RINO Dana Perino Urges Dominion to “Sue” Rudy Giuliani


These two RINOs deserve each other.

I have NEVER liked Dana Perino.

She is the definition of a RINO Republican of the worst kind, working for that sick traitor George H. W. Bush.

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That guy is just dripping with evil.

So we all know who’s side she’s on and it’s not the Deplorables.

She had Karl Rove on her show today and Karl bloviated about how he thought Rudy and Sidney’s claims today were bizarre.

Really Karl?

Are you a moron?

Those two amazing patriots just explained everything and I thought it was one of the most brilliant press conferences I have ever seen!

If you didn’t like that, you are exposing exactly which side you are on and it’s not America’s side!

Then Dana jumped in and really went full bozo saying Dominion should sue Rudy!

You mean the company ran by George Soros which is switching votes to Joe Biden, tied to Hugo Chavez and a threat to our basic democracy?

THEY should sue a patriot like Rudy?

Folks, the wheat and the chaff, the patriots and the traitors, are being exposed before our very eyes.

Watch it here:

And a backup here:

People did not take kindly to these two traitors online.

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Lin Wood himself weighed in to explain to the law to these two bozos:

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