Prophetic Worship From Hank Kunneman: Let The Lion Roar!


A few months ago, I wrote an article called Worship as Warfare.

It’s more important now than ever.

And as I was watching this video below, I was reminded of it again.

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This is such a powerful video.

THIS is prophetic worship.

THIS is worship as warfare.

THIS is standing up and fighting the spirit realm for the future of our country!

God bless all the wonderful pastors out there who have the wisdom and discernment to see what is really going on!

If your pastor promotes BLM or ANTIFA or Joe Biden, I’m sorry but you need to leave that church immediately.

Watch this entire clip and let your spirit man join in the prophetic worship!


Let God’s enemies be scattered and thrown into the sea.

Just wait till the part of the video where he says GOD BLESS AMERICA and I bet it will be incredibly powerful for you just as it was to me!

This is the moment we are here for.

We’re not here to give up the fight, we’re not here to be demoralized….we’re here to fight back and ROAR!

Please enjoy:

So many great comments:

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And because YouTube deleted the last Hank Kunneman video we shared, I’ve backed this one up to Rumble so that won’t happen again.

Backup here:


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