CNN Admits Trump Still Has A Path To Victory


This is gold!

CNN analyst went on air and admitted that Trump still has a real chance that could land him in the White House in 2020.

This is surprising that CNN would even air this.

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Anyway, Fareed Zakaria an analyst at CNN shared to viewers that President Trump could be re-elected if legislators are convinced of fraud taken place which would result in legislators choosing electors themselves.

He went on to say this would deprive Biden and Trump of reaching 270 and ultimately the election would be decided by the House of Representatives.

Listen to Zareed’s commentary below to get the full scoop:

The Gateway Pundit added this tidbit:

This must have caused heart attacks for their delusional viewers.

CNN aired a possible path for President Trump’s election win a while back.
The video is making the rounds again on Black Friday.

As more and more Americans are made aware of the historic fraud several states could flip to Trump despite the fraudulent numbers produced by Dominion Voting Systems and massive voter fraud.

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CNN reports a lot of fake news but Fareed’s comments are cold hard facts, Trump still can take back this election.

It’s possible Fareed might be facing some backlash for reporting reality over at CNN.

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