank you for placing him in office. We thank you for his faithful service and that of his family. We set angels round about him and his family for all of their safety. Let him have supernatural discernment of times and people, knowledge that can only come from you Holy Spirit. May Your love abound over and through him. I ask for you peace to surround him and his family. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray. Lauri
Oh Heavenly Father. I pray for your loving protection for Donald Trump and his Family and his supporters. Keep him safe in your loving arms as He Fights to help bring down the Evil.Amen Nancy
Lord, fill your anointed servant, our beloved President, with your strength, your wisdom and peace, as we send our mighty warrior angels to protect him! Expose all the wicked plans of the evil Left and place your Warrior King in office to lead us 4 more years! And bless his family, in the name of Jesus✝️ Annie
May God continue to bless and strengthen you, President Trump.  I pray for your victory in this election and for justice to be served to those attempting to destroy our Country.  I pray for safety for you  and your entire family.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen ❤🇺🇲 Cynthia
I ask God for honesty from the higher ups to have a back bone and seek the truth and get it out to the American people !!!! I pray for strength for Trump campaign . Amen Lisa
Dear Lord our God, please protect and guide our beloved President and his family as they work tirelessly and fearlessly to protect the people of this great country. Please work through President Trump in his efforts to bring us peace and allow us to honor you, Lord, through the healing of our nation. Pamela
Dear Lord,
Please give President Trump strength to fight til this corrupt election is overturned in all swing states.  We know you will be faithful to your people.
Dear God
Keep our President save and all those that support him. Help good to defeat evil.  Let truth prevail and open the hearts, ears, and eyes of those weighted down by hatred.  Let this one nation under God be victorious in Jesus’s name Amen
I declare and decree Psalms 91, 23 over President Trump and his family also that the Kingdom of God will come on earth as it is in heaven and No weapon formed against President Trump shall prosper and every tongue that rises against President Trump shall be shown to be in the wrong and I declare and decree Psalms 35, 93,94, 95. Let God arise in the White House, Senate and the House of Representatives, CIA, FBI, DOJ that Righteousness and Justice will come forth. Every crooked, corrupt persons will be convicted and exposed Proverbs 6: 16-19. That the Lord will shine the Light of His Glory in every wicked place of darkness and  we bind, principalities, rulers of darkness, wickedness in high places we bind your kings with chains and fetters of iron and we loose confusion on the enemies of lying, deceit, corruption, hands that shed innocent blood, fraud, betrayal, greed, bribery, and that JUSTICE AND TRUTH will Triumph, in the name of JESUS Amen. Patrice
Lord I pray for wisdom and strength for President Trump.  I pray for the truth to be revealed and those who have been lying to be dealt with. Laneta
May god bless you and all of us! D Agosta
May the Lord’s warrior angels take up their double edged sward of truth and justice; and stand guard over President Trump as we fight for the soul of our nation. Amen Praise be to God who gave his son to us. Cyndie
Dear Lord , asking for the truth to come out and your will be done.Please stop those trying to hurt this country.Only you can save us from corruption. Protect President Trump and his family during this time, and please give us a miracle. In your name Jesus, Amen Kathy
I have been praying for you President Trump every night, Our Lord knows that your time is not up & that the fight is not over.  May God bless you & your family as you lead our country for 4 more years!! Debra
Dear Heavenly Father, please fill potus Trump with your Holy Spirit, encamp your angels around him, keep him safe, give him wisdom. Strength and your favor.
Expose all lies and make us one nation under God once again for the glory of your name and the increase of your kingdom in Jesus name i pray.  Amen
Almighty God, Great God, see your GOOD represented  in all that Donald Trump has done, let Your Grace pour forth to see him restored to the Presidency.  Humbly, before the Throne of Grace, I beseech You, that Your Will be done, Your Kingdom come… We humbly submit that Your Will be done in the United States and across the face of the earth.  Look not upon our sins, but upon the faith of your people, grant us Mercy and Justice in perfect measure, through Jesus Christ, Your Son and His sacrifice for our sins, and the sins of the nation in particular.  I ask that we turn to You and recognize Your hand in this election and it’s result in the days that are ahead.  Great God, Almighty and Everlasting God, have Mercy, Let Your Justice reign and look upon Your servants in this endeavour.  Protect them, give them the grace of wisdom and discernment to unveil the truth and open the eyes of the American people, Your children, not Democrat or Republican, but children of God,  Amen B
When two or more gather in my name. Iam there. Tere’
Dear Lord please help the people in this country erase the hold that satan has on all the people that hate Trump and the USA.  Sustain them in their prayers and efforts to make sure Your will is done to maintain your will and your truth in the USA, Dear Lord. Edward
We are praying for the protection of our Lord Jesus and all the angels in Heaven to keep you safe and let true justice and truth be known and revealed to all the world.  Lord have mercy on us all! Nancy
I pray for Donald Trump to have the strength to do what needs to be done to save this country from evil. Please be with him and his family in these trying times ahead. Amen. kathy
Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary,
that never was it known
that anyone who fled to thy protection,
implored thy help,
or sought thy intercession,
was left unaided.
Inspired by this confidence
I fly unto thee,
O Virgin of virgins, my Mother.
To thee do I come,
before thee I stand,
sinful and sorrowful.
O Mother of the Word Incarnate,
despise not my petitions,
but in thy mercy hear and answer me.
May God wrap his arms around you and protect you and you family!
God will lead you to victory to remain our President!
We love you very much!
You are always in our prayers! 🙏🙏🇺🇸🙏🙏
Invoke the Insurrection Act and stop the steal and take back our country. In God We Trust . … jane matti jane matti
Saint Michael the Archangel defend and protect President Trump, the Republic and We the People. . .. WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL . …. . jane jane matti
Lord Jesus Christ, today December 6th 2020,I pray to Jesus Christ that:make Donald Trump wins the Supreme Court in 2020
Also,Jesus Christ,please protect Donald Trump’s Legal Team and all witness that are exposing the fraud.
Judge to Donald Trump that he will win the Supreme Court in 2020
In the name of Jesus Christ,Amen
Thanh Hoang
Almighty God, move in power and justice on behalf of truth and righteousness.  Bring to justice those in our country who have tried to steal this election, lie, and cheat.  Let righteousness shine like the noon day sun, and let those who have taken a crooked path, face justice and be exposed.  You are a holy God. Return this nation back to one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.  Amen Colleen
In Jesus name Amen! The Lord is in control and His timing and desire will prevail! Even the gates of hell cannot stop it! Keep the faith🙏🙏🙏 Kris
Legions of Angels around POTUS 24 hours a day. Laurie
Heavenly Father, I claim your promise of Genesis 12:3, that you will bless those who bless Israel.  Please bless President Trump.  Also I claim your promise in Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace” .   “You, LORD, will keep the needy safe and will protect us forever from the wicked, who freely strut about when what is vile is honored by the human race.” Psalm 12:7-8.  In Jesus name, Amen. Rebekka
Strengthen him, Lord. Give him wisdom and grace. Let him speak and act with honesty and integrity in all situations. Give him a glimpse of how much you love him and how much you love the world you created. Lucy
Praying for our president Tom
in Jesus name sarah
Praying for you daily President Trump. God grant you boldness of a lion and angelic protection continually. Amen! Gary
Our Heavenly Father….may YOUR POWER Bless President Trump, and all Americans who seek to protect and preserve this great nation, One Nation under GOD….and please destroy all the evil in every corner of our nation,   AMEN and AMEN Kenny
Dear heavenly father,please put your hedge of protection but also your shield of armor on your chosen David Lord. Lord give him your peace, but your wisdom as well to battle the spiritual warfare as well as the enemy of darkness. Dear Lord lift this servant whom you have appointed. Help those who are helping him. Lord please continue to expose the corruption and evil and trample it to the ground. Thank you and Thank you Lord Jesus. We pray this in your holy name. Amen Thank you Lord Sharon
Lord Jesus, Please cause the man that the American people truly voted for, Donald Trump, to remain president. Cause the whole world to see that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election. Please do not allow ANY of the voter fraud to be successful in the November 2020 election. Cause every person who was truly voted into office to take that office legally. Purge us of our sins. We will give you the glory, honor and praise. Thank you for being the true foundation of the United States of America. In Jesus’ name, amen. Sheila
Dear Lord we come before You and lift up our President Donald Trump. Please anoint him with peace, wisdom, and discernment to navigate the treacherous acts committed against him. I make a plea to the Courts of Heaven for the evil forces aligned against the President, the country and You Lord to be frustrated, defeated, exposed and punished for their wickedness and fraud. We love You Lord, we honor You Lord, and we praise You Lord. In the mighty and matchless name of Jesus we declare victory. Helen
President Trump  you are a chosen president by God almighty and you will remain our chosen president   we will never stop praying for you may God give you daily strength and perservance Adele
God protect President Trump, and may truth prevail for all the world to see and come to understand ! This battle is about Good vs Evil. In the end God wins !! Johnny
God please protect President Trump and his family, Lord please prevail please let his finish his job. Tricia
Behind you 100%, no doubt in our mind, you got this! Michelle
God bless President Trump &USA! ERUC YAM MIN
God bless you President Trump, thank you for all you’ve been doing for us all, we love you. Mike
Arise , O Lord, and defend your cause. Remember how these fools insult you all day long . Psalms 74:22 Angie
Lord please place your on President Trump to shield and guide him. Lord please give him the understanding  and wisdom of what our country is going through. May you also give him the strength to follow through to help our country finally heal. Thank you lord. In Jesus’ name, amen Mellisa
Father, we ask that you protect President Trump and all those who are protecting We the People. Please surround all those souls with your white light courage and righteousness. We all thank you Lord, for the blessings of these souls that have been given to us to keep us safe from the evil doings of others. In Jesus name I pray 🙏 Amen 🕊 Toni
I pray for our President and country every single day. I know God is with ALL of us and he hears ALL of our Amber
God Wins 🙏❤️ Laurence
Praying for you and America 🎄🙏🇺🇸 Laura

Please keep it going!

Our goal is ONE MILLION by the end of the week.

I think this is the most important week coming up in the history of our country.

Will you join us?

Thank you so much in advance!

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