Hammer & Scorecard Caught AGAIN Live on CNN Switching Votes!


You want evidence of election fraud?

How about VIDEO evidence!

Folks, it’s all right here.

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The Hammer and the Scorecard and the creepy “Dominion” software have now been caught TWICE by eagle eye patriots taking votes away from President Trump and moving them over to Biden.

This is treason!

Here’s the new one:

And if Twitter deletes that, I have it backed up.

Backup here:

But that isn’t the only one.

Two days ago I brought you THIS:

You want the smoking gun?

Or how about ONE smoking gun (since there are many)…

I’ve got it for you.

Election fraud was captured live on the air on CNN on election night.

That’s right.

What do I keep saying?

Trust your eyes!

Trust you eyes about the rallies, and trust your eyes about what was caught on camera live on the air with CNN.

Here you go folks:

Share this one far and wide!


And in case that video gets taken down, here is a backup.

Backup from Rumble:

NATIONAL POLL: Should Obama Be Arrested and Tried For Treason?

Get this everywhere!

They are trying to steal this election!



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