According To Dominion Systems User Manual Each Voting Terminal Can Create Ballots

A simple read of the user manual supplied by Dominion voting systems reveals that the machines can create ballots and connect to the internet among other things


The more we hear about Dominion, the worse it gets. 

First, they told us the machines could not connect to the internet, this was a lie. 

Then, we found out that not only were the machines connected to the internet, but that Dominion employees and executives remotely accessed some of these terminals. 

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Now we are finding out that these machines can print stacks of ballots……..

Where is the mainstream media on this? 

How can any honest person look at these facts and honestly say that claims of voter fraud are completely baseless? 

One must be either naive, or complicit in the fraud to make such statements in light of these recent developments. 

Take a look: 

The Gateway Pundit revealed the latest Dominion systems flaw: 

Functionality is built into the Dominion voting machines that makes it possible to create votes.

“Fake stacks” of ballots can be easily generated AUTOMATICALLY by the Dominion Voting software. 

Georgia purchased the “Automated Test Desk” option according to this procurement document – see page 59:

Automated Test Deck Creation – The creation of automated, comprehensive test decks is an optional service provided by Dominion to assist customers in conducting Logic & Accuracy testing. Using the Election Day database, a series of pre-marked ballots are generated based on a computer algorithm designed to provide the highest assurance of system accuracy. When scanned these decks create known outcomes that can be compared with tabulated results. The elimination of error due to mistakes in hand-marking provides a higher degree of
confidence in test results.”

Are these the “pristine ballots” with the identical ballot markings as Fulton County Poll Manager Susan Voyles testified to in her hearing?  Where else have we seen stacks of ballots, some pristine, with predictable 95%+ Biden results?

Here is a link directly to the Dominion Voting Systems optional features suite: 

Dominion’s ImageCast® Remote is a universally-accessible solution for Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) and Remote Accessible Vote By Mail (RAVBM) needs. Fully-integrated and supported by Democracy Suite®, ImageCast® Remote allows election officials to conduct a seamless election with greater ease and confidence.  Returned ballots can be processed on ImageCast® Central, eliminating the need to duplicate ballots, or to process ballots on a separate system.

This product is not currently part of U.S. EAC certification.  Availability may be subject to state certification.

Easily print ballots whenever and wherever needed with Dominion’s Mobile Ballot Printing application. Fully integrated with Democracy Suite®, ballots print with all appropriate colors and security watermarks. Mobile Ballot Printing features a user-friendly interface, audit reports tracking print count for each ballot type and compatibility with a variety of printers to meet the volume needs of any jurisdiction.

This product is not currently part of U.S. EAC certification.  Availability may be subject to state certification.

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The fact that these machines have such a wide range of edit, print, and remote functionality should be reason for concern. 

The more technically advanced anything is, the more room for hacking, fraud, and misconduct there is. 

This is even more evident when the company in question, has been used in sham elections all over South America, most notably in Chavez and Maduro elections.

There is more than ample cause to be concerned. #Stopthesteal. 

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