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Only 3% of Trump Supporters Believe the Election Was Legitimate, CNBC / Change Poll Suggests


If Joe Biden wants to “unify” the country, then he should commit to investigating the election.

A new poll by CNBC / Change appears to suggest that ONLY 3% of Trump voters believe that the election was legitimate.


In other words, up to 97% of Trump supporters believe that Biden is an illegitimate president.

Biden has wanted to “unify” the country.

He claims that we should “come together.”

But how can the country come together if half the voting population believes that it was stolen?

If Democrats have nothing to hide, then they should be open to investigating the votes for fraud!

Only certifiable and verifiable votes should be counted!

More details below:

The reality is that there have been a lot of questions over the results of the election.

In fact…

Before the first votes were even cast, President Trump had warned about the dangers of mail-in voting.

As usual, President Trump appears to have been correct.

No wonder most Trump voters do not trust the results!

Newsmax confirms this shocking poll:

Only 3% of those who voted for Donald Trump consider tallies showing Joe Biden winning the election are legitimate.

In stark contrast, a whopping 73% view the incumbent Republican as the rightful winner, a CNBC/Change Research poll released Tuesday said.

The results were relatively consistent among demographic groups sorted by age, education, and primary television news source. However, all 3% of those who believe Biden was the legitimate winner listed Fox News Channel as their primary source.

(Since the election and dispute over the outcome, many in the Fox News audience have shifted to Newsmax, which has seen a sharp rise in ratings and demand for its online app among people critical of what they call Fox’s increasingly muddled message on the current administration.)

The poll parallels a survey released by the communications and messaging firm Seven Letter, which said on Monday that 79% of Trump voters believe the election was, in fact, stolen.

In the CNBC/Change poll, 73% of Trump voters believe the 74-year-old native New Yorker to be the legitimate winner of the presidential election, 66% percent among Fox viewers and 84% among Newsmax viewers.

“Trump voters who say Newsmax is one of their primary political news sources are particularly likely to call Trump the real winner,” the text of the poll said.

Moreover, 31% said Trump should “fight in court until states certify results, and then concede to Joe Biden if Biden is certified the winner,” but more than twice as many believe Trump should “fight in court until the Electoral College votes, and never concede to Joe Biden.”

Only 3% of Trump voters believe he should concede and begin any transition.

This week, the General Services Administration authorized the start of transition activity and cooperation between the current White House and a Biden one, freeing up office space, millions of dollars in resources and access to intelligence briefings on a range of topics.

A wide variety of polls have appeared to suggest that most Trump supporters do not trust the results of the election.

The CNBC / Change poll is the most stark of all of them.

Specifically, 73% of Trump voters believe that the president is the rightful winner of the election.

Those are stunning numbers.

It’s not even close!

CNBC itself has more details on the findings of its poll:

Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election. Nearly every supporter of President Donald Trump thinks otherwise, according to a new CNBC/Change Research poll.

As the president makes unsubstantiated claims about electoral malfeasance and sows doubts about vote tallies, only 3% of Trump voters surveyed said they accept Biden’s victory as legitimate, the survey released Monday found. A staggering 73% of respondents consider Trump the legitimate winner. Another 24% said they are not sure.

A mere 3% of Trump voters believe he should concede to Biden and start the peaceful transfer of power. Another 31% want the president to fight in court until states certify results. Two-thirds, or 66%, think Trump should never concede.

The findings will have little practical effect on the president-elect Biden’s path to taking office on Jan. 20. He will win the White House with 306 electoral votes, according to NBC News, flipping the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona along the way. The Trump campaign has repeatedly lost in court as it fails to show irregularities affected the results, and a hand count of votes in Georgia reaffirmed Biden’s victory.

But the poll underscores the potentially bigger harm Trump’s lies about the vote tallies have done to public faith in the electoral process. The president appears to have convinced many of his supporters he lost unfairly, even as state officials and judges have repeatedly shot down claims of fraud and wrongdoing.

More than 73 million people voted for Trump in the election. More than 79 million cast ballots for Biden.

The poll surveyed 1,203 people who voted for Trump in 2020 nationwide from Wednesday to Saturday. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.83 percentage points.

The vast majority of Trump voters — 81% — said they would not give Biden a chance as president. Only 19% said they would.

In order to truly unify the country, we need to ensure that the election was fair and free!

Again, if Democrats have nothing to hide, then why are they afraid to audit the vote?

Why were they afraid to let poll watchers observe the vote counting?

Without transparency, lack of trust in the process will continue to fester.

It has nothing to do with what President Trump says.

The American people can see for themselves what the Democrat party is doing!


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