Michigan Deep State Democrat Gets His Ass Handed To Him By Patriotic Woman Whistleblower


This guy just got torn a new asshole.

And I’m sorry to anyone who doesn’t like that language, but I wish I could rip him a third one.

This Swamp Rat Deep State Creator just asked the dumbest possible question: “why aren’t more witnesses coming forward to talk about fraud they saw?”

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First of all you fat, unkempt bastard, hundreds if not thousands are coming forward!

What planet are you living on?

But if that question somehow actually deserved a response, he got the perfect one from this woman who ripped him a new one.

This is not a game.

These are people’s lives.

These are people putting their lives and their families on the line to save our country.

I give this woman a standing ovation, this is absolutely the PERFECT response.

Please enjoy:

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