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Democrats Encourage People To Move To Georgia And Vote In The Upcoming Senate Run-off


Democrats are once again trying to steal the election but this time it’s in plain sight

Gabriel Sterling Georgia’s voting system manager was quoted saying there are “discussions about people coming in from out of state” to vote in  Georgia in the upcoming  Senate runoff.

Sterling made the comments after Andrew Yang who ran for  President as a Democrat before dropping out tweeted “Evelyn and I are moving to Georgia to help Jon Ossoff and Reverend Warnock win!”.

Georgia officials then went on record after Yang’s comments went viral and warned people saying if you don’t plan on being a resident in Georgia and just vote you could face up to 10 years in prison or a  $100,000 fine.

The Senate runoff will be a huge race considering the Republicans need just one more seat in the Senate to have the majority.

Fox News covered the story and had this to share:

Georgia officials are warning people that it’s against the law to move to the state just so they can vote for Senate candidates in January’s runoffs.

The two elections, which will determine whether Republicans or Democrats control the Senate, were required after the candidates fell short of achieving the 50% threshold required for an outright victory on Nov. 3.

Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s voting system manager, said during a Thursday press conference that there has been “discussion about people coming in from out of state” to “help Georgia,” naming 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang as “the most famous” example.

New York Times columnist Tom Friedman told CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Monday that he hopes “everybody moves to Georgia in the next month or two and registers to vote and votes for these two Democratic senators.”

Doing so, however, would violate state law, Sterling cautioned.

WSB-TV covered the story too:

This week, Georgia elections officials and the state’s attorney general warned against voter fraud in the form of new residents who may have no plans of staying after voting in the two upcoming and hotly contested Senate runoffs.

Almost immediately following Election Day, there was talk of organizers “moving into” Georgia to support the consequential races that consist of runoffs between Republican incumbents, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler and their Democratic challengers, Jon Ossof and Raphael Warnock.

“Let me be clear about this: If you want to move to Georgia and be a part of the No. 1 state in America to do business, we are happy to have you,” said Gabriel Sterling. “It’s great to have you come in. But if you are here for the sole sake of politics…. If you voted for Senate in one state and moved here to another state, I know that’s another thing that could potentially go before the courts because you’ve already cast a vote for a body that could be seated in January. Don’t game our system.”

It’s pretty late to be announcing this now, they should’ve done this before the presidential election.

It’s better late than never though.


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