BREAKING: Michigan Judge Allows Release Of Dominion Forensic Audit Report

Judge Kevin A Elsenheimer, allowed the recent forensic audit reports of 16 Dominion voting terminals used in Antrim county Michigan to be released to the public


Dominion systems are to ballots, what Adobe creative suite is to media production. 

Those of you who have used Adobe, or Microsoft Office know exactly what I am talking about. 

In these programs you can pretty much add, edit, create, tailor, print, collaborate, remotely access, send, and alter pretty much anything and everything about a file. 

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The unfortunate fact is, that in the digital age….nothing is safe.  The more advanced we become technologically speaking, the less secure everything is. This should not be news to anyone. 

Those who conducted forensic audits and investigations into Dominion voting systems, and thier vast capabilities, have first hand knowledge of this. 

And soon you will too. 

A Michigan circuit judge is allowing the forensic findings to be made public.

Take a look: 

100 Percent Fed Up had more on the story: 

This morning, during an emergency hearing, MI 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin A Elsenheimer granted permission to Attorney Matthew Deperno to release the findings from their forensic examination on 16 Dominion Voting machines in Antrim County, MI where thousands of votes flipped from President Trump to Joe Biden on November 3, 2020.

Earlier this week, we reported about a lawsuit filed by Matthew DePerno of DePerno Law on behalf of Central Lake resident William Bailey. In addition to thousands of votes that were flipped from President Trump to Democrat candidate Joe Biden, Bailey was concerned about ballots that were re-run through the Dominion tabulator machine after a 262-262 tie on a vote a ballot initiative that would allow a marijuana establishment to be located within the Village of Central Lake.

While ballots were being inserted into the machine, 3 of them were destroyed and were not placed through the tabulator. At the conclusion of the recount by the tabulating machine and with three fewer votes, the result was 262-261, and the initiative passed. Of course, this result could only be possible after 3 of the ballots were destroyed.

The Gateway Pundit always on point with the details, had this to say: 

In his lawsuit, Matthew DePerno claims that based on the evidence they have provided to the court that Dominion Voting Systems “committed material fraud or error in this election so that the outcome of the election was affected.”

At 5:30 PM on Friday, December 4, 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin A. Elsenheimer granted permission to William Bailey and his team of IT experts to conduct a forensic study of the 16 Dominion voting machines, tabulators, thumb drives, related software, and the Clerk’s “master tabulator.” In his court order, Bailey was also granted the ability to conduct an independent investigation of the images they obtained in their examination.

Matthew DePerno was able to quickly assemble a team of seven highly trained forensic IT experts who agreed to arrive the next day (Saturday) to conduct the forensic examination.

After 8 hours, the collection was complete. With 16 CF cards (similar to SIM cards), 16 thumb drives, and forensic images of the Dominion voting machines in hand, the IT team was escorted to the local Antrim County Airport by two Antrim County Sheriff vehicles, where they boarded their jet plane with evidence in hand.

To all the people in the legacy media, 

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To all the left wing Communist Collaborators,

To Attorney general William Barr,

I say this: 

There is AMPLE evidence of election fraud. And it is all around us. Your failure to admit this makes you complicit in the fraud, and the derailing of our republic. 

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