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From The Heartland, Pastor Dave Olson Says FIGHT, Trump Wins, Indictments Coming!


Go ahead and add Pastor Dave Olson from America’s heartland to the list of prophetic voices all speaking in unison and saying Trump wins!  Do not give up this fight!  This is not over!

You may not know Pastor Dave yet, but you should get to know him.

He is a powerful man of God and a clear voice speaking to our nation.

He joins people like Charlie Shamp, Mark Taylor, Hank Kunneman and Kat Kerr (to name just a few) who are all clearly declaring that President Trump was appointed by God to win this election.

He was appointed for a purpose and that purpose is not yet fulfilled.

The steal is on, but these wonderful men and women of God are speaking loudly telling us not to give in.

The wheat and the chaffe in the pulpit are being separated before our very eyes.

The ones who are telling Christians to accept defeat and follow Joe Biden are nothing more than weak-minded wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Thank God for people like the ones I listed above and like Pastor Dave.

This is a short message but really powerful.

I especially love the two dreams and visions he shared.

I’ve heard him share these other times, before the election so I can vouch for them.

The first is about the Patriots and their Super Bowl win from behind.

Do you remember that?

Listen as Pastor Dave explains how that was much more than a football game….it was prophetic for the election to come!

And then he ends with an incredible vision involving Joe Biden, NASCAR and a Dodge Charger.

You’re gonna like the way that one ends!

Please enjoy my good friend Pastor Dave Olson:

Backup here:

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